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Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 5

Live Korean Drama Recap Hwayugi Episode 5
We left off with the world basically about to end if our OTP doesn’t save it. Oh and one of them has to die. Well, that’s enough stakes for me. Can we tone it down an little, show? What’s that…no? You’ll do what you want to do? Okay, I’m just saying…

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Shorthand (A work in progress)
Jin Seon Mi – SM | Woo Hwi – WH or Oo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Lee Hong Ki – HK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ
But I might just start calling people monkey king (MK), bull demon (BD), pig king (PK), etc.

Airing Time: Jan. 13th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: FIN Thank you for recapping with us!

We open at the Lucifer Film donation exhibit. The Bull King is donating everything. The head of the benefactor tells BK that his old films will help them a lot. BK will get a presidential medal for all his contributions to the art industry of Korea and BK is happy about it. But, later he tells his sec-dog that it is a step in becoming a god. The sec-dog tells him that she will spread the word online and brag about it.

Then some old objects come in front of them. Two people are pushing some old objects around and a spirit comes from this old artifact. The spirit bows to the demons. The dog-sec says that the spirit was the one that saved everyone in the past, not the general. If people knew that this old spirit woman saved everyone and not the General, then everyone would be upset about it. They talk about how the museum has so many secrets that people don’t know about.

YS and her sec are at an apartment. This apartment/motel is haunted. Whenever two people are intimate with each other the ghost comes out and scares them. So the owner called YS in.

The secretary thinks that Lucifer sent YS a guy with something missing. he is talking about the monkey king who just showed up out of nowhere. Sohn Oh Gong just makes himself comfortable on the bed and says that they should have delivery and he likes it there and all those things. YS is annoyed that he is there and wants to know if he is embarrassed. But Sohn O Gong tells her that it is okay to be embarrassed because he loves her. YS is so annoyed but says that they should love each other!

YS goes up to the monkey king and tells him that they have to do love-love so the ghost will show up. The monkey king tells her that they should do even more so that the ghost will show up. They both lay on the bed and OG says, what if they do all this but the ghost doesn’t show up? YS is flabberghasted at that, but then the ghost shows up!

SOG runs after the ghost and starts to beat it up. He gets rid of it and then goes to the bed and says that there is more than one ghost and they should continue! Then he tries to push her back onto the bed but she tells him to quit it and stands up. They see a camera and it looks like it is a hidden camera.

The owner comes in and YS shows him the hidden camera. The owner runs away and YS yells at the sec to catch him! Catch him! OG pushes some air and the sec flies and lands on the owner.

YS is happy that OG caught the ghost and the bad owner, so he can protect the world as well. OG says that he doesn’t care about the world, he only cares about her. he just wants to love her. he tells her that they should go home. YS says that she just wants to walk and listen to her favorite music. OG says that she should like it better if he walks next to her right? But she says no because she does not love him. They have a little argument about that and OG tells her to just leave and he storms off.

YS leaves and she remembers what OG said about him being done and her being alone again. She tells herself to wake up.

A suspicious security guard is patrolling around. He is looking for a mirror and he finds it. But we see that there is a little spirit girl around, but he doesn’t see her yet. It looks like there is a little Japanese girl there. He turns around and he sees her! She tells him that no one should know who she is! and she leaves! She keeps disappearing in and out and in and out and the security guard runs away as she is doing this. he thinks he gets away but then he looks down and she is right in front of him. He yells and we see that he drops the lantern all the way down the stairs.

The sec-dog and the bull king are in their office. He is about to get his medal but the picture of him isn’t the best.

He leaves and goes home. Outside his home, someone stops him with a package. The package person/security person tells him that there are a lot of people coming to see him from outside and they should have a parking sticker. Then the security guard tells him that he saw that BK would get a medal of honor. BK starts bragging about it, it makes him so happy.

BK goes inside and the zombie grabs the packages from him. Those are her packages and she quickly runs away. She goes to the living room and opens all the packages. There are open packages everywhere in the living room. The Pig King comes out with champagne and BK thinks that PK is giving him the champagne, but no, PK is just eating and drinking on his own.

Meanwhile, the zombie is pulling out all of these perfumes that can cover her smell. BK tries to bring up the medal he is getting but the zombie and the pig king don’t know anything about that.

In the kitchen, Sa Oh Jung is making his big brother OG some food. Bull king is annoyed with that, but not super annoyed with it. OJ says that he will make BK whatever he wants as well if he tells him what he wants. BK says that is okay so OJ says then he won’t make him anything.

Bull King goes to find the monkey king and then starts complaining to him about all sorts of things. But then the monkey king tells BK about the award he is getting and congratulated BK about it. Now BK is acting nicely toward OG. he starts to help monkey king with his eye cream and face care because OG recognized that BK was getting a medal.

Then they start to talk about YS and OG says that YS doesn’t like him and that hurts so much. He didn’t know it would hurt so much to hear that from her. BK tells him that it is one-sided love so it will happen. he gives him some more face care products to help with the dark circles under his eyes.

YS decided to go to the gods’ bar that shares two spirits with one body. She and the bar god talk girl stuff and the bar god tells YS that she should invite OG but she says that she doesn’t want to. The god tells her that OG will be sad and basically that she should think of OGs feelings.

Meanwhile, OG is at the ice cream shop and talking to that god. The ice god tells OG to give a present to YS but OG says that he will not. He will not! OG wants to know if he is just like these fans looking at the pig king? He has a flashback montage of all the times he told YS that he loves her.

Back at YS’s office, she and the sec are talking about the sec catching the bad owner. The sec starts talking about how he just flew and caught the bad guy. he is pretty impressed with himself and YS smiles at that. Then she asks him to go to the bank and he hurries out.

Just then we see that OG bought ice cream for YS and is happily sat on the couch. OG wants YS to switch the secretary but YS says that she has been working with him for 3 years and she won’t switch him. He knows that she doesn’t like peanut ice cream. OG tells her that she doesn’t care about his pain and he says that he will stop saying that he loves her and for her to just tell her what kind of ice cream she likes and he will get it. YS thinks about what the bar god told her and tells OG that she likes strawberry ice cream.

Then they start to talk about their favorite colors. OG wants to know if YS likes black because she is always wearing it. But she says that she likes green. OG perks up and says that he likes green too! he has a great big smile and says that he likes finding out what she likes, tell him everything! he stares at her deeply as he waits for her to tell him everything that she likes. But nothing comes up so she says that she can’t think of anything. But he leans even closer in and says to tell him everything. But she backs away and goes to sit down. Then she starts to eat the peanut ice cream and it looks like she enjoys it.

He is back at his home with the zombie and the zombie is glued to the tv. She is watching Bull Kings show and she says that it reminds her of something. Cut to the zombie doing a dance….lol!….a zombie dance! She is pretty good! She ends it with a split in the end.

BK tells her that she passed and good job and all those things. But he asks her if she is uncomfortable? Zombie says that she thinks her pelvic bone popped out. Cut to BK pulling to zombie out of the house in a suitcase again and having to pretend like he smells a lot to get past the security guard.

BK goes to his office and gives the zombie the energy ball so she can be revived. Then his painting comes out and the zombie says that she is a super pretty woman. Who is that? BK say that she was a demigod. She had a crime in god world and came down to the human world as punishment. She has to live very harshly and die painfully. She has to redo this over and over again. her name is Nachal in the book.

The bar god is talking about BK and Nachals relationship. They say that BK has to become a demigod to cut her karma and if OG goes along with it then it will happen soon. But they say that OG isn’t that type of person.

Cut to OG at home talking with the zombie. He is more lively and happy and the zombie notices this. OG tells her why and smiles.

The sec-dog is at the museum talking to the curator and says that they should move the exhibit to the other side. The curator says that the other side is for Korean foundation artifacts. The mirror is there as well. he says that these are so valuable and the founder is a descendant of a super famous Korean person so they cannot move the exhibit.

The assistant tells the curator that he heard the person was pro-Japan, and not from the Independence movement and that people also see a ghost here. The curator tells his assistant to shut up. But then he sees the ghost.

G – Do you want to know who I am. You know me. Whoever knows me should disappear.

She moves toward the curator, but then stops when she sees the sec-dog. The sec-dog talks in Japanese to the girl and says that she heard that all these things belong to a famous independence fighter, so why did a Japanese girl come out of it? The girl disappears and reappears somewhere else like she did before.

The sec-dog looks around for the girl and the girl disappears into the film. The sec-dog is annoyed and the girl turns around in the film and smiles.

The bull king is shocked while talking to his sec-dog. He wants to know what will happen if the ghost comes out during the premier and he thinks they should catch her, what does she look like? The sec-dog drew what she looked like, but it is a primary school like drawing so it isn’t that great. Aw poor sec-dog. In Korea, they call you dog hands if you can’t draw well and she has actual dog hands.

OG and YS are at the museum(?) and YS is pretty excited about seeing the exhibit. they even have popcorn. OG wants to know if she would like to see a movie and pulls out a sexy film. YS just rolls her eyes.

Back at the Bull Kings office, they start to talk about the museum exhibit. They want to burn the film, but BK really wants his medal. he tells them that they have to find that kid. OG wants to watch the movie. YS tells BK that OG cannot come because they trapped him in the picture last time. The bull king has to come instead.

Cut to the film. BK and YS go inside the film and OG stays outside. The film world becomes color again as if it is real and they are in 1930’s Japanese occupation. BK and YS’s clothes change to occupation time and BK tells YS that she cannot touch anything recklessly or it will break the film. But YS looks like she is just super happy to be there. BK starts to tell her about that time and this Romeo and Juliet style film that is there and asks her if she wants to see it? But YS says that they should find the ghost. He shows her the secretaries drawing and says that the drawing is really good because the sec caught all the right points like the red dress with flowers and the girl’s hair and all those things.

BK is pretty shocked that his sec did a good job but then he starts to get on the case and says that they have to catch a train. But then he looks back, he sees a woman that he might recognize. perhaps this woman is his wife? The woman looks unhappy and BK just stares at her. YS is on the train already and says that they should leave, but BK tells her to go ahead and to call OG if she is in danger. He sets off to see about this woman.

The woman is gone though so BK asks a man on the street what day it is. It is 1938 which is 1 year before she died. BK sees the matches on the floor that the woman had to light her cigarette. Perhaps he can find her with that.

They are on another case and PK says that he heard that she can dance well. Then PK leaves and zombie girl looks in the mirror. She sees herself and we get a flashback of her dancing like she is in a girl group. The zombie wonders if this memory is of when she was alive.

Then someone comes into the room and tells her that she has to leave. But this person smells something and the zombie says that she is sorry and she sprays some more perfume. The girl says that she will just die and the zombie is all like…really? Then the girl pushes the zombie and the zombie falls like she is dead. The girl thinks that she killed her and runs to PK and tells him that she killed someone! Then the zombie stands up like a vampire and the girl passes out.

Cut to the god bar. They think they will make it like the girl drank a lot and passed out so she won’t remember things and think that that didn’t happen. Then they start to talk about the zombie’s memory. But the pig says something mean about how the zombie died and the zombie says that she will go outside and inhale some fresh air. Then she sees the thugs???? She might have seen the thugs that tried to bury her. (not sure about this part though).

OG tells the sec-dog about the woman. The sec-dog looks at her photo and sees that the mole on the girls face is the same as the mole on the older woman. They wonder who the girl is that is in the film.

Cut to the film. YS is at a home and is trying to find this girl. At the home, they think that YS must be the guest for the tea party. These people are Korean, but they got a medal from the Japanese emperor. There are a lot of people at this tea party talking about how important it is to get a medal from the Japanese emperor. All the people are talking in Japanese though they are all Korean.

YS tells them that she has to go to the bathroom (though she uses another word for bathroom) and starts to look around the house. SHe thinks she sees the girl and starts to find her.

Cut to BK looking for his girl. It is already nighttime. We see that this woman has a knife and wants to stab this man. She goes up to the man and tries to stab him. But she fails. She tells him that he killed her husband and her kid and he should just die. She lunges at him again, but this man just easily throws her away. BK shows up and beats the &*^% out of this guy and all the other guys around. He uses all his powers and just destroys them.

Then he goes to the woman and kneels in front of her He offers her his hand and she slowly takes it.

Cut to a restaurant. They are both sitting there and she is wrapping her hand with a scarf. She talks in banmal to him and she tells him to not be concerned with her life. BK pulls out the matches that she dropped and she is stunned to see it. She tells him to come to her shop next time…

She gets up to leave but BK grabs her hand to stop her and then starts to dress her wound better. We see them in slow motion and people walk by in fast motion by them.

BK – You finally killed that Japanese guy, and…you will die by policemen. (jongdaemal)
Woman – I know…I die. (banmal)

She takes her hand away and then walks away, but she stops…

YS finds the girl and the girl tells her not to touch the mirror because she hid her families treasure inside. The girl is Korean and pretends like she is Japanese. YS wants to know her real name.

Ghost – Our family isn’t Korean anymore, my father got an award from the Japanese emperor! (she leaves)

YS picks up the phone, it is the sec-dog. The sec-dog tells YS that this ghost isn’t the ghost of a dead girl, it is a living persons’ spirit.

Sec-dog tells YS that she can come out since they know the source now.

YS leaves and walks out of the house. But then a gunshot rings. YS turns and we see the girl pointing at YS and a lot of people are looking at her. It looks like Japanese shoulders might have shot her.

The film ends.

YS is on the ground by herself. Everything starts to change to black, except the little girl and YS. The girl disappears.

YS – It shouldn’t be like this, I have to get out of this place, I want to see my favorite movie, together…

Cut to OG walking to her, he is in all color as well. He is yelling at her to open her eyes. Open her eyes!

YS opens her eyes and she is in the movie theater with OG and watching a movie. She is wearing a green dress.

YS – What happened, I got shot…
OG – I told you I would do everything you like, strawberry ice cream, the movie, and the green dress…

The museum burnt but they contained only that part. He tells the sec that OG went into the film world and burnt everything inside the film, but he didn’t burn the film.

We see OG picking up YS and causing everything int he film to burn as he walks away. he burnt the world that they were in and that is how he could take her out.

They are both peacefully watching the movie.

BK – For YS, Soh Oh Gong destroyed one world.
Sec-dog – People will know that the film was destroyed by the fire in the museum, so it won’t affect your reputation.

But it looks like BK doesn’t care about that. He can’t go back to that world and see his woman again since it is destroyed.

BK and his sec-dog are all there for the ceremony and the woman shows up with the mole. The super famous woman from the well-respected family. Everyone is taking photos of her; BK and sec-dog start to talk about all the people with dirty secrets in front of them.

Cut to the woman saying that their family is still strong while at home. She takes out the new medal and then takes out the Japanese medal. Then she sees the ghost girl.

The ghost girl is staring at her. The ghost girl yells that this girl knows that she wasn’t the girl and that whoever knows about Akiko should die! The little girl ghost kills her (herself). She has a heart attack.

He is talking to YS about getting a medal from the police about catching that criminal. They are in their office and YS is happy for him. The sec is happy as well and says that YS changed. He tells her to have a happy time on her date with OG. He thinks that YS really likes OG and that OG should know that as well. But YS says that OG shouldn’t know that.

YS thinks back to all the things that OG said about waiting for her to call him and that he will wait for her. He will love her because she is the one who will disappear and become dust.

YS calls OG and he appears right away. She says that she will not watch movies with him.

OG – Why! what’s the matter?

YS – Because I like to be with you because you said that you will do everything for me. I will start to like you because you tell me that you will love me. But it is not true to you. You told me you will do everything that I like, so don’t do things that I really don’t want you to do. Don’t make me like you anymore.
OG – If you want that, then I will do it.

BK gets home and sees that there is no coat on his statue. He walks and sees that OG is home cooking….no, pouring a drink. OG toasts to BKs award and BK is pretty happy because OG is the only one that recognized it. OG tells him that little kids are just like that.

They sit and BK has his drink. OG tells BK that YS gives him a hard time, but she also says that she is having a hard time. OG says that since they are having a hard time…BK should suffer also.

OG – Let’s share our pain
BK – What did you do?
OG – I put something in the wine.
BK – What did you put?
OG – YS’s blood.
BK – Don’t fool around, I would recognize the smell.
OG – That is why I filled the house with the lotus flower smell

Flashback of the zombie saying that OG told her to burn the candle for BK.

OG used the blood from BKs ring.

OG – You will know how it works. You will feel the pain of the things that you can’t get, so much.

YS shows up in the apartment and BK is going crazy with the taste of her blood. OG smiles as he watches this.

Yes. Check Updates!

I had a really slow start (with typing) in the beginning, but I got into the swing of things about 10 minutes in. My mind was not latching onto anyone names…

Preview from Soompi forums

Quick translation
OG – If YS dies and disappears then the bracelet will also disappear. Then I won’t care if she dies or not
YS – It is the first time that you like something because of me
? (BK?) – Anyhow, because of the bracelet, you can’t let YS die
OG – I think I will be happy if you disappear
? – This is the chance to figure out his real heart.
? – First love…isn’t it like…you really want to know that persons real heart?

Check the complete Hwayugi music list for updates!

29:58 Sohn Oh-gong and Jin Seon-mi/Sam-jang in her office
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

32:18 Zombie dancing in Woo Ma-wang’s home.
Keith Ape – Achoo!
YouTube | iTunes

50:35 Zombie dancing in a practice room (Zombie’s memory)
Produce 101 – Pick Me
YouTube | iTunes

1:01:35 and 1:10:03 Woo Ma-wang and Nachal at a coffee shop
Ben – unknown. Not released yet.
YouTube | iTunes

1:14:10 SJ remembering conversations with Sohn Oh-gong
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

1:20:35 Ending theme music
NU`EST W – Let Me Out [Hwayugi OST Part.1]
YouTube | iTunes

Bed Scene

Face Product Makeup Scene

The Scene where OG realizes that he is sprung

“I Want to know everything about you” Scene

Dead zombie Scene

The Bull Demon talking with his love

OG rescuing YS from the film scene

Blood in the wine scene

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  1. Georgia
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    I know right! Really high stakes for this drama 🙂

    • 2018hereIam
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      Hard to get much higher than the end of the entire world. ?

  2. V
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    Good morning Georgia and 2018 hereIam! Lol, y’all are making me laugh.

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      Hi Lalaloo! What do you think of this episode?

      • Lalaloo
        January 13, 2018 / 7:01 am

        I liked this episode much more than the previous ones. Especially the ending was very unexpected.

  4. V
    January 13, 2018 / 6:47 am

    OMG what an exciting ending!!!! I didn’t understand it completely, but was it like, Son Oh Gong put YS’s blood into the wine and that makes the Bull King want to eat her? 

    If so, why would OG do that? Or does putting the blood in the wine just make BK want to protect YS at all costs?

    Whatever it means, that was an exciting ending!

  5. Anna Tan
    January 13, 2018 / 7:58 am

    Thanks for the recap and videos! Looks like OG is determined to make MW lose points again….. How can MW resist the urge to not eat SM?

    • V
      January 13, 2018 / 8:02 am

      I am so excited to find out what happens! I mean, he was smelling her dirty slippers and now he has actually had a taste of her. Things are about to get serious! 🙂

    • Lalaloo
      January 13, 2018 / 8:07 am

      I think it will eventually help MW to gain big points since resisting temptation is a big part of Taoism or Buddhism.

      • 2018hereIam
        January 13, 2018 / 8:34 am

        That is a really great insight.

        • V
          January 13, 2018 / 11:30 am

          It really is. I wonder if that is where they are going with it.

  6. Hope Airen
    January 13, 2018 / 2:02 pm

    First time hearing of this page, wow thank you so much … even tho I’m waiting for subs. ;-; *but I totally read some parts here* I’m too addicted to this drama and it’s totally Seung Gi’s fault.

    Now that OG made DK want to eat SJ, he just added more work to himself. I wonder if DK will cross over to the dark path?

    • V
      January 13, 2018 / 2:06 pm

      You’re welcome and yay for drama addictions! This is definitely the kind of drama that can get you addicted something bad 🙂

      We’ll be doing the same live recap tomorrow morning! Stop by if you have a chance!

  7. Mara
    March 26, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    Hi i just discovered this drama and i am hooked. But i really really want to know what song they used in the transition of this scene before Ben’s song starts (if we are destined i think it’s its name)

    Sadly there is almost no hint…

    It’s the after fight scene:
    “Then he goes to the woman and kneels in front of her. He offers her his hand and she slowly takes it.

    -cue the music I’m searching –

    Cut to a restaurant. They are both sitting there and she is wrapping her hand with a scarf.”

  8. Mara
    March 30, 2018 / 1:44 am

    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there. Definitely not in the sorted per episode part. It would have been after zombie dance and before ben- if we were destined….

    It plays just very briefly but it’s so haunting and beautiful i wanted the full song… 🙈

    If you would look that would be so amazing! Thank you so much!!! 💙💙💙💙

    • V
      March 30, 2018 / 6:14 am

      Ah, that is Mawang and Nachal’s intro. It plays every time the two of them are on screen. Unfortunately, it is an unreleased OST.

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