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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 18

Live Recap for the Korean Drama Hwayugi Korean Odyssey episode 18
Okay, yesterday’s episode was really confusing to me and the editing gave me drama whiplash. But I like JY299’s comment about what OG might be thinking. I also agree with dramaalpaca about yesterdays’ episode being setup for today’s episode.

I have a feeling that this episode is going to be jam-packed so make sure you have your seat belts on. It is so hard to believe that Hwayugi is about to come to an end and a fiery ending at that. So many things are going on. MW needs to find his son, OG needs to protect SJ, SJ needs to save the world, The candidate needs to be President, ASY needs to make a dragon appear, PK needs to get Buja back, and Alice…well, I don’t really know what Alice needs, but she is there looking concerned next to PK. Speaking of Alice, isn’t she the son of a dragon? She might come in handy.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | MW’s secretary – SM | Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS | Goong Gang Go (bracelet) – GGG

Airing Time: Feb. 25th, 21:00 Seoul
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The candidate asks OG what he is talking about, is he playing him? Is he really helping him even though he is blackmailing him? OG says that he will really help him, so gather all his team, whoever wants to make him a president and whoever wants money and power. Gather all those people. But The candidate wants to know, does this mean he should go to the highest position and give OG whatever he wants? This sounds like a contract.

OG tells him that he has to leave and watch My Golden Life, so the candidate can just talk to OJ and try to contact him. But the candidate doesn’t think that he can trust him, is he a god? OG laughs, he says that he knows what kind of world this candidate will make and the gods won’t help him, so think of him as a demon and it will make more sense.

MW sees his cow as a coat hanger again, he sighs and enters the house. OG is laying in front of the TV. MW wants OG to at least change his position or something. He wants to just throw this couch away. They bicker back and forth about watching TV and how it costs MW a lot of money for OG to watch all his programs. But OG tells him that he will pay it all back.

MW wonders if OG is really preparing to die, but PG just sits up and says that he found out about the dragon. But MW doesn’t think that the dragon can be a bad thing because it is sacred. OG says that this is a bad dragon, a black dragon that is filled with all the bad things in the world. MW thinks you can’t win over a black dragon. But OG just wonders if a dragon can be that strong, MW fought with a dragon before, how was it? MW says that he didn’t lose, they just tested their strength against each other, it was really strong.

MW tells OG to use SJ, just put the dragon in SJ and kill SJ. He isn’t doing it because of the GGG, but if they find a way to remove it then they can do it. OG tells him to cut his hand then, let’s try it and see if it really disappears. MW is shocked, really? Okay, but you can’t pull away at the last-minute.

MW uses his hand as the knife and tells OG that he thinks nothing will change once he cuts it off? OG says that he hopes that will happen. But MW stops, he thinks that they shouldn’t cut his hand off, he should just fight the dragon. MW tells OG that he is going out for a while and OG should stay there.

Then SJ calls OG. He immediately goes and he winds up at a street bar.

OG thinks that SJ isn’t even in trouble. But SJ is drunk and wants OG to put some candy in the sky. He sighs and does it. But then SJ says she can do something also and we see her using her powers to straighten out a soup stick. Then she tells OG that she likes sea eel, can he make a sea with some soup. They are talking about nonsense because SJ is drunk. She wants to make a side dish land and drink all the drinks and eat all the side dishes. She will live with OG there. But actually when he was chasing her and telling her he would eat her, she liked it and she didn’t believe a handsome guy like him would eat her. When he followed her and told her that he loved her, she was so happy, and she liked the ice cream and cotton candy they ate together. But after the GGG disappears, they won’t see each other anymore, what should she do? She loves him so much.

SJ starts crying and OG watches her. Then we cut to SJ’s room where she is sleeping. OG is in his social club room alone.

ASY and the candidate talk at the location where the dragon will appear. they talk about all their bad deeds and ASY tells the candidate that she needs.

ASY thinks back to what OG said…this dragon won’t be normal and SJ is stronger to ASY. She noticed how bad this dragon will be and that this dragon won’t be sacred, it will be dark. But ASY says that this is a gold dragon but it betrayed her and became a good king. OG tells her that this was the old her, she is a bad demon now so she won’t call the same kind of thing. A bad soul attracted another bad soul, like her.

ASY looks at the candidate with rage. She thinks that she came to the candidate because he killed Buja and that OG is right.

The sec talks to SJ about the super-rich OG. M groups cooking team sent some food for SJ to eat. But SJ tells the sec to eat it, the sec is all like, noooooooo you should eat it, M group sent this for you! He pulls her over to the food and tells her that OG always brought ice cream, the sec thinks of OG and ice cream as a pair. He thinks about it more than his own kids and ice cream. But that just makes SJ think about OG and ice cream and cotton candy and ddukbogi, she starts to cry and hit her chest. The sec is super confused…boss???

MW is chilling at home, he talks to himself about enjoying his off day. But something isn’t right about watching TV so he gets up to clean his bull. While cleaning, he looks at the monkey statue and wonders if this statue will disappear once OG leaves as well? He is about to spit on the statue but decides to clean it as well. Then he looks at his statue and thinks that his home will be empty if only the cow is there.

Then the door opens….is it OG?….no, it is Sec Ma. SM brings MW some food and they start to talk about saving the monkey (so the interior design of their house will look good). They go to the devil shop.

The kid is at the devil shop as MW and SM show up. they are there to get the GGG and the son gives them the old-fashioned GGG. Cut back to MW and Sm in his office. MW pulls out the crown looking GGG, he wants to put it on his head so SM puts it on there for him. The GGG starts glowing and MW thinks…wow….wow…oooooo. But nothing is happening. MW tells SM to ask him to do something but she thinks that she can’t ask MW anything. But MW says it is okay so SM tells him to rais his right hand and MW says he will raise his left hand. He raises his left hand and is in pain. Wow, so does it do this every time? Then SM asks him something else, to walk, but MW says that he will run! He starts to run but then he is in excruciating pain.

SM takes the GGG off of MW and he is back to normal. He thinks OG might die with the GGG after all. Then he puts it on SM and aks her to raise her right hand, she does….but no you should do the opposite! He keeps asking her to do things and she keeps doing them, she doesn’t do any opposite thing because she always does exactly what MW does. She bows at him and the GGG falls off her head.

They wonder, huh? How can it just fall off? They try it again. SM puts it on and takes it off easily. The grandson must have given them the wrong product!

ASY likes that OG and she have a secret relationship now. She starts to ask OG about his life now, he isn’t living in the penthouse anymore, right? Can she go to his place? OG tells her that she shouldn’t be hitting on him now, how many days has it been (since sleeping with someone)? But ASY looks sincere. However, OG basically tells ASY that she should call a different person to get busy with because she is hitting on him all the time. He leaves but ASY thinks that this isn’t it.

The sec thinks that the candidate will be president because the older man who was always with the candidate is dead now. So now the candidate is the #1 person to become president. SJ is concerned and thinks that another person died around the candidate. She goes out and runs into the candidate, she sees the vision again. But then she also runs into ASY. ASY says that she picked the candidate and SJ confronts her about it. SJ starts to talk to Buja instead of ASY and a red light shows in ASY’s chest. SJ grabs ASY’s hand and then has a vision of the candidate killing Buja. She stares off at the candidate and then tells Buja that the candidate killed her.


ASY tells SJ that she took her power, she has abilities now. But SJ says that ASY went into Buja’s body and is helping the person that killed her, she is a monster.

The candidate comes up to them and SJ basically ignores him. SJ tells ASY that she will find the waterfall that they went to because she is strong now and she storms off. The candidate wonders what this is….do you need SJ? ASY says that they don’t need her but the candidate looks newly interested in SJ again.

SJ goes and sits on a bench. The halmae from the store is also on the bench and they start to talk. The halmae says that SJ needs to empty what is precious to her, something that not just anyone can do. Only SJ can do it.

MW has a GGG from the store, this one shouldn’t’ be defective (but maybe he could take it off also?). He tells OG that he can put it on his head. It looks like they are giving us a hint that OG can just take off the GGG himself. They bicker back and forth. OG says that he tried to take it off before, but he gave up.

MW takes the defective GGG back to the store and asks for his money back. But the high school kid tells him that they don’t have any defective GGG’s. The kid put it on his head and MW starts to ask him where he hid the money and the kid has to tell him that he hid it in the pot. MW takes it off of the kid and wonders how the GGG works again. He tells the kid that it didn’t hurt too much, but he says that it hurt a lot. MW is about to leave, but the kid tells him that ajusshi forgot his umbrella. MW turns around and says that no one calls him ajusshi, but the kid asks if he can just call him ajusshi? MW says that is fine…just stop stealing money. MW leaves and the kid says that he is not just a monster, he is half a god also (he says it annoyingly).

WG and ASY are at summer gods bar. OG called both of them there to talk. ASY gives her a disposable cup instead of a real one though because he doesn’t’ want ASY to touch any of the cups that his sister loved.

OJ tells WG and OG that before all the artifacts where stones, a pot, and a sword, but now they are humans. In addition, they will have a 100-year anniversary party for their foundation and the candidate will be there. Meanwhile, the candidate is talking to ASY at the river. But news broke that the candidate is pro-Japan. His grandfather was pro-Japan. This is a big deal in Korea so once he gets to the museum he is swarmed by reporters. They ask him about all the deaths around him and his grandfather. This is front page news on the internet and everywhere.

The candidate knows that the news is all true.

OG wonders if the black dragon will disappear or if the true identity will be revealed of the artifacts. All the media starts saying that they support the candidate. The academics all say that they don’t believe the rumors. And the companies say that the candidate is innocent and the supreme court people all got together and say that the candidate is okay. The foundation the candidate runs will the foundation for Korea’s future. All the power in Korea doesn’t care about the candidates past or any of the news.

SJ has a request to MW. They talk about what OG is doing. SJ tells them that the candidate killed Buja, she saw it. MW and SM are shocked to hear this, so SJ wasn’t attracted to the candidate for his power. They tell SJ to attend the Korea foundation party. Then MW tells Alice that the candidate is a bad guy. Alice wonders if they should call PK and MW thinks that Buja is so pitiful.

Cut to the hospital. ASY is at the hospital and finds out that Buja’s mother died. She is emotional about it and a tear drops. ASY turns to leave and PK is right behind her. He wants to know why ASY is crying over Buja’s mom’s death. She says that she isn’t, but PK just pulls her into a warm hug.

All the people gathered at the party are all the artifacts that they need to call the dragon. OG thinks that he has had enough, but he can’t leave because he felt that SJ came there. OJ says he smells lotus flower. Cut to SJ and SM talking to the candidate. But SM gets a phone call and leaves SJ and the candidate alone. The phone call is from OG, he wants to know why SJ is there. SM tells oG that SJ is looking for the bad spirit herself, so they can’t hide it from her.

Meanwhile the candidate and SJ talk. SJ wants to buy the land with the water and cliff. OG comes up to them and the candidate leaves. SJ tells OG that she wants to go to that land that she saw. Then she fills OG in on Buja and ASY and the candidate killing Buja. OG thinks that the candidate attracted the monster by himself. The dragon will come from the cave that SJ saw. Once hearing that, SJ thinks that it was good that she went there.

PK and ASY talk about Buja and what happened at the hospital. Then they talk about how ASY was in a high position in the past, almost as high as the king and someone like PK wouldn’t be able to sit with her at all. But this is actually a nice date that they are on. After the date, ASY takes PK to the candidate’s place and shows her the coffin. PK tells her that he wants her to be a nice person and protect Buja’s body. He doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Then he tells her that it is sad that she was betrayed and had to sleep in a coffin for over 1000 years, he understands why she is so bad and angry. But she can become a good shaman again. ASY tells pK that she likes him because PK doesn’t make her feel like a bad person and she warmly smiles at him.

OG and SJ talk in the party, but OG raises his voice and says that he is much stronger than MW, tsk. Everyone turns and looks at them. SJ tells him, you are very popular now. That is when someone comes up to them and OG pretty much tells him to shoo. But SJ tells him that he should be more respectful to the elderly. OG thinks that guy can’t be older than 80 though, OG is much older. Another woman and her daughter approach OG to talk. The young woman is very pretty, so SJ tells OG to behave like he behaved before. Cue OG being rude to the two woman, they run away in horror. Then OG smiles at SJ.

Then SJ and OG find a quiet place to talk. SJ says that she met the store owner and the owner told her what she should do, she has to empty what is most precious to her. OG says that she isn’t some container, but SJ continues…if she empties everything then she can do what she is supposed to do, so she is going to empty everything. that includes OG. The White Heron told Sj that OG is special. She will trust what the White Heron said. OG wonders, does that mean that SJ will empty everything right now and clean it up well? He doesn’t care where she throws it all away, just don’t do it in front of him. She makes him pitiful, so empty it where he can’t see her do it. He leaves.

SJ goes to a terrace area and sits. She looks at the sky and thinks back to OG showing her the stars. She thinks that she needs to empty her mind so she can see the stars again.

MW thinks that maybe only men can’t take off the GGG? SM comes in at that moment and tells MW about SJ, then they talk about the GGG, they should try it again.

Cut to OG storming into the devils’ shop. He wants to know why the halmae told SJ to empty everything. Halmae says that she didn’t force her, it is SJ’s choice, she is special enough to sacrifice herself. But OG tells Halmae that she put the GGG on him, who is she? The halmae tells him that he doesn’t’ need the GGG anymore, it doesn’t’ have any power now.

Cut to SM talking off the GGG, it doesn’t work for her. They are both confused. SM thinks that the GGG is for obeying but SM is 100% obeying MW anyway, so it isn’t needed. Aha! So if someone 100 follows the person who put it on, then it should come off.

Cut back to OG at the store, she tells him that he can take off the GGG because he got out of the GGG’s power already. So he can also change the fate of the black bell. So basically, he was a bad mannered person but he changed into a good person and decided to love SJ, so he changed his fate.

OG goes somewhere by himself and takes off the GGG himself!

So it seems like OG loves SJ without the GGG, so that is why he was able to take the GGG off. The GGG doesn’t have control over him anymore but SJ does still have control over him because he loves her.

OG goes back to the terrace where SJ is and slowly walks toward her as she stares at the stars. She doesn’t notice him.

OG – When I look at her like this…she is prettier

OG has pain in his eyes as he says this.

Then the piece of candy comes down from the sky and lands on SJ. SJ picks it up then looks around, but OG is gone. He eyes look pained as she wonders what their fate will be.

MW happily tells OG that he found out the secret of the GGG! You don’t have to…..But then he sees that OG already took it off. MW wonders how he feels and OG says that he overcame the GGG and his mind didn’t disappear, he still loves her. He doesn’t know when he started loving her though. MW says that he felt strange when OG threw away all the marinade. But then OG puts the GGG back on, for SJ.

MW tells him that SJ will be happy that OG still loves her without the GGG. But OG just thinks back to the white heron killing herself. He thinks that if they come through this in the end, then he will take it off again. MW thinks OG is a crazy thug and wonders where the sword is. But OG won’t tell him. MW talks about spending a lot of money on the GGG. But OG says that he overcame the GGG, so he can defeat the dragon.

Cut to a sleeping dragon in the river.

PK, Winter God, and Alice are all talking. Alice says that ASY is a really bad monster and then PK remembers something. ASY knew that the candidate killed Buja, but she still picked him. He thinks that he will kill them all, the candidate and ASY.

OG is staring out a window and SJ comes up to him. She wonders why he threw that star candy at her. He throws everything at her, love and everything, so she was having a hard time. But OG wonders, Is she hear to just argue because she has a lot on her plate? SJ tells him that she has a lot on her mind and he tells her to empty it all at him. SJ looks at him and tells him, I love you. I love you so much, I love you. Then she hugs him.

OG looks stoic as she hugs him. Then SJ backs up and tells OG that she loves him, again. She kisses him and he kissed her back.

OG – If you give it to me like this, then I won’t stop
SJ – I love you.

He pulls her into a deep passionate kiss and we cut to them in bed still kissing. Then they stop and look at each other. OG runs his hand over SJ’s face and they look at each other deeply. Then they each pucker up and start to kiss deeply again.

Fade Out

Scene #1: OG tells the candidate to gather all the bad guys so he can make him the president.

Scene #2: OG tells MW about the black dragon that Asanyoe will bring to this world.

Scene #3: MW and OG try to test what will happen to OG’s love after cutting off his hand with the GGG.

Scene #4: Drunk SJ asks OG to go away with her and live forever. Also, she tells him that she always liked him since the beginning.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OG: It’s been a long time since something like this. (me: Not sure if he means SM actually calling him or SM getting drunk, prolly both. LOL) It doesn’t seem as if you’re in any danger. Am I just your designated driver?
SM: I called because I had something to tell you to do. (opening her palm) This. Go ahead and try to embed it in the heavens among the stars.
OG: This?
SM: You can’t? You bragged so much about doing everything for me, and you can’t even do that?
(OG sighs and flicks it up where it becomes a star.)
OG: It’s been embedded. Later, go outside and determine it for yourself.
SM: You’re so lying. There is something that I can do as well. Do you want to see it?
(SM puts her hands on her soup bowl and makes the spoon stand up.)
OG: That is pretty cool, however, let’s just use a hand to spoon up the broth.
SM: (sighs) Oh, that’s just too ordinary. Oh, Son Oh Gong, I like sea eel. You can make me a meal with sea eel, can’t you? With the fishcake broth, you can even make me a sea, can’t you?
OG: If you tell me to, I can try, but is the life you want to live in Appetizer World?
SM: Appetizer World, that’s good! Whole boiled chickens can fly around and pigs trotters can just walk around. You have a lot of alcohol at Sureumdong as well. Shall we go there, make Appetizer World, and live there? Until we drink all the alcohol that is there and eat all the appetizers, if I could live there with you, I would like that. (takes a drink) Actually, even when you chased me around saying that you would catch and eat me, I didn’t dislike it. “Such a good looking kid like him, would he really catch and eat me?”, I had thoughts like that as well. When you started chasing me around saying that you loved me, I couldn’t gather my mind. Because I liked it sooo much.

Scene #5: SJ tells OG, she loves him so much, and cries. The Candidate tells Asaneyo that OG will help him.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: I liked the ice cream that I ate with you, too. The cotton candy was sweet. And, the ddeokbbokki was happy. You said if the geumganggo disappears that we won’t be able to see each other again, didn’t you? What will I do? I like you so, so very much.

(SM sleeps in the bed, while OG sits in the living room.)

KDS: This time, a really powerful person has agreed to give me his strength (meaning: use his money and power for KDS purposes).
ASN: Is that right?
KDS: If you remove my stumbling blocks, and he opens up my future path, this time, I will be able to go to the highest position.
ASN: I did do what you wanted, but so many people have died in your vicinity, won’t there be any suspicion cast on you?
KDS: What can anyone do? It wasn’t anything I did.
ASN: However, you know. Do you yourself really not feel anything?
KDS: I just did what was necessary. Tell me about what it is that you’re going to do here. If there is anything you need, I’ll prepare them all.
ASN: Okay.

ASN: Why are you saying that you’ll help bring up the dragon for Kang Dae Sung?
OG: Because I’m going to capture that and get rid of it.
ASN: A dragon is of the gods!
OG: Do you think that one coming out of here will be a proper one? Sam Jang is definitely stronger than you. Without even having directly seen this place, she knows its true nature.

Scene #6: MW feels lonely without OG and decides to help him.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: If he disappears, will that disappear as well? (me: meaning if OG disappears, so will his statue?)
(MW starts to spit on the monkey statue as usual, but then just sprays it with the sprayer and pats it, before looking at his cow.)
MW: If only the cow is here, I guess it will be a bit empty. (hears the door) Oh, you’re here! Oh, it’s you, Secretary Ma.
Ma: I thought you would be hungry, so I brought you some food.
MW: Okay. Leave it in the kitchen, and go.
Ma: Were you cleaning that?
MW: Since I was cleaning the cow anyway, I just…
Ma: The monkey statue did look good in this place. When it’s gone, it will look a little empty.
MW: That’s right, isn’t it? Even though I can’t stand the sight of it, it’s better to be here, isn’t it? Though, I don’t like it, thinking about the interior decoration of the house, let’s try to keep the monkey alive. Huh? (me: ROFLOL, talk about convoluted justification for helping his only frenemy.)

(At the peddler’s store)
MW: Oh, is the goods peddler not here?
Grandson: No.
Ma: It’s a relief that the goods peddler is not here. That kid, if you give him cash without needing a receipt, then he will sell you anything.
Grandson: What? Did you come to get some medicine again?
MW: You are the one who got me my medicine. The side effects are severe. Don’t sell any more of that medicine.
Grandson: Did you come here to complain about the medicine?
MW: There is something I want to find. Perhaps, is there another geumganggo here?

(MW office where they look at the older model of the GGG.)
Ma: This is the version 9 of the geumganggo. If you don’t obey the person who puts it on your head, then it will cause pain is what this says.

Scene #7: MW tries on the old GGG and it hurts so much.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Still, since they say that they’re basically very similar, we can find a way to remove the geumganggo (by using this).
Ma: Then, I’ll try wearing it.
MW: No. It’s dangerous for you. I’ll try it on. So, if it gets strange, then remove it immediately.
Ma: Will you be okay?
MW: Here. Put it on me.
(Ma puts it on MW)
MW: Oh! Oh, yah! Oh, look at this. Oh? Okay, it’s done.
Ma: It doesn’t hurt?
MW: It’s totally normal. So now, you should order me to do something.
Ma: How could I order Ma Wang to do something?
MW: That’s an order. Give me an order.
Ma: Okay, then, Ma Wang, please raise your right hand.
MW: I don’t want to. I’m going to raise my left hand. Owwwww! (puts left hand down and raises right hand)
Ma: Are you okay?
MW: Ow. Oh, it hurts a lot. Was it this painful for that kid as well? (meaning for OG) Try it one more time.
Ma: Ma Wang, please try walking.
MW: I’m going to run! OWWW! Ow! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!
Ma: Ma Wang!
MW: It hurts! It hurts! Hurts! Hurts!
Ma: Ma Wang…
MW: Hurts! Hurts! Hurts!
Ma: Please hold still.
MW: Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.
Ma: Ma Wang
MW: Secretary Ma, take it off. Take it off. Take it off. Take it off. Take it off. Take it off.
Ma: Yes.
MW: Please. Please! Ow! (Sec Ma manages to get it off) Ah!
(MW gets up and gets ahold of himself)
MW: Oh, this hurts enough to pop one’s eyeballs out.
Ma: I’m sorry.
MW: He definitely won’t be able to remove it by himself.

Scene #8: The old GGG doesn’t work for SM because she always obeys MW no matter what and the GGG slipps off of her head easily. Meanwhile, OG and AS talk about their plan and keep it secret from SJ.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Secretary Ma, raise your right hand.
Ma: Yes. (raising right hand)
MW: Not your right hand, you have to raise your left hand.
Ma: Okay. (raises left hand)
MW: Oh, geez. Do the opposite, the opposite! Not as ordered, but the opposite, you have to rebel.
Ma: Ah. Okay, I understand.
MW: Sit down. (Sec. Ma sits) Ay!
Ma: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just not used to disobeying Ma Wang’s orders.
MW: I’m ordering you to refuse my orders! Sit.
Ma: Oh, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
MW: If Secretary Ma keeps on doing that, then it won’t be a test.
Ma: I’m sorry. (bows and the geumganggo falls off) Oh!
MW: Hm? How did this fall off?
Ma: It just fell off by itself.
MW: What’s wrong with this? Is it broken already? Put it on again.
Ma: Yes. (Puts it back on)
MW: Okay. (Ma reaches up and takes it off) Oh, this has broken! It’s broken. That grandson jerk has sold us another defective merchandise. Oh, that cursed boy.

ASN: With my strength right now, I can wake the dragon, but I can’t bring him up to the world. I need Sam Jang.
OG: I’m going to get rid of it before it can come outside. She’s not going to do anything. You only have to do as much as you can.
ASN: Are you saying to not let that woman know?
OG: That’s the way it’s going to be. You do everything. That’s why I let you live. Since I didn’t let you live because I liked you, don’t even think of spouting any nonsense.
ASN: I won’t. You’re fooling your woman, and wanting to do this secretly with me. I like it. There is a thrill to meeting in secret after all. I won’t get caught.
OG: Be careful so that you don’t get caught. Go.
ASN: I heard from Sah Oh Jung that you’ve even left the house. Are you staying at the penthouse of this building?

Scene #9: SJ is talking to ASY and sees an image of the candidate killing BJ (Z)

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: Not you, I asked Bu Ja.
ASN: She is no longer in this body.
SM: You stay still! Bu Ja, answer me. (grabs her hand and has visions of KDS killing BJ)
SM: That person killed her.
ASN: You stole away my power, and you’ve developed those abilities as well? You who couldn’t do anything…
SM: How could you go into her body and help the person who killed her? You’re really a filthy evil spirit.
ASN: I am not such a thing!
KDS: Jin Seon Mi-sshi, you’ve come. Did you have a nice cup of tea together?
SM: Enough of the tea. I wanted to see again what kind of person you are. Since I now know everything, that’s enough. (to ASN) Where is the spiritual place you went to with this person? Even if you don’t tell me, I’m going to find it. Since, as you’ve said, I’ve become strong now.

Scene #10: ASY cries after BJ’s mom’s death and PK comforts her. Meanwhile, OG and OJ talk about the candidate.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

ASN: So, she died. (Wipes a tear. Turns around to see PK.)
PK: They say that Bu Ja’s mother has died.
ASN: I know.
PK: Then why are you crying?
ASN: This isn’t me crying.
(PK hugs ASN/BJ comfortingly)

Man: Congratulations
KDS: Thanks. Thank you for coming.
Other men: Congratulations
(OG and OJ watching KDS interacting with his backers)
OG: Are those people Kang Dae Sung’s stone, gun, and knives?
OJ: I had thought that if only that person was gone that the dragon of destruction would be gone, but that probably isn’t the case. Even if Kang Dae Sung were to disappear, then those people will raise a new Kang Dae Sung. And, then the dragon of destruction will come back to the world.
OG: Since the world is full of evil desires enough to feed a dragon of destruction. I’ve seen everything I need to see. Let’s go. (starts to stand up) Oh darn it! I can’t leave.
OJ: Did something happen?
OG: Sam Jang has just entered the room.
OJ: Oh, that is true. I can smell the lotus flower scent.
(KDS greets SM and Sec. Ma)
KDS: I didn’t know that Jin Seon Mi would come here.
Ma: She came in stead of Chairman Woo.

Scene #11: ASY starts to like PK and tells him her story.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

(at dinner)
PK: Oh venerable shaman, will you clink your glass once with this lowly pig?
ASN: Okay. I will do a cheers with you.

(ASN shows PK her sarcophagus)
ASN: This is where I had been asleep. What is there to see about it anyway?
PK: I was curious. If I want to know who you are, I need to know where you came from as well.
ASN: Why would you want to get to know me?
PK: I would like for you to become nice and continue to maintain Bu Ja’s body like this. (me: Did PK forget that the way ASN is taking care of BJ’s body is to eat humans?) Stop doing evil things. If you continue, then either Ma Wang or the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven is going to void you. I don’t want to see that happen. (look at the sarcophagus) It’s a sarcophagus. You were trapped inside this cramped thing for 1200 years?
ASN: Yes.
PK: You must have been sad. You said you were betrayed. How angry and sad you must have been. I can even understand why you turned bad.
ASN: Yes. I was so mad that I am doing some naughty things. I’m not an evil spirit.
PK: If you do good things from now on, then it’ll be okay. You said you were a shaman. (strokes her hair)
ASN: I like it that you don’t make me feel miserable.

(at KDS’ party)
SM: The evil spirits are very strong? Dangerous? That’s why you didn’t say anything?
OG: Yes. They’re strong. Ma Wang fought them once long ago, but even seeing their eyes, he was frightened.

Scene #12: OG and SJ talk about manners amongst humans, but OG says that he is much older than the older man. OG tells SJ, her smell got stronger.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OG: It’s bothersome. I liked the days when I watched tv all day and just followed you around.
SM: You can’t even just disappear suddenly. It must be uncomfortable for you to travel around.
OG: Still, I’m doing very well. Dealing with humans didn’t turn out to be that big a deal.
(Man bumps into SM)
Man: I apologize.
OG: Hey. Keep your eyes wide open when you’re walking around.
Man: Oh, yes.
SM: A person can’t act that way towards an older person.
OG: As long as that person can live, he can go maybe 80 years. Do you know how old I am? (at SM’s wide eyes) No. I don’t want to have a conversation with you about the difference in our ages.
SM: If you’re pretending to be a human, then you should at least follow the basic manners.
OG: Excuse me.
Waitress: Yes?
OG: Please give this person a glass of champagne.
Waitress: Yes.
OG: See? If I decide to do it, then I can do it all.
(Woman and daughter approach them)
Woman: Oh, hello. We met each other at the Club the other day, didn’t we?
OG: Yes.
Woman: This is my daughter. These days she’s been studying cooking in Paris, France. And, soon she’ll be in charge of food products at our company.
(Woman, daughter, and OG bow to each other. Waitress walks up with SM’s champagne which the woman takes and gives to her daughter.)
Woman: Oh, thank you. Here, drink it.
OG: Should I take care of this?
SM: Do as you usually do.
OG: (nods, then takes the glass of champagne) Give it to me. it’s not yours.
Woman: Oh, how could you have such manners?
OG: It’s poop manners! Do you want to see more?
Woman: Oh! Let’s go. (they leave)
(OG gives the glass to SM. They smile.)

SM: The scent is nice.
OG: From all the humans here, there is a foul stench. Since I gathered them here, it’s almost unbearable. Still, when you came in, I was shocked. It’s only been a couple of days since I saw you, but in that time, your fragrance has become much stronger.

Scene #13: SJ tells OG that she will empty her love. OG tells her don’t empty it in front of him.

This scene is translated by kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: She said I will have to empty something precious to me. That’s why I tried hard to think of what it could be.
OG: Why would you think of things like that? It’s not like you’re ??? What would you even empty out?
SM: Must be my feelings. Since the only thing filling me up now is my love for you. Because of that, I worried a lot and I got sick. If I clear out everything, I think I’ll be able to do the things I need to do. That’s why I’m gonna clear them all.
OG: It seems fair. My feelings will disappear and yours will be cleaned out.
SM: I decided to believe the white heron’s words that I’m special and can help people. Since I’m that great, I’ll be able clear out my love, too.
OG: So, you came here to tell me that you can clear out everything at once? Fine, just clear them all. Do the washing up well too. You, I don’t mind you throwing them away on the street or at the corner, just don’t do it in front of me. Since it’s me who pour all my heart to even fill you up, pity me. Clear them out well at somewhere I can’t see.

Scene #14: OG takes the GGG off of his wrist while watching SJ crying. He says she is prettier without the GGG.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

(OG takes off the geumganggo himself, as he’s looking at SM)
OG: What can be done? Even looking at her like this, she’s even prettier.
(the piece of candy that she had asked for OG to put in the sky with the stars when she was drunk earlier in the episode falls into her lap)

MW: Hey, Great Sage, Equal to Heaven, you moron! I’ve finally figured it out. I’ve unlocked the secret of the geumganggo. Now you will be able to take it off…
(OG shows him the geumganggo in his hand)
MW: (sighs) You’ve already taken it off.

Scene #15: SJ says she will empty her love to OG. She tells OG Saranghae (I love you) so many times and they kiss each other deeply.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: I’m going to throw it away by pouring it all over you. I’m not going to throw it away while sitting on the street. I’m not going to throw it away while sitting in a corner of my room. I’m going to dump it all over you.
OG: Okay. If you feel it’s so unfair, then do as you want! I’ll endure it and listen to you, so go ahead and do it.
SM: I love you. I love you. I love you very much. I love you! I’m saying I love you! (embraces him) I love you. (kisses him)
OG: If you keep pouring like this on me, then I won’t stop.
SM: I love you.
(He kisses her. No, he devours her.)
(Later in bed, they continue to make out.)

Scene #16: (No video) Stroppyse’s note: The conversations that OG has with the Granny who is clearly a goddess. In the episode, this conversation happens over two scenes, broken up by MW also realizing how to break the power of the geumganggo, but which I’m not including in this translation.
This scene is translated by the immortal rockstar stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

(OG goes to find the Granny at her store)
Granny: Great Sage, Equal to Heaven has come.
OG: You met Sam Jang, didn’t you? Why did you go looking for her?
Granny: Since she’s a very special and particular person.
OG: Why did you meet her to tell her to empty herself or whatever? What are you planning to fill it with after she’s emptied herself that you went talking to her like that?
Granny: Sam Jang is a bowl. A very special bowl to be filled with the world’s worst evil spirit.
OG: So. You have to fill the emptied bowl with an evil spirit, then broke it, in order for you to feel good?
Granny: It’s not that simple. At the very end, it’s a choice that Sam Jang has to make. That child is a special human being who is capable of making such a sacrifice.
OG: Please, just leave her alone to live. That sacrifice, I will make it.
Granny: The arrogant and temperamental Great Sage, Equal to Heaven has been made to choose to be a sacrifice.
OG: You’re the one who caused me to be put in the geumganggo. You. Who are you?
Granny: Son Oh Gong, you no longer need the restraints of the geumganggo. Then the geumganggo must have no power then.

OG: You’re saying that I can take the geumganggo off myself?
Granny: You no longer have any thoughts of harming the person who controls the geumganggo or of freeing yourself of it. Why would you need something to keep you restrained? You have freed yourself of the geumganggo’s control. So then, the fate of the death bell and the plans of the heavens could all flow differently as well.

Scene #17: (no video) Stroppyse’s note: Okay, final final translation. This is the conversation between MW and OG where OG shows that he’s already taken off the geumganggo, and then puts it back on. I don’t think there is a separate video clip, so just the translation of their conversation.
This scene is translated by the amazing stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Hey, Great Sage, Equal to Heaven! Surprise. I’ve finally found it. I’ve unlocked the secret to the geumganggo. Now you, (grabbing OG’s wrist) will be able to take this off… (sees the geumganggo in OG’s hand) You already took it off.
OG: It just fell off by itself.
MW: Right now, how do you feel? Did you see Sam Jang?
OG: At least, I’ve won over this thing. My heart which didn’t seem like my heart, there was no such thing.
MW: You still love her.
OG: When in the world did it come to be that I would have been able to take this off? (me: he’s asking himself when he fell in love with SM)
MW: From when you threw away the marinade, I thought it was strange.
OG: Was it from then? I guess I will never be able to determine that now.
MW: What’s the point of knowing that when the result is this? (me: he’s indicating OG’s state of being in love even without the geumganggo) You have just put Sam Jang there.
(OG puts the geumganggo back on.)
MW: What are you doing?! Why are you putting it back on?
OG: For her sake.
MW: Sam Jang has been suffering so much wondering whether your love was real or fake. If you told her it was real, she would be so happy.
OG: I saw White Egret’s final choice.
(flashback to the doctor/previous protector as she kills herself: Without him, living alone is too painful.)
OG: If it results in Jin Seon Mi being left by herself, I’m not going to leave love behind. If everything finishes and I’m safe, then in front of her, I’m going to take this off myself (holding up his wrist with the geumganggo on it), and show her.
MW: You always try to act so cool. You’re just a thug and a moron! Huh? The knife that came down, where did you hide it?
OG: Why? Are you going to go around looking for that knife now? Ma Wang, do you love me that much?
MW: That’s enough. Forget it. It was all for nought that I bought that expensive geumganggo and tested it. Ay! You hid that knife at Sureumdong, didn’t you? That’s why you’ve made it so that no one can go to Sureumdong, isn’t it?
OG: Ma Wang, since I won over this thing (indicating the geumganggo), I can win over the dragon as well.

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    A lot of things is happening that deserves our attention but common, who am i kidding? The ending was,…. Unexpextedly hot…, and shall i say this is definitely one of the few kdrama with explicit hot kisses…, though being shown in cable allows more freedom i guess…..

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