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Housekeeping: Another One For The Road

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This is some bloggy bloggy mumbo jumbo stuff so feel free to overlook this post. It explains why we have been chilling over the last few days, but that’s about it. Also, send coffee.

So if you have been following along with us (especially on twitter) then you know that we have had a few website issues. Rich people problems really, nothing super big, just the site crashing during our live recaps. We thought upgrading servers would solve the issue (and it did!) but then a thing called Hwayugi happened and our brand-spanking flossy new and improved upgraded server could not handle it. It tried hard y’all, it really did, I wanted to buy it a cookie and sing to it, and pat it on it’s back like I’m Ji-ah pretending to be AhJi3.

So, we talked to Bluehost help about it and figured out that we have outgrown our lovely Bluehost site. We love Bluehost, they are the cats meow, their help is amazing, they are just wonderful, especially for people who are starting out blogging….*sniff*…WE DON’T WANT TO LEAVE THEM. Say it ain’t so Bluehost! But alas, it is so. In this case, it’s one of those breakups where it’s not you, it’s them not being able to handle you. We will miss you and your amazing help team Bluehost. Live long and prosper.

Now, we were in this lost space between who to pick next so we searched the web for what Bluehost blogs do when they outgrow Bluehost and found some options. We switched to one of those options early on Monday morning (like super early y’all, I’m still waking up from it) and have been moving everything over since then. There were a few bumps along the way (hello missing comments for that last three days *RAAAAAAAGE*), but we heard that that is to be expected with moving hosts? It seems like it happens a lot.

So far we tentatively like our new host and our site is loading super fast for us which is a plus. Is it loading faster for you too or is it just us? Are you even reading this boring post about technical stuff? I mean…it would be kind of cool if you are.

Who knew this tiny site of ours would need another upgrade so soon!?! We were so ready to kick back and enjoy our most recent upgrade for the rest of the 2018. We were all like “Yeah, UPGRADED, what what! They ain’t ready.” We were so young and brand new back then, all those two weeks ago. Fun times. Despite the annoying server stuff, this also makes us super happy! People are actually liking our live recaps, which puts a big ol Min-gyu-esque smile on our faces. (But lets be honest, only Min-gyu can smile like Min-gyu)

We will let you know how the new host is, but that’s enough with the technical stuff. Let’s party shall we? Where is the champaign because, Y’ALL, we are upgraded again! We are ready to floss again! We have our blind date lined up and our fancy shoes on and that black dress out of the closet that is screaming MAKE ME FEEL GOOD. We’re looking fine under our clothes too, if I do say so myself. Now let’s go slay!

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  1. JY299
    January 31, 2018 / 11:38 pm

    Lol, I’ll be the oddball who leaves a message on this post then: it is loading much faster and it’ll probably help on the live recap days.

    Feel with you about leaving your former host but as long as it is an amicable thing because you’ve outgrown them, it should be fine. Maybe they’ll upgrade too and if you really miss them still, you could migrate back?

    Lol, yeah, noticed the missing comments. No biggie, think I might have contributed a couple lol. Both of my friend’s latest FMV on Hwayugi got blocked on YouTube for SKorea viewers, sighz. Hope you could see them, think they’re not as funny as the earlier ones LOL Then again they were finished in the week hours after the conferences 😂

    • V
      February 1, 2018 / 5:15 am

      I saw the first one! Then I saw that you left a second one but I didn’t have a chance to click over before they were lost. But then I realized that I get an email when I receive new comments, so hopefully all the comments are still in my email somewhere! Happy day 🙂

      I loved the font that was used on the first one! I left a comment asking what font it was. I also love how your friend mentioned everyone talking about how ugly the dress was 🙂

      Also, I am so happy that it is loading much faster for you!

  2. JY299
    February 2, 2018 / 7:57 pm

    All good 😆

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