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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 7

Korean Drama Live Recap
This episode looks so good! If you haven’t had a chance to see the preview, I posted it at the bottom of the last recap, so take a look! It looks like we will find out how our poor zombie ended up in the woods and the photographer storyline has an adorable flashback to kiddie Seon-mi. So, heartbreaking mixed with adorable-ness. Hopefully it catches the perfect balance.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | Woo Mah Wang’s secretary – SM (sec-dog) | Jin Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS

Airing Time: Jan. 20th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT 끝…what a great episode! Thank you for recapping with us!


We open in MW’s house and OJ is preparing food for everyone. MW gives OG something and tells him it is good for his cold symptoms. They say that OG was in the cold today and they are wondering if he can even catch a cold?

The zombie told him that he might have a cold and MW tells him that maybe he has something else wrong with him, something more serious…MW’s eye starts twitching and MW says that this is a side-effect due to him.

Everyone starts to twitch their eyes and it’s really cute.

MW thinks that something happy will come soon. He said that he will invite an American movie maker there so he needs some help from a human to invite humans, so he will invite SJ. Then his eye starts to twitch again at OG and OG has this romantic image of the US photographer falling in love with SJ. The song from The Classic starts to play and its the end of his imagination.

MW keeps teasing OG with his eye twitching and OG just wants to punch him. Then the zombie tries to wink again and her eye rolls into her head, lol. Poor zombie.

More on the winking! They love this winking. OG says that the zombie has a good life because she can wink her eyes, otherwise she would be in a coffin and the zombie says that she doesn’t want her eyeball to pop out and runs away. OG leaves as well.

MW says that he wants to make OG cry with jealousy.

Flashback to when OG said she looked pretty because he loved her. She thinks that the snow stopped at that time and she thinks this is exactly what he always says. She is talking to the winter gods sister about it and SN tells her that her brother can freeze the bracelet but she can defrost it because she is stronger. But SN tells her to hang out with humans and not monsters. SN wants her to find a human to love because it is dangerous to lose her mind to a monster.

She thinks that it would be dangerous to lose her mind to OG and then OG appears. She is shocked that he is there and they start to sit and drink. OG tells her to open the drink and then put it to her ear and tell OJ that she is thankful. She tries it and she looks like a fool, but she still does it. OG laughs. SJ says she does stupid things when she hangs out with a monster like him.

SJ – You said that you are the strongest predator, but I am too comfortable with you.
OG – I am not going to let you die…
SJ – Because of the bracelet?
OG – Yes.
SJ – You always lie to me, how can I trust you?
OG – Drink this warm thing and be well. If you have something to tell me then use this thermos.

SJ tries to talk into the thermos again, but she wonders what she should expect. Then she has another flashback about OG telling her that she is pretty because he loves her. She thinks that he is lying. But then OG talks through the thermos and tells her that she is so easy to fool, from when she was younger until now. She quickly hangs up the thermos.

A student is in the library and he gets a text that he should go home because there are ghosts there, no one studies there at night. The student thinks it is a joke though. Then he sees a cute girl. But then she changes her seat quickly and is right in front of him. He thinks back to what his friend said…the library monster is really pretty with no legs…the student slyly drops his cell phone and looks under the table at her legs. She has no legs! Then she looks under the table and he screams!

OJ is at the fish market and he hears someone/something say “Hey river monster, come this way.” It is an octopus and OJ starts to talk to the octopus. The octopus is a prince and asks OJ to take him out of there.

OJ takes the octopus to MW’s house and tells MW that this octopus is the second son of the east sea and he lost his powers. He was punished because he tried to sell a monster a how-to-be-human drug (like the little mermaid). MW tells BR to take care of the octopus and BR starts running after MW, he doesn’t want to. Then the cooler starts to open.

They are both at the condo and Alice is talking to SM about her next job. She wants to be an actress but SM tells her that she can’t act so she can’t have the part. SM leaves and Alice goes to the bathroom, she is pissed. SM realizes that the octopus is gone. In the bathroom the octopus attacks Alice!

Alice is the octopus now and she is more like a man than a girl. She kicks off her high heels and leaves the bathroom. SM is on the lookout for the octopus and then quickly sees that Alice is the octopus prince now. Cut to MW, SM, and Alice sitting at a table. They tell the octopus prince that he can’t just walk around like that, it will end Alice’s career. Plus, she has an important commercial shoot. The octopus says that she will do the shoot, but they have to do something for him. They say to find PK.

The secretary pours some coffee for SJ and says that she should go on a date with one of his hoobaes. She wants an introduction, but the sec says that his hoobae likes the mystery of a blind date. Then he is about to say something bad about OG but he holds his mouth. He says that when he says something bad about OG something bad always happens to him. SJ picks up the thermos and tells OG to not do anything bad to her sec! And hangs it up. The sec thinks she is crazy and tells her that maybe she shouldn’t have a blind date with his friend.

SJ thinks that she wants to meet someone who is soft like coffee. The sec calls someone (his wife?) and tells them that this time it was super scary….can he just quit? Then MW comes in suddenly, he needs SJ. SJ says that he has some royal blood coming in from far away and winks, but it is a twitch. This makes the sec uncomfortable and he winks back at MW. Then he calls his wife and says that MW is friendly to him, maybe he should stay working there for their daughter.

They are meeting in her office and MW is still twitching/blinking. He puts on some glasses to hide it and starts talking business. MW says that, of course, SJ should have the love of a human, she knows what is going on with the bracelet. But what if someone loves her, could she love him too? SJ says, yes, she wants to love someone. So MW says that he will find someone for her. When she dates, someone’s heart will be broken.

Alice/monster is not there to find the mermaid, but to stab the betrayer. The sea monster will give OG an illusion, if he finds the mermaid. OG says he doesn’t want an illusion, but OH says that the Prince can give OG the illusion of drinking alcohol. OG loves that idea and asks how to find the mermaid. OJ tells him.

OG goes to find SJ, they are at a school and they both just arrived. OG says they need a lure to catch the monster, he needs bait around (SJ is the bait). SJ is all like, um, bait? But OG just plays it off.

Inside the library, we see that the person who betrayed the mermaid is a librarian there. They realize that the mermaid might be really sad. OG said that the mermaid wants to kill her lover. SJ thinks that the mermaid and human shouldn’t have started this love at all.

OG – Is the mermaid pitiful? What about me?
SJ – You?
OG – It is the same, I shouldn’t have started this…..

They are talking about what happens if SJ loves a human. MW says that it will break OG’s heart. MW laughs about that and thinks that they should make a dramatic scene. He will hide behind a wall and laugh as OG’s heart is broken. It really makes him so happy.

SM wants to know if the photographer will recognize her. They think that he should recognize her and if they have some interweaving fate then they have to meet together.

SM talks to the photographer in a flashback. He tells SM that he saw someone in a photograph and asks SM to find the person in the photograph. The person is SJ. he has been searching for her. SM says that she can give him her business card.

Back to the present. SM wants to know if MW wants a planned meeting or a fated meeting. MW says a planned meeting, of course.

The photographer is at the office and looking for SJ. SJ isn’t there though and then the sec gets a call and leaves. The photographer is still there and is about to leave a message for SJ on her desk. But then he sees SJ’s name Seon-mi and he thinks that this is the girl! This is the girl from his dreams! He says that this is his wildest dreams, she is right in front of him and it is destiny. But he is talking in English and the secretary is all like, um, I don’t speak English I don’t know what you are saying…But the photog is so happy he is just hopping up and down and stuff.

PK and the Prince/Alice are at the commercial shoot. PK is basically telling the octopus to behave but the octopus is acting all kinds of wrong. He doesn’t know how to walk or anything. She clumsily gets up and her dress falls off a little bit, her shoulders are exposed. SHe is about to be seen and then PK covers her up with a blanket. He tells her that he is borrowing this body, so he should be careful. But then Alice is taken by PK, they have a very one-sided romantic moment and PK leaves. Alive/Octopus is left longing after PK.

They are talking about what they will eat. OJ wants to make something nice and the zombie says she likes pizza better. OG yells at her that she needs to go into the refrigerator because he needs to think. But OJ says he doesn’t have any space in the refrigerator now. OJ is trying to get OG to focus on a drink that he wants to drink and OG tries to concentrate on that.

The zombie has someone that she wants to see, she just doesn’t know who it is. OG tells her that whoever she wants to see won’t want to see her anymore because she is a zombie now! Then they start to talk about side dishes that go with the drink and the zombie brings up another side dish. They are stuck in the infinite loop of sidedish-drink-sidedish and on.

SJ is at the library. It is dark out and the ghost is there. SJ feels the presence of the ghost mermaid. She thinks back to someone telling her that you have to spray water on a mermaid to reveal their true self. Cut to SJ with a bucket of water and her umbrella. She is walking down the hall.

The mermaid shadow is following SJ around. SJ pauses and turns. The mermaid is right there in front of her.


We are back! She sprays the water! But nothing happens. There is no mermaid tail and she has no legs. The mermaid turns and starts floating away. SJ runs after her, but then she disappears and SJ is left wondering where she went.

Cut to OG walking in the hallway as well. He is singing some song. The ghost is following OG and he feels it. He says, “I got you,” and turns around. But then when he sees the mermaid, he pauses, his face is stunned, saddened almost.

He gives the mermaid the knife-bone and she leaves.

SJ sees OG and calls to him. She runs over there.

SJ – That is a mermaid right? why no legs or tail?
OG – I am done with my business, let’s go.
SJ – Done? shes going back to the sea
OG – She will take care of it.
SJ – What did you give her?
OG – A present from my sea friend.
SJ – Is it dangerous?
OG – For who? Humans?
SJ – We should stop her from hurting people.
OG – No, I don’t want to do that, I am done with my business.

OG leaves.

The secretary calls SJ and tells her that her childhood friend was there for her. She thinks that she didn’t have a childhood friend. The sec gives the photographer the phone. But then SJ sees the librarian and thinks that something bad is about to happen. Maybe the mermaid will kill him?

She hangs up the phone and runs after the ghost. The ghost looks at SJ, she looks sad as she floats through the stacks. SJ keeps trying to find her in the stacks as she floats through them. Then the ghost stops and SJ sees the horn-like knife. The mermaid is crying without saying anything.

OG tells the octopus that he gave the mermaid the knife, so he wants what was promised.

Alice – The mermaid sacrificed everything to a human and she was betrayed. So I gave her the knife to stab this betrayers heart.

OG doesn’t care that he was used to hurt a human and he says that the mermaid can’t go back to the sea anymore.

The librarian killed the mermaid! he has a bag with her body in a storage room and he has an evil smile. he freaks out when he sees her mermaid tail though. Maybe he thought that she was a human. he is super shocked and runs away.

SJ tells him that she is a mermaid, not a human. He starts to laugh and thinks that must be why she was so gullible. SJ says the story of the little mermaid is a made up thing and this real mermaid will get her revenge. He turns around and the mermaid ghost stabs him in the heart with the horn.

VO – This will give you pain forever in your heart.

SJ tells her that she can go back to the sea and the mermaid turns into water. Cut to the librarian walking around like a deranged person who is trying to keep it together. Even the tiniest thing scares him.

They talk about the mermaid and her correlation to OG. OG was also betrayed by a human and had to spend 1000 years in that house on the mountain.

OG and SJ are there for a date and SN is there as well. SJ thinks that OG knew what was going to happen.

SJ – You asked me if you and the mermaid are the same, you are not pitiful, I like to be with you. It is my true feeling
OG – That guy told the mermaid the same thing
SJ – Humans are not trustworthy, so I can change my mind in the future. If I betray you in the future, then you can stab me
OG – I can’t.
SJ – I will take the bracelet from you and you can stab me.

A promise shows up. It is their contract.

SJ – Do we need a contract?
OG – You want to look trustworthy, but not have the contract? You have no one around, who do you want to see?
SJ – My grandmother on my mom’s side. I want to see her.

SJ starts to drink and apologizes for drinking. OG smiles and says that it is okay, he will drink soon.

He is still at the apartment, y’all. But it is late and he has to leave. But before he leaves he asks if Seon-me is dating anyone?

MW is happy that this incident is over and he tells the octopus to go home now. SM comes in with a little fish tank. The octopus says that that is dirty water. They tell the octopus that they will take him to the east sea. But the octopus says that he can’t go home because the horn is precious and his father will kill him. SM wants to kill the prince but MW says that they can’t because he is the king of the east seas son.

It looks like OG got the illusion drink (mermaids tears)! OJ and the zombie make a wheel of alcohol to decide which drink OG should have. They spin it and OG shoots the wheel with a dart. It’s Whiskey! Yay!


She is preparing something and then she sees her halmoni sitting on the couch. Then we see that Sj turned into a little girl and she goes and cries into her Halmoni’s arms and says that she misses her and halmoni says that she missed her too.

OG is at his home with all his side dishes, but he is only drinking water because he gave the illusion to SJ.

Cut to SJ sleeping on her couch with a big smile. She has the illusion drink (mermaids’ tears) on her coffee table. She is crying but she is so happy. Then we see that the magic ended in the drink.

SJ goes to her office and she looks bright and happy. The secretary notices and SJ says that she had. really good dream with her grandma. The sec says that ancestor dreams are great and she should buy a lottery ticket, but then he thinks that maybe that guy is her lottery ticket.

Cut to the photographer walking through a library/bookstore. He is in the kids’ section and pulls out Where the Wild Things Are and flips through it. He laughs along and then sees a kid that can’t get a book. He helps him.

SJ sees the note that the photographer left. It says, “Do you remember me?” and it has a drawing on it of two kids crouched. SJ thinks back and remembers that she did have that one friend. She asks the sec about him and the sec says that this guy asked if she has a boyfriend. SJ smiles.

They posted her dancing video on the internet and it has a lot of hits. PK reads the comments to her because the zombie thinks that her body is rotting more now. The zombie really wants to find her family.

Cut to the hospital. The zombies’ mom is sick in the hospital and has photos of her daughter around. Some thug-like people are outside her door and are reporting to the presidential candidate. then they look on their phone and they see the video of the zombie dancing, they think that she looks exactly like the dead girl.

MW gloats to OG that he has something very special prepared for him. OG is wondering who this first love could be? MW starts to tell OG that they will have their reunion there at the condo. MW wrote and directed this play and it will be amazing. Won’t he be excited? But OG is just stoic.

SJ comes in and is greeted by SM. Then the photographer comes in and is greeted by SM also. But he hurries inside.

MW – (giddy) Sam-jang is here, Sam-jang.

He points and we see that the photographer and SJ have met in the living room area. The photographer hugs her and MW does a little dance. SJ and the photographer start asking how they have been.

Meanwhile, OG is going a little crazy, but he is still stoic.

OG – You wrote this crazy drama. MW, from now on, whatever I do now, is all because of you.

OG starts to walk very determinedly to the living room where the photographer and SJ are. He pulls SJ’s hand and spins her around.

OG – Did you forget?

OG hugs SJ and everyone is wondering what is going on.

OG – I wanted to see you.

He lands a big kiss on her! Everyone’s eyes are so big! SM covers her mouth and MW says that OG is crazy!

they continue to kiss and SJ closes her eyes.


They say that one of them will die. The photographer is still in the next episode. OG says that if SJ wants him to die, then he will.


Text Preview
Sohn Oh-gong becomes super jealous of the reunion of Johnathan, the US filmmaker, and Seon-mi. He tells Seon-mi that without the bracelet, she is just food to him. Seon-mi is shocked because she wanted Sohn Oh-gongs love feelings toward her to be true.

Meanwhile, PK tries to hide Alice’s true identity as Prince of the East Sea. But the paparazzi take photos of them together and a huge scandal breaks out.

A new monster, Deok-chwi, makes peoples lives feel miserable with social media by leaving bad comments. Seon-mi tries to attract the monster and Ma-wang helps her make a SNS account that makes it look like her life is fabulous. Oh-gong shows up to help Seon-mi, but this monster has an unexpected attack on OG.

03:08 MW’s imagination – SJ and the film maker meet and dance
A Bicycle Ride – To You I am to you (Movie The Classic OST, 2003)
YouTube | iTunes

07:00 At Seon-mi’s house
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

10:39 SJ talking into thermos in her office
MeloMance – I Will Be By Your Side
YouTube | iTunes

40:18 Sohn Oh-gong singing in the hallway of the library
Korean kids song – Go Fishing
YouTube | iTunes

56:10 Seon-mi meeting her grandma with mermaid tears illusion drink
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

1:06:20 Sohn Oh-gong kisses Seon-mi, ending
Ben – unreleased OST, it is expected to be released on the 27th of January.

*May have affiliate links

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