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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 14

Live Recap for Kdrama Hwayugi A Korean Odyssey ep 13
Poor Ma Wang! Hopefully his body recovers from that shooting star attack (or whatever that was, I don’t know) and he gets back to tormenting OG. Also, let’s bring the real Buja back this episode. I miss my little zombie girl.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | MW’s secretary – SM | Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS | Goong Gang Go (bracelet) – GGG

Airing Time: Feb. 11th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: UPDATING


We open on MW. He says that he endured 10,000 years of pain. He is passed out and he hears the thug calling him. Why does he hear that guys voice calling him after death?

OG keeps yelling at him. MW finally wakes up and OG smiles. He tells him, welcome back. MW wonders if he endured 99 pain, but no, OG tells him it was 88, he collapsed and couldn’t take anymore. OG tells him that he endured for MW…ughhgh…ughdgdh….I took care of ten for you.

SM tells him that BR took care of one for him and passed out in the side.

But MW wonders why everything is so dark. Everyone tells him that it isn’t dark and they realize that MW can’t see.

Asunya really wants the firepit back. She wants WG to find a way to get it back because it has SJ’s blood in it and Asanyo needs her blood. PK shows up and Asanyo hides. He tells WG that MW needs to be warmed up by WG’s sister. Asanyo thinks this is the way into MW’s home

Meanwhile, MW wants OG to hold his hand tightly. TIGHTER. OG holds his hands tightly and OG tells MW about Nachal. She finished her life while MW was out and she wasn’t crazy about revenge. No more bad reincarnations for her and they hope she is reborn as a flower.

MW tells them to turn up the heater! And they say that it is all the way to the top. SM comes in looking crazy and asking for MW. Her hair is all messed up. She went somewhere super far away to get some fruit from the Himalayan mountains for him. Her hands are shaking a lot and she says that she would have gone even farther for him. he wonders if she is okay and she says that she fell into a crevice, but she hid her wounds from him.

They said to share with OG since he took ten, but SM wants MW to take it all. Meanwhile, OG is outside with SJ talking. SJ says that monsters can be pretty warm. At that time the summer god comes in (Winter gods sister) to warm MW up. MW says that this reminds MW of what the summer god was like since he can only hear her.

Cut to all the gods and monsters talking about how gorgeous Summer god was. Cue SJ being jealous of summer god. They tell her that Og wasn’t interested in women but one of the gods say that he was super into women. He was so popular in the god world! SJ gets jealous and gets up and leaves. PK tells OG that SJ is angry, he shouldn’t talk about pretty women in front of her. OG is starting to get it.

The conversation changes back to the Winter God and his sister. They think it is so uncomfortable to share one body with your sister and they wonder how that works.

SJ gets home and OG is already there waiting for her. She asks him why he just didn’t stay and have a good time talking about the past. OG tells her that she is the prettiest after that GGG. But SJ thinks he only says it because of the GGG. OG tells her that whatever she does, she is pretty. SJ says that he always mentions GGG when talking about how pretty she is, how was she before GGG? OG tells her that he didn’t judge her as pretty or not, she was just his food back then. SJ wants to know, was she just like chicken to him? But OG tells her not to worry, he doesn’t want to take off the GGG, he wants to love her forever, this is his will.

SJ tells him that she is fine now, he can go home. She turns to leave and he pulls her into a back hug. He tells her that she can get angry because he likes to soothe her. He likes fighting over if she is pretty or not. It is much better than fighting over monsters. He is happy to be together with her and he tells her that the super powerful OG loves human SJ from the bottom of his heart. Then he says that he is leaving, goodbye.

SJ runs after him and tells him that after fighting you can’t go home like this. There are 3 choices: Among friends – drink. Family members – money, Couples – soothe the other person and you shouldn’t’ just leave.

So OG wants to know if he can stay and she says yes.

The summer god wonders why she is so sleepy, it is night time. Asanyo looks at her as if she put something in her drink.

In the room, MW is sleeping and Winter God shows up in his room. he makes a fake firepit of ice and MW starts shivering again. WG turns and looks at him.

They make small talk about going to Japan. SJ went there for a graduation trip. OG tells her that they should go there together and SJ thinks that would be fun. But when she turns around, OG isn’t there anymore. She looks for him and we see that he is on her bed.

OG – You decided to marry me right? Then don’t think anymore and just come here.

SJ goes to the bed and holds his hand.

OG – From now on, you should tell me, I love you, at least once because I have told it to you 324315235 times.

SJ – I heard that ringing sound, that love bell sound, we have fate. If you hear that sound then your fate is a god given match that you cannot change.

BR and SM start to talk about how cruel the sky world is. She wonders which one has to die. She says that she doesn’t like OG, but she wants to cheer for him since he took 10 fates for MW. BR says that he will be on SJ’s side. They wonder if OG will be able to do it.

SJ heard that the love ring fate can’t change. So he can take his GGG off and it won’t change. But OG doesn’t believe it. SJ says that she can take it off now and she tries to grab his wrist. But she pulls his wrist away and tells her that he wants to wear it now. He doesn’t want to take it off. So just let it go and hold him. SJ wants to ask that kid from the store and OG says that he will go ask him. He disappears.

OG goes to his home in Sooyongdong.

OG – If you believe in the love bell than you should believe in the death bell also…ah, it drives me crazy.

Back in her place, SJ thinks that he isn’t coming back. She thinks that OG doesn’t believe it and isn’t confident to take off the GGG yet.

Asanyo puts her blood in the firepit. WG wonders what will happen and he looks at ASY with concern. ASY tells him to keep the fire going, then her energy and ASY’s energy will change slowly.

Meanwhile, back in her apartment SJ is sleeping and crying and dreaming about ASY. She is taken to a dream of the shaman. It is in the past and when we see an image of ASY, we see that it is SJ. SJ is fully decked out in gorgeous robes and she says that she is finally getting married. She smiles. Then she wakes up in her bed.

SJ feels strange and has a headache. Her sec asks her if she is okay and she tells him that she had a strange dream. She was getting married. he thinks she must want to get married so much. He decides to go to the bank, but then SJ sees a vision of the sec falling on the street. She asks him if he fell because she saw an image of him falling on the street. The sec doesn’t think anything of it and leaves. We see him walking down the sidewalk and then he slips on some ice and hurts his bottom. He thinks it’s freaky because her dream came true.

Meanwhile, the blood is engulfing the firepit.

MW dresses and walks around his place. he looks like himself and says that he is MW, he can do everything. HE falls a little and feels the table. This is a table! Then he points to the couch. This is a couch! There are the stairs! There’s the bathroom! There’s the kitchen! There’s the ceiling! OG tells him that he has lived here so many years and still found everything so slowly. MW tells him that there is the thug! and he smiles.

But then MW senses that ASY came in and tells SM to change the password on the main door.


ASY sits with the gods and tells them that she will sleep quietly and they can burn this body. She is just a poor soul. She will look for her next life. They don’t believe her. ASY tells them that she never tricked them and Og tells him that MW is blind now. ASY tells them that she knew she needed a sacrifice and she was kicked out. MW tells her that he is happy that she helped him, so he will send her back. But OG is suspicious of her.

OG confronts ASY later and tells her that bad people stay bad people. She shouldn’t pretend like she isn’t. But ASY tells him that she knows he only wants SJ so she gave up. he tells her that he can marry her if he changes his mind. She likes that option more anyway. And she gets very close to him and tells him that he is handsome. But he just pushes her back by the forehead and tells her to leave.

They have another back and forth about ASY saying she can live in the bathroom like Buja. She tries to seduce OG again, but it still doesn’t work. OG leaves.

SM checks on the firepit and tells MW that it is still there. But it is so cold in here, why? MW thinks it is cold in there because of him. Everyone is shivering.

PK thinks that Asanyo is strong. Alice says that it is not Buja. PK wants to know when Alice is going home and Alice asks him if he wants to go with her. PK says that he is staying here and will take over the position of “You Pass!” from him. Alice thinks that her palace is a million times better than that place and she wonders why PK likes Zombie.

OG sits with the secretary at the office and wonders when SJ will get back. The sec doesn’t want him there and brings up something. Did OG give something to SJ after she gave him that bracelet? The sec tells him that he doesn’t like him so much. How could he take that huge gold bracelet and not even give her anything? He has to at least give her something, a ring or something? OG leans in, really? He thinks about it. The sec says that he can lend him money, but OG says that he has ways of getting money. he calls OJ and says that he needs some money, can he pay for it? Then he leaves. The sec thinks that this OG guy doesn’t even have any money, how can SJ date him?

Meanwhile, SJ is at the bank or somewhere like that. She has more visions of things happening to people on the street. Somehow she has gotten even more powerful.

She goes back to her office and the sec tells her that he actually fell just like she said. SJ wonders, it really happened? So she thinks maybe the vision she saw of the baby stroller getting hit by the motorcycle might happen. She takes off running.

We see that the mom accidentally let go of her stroller and it runs into the street. SJ gets there at just the right time to grab it and turn it away so it won’t get hit. Then she turns around and sees OG standing there. She looks at him and smiles and then they go to the bar.

SJ tells him that she can see the future now. She also saw her sec falling, maybe she is starting to have some abilities. OG thinks that it is suspicious that she is having this ability all of a sudden. But SJ thinks that she can protect OG now. OG tells her that this is great, she can have her own GGG. Where would she like it? He tells her that it would be really nice right here…and he grabs her hand. When he removes it we see that there is a ring there. he says that this is her GGG so she can’t remove it now. SJ smiles and says that when he calls her, she will come and protect him.

MW wonders why his coldness won’t go away. he drinks something from Summer god. SG thinks he will be better soon and gets up to leave. She goes to the closet and accidentally touches the box with the firepit. She opens it and touches the pit and it melts. This alarms her and she immediately thinks of her brother. her and her brother have a conversation in the mirror, like Black Mirror style, and then Winter God talks to ASY. ASY mentions the death bell relationship and thinks that is bad luck for them.

OG is having dinner with OJ, MW, and SM. he tells them that he is marrying SJ. They are all noticeable concerned about that. OG keeps talking about it and planning the wedding. But MW tells him that they are not a God-given fate! OG says to not tell SJ about it, very seriously. Then SM lightens the mood and says that she will help SJ pick out a very beautiful dress.

Afterward, MW and SM sits and talks about this situation. MW feels like this isn’t good and he won’t feel good if anyone dies. SM tries to fix this and offers some situations. Perhaps they can tell SJ about the real bell? But MW says that he is pretty scared of OG and doesn’t want to do it.

They are at an ice cream shop and PK comes in PK immediately starts to smell lotus flower. ASY pretends like she is Buja to get PK to change his mind about smelling it and WG looks on in horror. Cut to ASY eating a lot of ice cream with PK. PK feeds it all to ASY. Then PK asks if ASY died pitifully? Buja also died pitifully, she doesn’t know how she died and she didn’t even look for her killers. So ASY needs to be good because she is sharing a body with this good girl.

He is giving a lecture and talking about tombs. he talks about burying husband and wives together. then he sees ASY in the crowd. he pauses a moment, but then he continues. ASY smiles as she watches him. At the end of the lecture ASY gets up and leaves, the lights immediately turn back off and on the screen it says, “Sorry, it was a mistake.” Flashback of what the candidate told Buja about how killing her was a mistake. Then a coffin shows up and it said: “Wait for me, I will pick it up.” The candidate wonders if she is threatening him.

We are back at the dream with SJ about to get married. She walks out, and then she sees a coffin. Her helper says that this is the place that she will get into. SJ turns back in alarm and then she wakes up.

The sec asks her what is wrong and SJ says that she had that dream again. The sec tells her that that is marriage. He had a headache before, after, during the wedding and when you are married. He tells her to empty her mind.

Cut to the mansion where ASY, SJ, and MW are sitting. MW is talking to ASY like she is SJ, but SJ tells him that she is sitting on the other side. MW is confused because the lotus smell is on ASY’s side. ASY is pretty happy about that, but then she sees SJ’s ring.

ASY meets with SJ afterward and they talk about powers. SJ wants to know if her blood smells like roses? ASY tells her that SJ can be dead like her at any time. But she has a protector, so she envies her. SJ hides her ring and ASY tells her that MW is special, he could feel something wasn’t right without seeing it. She turns and leaves.

Meanwhile, MW is still thinking about how SJ didn’t smell like lotus, but ASY did. he thinks something is wrong with himself. he thinks that there is a tissue in front of him and SM says that it is! he tells her to tell her if it really is! She says that it really is! Then he feels around and says that this is a remote. SM was mouthing remote in the background and is so happy that MW got it right. She tells him that he will recover soon! MW wonders if it is true and is so happy that he cries.

They are at OG’s place and talking about the wedding. OJ tells OG that he is happy for him, but he is also concerned. OJ wants him to break the death fate. OG says that getting married is a contract, so you can’t get away from it. he ran away from her, but this time he will keep the contract and he will fight against the Skyland with this contract and if he loses then he will die.

SJ is having more visions. She sees herself dropping her glass and then she actually drops her glass. She wonders what is going on. But then she sees that she is still holding her glass. The blood from the firepit is swirling and SJ puts her glass on the counter. She shakes her head and walks off. But she is walking very strangely. Then she touches her head and collapses. She passes out in her hallway.


SJ wakes up, she is in the coffin in the dream place. But it looks like she is herself. She thinks that this isn’t a dream. ASY tells her that she should sleep, why is she awake? ASY comes in. SJ wants to know why she called her Asanyo? ASY tells her that they have switched places. ASY made this place with their blood. Their bodies are empty now. We cut away and see SJ passed out and ASY is also passed out with the firepit.

ASY tells her that she will go into her body and SJ will sleep there forever.

back at the mansion, SM is walking but the firepit and smells something strange. She sees that the firepit is not there anymore! Cut to MW, OG, and SM talking about the firepit. MW says that it is impossible to have an intruder there. But then they think that maybe the summer god took it? Why would she take it? OG thinks that this firepit has SJ’s blood, why would the summer god want it?

Cut back to the dream, ASY tells her to go into the coffin and sleep well. SJ tells her that she will call OG. But ASY tells her that he will die if she calls her. ASY says that they have a death bell fate. SJ says that this is the love bell, but ASY tells her that the red one is the love bell. SJ thinks back to when the kid was explaining things to her. ASY tells her that the black one is the death bell, it tells you the one who will kill and be killed fate. If she goes back to her body then she will kill OG or he will kill her. But most likely she will kill OG because OG can’t kill her with the GGG.

SJ thinks back to all the things that happened to OG. She thinks that it must have been a death bell…

Cut to the gods and monsters trying to find ASY. Meanwhile, WG is with ASY in the lair. he is watching her as she sleeps.

ASY tells SJ that the only way to cut the fate of the bell is to sleep in there. She can call OG and go out alive and kill him, or she can just disappear from the world in there.

At the same time MW and SM talk about SJ being in danger. MW thinks that SJ will call OG if she is in danger and they should focus on finding ASY. Cut to OG finding SJ on the floor of her apartment. He picks her up and PK wants to know why she is like that. OG tells him that ASY did it, she can control souls. PK thinks that ASY took SJ’s soul somewhere and that is dangerous. OG says that he can’t find out where she is.

We see that SJ is in the dream, she decided to get into the coffin and sleep forever. the coffin is covered.

Back at her place, OG is holding SJ and telling her to call him. He wonders where she is and tells her to call him.

Fade Out.

Thank you Beebee!

12:24 OG says SJ pretty in her apartment
MeloMance- I Will Be By Your Side [Hwayugi OST Part.3]

15:31 SJ lets OG to come in her apartment
BumKey- When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]

22:13 SJ tries to take GGG out
Suran – I’ll Be Fine [Hwayugi OST Part.4]

Ben – If We Were Destined [Hwayugi OST Part.6]











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    February 11, 2018 / 11:35 pm

    @RP lol yeah, the supernatural characters and the actors who play them have been getting particular attention 2016-2018 (Goblin with your fave Gong Yoo and now Lee Seung Gi as OG). You should catch 2014 SBS’ “You’re All Surrounded” where the dynamics between Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi were totally different 🙂 Hwayugi’s bromance is a bit like frenemies on some kind of chemical high LOL

    @*V Maybe it’s me being pessimistic, but those demons are probably going to all come at the end of the 3rd last episode and who knows, maybe they’ll emerge from the evil hearts of humans. You get a distinct trend of demons and monsters being pissed off and nasty because of traitorous humans (the mermaid, references to OG’s reason for being trapped under the mountain, Asanyo’s betrayal by the king) as the plot develops. You have to wonder, what happens if the drama is extended to 22 as rumoured, Are the Hong sisters going to delay plot development indefinitely? I’m already dreading when they will do the OG history reveal. Please don’t let my “nightmare oracle” be true and SJ/Seonmi becomes some reincarnation of the human who betrayed OG way back when, though you know what they say about how some couples are fated to be together… I will have to drown my disgust in pints of ice cream if that really happens. And not the brand that WG is selling. Seriously, the product placement is crazy. Sooner or later, they’ll be selling GGG rings and couple bracelets.

    I mean without making plot predictions, does anyone else think that the team evil will start their engines running only when Asanyo and evil Prof Kang meet? Heck, he might be the reincarnation of the king who betrayed her. Why the reincarnation bet? Well, the gods seem to think reincarnation is a form of punishment and training (see Nachal). And what are they going to do for the dragon? Did someone just whisper Octo-Alice?? Tah-DA!

    OMG this show is officially driving me batty, save me!

    • Moz
      February 12, 2018 / 7:13 am

      @JY299 …SJ/Seonmi becomes some reincarnation of the human who betrayed OG… oh nooooooooo >.< i don't wanna think about that.. but i like your idea of Prof. Kang might be the reincarnation of ASY's king! yes it might be.. he's such an evil person..

      • JY299
        February 12, 2018 / 4:42 pm

        Lol @Moz glad to be joined in my battiness over Hwayugi.

        Working on a new FMV 😂

        • V
          February 12, 2018 / 7:23 pm

          Yep, there all probably going to come out in the last couple episodes and wreak havoc on everything. I’m not sure about an extension, but it looks like they have a lot more drama to tell so maybe it is good? Not sure.

          I am ready for this evil professor to go full out evil. I hope they meet up next week!

    • V
      February 12, 2018 / 7:16 pm

      Great idea! I love having everything all in one place 🙂

      • V
        February 12, 2018 / 7:24 pm

        Just checked it out! Now I can go back and watch the ones that I missed.

        • JY299
          February 14, 2018 / 5:15 pm

          Lol @*V thanks! Makes me feel better everytime CJE&M blocks my video in SKorea. This latest time is because of visual content and I was like huh??

          This latest video is kinda my Valentine’s gift to the team – hope your day with Beau is going well – pretty sure all fans are grateful for both your help in doing the recaps!

          Here’s the individual link, watch for the end text 😉

  16. Beebee
    February 14, 2018 / 12:32 am

    The preview for ep15 is out.. driving me insane!!

    • V
      February 14, 2018 / 7:33 am

      Oh, thank you for letting me know! Off to look for it.

  17. RP
    February 14, 2018 / 7:37 am

    @JY299 Actually, I haven’t seen Goblin. Lol. Just Coffee prince and some of his movies. 😂

    I’ve been thinking about the reincarnation of the human that betrayed OG to be Seon Mi too! I wonder when that will unfold. It’s very likely. The way BR disclosed it in the earlier episode, makes you think that this secret detail is going to blow our minds when it gets finally revealed.

    Some people think that Seon Mi’s character is quite boring and a bit passive. But I guess she is that way only because that’s how she survived growing up, being an introvert. In the next episode, as Asanyo, she will be most interesting to watch!

    OG, I feel your pain!!! It’s so painful to wait till Saturday!!! Hahaha!

    • V
      February 14, 2018 / 11:30 am

      I feel like Seon-mi is so boring so that it can seem like true love between her and OG. how can OG find someone as simple as Seon-mi loveable? Doesn’t he have goddesses surrounding him? It must be that he sees something in her that makes him love her.

    • JY299
      February 14, 2018 / 5:24 pm

      @RP Lol you’re missing out, you have to watch Goblin(aka The Lonely and Shining Guardian). It’s what made Gong Yoo an undisputed star all over again on TV. (His movies sometimes had a more restricted audience though Train to Busan got him an international audience).

      Maybe a friend’s review of Goblin will further convince you keke 😁

      Enjoy! (some spoilers included)

  18. JY299
    February 14, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    😱 maybe I’m slow on the uptake. So from the preview, Asanyo has taken over Seonmi and Seonmi is chasing after what she (Asanyo and Seonmi herself) wants which is presumably being married to OG.

    Then who is in Buja? Why did she look freakily like Octo Alice??

    And who is MW keeping alive?? Buja?

    Think I’ve walked into the clever trap of tvN 😂

    • Moz
      February 15, 2018 / 7:57 am

      oh, i watched the preview in a glance and i thought i saw alice, but it is actually bu ja.. owww.. scary..

      so sad to see the pain in OG’s eyes like that.. don’t be sad my precious OG..

  19. RP
    February 15, 2018 / 8:08 am

    @V I like Seon Mi’s character because she has a childlike and unworldly nature about her that make her the perfect heroine to save human race from evil. She is lovable that way. For someone like OG who is “badass” it would be most refreshing to be with the likes of Seon Mi who is pure at heart, wishing only the good of people (and demons, zombies included) around her. 😊

    @JY299 I have reservations with Goblin only because I feel that the girl protagonist is too young for Gong Yoo. And I’m in the middle of an important project so I can’t be distracted too much. Korean Odyssey is already too much for me!!! Haha. I’m sure I’ll find time to watch it in the future but I will watch Descendants of the Sun first. (Yes, I’m so pathetic I haven’t watched it! Lol)

    I’m thinking BuJa is in BuJa’s body, since Seon Mi is inside the coffin and Asanyo is in Seon Mi’s body. However, I also think that Asanyo goes inside BuJa’s body from time to time because she can manipulate souls and she has done it before with BuJa.

    • JY299
      February 15, 2018 / 8:22 am

      LOL no worries, understand completely. I was only able to watch Descendants properly last year while I was recovery from surgery and had many physiotherapy sessions. It’s largely light and should be fine. Goblin can get a tad tragic. Lol actually I wrote something on the age gap, I mean Gong Yoo’s swoon and all but I’m not sure why his most successful TV series almost always makes him an (almost) ajusshi (think Coffee Prince and Goblin). Maybe he just seems like a cute ajusshi 😂 here’s hoping I don’t get his fans hating me. Hey I’m his fan too, just not fanatic 😁

      😂 I’ve learnt to schedule my Kdrama binges during holiday seasons in Asia. Right now it’s Lunar New Year in Asia and I’m planning to binge on as many Kdrama series as possible.

      Hope you’re able to watch soon after your project ends. I’m watching Mystery Queen now 😂

  20. Moz
    February 16, 2018 / 4:48 am

    there’s also a video showing OG and SJ in ancient dresses.. OG seems falling in love with SJ, but SJ is getting married to some one else..

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