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Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 3

Live Recap Korean Drama Hwayugi
One of our New Years Resolutions for 2018 is to live recap more dramas and we are happy to start with Hwayugi! They have had some struggles so I am happy to send love their way via the web. Yay!

But before we get into it, I have to tell you that it is crazy early over here y’all, like cray cray. Hwayugi airs at 6 am here, soooo…there might be a few more typos than normal. Please bear with us, I’m sure I will be fully awake about 10-15 minutes in (hopefully). Okay, let’s do this!

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom, so check back in!

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Shorthand (A work in progress)
Jin Seon Mi – SM | Woo Hwi – WH | Son Oh Gong – OG | Lee Hong Ki – HK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ
But I might just start calling people monkey king (MK), pig king (PK), etc.

Airing Time: Jan. 6th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: EDITING (omg, they talk so much in Hwayugi!)


Sohn Oh Gong comes from the moon and destroys all the bad guys with a flick of his wrist. He is happy that she called him and she is shocked that he really came. But he pushes her out of the way and destroys several other monster ghosts.

Now hundreds of ghosts are coming. OG pulls all the blood from the ground and makes several butterflies from it and sends it away. All the monsters follow the blood butterflies.

YS is still shocked that he came. He tells her to call him by his full name and he blows her hand. Her hand heals where he blew it and it looks like there was never a cut there.

He is pissed that OG is there and he is so mad that he literally raises himself with fire and brimstone off the ground and floats in the air while his people stare at him. He yells “Sohn Oh Gong!”.

Back in the field, OG and YS are still talking. A really bad thing happened. OG says that because of the bracelet he loves her so much, that is the big problem.

Cut to the bull demon king. Someone is telling him that the gong-go used to be on the head and made OG follow with pain, but now it is on the heart and makes him follow with love. He will happily obey with love.

Cut back to OG and YS. OG is trying to get YS to kiss her but she is refusing. He puckers up for a kiss, but she calls him a pervert. He continues coming at her and telling her that he doesn’t want to kiss her but he can’t stop because of this bracelet. She looks at him so badly but he still loves her because of this bracelet. It drives him crazy because she can curse at him but he will still her. They argue about this back and forth. (wow, they talk so fast).

OG says he is a demigod and doesn’t feel pain, but then he thinks it is so cold and covers himself with his jacket. He takes her scarf too. He was born in a volcano and thinks it is super cold there. But YS is super cold now too and it affects his heart. He wants to protect her so he gives her back his scarf and wraps it around her. OG thinks he is super changed now because he has never done these things before. OG says his heart hearts and it is love for YS. But he says this is bad for the both of them so she needs to take the bracelet off.

YS says she will not take the bracelet off because he will not come to her when she calls. OG says he is like her dog now and he doesn’t want to be like her dog. They part ways, but they are both affected by their exchange.

The butterflies are still flying. Some criminals are trying to bury a dead girl in the woods, the body is all twisted and one blood butterfly goes into her wound. He eyes pop open and they are red, she becomes a zombie! She starts to straighten her legs out and stand up, she walks away. The criminals don’t see this happen, but one of them thinks he heard a sound.

This is so creepy, the girl is behind him and the other criminal notices that the body is gone. They both run to the empty bloody place. They think the girl might not be dead and they are spooked. They think they should tell that person that she is gone. But she is in the backseat. She pops up and says, “bury who? Me? Who’s dead? Me?”

The criminals freak out and drive off a cliff. The zombie girl is the only one who survives and comes crawling out from the car and starts walking toward Seoul.

The pig king is there with a girl acting like a superstar. He has a flashy car and says that he will teach her how to drive. The license plate on the car next to them is 5050. It is OGs car so the pig king is super scared and takes off. But he transforms into a pig, a huge pig! A car chase ensues with this huge pig!

Cut to Hong-ki apologizes and looking all busted up with a bloody nose while in WH’s apartment.

All the monsters start to call WH because they are in big trouble.

A peacock monster shows up (guest appearance). He wants a bite of YS and WH tells him to just eat some candy, lol.

OG is back at WH’s house and his coat is on Wh’s statue. WH is so upset but he tries to hold it in. OG comes out like he owns the place and talks to WH about all the monsters that come to his house, but he wonders how he spread the rumors about with capturing YS and all those things. WH wants to know if YS is really OGs food. OG wants to know why WH gave YS the wrist and WH laughs and wants to know if OG likes it.

They keep arguing about that and OG tells WH that he will ask WH to kill YS in a critical moment. And to also take his coat to the cleaners.

OG comes back with sauce for when he will eat YS. He starts to cry…what if he really ate her….WH tells him that he even made this sauce to eat her, that is why he is crying. But OG is crying because if he ate her then she won’t be here in this world, that is why he is crying. If he really lost her than he would be really hurt.

He starts sobbing and puts his sauce back. He has tears all in his eyes, lol. But he says that as soon as this bracelet is off then he will eat her….but it makes him so sad to even say that.

HW – YS captured his heart but his taste buds are still alive.

WH opens the door and sees all the sauces that OG made to eat YS.

She looks at her scar on her hand (ah, it wasn’t completely healed) and she thinks about OG. She is lying in bed and thinking about all the times she met OG and she remembers when he gave her her memory back. She rolls over and goes to sleep, but then she looks up shocked.

OG is right there in bed with her! He really came.

OG – How did you know I just took a shower? I told you when you call me, I will come.
YS – I never called you.
OG – You called me.
YS – I didn’t know that if I called you a little bit, you will still come.
OG – I show up when you really wish for me.
YS – I won’t call for you anymore so leave.
OG – I don’t want to leave, I will be here.

He hops up and goes to the kitchen to eat something. But when he opens the fridge it is all empty. Doesn’t she eat anything?

YS – I eat out all the time. I have no friends and no family to eat with
OG- I am here now so you can eat with me
YS – I will call you when I am in danger
OG – I will die if I don’t see you…if you don’t want me to die then take this off

OG disappears away and goes outside in a field somewhere? He tries to break the bracelet but it won’t break, the rock he hit it on broke though, and he sees a little plant under it. He thinks he is so angry but he still already wants to see her again.

YS is meeting with a woman about hearing sounds in her apartment. They listen and they also hear sounds in there. It sounds like someone is stepping. YS goes into another room and sees a dead ghost woman banging her head on the ceiling. She is the only one that can see it. She tells her assistant that the sound is from inside the house. The monster looks at her and she has sooo many eyes, like a spider or fly. She tells the assistant to go get her umbrella and close the door. She holds up her umbrella to the monster and the monster starts to fight with her. But then it disappears.

OG is standing behind her with a fan and tells her that she should have called him. She didn’t know if he would come and he says that she could have died without her. YS tells him that she had her umbrella. OG tells her not to be angry because it hurts his heart….so take this wristband off. But she tells him that she will not take off the wristband. He leaves. But YS thinks…wow, he really came.

The bull king is getting dressed with the pig king and his assistant with him. The pig king is still apologizing for what he did. WH changes the subject to entertainers trying too hard to be popular. They laugh about that for a bit.

Then WH smells his ring that holds YSs blood. He smells it and the pig king wants to smell it as well. He thinks it smells so good and that he should have just killed her when he was with her. But then he is lifted into the air and WH tells him that he shouldn’t try to eat something that isn’t his.

She is back at her office relaxing after her hard day. OG suddenly shows up and tells her to call him whenever she eats. He won’t let her be alone, he will eat with her, so just call him, he will wait for her call. She says it is too bothersome for him, but he says to just enjoy her meal. He prepared a meal for her with a heart on the inside.

Dinner time. OG is back and he is upset that she didn’t call him to eat dinner with him. He talks to her and starts acting childish to her and gives her a teddy bear. He says if she doesn’t like childish things to just take off the bracelet. But she tells him to go away and he disappears. But she likes the teddy bear and puts it in his seat. She starts to talk to the little-stuffed animal about if she should call OG again to eat with him or not, but she says maybe not and she starts to eat.

He went tot he ice cream shop and starts talking to that god about his troubles. Ys never calls him so he wants to give her a hard time. But the ice cream guy says that maybe she is waiting for him. Og doesn’t think so though.

Cut back to the zombie doing zombie things in a truck. She is hiding in a truck and peeks her head out. The truck starts driving somewhere.

WH is at YSs office building and the secretary is looking at him strangely because WH wants to smell the slippers again. The secretary puts the slippers on himself, lol. WH wants to have a conference with YS. The secretary thinks this is a big daebak! Wow!

But the Demons assistant thinks he is stupid and she really wants to kill him. She respects WHs calmness as a god trying to be a demi-god. YS finally shows up.

They go to her office and he presents her with new slippers that are Patty slippers instead of Pororo slippers. She thanks him for them and says he can leave now then? They go back and forth about helping her and repaying him for the bracelet and all those things. She wants to know if he wants money and he says that he wants to give her a contract with his Lucifer company. He wants to give her a contract and use her. But she wants to know what happens if she doesn’t sign. He tells her that he wants the bracelet back if she doesn’t sign.

She is confused, now? But he says that he is a bad guy. So think about it, sign the contract or bring the bracelet back to me. He tells her that she will die with her eyes popping out and everything without OGs protection, so think about it.

He is looking at his computer and talking about how his company is the best and is the top of the search engines. Then he sees that someone has put a photo of him from 100 years ago up with him now and it matches 100%. But the dog assistant says no one will think that it is him really. The dog in the picture is the secretary.

The secretary leaves and WH takes out some old photographs. He is transplanted back to Gaksital time during the Japanese occupation. A girl is running away and the Japanese police are following her. They shoot her and she dies tragically in the street. HW is looking at her shocked, he starts to cry as he watched her die. Cut to him walking to his secret room somewhere. He looks at a drawing/painting of someone on the wall. She is painted in an old traditional painting style.

Cut to the Skyland. A sky god is running and falls into the human world. WH is looking at her, heartfelt.

WH – This life, where and how are you suffering.

HW starts crying. He wonders where she is and how she is suffering now. It looks like she always has to suffer because she fell from the Skyland.

She is thinking back to the contract. WH wants YS to catch all the monsters using OG so that WH will get all the points and become a demigod.

Her sec comes in while she is thinking of this and he wants to know if she will really be an entertainer? She said that she wouldn’t be a solo, more like a duo. The sec tells her that his daughter wants to be a singer…can she give him a good word for her, an audition at Lucifer? YS tells him that her show might be too dangerous, but she will tell WH about the audition. The sec says he will take care of all the real estate so she can focus on all the events.

YS starts to think about the events of capturing all the monsters. Her, OG, the pig, and OJ are all walking in all black to catch monsters. But it is just her imagination.

Cut back to her office. She gets a text and then she goes to the bank to get some money. But she can’t touch the money so she asks the teller to put it in the bag for her. Outside she buys some popcorn from a woman (and she touches some money then). Cut to the zombie girl showing up in the truck.

YS is walking across the street and sees a little dead ghost boy sitting on the street. She gives him the popcorn.

Cut to the zombie in the truck. Somehow she is activated and she is slipping out from the truck. She sees YS giving the popcorn to the little boy. The light changes and YS runs across the street. The zombie starts following her and she looks very zombie-like. Her foot is all messed up and she is super bloody. The zombie picks up the popcorn and sees YS’s address from the flyer.

There is news about the missing dead girl, she was an idol wannabe I think. The criminals talk about her and they say they shouldn’t tell anyone about her disappearance.

She is working and she is at someone’s house. Ah, she is at her families house I think. It looks like it is her grandmothers memorial. She isn’t welcomed there.

Cut to YS talking to her cousin at a coffee shop, her cousin is nice at first but really went to YS to ask for money and it looks like YS gives her some. But when the cousin leaves she has a sly smile like she is taking advantage of YS.

YS notices that her cousin’s car has a ghost inside and YS goes running after her.

(missed a bit of this part)

The two are in the car and are talking about the cousin giving them money and they are laughing about it. The ghost is behind them and making them not notice things while driving. The light turned red, but the ghost tells them to drive faster. He doesn’t stop, he just keeps driving and almost hits a car with a family, but they don’t hit it. The car starts to spin a lot and we see that OG is spinning the car and giving them a really hard time by keeping the car spinning. Then he finally stops it.

The cousin yells at her husband that they almost had an accident and YS comes up to the car. She is yelling at them to get out, but they think she is crazy. They want to leave, but the ghost is still in the car. They try to leave anyway (and run over YS), but the car tires are just spinning and not moving. OG is making this happen.

OG pulls the man out and pulls him up by his collar. He yells at him that it is his fault that his unborn child and another family almost died. The ghost leaves now and OG takes out the ghost. Then he tells the cousin’s husband to not drink and drive anymore and if he raises his voice to YS again then he will kill him.

Then OG yells at YS, she should call him sometime. He will show up when she calls him. The cousin comes out and wants to know who that person is. YS tells her that no one was next to her and she endured all this time, but now she has someone to call. She will not endure anymore and she tells her cousin to not call her anymore.

The pig king is talking to some other monsters and says that he will date YS. He wants to seduce her and he will do it soon. If he does this then he will be the #1.

Cut to WH and YS talking at his home or office. They are talking about the contract. YS wants to know what her duty is. Wh tells her that she has to figure it out, he is busy with his own business. YS tells him that Wh is waiting for someone (maybe the woman from before). He tells her that she is special because she said the same thing to him when she was little. He tells her to be careful of OG.

She is walking to YS’s office and looking at it. The secretary is there putting things in boxes and doing regular office things. The zombie girl is following him. The secretary is clueless though and is going about his regular duties. He goes all the way to YSs home and the zombie girl follows him all the way there.

The secretary fixes himself a drink and complains about how heavy this package is, he wonders if he should put it in the fridge? Meanwhile, the zombie is looking all around the apartment. The secretary accidentally cuts his finger and blood comes out. The zombie girl smells it. Oh no.

The zombie girl starts to walk to the secretary, but OG shows up and puts a talisman on he head. This pauses the zombie girl and he starts to inspect the zombie. He notices that she hasn’t been dead for long and looks at all the things that she is carrying. He wants to know why she is there in YS’s apartment.

It looks like YS called OG to her and they are talking outside.

YS – I can get used to this love
OG – Don’t be used to it, just take this off
YS – can you open this for me (popcorn)
OG – of course, because I love you (starts giving the ghosts food)
OG – why are you giving them food
YS – I bought it for my grandmother but I couldn’t give it to her
OG -Ah your grandmother
YS – I told you to see her but you ran away
OG – Ah I miss that time
YS – I also miss that time because my grandmother was next to me
OG – ‘Grandmother, enjoy this,’ just say it
YS – Halmoni, please enjoy this (the food flys to Halmoni)

A lot of popcorn starts popping up at Halmoni’s memorial service. The family is wondering what is going on and the picture of Halmoni starts to smile.

OG – I sent all the popcorn to her (he holds up his wrist)
YS – I’m sorry, I made a contract with WH to pay for this, to keep it, I need you

WH goes to his office and looks at the painting again.

Cut back to our OTP.

YS – Because I have you, I am really happy.
OG – I am sorry to break your good feeling, but this is bad luck, I think another bad thing will happen again

Cut to the talisman falling off of the zombie and she animates back to life. The secretary comes back to the apartment to find something, his cellphone, and the zombie sees him. The sec sees the telephone on the table and grabs it.

YS – Is Lee hong-joo in danger?
OG – Yes, he will die all shredded up
YS – You should save him
OG – I only care about you, I don’t care if other people die

Cut to the apartment, the zombie is getting closer and closer to the secretary. He is still clueless about it. He stops to tie his shoe and the zombie is almost on him.

OG – if you want me to save someone else, I will do it, but you have to take this off.

He holds up his wrist again.

Fade Out.

It looks like the zombie might get to the secretary and there are like 10 other storylines going on.

They talk so much! Maybe we got like 50% of what they said.


Check the complete Hwayugi music list for updates!

23:00 Audition
Lyn – Back In Time (The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST.)
YouTube | iTunes

46:00 PK concert
YouTube | iTunes

57:15 Soh Oh-gong and Seon-mi/Sam-jang first meeting on the street.
1:04:05 Sohn Oh-gong and Jin Seon-mi (aka Sam-jang) talking
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

1:25:44 Ending theme music
NU`EST W – Let Me Out [Hwayugi OST Part.1]
YouTube | iTunes

17:48 Umbrella scene
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

22:06 Audition
YouTube | iTunes

27:05 Seon-mi/Sam-jang Audition
Kim Wan-sun – Tonight
YouTube | iTunes

43:39 Sohn Oh-gong and Jin Seon-mi (aka Sam-jang) dating
MeloMance – I Will Be By Your Side [Hwayugi OST Part 3]
YouTube | iTunes

49:00 Sohn Oh-gong and Jin Seon-mi (aka Sam-jang) dating- light tree
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

1:14:50 Sohn Oh-gong gives Jin Seon-mi (aka Sam-jang)’s memory back
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
YouTube | iTunes

1:25:33 Ending theme music
NU`EST W – Let Me Out [Hwayugi OST Part.1]
YouTube | iTunes

18:50 GongJak (peacock) monster at Woo Ma-wang’s office
Paul Anka – You Are My Destiny (1963 Version)
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25:28 Jin Seon-mi on her bed thinking about Sohn Oh-gong
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
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1:04:40 Sohn Oh-gong spinning the car
Edith Piaf – Non, Je ne regrette rien
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1:23:00 Ending theme music
NU`EST W – Let Me Out [Hwayugi OST Part.1]
YouTube | iTunes

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