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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 15

Live recap for Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey episode 15
I am thoroughly confused as to what is going to happen this episode. Hwayugi has this weird way of not making sense and yet keeping me watching somehow. I really feel for OG in not being able to help Seon-mi (aka Sam-jang/SJ). Hopefully he finds a way to help her out or she finds a way to help herself and they can get some quality cuddle time in before the next disaster strikes.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | MW’s secretary – SM | Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS | Goong Gang Go (bracelet) – GGG

Airing Time: Feb. 17th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT


We see a brief recap of what happened in the last two episodes. They mention the death bell and ASY and how Seon-mi has to get into the coffin and sleep forever.

She is in the coffin and ASY pushes the top over her. ASY tells her that she will sleep there and ASY will wake up in her body. SJ wakes up, but it is ASY. She looks at her new body, her arms and hands, she smiles and starts to walk around her place. But OG is there.

He asks her, oh, you woke up. How come you slept so deeply? ASY says that she had a good dream. What dream? A journey to have what she really wanted to have. Did she find it? Yes, she did. OG hugs her, but his face shows that he knows what is going on. He touches her ring and tells her to continue having a good dream, then he pulls her into another hug. But his face is blank.

They are all sitting around MW’s home and talking about what is going on. They know that something has happened, but MW still feels SJ’s blood, so she is still around somewhere. They think that OG is pretty dumb, so he might not be able to keep all the secrets from ASY. Because he knows that ASY has SJ’s body.

We cut to SJ’s home, OG has her on the bed and he is balancing over her. ASY unbuttons his shirt and puts her hands on his face. OG takes her hand from his face and puts it on her face. She asks him, I am the prettiest in your eyes right? OG says, “You wonder about those things still?” But then OG stops all of a sudden. He just sits on the bed with his back to her. He tells her that she always worried about whether she is pretty or not around him because of the GGG. ASY tells him that it is okay because they still have time, but OG just tightens his fist and tries to keep up the charade. ASY grabs him into a back hug on the bed, he tells her that he will marry the only women he wants.

Then he pulls her arms from around him and stands up. He tells her that they should go out. Then OG thinks to what SJ said, “When you are scared or in danger or in fear, then call my name,” OG whispers that he is in danger and scared and fearful, where are you Seon-mi?

We cut to Seon-mi in her coffin and we see her baby ggg shining.

Cut to the mansion. ASY is with OG at the mansion and talking to everyone. She makes a big deal about her wedding ring and fawning over OG. The gods and monsters try to keep it together. But then SM tells her that she has her wedding dress, does she want to see it? ASY says yes and leaves with SM upstairs, so now all the gods and monsters can talk about her. They tell OG that he is too obvious and they start to talk about how ASY has SJ’s smell and everything.

Upstairs, we see SM and SJ in the closet. ASY secretly checks the box with the pit, it is still there. ASY smiles and SM goes downstairs and tells PK that ASY checked the box. PK says that Winter Gods betrayal is really shocking. Cut to WG, he is with the real firepit and the blood has become blue. Flashback explanation, when the firepit becomes blue that means that ASY is in SJ’s body. WG will have to break the firepit to make it permanent. He asks ASY if SJ can come back, but it means that she will not be able to come back. WG moves his hand over the firepit.

Cut back to the gods, they say that MW should be able to feel if SJ can still come back or not. MW says that she is still alive and she is somewhere that they can get too.

The candidate is at his home and looking at the coffin. He is wondering about this woman who was around him and not dying. They think of the history of someone powerful being trapped in the coffin. the candidate tells his assistant this and the assistant looks like, ummmmmm. But the candidate still keeps talking about it. He knows that something powerful came to find him and he goes up to touch the coffin with an evil smile. We also see an image of SJ with an evil smile.

MW and OG start to laugh a lot about something. that is when ASY comes back out. She puts her arms around OG and sits on the couch. She tells them all that she will stay there tonight and all the Gods and Monsters are all like, !!!!!!. But they try to play it off. OJ takes ASY out.

OG tells MW to sleep with him tonight. He still can’t see! Just say that you can sleep with me! We have to sleep together tonight! MW is all like, No, nonononoonono! And they argue about that.

Cut to OJ, she keeps asking him what her favorite drink is and those kinds of things. But ASY is ignoring the question and just tells OJ to take care of it. She leaves and OJ thinks that he is sorry, he is done for the night and she is coming.

Cut to OG putting on a face mask and getting all bundled up on the bed. MW is by his side and pretends like OG is deeply sleeping right now. Then he pulls ASY away, can she take him to his room? And he holds her back while she walks to MW’s room. When they leave OG tells him, “Thank you MW.”

ASY and MW start to talk about the fan that can blow anything away. But MW says that he doesn’t have it right now and he isn’t fighting to get it back because of his love. ASY tells him that he is really getting weak because of the sky land, hahaha. MW hits his arm on his table and thinks, yes, he is really getting weak, but the best food he can take is right in front of him so if he eats it, then he will be all better. How can someone like her talk to him like that? get out.

ASY says that she is leaving. MW thinks that this is noticeable, he is actually really angry but the Skyland trained him well.

ASY walks grumpily down the stairs and OG is there, but then he throws her down the stairs? But he poofs and catches her on the bottom. He asks ASY where SJ is. ASY says that she is SJ, SJ is dead now and buried in her coffin. OG pushes her up against the wall with his hands on her neck.


OG has his hands around SJ’s neck and he is squeezing. But MW yells, “She is still alive! Let her go!”

OG drops ASY and she happily smiles back at him, but then she breaks a glass and holds it to her own face. She says that if OG does this again then she will do something bad to SJ. She will also cut her face, does he think that she can’t do it? Maybe MW will eat me if I do this? She says that she can’t win over OG but she can shred up this body.

OG puts his hands up and tells him to stop, don’t hurt her. ASY tells OG that they will get married as planned. She will be his bride and he will be next to her from this point on. Based on what OG does, she can wake up SJ from the coffin….many hundreds of years later. Will he still be in love with her then? Perhaps it will kill him, maybe she should trap him for 1000 years. ASY leaves with a smile.

MW tells him that it won’t take a 1000 years. They will find her. Og wants to know if MW felt like this for 1000 years? He says that he couldn’t do anything for 1000 years and he didn’t know where she was; it was difficult. OG says that he can’t live like this, and he goes to find Winter god.

MW tells the sky land that OG is in enough pain, they were successful.

Winter God looks at ASY’s sleeping body and wonders if he should really break the firepit.

OJ prepared an absolutely amazing bridal suite for SJ. It looks so nice that OG says that it hurts him. OJ wants to know what he will do and OG says that he will ruin everything and smiles.

She is wearing all red and going on a shopping spree. She tells the salespeople that she wants everything from here to here. She tells them to throw away all her old things and the salespeople go crazy about all the money they are about to make. ASY hypnotizes them and says that she will just leave with all of this and they agree. She gets up to leave all smug and stuff, but then the spell is broken. they tell her that she has to pay. But she has no money. She tells them that she doesn’t want these clothes anymore and they tell her to give them back everything, even the clothes she has on.

ASY has to dig into the trash for her old clothes to put them back on and leaves grumpily. OG is there in the shop, he must have been the one to break the spell. he tells her that she doesn’t have to wear all of these things. She wants to know, is it because she is pretty? He says yes, but then he changes his tune. He starts to talk and he makes her think that he loves her….but then he changes his tune at the end and tells her that she is so easy to be tricked. He does this like 2 or 3 times. ASY is thoroughly confused. OG tells her that they should go to SJ’s workplace because he is going there and he leaves.

ASY is sitting at SJ’s desk and OG tells her that SJ works a lot. ASY tries to sit at the desk and repeat everything that SJ would say. She has all of SJ’s memories, so she knows exactly what to say. But then she laughs and turns back to her normal self. Did he like it? OG says that he liked it and she should act like that all the time. ASY says that she can do that and trick his mind, they will be the perfect couple. OG tells her that they can trick each other then, a bad guy and a bad girl together. He tells her that he will be seduced based on what she does and he poofs away.

Then the sec comes in and tells her good morning, but then he is shocked to see her. He tells her that she looks so dirty and gives her something to wipe it off. He tells her that they will be busy this morning and she needs to get it together. She tells him that she can do it. They get busy working, but SJ is doing everything wrong. The sec wants to know why she is so stupid today! ASY tells him that she can do it, she knows it in her mind! But the sec just thinks that she I being super stupid today, she needs to focus, ah, this is so stressful! He leaves to print the form again.

Then SJ’s family comes with their screaming baby. SJ sits to receive them but the family just wants some money from SJ. Then we cut to Jonathan showing up and giving SJ a huge hug. jonathan is super happy that SJ is getting married and hugs the sec and has a super big smile. He is crazy happy. Then we cut to the secs kids. he brought them to SJ’s home to watch them. ASY looks so annoyed.

They talk back and forth about the firepit. When ASY came to there home it was warm, but that night it got colder. MW thought it was the coldness in his body, but it was Winter god. They start to put two and two together. They think the Winter god’s sister is not involved in this so that means that WG must have been awake all this time. He should be very tired now. We cut to WG talking to his sister. She tells him to go to sleep but he says that she should not come out now.

OG slams a bottle into the bar and a wave shoots out. A wave shoots out with every hit he gives the bar and he tells Summer, god, to come out. We cut to WG, he tells her that she can’t come out, but SG says that she has to leave. She comes out and we see the girl form of SG. But WG tells her that she has to come back into his body or she will die. But she just shakes her head and leaves.

We cut to OG still hitting the bar with the drink. He is breaking it and then he is about to hit it again. SG tells him to stop! They turn and they see her. They are shocked that she came out from the body. She tells OG that this is her favorite place and to please not destroy it. OG asks where SJ is.

All the gods are finding out that SG came out of the body. OG shows up where WG is and tells him to give him the firepit back! But WG tells him that he could die. Removing the firepit isn’t betraying OG. Og tells him that he needs the firepit so he can save his bride. WG tells oG that he needs to protect his sister’s soul. He pulls all his winter power into his hands and he and OG have a god standoff.

But OG disappears! But then he reappears in front of WG and hits him, hard. It pushes WG several feet and WG is bleeding. He says he didn’t want to kill WG. But WG stands up and gets all his winter power going again. He is about to shoot it at OG, but then his sister shows up and tells him to stop! Stop! She hugs him and everything starts to melt. But she shouldn’t use her power or she might die. But she tells him that she should have disappears a long time ago. She shouldn’t have held on to him for so long. She looks at OG and tells him to forgive her brother. She says that her death should be enough for their sin, right? WG reaches out to his sister, he calls her his pretty sister….but she disappears and he is left with tears in his eyes as he whispers, “My sister…”

MW goes back to his place with SM. he can see again. he thinks that SG gave him all of her last bit of energy. Then we cut to WG kneeling in front of OG. He tells OG that he made this deal with ASY thousands of years ago, but now that SG disappeared, their contract is over as well. It is snowing indoors as WG says this to OG. OG tells him to stop crying, he doesn’t like the cold, but it looks like he has accepted the apology.

The sec is still hanging out with ASY with his kids around. SJ looks so thoroughly annoyed that they are there. Then we see the candidate on the TV, the sec thinks that this candidate might become the president. He thinks that they should have a great person as president so his kids will have a great place to grow up in.

Cut to the candidate, he has found relics of the kingmaker and thinks that he has it in the coffin.

Meanwhile, back in SJ’s apartment, OJ shows up. He says that he will help out. The sec thinks that OJ looks so familiar, but then he looks at his Samsung phone and it hits him, he is the chairman! Why is he here?!?

We see why OJ is there, he is there to take ASY to Sooyamdong. He brought a red dress for ASY to wear and we cut to ASY wearing the red dress as she meets with OG. She thanks OG for the red dress again and he is nonchalant about it.

We see the bridal suite in his home right next to the bar. He tells her that she wanted to get married right, he pours her a glass of wine but she won’t drink it. She knows what he did to MW. OG tells her it is a very good wine, but then he goes to light a candle. But ASY tells him not to do extra things, that way he won’t trick her.

OG gets annoyed and tells her that he won’t do extra things, he won’t do anything. He goes and drinks something and then sits. He tells her to tell him about herself, she doesn’t want to be a real estate developer right? ASY says that she will get her dragon and make a king.

MW says that they need to put ASY to sleep so they can exchange the souls again.

SJ tells OG that he should be next to her just like now. She will break the deathbell fate if he does. OG realizes that this must be the reason that SJ isn’t calling him. ASY tells OG that SJ might die, will he still wait for her? OG tells her that he won’t wait for her. He takes the ring off of ASY’s finger. ASY tells him that he made a good choice. Then he throws her on the bed and they start to kiss. But then OG backs off and stands back up. he wipes his mouth off.

ASY tries to get up, but she can’t. OG drugged her with his kiss. He said that he put it in the water that he drank and he tells her to have a good dream, but she will never wake up in that body again.


MW asks how OG got ASY to sleep so quickly and he tells him not to ask him how he did it. Then they start to address the firepit. OG can’t get in without a connection, but OG says that he has a connection, the ring. He puts the ring over the firepit whose flame has turned red again and then he puts the ring into the firepit. He thinks that it will tell him where she is. He says, “JSM, tell me where you are right now…JSM, where are you…Jin Seon-mi….”

SJ starts to twitch in the coffin. Then we see ASY back in the soul world she created. She wonders, I am back again?

In the real world, WG says that when the fire goes out, their dream will separate as well.

The world starts to wave and ripple through it. ASY thinks that the firepit is being extinguished. Then their dream is separated. ASY looks around, then she goes up to the coffin, it opens, but SJ isn’t there anymore. ASY turns around and sees MW. He turns to address her.

MW – I came to your dream. OG should be in SJ’s dream now.

We see SJ’s dream. SJ is awake she hears her name and she turns to see OG standing in the doorway next to her.

MW tells ASY that she will go back to the coffin and sleep. ASY says wait a minute! But MW says that he doesn’t want to hear her stories anymore. But ASY tells him that Nachal’s kid, did they really die? MW pauses.

Back with SJ and OG. SJ tells him not to come to her. OG stops, he can’t approach her and he grabs his chest in pain. SJ tells him that he can’t come to her, it is because of the death bell. But OG keeps walking toward her even though he is in tremendous pain. She keeps telling him to stop and he keeps walking toward her, but it is impossible. He tells her fine, you should kill me here then. SJ screams, “Son Oh-gong” and OG almost falls to the floor in pain. He tells her that she told him to call her when he was scared and in pain. SJ thinks back to when she said that.

OG holds his hand out to her, “Jin Seon-mi…..Jin Seon-mi…..” but he can’t move any further, he is kneeling on the floor. SJ stands and starts to walk to him, she takes his hand and he tightens his hand around hers. A tear falls from OG’s eye and he pulls SJ into a hug, a very tight hug, and he lets out several deep sighs as he holds her tightly.

Then SJ wakes up in a bed. OG wakes up next to her and tells her that he is relieved that she is awake. He is so happy that he finally found his bride, but he is really sleepy. He falls to sleep and SJ touches his face. She rubs her hands along his cheek, her ring is still gone. She tells him, “I’m sorry.”

MW brings back the firepit and BR tells him that he is the best. MW agrees. BR wants to know if he put ASY to sleep. MW says that he didn’t (or did?).

Cut to PK and Alice looking at Buja’s body. She won’t come back and MW will burn her body. But then Buja wakes up, is zombie really back? It looks like her, she tells PK to save her.

SM comes into the room and sees Buja in the chair, but then we see that the girl is Alice. PK took Buja and left!

Cut to PK driving with Buja. But is she Buja? He pulls the car over and Buja gets out. PK wants to know why she is getting out, she wants to see her Mom right? She says that she changed her mind, thank you for your help. PK tells her that she tricked him again, she is ASY! But ASY just says, “So what, are you going to take me to get burned?” PK looks at her with pain and tells her to just leave and hide somewhere. ASY thinks that PK really cares for Buja, but PK just leaves and Buja looks at him with this longing look. But she says that this is good because she can use him. But now she has to go to that guy.

She meets with the candidate and tells him that he took care of her coffin well. She is there to take it back. The candidate tells her that he has been waiting for her.

Meanwhile, MW is talking to SM about Nachal’s kid. The kid that was born between a god and a monster that ate so many souls. Is that kid dead?

MW is thinking about this. He thinks that the Skyworld tricked him, if they tricked him, then they are all his enemy!

They are laying in bed together and SJ tells OG that they should finish their love. OG is still sleeping. SJ lets go of OG’s hand and reaches for the GGG. She puts her hands around it, she is about to take it off…

Fade Out


OG: When she went into SJ’s body she told me so, finally she picked that human.
ASN: Is it enough to figure out who am I?
OG: MW let you go?
MW: Is he really dead?
Some woman: This is the sword you will use on that day.
OG: Is that it?
BR: You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t possess it yet.
Some woman: You shouldn’t be like me.
OG: Let’s hear what your true origin is.

OG has a dream that he is born as a baby in a tiny clinic in the countryside. A lot of people are dying with the epidemic. But then OG wakes up and finds a real baby in front of his home. He doesn’t know where this baby is from, but he thinks that it is a sign that someone is calling for him, so he goes to the clinic in the countryside.

In the countryside, OG meets a previous generations guardian who protected the previous Sam-jang. The guardian is a white heron and she says that Seom-mi was born into Sam-jangs’ fate and that OG is the guardian of SJ. He was appointed this by the Skyworld; it was not an accident.

Meanwhile, ASY is about to die or disappear, they will burn her because she is in Zombies body. ASY tells MW that the baby that he had with Nachal is still alive and she will find that baby for him. She wants to have a deal with Ma-wang.


Lyrics are courtesy of Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OST Part 8 Lyrics
Don’t say anything
Aren’t we here together in this moment
Don’t try to run away
Because this love is destined
In my heart, which is unknown
I’m sorry, I believe you
Like destiny, Always, I’ll be by your side
Like this, my everything
The only person I can give it all to
Even if the world is destroyed, just you
Because I love you
Inside the time, which is unknown
It’s ok, trust me
Like destiny, Always, I’ll be by your side
Like this, my everything
The only person I can give it all to
Even if the world is destroyed, just you
Because I love you
Forever by your side
Will I always be able to protect you
Even if the world is destroyed
I’ll stay here
Because I love you
Always you

Trying something new! I’m trying to only add the links instead of embedding the video. The video should pop up though. If you see the link and not the video, then let me know.

Scene #1: ASY wakes up in SJ’s body

Translation courtesy of Moreenke on Soompi. Thank you so much.

ASN : I… will now wake up in your body. *thinks* (I came back in SJ’s body).
SOG : You’re wake now ?
ASN : Why did you came ?
SOG : Since when do I come only because you call me ? I came because I miss you. You must be very tired. 
(I don’t understand the last line but he talks about she slept very long i think)
ASN : (the preview line) I had a good dream. 
SOG : What dream ?
ASN : A dream where I go after something I wanted a lot. (?)
SOG : Did you found it ?
ASN : I found it. I like it a lot. (or “I’m very happy about it” will probably be more accurate in this situation…)
SOG : You indeed look very happy. (?)
ASN : yes.
SOG : Then… keep on having a good dream. (bring her back in his arms)
PK : Like The great sage said, ASN came back in SJ’s body. Is SJ dead ?
MW : No, no… The SJ’s blood that’s in my body is still there. She’s alive somewhere.
Dog secretary : Then she can just call SOG. Why she doesn’t do it ?
MW : That right. There is something wrong…
Note from Moreenke: I put this (?) next to the sentences I’m not sure of.

Scene #2: OG tries to keep up the charade of not knowing that SJ is actually ASY

Translation courtesy of Moreenke on Soompi. Thank you so much.

MW : You must never be fooled… SOG. (?)
(ASN pushing SOG on the bed. Aah, our bed scene is with ASN, but still, it’s tense ! You can tell he’s having it hard hold it in)
ASN : I’m the prettiest in your eyes, right ?
SOG : So you were worried about that. (Gosh, I truly thought he would have kissed her to fool her but he can’t !)
ASN : What’s wrong ?
SOG : You said it was concerning you that I don’t find you pretty if you took off the GGG. You must still feel uneasy about it (or your heart must be really bother by that…) (?)
ASN : I’m fine though.
SOG : I know you’re pretending to be fine. Knowing all that and still wanting to have you makes me a really bad guy. Fine, I’ll protect your body. Because I love you. (me : well played SOG !)
ASN : Ok, we still have a lot of time. We are going to get married. You’re not going to do it (the wedding) ?
SOG : I will. I will do it with my one and only bride in the world.
Note from Moreenke: I put this (?) next to the sentences I’m not sure of. My korean is not exact but I hopeit will help. ^^

Scene #3: The gods and monsters try to pretend like they don’t know ASY is in SY’s body

Translation courtesy of Moreenke on Soompi. Thank you so much!

*OG remembering his conversation with JSM*
JSM : When you’re struggling, scared or in danger, call me. I will always appear and protect you.
SOG : Right now, I’m struggling a lot, I’m very scared and in danger. JSM, where are you ? (Oh poor monkey, you can feel his pain)
 (We see JSM’s GGG activate ! Yeah !)
MW : (?) I didn’t understand his sentence but he’s congratulating them on their wedding.
PK : (?) I don’t understand what he said but I think he said he will take care of the venue of the wedding, absolutely not sure, sorry.
SOJ : Let me take care of the food.
ASN : Thank you everyone. (take OG’s hand) Ah, this is my weddig ring.
MW : Aaah, yes.
Dog secretary : As promised, I picked a wedding dress. Would you like to see it ?
ASN : Right now ? Where is it ?
Dog secretary : It’s in MW’s bedroom.
ASN : Yes, I’m coming now.
Dog secretary : Let’s go.
ASN (to OG) : I’ll go take a look.
SOG : Alright.
(ASN leaving with Dog secretary)
MW : Hey, SOG, you’re too obvious.
SOG : I’m holding it in.
PK : But she completely looks like SJ. Her smell is the same too. Right, MW ?
MW : She does completely seems like SJ. That’s why she’s so confident and came here. (?)
SOG : No, I don’t feel SJ at all in her. (?)
Note from Moreenke: I put this (?) next to the sentences I’m not sure of.

Scene #4: OG doesn’t want to sleep with ASY, help him MW!

Scene #5: OG pretends to be sleeping with a face mask on and MW talks to ASY

Scene #6: All is revealed, the gig is up

Translation is courtesy of Moreenki on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SOG : Wait.
ASN : As expected, you were fooling me.
SOG : I should hold it in more. How much must I hate you (as he grab her shoulder).
ASN : you can’t even hurt me, what will you do now ? (laugh)
SOG : Where is Sam Jang ? 
ASN : I am SJ. She is not there. She is in the sarcophagus (?) I used to be in. This woman is dead.
MW : SOG ! She’s still there. I’m certain she’s alive! Let her go.
I don’t speak korean so I’m not certain of everything but it should be a bit accurate. ^^

Scene #7: ASY threatens OG, she will hurt SJ’s body unless he marries her

Translations courtesy of Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

ASN: If you treat me like that again, I’ll make it so that she’ll get eaten by bad spirits. You think I can’t do it? Should I make her bleed in this place? Perhaps, she might even be eaten by MW. Should I try doing it once?
OG: Don’t do it.
ASN: With my power, I can’t win you. But still, I can get rid of this one body.
OG: I was wrong. Don’t do it. Don’t make her hurt.
ASN: Just like before, let’s get married. Marriage is a contract. I’m gonna become your bride. Starting from that, you’ll be by my side. After that, depending on how you do, I might even let that woman sleeping inside censer wake up. After 100 years? 500 years? Can you still love her till that time?
OG: Who knows. I don’t know how long this will last but as soon as this ends, you’ll die.
ASN: Then, I should let her sleep for at least a thousand years. I’ll be going now.
MW: There’s no way you’ll be caught for a thousand years like me. You just have to find DJG. You held it in well.
OG: MW, for a thousand years, this is how you’ve felt?
MW: Yes. There’s nothing I could do for her and I don’t even know where she is or how she’s doing, that pain, that’s how my last thousand years was like.
OG: I can’t even endure it for a day.

Scene #8: ASY shopping and OG comes to bother her

Translations courtesy of Moreenke on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Vendor : Will you pay by card ?
ASN : I will just take it and leave. (Hypnotizing them ?)
Vendor : Yes, just go.
 (OG canceling ASN’s trick)
Vendor : Client, wait a minute. You must pay before go. 
ASN : I told you I’ll just leave.
Vendor : Excuse me? You must pay then leave.
ASN : I told you I’m leaving. (trying to hypnotize them again but fail, lol)
Vendor : So pay quickly to leave.
ASN : But I don’t have money.
Vendor : If you don’t have money then give this back.
Female vendor : Where are you going ? Take it off.
ASN : Got it. Give me back my clothes.
Vendor : You said to throw that away earlier. The bin is still there.
(ASN takes back the tarnished clothes and leaves, then falls on OG)
ASN : It was your doing.
SOG : (?) (sorry, don’t understand his first sentence but he talks about why she tried to change clothes) JSM was pretty in that. You…
ASN : I told you to don’t (?) (bother me, maybe)
SOG : No, no. (?) (Argh, don’t understand what he said) Because you’re pretty.
ASN : I’m pretty ?
SOG : You’re not pretty. I lied. Ah, you believed that ? You’re easy (or it was easy)
ASN : I didn’t get fooled.
SOG : No, you did get fooled. And you will keep on being fooled. You said you like me, you want to have me. Should I give myself to you ? (ASN looking at OG in a daze) I’m not going to you, I lied. See, you got fooled again. (?)

Note from Moreenke: I put this (?) next to the sentences I’m not sure of.

Scene #9: OG continues to bother ASY

Scene #10: OG confronts Winter god

This translation was done by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!
Winter: Great Sage, Equal to Heaven, sir.
OG: The incense burner, give it to me.
Winter: I can’t give it to you.
Winter: Sam Jang has a fate which could kill the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven. Removing the incense burner is not betraying the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven.
OG: SAM JANG! is the person who will become my bride. I have to have that incense burner in order to find my bride and bring her back.
Winter: Please don’t come (closer). I also have to protect my sister’s soul. (starts to freeze everything)
OG: (striking Winter) I… didn’t want to kill General Winter.
(Winter starts freezing again when Summer Fairy appears.)
Summer: Please stop now, brother.
Winter: You must not use your strength. You can’t waste it like this.
Summer: Brother. (hugs him)
Winter: You can’t. Don’t hug me. Return to me.
(Summer Fairy melts General Winter’s freeze.)
Winter: You can’t do this!
Summer: I should have disappeared a long time ago.

Scene #11: Winter gods sister sacrifices herself

Scene #12: MW meets with ASY

Scene #13: OG and SJ are reunited. Huggies!

Translation is courtesy of Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: As expected, because of me, you will be hurt and die. She said it’s Death Bell. Horrible. I’m not leaving here. I told you to not come.
OG: Fine. Then, you kill me in this place.
SM: SOG. Please don’t come. Don’t make me hurt you.
OG: When I’m scared, tired and in danger, didn’t you tell me to call your name?
SM: Since I’m wearing this too, I’ll protect you. When you’re scared, tired and in danger, call my name. I’ll come running anytime and protect you.

Scene #14: PK helps Buja break out, but it isn’t Buja

Scene #15: MW finds out his child might still be alive. OG falls asleep in bed with SJ. SJ wants to take off the GGG.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 17, 2018 / 5:12 am

    Hi i am looking for a live stream for hwayugi i am from the Philippines 🙂

    • V
      February 17, 2018 / 5:45 am

      We watch on the tvN site, I am not sure about a Live stream, but you can try AQstream possibly?

  2. Moz
    February 17, 2018 / 5:16 am

    saw a spoiler pic showing that OG will be able to find SJ (still in the ancient red wedding dress), and although she looks hesitate but she hugs him too..

    • JuneBug
      February 17, 2018 / 5:51 am

      That is good news to start my morning.

  3. Madre
    February 17, 2018 / 5:22 am

    39 minutes to go.. Yeayyy
    Bah+doo team, Hwaiting!
    It’s 38 now.. Kekeke

  4. Beebee
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    Can’t wait!!! Hope can watch it live later on..

  5. V
    February 17, 2018 / 5:49 am

    We’re awake! Just updated the time! About 10-15 minutes to go!

    • JY299
      February 17, 2018 / 6:00 am

      Lol can’t send real coffee, so here’s ☕🍞
      And moral support : Fighting!

      • V
        February 17, 2018 / 7:49 am

        I will take it!

  6. JY299
    February 17, 2018 / 5:54 am

    @*V and Team Bah Doo

    Yay! We’re all hopelessly on the same Hwayugi boat -confused and yet addicted to the drama 😂

    Heheh I’m waiting for the ahem kinda raw videos that usually come out sometime soon after the broadcast lol

    Yes, they are the ones without sound -_-

    Hope everyone likes the last FMV posted. Probably not gonna post one sometime this week, I’ll need to recover (like my friend) from the CNY Kdrama binge watching. 😂 So far watched Mystery Queen, researched much of Coffee Prince, and still crying buckets and laughing alternately at Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s Fated to Love You (though I loved the original Taiwanese version).

    Now waiting with great anticipation for Hwayugi!

    • V
      February 17, 2018 / 5:57 am

      I loved Fated to Love You and Coffee Prince! i still need to binge about 10 episodes of Mystery Queen.

      • JY299
        February 17, 2018 / 6:02 am

        I know, I’m “revising” why I love the Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara pairing. And why I laugh out loud at this version though I love the Ethan Ryan version as well. Rewatched some Taiwanese dramas as well heheh 😆

        • V
          February 17, 2018 / 10:27 am

          Hmm, I might need to check out the original version.

  7. andrea
    February 17, 2018 / 5:57 am

    uggg my body is ready, I live for this weekend

  8. Moz
    February 17, 2018 / 5:59 am

    Save my life *V

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  9. RP
    February 17, 2018 / 6:12 am

    @Anonymous I wait for the upload at viewasian or myasian website around 11pm Philippine time, but it’s raw so no subtitles yet (I’m not sure if you understand Korean). I read V’s live recap in my cp while I watch the streaming from another gadget (just so I can understand the scene because I don’t know their language).

    @V I’ve watched Coffee prince 4x already. I thought that was crazy but my cousin has seen it 9x!!! I just love the story. What can I say. Oh, and Gong Yoo is damn hot!

    @JY299 When you get to watch Coffee Prince, let me know what you think. 😊

    Excited for today’s episode…

    • V
      February 17, 2018 / 7:52 am

      I am not ashamed to say that I have watched Coffee Price at least 9 times but probably more. I stopped counting a couple years ago 🙂 I have probably watched individual episodes more than that though!

  10. Lalaloo
    February 17, 2018 / 7:32 am

    Thank you for the sub! I really hope SJ takes GGG off from Ohgong in the next episode.

    • Ellenjesca
      February 17, 2018 / 7:52 am

      Yes me too.. thrilled to see what’s going to happen next!!

      • JuneBug
        February 17, 2018 / 10:24 am

        Me too. I really want to see what will happen if that happens.

  11. JY299
    February 17, 2018 / 7:49 am

    😱 I hate the Hong sisters. OK, it’s more like like/hate. How could they do that? Why the Summer Fairy/God?

    Why can’t they kill Asanyo instead??

    I knew it, they kept Buja just to keep her as backup for Asanyo.

    And MW’s weak spot is still wide exposed. So if MW’s son is still alive, please tell me he’s not the evil politician/prof. OMG, this is so twisted it’s a double pretzel 😂

    • V
      February 17, 2018 / 7:54 am

      OMG, what if he is the evil politician!

      I liked this episode, no rage screaming from me today. I really want Seon-mi to take off the GGG so we can really see how deep OG’s love for her is.

      • JY299
        February 17, 2018 / 6:18 pm

        Lol @*V that just inspired the next FMV, will credit you, just hope you’re OK with that!

  12. JY299
    February 17, 2018 / 7:52 am

    I’ve watched Coffee Prince many times 😂
    Yup, I’m a Gong Yoo fan.

    I’ve rediscovered I’m also a Lee Jun Ki and Jang Hyuk fan.

    And now a Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won fan 😂

  13. RP
    February 17, 2018 / 8:12 am

    Thank you Bah Doo team!

    Mawang is the one to blame in all this!!! He always lets Asanyo get away. So tricky and manipulative! She’s so good at being bad!

  14. What is study when you have kdrama
    February 17, 2018 / 8:44 am

    Wait a minute… Don’t tell me that Nachal’s kid is still alive & that kid is Jin Seon Mi???!!!! Because it’s just weird how she has the ability to see ghosts at the first place unless….. she’s special, because she’s half human & half deity (remember how Nachal’s got kicked out from the heaven because she stole human soul in order to save her child) Then wouldn’t that make a good sense? :’) But let’s see where it goes…

    • Superboink
      February 17, 2018 / 9:54 am

      Omona! What a great theory! 😱😱😱

      • JuneBug
        February 17, 2018 / 10:25 am

        Ahhhhhh, what of that is what happens. That would complicate things.

  15. StrangeTraveler
    February 17, 2018 / 10:16 am

    This is y its so good to be a kdrama fans, u just see a lot of dedicated fans who are spoiling u… Thx V and Bah-doo team….

    Ohhh, I also hope Sj gets to successfully remove the GGG…..

    • V
      February 17, 2018 / 10:26 am

      Yes, I love all the theories and excitement. That is by far the funnest part about folloiwng Hwayugi for me 🙂 Actually of following any Kdrama 🙂

      • Couchpotato
        February 17, 2018 / 12:32 pm

        It doesn’t. The preview showed he was still wearing it. GGG is the signature of the whole show. Don’t think it will be removed 🤔

        • V
          February 17, 2018 / 2:11 pm

          Hopefully it gets removed and then put back on! I somehow just really want to see it off.

  16. JuneBug
    February 17, 2018 / 10:38 am

    Summer god died So does that mean that Korea does not have a summertime anymore?

    • V
      February 17, 2018 / 2:12 pm

      OMG…I think that is a big plot hole 🙂

    • Moz
      February 17, 2018 / 2:24 pm


  17. JokerA
    February 17, 2018 / 2:36 pm

    As always thank you for your hard work !! You made my day !! I can’t get enough of this episode ! It would have been a great episode without Asanyeo !! Gosh, can’t she leave already ! =_=

    The most hilarious part was when Son Oh Gong asked Ma Wang to sleep with him !! So cute and so funny !! 😀

    She probably won’t take off the Geum Gang Go because, remember episode 10 we had a spoiler at the beginning and that kills it : she was in a wedding dress and crying, Son Oh Gong facing her and wearing the GGG !!! And i so hoped she will take it off now ;( !!

    See you next post ! And fighting for your tomorrow !!

  18. JY299
    February 17, 2018 / 6:16 pm

    @What is study when you have kdrama
    Lol, like your idea. But that would mean Seonmi is a reincarnation. Hmm doesn’t that clash with the not dead part?

    Actually, similar problem with another conjecture of mine. That Asanyo is Nachal’s child. In the original story, MW and Princess Iron Fan had a child who wrecked havoc and was finally subdued by Sun Wukong with the help of a goddess. That child was a boy and because he was always in red, so he was called the Red Boy. Does anyone else see what I see?? Asanyo has a preference for red and of all the demons and god’s, the only one she has so far not really harmed is MW. (😂 somehow watching kdrama is forcing me to revise Journey to the West after all these years lol)

    Still, there’s the politician/prof element. Somehow, I think Buja/Asanyo’s words about PK will be worked into the storyline as they require a dragon to make the king(president). Question is would OctoAlice be that dragon??

    Lol, twisted pretzel. For some reason that just reminds me of Goblin. Haha!

  19. Josie
    May 8, 2018 / 6:59 pm

    what is the name of the soundtract at scene 11-Fairy Ha sacrifies herself?

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