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Housekeeping: GDPR Compliance

Drama Milk GDPR policy
We will now take a break from our regular scheduled programing for a Drama Milk public service announcement on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines that take effect today, May 25th.

Okay so the entire internet is all a flutter with making sure that websites are compliant with GDPR guidelines that the European union has set forth and that should take effect today (May 25th). Though our site is super tiny in the grand scheme of things, we also want to be compliant here at Drama Milk, not only for all of our lovely European Union visitor, but also for all the visitors to our site. We want to keep your info safe just as we would want you to keep our info safe. It’s that kind of internet world we roll in.

So below we wanted to give you a little bit of insight on what data we collect on this site and how we are trying to stay compliant with GDPR.

We use WordPress as our host which has taken the proper steps to be GDPR compliant by providing us with a Privacy Policy page we can (and should) add to our site. We have to fill in the proper information, but it is still nice to have this as a basis to work with.

You can read our Privacy Policy right here.

Drama Milk is a secure site which you know from seeing the “s” in “https” in our url. Our full url is https://www.dramamilk.com/. This means that we use a secure connection that keeps your information secure when you are on this site. All information you send or receive through this site is private. You can learn more about secure connections here.

We changed our theme to a pipdig theme which is also fully GDPR compliant (and we love it!). From their website:

“Yes, all pipdig themes are compliant with GDPR. So that’s one less thing you need to worry about 🙌

All of our themes escape and sanitize data to ensure security and protect data that passes through the theme’s code (you can read more about that here if you’re feeling geeky).”

So far, I really love our Pipdig theme, so if you are theme hunting, I recommend checking them out.

We share data with the following third parties:

  1. Facebook, if you share one of our links on your Facebook page
  2. Twitter, if you share one of our links on your Twitter page
  3. Pinterest, if you share one of our links on you Pinterest Page
  4. Mailchimp, if you sign up to our newsletter

We do not collect your social media information. For further information on each third party’s GDPR and/or privacy compliance, please refer to the links provided in each numbered point above. This information is also in our Privacy Policy.

We use the third parties of Google Analytics and Jetpack to collect analytical data on visitors to this site. With Google Analytics, this basically means that our site uses cookies to collect data on who visits our site, this data can be used to add ads to our site that are tailored to each visitor. You can read further about Google Analytics Policy and how it relates to GDPR compliance here. We have updated to Jetpack version 6.0 which is GDPR compliant. Jetpack has an array of uses, though we use Jetpack mostly to protect our site from spam and Malware. You can read all about Jetpacks compliance here.

Okay, phew, that was a lot of information.

We have checked and double checked to make sure everyone’s information remains private on our site. We are not an authority on the subject, we are really just learning about this right along with everyone else. If you do have any questions then you can always refer to our Privacy Policy or email us at contact[@]dramamilk[.]com. But it is probably better to just google it.

Okay, that is about it with us and GDPR, now let’s get back to watching those dramas!

Photo from tvN Kakao Story

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