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Live Recap Korean Drama Hwayugi
Hopefully the secretary isn’t done for! Don’t do that to me show! If he is done for, can he at least come back as a good ghost and not a zombie? Pretty please?

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Shorthand (A work in progress)
Jin Seon Mi – SM | Woo Hwi – WH | Son Oh Gong – OG | Lee Hong Ki – HK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ
But I might just start calling people monkey king (MK), bull demon (BD), pig king (PK), etc.

Airing Time: Jan. 7th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: ALL DONE Thank you for recapping with us!


We are back at the scene from the end of the last episode. OG and YS are outside and talking to each other about saving someone elses life.

OG – If you want me to save someone else, then take this off, otherwise your secretary will die from the zombie…you can’t wait, you don’t have time, take it off
Bull demon (WH) – No, you shouldn’t…go back and save him, OG will follow you.
OG – If I don’t rescue him then he will die
Bull demon (WH) – You have to trust your power
OG – Take it off
YS – You didn’t leave me scared or lonely or mistreat me…help me

YS takes off running and OG and WH start to argue about what WH just did. They have a playful banter back and forth about YS and leaving her sad and enduring her sadness.

OG is imagining the secretary dead on the ground after being attacked by the zombie and YS is crying over him. OG is affected by this and is actually crying about it. WH tells him that if YS gets hurt than OG is hurt as well. Even if she cries then OG will be in so much pain. OG is annoyed and mad about it and WH starts singing, “It’s because you love her…..” and then he makes a heart with his hands “Saranghae” and starts laughing. OG just wipes his tears.

The zombie is upside down in the apartment at the door and the secretary was able to get out of the apartment. But he saw OG in the apartment. He tells the secretary that there is a man in his apartment and to be careful but YS is just super happy that OG came and tells her secretary to go home. (Yay! He lived!)

OG tells YS that the bracelet is stronger than he imagined so he has to clean up all of her messes. But he doesn’t want to clean the mess of a human being. YS apologizes and tells him that she is holding on to him to survive and it is okay if he hates her. But he says that he can’t hate her! And then he says that it is great that she didn’t take off the bracelet because he would have just killed her right away. The bracelet is protecting her, not him. He then says that he will take care of the zombie and leaves.

YS signed the contract and the bull demon and his dog-secretary are there together. They talk about OG obeying YS all the time because of the bracelet. But it seems like the deal is a little shady. WH gets a vision that OG is almost there and the dog-sec gets up to leave with the contract. But then she stops and turns around. She says that the contract isn’t real…but WH says that he won’t let her have the real contract.

Ah! The real dog-sec shows up! This woman is not the real dog-sec, it is someone who transformed into her. She shakes her head a little and turns into OG! He wants to know when OG figured it out. WH says his dog-sec always prepares 2 cups for a toast but OG can’t drink so he only prepared one cup. OG is sad that he can’t drink wine but chalks it up to a good try on his behalf. Instead, he says that he will just destroy the company. He picks up the wine bottle and says cheers, and then puts it on the table. The entire building starts to shake like they are in an earthquake and OG just sits there smiling. WH sits there also and lightly grabs the wine glass. Everything stops again.

WH – Are you decanting the wine for me? this building is so strong so your little finger won’t shake it.
OG – I tried it with one finger, but this time I will do it right.
WH – okay, just do it.

Fight of the demons as they have some kind of power handshake with sparks shooting from it. But then another monster comes and they all stop what they are doing. They all sit down on the couch to talk about the contract. OG hates it of course and WH tells him that he is using OG because of something that happened in the past. (He lost all his points when OG was released all those years ago).

The new guy says that the contract is valid until YS finishes her duty. When she is done than OG is free. WH should have enough points to be a demigod by then. There is nothing to lose for anyone and OG will be free of everything and can drink again. They think that YS will die anyway and OG had heart pain thinking of that. He says that he didn’t sign the contract yet and wants WHs house. WH aid he will find another house for him but OG says that he likes WHs house with a huge parking lot and a big bathroom. But WH loves this house and put a lot of effort into finding the land and everything. OG disappears and WH wants to run after him, but the other demon tells him that it is a small thing. They can get the home in both men’s names.

While outside WH is walking with his dog-sec and she says he used too much power. He says that he is fine, but he collapses because he used too much power and his nose starts to bleed. This annoys him to no end. The sec tells him that he shouldn’t try to be a god anymore but WH says that he really wants to be a god so he can rescue the god that fell from the sky and turned human because only gods can do that. he wipes his nose and a bunch of girls catch him on their phone and say that he was picking his nose. No, they shouldn’t have the pictures! The dog-sec wants to know if she should kill them and he says no, just get the photos!

A pot is shaking and the boy says it is crying, that means something bad will happen in the human world. Then we see that the pot cracks.

She is at her apartment and thinking about YS and the bracelet. SHe thinks it is a good choice that she kept it on his arm and she picks up the doll and says that she won’t call him unless she has to.

Cut to OG with a lot of alcohol around him. He brought the flower that was under the rock in the last episode inside and is taking care of it.

Not sure if he is drunk or not, but he is walking around his apartment and talking to the statues. He says that it is really funny to watch a monkey fall in love with the monkey statue and starts to lightly spit on it and then clean it.

There is a girl that is eating a lot. She is really skinny but she has piles of food in front of her. She gets on the scale and sees that she lost weight even though she ate so much. But in the mirror, we see that she has some demon sucking her blood.

Back at the home of WH…he opens his fridge and the zombie is there! She says that she doesn’t know who she is and she just followed OG. The pig king walks up and says that WH is not oppa, he is oppa. WH is wondering what is going on and Hong-ki tells him that OG told him to keep her in there (the fridge). She says it is getting warmer and they close the door.

WH wants to know how he can ignore this, he has a dead body in his fridge. Cut to them talking to the zombie at the table. She says she doesn’t really remember anything, she just woke up in the woods with those criminals and she had one thought that she had to go to YS. They figure out that she was revived by YS’s blood. But WH still doesn’t want to keep her there. HK tells WH that he fed the zombie WHs energy balls, so she is smarter and stronger and WH is all like, huh, you fed her my energy balls? They argue about that a little and WH tells him to solve it between the two of them.

WH thinks the zombie smells so bad and she said she came there in a bag. Cut to Wh trying to drag her out of the place in the same bag, but she is so heavy. She feels like 120kg (lol, isn’t he supposed to be super strong). A police security person shows up and thinks this looks suspicious. He thinks it smells so bad. They talk a lot about how bad it smells and WH says it is him and then he finally gets the security guard to go away.

WH brings the zombie all the way to his office and the dog-sec wants to know what to do, kill it? But WH says that she is already dead. She was awakened by YS’s blood, just take care of it.

He also has a huge bag that he is carrying around (is it the zombie?). He pulls it out of his car and calls YS. She picks up and says that she knows, where is he? Where? Okay, she will be out soon. She tells her sec that someone is looking for her and she will go out. The sec peeks out the window and sees that YS is talking with HK who is the famous star, PK

When YS comes back in the sec can’t even speak properly. YS tells the sec that she has to do something with the Lucifer company and the sec thinks she is becoming a big star.

But she is actually just doing monster duty and has to try and get rid of this zombie. They sit in the car with the zombie (still in the bag) and YS tells HK that she wants to find the zombies name and family. But HK tells her that zombies will become bad demons if not taken care of and YS should burn her before she becomes bad. But YS is begging HK, she really wants to find the zombies family.

Cut to the ice cream god. They meet with the ice cream god and they ask him to freeze her for now. HK tells the ice cream god that she shouldn’t be completely frozen, just fresh like a kimchi fridge. The ice cream god waves his hand over her and turns her into a slightly frozen zombie with snow on her.

Next, they take her to the bartender god who looks just like the ice cream god. HK explains that they look alike but they are one body and two souls. She takes the zombie upstairs to change and when she comes back down she looks like a normal beautiful girl. But then her eye falls out! They say that it will be hard to walk her around everywhere.

She is able to put her eye back in and they go to find out who she is. She has a kingdom towel so they find out that she might have been very rich, but they still don’t know her name. They go to a members only work out gym, but the person who works there doesn’t recognize her. They decide to stick around and they use the towel with Kingdom on it to find out everything. They see the ghost that is sucking the life out of the girl from earlier and YS goes up to her.

YS thinks she should call OG because she saw a ghost but just when she is about to call him we hear a commotion, someone is dead! It turns out that someone saw the zombie lying down and not breathing and thought she was dead. YS goes back to the zombie and wakes her up, they leave quickly.

Sa Oh jeon (older looking god) goes to WHs house and brings a gift. he tells OG that he asked his lawyer to be a cosigner on his place and OG thanks him. This older looking god is the younger brother to OG and HK, so he cooks everything for them, lol. he also talks jongdemal to them since he is the youngest. This is a weird sight.

OJ starts to Kakao talk with WH and HK about the zombie with YS. It looks like everyone is in the Kakao talk except for OG and OG is so upset about it. OJ wants to know if he wants to be invited and OG is like forget it.

Cut to dinner. They keep talking about Kakao talk and OG said don’t ever invite him! HK starts to laugh at the Kakao talk about something funny that the ice gods sister said. Lol, everyone is in the Kakao talk. It looks like OJ likes to take care of OG, but he couldn’t get into the house because WH owned the house before, but now that OG owns the house, OJ can come and take care of OG whenever he wants now.

She is thinking about the ghost demon that was feeding on that girl and we cut to the girl eating mounds and mounds of food and not getting fat. The ghost is still there feeding on her.

Cut back to the secretary and YS. YS asked for a photo signature of HK to give to his daughter. He also has some sexy photos of some girls and he says that these are inspiration photos for his wife’s dieting. That makes YS think about something.

She is meeting with the girl who is eating a lot. The girl says that she got a tattoo to help with dieting and after getting the tattoo she doesn’t gain any weight.

WH says that they need to kill the tattoo artist otherwise this issue will always arise over and over again. The monster only approaches people who want to lose weight but the monster never has that desire so it is hard to find. They don’t think YS should approach the monster because she might have a desire to lose weight as well. At first, YS says no but then she reluctantly says yes.

He is enjoying the luxury of staying at WH’s house. The zombie is talking to him about never seeing a god that enjoys luxury so much. Then she gets on Kakoa Talk and sees what the other gods are doing. OG is all like, huh, you are in the Kakoa talk group too?

OG tells the zombie that she belongs to him because he is the one that threw the blood everywhere. She says that she likes YS more because she is special to her. She doesn’t like OG too much. But the zombie tells OG that YS talks with everyone via Kakao talk, but she talks to OG in person. He is the only person that YS talks to in person, so he must be special to her.

Cut to OG going to the club and everyone has that weight loss tattoo there. YS is there as well and she looks amazing in a tight red dress. But she also looks uncomfortable. She wonders if she should have brought OG with her, but she remembers him saying that he doesn’t help anyone else, only her. YS sees all the tattoos everywhere and then she sees the girl with the demon on her. She starts to follow her.

The girl is in the bathroom and she is super skinny now. Like zombie skinny. YS says that she wishes she were skinny as well. The girl notices YS and they start to talk about eating and getting fat. Ys tells her that she envies her because she can eat anything and not get fat. The girl tells YS that she can make her that way too. Half the tattoo starts moving like it is going to YS’s arm. Maybe it went onto her arm because YS starts to look like she is possessed.

Back inside the club Og is walking around and sees the blood sucking demon.

OG – Ah, that is the monster YS came to find.
OG – Hey, your tattoo…
Girl – Are you hitting on me?
OG – Your body has a bug…here

OG hits the monster and it goes away so easily. The girl snaps out of it and feels so weak. She almost collapses, but YS helps her. Then OG sees YS sitting somewhere and eating, she also has the tattoo on her shoulder. All she wants to do is eat whatever she wants and not get fat. She knows she has the monster on her, she just wants to eat everything for one week and then he can take it off. But OG removes it right away and tells her to come on and leave.

They go back to the group and they figure out that the person at the gym might be the one who is spreading the tattoo. They confront her and she says that it is true. She thinks it is a placebo, but a lot of people lost weight. YS calls her a con artist and says that she will report it. They deduce that she is just a tattoo artist, she didn’t make the monster. They wonder where the monster is from and OG says it is from the evil mind of humans that want to believe and rely on those things.

YS thinks back to the girl who had a wedding in a few days and needs to lose weight. The bride really wants to lose weight and thinks she will die if she doesn’t lose any weight. The bride gets on the treadmill and hasn’t lost any weight. She is freaking out about it and so super stressed. A black substance goes over the girl from the weighing machine. Next, we see a montage of a lot of people getting on the machine and wanting to lose weight. The black fog goes onto all of them.

YS realizes that it is dangerous to stand on that weighing machine. She tells the girl to get off, but the girl has already become the monster. The monster screams and all the lights break. The monster and YS have a talk about how the monster is just making all the dreams a reality of these people and YS can’t do anything about it.

YS cuts her finger with a broken piece of glass and this draws the monster out of the woman. Then YS calls for OG and he appears and knocks the demon away. But the demon isn’t gone yet. OG realizes that it must be the machine that keeps it around so he throws a weight on the machine and it breaks with a blue fire on it. The monster disappears.

They are talking about what just happened while playing baduk. They talk about how humans make these demons with their mind and they wonder if the gates of hell are really open. They then think YS might be a sacrifice to keep the gates of hell from opening. They want her to keep it from opening.

They are relaxing on a bench and YS’s finger is still cut. OG puts a bandage on it and tells her that he can’t just fix it with magic all the time. They talk about her not calling him all the time and she says that she has her reasons why she doesn’t call him all the time (she says them I just didn’t catch it). He tells her that he will just love her without thinking as long as this bracelet is on. He will just love her because humans die like dust. So he will be next to her until he finishes what he wants to do. He tells her that he loves her and then turns to look at the sky. YS keeps looking at him sadly.

A fantastic meal is in front of them and they are eating. The zombie still looks great and she is still shocked that gods and demons eat so well here. They start to talk about the zombie smelling and she said that she wants it to be colder in there but they don’t want it so cold. Then OG says something very mean to the zombie (like just die in the spring) and the zombie wants to cry, but everyone else is mad at OG for saying that and they tell the zombie not to cry. Then they all get a Kakao talk except OG. They said that HK said he didn’t want to be invited to their Kakao talk so they didn’t invite him. Then they all go back to their Kakao talk and start laughing at whatever is being said on there.

They are all ignoring OG and just having fun on Kakao talk. The zombie is laughing as well.

The sister of the ice god is having a farewell party for all the gods and demons. YS is busy shopping for it. But then she sees the boy from earlier and he takes her to the secret magic shop where YS saw the pot she kissed OG in. YS notices the same pot and sees that it is breaking. She decides not to look inside though. But then the pot starts to break some more and leak. A light starts shining from it and blinds her.

Cut to YS at the top of a building. A lot of fighter jets zoom over her and bombing the city. YS is watching this happen from the top of a tall building. There is fire everywhere and a huge bomb goes off and wipes out the entire city.

YS hops back into her body and breathes hard. She looks up and the pot is broken now. Soo Bo Ri comes in and tells YS that she saw everything that she needs to see. YS wonders what she saw and Soo BO Ri tells her that she saw the bad thing that is about to happen.

YS goes home and thinks back to what she saw. The man says that YS’s real job is to stop all those bad things from happening.

Cut to the New Years day party. All of the gods, demons, and zombies are there. They watch the ringing of the bell on tv by a presidential candidate. The zombie knows the candidate and says that she saw him. They wonder if she remembers anything and where she saw him from?

She thinks back, she saw him at the Kingdom club. He was doing his hair and wearing his workout gear. (He looks like a bad guy though.)

They think she remembers him because he was handsome and they go back to the tv and watch the ringing of the bell. But the zombie knows that something isn’t right.

Cut to YS still at her house. It starts to snow and she looks up at it. She tries to catch it.

Meanwhile, OG is at home talking to his wine and alcohol bottles. They are all a year older and they are super old. He tells them that he will drink them as soon as he can. Then he hears his name called by YS.

OG shows up to YS’s side right away. He thinks it is like a New Years gift. YS tells OG that everything changed because she saw the end of the world.

WH is also talking to Bo Ri about the end of the world. WH says that a human can’t stop it right? WH wants to know if OG or YS is the sacrifice to close the hell gate? Bori doesn’t answer.

YS tells OG that she knows he doesn’t want to protect normal people, but it seems like YS is a super important person that he has to protect. So whatever happens to her, can he be next to her? He tells her that he will and she says that is good. She thinks she can do it.

But they look at each other solemnly.

YS – OG, protect me until the last moment. (She says his full name)

He takes his hands out of his jacket and looks at her.

OG – Okay, I will. If the world crashes, I will protect you (he talks in jongdaemal for the first time to her)

Fade Out

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YS might get stabbed and OG yells at her to open her eyes, she shouldn’t sleep!

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BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
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1:11:25 Seon-mi/Sam-jang shopping for the party
MeloMance – I Will Be By Your Side
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1:22:25 Sohn Oh-gong and Jin Seon-mi (aka Sam-jang) on the rooftop lounge – I will protect you till the end of the world
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
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Opening Scene

Zombie, OG, and Secretary Scene in the apartment

Earthquake Fight Scene

Ending Snow Scene

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