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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 17

Live Recap for the Korean Drama Hwayugi Korean Odyssey episode 17
I don’t know what is going to happen and I am so hesitant to try and guess. I know Oh Gong is super upset and is ready to put his life on the line for Seon-mi. You already know Seon-mi is ready to do the same (she has demonstrated enough). I kind of think Oh Gong will be all ready to sacrifice himself for Seon-mi, but then Seon-mi will beat him to it and sacrifice herself for him and the rest of the world. But that shouldn’t happen for three more episodes right? All I know is that I am along for this ride until the (bitter?) end.

We will recap Misty about 30 minutes after Hwayugi ends. Hope to see you there!

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | MW’s secretary – SM | Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS | Goong Gang Go (bracelet) – GGG

Airing Time: Feb. 24th, 21:00 Seoul
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The sword will show up soon and you will stab SJ with the sword.
You can’t remove the sword, SJ will be sacrificed and you will do it with that sword!
The sword I have to kill SJ with, don’t come into this world anymore

SJ is at an outdoor cafe that is about to close, but then she sees a ghost monster. She thinks that she has the power to remove them now and throws something on it. It disappears. But she thinks that this isn’t saving the world.

BR tells MW that OG took the sword. They think it makes sense because the GGG is in complete control of OG, but the Halmoni didn’t say it would be that strong. Then the conversation turns to how BR was tricking MW all along. But BR says that MW got a lot of points. MW doesn’t really care, he wants to find a way to be himself from before. he gets up and leaves.

Then he pauses and smells something. He looks at his bull and there is a coat on it, SJ’s coat. SJ is there waiting for MW, she wants to talk to him about something. MW tells her that his cow isn’t for her to hang her coat on. SHe apologizes, OG always did it. But then SJ says that she saw the world collapsing again, but something changed. It was different than her destiny, it was something a human can do. MW tells her that human-created all the monsters so Sj can stop them as a human, but he doesn’t care about her business anymore.

SJ wants to know why? This all started because of MW, he should help. MW tells her that he has no power to help her. Does he know any ways to get strong again? MW says that there is a way, can she help him? She wants to know how. MW tells her that Nachal became human because she fed human souls to kids because the kid is a monster because he is my son. Monsters…get strong by eating humans energy. So whatever I eat now, the fame…..fame energy, life energy is stronger than fame energy.

He takes off his gloves and they fall to the floor.

SJ thinks of MW crying, it is a vision. But MW is all ready to eat SJ. But then SJ tells him that he will cry. She saw him crying so sadly, maybe someone died. Just then SM comes in, she found some good medicine for him. Then she notices SJ, she is here? OG is there as well, he wants some medicine too. But SM tells him that it is not for him. Besides, SJ is better than any other medicine so just stick with her.

They start talking about MW crying, what does it mean? SJ doesn’t know, she just saw it happen. She can see the future a little bit now. MW tells her that he will be careful and take that as some advice. OG tells MW to not make things sad, but MW tells OG to care about his own problems. He tells OG that he should just shovel the medicine into his mouth and has a sly smile then leaves.

SJ thinks that she can just break things when she is angry, so OG should take her with him. OG thinks, sure, sure, let’s go together. SJ tells him that she has her little ggg so it will be fine. He can just call her name. They have a little playful back and forth about that. Can she just time warp to him? SJ says that she would like to do that if she could. But she looks up again and OG has disappeared. he reappears on a bed. he tells her that he called her and she appeared, so can he call her whenever he wants to do something with her? he pats the bed. But then he gets serious and tells her to not be afraid to call his name.

SJ says that she can take off the GGG, the feelings he has will go away and he doesn’t have to be in danger because of her. OG wants to know if it will really go away? But he thinks that he is crazy, he likes her more and more. Every moment he looks at her, she gets prettier. But does she really think that it will all disappear?

SJ thinks it is better this way, she can let his heart go freely. He thinks that if he doesn’t show up when she calls, then it means that his heart has disappeared completely. OG has to leave though and tells SJ, Don’t be surprised at what type of form I will be in. He disappears.

MW tells SM that he wants to drink something other than medicine.

The candidate found a dead body and has it in his home. He takes it to Buja and wants to know what she is going to do with it, will she call the dragon? ASY tells him that this is not easy, but she is going to make a son that someone is looking for, she just needs to find a human soul. The candidate wants to know if he should find one for her, but she says that she has a lot of souls accumulated here.

The candidate wants to know….does that mean a lot of dead souls are here? We cut to the room and see several ghosts looking at them. Then the candidate starts to talk about the soul he killed and SJ. he wants SJ, he definitely needs her.

Meanwhile, SJ is reading about the professor. She thinks that she felt strange when she saw him that day.

MW tells OG that SJ will be the sacrifice and OG should take care of it. They are talking about this over dinner with OJ standing and serving them. MW thinks that OG should just do it, he will be the old OG once again. Doesn’t he believe it? Should he help him and chop his arm off? But OG tells MW that he will die before doing it, he has no energy now. OG takes a big bite of the sandwich, but then he tells OJ to give him a well-cooked one.

MW tells OG that he is not as strong as he was before, so he needs a way to be strong again right? OG wants to know if he wants to eat SJ? MW tells him that that is a good way, but he paid for the GGG so he can’t eat SJ. MW didn’t want to find the GGG in the beginning, but the store owner just gave it to me. They used him but now OG is punished. Then he tells Sm to give OG more tea and leaves.

OG tells SM to watch MW, if he touches SJ then OG will go crazy. SM tells him that ASY made MW think that the god land tricked him. She wants to kill ASY.

But OG just finds BR. They say that Nachal’s pain ended, so MW can do anything. BR says that SJ didn’t become SJ because of him. OG wants to know why he was tricked and BR said it was just to control him. OG thinks, of course, because I am a bad guy, I understand this, but MW isn’t like me, if he goes crazy, then you need to tell him the truth.

BR asks for the grandmother, but the son doesn’t know where she is. then the son asks BR if he works for his grandmother or something? then they argue about something and the son tells BR to watch the store and leaves. he wants to open a game shop when he inherits it. BR yells at him, he won’t inherit it. (perhaps he is the son?)

ASY and the candidate have the body in the coffin, the body is kind of waking up a little. ASY says he is growing well, but now they need to find the father of this son.

Cut to MW staring at Nachal’s painting. He is wondering what his son might look like. SM comes in and wants MW to eat something, but MW just doesn’t want any of it. He is waiting for the evidence from ASY.

OJ is busy cleaning the house and then sees OG. They start to talk about taking care of a big thing before OJ makes their food. there is a big monster who will be in a humans body and they have to take care of it. That means that OG needs to take care of a human now. OJ tells him that he never dealt with humans until now, accept SJ. OG asks for OJ’s help.

OJ is at a huge chaebol party and is about to make an announcement. He goes to the stage and tells everyone that he has someone to introduce, the real owner of the company that I lead. OG walks in looking dapper af and goes to the stage. OJ tells everyone that OG is the real owner of what OJ owns in this world. OG steps forward on the stage, looking like a million bucks.


OJ and OG go to a company meeting together. OJ bows to OG at the company meeting and give him the seat at the head of the table. he takes a seat to the right and everyone looks like, what in the world? The newspapers start posting all about this. It is a shock to the financial world, who is this young billionaire? OG flosses his wealth and goes to all the expensive car places and buys all the cars, he buys the most expensive building in Korea but the usage is unknown, he buys a soccer team. All these purchases are all over the news.

Cut to OG and OJ talking at a huge table. He asks OG what he will do with all those purchases and OG is all like, I don’t know. I just bought them. But then OJ tells him that he set up the social club.

Cut to the social club. All the chaebols want to say hi to OG, but they have to go through OJ to do it. They talk to OJ about OG, but OG just sits in a chair by himself and scans the room.

Meanwhile, the candidate has also heard about OG. He wants to meet with him as well, but everyone says that OG is hard to meet, he only meets with people in his private social club. But then someone comes up to them, perhaps he is a reporter? he asks the candidate a lot of questions about the pro-Japan artifact in the museum and the pro-Japan side of the candidates family. the candidate tells the reporter that they should talk about this quietly.

The candidate goes to his home, he wants to know where ASY is so she can kill the reporter, but then we see the dead body waking up.

ASY wakes up on Buja’s mom’s hospital bed. She looks at the mother and then she thinks that she can sleep well there. PK shows up at that moment and thinks that it is wonderful that she actually came there. He thanks her for it and goes to leave. But then she grabs him and asks if he wants Buja back. he has to do something for her though.

The sec starts talking about OG, is he really the eir of the M group? SJ says as much but she didn’t know how much OG owned (or something like that). She leaves and OG is in her office, he gives her some cotton candy and they sit and talk. SJ tells him that she saw an image, the same image of the world ending when she saw the candidate.

Then we see OG with PK and Alice. ASY called then there but didn’t do anything and left.

Cut to OG at a huge desk and talking to OJ. They think that ASY is about to call the dragon.

ASY and the candidate start to talk about her calling a dragon, she has done it before. The candidate tells her that he owns all this land somewhere, so they can do anything there, let’s go there together. Cut to the camera showing us a huge plot of land in the forest.

PK steals some of MW’s energy balls, he puts a fake one in its place. ASY wants this energy ball. But Alice stops PK, she thinks MW will kill him. But PK just says that he needs a little bit of energy and leaves.

Then we go to a car accident. The candidate bumps into SJ and the secs car. He probably did it intentionally. he tells them to call him and gives them his card. But SJ sees an image of the candidate and ASY. She asks the candidate, why is he with her? is he a good person? SJ stares at the candidate and then tells him to wait, she will call him. The sec is all sorts of confused and tells the candidate bye as well and they drive off. But the candidate is left wondering what that meant.

the sec wants to know why SJ hates the professor, he isn’t a bad guy. But SJ says that if a bad woman calls a bad guy “bad” that means that he is really bad. She says that eh world might collapse and the sec tells her to stop talking about things like that! He leaves, but SJ keeps thinking about the collapsed world and how the candidates family is involved.

ASY tells the candidate that she needs to give MW some confusion.

Then we cut to MW, his energy goes into the ball that PK put there, but MW didn’t notice it. Then the zombie wakes up. MW fells something. We see the zombie walking toward someone and attacking them. MW feels the energy of it happening and then wakes up. SM comes in at that moment and wants to know if he had a dream. He said that it wasn’t a dream, he feels like he went somewhere.

SJ apologizes for what happened to WG’s sister. She is sorry for talking about her and asking him for help. SJ says that she saw a vision of a river and tree and a waterfall, it was strange and scary. She thinks that she has never had a scary feeling like this in her life.

WG meets with OG and OJ, he tells them that SJ saw a vision of a strange and scary place. they think that ASY might call a dragon over there next tot he tree and river. OG leans in and thinks that he wants to see how strange and scary this place is, but before that, he should meet the owner of that land.

The candidate is talking to a man who is telling him all about OG. He buys expensive paintings and puts them in the restroom, he only meets with people at his social club, he only talks through OJ…But then OG comes in and the candidate turns to greet him. he smiles as OG approaches him, but OG and OJ just walk right on by.

Cut to the candidate talking to someone about talking to OG, the candidate needs to talk to OG and he also needs to support this older man. Don’t be greedy, it is now time for the candidate to support him. The candidate smiles and tells him to go home safely, but it looks like he wants to kill this halbae. Then we see the older man drunkenly walking somewhere. MW comes up from behind him and attacks him! His fangs come out and he somehow sucks all the energy out of this man.

But it was a dream? Yeah, it was a dream! MW looks at his hand and says that it really felt like he killed a human…

MW tells BR to stop looking for him, he doesn’t care about becoming a god anymore. But BR tells everyone that a demon who eats human souls has shown up, just like what Nachal did. SJ wants to know if MW is feeling sick, he keeps looking at his hand, but MW says that he is fine and SJ can leave. After he leaves, BR says that he will leave too, but MW grabs him. he wants to know if his son was like that, Nachal fed him human souls. But BR tells MW that his son won’t be a bad soul demon and don’t think about those things! he breaks free and leaves. but MW tells SM that he needs to find this out. She hurries out.

SM goes to SJ and asks her for her blood. She cuts SJ’s hand and the aroma goes everywhere. MW smells it and his eyes turn burning red.

OG finds ASY at the river from the vision. He thinks ASY must have done something this time again. Answer him. Did she make MW’s son? Did she really make it? ASY thinks, so what? Is OG going to kill her and burn her now? But OG tells her that he will protect her, she should do all that she wants for the candidate. But ASY wants to know what OG is going to do with the professor guy? OG tells her that he wants to be the professor’s friend because he wants to be there when she calls the dragon.

Cut back to SJ in the basement parking garage. She is looking around in fear. the zombie boy comes and starts to approach her. He laughs maniacally as he puts his hands out to grab her.


The zombie comes toward SJ, he laughs and puts out his hands. But MW comes and hits the zombie. He flies and hits the wall. MW approaches him and says that this is the one that showed him all those strange scenes. he goes to kill him, but he can’t? Or he won’t? He says that he feels the same energy from this bad soul. OG shows up, he is about to kill it. But MW says to not kill it. OG kills him and then OG yells at MW, these things shouldn’t be MW’s son! ASY made him! You shouldn’t be swayed by these things!

MW turns in rage….she made me a fool!

MW goes to BR, he wants to know where his son is, he will kill him! BR won’t say anything though and goes to hit BR with his stick, but SM runs in the way and gets hit instead. She falls to the ground as a wave ripples. She looks up and says she is sorry and passes out (dies?). MW starts crying uncontrollably. He wants to know why BR tricked him! He will kill them all! RAGE!

But then BR tells him that his son is alive! MW starts to cry and yell but then………ah, now you are telling me the truth. he is all back to normal. He tells SM to wake up and she says, “Yes.” She gets up and MW tells BR to tell him where his son is now.

They are together at his home and talking about the professor and all the danger around them. Sj needs to know, does she need to know anything? OG tells her that he found out something when GGG disappears, his mind disappears. it is clear, we loved each other so it tricked us. We should kill each other anyway, animal and prey. SJ says that she didn’t think about any of these things. OG tells her that she should avoid OG when the GGG disappears. But even though he is a bad guy, he loved her like this so he shouldn’t eat her. SJ asks, so we shouldn’t see each other anymore? he says yes. he tells her that she shouldn’t think that he will die because of her anymore and he walks off.

ASY is in MW’s place somehow. MW shows up and laughs when he sees her. How is she so brave? They start to talk about the thing she created. Because of that zombie, MW was able to find out what he wanted. But MW thinks that he should kill whoever helped her. PK and Alice walk in at that time and says that he was the one that tricked his energy ball. MW wants to know how many times he will be tricked and PK says that he will be swayed everytime he sees Buja’s face because she is his litter brother. So do whatever he wants to him.

MW grabs PK’s wrist and squeezes. He puts something black on PK’s arm and PK screams in pain. he tells pK that he won’t have power for a while. he is a helpless pig in a human body. PK thinks that his fame will go away now, but he also apologizes to MW and leaves.

MW thinks that sometimes you can’t help but be tricked. Then SM asks him if he will find his son. Cut to MW meeting with BR, he tells MW that his son is alive, but he shouldn’t be alive. he only just managed to stay alive. If MW finds him and gods know about him, then they will try to kill him.

MW and SM talk about this, it was the most truthful thing that BR ever said. They don’t know what to do, but then they talk about OG. MW thinks that crazy OG is preparing something.

The candidate is shaking a lot of peoples hands. But then he sees the reporter that he had the zombie kill. he is one of the guests. he looks around, actually, a lot of the guests are all the people that the candidate had killed. They are sprinkled throughout the party. OG eats ice cream at the bar and watches the candidate freak out. The candidate sees him and stops. Then OG points at the candidate and tells him to come to him.

The candidate approaches OG and tells him that it is good to see him. OG talks banmal “do you want some?” and show him the ice cream. But the candidate doesn’t want any. OG says that he can’t drink and the candidate doesn’t want ice cream…..but he will give him what he has. The candidate is a little shocked, he will give him what he has? OG tells him that the candidate is the baddest man in the room, if he wants to be a king, then he will make him a king.

Fade Out

What just happened?

It looks like the GGG might come off? And then it is put on OG’s head?

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OG: The dragon that will appear from here is not of the divine. It’s an evil spirit.
SM: Are you trying to let the world know that Kang Dae Sung is a bad guy?
MW: Does this mean that Son Oh Gong can also escape from the geumganggo?
MW: Did you figure it out? That the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven is planning on dying in your stead?
SM: Even if you don’t tell me, I’m going to find it.
OG: Looking at her like this, she’s even prettier.

For SJ’s fate, which is to die saving the world, Seon-mi empties her love as if she is saying a final goodbye to OG. On the other hand, OG will fight against the black dragon, even though it will threaten his life, all to protect Seon-mi.

MW feels pity towards OG, so he tries on the old GGG and tries to figure out how to remove it. Meanwhile, OG wants to prove that his love is not because of the GGG, so he goes to the store and asks the store owner, she gives him a hint on how he should remove the GGG.

Posted by chun-kyung8690, but the lyrics were translated by setsu29

Believe by Mackelli Eng translation 
Trans Cr: setsu29

I believe you
I’m missing you
In the same spot
draw a memorable memory
I believe you
I’m missing you
It’s okay if it’s a little too late
i know you’ll be back
If i remain…If
where are you? 
More than any day
I want to see you
you lost me
Just one person can not be replaced
I miss you
even if it hurts
I believe you
I believe you
i’m missing you
Before it’s no longer cloudy
can you come back?
even though my heart hurts
where are you? 
More than any day
I want to see you
you lost me
Just one person can not be replaced
I miss you
even if it hurts
I believe you

Scene #1: The zombie is about to kill SJ, but MW stops it. Then OG shows up and kills the zombie.

This scene was translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: You were the bastard. The one who kept causing me to see strange things. Go!
SM: He’s an evil demon who eats human souls. (at MW’s reaction) What’s wrong?
MW: From this evil demon, I feel an energy similar to mine.
(OG appears to grab the demon by the throat)
MW: Just a second! Don’t get rid of him. There’s something I need to ascertain.
OG: Ma Wang, get a hold of your self.
(OG gets rid of the demon)
MW: I told you to stop!
OG: Come to your senses! There’s no way a thing like that would be Ma Wang’s son! That is something that Ah Sa Nyeo tricked up. What are you going to do if you’re swayed by something like that?!
MW: They made a fool out of me!

(MW goes to SB)
SB: Ma Wang
MW: I can’t allow myself to be deceived any longer. Tell me! What happened to my son? If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill you. Whether you’re a god or whatever, I’ll kill you!
SB: You can’t do this.
MW: Tell me! (SB turns his head away) Fine. I will kill you then.

Scene #2: OG tells SJ that she has to avoid him because they are like predator and prey

This scene is translated by kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: If there’s something I should know, tell me.
OG: There’s something I got to know on the day I messed around (in heaven). When GGG disappears, they said my feelings will surely disappear too. I found out about the Death bell too. Because we are in love all this time, we were mistaken.
SM: We were mistaken?
OG: Didn’t we have the fate of death from the start? The predator and prey. Actually, it would have been strange if it wasn’t Death bell. It was the fate of death originally but rather, GGG has been stopping that.
SM: That’s right. I didn’t think of that.
OG: If you want to avoid the fate of one killing and one dying, when GGG disappears, you just have to avoid me. No matter how much of a bad guy I am, after loving you like this, I shouldn’t eat you, right?
SM: Then, you’re saying we shouldn’t meet again.
OG: Yes. From now on, don’t worry about things like I can die because of you.

Scene #3: MW, OG, and SJ have a stand off

This scene is translated by kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OG: What do you mean MW’s gonna cry?
SM: I don’t know in what kind of situation but I saw MW crying so sadly.
MW: It seems SJ has the power to see the future now too.
SM: Yes. Even though it’s short, I can see the future. It seems you’ll lose something really precious.
MW: I hear that you’re warning me to be careful and I will be careful from now on.
OG: Yes, MW. You shouldn’t do tragic things.
MW: I heard everything from SBR. You should worry about yourself. SJ is getting stronger day by day. I should go drink some medicine too.
SM: I’m asking if something happened with SBR.
OG: It’s nothing important.
SM: After saying Fighting, you really went to fight?
OG: Because I got pissed, I just messed up a bit in front of all those deities. I don’t think I will be promoted anymore, you’re ok with that, right?
SM: I’m not ok. You should have taken me too. I also have many things to say. Now, I can break things and create chaos(?), when I’m angry. I want to mess them up too.
OG: Ok. Then, let’s go together next time. Creating trouble is a release. You should definitely break what you can see first.
SM: Yes. I should break it all down. That I won’t let it go if they touch my OG.
OG: You sound reliable.
SM: I now have this too. Call my name.
SM: Even so, I can’t go to your side in a blink.
OG: You want to try doing that?
SM: Well, it’d be nice if I can.
OG: JSM. Hey. Since I called you, you came in a blink.
SM: You did that though. But still, I’m glad. When you need me, call me anytime.
OG: Really? I can just call you anytime? No matter what I want to do anywhere, you’re ok with it?
SM: No, I mean, message me or call me first.

Scene #4: OG and SJ talk about the GGG (because it’s all they ever talk about!)

This scene is translated by kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OG: I’m telling you to not be afraid of calling my name.
SM: SOG, are you really ok with not removing the GGG? I told you I’ll remove it. If you just don’t have that, you feelings right now will disappear. Then, you won’t need to be in danger because of me.
OG: Will they really disappear? All of them? You believe it like that too, aren’t you? I believed it too. But I must be crazy. I’m liking you more and more. Even now, as I’m looking at you, you’re getting prettier. But, will this all really disappear in just one moment? You really believe that?
SM: It was really sad for me in the past but now I think it’s rather a relief. Since it means you can let go of your feelings comfortably.
OG: Right. Later, if I don’t come even when you call me, I’m not coming because all my feelings disappeared. I’m gonna be busy for a while. Don’t be surprised no matter what I do. I’ll be going.

Scene #5: OG asks OJ for his help. Cut to OJ introducing OG as the real owner of everything.

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OJ: He will probably choose a human who has serious power.
OG: That means that this time I will have to go up against a human. It means that it will become bothersome.
OJ: Hyung-him, you, other than for Sam Jang, have not dealt with any humans till now.
OG: It can’t be helped. Oh Jeong, I think I will need to be in the human world for awhile.
OJ: I understand what you mean. I will get it prepared. I guess the dried persimmons will need to be frozen again in the freezer. (me: persimmons which are dried so that they become jammier and then frozen to preserve them until meant to be eaten are a real delicacy in Korea.)

MC: Everyone, may I please have your attention for an announcement. Chairman Yoon Dae Shik who is hosting this event today will now say a few words.
OJ: Everyone must be so busy, I offer you my thanks for attending this event. There is someone that I absolutely must introduce to everyone here. The true owner of this Group that I have led until now has attended this event.
(OG goes up to the stage.)
OJ: I will now make the introductions. This is the true owner of everything that I currently hold in the name of Yoon Dae Shik.

(boardroom – Everyone bows to OG and he sits at the head of the table.)

Headline: M Group’s true owner is not Yoon Dae Shik?
Headline: Mysteriously appearing, has shaken the existing order.
Headline: M Group’s biggest shareholder is a young man.

(car dealership)
Salesman: There is warm air that comes out of here.
OG: Oh, there was such a thing as this. (to OJ) Was it possible to get it in 0505 as well? (to salesman) From this one to the one over there.
Headline: At a car dealership, a 350 million won (~$350,000) shopping spree! Korea’s Mansour? (me: Mansour meaning a sultan.)

Scene #6: MW confronting BR (SB) about his son and SM jumps in the way of his blow

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Ma: No, you can’t!
MW: You?! Secretary Ma.
Ma: I’m sorry.
MW breaks down in tears.
SB: Ma Wang, is she dead?
MW: How could you make me into such a miserable being? I think I’m going to go crazy.
SB: Ma Wang, you can’t be like this.
MW: Why did you deceive me? Why?!
SB: I’m sorry. I had no choice!
MW: I have to kill them. I’m going to kill them! I’m going to kill…!
SB: Your son is alive! Your son is alive.
MW: Really… really…it’s only now that you’re telling the truth. You should have done so sooner. Oh, really. Oh, really.
SB: Ma Wang
MW: Secretary Ma, get up.
Ma: Yes
SB: What’s this?
MW: So my son is alive. Thank you for letting me know. (gets in SB’s face) Now, why you don’t tell me where he is.

SM: I saw Ma Wang cry, so it’s a relief that he wasn’t really crying.
OG: Ma Wang has restrained himself too much trying to become a god. He should have caused a ruckus sooner.
SM: Earlier, that was Ah Sa Nyeo who sent that, wasn’t it? Ah Sa Nyeo is with Kang Dae Sung, isn’t she? What is she doing? Why didn’t you tell me?
OG: Why do you continue to not call me? You were just in danger a moment ago, so why didn’t you call me?
SM: Ma Wang was near me.
OG: Why didn’t you tell me that you had met Kang Dae Sung, and only told General Winter instead?
SM: You’re busy these days.
OG: You’re still too worried that I might get hurt because of you. Because you love me.
SM: What about you? Why are you, unlike yourself, involving yourself in human affairs? You’re trying to do something that a human like me has to do in order to protect me.

Scene #7: OG talks to ASY about the dragon

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Ma: Sam Jang, my apologies.

OG: Yo, evil wench. Is it here? The place you say you will call up a dragon?
ASN: How did you know to come here?
OG: Well, it wasn’t that hard. You were found near here, so I looked around.
ASN: Are you here to do away with me?
OG: You must have done something wrong again. (at ASN’s reaction) That’s right. What did you do this time?! Of course. If you answer just because I ask, then you wouldn’t be an evil wench. You kept saying that you would find Ma Wang’s son for him. Did you go and make a son or something? (as ASN’s reaction) Huh? What’s this? You really made one?!
ASN: So what? Are you going to kill me? Are you going to burn me?
OG: No. I’m going to protect you. Since I’m going to safely protect you the way you so desperately wanted…you go ahead and do what you were going to do here for that human Kang Dae Sung.
ASN: Did you know about that person?
OG: Yes. Do you think I left you alone because I didn’t know that you had gone over there? Are you stupid?
ASN: You. What are you going to do with Kang Dae Sung?
OG: What will I do? I’m going to become close to him. You and he are going to happily call a dragon forth together, so I thought I would include myself as well.

Scene #8: MW and sec Ma talk about what OG might be doing, meanwhile we see what OG is up to

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SB: He is alive, but don’t try to get to know him. He’s a child who is alive because of a grave sin. He shouldn’t have lived. If Ma Wang finds him and his background is discovered, the heavens will come to be appear of everything. Whatever they have to do, they will try to get rid of him. You know that well.

Ma: Of the things that Seo Bori has said, those words seem to be the most sincere.
MW: Knowing he’s alive is enough.
Ma: What is it that the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven is trying to do by using Ah Sa Nyeo?
MW: That moron is probably preparing something.

(KDS is congratulated by various people as he walks along a hallway. He stops suddenly at seeing a man who he had killed.)
(Flashback) Man: Professor Kang Dae Sung, I have to try to do something about him. There’s something fishy there, for sure.
(KDS sees the curator who had been killed by ASN before.)
(Flashback) Curator: While you’re making your run, if your family history becomes known, it’ll become a stumbling block.
(KDS sees another man he killed)
(Flashback) Man: This time it’s my turn.
(KDS sees OG who beckons for him to come over.)

Scene #9: PK confronts MW and MW takes away all his powers

This scene is translated by stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Now, the guy who helped you. I can’t just let him alone now, can I?
PK: That’s right. The one who fooled around with Ma Wang’s energy beads, that was me.
MW: You foolish kid. How many times are you letting yourself be fooled?
PK: It’s not as if I’m just allowing myself to be fooled without realizing it. It’s just that whenever I see that face, I can’t help but allow myself to be fooled. Since she’s my little sister.
ASN: That’s right. And, in the future, continue to allow yourself to be fooled. (leaves)
PK: What are you going to do now? Are you going to hit me? Are you going to kill me? Do as you want.
(MW grabs PK’s hand and does something, sending black smoke into PK’s hand.)
MW: For the time being, you won’t be able to use your strength. Since I don’t know how you will be fooled and used.
PK: Then my popularity will also fall! Who will gather the energy beads then?
MW: There are plenty of others aside from you. Look around. Even without you, there are many others. New faces even. Get out.
Ma: Don’t do that again. Please leave.
PK: Secretary Ma, don’t do that. It hurts. My body right now is the same as a person’s body. Right now, I’m just a pig.
Ma: So sue me.
PK: Anyway, Ma Wang, I’m sorry. (leaves)
MW: There is such a thing as not being able to help but be fooled.

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  1. momocchi
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    standby on your blog ^^b

    • V
      February 24, 2018 / 5:50 am

      I think the writers are going to give us a lot of tears in the next two episodes. But all can be forgiven with a happy ending. 🙂

      • momocchi
        February 24, 2018 / 5:56 am

        agree! we need happy end >.< uri oh gong and sam jang.

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    Waiting to see how the episode develops 😂


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      (thank you for the coffee and cookies!)

      • JY299
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        Lol yes, there’s Hwayugi but let’s not forget Team Bah Doo who bring us the live recaps 😍

        • V
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    Can’t wait.. I hope it will not be a very sad episodes! Thanks for the live recap ya!!

  4. JY299
    February 24, 2018 / 6:02 am

    I agree, it’s probably going to be an angsty three episodes, hopefully rescued by the HEA in the finale.

    Hankies check. Menu selection tomorrow check. 😂

  5. andrea
    February 24, 2018 / 6:03 am

    does anyone know where can I watch tvn online???!!! my link that i used was removed :((((

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      Kissasian.ch or dramacool

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    February 24, 2018 / 7:37 am

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    Tomorrow’s preview tho, without the GGG! I can feel the sadness already :'( Thanks V!!

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      February 24, 2018 / 7:54 am

      I might have missed that scene while updating!

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        February 24, 2018 / 12:36 pm

        Yeah, i am waiting for the bar scene too, when samjang drank and cry. Where’s that scene? Maybe for tomorrow. Aah today episode really confusing

  11. dramaalpaca
    February 24, 2018 / 7:38 am

    Eh.. maybe it’s a “setup” episode and everything will suddenly become crystal clear next episode? But yeah, the narrative seems to be very chopped up this episode and SOG makes decisions that seem pretty inexplicable and out of the blue..

    • TT
      February 24, 2018 / 7:43 am

      @dramaalpaca Maybe.. As for the narrative, I think it’s because of OG’s realization from ep 16 about him killing SJ instead of the other way around which he/we were made to believe. So I think he feels responsible and the need to do something since he does not want to kill her, he has always been intelligent and kind of like that tho so I’m not as surprised.

      I liked OG’s entry at the chaebol party. #eyecandy haha

    • V
      February 24, 2018 / 7:55 am

      Yes! Just what you said.

    February 24, 2018 / 7:48 am

    Another heartwrenching episode? No! 😢 Can’t we just have more of romantic/lovey-dovey scene now please… Why is it so hard for the Hong Sisters to give us what we want exactly 😞😞

    The past few episodes have been hinting us on how it would end up with a tragic ending somehow. The sword… the world collapsing… one have to kill… the other one have to die… but even if the chance is as low as 0.1% for a happy ending, i’d still hold onto that 0.1%.

    I DESPERATELY PRAY TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD, PLEASE LET SON OH GONG & JIN SEON MI HAVE A HAPPY ENDING because they truly deserves all the happiness in the world 🙁

  13. dramaalpaca
    February 24, 2018 / 7:49 am

    @TT, hehe let’s just focus on the small mercies #LSGftw I get the noble idiocy but it just came out of the left field with no proper build up. Ah well, at least next episode JSM gets to wear nicer clothes (while waiting in the cold for SOG) I think?!

  14. JY299
    February 24, 2018 / 7:49 am


    Confusing but here’s my two pennies’ worth: OG knows the GGG will have to come off some time, so he wants distance from SJ. Since SJ’s original fate is to help the candidate and therefore be the sacrifice that restores order to the world. Therefore he takes over the role of helping the candidate and therefore presumably SJ’s fate. But if he hid the sword, SJ can’t possibly kill him….. A kind of compromise solution?

  15. laura
    February 24, 2018 / 7:50 am

    Does anyone have a live link ????

    • V
      February 24, 2018 / 8:00 am

      Check Soompi forums! Someone might be able to DM you!

    • Gong shil🔆
      February 24, 2018 / 9:06 am

      I just saw the full episode on YouTube and if you go to ondramanice.io
      They post the dramas early raw then update later subbed. I read thei first and then I watch it hope this helps

      • V
        February 24, 2018 / 10:59 am

        Thank you for letting her know Gongshil!

  16. Lola
    February 24, 2018 / 8:58 am

    I wonder if by “make him a king” he means put the head GGG on him.

  17. JokerA
    February 24, 2018 / 10:30 am

    Thanks a lot for your recap ! You’re heroes !
    As for the episode, i found it “so-so” but, the story is moving, that’s something ! We don’t see much of scenes between Son Oh Gong and Sam Jang… That’s to bad, o their cute scene are too short for an episode of one hour. Even if the story is slowly going on, i found it a little boring… But i still like this story, just not this episode… Even the ‘fight’ between our lovely couple wasn’t moving… Not like when she stopped being Sam Jang ! It was beautifull back then… And i confess, i was expecting her (SJ) to call Son Oh Gong when she was attacked by the zombi ! even if i know why she didn’t… *sigh*

    I wished they made a scene where the candidate see Sam Jang lovey-dovey with Son Oh Gong, just after he said to ASY he wants Sam Jang !! That would have been a great scene !!! But i don’t think we will have one ! Too bad !!

    You can’t know how relieved i am that SN (Ma Wang’s secretary) is not dead ! lol the fake scene was a refreshing ! so funny but, still i’m glad she’s still here !

    And finally, ASY needs to leave, she’s pissing me off ! I wish someone could take action against her, instead of just waiting her next move before telling her off or something without doing anything… *big sigh*

    Anyway, fighting bah-doo team ! thank you again for your work today ! See in the next post !

    • V
      February 24, 2018 / 8:30 pm

      I want ASY to leave too! But it looks like she might be hear until the finale 🙁

      I really want SJ to call OG more, that is one of the parts of the drama that I liked a lot, too. The snowy bridge scene comes to mind as one of the times she called him that is stuck in my mind.

      • V
        February 24, 2018 / 8:33 pm

        I was so relieved that the secretary wasn’t dead too!!!! When it looked like she died I was all like, WHAT IS HAPPENING, but then everything went back to normal when we learned that it was all a trick 🙂

  18. Kristen
    February 24, 2018 / 1:18 pm

    Thank you for the live recap! Really appreciate the efforts. 💛

    • V
      February 24, 2018 / 7:57 pm

      You’re welcome! Thank you so much 🙂

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    February 24, 2018 / 8:13 pm

    Thank you Bah Doo team! Fighting! 😊

  20. Maki
    February 25, 2018 / 5:38 am

    I hope that I am not wrong in calculating the entire story line. Because korean drama will not hesitate to kill either one of the characters leaving viewers in despicable mood. Like how is it entertaining? You’ve watch it because you thought it’ll be rainbows and butterflies, then at the last minute you’ll be asking what the heck happened ending in confused state of mind.
    But heres why Hwayugi is a happily ever after. So far none of the important characters had died yet excpept the summer fairy which is technically dead because she doesn’t have a physical body anymore. The mini GGG should act the same with the actual, but it has been removed and placed back without affecting the keeper, plus there is a reason why the death bell and the love bell looks thesame except the color..I don’t think that these are strong enough to control freewill unless that person is already inlove. Next heaven’s rules and guidelines always has loop holes i.e Princes Iron Fan’s punishment has ended because there is a very powerful human that aided Ma Wang, also Sam Jang should be the human sacrifice and meeting Oh Gong should seal her fate. Let’s take a look further on the variables that affect their fate. They shouldn’t fall inlove because it would be easier for the Og Gong to kill Sam Jang. But oops Oh Gong is already in Love with Sun Mi. He fell inlove the day he first saw her after 25 years. Heaven’s plan backed fired that day. To confuse Oh Gong they tricked Sun Mi to activate the GGG. With Bumkey’s voice in the background singing when I saw you playing I felt like holding my pee or something. Ma Wang can’t be the final antagonist because he is weak, second he knew who he is dealing with, third he maybe a demon but he is easily swayed a a cute baby that means he has a soft heart, and most of all he became wiser, patience was his virtue if, and I think once OG and SM resolve the apocalypse it’ll be credited to his score and he’ll be a deity hinself.
    In the entire Hwayugi universe, it won’t give justice to a Oh Gong that burned an entire world inside a movie to just give up what he had with Sun Mi, he already promised the previous guardian that he won’t end up like her. No monster or demon that is equal to heaven after all except one.

  21. Atin
    September 18, 2018 / 4:32 am

    Can you find music instrumen in ‘my id gangnam beauty’ that music like biola play .tell me please

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