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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 11

Live Recap for the Kdrama Hwayugi Korean Odyssey 11
I am so ready to watch this episode. This week went by at a snail pace. It made me think that we missed a live recap, that is how slow this week felt. Hopefully the mystery of Buja (aka Z) will be resolved this episode. Will she turn bad, won’t she? Did the octopus prince take over her body? We will soon see!

Also, we are live recapping Misty about 30 minutes after this episode finishes. Misty is the ish, it is really good, intense, quiet, it reminds me of Misaeng in a way, though it isn’t like Misaeng. Y’all, Misty is just on a whole ‘nother level. I recommend checking it out.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | MW’s secretary – SM | Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS | Goong Gang Go (bracelet) – GGG

Airing Time: Feb. 3rd, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: Updating and Editing…after a nap


We are at the kiss! We are in the library and SJ just kissed OG and said “Activate”. OG tells her that this wasn’t enough for activation. He leans in and gives her a deep kiss. They smile at each other and kiss again and it goes on and on.

Then they leave and walk down the hall holding hands. SJ wonders if it is okay to walk and hold hands and OG says that they can walk like normal people now. She kissed him and they aren’t family so they have decided that they are together. OG tells SJ that she activated him so she has to take responsibility for him. But SJ is embarrassed and says that she won’t call him ever! And storms off. OG just looks at her leave and says that she is so hard to understand.

But then we see SJ at her home. She closes her front door and rests against it. She doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, in OG’s house, he is waiting for SJ to call him.

MW is at an Olympic event. He is carrying the torch for the Olympics and walking through a crowd waving at everyone. We see the presidential candidate running with the actual torch. Then we see MW waving and someone runs up to him and stabs him! MW was stabbed and falls to the ground! He is in the news and it it is a big mess. Everyone thinks he might be dead. He is in critical condition

Cut to SJ and her sec talking about the condition. SM talks to all the reporters and says that MW might die, but her acting looks fake. She is trying not to cry and says that she hopes he doesn’t die. All the reporters want to know what is going on, but SM can’t answer any questions.

Cut to MW in his hospital bed with tubes connected to him.

But then we see SM looking very relaxed as she talks to SJ. MW is okay, there is a copy of him in the hospital who might die. MW planned the entire thing. He felt that it was time for him to die. We see a meeting with all the gods and monsters, they fill SJ in about how they pick a good time to die and then they carry it out. MW decided to die for the normal people.

We cut back to the Olympic event with MW and SM planning this entire stabbing event. They want to have good visibility and a good scene. But then he sees that a man in the crowd has a bad spirit attached to him. This man is looking at the candidate. MW said that he didn’t want this man to use his knife against the candidate, so he just gave up his stomach to him. MW jumped in front of the man who was about to stab the candidate and told the bad monster to go away.

Cut back to the meeting of the gods and monsters. MW says that he was kind of tired of the tv stuff, so it’s nice to cut back for now. His life was too noisy, so he wants to go somewhere and open a hotel somewhere super cold.

The gods and monsters talk about what everyone else’s plans are. SJ wonders if anyone else will die? They talk about how it is more difficult now. before, they could just disappear, but now people take photos and put it on the internet and all those things. Then they start arguing and being a thug vs. being respected. OG says that he doesn’t care about being loved, he only needs SJ to love him.

SJ spits out her drink and OG tells her “Activation, activation” and blows a kiss. SJ is super embarrassed and tells OG that they should leave. She drags him out by the wrist.

They go to a bedroom and talk and SJ tells OG that he shouldn’t do this in front of the other monsters! But OG is all like, “why not?”. SJ tells him that she is shy and when everything is taken care of, he will be gone and she will be by herself. OG looks affected by this, he wonders if they are really dangerous together? SJ says, yes, it is dangerous for her. OG nods and says okay, instead of seducing you, can I just brag about you?

SJ and OG start to play and OG tells her that he can show her anything. Does she want to see stars? he snaps his fingers and shows her stars. SJ is mesmerized. OG looks at his GGG and SJ as she is looking at the stars in the bedroom.

OG – SJ, I am also getting fooled. I feel like without this, I will be the same
SJ – Huh?
OG – Just look at the stars
OG – I am glad I put her over there. I could have said something unnecessary, it is dangerous for me.

The candidate is thinking about Buja, she was definitely dead and revived again. He wonders if he is crazy and he holds Buja’s glove that he found on the ground.

Z apologizes to SJ about what happened in the car. She says that PK is giving her some very good energy balls and other things to help her with rotting. SJ hopes that Z is okay now and tells her that she will find out who she is so she should cheer up. SJ leaves.

Z turns back to the room and runs into OG. OG tells her that if he knows what PK did to SJ, then he would have just killed him. OG tells Z that these energy balls will not last forever, she will start to lose her mind soon. Z tells him that when that time comes, she will just disappear. OJ comes out and wants to know if Z will survive much longer. OG says that her smell is getting worse, everyone knows that. OJ mentions that this must be why OG turned up the ac. But OG just plays it off and says that he has done enough for Z.

WG’s sister and SM are talking about the death bell. SM remembers that the devil boy said that he lost his death bell, not his love bell. SM tells WG’s sister that she heard that he lost his death bell.

SJ still thinks that the ringing is from the love bell, even though she has the death bell. She wants to know if OG will believe her if she tells him that she heard the ringing.

The guy that stabbed MW tried to cut down this tree, but he went crazy. Two men are at the tree talking about this and they want to cut this tree down so they can seel it and pay for their kid’s college money. So one of the men tries to cut it down, but then everything turns dark and all of a sudden the tree grabs him. he screams and disappears.

Everyone is talking about how MW is unconscious. Everyone wants to here “You Paaaaass” again. MW is crying in his house as he watches the news reports with all of these fans that love MW. He tells them “You passssssss” and cries into his hand. But then OG comes out and changes the channel to something he wants to watch. MW is super annoyed, but he lets it pass. He says that maybe he should have decided to die a few years later.

Then OG and MW start to talk about opening a restaurant together. But MW says that he won’t open a restaurant with him! OG tells him not to discriminate against customers. But then SM comes in and says that something is spreading on SNS about him. SHe gives him the cell phone and we see that MW has a son! MW is all like “what!!” All these women are saying that their child is MW’s. MW stand up and says that he hasn’t used “this” for a thousand years!!!!

OG and MW start to talk about all these hidden lovers on the internet. OG thinks that it is hilarious. But then he sees a picture of SJ on the internet as a possible hidden lover and starts to yell at OG that he can’t die like this! He has to clarify this! MW stands up and says, Okay, I won’t die like this, Open your eyes!

Cut to the MW copy opening his eyes in the hospital. The doctors and nurses are all shocked. It is a miracle!! Then we see MW in the bed with SM by his side. He talks to the doctors and looks fine. All the news articles are about how MW is back!

MW is crazy happy that everyone is happy that he is back and laughs with SM about that.

A lot of men are at this tree. They want to destroy it. But they can’t somehow? Someone tells the candidate that this tree told him to kill the candidate. the candidate is incredulous about this. he just wants this tree destroyed so he can put something else there.

Cut to SJ and her sec walking and talking. The sec is saying that MW is back and SJ says that MW should just die, why did he come back? the sec is all like “???”

But then they see the candidate walking with all his people. SJ pauses as she sees them.


The candidate and MW are in the hospital having a photo op at MW’s bed. MW tells him that he gave him flowers instead of the torch and the candidate smiles. But outside we see that there is a haunted worker who is in the hospital also. SJ sees this worker and starts to follow him. Epic music starts to play as she follows him around. But then Z calls her over.

SJ goes to them and tells them that she was following a haunted person, but she lost him. PK and Z are wondering what that is, but they said that there are a lot of grim reapers there at the hospital so there could be trouble. PK goes with SJ to find the worker and they tell Z to sit and wait for them. but PK tells her not to fall asleep or someone will think that she is dead.

Z sits on the bench and the camera scroll to her mother’s hospital room.

Cut to the candidate talking about moving Z’s mother to a new hospital. Z is sitting outside and sees a woman being rolled away in a hospital bed. She looks at this woman as if she might recognize her. She feels something a little strange….she keeps looking at this woman but she doesn’t follow.

PK and SJ fill MW and SM in about what is happening with this monster following the candidate. MW thinks that when you live long enough then you know how to read people. They think that the candidate looks strong and is too strong to be haunted by a weak monster.

SJ leaves and talks to SM outside. Sm brings up the love ring and wants to know if she heard the ringing sound. Sj says that she did and they talk about how it was a very pretty sound. SJ nods and then leaves, but SM thinks that SJ may have head the death ring sound.

They are back at the house and talking about flowers. OG starts to tease her and tells her that she isn’t pretty like these flowers, but Z says that she is pretty. SOmeone even gave her their card about being an idol. OG says, “Okay, okay, you are pretty.” But then the conversation turns serious. Z says that she is ready to die. Can OG burn her? They talk about the people that killed her and if she wants revenge. But Z says that she doesn’t care about revenge. She just wants to disappear while she is pretty like this. She wants to keep this a secret from everyone and she wants some time to say goodbye to everyone. She says that she will sleep in the bathtub and OG tells her fine, fine, I will just put all of these things in the bathroom. And he takes all of the flowers to the bathroom. Z smiles a solemn smile.

SM tells MW that SJ has the death bell, but she doesn’t know what it is. The bell rang. MW is shocked.

She takes it out and wonders if SM knows that she has this bell. SHe wants to go and ask SM if it is real. Then she gets a text. OG says that he is almost there, just count to ten. SJ gets nervous and starts to quickly clean up everything.

OG comes in through the front door and SJ is sitting casually on the couch as if she wasn’t just freaking out a moment ago. She casually says, “Oh, your here.” and he smiles. He sits on the couch next to her and SJ wants to know why he is there. OG wants to know if SJ wants to know a sad thing before or after? Something that you cannot avoid. SJ thinks that there is no reason to know if before if it will happen. OG thinks, okay.

Then SJ asks if he wants some tea and goes to make some. Og watches her make it and SJ is very aware of him watching her. But then his eyes fall to the box on the table with the black bell inside. he opens it and his expression grows serious. The bell starts to ring.

SJ is clueless about this and is still preparing the tea. She gets it all prepared and brings it to OG, but OG has disappeared.

Cut to OG at the devil shop. He wants to know if this I the bell that the devil boy lost and if it rang. The boy says that it rang already and his eyes glow red.

MW feels like SJ can’t kill OG because OG is like a rock. But BR says that OG was a weakness because GGG made his heart soft. So to fulfill their destiny, they have to kill each other, one of them will die. This is the punishment that the sky has given to OG. The sky gods haven’t forgiven him yet. OG has never felt any real pain in his life. This is what made the sky god angry so everyone thinks that they should see OG suffering at least once.

Cut to OG holding the black bell and throws it on the table.

Z is eating some yummy food from OJ and thanks him for all the food. OJ smiles and tells her to eat some more. She smiles and picks up some more food to eat. She meets with WG next and eats some ice cream. WG wants her to visit more often. Z wants to meet with WG’s sister next, but it looks like she can’t meet with the sister during the daytime. Z asks WG to tell his sister that she likes her or something like that and WG thinks that something must be wrong. But Z says nothing is wrong and keeps eating the ice cream happily.

PK is steady arguing with Alice about their scandal. PK stopped the scandal but Alice wants it to keep going or something like that. Alice is basically making PK’s life a living hell. She attacks him and he holds her hands. SM leaves this crazy scene.

But then Z shows up and PK immediately lets go of Alice. He wants to go have fun with Z and tells her that they can go to a theme park. Alice looks annoyed in the background and PK and Z leave.

Cut to PK and Z talking. Z wants to know if PK’s nose really hurts? But PK says that he wasn’t hit that hard. Z touches PK’s nose and says for him to not be too hard. She smiles at him and thanks him. She tells him that she is happy that PK calls her little sister and she thanks him the most because he called her his little sister. She smiles and tells PK bye-bye. But then she stoically cries in the elevator as she leaves. PK feels something might be a little strange…but he shakes it off.

The workers are finally going to cut this tree down. SJ is there with SM. SJ cuts her hand and blood falls on the ground. One of the workers tries to hit them, but SM freezes him and wants to know if this was the worker? SJ says yes. Everything turns dark and this man turns into a demon. He says that he has been there for more than 1000 years and these stupid humans are responsible. But the monster goes away and the tree is normal.

SJ wants to know what it means to protect this area for more than 1000 years. SM doesn’t think much of it and says that this bad spirit is quiet now and the construction will start again. Let’s go. But SJ just keeps looking around. She looks at the workers running to help their fallen colleague and at the sky. An uneasy feeling is in the air.

OG is in a wheelchair and talking to OG about his feelings. OG thinks that maybe SJ can really kill me, but they think that humans can’t kill them. MW tells OG that he heard that OG knows that SJ heard the ringing sound. OG says yes and pulls out the bell. He says that as long as she has GGG, he can’t kill her, but does he think that she will really kill him? OG says that he doesn’t want to die, so he will have to do something, perhaps he will have to kiss her first….

He sees SM and SJ and wonders how someone who can kill him is so pretty. he walks to SJ and tells her that she needs and scarf and does she want to get something to eat? She smiles and they leave holding hands.

SM tells MW that they took care of the tree. MW says that he knows OG and he thinks that OG will kill SJ first. Love won’t be able to overcome him. he waves at OG and SJ as they walk away.

OG interlocks his fingers with SJ as they walk away.

Z is waiting at the elevator and a woman sees her. This woman might know her. Z asks the woman if she knows her.

Cut to the thugs. They have a purse that belongs to either Z or her mother. They throw it in the backseat.

Cut back to the hospital. The woman took her into the hospital room where her mother was. Z looks around and sees pictures of herself. SHe says that these photos are really her! This is her! She calls the phone number and the phone starts to ring in the car and Z is on the other end. She is asking if this is her mother! Is this really her mother!


Buja tells the person on the other end of the phone that it is her, where are you. She starts to run down the hallway.

OG is inspecting SJ’s wound from the tree incident. SJ says that it is all OG’s fault. Og agrees, it is all his fault. he shouldn’t blame her, even if he dies in the future. SJ wonders what all this talk is about.

Cut to a coffin. This coffin came out from the tree. A man is telling this to the candidate and says that perhaps this is a relic. He took it out secretly. the candidate tells him that he did a good job and excuses them. Then he looks at the coffin alone. He walks to the coffin and tries to open it.

A light shoots out. He has a vision of an old chief or something like that. He lets go and tells his assistant to just throw it away. But the coffin starts to glow again.

Z is about to meet her mom, but the thugs show up. She turns to the thugs and her face falls.

They are about to part ways, but SJ wants to know what this sad thing is. She wants to know. OG doesn’t want to tell her. He says that she and Z are blood connected and he decided to burn her because she is afraid of becoming a bad spirit. He told Z that he would do that for her. SJ wonders where she is. Where is Buja?

Then Buja falls onto the car! She is all bloody and broken and lying crippled on the car. OG pulls SJ to him so she won’t see it. But he is incensed, OG looks up and his eyes become red.

The thugs are on the roof and OG confronts them. he looks pissed. He thinks back to what Z told him about meeting the people who wanted to bury her. He steps toward the thugs and all the things that Z said about revenge and not wanting revenge are repeating in his head. She said that she wants to disappear while she is still pretty. But she is not pretty anymore. OG keeps walking toward the thugs and throwing them against the wall. He is about to push them over the edge. But SJ runs to him, she tells him to stop. Stop!

OG stops, his GGG becomes dark and the ties around his heart become black. He grabs his chest in pain and blood comes out of his mouth. He is able to straighten himself up and turns around to face SJ. He looks hurt and confused.

MW – OG will be killed by SJ

Fade Out.

Live recap of Misty is coming up in about 30 minutes!



This translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!
MW: Are you saying that the one buried under that tree is Na Son Yeo (Princess Iron Fan)?
OG: When you’re pretty, I will make sure to burn you.
BJ: He’s hurt because of unnie, isn’t he? Because unnie called him?
OG: Perhaps, do you know anything about reanimation?
BJ: I want to have you.
MW: She said she saw that woman.
BJ: Shall I, for Ma Wang-nim, help you?

Opening: OG and SJ kissing
Unreleased OST #7 from Hwang Chi-yeul?

1:50 OG and SJ arguing
MeloMance- I Will Be By Your Side [Hwayugi OST Part.3]
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

1:08:40 SJ stops OG and he bleeds
Suran – I’ll Be Fine [Hwayugi OST Part.4]
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

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OST #6 English translation, press cc if you don’t see it. (Thank you Cedric Ong from Soompi)

Scene #1: The kiss between Oh-gong and Seon-mi at the begining of the episode

Scene #2: MW stabbing and death conspiracy

Scene #3: Ma-wang stabbing and playful monster back and forth conversation

Scene #4: Seon-mi embarrassed about the kiss and talking to Oh-gong about it in the bedroom

This translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Surely not?
SM: No, it’s not! It’s absolutely not!
OG: What do you mean it’s not? If you keep acting like this, I’m not going to do activation.
SM: What?
OG: Activation, I’m talking about. Activation.
(kisses his fingers and touches them to SM while everyone looks on in surprise and shock)
MW: What’s this?
SM: Get up! You’re going to follow Ma Wang today, and die. Get up.
OG: What? What?
SM: Get up!
OG: What is it? Ay! Ay!
MW: So, has Sam Jang ultimately become like that?

SM: Go in. Hurry up!
OG: What? What about it?
SM: You, in front of people… no, in front of all the demons, don’t act up. It’s embarrassing.
OG: Really? Okay, then I’ll only act up when it’s the two of us.
SM: Don’t act up when it’s just the two of us either.
OG: Why? Are you not confident that you won’t give in?
SM: Yes. I’m not confident. If you keep tempting me, then I’m totally going to give in.
OG: Why are you being like this so suddenly? I like it too much.
SM: I’m embarrassed. Son Oh Gong, I have totally deceived myself and fallen for you. Later, you’ll be finished, so I’ll probably be left to be miserable alone. Even though I know that, I still like you more and more. I must be crazy. The me who has come to like you, you watch out for me.
OG: Right now, here, the two of us, is this really dangerous for you?
SM: Yes. It’s dangerous. Don’t do it.
OG: Okay, since I agreed not to do anything that you tell me not to do.

After the clip is done, there is one more section in the continuation of the scene, though I didn’t bother including some of the chitchat:

SM: Thank you.
OG: Then not acting up, but can I do some showing off?

(OG shows SM his viewing tower, and then shows her the stars. OG is about to gesture to put more on display for SM, but notices the geumganggo on his wrist.)

OG: (talking to himself) Jin Seon Mi, I think I’m also deceiving myself. Even if this goes away, I think that I’ll feel the same as I do now. I’m crazy, aren’t I?
SM: What?
OG: Nothing. Just look at the stars.

Scene #5: Oh-gong and Buja talking about what happened to Seon-mi in the van.

Scene #6: Ma-wang crying over all his adoring fans and Oh-gong not caring at all. Then SM comes in with some embarrassing Baby Daddy news all over social media.

This translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

(MW watches news reports on tv of his illness, and how his fans are so sad and praying for him. OG comes in and switches it to Youn’s Kitchen which is showing Lee Seo Jin. LOL.)

OG: Found what I wanted to watch. (plops on the sofa)
MW: Hey, what’s this?
OG: You have to stop watching the news. This is on.
MW: Hey, I was watching it, so why did you turn the channel?
OG: Oh, you’ve already decided to die, so what’s the point of watching that. Your “You’ve passed”, you’ve already done it enough times. Throw it away now.
MW: Hey, didn’t you just see it? They’re all waiting for my “You’ve passed”.
OG: They won’t wait long. They’ll forget you in an instant.
MW: Ah, I think I’ve decided too easily to die. If I had known that I was receiving so much love like this…then maybe I should have tried to live a few more years.
OG: You’ve already put a news report out that there is no hope. (watches tv for a bit.
OG: Ah, shall we grab this chance, and go somewhere like that and set up a restaurant instead? What do you think of Son Restaurant?
MW: What do you mean Son Restaurant? It’s not as if you’re even going to do the cooking, so why is it Son Restaurant? It should be Woo Restaurant.
OG: That’s right. In the past, Ma Wang made all three meals for me. (me: Dying of laughter now) Since Ma Wang can cook really well, let’s make it Woo Restaurant. Woo Restaurant.
MW: Of course, it should be Woo Restaurant! (catches himself) Ay. Hey, why would I do a restaurant with you? Don’t even dream about it.
OG: Okay. I’ll go by myself as a customer.
MW: Don’t you dare come. I won’t give you any food.
OG: Why shouldn’t I go as a customer?! You have to sell another meal in order to live well! (meaning that a restaurant needs all the customers it can get)
MW: Oh! You won’t lose even one word! (meaning that OG always has to have the last word) Not one word.
Ma: Ma Wang-nim? I don’t think that you can pass away like this.
MW: Why?
Ma: Via SNS, the paparazzi are mucking President Woo’s name through the mud. Even if you go when you go, you’re going to have to set things straight before you go.
MW: Paparazzi? What is it?
OG: Oh! Ma Wang, you had a son?

Scene #7: Ma-wang reacts to Baby Daddy news and Oh-gong gets upset that Seon-mi is one of the women speculated to be Ma-wang’s lover (on the internet). Ma-wang decides to not die after all.

Scene #8: Buja sees her mother in the hospital, but does not recognize her.

Scene #9: Buja telling Oh-gong that she wants to die while still pretty.

Scene #10: Oh-gong having tea with Seon-mi and seeing the black bell.

Scene #11: Buja says her goodbyes to Winter god and PK.

Scene #12: Ma-wang and Oh-gong talking in the hospital about the death bell. Oh-gong is not concerned.

This translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!
OG: I’ve agreed to burn Bu Ja. I thought Ma Wang should know that.
MW: Sam Jang will be sad.
OG: It’s better than letting her watch her turn into an evil spirit. I want her sadness to be as short as possible, later.
MW: Seeing that you even care about Sam Jang being sad, it seems that your heart has really become very soft.
OG: Yes. If I blink, she might actually be able to kill me.
MW: Ay, how could the one and only Great Sage, Equal to Heaven be killed by any human?
OG: Why are you pretending not to know? You know about the death bell. That Secretary Ma had come and found out about it, I heard it all from the junk dealer’s grandson.
MW: So you already knew that Sam Jang had the death bell?
OG: Yes. (pulls the bell out) She says she’s already heard it ring.
MW: Then you two, that one will kill and one will be killed, you know that as well, don’t you?
OG: Since I’m wearing the geumganggo, I definitely won’t be able to kill her. Then, will she really kill me?
MW: You, surely, are not ready to die at that woman’s hands, are you?
OG: Let’s see. For me to not die, whatever I have to do, I’ll have to get rid of Sam Jang first, won’t I?
(SM and Secretary Ma come walking towards them.)
OG: The woman who might kill me is that pretty, so what can I do?
MW: If she’s that pretty, then you have no choice. Is the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven going to die at Sam Jang’s hands?
OG: Ma Wang, don’t worry too much about me. I absolutely won’t die.
MW: I don’t worry about you. Whether you die or not.
OG: In a little while, Bu Ja is going to come by to make her last greetings. Don’t cry and show you have a weak heart.
(SM and Sec. Ma come walking up.)
OG: Secretary Dog, hi! (walking to SM) Do you know how cold it is outside that you’re not even wearing a scarf?
SM: It’s okay.
OG: Let’s go eat. (holds hands with SM and starts to walk away)
SM: Okay.

After this clip finishes, there is the scene continuation which I’m including:

Ma: The evil spirit has been dealt with.
MW: Son Oh Gong already knew about the death bell.
Ma: Really? And he is still dealing with Sam Jang so warmly like that?
MW: He says that he definitely won’t die. I know the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven. He is definitely going to get rid of Sam Jang first.
(OG looks to MW signalling that he shouldn’t cry. MW makes the motion back to OG.)
MW: Love? Something like that absolutely won’t be able to win over that guy.
SM: Did something happen?
OG: No.
(OG interlocks their fingers as they continue to walk away.)

Scene #13: Ma-wang and his secretary talking about the possibility of Seon-mi killing Oh-gong. Buja finds out about her mother.

Scene #14: Buja gets attacked by the thugs and thrown off the roof. Og-gong hides Seon-mi from seeing Buja like that.

Scene #15: Oh-gong goes berserk on the thugs. Seon-mi nearly kills him when she tells him to stop and the GGG turns black.

Source tvN

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    • V
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      That part was hilarious.

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    • V
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      You’re welcome!

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    • V
      February 3, 2018 / 7:41 am

      I knooooooooow! It was a sinister preview. But hopefully the actual episode isn’t as sinister?

  7. JY299
    February 3, 2018 / 7:30 am

    OMG we didn’t even get an episode without the tragedy and sadness invading -.-

    But thanks for the invite, at least there’ll be some sleep tonight LOL

    • V
      February 3, 2018 / 7:38 am

      I know! But at least we opened with the kissing scene and not a cutaway and flashback.

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    Thank you for the live recap! I wonder when will Sumni take the GGG off OG. Maybe tomorrow???

    • Anna A
      February 3, 2018 / 9:00 am

      I am hoping the GGG stays on SOG until he learns to control his impulse… Killing those two men is wrong… They are not the murderers… SM is teaching him how to discern and exercise self-control… That’s what being a diety means…
      I want to see GGG being used for its real purpose… I believe it is not just to protect SM but for SM to teach him..

      That’s what the GGG in journey to the west does… Whenever the monkey king is impulsive,the monk SJ will chant to make monkey king stop all his devilish ways..overtime, monkey king learns to be benevolent like the monk.

      • 2018hereIam
        February 3, 2018 / 5:24 pm

        That is really great insight. The ending made me pretty worried but your comment makes me feel a little more at ease.

        • V
          February 3, 2018 / 5:29 pm

          Me too. I kind of feel like she will take it off? But I like what Anna A said above.

        • Mia
          February 5, 2018 / 2:55 am

          Thanks Anna. In this case however, the thugs did kill BuJa. So they are still murderers, regardless of who they work for.

          • V
            February 5, 2018 / 1:38 pm


    • 2018hereIam
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      I wonder about that too.

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    watching it raw while reading your live recaps is a kind of downing the torture waiting for sub..

    Ever since 1st episode, we know Oh Gong is the loyal type, remember the warm kettle that he presents to winter god? It’s not a wonder of him doing that kind of thing, moreover to Buja…

    OMG, the angst is so great. I can’t wait!

    • V
      February 3, 2018 / 5:32 pm

      He really showed how much he cared for Buja in the end of this episode. He puts on an uncaring face in front of her, but maybe his heart is really with her. He just wants he to die pretty. JUST LET HER DIE PRETTY HONG SISTERS! DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING AT YOU???

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        • V
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          Ha ha ha ha ha 🙂 🙂 YES

        • ozz
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          • V
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            You have found your people 🙂

  15. JY299
    February 3, 2018 / 10:45 pm

    This episode was a real gem, at least the first half. There was the bitter sadness of Buja /Zombie which was tempered by the sweetness of OG and Sun Mi. And I think for once SM has turned the tables on OG. He’s the one feeling insecure while SM sets certain boundaries on their relationship.

    What was particularly funny was OG’s reminder to SM to take responsibility for activating him – isn’t that usually the line spouted by the female?? LOL SM acts like a guy who’s embarrassed by his girlfriend’s frank PDA and admission of their relationship status during the meeting with MW, PK, the Patriarch and others.

    A pity that quickly ended with the question that introduces serious considerations: what happens when this is all over? Is the GGG the main determinant of their feelings? For the first time, rather refreshing in light of what he usually does, OG admits that even without the GGh, he might still feel the same way about SM.

    The jarring note sounded (pun intended) by the Death Bell and Buja’s tragic fate, however, bring the end to the sweetness all too soon.

    My guess is that Octopus prince takes over Buja but it is unclear which he (Octo)Buja wants. More importantly, OG (because of his more developed human and therefore vulnerable side) is corruptible – so is this a flaw in the gods’ plan to have OG suffer for his impudence?

    • V
      February 4, 2018 / 4:57 am

      I am also questioning what happens when all this is over and I do feel like the GGG is the determinant of all his feelings. It would be nice if we saw flashbacks of OG caring for Seon-mi on the sly while she was growing up. Like maybe when she was in college or graduate school or something. That way we can see that his feelings built for her over some time. If they do that, then I will believe that his feelings aren’t tied onto the GGG.

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      I’m in the same boat. ☺So happy for the live recaps.

      • V
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        @Ellenjesca and @2018hereIam, so happy to have y’all here!

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    I am hoping that OG’s death is more like how MW’s “death” is in this episode. Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking… I know we always hear about SJ causing OG’s death but actually seeing OG bleed with just a word from SJ is actually very unnerving. For the first time in this show, I can actually believe that SJ can kill OG and can do so in a very brutal way too 🙁 How can an episode start so good and finish so painful? T_T

    • V
      February 5, 2018 / 1:21 pm

      It did start well and end painfully. Hopefully next week it can start painfully and end well.

  18. JY299
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    For Team Bah Doo and all the fellow Hwayugi obsessives (who are having withdrawal symptoms because the next episode is about slightly less than 60 hours away)

    My lil contribution to keeping that smile on for the next 59 hours or so 🙂



    • V
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      • V
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        Haha, “Nonchalance maintained at all costs,” that’s about right 🙂

        • JY299
          February 8, 2018 / 7:12 pm

          Thanks for watching.
          Am pondering how to handle the Vida for 11 and 12 because it gets dark and heavy real fast. And conflicted about Buja too… She’s freaky as the shaman.

  19. JY299
    February 7, 2018 / 6:10 pm

    Oops, almost forgot, please note that fans in SKorea: sorry, the FMV is blocked by CJE&M.

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