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Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 6

Live Korean Drama Recap Hwayugi Episode 6
Time to find out if Ma Wang is going to restrain himself from eating Seon-mi/Sam-jang (who I have been calling YS)! I love the comments and discussion points in the last episode and how Lalaloo thinks MW might get a lot of god points in being able to restrain himself. Well find out today!

Also, how long have I been calling SJ/SM as YS? Somehow I started using her real name (Yeon Seo) instead of her characters name (Seon-mi or Sam-jang). I’ll start using SM or SJ from now on. All the characters call her Sam-jang so I might start using SJ as her go to name.

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(Soooo many characters, we’re making a shorthand character chart to keep it all straight)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SM/SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | Woo Mah Wang’s secretary – SM (sec-dog) | Jin Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS

Airing Time: Jan. 14th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: FIN There was a tiny crash at the end, but not as bad as before! So much love y’all 🙂

*Updates are at the bottom*
*Since there are so many characters I decided to change the shorthand for SJ, OG, and MW back to their names. Hopefully it is easier to read that way.*


Seon-mi is walking into the apartment and looks at the bull statue and the monkey statue. In the back, Ma-wang is going crazy with fury and temptation.

Sohn Oh-gong – You have tasted Seon-mi, how do you feel? Seon-mi’s flesh and blood is in you, does it drive you crazy?

Ma-wang is all shaky and is taking off his ring. He takes it off and then he becomes normal. He starts laughing calmly at Sohn Oh-gong.

Ma-wang – I trained for 1000 years to be a god soon, so I won’t get destroyed with only a tiny bit of blood.
Sohn Oh-gong – This is no fun! It took so much effort to prepare.
Ma-wang – How long have you prepared?
Sohn Oh-gong – As soon as you gave me the realization, I have been preparing…ah, this hurts a lot
Ma-wang – It doesn’t hurt at all, sorry to disappoint you.
Sohn Oh-gong – I don’t get disappointed easily.

Sohn Oh-gong tells Ma-wang to spend some time with Seon-mi and he turns the clock over. He tells Ma-wang that he will leave and Ma-wang has to endure until he comes back…fighting!

Seon-mi says hello to Ma-wang and Ma-wang immediately starts to try and control himself again. Sohn Oh-gong left and Ma-wang stands up and starts to slowly walk toward her. Seon-mi is happy for Ma-wang and his medal. She came to congratulate him, but he is acting like a vampire that needs a fix and walks over to the bar. He tells her thank you and to have a seat.

His back is to her as she asks why it smells so good in there. He is really trying to keep it together and his eyes are all red. He starts to turn into a monster, but he is really trying to keep it together. Seon-mi starts talking about how it smells so great, is this lotus flower smell, but Ma-wang just freaks out even more. He tells her not to come near her, but like a dummy, she keeps coming toward him.

Ma-wang is really turning into a demon, but the time is up! Sohn Oh-gong came back and pulled Seon-mi out. Seon-mi is still clueless as to what is happening and wants to know why he pulled her out. He tells her that Ma-wang is sick right now and he is really happy when Ma-wang is feeling pain. Then he starts to tell Seon-mi that he loves her so much and he doesn’t want her to be cold or anything. He will take all his clothes off to keep her warm. Seon-mi does aegyo to him and his heart is pained.

They decide to go to Soo Lum Dong, Sohn Oh-gong’s home when he was Monkey King.

They go into the elevator and Sohn Oh-gong snaps his fingers and the elevator sends them to Sohn Oh-gong’s hometime in some type of time-space warp. Sohn Oh-gong leads her into his world and she follows cautiously. They go inside a building that is a bar and Sohn Oh-gong tells her that it is not a bar, it is his house.

He tells her to pick something to drink and she picks his most precious drink of all time. He smiles and gives her a tiny bit, but she looks at him like, um, give me more. So he gives her a little more. She tastes it and he smells it and she thinks it is so good, give her some more. Sohn Oh-gong really doesn’t want to give her anymore, but he loves her so what can he do, he gives her what she wants.

Seon-mi – You told me once before that you were a bad guy that was trapped in that room, for how long?
Sohn Oh-gong – I counted 500 years and then I stopped counting.
Seon-mi – All by yourself?
Sohn Oh-gong – They trapped me there because they couldn’t’ kill me
Seon-mi – You should have been very lonely, that is a very harsh punishment. When you are done with your drinking ban then I will buy you a much better drink.
Sohn Oh-gong – When my ban is done then I won’t have to meet you anymore…you are the one that is trapping me know (like the mountain house).
Seon-mi – You want to take it out just like your other jail?
Sohn Oh-gong – I want to throw it away.

This makes Seon-mi sad so she drinks the rest of her drink and then asks for the way out. He tells her and then gives her his jacket. He tells her that her getting cold is much worse than getting burned for 49 days. Seon-mi says that she doesn’t feel comfortable when he gives her things, but Sohn Oh-gong wants her to be comfortable and he wants to protect her happiness even though she is his jail. He said if she does that then he will be happy.

Back at the condo, PK is talking to Ma-wang about Seon-mi disappearing. He thinks something is weird. OJ is there as well, he thinks something is weird because the cup is stained and he wants to go clean it with baking soda. PK thinks OJ is super rich so why is he doing all these things. Then PK sees Ma-wang’s ring and notices that it is empty. He wonders where the blood from Seon-mi went and smiles as he realizes that something really interesting must have happened.

Cut to Ma-wang’s office. His dog secretary wants to know what is wrong, but Ma-wang’s voice just sounds squeaky and like he can’t talk properly. He can’t say anything without squeaking. he tells his sec that he has to take some medicine to suppress the power of the blood. He starts to tell himself that he is okay, he is okay, he is really okay. But his voice keeps squeaking.

The dog-sec, SM, goes to the hidden shop and confronts the kid there. The kid tells her that if she treats him that way then he will just leave and his eyes start to glow red. She swallows and tells him that she just wants the object.

PK is sneaking up on them and eavesdropping, he is wondering if Ma-wang is sick now? Cue mischievous smile.

A woman is looking at a wall of keys and locks, she is crying and trying to take the lock off but she can’t. Then something approaches her with some scissors. It grabs her hair, something cuts her hair and this girl crumples to the ground. this thing looks like a monster, but we don’t get a good look at it.

The winter god and Sohn Oh-gong are talking. Sohn Oh-gong was meditating for 1000 years, but he can’t even stand this little time with this bracelet. WG wants to know if Sohn Oh-gong needs some time. WG cannot stop Sohn Oh-gong, but he can hold him up a little bit. If he holds Sohn Oh-gong up a little bit, then it is long enough for Ma-wang to kill Seon-mi. he shows Sohn Oh-gong an hourglass. Sohn Oh-gong thinks about this a lot and asks WG to prepare some ice cream to go.

Poor Ma-wang is trying to talk and act normal but he is shivering and stuttering and squeaking and can’t control himself. But he thinks this is better than the alternative. His arms keep shaking and he can’t stop them. SM tells him to just eat Seon-mi, if he eats Seon-mi then all this will go away, but Ma-wang is all like, no, and tells her to stop mentioning Seon-mi, he is going crazy.

Seon-mi has to go to Lucifer company and the secretary is jealous. Seon-mi says that she is only going to meet PK, it isn’t that big of a deal. But the sec thinks it is a really big deal and he wants to know if his daughter can take a photo with PK. She has to drive herself, but her driver isn’t there. Seon-mi tells her sec that she has to leave and the sec thinks this is why you have to pick a good person. then he gets hit in the head by something but doesn’t see who it was.

Ma-wang thinks the energy from the audience is the best thing. He feels much better with all the attention.

He is about to take a photo with some fans, but then Seon-mi walks in and Ma-wang’s hand starts to shake uncontrollably and his eyes turn red. He doesn’t see her though. he tells his sec to erase the photo because it took a photo of his red eyes. Then he sees Seon-mi and immediately runs away.

Sohn Oh-gong is looking at this go down and pulls out his hourglass. He is going to see if Ma-wang can resit eating Seon-mi and the winter god should be able to stop Sohn Oh-gong just long enough so it can happen.

Poor Ma-wang is shaking uncontrollably and he gets stopped by one of his PD’s. he is able to get away from the PD, but he is super shaking and can’t walk. But then he stops and his face shakes super fast. He looks normal and strong all of a sudden. He gets a wave through his hands and he starts to walk. His face looks serious yet composed. He walks to the elevator and then turns to wait.

Seon-mi is walking to the elevator. Ma-wang is sniffing and waiting for Seon-mi. He bears his vampire-like teeth!


We are back from the commercial and Seon-mi is about to run into Ma-wang. Ma-wang’s teeth are bared and he is about to attack Seon-mi. The hourglass runs out and we see Sohn Oh-gong hit Ma-wang from the elevator and he falls into his arms. The song from Oh Hae Young again starts to play…*I remember……* the elevator doors close.

Seon-mi walks around the corner and doesn’t see anything.

Cut to PK talking to SM (sec-dog) about Ma-wang wanting to eat Seon-mi. PK tells SM that he also wants a bite of Seon-mi and then he walks away.

Back at Ma-wang’s condo, Ma-wang wakes up and Sohn Oh-gong and Ma-wang start to argue about what just happened. Sohn Oh-gong playfully teases Ma-wang and says that now Ma-wang will understand how he feels. Ma-wang gave Sohn Oh-gong this love pain so now Sohn Oh-gong gave Ma-wang this hunger pain as well.

The hourglass is on the table, but Ma-wang doesn’t know what the hourglass is for. Sohn Oh-gong thinks back to having to endure for the amount of time on the hourglass in order for Ma-wang to kill Seon-mi.

Ma-wang starts to shake again and he picks up a glass and then throws the water on Sohn Oh-gong. He tells him that it was a side effect and smiles as he drinks his drink.

The zombie remembers what happened last time and thinks that if she follows the car then she will know who she is. She goes to find the car and runs into Alice. Alice tells her that she gave her a big scare last time and to go away. then Alice tells the zombie that she scratched her car, but the zombie’s eyeball pops out and rolls under the car. Alice picks it up but doesn’t realize it is an eyeball until the end. She passes out.

It looks like her manager shows up and thinks Alice passing out is just something that happens all the time. She gives the zombie her card and tells her that she is a casting person.

A house is for sale for the land and not the house itself. The house is haunted. Seon-mi and the sec go to the house to purchase it because the woman says that she doesn’t want to be there do to all the memories. This is the girl that got her hair cut on the bridge. But this time she looks so happy and the sec mentions her haircut.

But as she walks away Seon-mi sees that the hair is glowing blue where it is cut.

Seon-mi starts walking around and then start talking to a tree. She asks if the tree cut her hair. The tree starts talking and then we see that a ghost pops out of the tree. It looks like it is the boyfriend ghost.

Seon-mi walks to the place where the hair was cut in order to find the bad ghost that cut it. A grandma asks if Seon-mi wants to buy a lock and Seon-mi buys it. But some bad looking guy is looking at Seon-mi’s hair as she buys the lock from this halmae.

The Winter god goes to the bar as a man and sits down to talk to Sohn Oh-gong. WG tells Sohn Oh-gong that he will help him get rid of the bracelet. WG tells Sohn Oh-gong that when the blood is gone from Ma-wang’s body he will be fine so Sohn Oh-gong has to act now. He should act tonight. Sohn Oh-gong thinks there isn’t much time left. Sohn Oh-gong thinks that OJ made a delicious meal tonight and he has to eat it now! He has to eat it tonight. Ma-wang tells him that he can eat it cold. Then Sohn Oh-gong says that he has to watch the tv show. But WG tells him that he can watch it later. But Sohn Oh-gong thinks of another excuse and says that tonight isn’t good and leaves.

WG thinks tonight is the best day because it is super cold.

Seon-mi calls Sohn Oh-gong out and they start to talk. Sohn Oh-gong says that they will have a cold front tonight and he thinks that Seon-mi looks prettier today. Sohn Oh-gong wants to buy her a prettier coat and asks if she wants to go out somewhere? Seon-mi thinks that Sohn Oh-gong is acting a lot different than the last time they met.

Seon-mi tells him that she did a good job to tell her that she should just end her life. But Sohn Oh-gong ignores that and tells her that they should go buy something in that long line.

The line is for cotton candy but Sohn Oh-gong doesn’t know what that is. He cuts the line and pushes everyone out of the way. But then he realizes that they should go to the end of the line and pulls Seon-mi to the end of the line to wait for the cotton candy.

Sohn Oh-gong wants his cotton candy bigger bigger bigger! It looks like he got what he wanted because Seon-mi tells him that this is the first time she has ever seen cotton candy so big like this before. She gives Sohn Oh-gong some and he loves it and starts to eat it all.

Seon-mi – You live this long and never tried cotton candy? You wont try it without the bracelet
Sohn Oh-gong – Yeah I like it
Seon-mi – This is the first time you have like something because of me. You told me you want me to disappear.
Sohn Oh-gong – Yes, I think I want you to disappear
Seon-mi – After the bracelet disappears, the feeling for me will disappear so will this sweet memory also disappear?
Sohn Oh-gong – Are you stupid, of course, this memory will be here. Sweet is sweet and liking is liking.

Seon-mi leaves and she goes to the wall of keys. She pulls out the lock that the old woman gave her. She thinks of what Sohn Oh-gong said, sweet is sweet and liking is liking.

She puts the lock on the bridge and someone takes a photo of her. She looks at this person and the person comes up to her and apologizes for taking a photo of her. He tells her that he didn’t have her face in it. She wonders if he is a foreigner and he says he is from the USA. Seon-mi tells him that it is fine since her face isn’t in the picture and she leaves. The photographer takes another photo of the lock and then looks at her walk away and smiles.

The Sohn Oh-gong, SK, and the zombie are all sitting around and having dinner. They start to talk about what the zombie is going to do. She says that she wants to meet her family and find out who they are. Sohn Oh-gong tells her that she should just go outside and die. This makes her sad but SK tells her that he will collect a lot of energy balls and when he gets very strong then he will kick OGs @ss for her.

SK goes and looks for OJ who is in the kitchen cooking. OJ is pretty sad because he can’t remove this stain on the glass and PH tells him to just throw it away!

Cut to Ma-wang talking to his sec, SM about a new side effect. he rolls his chair around and we see that his face is very red. He says he has to cancel everything until his goes away because it is very embarrassing. He asks her to find the antidote to this.

SM goes to the back and pulls out what she got from the demon shop. The demon told her that this could be dangerous, Ma-wang could die. SM doesn’t want Ma-wang to die so she doesn’t want to give him that.

Cut to PK talking to BR (Subori) about Seon-mi. BR says that if anything happens to Seon-mi then a lot of bad things will happen. BR won’t get promoted and Ma-wang won’t be a god and Sohn Oh-gong won’t go to the sky and the zombie will die and all those things. Seon-mi is the bind that is holding it all together. But all SK is thinking about is the zombie. He doesn’t want the zombie to die.

Ma-wang tells his secretary, SM, that the red inflammation went to his chest now. The secretary leaves and meets PK.

SM – I am going to stab Seon-mi. If her smell is around then Ma-wang can’t resist anymore.
PK – You are not strong enough to stop Sohn Oh-gong.
SM – Only a short period of time is enough for Ma-wang to each her.

SM leaves and Seon-mi comes to the building and has a knife. SM is about to stab Seon-mi so she can get her blood.

Cut to PK in Ma-wang’s office. PK is trying to tell Ma-wang something. But he can’t get it out.

Cut back to SM and Seon-mi. SM tells Seon-mi that she is really sorry and she stabs Seon-mi in the heart.


The knife is seriously right in the chest.

Ah, but we see that Ma-wang and Sohn Oh-gong appeared in front of Seon-mi and the sec stabbed Ma-wang instead.

Sohn Oh-gong – Hey dog-sec, if you do this one more time then I will kill you. I won’t let you kill her, if she dies then I will kill her.
SM – I’m sorry
Seon-mi – Hey monsters, I don’t understand, maybe because I am the only human here. Where you about to kill me?
SM – Yes
Seon-mi – Why?
Ma-wang – Because I tasted your blood.
Seon-mi – How?
Sohn Oh-gong – I gave it to him
Seon-mi – …you…why?…Because you want me to disappear?
Sohn Oh-gong – Yes.

Seon-mi runs away and Sohn Oh-gong watches her run off.

Back in the apartment, Ma-wang is holding his shoulder. It looks like it hurts, but he tells his sec that it is okay. He says that it looks like Sohn Oh-gong is suffering even more because he is the one that created everything. SM tells Ma-wang that she is really sorry about all of this and he can kill her. Ma-wang tells her that he will kill her when he decides to kill her, she can’t be killed by anyone else, this is an order, so don’t make yourself ready to get killed without his order. SM says yes.

Seon-mi is crying on the side of the street in her car. She thinks back to sweet is sweet and liking is liking and then pulls out the lock. She calls him a liar and then runs all the way to the lock bridge. The bad guy with a bicycle came there, his eyes turn blue.

Seon-mi runs to the bridge and starts to look for her lock, but she can’t find it. The demon is behind her with some scissors and is ready to cut her hair. But Seon-mi feels it and turns around. The monster says that he really loves hair that has the agony of love and if he cuts it then she won’t feel this agony anymore, so give it to him.

Seon-mi thinks that this isn’t so bad, so she stands there and is about to let this demon cut her hair. But she starts to think about Sohn Oh-gong and all her happy memories with him. She says she doesn’t want Sohn Oh Gong to disappear.

The monster is destroyed and we see that Sohn Oh-gong is there right away. He tells her to cut her hair in the salon. He says that he will protect her as she orders (he talks in jongdaemal to her)

OJ is so happy that he finally got this stain out. He thinks he will write a good review about it.

PK confronts SM about all the trouble she got into and they have some playful back and forth.

Cut to dinner. All the gods and demons and the one zombie are eating dinner together. OJ is super happy because the stain is gone. Zombie said that she invited Seon-mi to come, but she isn’t coming. She doesn’t want to eat dinner with betrayers. Sohn Oh-gong said she doesn’t want to eat in front of predators either. Zombie is wondering what happened with Seon-mi? Did they do something to her. OJ said that they need to take care of this stain. Sohn Oh-gong and Ma-wang both roll their eyes.

Cut to SM and Ma-wang sitting with Seon-mi in their condo. They tell her that they won’t try to kill or eat her again. SM says that she is sorry, Ma-wang told her that she shouldn’t kill Seon-mi, so she won’t. But Seon-mi feels like they aren’t apologetic at all.

Seon-mi leaves and walks by the photographer. The photographer is taken by her and puts her in a finger frame. Then he turns and leaves.

At Seon-mi’s workplace Seon-mi starts to look at her two keys, then she puts them away. Her secretary tells her that he has her ice cream and she wonders is Sohn Oh-gong brought it. The sec tells her that he bought it, not Sohn Oh-gong. Then he thinks that Seon-mi must really miss Sohn Oh-gong. But Seon-mi says that she isn’t thinking about him!

The sec says something bad about Sohn Oh-gong and when he goes to sit his chair moves and he falls to the ground.

Winter god is talking to Sohn Oh-gong and says that they already had their coldest day, so he can’t help anymore. Sohn Oh-gong says that Seon-mi hates him now and WG tells him that she hates him because he doesn’t treat her truthfully. Seon-mi is a human being so Sohn Oh-gong should consider her mind.

The photographer is talking to Ma-wang about the movie that they will make together.

Ma-wang – You said that a Korean girl will be the main actor
Photog – I have an image of her.

He shows Ma-wang a picture that he drew of Seon-mi with her umbrella as a child. He met her once a long time ago and she always had her umbrella with her. Ma-wang thinks back to his memory of Seon-mi with her umbrella.

Ma-wang – Why do you remember that little girl
Photog – She was my first love (English)
Ma-wang – Ah, first love…

WG tells Seon-mi that Sohn Oh-gong stopped by. Seon-mi says that she isn’t looking for him, she just came there to eat her favorite ice cream. Then she notices the sand clock and wants to know if they serve ice cream when the time ends. He wants to know if she wants him to buy her some time. He tells Seon-mi that tonight is the strongest night and he can freeze the bracelet. This is her time and her chance to know Sohn Oh-gong’s true mind.

Seon-mi looks at the sand clock apprehensively.

Cut to her at the bridge. It is a memory of Sohn Oh-gong. He thinks that the more he tries to look into the mind of a human, the more difficult it is. Sohn Oh-gong is on the bridge and it starts to snow. The bracelet starts to freeze and Seon-mi shows up.

She stands in front of Sohn Oh-gong. She can find out his true mind now.

Seon-mi – What I want to know is…am I pretty right now?

Time is ticking…..the bracelet is frozen solid…

Sohn Oh-gong – Yes, you are pretty. Because I love you.

Time has ended.

Sohn Oh-gong smiles at Seon-mi and they continue looking at each other. Seon-mi is happy as she smiles and looks at Sohn Oh-gong.

Fade Out.

The photographer storyline builds.


Check the complete Hwayugi music list for updates!

29:36 Sohn Oh-gong and Woo Ma-wang in an elevator Karate Chop!
Ben – Just Like A Dream (Oh Hae-young Again/Another Miss Oh OST.)
YouTube | iTunes

44:10 Sohn Oh-gong and Seon-mi/Sam-jang dating – cotton candy
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

1:14:44 – Sohn Oh-gong at the wall of locks
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

01:16:42 Ending theme music
Suran – ? Unreleased OST

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Opening scene

Sohn Oh Gong’s home through the elevator

The Winter gods proposal to Sohn Oh Gong

Ma-wang about to lose his s@#$t (aka my favorite scene this episode)

Throwing water as revenge scene

Cotton Candy scene

Zombie, PK and OG scene (it was really touching)

Stabbing scene

The Winter Gods proposal to Seon-mi (Sam-jang) and “Because I love you” scene

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  3. V
    January 14, 2018 / 4:16 am

    Yes, the fun will definitely be in MW trying to restrain himself or OG restraining him. It seems like OG doesn’t think he will have any problems in dealing with MW if things get out of hand?

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    With that said, I can over look it though since we have gods, demons, demons wanting to be gods, and zombies walking around. 🙂

    • V
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      Lol, it is insta love. I love the zombie PK story line too!

  6. Anna Tan
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    Thanks for the recap.I think the last part is too good to be true! This monkey will say the darnest thing after the bracelet is back to its original form.

    I am just wondering if Oh Gong is embarrassed that he is in love.

    • 2018hereIam
      January 14, 2018 / 10:11 am

      Probably! Maybe that is why he is so mean to Seon mi sometimes. He cant believe it himself.

      • V
        January 14, 2018 / 11:13 am


    • V
      January 14, 2018 / 11:12 am

      He does say the darndest things, but I think you are right. He probably says them because he is embarrassed at how much he actually does have feelings for her.

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    Love it

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    Thanks for the recaps, made the wait a lot less agonising^^

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