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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 16

Live Recap for the Koreand drama Hwayugi A Korean Odyssey
I know I am reaching when I say that I want Seon-mi to remove the GGG, but I really want her to! I’m fine with him putting it back on right away. I just want to see that initial reaction of freedom. But from the text preview we know that the GGG is about to get even more deeply invested in OG’s life, on a Skyworld fate level. Le sigh, how much more must OG endure, writers? TELL ME.

We will start to recap Hyori’s B&B right after Hwayugi ends. This will be more of a relaxed recap, so we will post it as soon as we finish instead of posting as we go along.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | MW’s secretary – SM | Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS | Goong Gang Go (bracelet) – GGG

Airing Time: Feb. 18th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT


We are back in the bridal bed and SJ is smiling at a sleeping OG. She says, “Now, let’s end your love.”

She moves to take off the GGG, but then she thinks back to OG saying that he doesn’t want to take it off because he wants to keep loving her. We see a montage of OG and SJ and all their moments together with the GGG and OG falling into deeper love. It is in reverse so the last image is of SJ and OG as a child and then the death bell.

SJ – If our destiny with GGG is death, then you should run away from me.

OG is sleeping and he has a dream while he is sleeping. It is of an epidemic in Korea. He is walking through the hallway and he is the only one in color. People are sick everywhere and the doctors are in white from head to toe. A woman doctor is holding a baby right in front of OG. He asks what this is and the doctor says that this child’s blood will save humans. What you see right now is the birth of Sam-jang. You are the guardian for Sam-jang this time. I wanted to show you the birth of this Sam-jang because I want you to save her until the end. Do not let her go.

OG wakes up suddenly and stops SJ from taking off the GGG. They have a tiny argument about it and SJ gets up to leave, but OG tries to hold her back.

Meanwhile, OJ is walking to bring SJ and OG breakfast like a wonderful dong-sang. But he sees a white heron and he wonders why it is visiting Sooyangdong.

Back inside the room, OG has pinned SJ on the bed again and they are still arguing. But then one of drinks breaks and it takes all of OG’s attention. He thinks that he didn’t do that and she says that she didn’t do it. He says that he won’t ever break his alcohol, even if he is super angry. She wonders if she did it? Is she still powerful?

They stand up and SJ starts to remember all the things that happened while ASY was in her body. She remembers the bed scene and another glass breaks. OG tells her she is so cool now and SJ smiles, she agrees, she is getting cooler.

ASY wakes up in Buja’s body and feels that her power is gone, she thinks SJ took it all. (not sure about this part)

SJ brings up the death bell and tells OG that they aren’t a god given fate. It was painful for her to see OG. She wanted to save OG in the only way that she could save him because she didn’t have any power. But OG tells her that she has a lot of power, she can even kill him. He will research all the ways that she can kill him, and he will keep from doing those things, so don’t worry about it.

Then they start to talk very cute about spending their first night together and how SJ was killing him. She laughs and OG tells her that he will take her home. But before they leave SJ goes over to the glasses that she broke and wonders how she could break it. Then she looks at her ring finger, the ring is gone.

Outside, OG and OJ talk. OJ tells OG that he prepared his breakfast and he is doing a little gardening now. OG tells him that he can go inside now, nothing happened. OJ agrees, but then he tells OJ about a white heron that he saw. This is not a normal animal. OG thinks back to his dream and he thinks that this white heron might have shown him these images. They start to talk about it, maybe SJ was Sam-jang since birth? They think it is strange. But then they hear a baby crying. OJ hears it too. They both think, what is this?

They go to investigate and they find a real baby crying. They think that the white heron may have brought the baby there.

They take the baby to MW and MW wonders how OG and SJ could make a baby overnight? OG is all like, noooo, the white heron brought it. MW starts to ask about how the night went and all that. OG says that he just slept. Then the talk about ASY, MW lost her because he is still weak. OG gets up and says that he will find her! He storms out but he leaves the baby, lol. MW tells him to come take this baby, ah, why does he always leave things for me.

Then SM and MW start to talk about ASY and MW’s baby. SM thinks that ASY is cunning and planted this idea in his head. MW thinks that he will be suspicious of everyone until he knows for sure. He even tells the baby that he cannot trick him either! He is MW! But then he does peek-a-boo and tells SM to bring him a lot of toys. All the toys!

They are sitting and talking. The candidate wants to know what all ASY can do. ASY thinks, what can she do to show him. Should she take care of the ghost next to you? We see the child ghost Akiko next to the candidate. Whoever knows about Akiko should die. This is the history that the family should have buried. Perhaps the candidate is part of that family as well. Flashback of the candidate talking to the director of the museum and showing him the coffin.

The director says that this is an old stone, but the candidate looks at him with evil eyes and leaves. he goes out to ASY and they have an evil staring moment. Then ASY goes into the room. We hear screaming. The candidate goes into the room and all we see is a huge blood splatter on the ground. (I guess she didn’t lose all her power.). ASY tells him to clean up and the candidate smiles.

Their conversation is on the candidate as well. OG thinks that ASY will be by the candidate because she picked him as her next king. But then they get a KakaoTalk from Buja. She says hello to everyone in the group.

MW and SM get the KaTalk as well (while playing with the baby). All the gods and monsters read this KaTalk. ASY tells them to tell her where OG is or to tell him where she is. She sends a map with her location.

SJ gets the KaTalk as well and says that ASY is a bad girl, cue all the papers blowing off her desk. The sec wonders what is going on, is there a breeze in here? Then he brings up OJ, is he the guy he thinks he is? SJ says yes. Then the sec starts to talk about how OG looked rich, he knew it! He was so regal looking, you will be a chaebol in law! But then he sees that the ring is gone. Oh no. He wonders what happened…. SJ tells him that they have a lot of opposition from the sky and the sec is left confused again.

ASY thinks that she should have drunk the wine and lit the candles when they were together. She says that she ate something dangerous when she was in SJ’s body. OG tells her that he knows what she ate, he had his little doll watching her. But OG is done playing and grabs ASY’s wrist. He wants to take her to go burn. But ASY says that MW let her go and MW shows up right at that time…”Yes, I let her go.”


MW says that he let her go and OG should let her go this time. OG wonders, this is what she was relying on this time? Ma-wang? MW tells OG that he needs her this time, but when he doesn’t need her anymore, he will bring her back to OG.

OG agrees, he will listen to this story. He leans over and tells ASY that she won’t be able to run away again.

MW and OG talk with SM and the baby. MW has a rattle and tells OG that he was tricked by the Skyworld! But OG tells him that ASY is tricking him. is he writing a thriller? MW says that he doesn’t know if his baby is alive or dead, but the more he thought about it, the more suspicious he became.

SM tells them they are all too loud, the baby is crying.

MW starts to whisper and Og stands up to address the baby. Is this baby laughing at him? MW tells OG to do Kakoong (peek-a-boo) to the baby. OG yells that he won’t do it and they have a back and forth. Just do it! … I won’t do it!

Cut to ASY running away somewhere. But PK stops her while in his car. He tells her that he will take her somewhere, she gets in right away and PK takes her to her mother in the hospital. PK tells her to go say hello, but ASY is wondering if her mother will think it is strange that she won’t cry. But PK says that it won’t happen because the mother is unconscious right now. She is in this state because she couldn’t find her daughter.

ASY doesn’t have time for this and leaves, but PK grabs her. However, he let’s go right away. ASY tells PK that Buja’s body is not in a good state, she is basically falling apart. ASY is keeping her going with all of her powers. She leaves and PK watches her go as he wonders how Buja is doing.

He is talking with the gods and monsters about Jonathan’s movie. Flashback to Jonathan telling OG what happened in the town. SJ was born during the epidemic. Everyone thinks she is cursed because she was born like that, but he mentions a doctor. OG thinks back to his dream and the birth of the new Samjang. He thinks that he wants to see this doctor.

Meanwhile, MW is playing with this baby and this baby makes him think about his own baby. He hopes his baby is alive, but SM tells him that the probability of that is very low. He is losing his calmness! MW thinks that the probability is very low, he knows that.

OG comes in at that moment, he wants to see the babies diapers. He looks at the diapers and sees Lotus Flower Town Clinic written on it. He says that he is taking the baby with him to that town, this baby was the bait. But MW doesn’t want the baby to leave, he wonders, maybe we should put all the toys in…..he tries to compose himself as he tells OG to take the baby.

OG leaves and MW thinks that OG is a cold-blooded thug, it was so hard to say goodbye to this baby after only one day. How long did Nachal suffer? He gets serious and thinks that if the Skyworld took this baby, then he will get his revenge on them.

Cut to MW showing up at BR’s desk. BR has his desk turned horizontal this time and is happy to see MW. MW brought him a snack and BR tells him that he will give him some good news. They will punish the person who killed Nachal’s kid in this life. Nachal won’t suffer from her kid dying anymore.

But MW asks BR, how did the first child die? The baby between us that she killed humans to keep alive. I was only thinking about Nachal, I didn’t have a chance to think of the baby. BR tells him that Nachal’s suffering is done and MW should pay more attention to becoming a god. MW leans in and asks BR if the baby died? BR tells him that the baby definitely died. But then he says that he has a meeting and disappears.

MW isn’t persuaded. He thinks that BR shouldn’t tell him the truth.

Cut to BR at the devil store. He eats some macaroons and asks the kid where his grandmother is. The kid says that his grandmother is looking for a sword.

SJ is at a bank and feels something. A woman lost all her money and is crying. SJ tells her attendant that it sounds strange, but she thinks that this old woman had a voice fishing incident. Cut to a security guard telling the halmoni that she shouldn’t send money based on a phone call. SJ watches this and thinks that her power is really impressive.

OG and the sec are talking, but OG has this baby with him. the sec is wondering about the baby, but it couldn’t have happened. The sec is acting very nicely to OG now though, but OG is acting like his normal self and tells the sec to take care of the baby. Do Kakoong when the baby cries. he leaves.

OG goes to the shop looking for Halmoni, but the kids says that she went out looking for a sword. She has left for a while because, after the pot broke, his halmoni disappeared. OG thinks back to SJ telling him about the world ending from one of the first episodes. He tells the kid to tell him when his halmoni comes back, okay?

They are meeting again. MW says that he needs some evidence that the baby is still alive. Bring him that evidence and then he will trust what she says.

OG tells SJ that she might have been Sam-jang even before she was born. SJ tells OG that everyone told her that she was an unlucky person ever since she was a little kid. That is why her uncle avoids her. OG agrees and tells her that this is why she has to come with him.

Cut to them showing up at the old town with the baby. SJ remembers it, this is where everyone died. They go inside the clinic and OG has a flashback of his dream. The clinic still looks operational. OG and SJ start to walk through the clinic and they stop when they see the doctor. the doctor approaches them and thanks OG for bringing the baby back safely. She bounces the baby and tells him that he suffered a lot, but he shouldn’t be born yet, he was just sent on a little trip.

The doctor and SJ sit to talk. The doctor was there when SJ was born, she is not a human. The doctor wanted to tell SJ that she was not an unlucky baby. The epidemic spread everywhere and a lot of patients died. The town was sectioned off. They had a pregnant woman there and the doctor felt that the baby that would save humans was inside her. the baby was born and all the disease disappeared right away. Seon-mi saved everyone the day she was born. Her fate was set at that moment.

But the lotus blood smell started after she met OG. The doctor says that she was waiting for Sj to be born again for a long time. SJ tells her that she is very thankful for the doctor to tell her this, it is soothing for her. The doctor tells her that whatever she experiences will be for saving, not harming. She thanks OG for bringing SJ there.

Outside, SJ and OG walk along the countryside. SJ is happy and she isn’t afraid anymore. She feels like a bigger person. With this power she has, she isn’t afraid anymore and she thinks that she will become happier if she gets stronger. She will become a very strong person who will take off the GGG. If he doesn’t think that she is pretty anymore then he can run away, but if he even thinks she is the slightest bit pretty, then he should stay. They leave and SJ says that her grandmother knew that he would come. She always talked about her fairy.

But then we cut to the doctor looking about the window toward them. She tsks, OG should be curious about something else.

The sec is happy that SJ got her rung back. SJ thinks back, maybe OG put it on her hand when they were walking.

Og goes back to the doctor and tells her that he didn’t hear what she wanted to tell him. She says that is true. She wanted to tell him that she was previous SJ’s guardian. When the world is about to be messed up, then Sam-jang will be born. OG will have to stab Sam-jang with a sword, just as she had to do to her Sam-jang all that time ago.


The candidate is going into politics and everyone thinks that he looks amazing.

The doctor tells him that all the bad will in the world will create a monster. OG will have to stab SJ and the monster and that will save the world. OG thinks that must be why the death bell rang. But why is she telling him this? The doctor says that she wants to die, when he gets the sword, she wants OG to kill her as well. Living in this world is so painful for her.

Cut to SJ thinking in her home, MW thinking in his home, and OG thinking on a bridge in the countryside.

ASY and the candidate talk in his office. ASY tells him that she can do a lot more. The candidate wants to know about getting a dragon for a king. ASY smiles at him, so he wants to be a king? Then he needs to see the woman that will have the power to make that come true. ASY tells him that she will see her soon. But then ASY tells him that he is taking care of the mother of someone whose daughter he killed. He will be a bad king. She smiles and leaves. the candidate smiles as well.

ASY goes to the hospital and looks at Buja’s mother. then she meets with PK and Alice. PK isn’t happy to see ASY anymore. But ASY tells PK that she saw Buja’s mother. PK thinks that ASY wants to use him again and she says that is true. She has a request, she wants to see SJ. PK wants to know, why, what does she want, who does she want SJ to see?

Cut to SJ walking into the building and running into the candidate. The candidate gets up when he sees her and stands in front of her. But SJ just looks at him and then walks around him. But as she walks around him her eyes light up and she sees the image of the world ending. All the bombs are going off in Seoul.

The weather changes suddenly and all the gods and monsters notice it. But no one else notices it. SJ looks at the candidate and goes to approach him, but OG grabs her wrist suddenly and swings her around. He wants to know if something is strange? And SJ says that, yes, something is strange.

Meanwhile, the halmoni comes back to the devil shop.

MW talks to SM and tells her that he knows a way to be stronger. He can just eat SJ. SM wants to know, what about OG? But MW thinks that they can remove the GGG and then OG will be removed from SJ. If the gods tricked him for 1000 years, then he can do anything.

They are meeting at a bar and SJ tells him that she can see the future now too. OG tells her that the doctor was a guardian for a different SJ. SJ wants to know what happened and OG tells her that they did a lot of very good work and they got an award. SJ is happy about that, so they should do a good job.

OG tells her that the Skyworld tricked him before. They locked him away in a farm. SJ thinks that OG was super famous among women before right? Well, the one remaining will be in more pain against the person who can live for a long time. OG wonders if SJ doesn’t like the idea of living together for a long time? OG tells her that he has something to do now and he needs, fighting. He prays on her hand and says that when he is scared and in danger and in fear, then he will call Jin Seon-mi. I’m leaving.

They smile at each other one last time and OG leaves. SJ’s face falls once he is gone.

The halmoni brings the sword to BR and tells him that she fulfilled her duty. She leaves and BR puts the sword on the table. Several other gods are there. BR says that the sword is finally there, the chaos will end soon.

But OG grabs the sword and poofs farther away. BR tells him that he can’t hold it now. He shouldn’t remove it, SJ will be sacrificed and he should do it with that sword. When he has to use that sword, GGG will be gone and he can stab SJ and not have any pain. All the pain will be gone.

But OG just says, “F you” and disappears.

BR turns to the other gods and says that they handed the sword to the guardian! And starts clapping, but then he turns and wonders what that jerk is going to do with that sword.

OG takes the sword to the doctor at his home. She wants the sword so she can die. OG takes it out and looks at is gleaming. OG can’t guess how painful it will be without GGG. The doctor tells OG that he shouldn’t be like her and he says that he won’t be like her. The doctor approaches OG and tells him that she wants to end it there. He gives her the sword.

The doctor looks at the sword for a moment. Then she throws it into the sky and it falls right into her heart. She smiles as she disappears. The sword lands in the bridge and sticks in it like a steeple. OG goes up to the sword and removes it. He is stoic.

The halmoni and BR are talking about the sword. Without using the sword, OG will have to put his life on the line. OG throws the sword into a rock and a lot of plants grow around it. OG says that the sword that he must use to kill Sam-jang should never come out into this world. He walks off determined.

Fade Out.


Scene#1: OG and SJ take the baby to the village.

This translation is from Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!
Doctor: Thank you for bringing back the baby safely. You went through a lot, baby. Even though it’s not time for you to born yet, I made you have a trip.

JSM, you’ve grown a lot. I was also here when you were born.
SM: What? You look really young… Ah, you’re not human, I see.
OG: You’re right. The one who called me to come with you here is her.
Doc: I’m Baek Nora(?).
SM: Do you know me?
Doc: I knew your maternal grandmother well. She treasured her special grand daughter a lot.
SM: She did? Btw, what’s the reason you called me here?
Doc: I wanted to let you know that you weren’t an unlucky baby. The contagious disease that appeared suddenly, spread in a few hours(?). Because this is a small village, this place was full of patients. The infected ones died quickly and this place endured(?) it. There was a pregnant woman among the patients. Since that person came, I felt it. That a baby, who will save people will be born. Even though the mom died, the baby was born safely and the blood of that baby saved the people. The disease disappeared that moment. Though no one knows this truth, you’ve been saving people since you were born, SJ.
SM: You’re saying I saved them?
Doc: Your fate has been decided since you were born. Of course, the lotus scent of the blood, only started after meeting the protector.


This second translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Woman: Thank you for bringing the baby safely back to me. (to the baby) Baby, you’ve suffered a lot. It’s not time for you to be born yet. I’ve made you travel.

Woman: Jin Seon Mi, you’ve grown up a lot. I was here when you were born as well.
SM: Yes? But you look so young… Ahh, you’re not human.
OG: That’s right. The one who called me to come here with you was this person.
Woman: I am Baek Laura.
SM: Do you know me?
Woman: I know your maternal grandmother very well. You were a special granddaughter that she cherished very much.
SM: You do? But, what is the reason that you called me here?
Woman: That you are not a child of misfortune, i wanted to let you know that. (flashback) There was a sudden outbreak of disease that affected a lot of people. Because it was a small village, the patients overflowed this place. The ones infected died quickly, and this place became a war zone. Among the patients, there was a pregnant woman. From the moment the pregnant woman came in, I could sense it. That a baby who would save lives was going to be born. The mother died, but the baby was born safely, and that baby immediately started saving people’s lives. The disease disappeared in that moment. (end flashbacks) Though no one is aware of this, from the moment you were born, you were born saving lives, Sam Jang.
SM: You’re saying I saved them?
Woman: Your destiny was determined from your birth. Of course, that your blood smells like lotus flower probably started from the time you met your protector.

Scene #2: The White Heron tells OG what is really going on: OG has to kill SJ to save the world.

This translation is from Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Doc: Because you’re the protector of SJ.
OG: What the hell are you?
Doc: I was just like you, the protector of the previous SJ.
OG: They said they will send SJ, before a disaster happens on the world. JSM must not have been the first one. And…
Doc: A sword will appear soon. And you will happen to stab SJ with that sword. A long time ago, like I did. In this world, a huge devil made by bad spirits will appear. And SJ’s body will receive it. That’s the purpose of SJ.
OG: After that?
Doc: With the descended sword, you kill her together with the devil and stop the thing that disturb the world.
OG: So, the Death bell rang because it was decided like that. What’s the reason you called me and tell me things like that?
Doc: I have something I need your help with. When you get that sword, help me so that I can die. Without him, living this long life alone, is too painful.

Scene #3: OG doesn’t want to take off the GGG and we all find out that SJ can break thinks when she gets angry. She is a superhero now…or Carrie.

This translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

(OG’s dream)
Woman: What you are seeing is Sam Jang’s birth. This time, you are the one designated to protect Sam Jang. To you, I wanted to show the arrival of the new Sam Jang. Since I’m hoping that you will protect this child to the very end. Please don’t let her go.

(OG wakes up to see SM pulling on the geumganggo)
OG: What are you doing?
SM: I’m trying to take the geumganggo off you.
OG: I told you that I’m not taking it off.
SM: I’m giving you a chance to leave me behind and run away from me. (grabs his wrist again)
OG: I don’t want to!

OJ: I wonder if I should take them their breakfast. (sees a stork and is startled) A white stork is visiting Seuramdong.

OG: Don’t do it.
SM: I’m going to do it.
OG: Why? Because you might kill me?
SM: That’s right. Since this is the only way I have to protect you.
OG: Is that why you allowed the sarcophagus lid to be closed over you? Are you an idiot?!
SM: That’s right! I’m an idiot! You bastard. (glass breaks, they look over in surprise)
OG: Oh? I didn’t do that.
SM: Did I do that?
SM: You’re saying I did this?
OG: No matter how mad I got, would I have broken these? When I only collected precious ones?
SM: Do I have a power like this? Since when?

Scene #4: Yep, Seon-mi has some residual powers of ASY. OG and SJ talk about that and some other things.

This translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: And…she ate some medicine.
OG: That’s right… (stops as he remembers how he fed it to her) No. It wasn’t like that.
SM: To another woman’s man, that evil wretch. (another glass breaks)
OG: Hey. Wow. Fabulous. Fabulous. (clapping)
SM: Okay, yeah, I think I have become a bit more fabulous.

ASN: My powers have been taken away.

OG: Oh Jeong had put a lot of effort into preparing this, but it’s become a total mess.
SM: That’s true. It was decorated very prettily. It’s a shame. Uhh…it turned out that we’re not a match made in heaven after all. That bell was a death bell. Returning to see you was something that scared me very much and troubled me.
OG: Even now. (SM nods) Why you didn’t want to leave that place, I know.
SM: I wanted to protect you with the only way I knew how. Since I didn’t have any powers.
OG: What do you mean you don’t have any powers? You’re Sam Jang. It’s because you’re the special Sam Jang that you can even kill the great me. Going forward, I’m going to anticipate the ways you might be able to kill me, and so that I don’t die, I’m going to make sure to avoid those. So, don’t be afraid.
SM: (nodding) Okay. Definitely don’t die because of me.
OG: Right now, I think I’m going to die because of you. (SM starts) That we spent our first night together just sleeping, I feel so aggravated that I think I’m going to die. (SM smiles) Since you smile like that, you’re so pretty I could die. (SM laughs some more) Oh? Don’t laugh. Since I really feel as if I’m going to die. (SM just continues to smile and laugh) This won’t do. If I’m here together with you, I think I’ll just burn up and die. (me: OG means that he’ll burn up from frustration) I’ll escort you home. Let’s go.

Scene #5: MW contemplates eating SJ and OG and SJ talk about the past and the future.

This scene is translated by Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Isn’t there a very simple way to become even stronger than I used to be?
MS: What way?
MW: SJ. I just have to catch and eat SJ.
MS: But, isn’t there the great sage?
MW: I just have to remove GGG. If I remove the GGG I gave, I can get rid of SOG from SJ’s side. If they deceived me for a thousand years, why would there be things I can’t do?
SM: Just now, I saw the thing I’ve seen when the jar that depicted the terrible incidents broke. The truth is recently, little by little, I can see the future.
OG: You must really be getting more powerful.
SM: All the predetermined things must be happening.
OG: There’s something I didn’t tell you. That doctor we saw, she said she was the protector of another SJ in the past. Like you and me.
SM: Really? So what happened?
OG: Those two, performed their duty too well and awarded greatly. She said both of them became deity and that they’re living well.
SM: Wow. That’s good. Then will I become deity too?
OG: Is becoming a deity the problem? When you receive your duty, do it properly. In the past, they deceived me ???. Heaven is petty like that.
SM: ???? Ahh.. You mean that time your popularity went through the roof with fairies? ???
OG: Let’s leave it at that. Anyway, we will become like that.
SM: Ok. Let’s become like that. But, if one disappeared and one was left behind alone, I think, the one left behind will be really sad, and suffer a lot. To the extend that the time to live on will become endlessly long.
OG: Don’t you like living happily and lovely for a long time?
SM: I don’t know. Aren’t you unemployed?
OG: Should I ask for OJ to give his position to me?
SM: No. I have a lot of money. You just play around.
OG: Ok. I’ll keep on playing.

Scene #6: OG and SJ walk and talk in the countryside

This scene is translated by Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: I’ve never walked this road in a good mood. I’ve always been alone or the kids would bully(?) me.
OG: Do you like it now?
SM: First of all, didn’t she say my fate wasn’t your fault. Since that means, it’s not your fault no matter what happens to me, so i like it.
OG: Now, you’re not scared?
SM: Yes. It seems I’m a bit more important person, and I have powers too so I’m less(?) scared. If I got more powerful, I won’t be scared anymore. Like you.
OG: When did I tell you I’m not scared? Because of you, I’m so scared I feel like I’m gonna die.
SM: You said I’m your greatest weakness, right? I hate it. I’m gonna become stronger and I will remove this. After removing this, If you don’t find me beautiful at all, run away. But, if you find me even a little bit beautiful, I’m gonna hold on to you tight.
OG: Let’s go.
SM: Btw, My grandmom must have known you will come. Whenever I talked about the fairy, she said he’ll definitely come back.
OG: Didn’t that doctor said she’s really close with your grandma?
SM: Yes.
Doc: SOG, you must have something you’re more curious about though.
SM: I’m sorry. You should have leave work first,
HJ: It’s ok. I’m about to go too. Oh. You got it back.
SM: What?
HJ: The ring. Son must have gave it back. I just said one thing to him. No matter how severe the objection is. if you love someone, you should take her away. Let’s go.

Scene #7: OG talks to the shop owner

This scene is translated by Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Shop Owner: Without that sword, can SJ be safe?
SBR: I think so. But that(sword) definitely won’t disappear.
SO: What if SOG won’t use that sword?
SBR: If he wants to protect SJ without that sword, the great sage will have to sacrifice his life.
OG: The sword that I will have to kill SJ with, don’t appear in this world again.

Scene #8: OG takes the baby he found to MW and leaves him there.

This translation is courtesy of Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Did you make a baby and give birth in one night?
OG: I told you that it wasn’t like that! A white stork left the baby in the garden at Seuramdong.
MW: However, this baby… why? Why does he look like you?
OG: Does that make sense? How can it happen in one night? And, also, because of the medicine that I shared with Ah Sa Nyeo, I just kept sleeping.
MW: Oh. Tsk. Tsk.
OG: Oh right! What happened to her?
MW: Ahh, Ah Sa Nyeo, I lost her.
OG: You lost her? Ma Wang did? How did that happen?
MW: Oh, I’ve become a lot weaker.
OG: Are you that badly off?
MW: That’s right. I still have some spasms left still. And my flesh…oh, it’s so cold. Now, I’m just a spiritless cow.
OG: I’ll go and catch her. Ma Wang, you should rest until you’re completely recovered. (gets up) You’re going to get all better, so don’t worry. (pats MW’s shoulder then leaves)
MW: (notices the baby) Oh, the baby… Hey, you have to take the baby with you! Hey! What am I supposed to do with this baby…? He always brings over troublesome things and entrusts them to me! Huh? Oh, really!
Ma: If Son Oh Gong actually captures Ah Sa Nyeo, then he’ll find out that you deliberately let her go.

(flashback) ASN/BJ: Has the child that Iron Fan bore really died?

MW: Until I’ve determined whether Ah Sa Nyeo’s words were true, I’m going to keep her alive.
Ma: She has just thrown a deliberate pointless suspicion to a susceptible Ma Wang.
MW: The suspicion could be real as well, though. Even if it was only once, the child could have stayed alive. Until the suspicion has been resolved, I won’t believe anyone.
Ma: Even the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven?
MW: Yes, even that rascal. I have to be suspicious of everyone. (baby gurgles, so MW addresses the baby) You, too. Did you come to try to trick me? How dare you try to put me under your spell with that face?! But, you have no chance of that! I’m Ma Wang! (pointing at the baby who grabs his finger) Oh. Coochy-coo. Oh, you grabbed my hand? Oh, how pretty! Hey, Secretary Ma, go and buy some rattles. Whatever the baby wants, I’m going to give the baby everything. Aigoo, the baby is smiling. Aigoo, is that right? (to Sec. Ma) What are you doing, go quickly and buy them! (babytalking to the baby) Aigoo, aigoo, so pretty.

Scene #9: OG goes to take the baby back to the White Heron, MW is crushed.

This translation is courtesy of Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Huh? You didn’t buy the diapers? How can you have so little responsibility for something that you brought here? (seeing OG handle the baby’s blankets) Hey, do it gently, gently! Oh, really!
OG: (revealing the writing on the blanket which reads Lotus Flower Village Orphanage) He was definitely bait to get me to go there. I’ll take him. (me: Still no gender designation, but I’ll use male pronouns for ease of reference.)
MW: Right now, immediately? But he just drank some milk and is about to go to sleep.
OG: This is your final parting with the baby. Since he can’t understand you anyway, make your goodbyes short.
MW: Final parting? Oh, what… You came without any warning, and…
OG: Hurry up!
MW: Okay. Oh geez. Really. These. (reaching for the various rattles)
OG: Hurry up and put them in!
MW: Oh. (turns around) Take him away.
(OG grabs the baby and leaves.)
Ma: He’s gone.
MW: That oblivious thug. (sighs) It’s this hard to send a baby off that I had only spent half a day with, Cha Eun, by herself, how hard must have it been for her. If the heavens have taken away the child who had lived, than I absolutely won’t forgive them.

MW: (putting down some macarons)
SB: Ma Wang, you’ve totally recovered. (chuckles in delight) You’re definitely a strong being.
MW: Strong? Compared to the way I used to be, I’ve become much weaker.
SM: Then again, the Ma Wang of the past was very scary. (holding up the cookies) Now, you’re rather sweet.

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    1. GGG is supposed to confuse JSM and SOG their feelings letting them think that the feelings are fake but JSM and SOG seemed to find a way to know that their feelings are real.
    2. JSM and SOG know about the death bell. They know that one of them will die and I believe if they put their hearts and minds together, they can think of ways to prevent that.
    3. SOG knows that he has to stab JSM to end the chaos in the world. He is not going to do it and I am sure he will find his own way to end the chaos with SJ .

    The writing has been unpredictable thus far and i am hoping that I will be surprised with the ending.

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          Yes, oh yes!!! That moment when JSM asked SBR if the child is still alive, then avoids the question by ignoring her, led me to a conclusion that maybe JSM is the reincarnation of that child? 🤔


      • SkyRica
        February 18, 2018 / 11:58 am

        But nachal bby is born out of a deity(nachal) and evil spirit (MW) in order to save e bby nachal feed her bby with human child soul n e reason y she is being punished.. it couldnt be e bby is born sacred like SJ right who is actually born to save e world… cum to tink abt it what is e purpose of Candidate in this story? N tis man i can say hv someting up his sleeves which is nt gd… So it might be possible tat he is actually Nachal n MW son who is goin to cause e disaster?

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    Thank you again, you are heroes ! 💪
    Again, we didn’t see a long cute scene between Sam Jang and Son Oh Gong 😩 … Those we saw were too short ! 😔
    Anyway, seems the baby only was there for them to question themselves… We didn’t even know whose kid it be long…. 😑 I hate mysteries like that !!
    See you next post !

  23. JY299
    February 18, 2018 / 11:40 am

    For once, an episode that seems to get somewhere though I suspect that the angst will be ramped up for the next 3 episodes as most Hong sisters dramas tend to do. 😂

    @what is study when you have drama and @gong sil

    Actually, the various loose threads are all coming together. I think what is study is right, MW’s child is Sam Jang from what the doctor and the gods said but Asanyo was trying to mislead MW. If the child never died, how does it get born again and again? And the gods did say that they will kill the one who kills Nachal’s kid this time round, which means the gods are playing dirty and getting rid of both SJ and OG. The GGG might have been there initially to prevent any sort of alliance between OG and SJ, but now it becomes a weapon against OG.

    Wonder if this version of Journey to the West becomes a revolution against a skyworld that is becoming increasingly erratic and autocratic.

    Anyway, just some thoughts.

    • What is study when you have kdrama
      February 18, 2018 / 12:33 pm

      Right. The heavenly realm have carefully planned all of this right from the start. They seems really eager to give a harsh fate to Jin Seon Mi & Son Oh Gong. AND omg i haven’t think of that at all. Since we already knew who’s going to kill & die… If OG kill SJ then OG will also die (if SJ is really Nachal’s child). That would mean the two of them will experience a tragic death at the end. NOOOO, that’s just…. too cruel 🙁

      But i’m never losing my hope for a happy ending :’) Since there’s 4 more episodes left i’m really curious on how would the Hong sisters end this nicely.

      • JuneBug
        February 18, 2018 / 2:12 pm

        Wow, I had not thought of that before. That is serious tragedy. Actually, I would be okay with that tragic of an ending. If they go tragic then they need to go TRAGIC.

      • Curious Human Being
        February 18, 2018 / 5:43 pm

        That’s just too cruel 😢

      • JY299
        February 18, 2018 / 5:54 pm

        @what is study when there is kdrama

        I agree, still hoping for that HEA! It’d totally ruin the comedy if it went all tragic. Maybe OG will have some body double? Maybe all of them will have some body double??


        Lol Welcome to the unpreidtcable world of Hong sisters drama.

        I would recommend watching Master’s Sun, Gong Shil is so endearingly funny, plus there’s So Ji Sub hamming it up 😂

      • Maki
        February 19, 2018 / 12:45 am

        I like your explanation. If your prediction is true we can expect another sad ending, as no two Sam Jangs can exist in one lifetime. But who knows Korean drama has always bad ass attitude when it comes to storyline rules. If Ji Soo Mi indeed is Ma Wang and Princess Iron Fan’s kid. Then she can’t be human. A lotus symbolizes purity another rule will be broken if Sam Jang’s blood is part demon.

        Here’s what I think, “The great Sage Son Oh Gong who is equal to heaven” the name itself already tells a story. At the First few episodes Son Oh Gong willingly tried although very poorly to follow the rules. This is a subtle sign that he is beyond the rules and later even decides to eat Sam Jang instead.

        They can however decieve him, capture him and imprison him and put him on sorcery that has a binding powers like contracts. But even so, contracts has loop holes. The writers cleverly emphasizes that in the beginning of the story when Son Oh Gong removes Ji Soo Mi’s memory. It is possible that the death bell is also connected with the magic bracelet. Like bluetooth speaker once the main device is off, it will be useless.

        There is also a possibility that the heavens missunderstood Sam Jang’s powers. They could be wrong, Elder Bu Ri doubted them once while shouting in the skies. Making assumptions that killing the Sam Jang stopped the world from ending. There is a huge possibility that Sam Jang can prevent Armagedon with her ability to see the future. And that he and OH Gong will stop the Professor from becoming King.

        I Also think that Ma Wang and Nachal’s child is the kid from the store..He has some mysterious air in him. The fact that he is being raised by another mysterious being in a mysterious location such as a magical store..

        I had a strong feeling that he and Ji Soo Mi will have more interactions in the future. If not then whatever I like the story whatever it turns out.

        • Curious Human Being
          February 19, 2018 / 5:33 am

          In one episode, MW tells SJ that once her duty is fulfilled, she will no longer be SJ 🤔 So is it possible that JSM will live and another SJ will be born??

    • JuneBug
      February 18, 2018 / 2:10 pm

      I am such a newbie to the Hong sister’s. I like how they are playing with many women’s fantasies of a powerful man telling them they are beautiful and they love them and they will protect them to the ends of the earth. Sometimes you need a drama like that. I mean, shoot, 50 Shades a Grey was all about that.

      I am along for the ride until the end even if ASY sticks around 😁

  24. JY299
    February 18, 2018 / 6:20 pm

    For fellow fans of Hwayugi and Team Bah Doo (especially *V and her Beau) who have worked so hard to get us those live recaps 😍


    Fresh off the YouTube Press 😂

    • V
      February 18, 2018 / 6:36 pm

      Ahhh, love it! Off to watch.

  25. JY299
    February 18, 2018 / 8:16 pm

    Watching episode 16 at the moment and trying to work out the various tangled threads. Thank goodness for the live recaps so the language barrier didn’t become a comprehension barrier.

    Sam Jang status
    -So now it seems SJ is not because Seonmi freed OG, but because she is the sacrifice when the world needs to be saved.
    -There’s the possibility of SJ being MW and Nachal’s child. And that would tie in with the sacrifice theme since Nachal was punished for taking human lives to save her child. So the punishment was not just for Nachal but for the child who was implicated in the taking of human lives.

    OG and SJ deadly fate
    -The death bell and GGG are supposed to seal their deadly fate relationship. And the “grudge” of Seonmi being given the SJ fate because of freeing OG was a diversion tactic to deepen the negativity between the two and strengthen the possibility of each being willing to kill the other when the time came.
    -The deadly fate in addition to the GGG plus the pattern established by the doctor ensures the gods get to kill OG as well. This might be confirmed by the Patriarch/BR’s reassurance to MW that they will kill the person who killed his child in the his lifetime. This would mean the gods are as capricious and cruel as humans in the world of the story. Which is sad.

    Still, I hope there’s a HEA. Maybe against all expectations, the tiny bit of Buja left in Asanyo will do the right thing when it matters? Ironic as it may be, the saviour of the world is a zombie?? And MW will realise the folly of trying to eat SJ, who’s possibly his child reincarnated. Maybe OG and SJ will find a way to fulfil their sad destinies but break the tragic cycle at the same time?

    Ahh, I admire the twisted pretzel minds of the Hong sisters 😂

  26. Gong sil🌞
    February 18, 2018 / 9:59 pm

    I am so hooked…I just watched episode 16 on one IPad and this translation on another Ipad…I finally understood what is going on. 😮
    It does make sense that SJ could be MW,s daughter and sky land does not seem to like OG so that would make sense to try to kill him off too. He seems to be very clever though and one step ahead of everyone. In the Chinese versions he is extremely crafty and surprises the Gods & they don’t like him. I’mhoping to see them honeymoon in Japan at the end 😍
    It was interesting when Sj was ASY I didn’t think she was pretty at all and then when she went back to being Sj she was pretty. It was in her eyes. They are all really good actors. Hopefully Sj will increase in her abilities and become more self assured. I have enjoyed watching her come into herself and relationship (real love) with OG…pretty powerful couple
    I don’t think MW could eat her SJ or OG would damage him 🐒

    • Moz
      February 19, 2018 / 6:40 am

      that would be lovely..

  27. Mjon
    February 18, 2018 / 11:51 pm

    OMG, thank u so much BAH DOO team for your great work and editing the live recap just couple minutes after the airing! I’m so hook up on this drama and trying to find out all the loose ends. I truly hope the Hong sisters will not make Kang da San the politician MW/BIR’s kid, it would be a disaster and no relation to the stories.
    With this last episode + explanations from the doctor, I truly believe Sam Jang is MW/BIR’s child. I mean how and why a soul is destined to such tragic fate of being SJ to be sacrificed saving humans world every damn life cycle? Unless its a heaven punition for wrong doing (back to Karma principles and endless redemption cycles). Even though MW/BIR’s child is innocent of eating 10 children’s souls(remember BIR fed him), the heaven realms had also punished him by sending his soul to human’s world. This poor child got the same punishment that his mom BIR. I think this soul punishment is to salvage for 10 humans lives that he ate, therefore would be reincarnated 10 times or more and being sacrificed to save humans?I’m not surprised that Heavens reals deities are depicted being cruel/petty
    in this drama as often mythology shows them more incline to humans behaviours than having Gods empathy. Why I feel it? Look at the Ah Sa Nyeo, she got power from granted by the heavens, she did so manyyy bad things and not really being punished. Then how about the politician and its family? They keep getting stronger, more powerful by decades even though they did so many bad things. This feels so much unfair to our SOG/Sin Jeon Mi, MW/BIR, and BUJA. Our poor Buja is such a kind soul being killed by a devil human with a devil family and what the heaven will do? Nada! I almost scream of frustration when BR say to MW that on this life, BIR’s human child killer will be punished, seriously then how about in the past 8 lives of BIR? How come the Heavens use a poor human child soul getting murdered in order to punish BIRs soul in each of her life?
    Hope the writers will not mess up the ending… Hope SOG will find any way to truly save SJM and show his real feelings without GGG, I’m waiting for every episode that SJM take of this damned GGG. Hope that SOG/MW/GW/PK will revolt all together against the Heavens unfairness and fight for what is right.

    What do you all think?

    • V
      February 24, 2018 / 12:12 pm

      It does play well into gods not caring about humans and taking things for granted, lol. *Spoiler alert: in todays epeisode it looked like the writers may have hinted that the son is the shop boy *End Spoiler

  28. RP
    February 19, 2018 / 12:22 am

    Thank you V and your beau! 😊

    Hmmm… The idea that SJ is MW’s daughter… It’s been revealed that SJ will die in the hands of OG! It seems to me OG has no intentions of ever using that sword, so methinks that OG will fight SJ (and the huge evil that comes upon her) with just his strength and that will save humanity. If the writers would like to please us with a happy ending, both OG and SJ would survive the ending “duel”. Or They could die but be given a happy ending in another life…

  29. Moz
    February 19, 2018 / 6:43 am

    these 2 episodes are just too much for me.. >.<
    your recaps will be enough for the week..

  30. Gong sil🔆
    February 19, 2018 / 7:36 am

    Ok .. now I know I am hooked……had a dream last nite that OG and SJ agreed to OG ‘death’ and then theynwould use her blood to bring him back to life-
    didn’t it bring back Buja..? And he said in this episode, he will research all the ways she can kill him.
    This is a long shot but they could possibly ‘fool’ the Gods by pretending to sacrifice one of them.
    I know that OG has a plan and he is one capable, smart (so cute) monkey 🙉- I love how he is so protective and loving to her all the while never loosing his anility to be really Kool.
    if I know the Hong sisters it’s gonna be very creative.
    but this whole time they keep going back to eating her in the drama so that has to have some importance and her blood is getting stronger she can do more now……
    Let see what happens…..

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