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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 10

Kdrama Live recap Hwayugi 10
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I really hope what Lalaloo said in the comments yesterday comes true today! At least one bad omen will be gone and our couples happiness can continue until the whole end of the world thing. If that happens in conjunction with JY299’s Prince Charming theory, then I will be a very happy camper this episode.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | MW’s secretary – SM | Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS | Goong Gang Go (bracelet) – GGG

Airing Time: Jan. 28th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: UPDATING

Montage of old moments of OG and SJ together. All the happy moments of OG saying that he will protect SJ.

SJ – I heard a bell sound, I thought we had a God-given fate, but now I know this kind of thing will never happen.

SJ is still passed out and dreaming of all these things. Her eyes open. MW kneels next to her.

MW – Are you awake? Can you tell me what happened?

Flashback to the monster and the moment of little SJ going to the monster. The monster says that she will take the child with the special ability.

MW – So you lost SJ’s ability.
SJ – What?
MW – You asked her to take your special ability
SJ – She really did it?
MW – She took all of your ability, Seon-mi, you are not SJ anymore. You became a normal person as you wished, so we don’t have to see each other anymore.

MW leaves.

SJ – I am a normal person now?

MW and SM are walking in the hall.

MW – SJ gave all her fate to the bookkeeper.
SM – Do you think the bookkeeper has GGG’s contract?
MW – Yes.

OG – So you have my GGG contract?
Bookkeeper – GGG contract is in one of these books, so I can call you. I am the new owner of GGG. Your heart will start to love me.
OG – I can’t stand this anymore.

MW – Do you think GGG owner can change? Can the love transfer?
BR – I guess so, but I don’t know what activated GGG ability, SJ’s fate or Seon-mi’s ability.
BR – If the contract was with Sam-jang, then he should love the bookkeeper

Cut to the bookkeeper monster looking so busted. OG hit her a lot and says that he can’t own him. She is cowering on the bookshelf. But the bookkeeper tells OG that he can’t have SJ back because the SJ asked the monster to take her ability. The ability makes her unhappy. OG starts yelling at the monster. He is not looking for the contract and he doesn’t care about that. The monster wants to know why he hit her if he doesn’t’ want the GGG back? OG says that he will not kill her now and to just hide the book well, otherwise he will kill her.

Meanwhile, Winter god is looking through the books. He sees the little girl ghost again and starts talking to her, he wants to know how she got out of the book. But the little girl isn’t talking to him. The winter god asks the ghost to come with him at least.

Cut to the zombie in a staircase. She is dead and the candidate just lays her there. He is in shock and calls someone to come to the basement hallway to get her. But then he looks back and she has disappeared again. he thinks that she was definitely dead! But the body disappeared. He remembers that the thugs told him the same thing. He sees Z’s glove on the floor and picks it up.

Alice is trying hard to seduce PK in the garage, but it isn’t working. Then PK sees something and runs, he sees Z! he runs to her side. Z is on the floor and can barely stay awake. PK says that he ate her energy ball, why is she like this? Alice says that she smells so rotten now and Z passes out again.

The secretary wants to know how SJ knew that a fire broke out and how she knew that he should rescue the kids. he thinks that it is strange and she has some strange ability. SJ says that it won’t happen anymore. Sec wants to know where OG was, he usually helps her. SJ says that he won’t come anymore. She thinks back to MW telling her that she is not SJ anymore. Then she thinks back to OG saying that if SJ is not Sam-jang anymore than she doesn’t have to call him anymore…will she like it?

SJ is in contemplation about this and starts to say Son Og Gong and looking around. She says Son Oh Gong again and again, but he does not show up. Her face drops and she tears up. He is not really coming.

MW and SM go to see the bookseller who is wearing shades to cover her black eye. They give the bookseller/monster their contract with Lucifer entertainment. MW says that the monster should have a contract with them.

SJ shows up at the mansion and OJ lets her in. Sj goes inside and Og is there. He is on the steps and greats SJ like he is so happy. He acts as if he has no feelings good or bad toward her, he just treats her as if she is normal. SJ is stunned at this.

SJ – You aren’t protecting me anymore?
OG – you are not SJ so no more ghosts will step to you. You will just live normally
SJ – what about GGG? You still have GGG.

OG looks at GGG.

SJ – Now, you don’t love me anymore?
OG – Maybe? You don’t look pretty anymore.

He turns his back to her.

SJ – (tearing) That is good, we don’t have to see each other anymore.

She turns and leaves. OG is holding the remote control very tightly and tries not to turn around. So it looks like GGG is with Seon-mi’s human body!

They have figured out that the love contract didn’t change so OG still loves SJ. Everything else went to the bookseller, but not the love contract.

Cut to OG trying to keep it together. He tells OJ that he faked it well, but he wanted to run after her. he tells OJ that he just has to endure this one thing. OJ says that OG endured SJ well, but how can he convince MW? OG says that he will approach him honestly.

OG wonders if SJ asked OJ anything before leaving, but then he says that he doesn’t want OJ to talk about her anymore or he won’t be able to stand it. OJ says that he will keep quiet. But then we see a flashback of SJ leaving. She was crying as she walked past OJ. OJ tells OG that he definitely won’t tell OG what happened when SJ left. OG looks off and holds his heart.

SJ tells MW that she is not samjang and she is not the owner of the GGG so she can’t continue their contract anymore. But MW says that she is responsible. he can take her life. he will think of a way to break the contract with human her. SJ wonders about OG and MW say that OG still has the GGG, so he will love someone. Maybe if OG doesn’t love SJ then he must love the boooooksellllerrrr…mayyyybe?

SJ leaves and SM asks MW why he didn’t tell SJ. MW says it is because he hates it/her. MW wants to find the new owner of the GGG, so he needs to look around. he goes to find OG.

MW GOES to OG’s place and acts all chummy toward him.

MW – You are here.
OG – Hey MW, why are you at Sooyongdong?
MW – Because you are not at home. Hey, is this a suitcase? Are you going somewhere?
OG – Yes, I haven’t used it for awhile and it is kind of small. I wanted to put my statue, oh gong-oh gong, and the bathtub, but it looks pretty small for all of that.
MW – Where are you going with all of that? Far away?
OG – It’s too cold, I want to go somewhere warmer.
MW – How about Samjang
OG – She is not Samjang anymore, you know that MW, she is not calling me anymore.
MW – I know that. But you still have GGG right? The normal Jeon Seon-mi will have a good life and will date and get married. Can you endure all of that?
OG – Of course not, because I love her.
MW – Yes, you still love her. You don’t want to see that anymore, that is why you are packing up now. You are Jae Chun Dae Sun, right? Hey, just turn her back into Sam-jang again. As Sam-jang, Seon-mi won’t be able to live without you, she will die, she needs you.
OG – Yes, if I want to, I can put her right next to me and just see her whenever I want to. But MW, I am really strange now, I just wish for her to live normally as she wishes. Even though it hurts my heart a little bit. Do you think it makes sense? Just thinking about not seeing her anymore, it breaks my heart almost enough to make me cry. I am just packing up for her happiness. Do you think it makes any sense? Maybe frustrating love is like this. (tearing)
MW – Hey OG, you have real love for her…(tearing as well)…do you want my suitcase? I can even pack a bus in it.
OG – Really? I can even put a house in your suitcase. Can I pack our house? (happy again)
MW – It is not your house, it is half my house, just leave it here and come by once in a while to take a bath.
OG – Hey MW, would you like to go somewhere warm also? You did enough of Hap-gyaaaa (Paaaass)
MW – That’s okay, you just go.

OG gets up and walks to his bar smiling.

OG – I will give you one of my drinks as a present for visiting Sooyongdong. Just pick anything.

MW comes to the bar as well, he is happy and giddy.

MW – Oh, really? How come you are doing this?
OG – From here to here (points from one alcohol bottle to another)
MW – You sneaky boy, you are really a thug. Then I will pick this one. (outside of the range)
OG – No, no, no, I told you it’s starting from there. You always make me say things twice.
MW – Okay, you pick one for me.
OG – This one is good for you.
MW – You picked a cheap one.
OG – No this is a good one.
MW – Thank you, thug.

They both laugh and smile.

WG is having a hard time with the children. he can’t burn all the books because SJ is trapped inside also. They both think humans torturing kids is worse than the bookseller. The bad mind of humans created that monster anyway. BR thinks they should break up and go their own way anyway.

She picks up the death ring but she thinks it is the love ring. She smiles at it and thinks happy thoughts about it. Cut to OG looking at GGG while at his place. They are both thinking about each other. OG thinks about SJ saying that she really likes that OG loves her, even if it is fake. OG hits the table frustratingly and sits back in his chair.

The bookshelf is glowing.

PK is thinking that nothing is working. Z is laying down and looks very bad. She thinks that maybe she will just rot and disappear, but PK says that she will not disappear. She is his little sister and he will find a way to make her better. He pats her head and Alice looks at them softly.

SM comes in and fills them in. SM thinks that they should burn Z just in case she becomes a monster. PK yells at SM, he wants the energy ball. PK says that if they have to burn Z, then he will do it. SM tells PK that he shouldn’ make a huge trouble, he should take care of it and Sm won’t tell MW.

SM leaves. Alice asks PK if he is okay and PK has fire in his eyes and says that this is all because of SJ.


SJ and her sec are at a haunted building, the sec tells her that this place is the #5 most haunted house in Seoul. It was on TV and everything. SJ tells him that she is going to see how normal she is. She goes inside (but before she didn’t want to go inside because it was so crazy haunted). The sec doesn’t want to go inside though, he looks like he wants to quit again.

Sj is inside, but she doesn’t see anything. We see that a lot of people are around though. The sec says that nothing is here, let’s go. They feel chilly though. SJ puts her umbrella out as if pocking something and movies it around. the ghost is right next to her. But she doesn’t feel anything. it dawns on her that she is normal.

SJ tells her sec to not pick haunted houses anymore. They can do normal real estate now. But a teenage ghost looks daggers into SJ as she leaves.

OJ packed all OG’s favorite things. His kimchi and everything.

OJ – MW let you go so easily, I thought he would talk about the contract
OG – He is weak on love, he is letting me leave because of that
OJ – MW endured a thousand years of love,
OG – He thinks everyone is like that since he is like that.

But OJ warns him and tells him to double check.

They are meeting in his office at Lucifer and they tell her about the contract. MW tells her that she can’t call OG anymore so there is no contract. But if he gives her one piece of information then he will consider it. How do you operate GGG? SJ wants to know why? MW says that he wants to reactivate it, maybe if they do that, then it will work.

SJ wants to know how he can do that? MW says that until lunchtime on Monday it worked for SJ, but now it doesn’t work for her and he paid a lot of money for that GGG, he wants to use OG no matter what, to stop the monsters.

SJ tells him that if he is so curious about it, he should ask the bookseller. SJ storms out.

SM wants to know if she should torture Sj and MW tells her maybe there is another way. They are trying to figure out how to turn the love part of GGG over to the bookseller possibly?

SJ goes to her office all depressed. But OG is there!

SJ – Did you come here because I called you?
OG – No, I can’t hear you anymore, even if you call me.
SJ – Why are you here?
OG – I forgot something….if we leave like this then I will regret it. I want to tell you to have a good life.
SJ – …far away?
Og – Are you going to stop me…
SJ – …
OG – of course, little SJ would stop me, but older SJ isn’t like that. You aged well.
SJ – That SJ isn’t here anymore.
OG – That is right, this is normal SJ.
SJ – You have a new owner of GGG, will you do everything…
OG – What love? You don’t want me to do that? Are you dragging me?

SJ goes to sit and tells OG that she is tired and he can leave. OG tells her that she doesn’t even see ghosts anymore. He doesn’t need to help her. SJ tells him that she will ignore all the ghosts and everything and be a normal person, so just leave.

OG leaves and tells her to have a good life. But he pauses right outside the office. He thinks that he is really leaving. He is about to walk off again, but then Jonathan and the sec come around the corner laughing.

J – We have never been properly introduced (puts hand out to shake, OG puts the doll in his hand and shakes it)
Sec – We didn’t have a good relationship, but I hope you do well.

J and the sec leave and OG puts the doll in a strategic place to watch them. Then he leaves.

J, SJ, and the sec have a meeting and OG tells the HS ghost to flip all the cups in the office. But then SJ runs out. SHe is looking for OG.

OG – Are you looking for me? DO you have something to tell me? Say it.
SJ – Thank you for everything. Have a good life in a warm place. Bye.
OG – Hey JSM, I did a lot for you until now. And you only say thank you? You just say to have a good lie even though you hurt me so much?
SJ – All the love ended, it was fake
OG – You are not SJ. You love this normal life.
SJ – I suffered a lot and I am normal now.
OG – Congratulations for becoming normal! Eat ddukbogi with normal people!

OG storms off and SJ is left panting alone. She closes her eyes a moment as she takes it in.

PK is trying to find something that will stop the rotting of a zombie. The HS demon tells him that she needs to eat humans.

PK disappears and goes to Z’s side right away. he tells her that he may have found a way. He tells her to take two more of those preservatives and Z takes them. But she looks very weak. PK starts driving and thinks back to what the demon said, he has to feed Z a human person. PK drives to go find SJ.

Jonathan and SJ are together. But SJ’s mind is preoccupied with the child from yesterday that she rescued. J tells her that she can leave if she wants to and mentions that she doesn’t have her umbrella anymore. SJ tells him that she doesn’t need her umbrella anymore. J tells her that he remembers the umbrella and how she used it to protect him a long time ago. he thinks she looked so cool back then.

They both look at a little boy outside and J says that some string is attached to this little boy also. Cut to the little boy sitting with SJ. The little boy wants SJ to help his sister. But SJ tells him that she doesn’t have this ability anymore. The boy’s face drops and he puts his head down.

Winter god wants OG to talk to this little girl ghost. Can OG just play with her? OG wants a lot of money to play with her. WG says that OG’s level and this girls level are the same and they should play together, lol. WG leaves. OG tells the girl ghost that he won’t be nice to her just because she looks pitiful.

MW and the bookseller are meeting. MW wants to sign the contract, but under one condition, all the kids’ souls have to be freed. The monster says that the kids are happy in the books and she doesn’t want them to live in this hellish world. But MW wants the kids released, otherwise, they won’t be reborn into this world.

The bookshelf starts to grow again.

MW leaves and talks to SM about the logic of keeping the kids’ souls. It seems logical, because the world is hellish, but it isn’t logical. Those kids should be freed.

SM then tells MW about the zombie. SOmething happened to her when GGG changed hands. MW is shocked to hear about this and SM says that PK is taking care of it. But MW thinks PK is too dangerous.

Cut to PK at SJs office. The sec is happy to see him, but SJ is wondering why she is there. PK says that Z wants to see her. he drives SJ to the van that Z is at and tells her to go inside. He will be there later.

SJ goes inside and before she goes inside we see that Z has become a really bad zombie. Her eyes turned red and she is looking around like she did when she first became a zombie. But then MW’s car shows up and screeches around. PK tells SJ that MW is there and SJ should just go inside now! PK turns off all the lights and the van starts to rock.

MW turns the lights back on and confronts PK about this. The van is still shaking and then SJ screams! MW opens the door.


He opens the door!

SJ is holding BuJa! She is okay and cradled in SJ’s arms. Z says sorry to eunnie and then we see PK lay Z on the couch and look at her lovingly.

Meanwhile, SJ and MW talk about Z. There is no other way for Z to live because the power of SJ’s blood is gone. The bookseller has SJ’s power and she has the kids. She has everything. But MW says that the bookseller is the new owner of GGG so he will work with her and use OG through her. But SJ tells MW that he wants to be a god so he shouldn’t work with a bad monster. MW gets upset at SJ and starts to speak banmal to SJ, this is the first time he speaks banmal to her. He tells SJ that she is just a normal person now and she should shut up before he eats her (this is also the first time that he threatened her). But he does this slyly to get her to get to work and get her ability back.

They are talking and OG asks the girl what she wants. The girl tells OG that she wants OG to protect her brother. This triggers his memory about little SJ. He says that someone asked him that a long time ago and he ignored her. He regrets that now. He tells the ghost that this time he will protect properly.

Sm wonders if SJ will go to the bookseller. MW heard that the only way to get out of the book is to go and ask the bookseller in person. If they want to come out of the book, then they can come out at any time. If SJ really wants her ability back, then she can get book back. MW did all that work and now SJ has to do the rest.

Cut to the bookseller. SJ is there and she tells the bookseller that she came to collect her soul back. the bookseller tells her that if that is the case then she can go find her book.

Cut to OG in the bookstore also. he sees SJ looking for the book frantically.

OG – Hey JSM, what are you doing here?
SJ – I came here to find my book. Did you come here to help me?
OG – Yes.
SJ – I thought you weren’t coming to help me anymore, I am super happy that you came.

She tries to kiss him, but OG stops her and puts his finger on her lips.

OG – You think I am this stupid?

SJ turns into the bookseller.

Bookseller – I thought you were hypnotized. I tried to use the method that MW told me about.
OG – How did he know? SJ talks about kissing me everywhere?
Bookseller – So you both came here to find the book…
OG – Where is she?

The bookseller takes OG to where SJ is. She is sleeping at the bookseller’s desk and she is reading Peter Pan (I think).

OG starts to yell at the bookseller about the kids. They shouldn’t be trapped. The monster trapped them. But the monster still thinks that she is doing a good thing. The monster doesn’t’ think that she is a bad monster. She starts to break down and yells that she loves little kids! And she poofs away.

All the little souls of the kids from the books start to flow out.

SJ is still passed out though. OG looks at her. He tells her, “Come back.”

While inside the book SJ is in a classroom and looks at her younger self, playing with other kids in a classroom.

SJ – Did you have fun here? You should come with me, even though you were lonely and sad, we lived well, we survived. That con man fairy came to protect us, even though he is late. So, we won’t be lonely anymore.

Little SJ holds SJ’s hand and they smile.

SJ wakes up from her slumber and OG is sitting in front of her at the desk

SJ – Soh Oh Gong.
OG – You are back.
SJ – I came back because I wanted to.
OG – I am sorry JSM.
SJ – It is okay now.

This part is soft and mellow. They look at each other quietly.

The sec sees the boy laying on the floor. Maybe it is his house? The sec covers the boy with his jacket. The boy tells the sec that he wants to go where his sister is. The sec tells him that it is sad to think that and he tells him that adults will teach him how to live strongly and stand his ground. A little pink soul comes to the boy and disappears in front of him.

Z wakes up and she looks so much better. She doesn’t smell anymore.

Cut to MW going crazy. The blood is back and MW says that SJ is back! The side effect comes back also and MW starts to shake and stutter and laugh and say that SJ is back!!

SJ wants to know if she should check and see if she really is SJ again. But OG tells her not to, they have to take care of all of these books. OG also tells her that the owner of GGG can change, was she worried about that? SJ says that she was worried a little bit.

He leans over the desk and they continue talking. SJ is happy that she is the only one that can call OG. OG tells her that she is.

He is about to leave and SJ grabs his hand.

SJ – We should reactivate GGG again. This time it isn’t a bad thing.

SJ kisses OG very quickly.
OG’s lips are frozen for a moment
SJ – Activated.

OG – That is not enough to activate it.

OG leans in and gives SJ a deep kiss…a very deep kiss.

He leans back and they look at each other. SJ starts to hear the bell sound ringing again and OG leans back in and kisses her deeply again.

Fade Out

A new OST starts to play?


This was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: Death bell?
OG: Did that, perhaps, ring?
MW: One will kill, and one will be killed.
SM: Is he hurting because of me?
OG: Be careful. Sam Jang’s blood can awaken some really annoying things.
BJ: If I possess Sam Jang, will that person be mine?
MW: Love? Something like that can’t win out that guy over.



This behind the scenes look was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!
caption: Shooting a special cameo Lee So Yeon
Bookseller: I am the new owner of the geumganggo.
OG: I don’t think you’re the owner of the geumganggo.
caption: Becoming angry at the rebellious Lee Seung Gi
Bookseller: You weren’t even going to look for the book, so why did you hit me?
OG: I’m not in a good mood!
OG: There is only one person who is this geumganggo’s owner.

MW: You are still in love, aren’t you?
caption: Next is the shooting at Seuramdong.
caption: Planning on moving far away for Oh Yeon Seo’s sake, Lee Seung Gi
OG: At the thought of not seeing her, my tears are overflowing and my heart feels as if it is ripping to shreds…
caption: Wiping his tears on the side, Cha Seung Won
MW: Just leave it!!
MW: Come by occasionally for a bath!!
Director: Cut!! Okay!
CSW: Ahwoo~ I really shed some tears
caption: Completely immersed in the scene so shedding tears, Cha Seung Won
LSG: So, I’m going to just give the emotion like this
CSW: Oh! Yes~
CSW: That’s good if you do that!

caption: The shooting starts again
OG: As a memento of Seuramdong, I’m going to give you a present of a bottle of alcohol so pick one!!
caption: Choosing an alcohol as he pleases, Cha Seung Won
MW: This one.
OG: I said you can choose from here, but you don’t listen.
caption: Ultimately, each start bickering and fighting with each other…
MW: This one! Not this one either?
MW: Okay, this one!!
MW: I’ll just buy my own and drink it!

caption: The director directly inserts herself between the combatants…
Director: What about making up?
LSG: At this point, we’ll have to make up. K K
CSW: Yes, we do have to make up now…
caption: Oh Gong (heart) Ma Wang #Expect them to be close

caption Meeting the geumganggo’s real owner Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Seung Gi
OG: The owner of my geumganggo…is only you, Jin Seon Mi.
SM: Son Oh Gong, the only one who can call you is only me.
caption: Giving Lee Seung Gi a surprise kiss, Oh Yeon Seo
OG: I don’t think that is going to activate it.
caption: The kiss scene that caused a furor in the hearts of the nation’s women #Pound Pound
caption: The future unfolding of Oh Gong and Sam Jang’s
caption: back and forth love story, please anticipate it!

AOA Jimin and Yuna, Feat. Yoo Hwe-seung of N.Flying – If You Were Me [Hwayugi OST Part.5]

(The translation is by kjesin on Soompi! Kjesin says this is her try at the lyrics. Thank you!)

It’s nothing.
Even though I try to forget,
Your words won’t leave my mind.
Your words, like a sharp thorn, stab me.
Those words torment me all day long.
Do you know me?
How much do you know?
What do you know?
Tell me whatever you mind says.
You think what you see is everything.
Could anything else be wrong?

Beyond your space,
if you just come into my time and look,
I think you will find out the truth,
that I’m hurting like you too.
Please don’t just hear your own words and
open your ears.
Even for just once.
Just once you too,
if you try becoming me,
you think you’ll be different?
By chance, if you were me,
if you were me.

In your words, like a sharp thorn,
my head is spinning again.
Even if I say No,
I fall for you again.
Turn back the time,
Turn your heart back again.
Could you fall in love?
If you were me.
Until the wound you gave me is healed,
only the traces you left behind
come to find me.
It reminds me of you.
Today, again, why am I
trying to find you? Why?

Beyond your space,
if you just come into my time and look,
I think you will find out the truth,
that I’m hurting like you too.
Please don’t just hear your own words and
open your ears.
Even for just once.
Just once you too,
if you try becoming me,
you think you’ll be different?
By chance, if you were me,
if you were me.

When the cold wind blows,
I hear your words,
the words that are stuck in my heart,
those words hurt me a lot.
Even when I try to sleep,
I hear your words,
the words that are stuck in my heart,
those words hurt me a lot.

Beyond your space,
if you just come into my time and look,
I think you will find out the truth,
that I’m hurting like you too.
Please don’t just hear your own words and
open your ears.
Even for just once.
Just once you too,
if you try becoming me,
you think you’ll be different?
if you were me.

If you were me,
could things be a little different?
If you were me,
could we be together?
If you were me,
would it have been not as bad?
If you were me.

If you were me,
could things be a little different?
If you were me,
could we be together?
If you were me,
would it have been not as bad?
By chance, if you were me.

Thank you so much for the translation Kjesin!

Complete Music List

OST #6 is by Ben and will come out on Feb 6th

0:00 – Beginning SJ’s dream
Suran – I’ll Be Fine [Hwayugi OST Part.4]
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

17:50 – SJ leaving OG and OG is having a heart ache
Suran – I’ll Be Fine [Hwayugi OST Part.4]
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

26:24 – SJ remembering her and OG’s good moments while holding the death bell.
BumKey – When I Saw You [Hwayugi OST Part.2]
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1:09:30 – OG and SJ kissing
Unreleased OST. Maybe Hwang Chi-yeul?

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#1: SJ dreaming and discovering that her powers are gone with SM and MW

#2: OG giving the Bookkeeper monster a warning and BR and MW talking about what just happened

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OG: So, the little kid Jin Seon Mi who had entered the contract with me is in a book somewhere in here? So, that’s why you were able to call out to me.
Bookseller: Now, the person who can call to the Great Sage Equal to the Heaven is me. I am the new owner of the geumganggo. Your heart will now love me.
OG: Richard Simmons. I can’t endure this any more.

MW: So, will the geumganggo’s owner change? Sam Jang’s abilities have gone over (to her) and the contract has also gone over (to her), so of course, the geumganggo’s love must has also gone over.
Patriarch: It should seem that way, but whether what activated the geumganggo was Sam Jang’s abilities or the human Jin Seon Mi’s abilities, we can’t know.
MW: How could human Jin Seon Mi’s abilities activate the geumganggo. Of course, it’s Sam Jang’s abilities. Then now, is the one who Son Oh Gong loves not Jin Seon Mi, but that bookseller?
Patriarch: That is something only Oh Gong will know.

OG: I don’t think you’re the owner of the geumganggo. Even if you’re totally rude, I should find it annoying pretty, but even though you’re smiling, I can’t endure it and let you be. How dare you get involved?
Bookseller: You can’t destroy me. I have the contract.
OG: You were hit that many times, and you still don’t seem to understand? I’m a really bad guy! Do you think a bad guy is going to sincerely honor a contract? How bad of a guy must I be that they even put a geumganggo on me?
Bookseller: So are you doing this in order to find the book that the woman is in? What will you do? If that woman doesn’t want it, you can never find that book.

After this clip, but still in the scene, OG responds that he wasn’t there to find SM”s book since he sees this as his freedom from his contract with SM. He tells her that in exchange for sparing the demon’s life, she should make sure to take good care of the SM’s book.

#3: OG and bookseller, Zombie passes out with candidate, and Winter god sees the little girl ghost

#4: PK concerned over Z, sec and SJ meeting, SJ wondering if her power is really gone

#5: OG and SJ confrontation and Bookseller meeting MW and SM

This scene was translated by Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: Now, you really won’t come even if I call you?
OG: Yes. I heard you turn over the contract.
SM: Then, are you saying you will no longer protect me?
OG: It means you no longer need to be protected. Since you’re not SJ, there will be no evil spirit coming to eat you. Then, you don’t have a reason to call me. And I won’t come even if you call me. Live well normally and comfortably.
SM: What about GGG? You’re still wearing GGG, aren’t you? Now, you don’t love me anymore?
OG: Is that so? Well, you don’t really look pretty now.
SM: Right. What a relief. Now I won’t have any business seeing you anymore.
MW: What? You’re saying the owner of GGG didn’t change?
BS: Although the ability of SJ and the contract with SOG was turned over to me, the power of GGG didn’t come to me.
MW: In that case, SOG still love JSM as usual… or what? That is really…

#6: OG and OJ talking about confrontation with SJ and how SJ looked when she left

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

DS: Jin Seon Mi has left.
OG: Okay. I held it in well. At the very end, I was about to give in and beg her to not go.
DS: You held it in well. If you use this change well, then you’ll be free of the contract.
OG: That’s right. I just have to endure this love thing is all.
DS: You were able to fool Jin Seon Mi-sshi well, but what will you do about Ma Wang?
OG: He’ll probably go on about how he needs points and so can’t let her go.
DS: It won’t be easy to get him to give up.
OG: I’ll have to handle it with sincerity. Did Jin Seon Mi ask you anything or beg for anything as she left?
DS: She did not. She just left.
OG: Of course. (sighs) She really must not love me at all.
DS: However, Jin Seon Mi-sshi did…
OG: Don’t talk about her at all. If it hurts any more, i won’t be able to bear it.
DS: I won’t say anything. (thinks of SM’s tears as she had left) I absolutely won’t say a thing.

#7: WG and BR talking about kid ghosts and OG & SJ thinking about each other

#8: PK caring for Z and learning about what happened from SM

This scene was translated by Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

BJ: JPK-nim, I think I will keep on rotting. It seems I will rot and disappear.
PK: You won’t disappear. You’re this JPK-nim’s brother. You won’t end like this. I will find a way to make you better again. (I cried. TT Poor BJ. I love her so much.)
DS: JPK-nim, what were you doing there? That is not a place anyone can enter.
PK: BJ is really strange. Where’s MW?
DK: Even if MW came, it’s no use.
DK: SJ’s ability was sealed. The corpse(?) that came alive from SJ’s blood will go back to being just a corpse.
AL: That zombie, will she rot and disappear if she went back to being a corpse?
DK: As time passes, she could even becomes an evil spirit. Before that happens, she will have to be removed by burning.
PK: Before I destroy(?) everything in this agency, give me (???) you dog’s child. (it’s a swear word in Korean.)
DK: Give up Pig. Without SJ’s power, you can’t stop her rotting. Just leave her and go. MW will burn her to get rid of her.
PK: BJ’s my brother. Even if she has to be terminated, I want to do it with my own hands. Let me take her with me.
DK: Dispose her quick before she becomes a problem. I won’t report back to MW.
AL: You ok, pig?
PK: It’s all because of SJ.

#9: OG and SK argument in her office

This scene was translated by Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Activate it well again and make him fall in love the same, right? Definitely.
SM: Of course, do it. (I didn’t catch what she said, it was something like “The guy who doesn’t have ???”)
SM: SOG. Did you come because I called you?
OG: I didn’t come because you called me. Now, I can’t hear you anymore even if you call me.
SM: Then why did you come?
OG: I’m about to go to somewhere really far but I came because I have something to leave behind.
SM: What?
OG: Farewell.
SM: Farewell?
OG: If I leave like this, I feel like I would regret it and it would be eye-catching(?). We still have the times we were together so, I thought I should at least wish you to live well.
SM: Going far away?
OG: Yes. Why? You want to grab me? Hold on to me? Are you pleading me? (AWW He’s actually begging her to do that.)
SM: I won’t. (WHY NOTTTTT????)
OG: As expected. The kid JSM grabbed me, held on to me and pleaded me to not go but the adult JSM won’t be doing that. You grew up well.
SM: If you are gonna do that kind of farewell, go to the book shop and do it. That JSM doesn’t exist here anymore.
OG: Ah I see. I forgot. The one here is a Normal JSM, right?
SM: SOG, now do you have a new owner of GGG who is not me? Then, would you do the same as you did to me?
OG: You mean will I fall in love? Why? You wish I won’t? Are you trying to (hang on? beg? tease? I’m not sure.) to me?
SM: (I think she’s saying ‘because it’s ??? time, she’s tired.’)

#10: OG, secretary, and Jonathan meeting at SJ’s office accidentally. OG places the doll strategically to spy to their conversation

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SM: I want to rest now, so please leave.
OG: You probably are tired. Why do you go around letting one of those be attached to you?
SM: What?
OG: Now that you’ve become normal, you can’t even see imps. No wonder. If you keep going around with one attached to you like that, you’re going to continue to be tired. (SM just looks at him with sad eyes) Why? Are you looking at me right now? To help you? Are you pleading with me?
SM: No thanks. Normal people don’t know about the things they can’t see, and just get over it. I’m going to ignore it as well. Go now.
OG: Okay. Live well. (grabs stuffed monkey 60 on the way out of her office. LOL)

OG: It’s over. (me: I think he was as upset that SM didn’t protest him taking 60 as he was just upset that she dismissed him.)
(HJ and Jonathan come walking in)
HJ: Oh, Manager Son. I thought you had quit? Oh, you must have come to say goodbye.
Jonathan: You know, we’ve never been properly introduced. Jonathan Lee. (holding out his hand for a handshake)
(OG just holds up 60 and shakes it.)
Jonathan: Good.
HJ: During that time, we weren’t close, but still, it’s really too bad. (me: meaning too bad OG won’t be around any more) Goodbye. Could you move a little? Jonathan, the pizza will get cold.
(OG puts 60 peering into SM’s office. LOL)

#11: OG and SJ argument outside, after the argument inside the office

This scene was translated by Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

OG: Now you have something to tell me? Say it.
SM: Farewell. I feel like I didn’t do it properly.
OG: Farewell?
SM: Thank you for all those times. Go to somewhere warm and live well. Goodbye.
OG: JSM. After everything I did for you during those times, just a ‘Thank you’? Even though my heart was hurt so much during those times, now you say ‘Live well’? You leave me like that and won’t even hang on to me once and now it’s ‘Goodbye’?
SM: You suffered because of GGG.
OG: Even though this love is ending, are you fine with it?
SM: Wasn’t it fake? Since you no longer have a contract with me, don’t you like it too?
OG: It’s you who must be happy since you’re no longer SJ and became normal as you wished.
SM: Yes, I like it. Because of someone, I became special and had to live in pain. But now, I’m normal(?) and I like it.
OG: Congratulations for becoming something insignificant who can’t even call someone great like me. Now, you go eat TokBuKi with those equally insignificant things and live happily.

#12: PK talking to Zombie and SJ talking to Jonathan

This scene was translated by Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you so much!

BJ: Just burn me, JPK-nim.
PK: I found a way. You’re going to be fine now.
BJ: I smell a lot though.
PK: It’s ok. This is a secret but I can’t smell well since I got punch in the nose(?) a lot by the monkey.
BJ: Is it like that?
OK: Just take two more ???. Here.
GS: If she starts to rot, even taking ??? won’t last many days. Maybe if she eat a person who is alive…
PK: Since this is all SJ’s fault, SJ’s should take responsibility.

#13: Z is about to eat SJ!

#14: Bookseller pretending to be SJ


This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: Ah, Sam Jang has…returned! Sam Jang has…returned!

SM: Let’s really see if I’ve returned as Sam Jang. Should I make myself bleed and see if it draws the demons?
OG: Don’t do it. Don’t do it. I’m tired. Opposing the bookseller was hard. Oh, there were so many books, it was dizzying. This geumganggo was also almost activated.
SM: Activated? So, the owner of the geumganggo could really have changed?
OG: Were you suspicious of that? Did you worry about that? Were you nervous about it?
SM: A little. It made me feel bad.
OG: Of course that’s the way it should be. It’s yours after all. Why did you act as if it didn’t matter, making me feel bad. There is only one owner of my geumganggo, that’s you, Jin Seon Mi.
SM: That’s right. And, the only one who can call Son Oh Gong to her is me alone.
OG: That’s right. Let’s go. I’m dizzy because of the books.
SM: Geumganggo. Doesn’t it need to be activated again?
OG: What?
SM: This time, it’s definitely not a forecasted event. (gives him a peck) Activation.
OG: I don’t think that is enough for activation.


This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

MW: So, here you were.
OG: Oh! Ma Wang, what are you doing here at Seuramdong?
MW: Since you weren’t at my house. Huh? It’s a suitcase. Are you planning on going somewhere?
OG: Yes. I’ve pulled this out for the first time in a long time, but it’s a little small. I have to put in my statue, my gongs, and I was going to even take my bathtub, but it seems a little small.
MW: Where are you planning to go, carrying all that? Are you planning to go far?
OG: (nodding his head) It’s too cold. I’m going to go and stay someplace where it’s warm.
MW: What about Sam Jang?
OG: She’s not Sam Jang any more. You know. Now, there is no reason for her to call me.
MW: I do know. However, you are still wearing the geumganggo. Oh, Jin Seon Mi who has become normal will probably live well. She’ll date. She’ll get married. Can you bear to see such things happen?
OG: I probably couldn’t bear to just sit and watch it. Since I love her.
MW: That’s right. You’re still in love after all. Oh, so you can’t bear to watch those things happen, so you’re even packing up like this? Huh? The Great Sage Equal to the Heavens is? There’s no need for that. Just return her to being Sam Jang. A Jin Seon Mi who is Sam Jang would need you, and she definitely won’t be able to live without you, and so she’ll die then! She will!
OG: That’s true. If I decide I want it, I can probably keep her by my side, and see her every day as I want to. However, Ma Wang, I’ve really become strange.
MW: Why?
OG: Just as she had wanted, I would like her to live a good normal life. Even if my heart…hurts a little. Does this make sense? Just thinking that I won’t be able to see her any more is causing tears to form and my heart to break, but so that she can be happy, I’m here packing up my things. Does this make any sense? This must be what it’s like, annoyingly, to love her so much.
MW: Son Oh Gong, you really love her. Shall I lend you my suitcase? Mine can fit a bus even.
OG: Really? Ma Wang’s can probably even fit a house, should I take the house as well?
MW: Hey, why is it your house? Half of it is my house. Just leave that behind, and drop by occasionally to take a bath.
OG: Instead of that, do you want to take this chance to go with me to a warm place? “You’ve passed” – you’ve done that as much as you need to.
MW: No thanks. You go by yourself. Oh, really.
OG: As a souvenir of Seuramdong, I’ll give you an alcohol, so go ahead and pick one. (getting up)
MW: Oh really? What’s gotten into you?
OG: Okay, only from here to here, make your selection.
MW: You petty thing, you’re definitely a thug. Let’s see. I think this one…
OG: I said just before that one already. You always make me repeat myself!
MW: Okay, then, you pick one for me.
OG: If I pick…this one looks good.
MW: You’re giving me a cheap one.
OG: Still, I’m giving you a good one.
MW: Thank you, you thug.
(both laugh)

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      PK and Zombie is another ill-fated couple …. It is so heart breaking seeing PK desparately trying to revive Zombie.

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        PK in this episode(!)….I so felt for him! I love him and Z’s relationship, albeit an ill-fated relationship. Our PK is going to go to the ends of the earth for his little zombie girl. I also love how Alice/Octopus saw how much PK cared about Z. Perhaps she will try to help him?

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    It was a good episode! One plot hole I found was that OG should protect Sun-mi anyways because of the old contract he made with young Sun-mi, even before she became Sam-jang. I think GGG is an additional assurance for OG to listen to Sun-mi.

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      I agree! In earlier episodes, OG kept threatening to eat JSM once the GGG is off him. But what about the old contract he made with little JSM?

      • 2018hereIam
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        Right. She also smelled good to monsters when she was little too right?

        Maybe the first contract was a name only contact. When she said his name, then he would come and help, which is why he removed her memory of his name. But maybe the second contract was the love contact which made it impossible for him not to help her.

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          Oh my gosh, extended storyline…normally I would be cool with an episode extension. But this drama is already soooooooo behind. I just want them to make it to the end happily 🙂

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      I don’t really understand that part either, but I guess it happened because the bookseller monster took little SJ away. By taking little SJ away, that also took away all of the powers that SJ had because that was little SJ’s biggest wish.

      The monster is alive to grant kids wishes to be taken to a happier place, so I personally think that is why Seon-mi’s ghost abilities are gone.

      Does anyone else have any theories about that?

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          That is so wonderful! You should ask them what all the updated slang is 🙂

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    So excited to see the lip action on this episode!

    I was just wondering about the first contract of SJ with OG. It says there that whenever SJ calls OG he’d be there. That first contract came through even before Seon Mi became Sam Jang (because the contract happened first before she set OG free from his prison cell). Then, why did OG not go to SJ when he was calling for him in his apartment? Was he restraining himself from going to her? Just so she can now “lead a normal life”? OG has really become strange and unbecoming of his demon identity, when it comes to SJ.

    I wonder what’s coming next. Will they act like a “couple” now after that crazy kiss…

  19. RP
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    Then why did OG not go to Seon Mi when she was calling out to him inside her apartment?

    • V
      January 28, 2018 / 5:40 pm

      I kind of think that he was restraining himself so that SJ could lead a normal life now. That might be why he told the bookseller to hide the book well instead of killing her and destroying all the books.

      That is just my guess though.

      I really hope they act like a couple before the dreaded “separation” episodes 🙂

  20. January 28, 2018 / 4:21 pm

    Thanks so much for the recaps, they were awesome.

    • V
      January 28, 2018 / 5:37 pm

      I am so happy you liked them! Sometimes we wonder if they are easy/hard to read due to all the chopped sentences and typos (we try to fix most of those though). 🙂

  21. RP
    January 28, 2018 / 7:30 pm

    I feel that the next 2 episodes will be Honeymoon stage for OG and SJ before the next test to their relationship. Then we’ll see more of MW and his love interest who is now in prison, probably on death row.

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