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Hotel del Luna: Episode 16 Final Live Recap

Hotel del Luna live recap 16
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Here we are at the finale! There will be a lot to get to in this episode. All three ghost employees need to have a resolution and be sent to the afterlife as well as Man-wol. We also need some kind of happy ever after or bitter sweet something for our couple. Will reincarnations be on the list? I hope so!

tvN has released the photo book which includes 30 songs and a 50 page spread. If you are looking for the photo book then check out the links below or go to our Music List for Hotel Del Luna.

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We open in the past, Manwol is sleeping or passed out or dead next to a cart  in the woods. two people are dead next to her The reaper walks up on her. then Mago talks.

Mago – Little kid….parents crossed the bridge a long time ago. But this little thing is still surviving alone.

Reaper – I came here to take here, I am surprised to see her still breathing.

Mago – Give this little kid a break, she is still trying

Reaper – it won’t last long

Mago – You may have a little fate in a short moment.

Then Chan-sung’s father walks up with his son. The son runs to the girl and family. the gfather tells him not to touch them, that city failed so the people suffered. We can take the wagon though. Thank you for the wagon.

the boy sees Manwol moving and says that she is alive. the boy feeds her and says that her parents should ahve gone to the moon tavern, an old woman told him that. there is a moon tavern on the dune of the sand where dead people go. What is your name?

She draws the moon mark on his hand. he tells her that it is a full moon, it is pretty.

VO – Do you think we met in a past life?

In the present, Manwol and Chansung look out over the balcony She asks if there is fate you can see after 1300 years? (or maybe he said that). He says that the moon takes a long time for them to see it. It takes 1300 light years for the Orion star to see us. She asks where it is. He says it is a winter star so you can’t see it now.

At the tree, Mago tells Manwol that the energy of the tree will be gone and there will be no new customers until the next full moon. Manwol asks if she is asking her to close the tavern? 

In the present, manwol is sad that she can only see Orion in the winder. She asks him if they can see something else. He says he is not good at astrology. She calls him a dumb Harvard guy.

MW – You can just point at something and says that it is 500 years old. DO you think I will say no, it is 1300 years old? 

CS – Okay, lets see

MW – it is too late

CS – One more, really, the 1300 year old star Koo Chansung. I told you my name is shiny star.

MW – *Laughs* Yeah, you are enough, I don’t need a star I can only see in winter, I only need to see you. Aigo! My shiny shiny Chansung. *grabs face*

He grabs her face too.

CS – My shiny Manwol! You are bright like the moon!

They keep joking and holding eat others face like a cute baby. They start to laugh about becoming chicken kalgooksu and bcoming kimchi and then look at the moon together as he puts his arm around her shoulder and she holds his hand.

Inside, Seohee asks where Sunbi is, there is another bartender there. the bartender says that he talked to those guys and left. Sunbi is at the tunnel thinking about the novel that is coming. He thinks that he should leave before he is ashamed by that novel. he starts to walk up the tunnel. But he remembers the promise that they should say goodbye to each other.

In the hotel, Seohee tells Chansung and Manwol that she is looking for Sunbi but does not see him. Maybe he is outside the hotel? MW says he never leaves and is never alone because how he talkes is still like Joseon times. Seohee says that he talked to a sholar earlier and left. Manwol asks who talked about her Kim Sunbi?

Manwol and Chansung meet with the man who says that he wrote a novel about Kim Sunbi but it isn’t published yet. they ask if it is making fun of him? The man says it is based on reality. They ask if it is getting published? The man says that he already sent the book to the publisher. Manwol grips his collar and asks who has seen it! The man says it is only the editor, it was written in handwritting so he is the only one to read it.

Cut to the book publishing company trying to read the manuscript. The title is pervert aristrocrat Kim Shi-ik. But it is hurting his eyes to read it. Meanwhile, Sunbi says that he is not a pervert, he is wrongly accused.



Manwol and Chansung arrive to the publishers. Chansung hopes that Sunbi does not hurt anyone. Manwol says that he won’t hurt anyone. But Chansung says that he has a 500 year grudge. manwol tells him that Sunbi is like a crane, he waited for 500 years to clear his name.

In the bathroom, the editor is washing his hands when he sees writing on the mirror. When he tries to wipe it off, he sees Sunbi. Sunbi tells him that he is not a sexy pervert person! The man runs away. Sunbi thinks that he scared him too much, he just didn’t want him to publish the book.

The editor runs to the publishers and says he saw a ghost! The team thinks this is s daebak sign! Yay! Sunbi walks up on them looking sad. But then walks away. Chansung and Manwol find him and say that they will try and take care of it.

Commercial Break



They take him to chansungs room so he can sleep there because he does not want to go to the hotel. Chansung tries to cheer him up and says that only the editor saw it and he didn’t even read anything. He convinced the editor to give it to him by saying that he is his decendent. Sunbi thanks him and says that his name is forever tainted. Manwol tells him that if he was wrongly accused then he needs to prove himself. 

Sunbi starts to tell his story and we go into a flashback. Sunbi left his home in the past and only focused on studying. 

SB – When I was tired of studying, I wrote stories about what I saw on the market street. It is shameful thing to use Hangul back then as an aristocrat, but I did not write any pervert stories.

Chansung asks what the stories her wrote where? (It looks like these are all the famous stories of Korea). these stories are unattributed in history. Sunbi says that the best time in his life was destroyed.

Flashback to the scholars yelling at Sunbi about the shameful stories that he wrote. Sunbi says that he only wrote about how people live. The man throws all the books on the ground one by one and says that these are not books that an aristocrat would write! they throw all the books at him and tells him that he should be ashamed of himself.

SB – The government exam was cancelled and the highest prize went to the richest mans son. My father died in shame and I couldn’t even see my wife. I couldn’t go to my hometown and I couldn’t stay there. I just died without anywhere to go.

Back at the hotel, Chansung tells the hotel team that Sunbi waited for the books to disappear, but they became super famous. Everyone knows those stories. They ask if they trust his story 100%. manwol says that they dont’ know what he wrote, but he wrote some kind of sexy book so he became a pervert guy that cancelled the government exam in history. Chansung says that he will read the entire book carefully. Sunbi will stay in my room with Sanchez.

Cut to Sanchez looking all sorts of spooked and yet trying to be accomodating. They talk about how they saw him during the hotel dinner party. Then Sunbi says that this other guy is the reaper, say hi. Sanchez asks if it has to do with him? The reaper says that it has nothing to do with him, he is just there to comfort his old friend.

then the reaper says that he ate one of his dates since he didn’t have a side dish so he will repay him in the future. Sanchez is kind of happy about that and asks if he wants anything else to eat? He runs off.



Meanwhile, Manwol talks to the ghost writer about Sunbi’s story. He says that he does not want to publish his book with that much unsolved wish. He will destroy it. But Manwol says no, her manager read the entire book and liked it. If you take out “pervert” then you made him a pretty attractive scholar. He was inbetween powers, every month he sent a letter to his wife as a romanticist. I liked that.

Manwol says that Sunbi was like that. So, we should just change how he became a pervert writer. Chansung says that he is the writer of all those unkown stories in Korea. It will be a super interesting book. Even though it is a fiction story, it could be a very good novel. The man says it could! There is even a rumor that a famous painter was a woman. In novels, everything is possible.

So they all agree, A novel crane (crane is like scholar). The man says that he has a good title for it. Following his novel, The War of Cranes, this could be Song of A Crane. They both say that they can do it! Manwol gives him a pen and says to write a good story. But as soon as he takes it, he falls to sleep.

Seohee says that this is the problem of people who died from working too hard. He passes out 30 seconds after holding a pen. Manwol asks how can he write it then! Chansung says that they can get help from another writer. They have a writer guest that wanted to die from working too hard, but he couldn’t.

They go to the writer that has been there for a long time. Seohee and Chansung tells him that his writing is good, but he never decided what to write, well, they have a good topic and a good teacher now.

Meanwhile, Mansol talks to Sunbi about how his past is that he was a pervert and his government exam was cancelled. But he was a good husband and scholar. You should not wait another 500 years. In a novel we can write that you are tall and handsome. Sunbi says that there is a person that looks like him, So Ji Sub. 

Manwol is all like, um, are you saying that you look like So gan ji/So Ji Sub? Um, Yes! You look lik ehim! The back of your head is dark like him. Yes! She smiles and Sunbi smiles and it is hilarious.

Fast forward to the book being written. Then the writer makes a dream phone call to his publisher for them to search his room for a book from a new prospect writer. He says that writers name and what the book is about.

Fast forward again to the novel coming out, it is a best seller and all the ghosts are happy. 

Later on, Sunbi gives everyone a drink in the bar. He says that the two writers went to the other side happily so he made a special coctail for it. Manwol says that she does not like tears. Sunbi says that this one is a special tears, it is the tears of farewell. Everyone is touched. Sunbi says that he cleared his name so after a drink with friends he will go back to the other side.

He tells them that they can swallow their tears with this tears drink and say goodbye. he starts to drink his drink and then we cut to him standing at the tunnel with everyone. He is in all white and shakes Seohees hand. he says that he is sorry to leave first. He goes down the line and shakes everyones hand. Hyunjoong hugs him while holding back tears. Sunbi tells him tht after 70 years he is still a young boy. He smiles and goes to Chansung who bows to him and then he looks at Manwol who is pretty stern.

Sunbi tells them that he will leave and then gets into the limo and is driven off. Seohee waves as the car drives off. the reaper looks pretty sad as he watches it leaving.



Later on, we see that Sunbi wrote a letter to Manwol

Letter – Thank you for saving my name and making me a crane again. This is tears for you. I hope your moon goes down nicely and happily. ( I hope you have a nice last moment).

Manwol reads it and starts to drink the tears drink but she starts crying as she says that it doesn’t taste good and then breaks down sobbing on her desk. Chansung is there to comfort her.

Elsewhere, Yoona and Hyunjoong chat. He asks her why she is not coming to the hotel. She says that it will leave soon, so she does not want to go there. She was just checking to see if Halmoni was still there. HJ says that Sunbi left. Yoona is sad at that and does not want Hyunjoong to leave. She thinks leaving is better. But HJ says staying is better. Yoona says that he can leave, fine, but she does not think that she can see him leave. Yoona’s parents want her to go abroad, so she will do that. She will study abroad and he can leave to the next world. We can say goodbye here.

Sh turns abruptly and walks away.

In the pharmacy, The pregnant woman drops something and struggles to pick it up. Seohee is watching her and decides to help her. The woman thanks her and then says that she has seen her standing outside a few times. Are you from the fathers family? The woman says that she used to be their daughter in law.

they sit and chat. The woman says that after the kid is born, it will not be a Yoon family name, the baby will follow my name. Seohee asks what if it is a son, it is the only son in the family. Seohee starts to talk about old fashioned ways of daughters becoming part of the other family when it is born. The woman says she thinks very old fashioned. Whether it is a son or a daughter, this baby is my baby. The family can see it if they want, but this baby is mine.

Seohee starts to cry and says that she should have thought like her with her daughter, she feels so sorry to her daughter. then she wishes that the woman’s baby in her womb grows up happy and healthy.

Meanwhile, Chansung and Manwol eat out as she takes a photo fo her favorite eating celebrity.

*buffering here, missed a lot of this conversation, argh*

MW – You were like Kim Joon Hyung in your past life. But you are no match to him.

CS – Ah, mago changed the memory like that

MW – We ate a lot of good food, it was all good. I hope you want to eat this as the last thing.

She holds something out to him. He takes it. It is the ghost eyes medicine to close it.

MW – Just be sure to take it later. Okay? Now, lets eat. Our nangmyung will go bad.

CS – Do you want vinegar? Wasabi?

They start to talk about which one is better for cold noodles. He pours it on her dish. She asks him which one he wants. Chan sung say that you have to taste it first to know.

Back at the hotel, Seohee is the only employee left. But they don’t have any more guests. She turns around and sees Hyunjoong. She looks at him. He says that he has to go pick up Hyunmi. She holds his hand and says to bring his sister here, she will tell their boss.

In the hospital, Hyungmi dies. It looks like she can see now. She walks out of the room and turns into a little girl again. She runs to great Hyungjoong happily. He gives her a warm hug and tells her that he was waiting for her for a long long time. Lets go.

In the background is Yoona watching all of this. Yoona and Hyungjoong look at each other with teary eyes. he calls her name and she turns around and runs behind a wall to start crying.

Hyungjoong takes his sister to the hotel with him. Manwol greets them and says that she will not get lost with her brother. He then pulls out his pocket watch and asks them to give it to Yoona. he saw her at the hospital. He then says that all the time for Yoona is so precious, so tell her to go to school well and be happy.

Seohee gives him a warm hug. Manwol tries not to cry. Chansung looks on warmly.

Yoona bursts through Mago’s door and talks to pink Mago about giving her the rest of her life in order to listen to her wish.

At the tunnel, Hyunjoong is about to get into the car when Yoona runs up to him with flowers. She hands the flowers over to him and asks him to take the flowers with him. You also put flowers on my grave so I asked Mago, I owed Mago so much, to pay for it, I have to be a really really good person. So don’t worry about me, and thank you.

Hyungjoong says he won’t worry about her and smiles. They share a smiling goodbye where they tell each other goodbye, then Hyungjoong gets into the limo and is driven off. Yoona cries as she watches him leave, and he cries as well in the car.



Later on, Yeon-woo and Mira are at Sanchez’s restaurant. We find out that they are going to get married and want to have it in this pizza place. Sanchez is happy but says it is strange to have it there. Mira says that her parents trust him because he always told her parents that she caused trouble. You are an honest sunbae. Sanchez thanks them for the trust but does not know why they need him there.

Mira says that is is just in case her parents don’t like Yeonwoo, you need to be on my side (for the parents meeting when they say they are getting married). Mira tells him to just say anything to convince them, say that I am pregnant! Yeonwoo tells her not to lie to her parents. She says that she wants to convince them and give Yeonwoo a family because he does not have one. Sanchez is so annoyed at the show of affection and says, okay, you guys will get married, I get it.

Mira and Yeonwoo then go out shopping for a refrigerator and argue about it because they are so different. One wants a big fridge with a big freezer and the other wants something else. Mira starts to walk away. But she then runs into Manwol who says that she is getting married? You, getting married?

Mira says yes, this winter, she will send her a wedding invitation. Manwol wants to give her something that she will remember forever. She points to a rotating TV that starts to rotate. Then Mira looks mesmerized.

MW – Be good to Yeonwoo, if Yeonwoo cries then I will turn you like this. – Do you like it?

Mira was mesmerized so seh says she liked it. Manwol says to look at this TV and remember what I told you.

later on, Chansung asks what she told Mira. MW says she just told them to be nice and have a nice marriage. But she gets married in winter so I won’t be able to give her the present because I wont’ be here this winter. She then tells Chansung that their room manager is leaving today.

Soon it will be a full moon. WHich means that it is almost time for Manwol to leave. Chansung says that her hands are cold, does she want warm milk? Also, why did you give her a TV? Manwols says it is because the TV turns. He asks if she remembers Yeonwoo? Manwol says, who is manwoo?

Chansung says that Yeonwoo is not the one that loves her the most. Manwol jokes and says that she knows it is the room manager.

Back at the hotel, Seohee looks at the hotel, all the rooms are empty now. She looks at her moon pendant and removes it from her collar. Then we see her at the tunnel with Manwol and Chansung. She tells them that she is leaving first, thank you for keeping me and protecting me. Because of you, I realized a very important thing in a critical moment, thank you.

She then tells Koo Chansung that it was her idea to put her in room 13, it bothered her all the time, I am sorry. He says it is okay. She tells him not to ever wear that tiger suit your entire life. He says that he will make sure.

Seohee tells them that this reminds her of the first time she came to the moon tavern. Flashback to Seohee about to kill everyone in that family. Manwol asks her what she is doing? Seohee says that man killed his own daughter. Manwol says that the knife is not big enough. She throws a sword and says that she can kill at least a few poeple, but after that you will be turned to ash by the reaper. the one you really want to kill is yourself who could not protect the most important thing in your life. You dont’ even think about living here and having a new life in the next life. Those things, you dont’ even care about them, right? Maybe you can be the perfect employee for the tavern hotel for the dead because you wish for eternal death.

SH – Are you the same?

MW – God saw it, that is why God trapped me here.

SH – Since then, I was waiting and rellying on you and wished that you never change. We had our own big hell, but now we can at least live nicely like this. That is good. So we shouldn’t just cry, I will leave happily.

She bows to them, Chansung bows to her and Seohee walks to the car.

MW – Room manager, can I give you a hug?

They walk to each other and give each other a hug. Manwol pats her on the back softly and Seohee smiles.

SH – I didn’t want to cry, but why do you make me cry?

Manwol keeps patting her on the back and they both sink into a nice warm hug. Chansung and the reaper look at the two of them as they keep hugging.

SH – Often times, I pitied you. I wanted to give you a hug like this.

MW – Room manager, you comforted me many times. Thank you.

They keep hugging. Then, after one last squeeze, they separate and the room manager gets into the limo and is driven off. Chansung bows as she leaves. The room manager smiles as she is driven off.



Chansung puts his arm around Manwol.

CS – how long do you have?

Cut to Mago and Chansung talking.

Mago – Today is the full moon, all the energy from De luna is gone. Manwol will disappear.

CS – Why me, why did you pick me?

Mago – The flower that dreams of the moon is the last flower there, it is still there. (in his heart)

In the hotel, we see Manwol walking through the empty lobby in a brilliant purple dress. She tells herself that she is really alone now, just like the begining. She goes to look at the photo of her and her employees. We see all of their happy faces smiling back at us. Manwol continues to look at the photo and then turns to see Hyungjoong hop up at his counter. He says that he did not take a nap! Sorry, I lied! Oh, we have a guest!

She looks at Hyungjoong greeting the guests, asking how long they have been dead and that he will take them to their room. She looks at him leave to the elevator with teary eyes. Then she walks the halls of the hotel and sees Seoehee. SH tells her that 603 will ahve to take the bus but will delay another day. He misses hokbang (a type of bread). So SH will serve it to him. She smiles and starts to walk up the hallway, then disappears. 

In the bar, Sunbi tells Manwol that he has made a new coctail! Would you like to try it? At least smell it. It is not dirty water that we clean with a mop! You never clean anything, lets compare the color! He walks off and disappears.

We then see shots of the carnival room, the beach, the bar, and manwl walking to the steps of the lobby. She sees her employees happily walking through the lobby and then lining up to smile at her, ready to work. She smiles back at them and we see that the room is empty once again.

Then Chansung walks into the lobby and stops in the center. He looks at her without smiling. She smiles at him.

MW – Koo Chang sung came here to send off the last guest of the hotel

He walks up the steps to her.

MW – Koo Changsung, I am sleepy. Maybe I feel sleepy because I can live like I am having a dream.

She rests her head on his chest, he holds her.

CS – Even if you sleep, I will be next to you.

He picks her up and starts to carry her up the steps. He puts her in her bed and holds her as she sleeps next to him.

VO – After a long long time, I finally met you, the person who dreams of moons. (something like that)

In the past, we see the two kids sitting by the wagon. The boy told her that there is a moon tavern somewhere.

In the present, we see Pink Mago enter the hotel, sh walks through the entrance and into a hallway where Chansung greets her.

Mago – Youa re still here?

CS – She is still here, whats up?

Mago – A long long time ago, I had scissors that I lent to a bride

CS – You lent it to her because to leave you needed more determination to hold it

Mago – That is right, but I forgot to get it back

CS – I have it

Mago – Oh yay! That is great. *he gives it back* I have to do something for you because you did something important for me

CS – The gods never come when we want, but you repay debts well.

Mago – Maybe, your fate that gave you big pain…(missed the last part)

CS – That is okay, I have something I want. Time travel

Mago – No

CS – You can do it, you did it

Mago – Well, yes

CS – It is tiny, but can you let us see winter together?

Cut to Manwol and Chansung walking together in the garden room hand in hand. Then it starts to snow. She looks up at the snow and he looks up at the snow. It is a moment. She says it is snow. It is really winter.

MW – Am I dreaming?

CS – As you wished, this is the winter that we have together.

MW – Where did this winter come from?

CS – We don’t know if you are the future of the present. Not sure which winter in the future or the past, but it is our winter together.

MW – I saw you in my dream Koo Chansung

In the past, she drew the moon on his hand.

In the present, he tells her that the full moon is pretty.

MW – We meet each other after a long long time. We spent out time back then together.

CS – I hope we spend time together in the future.

MW – In that terms, it looks prettier.



She holds her hand up to the snow and keeps looking at it. He keeps looking at it. They keep holding hands as well. Then she looks at him and smiles.

then we cut to them both standing at the tunnel

CS – Are you leaving without the reaper?

MW – I was the owner of this place for a long long time. I will go there by my own feet and I will find it by myself

CS – You are brave.

MW – Koo Chan-sung, When this moment comes, I was thinking so much what to tell you. Sorry, thank you, have a good life, I prepared a lot of good things to say, but I don’t remember it now. Just, I want to be with you.I want to see you all the time. I don’t want to leave you alone here. I knew that I would be like this. I will try to be strong. I can’t hold you and say don’t leave because I was pretending to be strong. I am sorry.

She touches his cheek. He holds her hand and starts to cry. Then he touches her cheek and wipes away a tear.

CS – Do you remember, you were pretending to not cry when I leave.

MW – I did not know that I would like you so much back then. I also did not know that I would fall in love again, like an idiot.

He laughs and they hug. Then they both start to cry.

MW – I never thought about what happens next, but what I can say is only this.

They look at each other.

MW – In the next life, let’s definitely see each other, okay?

She sniffs and smiles and nods. He nods as well. A tear falls on her cheek as she takes a deep breath.

MW – Koo Chan-sung, thank you for taking care of me and looking after me and protecting me. Thank you.

CS – Goodbye. Goodbye Jang Man-wol.

Manwol sniffs back her tears and looks at the tunnel. Then she slowly lets go of his hand and turns to go up the tunnel. Each step is difficult as she walks further and further away from Chansung. He turns to look at her walking away.

She bravely walks into the tunnel. He tries not to cry as he watches her walk away. But it is too hard not to cry. He makes a valiant effort though. Eventually, she disappears into the tunnel.

The sign disappears at the tunnel entrance and the photo of the group disappears in the reception area. the lights on hotel Del Luna all start to turn off and the tree disappears from the garden.



The sky fades out and morning comes. Chan-sung is still standing at the entrance to Heaven, but it is a normal tunnel now.

MW – My moon, who ate my nights and dreams, goodbye.

he starts to cry once again.

Mago – Disappearing is always sad.

We see the long bridge.

VO – The flower comes back again. Like that, we leave and say goodbye and come back and love again.

Manwol walks up the bridge

VO – I hope that is the answer you arrogant, stupid, and self loving couple chooses.

Manwol continues walking up the bridge. But she stips and turns around. She is holding a white flower and smiles as she looks at the bridge. Her smile is bright and pleasant as she looks all around and then down where she came from. She gives the past one last smile and then turns and walks up the bridge to heaven.

the camera zooms out on this long bridge. then we see Sanchez’s house, it is snowing so we time jumped.

Sanchez opens the door and yells something super loudly. Not sure what he yells, but then he says that it is cold and calls for Chansung. Chansung i sin his room packing his books. Sanchez tells him that New York is as cold as Seoul so pack well.

CS – Can you send me these boxes when I find a place is New York

Sanchez – yeah, when I go there for fun then I will bring it with me. I need to go see someone now.

Cut to the library where Chansung meets with Yoona. She is looking at the pocket watch.

CS – How have you been Kim Yoona

Yoona – Good

CS – How was your SATs? Which school do you want to go to?

Yoona – I am going to hotel manager school. I will be ahotelier like you

CS – Ah, you have good SAT

Yoona – next year I will have a better score. I couldnt’ study because I saw ghosts, but with your medicine I do not see ghosts anymore. So I will study well. You also took the same medicine so you don’t see ghosts anymore right?

he smiles.

then we see him walking off to the tiger mountain painting. He looks at it.

VO – Do you think the tiger went into the painting and saw what he wanted to see?

MW – He saw the place that he can’t go back to anymore, as a dream. he was lucky.

Flower Mago walks up on Chansunga nd looks at the painting. then walks off and hands a ghost a white flower.

VO – The memory of the secret world that no one knows. You are there. And I remember the promise that I made with you.

The camera cuts away to a public space in Seoul. Sunbi is pleasantly jogging around the area. Seohee is playing happily with a cute little doggie. Hyunjoon walks up to her to pet the dog and then goes and plays basketball with his friends.

Chansung is sitting on a bench and reading a book. It is Existence and Time (the one his mother was reading). Then Manwol walks up to him and smiles. She is wearing all white. he smiles and puts down his book. She sits next to him, loks at him happil, then rests her head on his shoulder. He holds her shoulder.

CS – you came early, I thought it would take a long time. 

MW – in case you waited for me, I came early.

CS – Sometime

MW – Sometime

VO – After traveling through time, we are together.

MW – I hope I will be with you all the time in that life.

She sits up and looks at hime.

MW, VO – back then, we were looking at us together and had the same dreams and hugged and smiled. We will be next to each other for a long long time being happy.

She rests her head on his shoulder again and then enjoy sitting like this and hugging. The camera cuts away and we see that they are alone in this public area.

The screens shows us all the group photos of everyone.


Magos place.

Mago – I was about to tell you some super important. Were is the 6th? Still in Joseon? Ah, our 12 isters have never been together. They are not that busy!

Pink Mago – Tell them individually.

Dark Mago – What do you want to say?

Mago – the moon tavern, we have a surprising new owner for the tavern. The story of the moon tavern will continue where all the lost souls come.

Mago – What is the name of the new place?

Mago – Well, hotel….hotel….what is it, I don’t remember. I can’t remember it.

The screen fades away and we see the name of the hotel. It is Hotel Blue Moon.

A man walks into the hotel holding a whisky glass, swirling it around a few times, then taking a sip. His employees all line up to greet him as he walks to the top of the steps. He turns around in a suave way and we see that it is Kim Soo-hyun.

Man – The moon is up, let’s open the business.

The camera scrolls to the hotel, it is super big, just as it once was.




This show is definitely a recommend. I actually think that the show could have ended at episodes 13 and 14 and that these two episodes were just gravy. It is a bit of a bitter sweet ending because Chan-sung will have to live his life with the memory of Manwol instead of actually being with her, but I also think that is what a lot of people have to experience in the world. It is lucky and reassuring for him because he actually knows that life goes on and he will meet her in the next life. he looked content in knowing that at the ending and knowing that the other people he grew to care for will have other lives as well.

So, a lovely show with a great open-ish ending that leaded more toward the bitter sweet. But what I really want to know is, will there be a sequel or was the epilogue just something fun to tack on to the end? Because I want to see a season two were Kim Soo-hyun is at the helm!

Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo
Hotel del Luna group photo

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  1. Anonymous
    September 1, 2019 / 8:59 am

    The epilouge is a new hotel, called Hotel Blue Moon. I forgot who the guy is, but i think it’s hinting towards a season two.

    • V
      September 1, 2019 / 9:16 am

      Ah, that would be cool! I wonder if it is an inside joke. I saw that Kim Soo-hyun had a cameo so that must have been it!

    • cherophobic
      September 2, 2019 / 9:26 am

      i am so excited too. the last episode was making me cry all night😭😭😭

  2. Anonymous
    September 1, 2019 / 9:00 am

    I also don’t understand the end, it seems like the scene in the garden is an imaginary thing.

    • V
      September 1, 2019 / 9:17 am

      It does seem imaginary. Its like he has them with him as he continues to live his life.

      • JangNara-ist
        September 1, 2019 / 5:52 pm

        Looks like Seoul in 2080. Not a fancy futuristic but a a more realistic one (like 2020 is from EU cities in 1980).

        “Next” Chan-sung somehow knows about “cycles” and make hurry to return, so did Man Weol.

        • V
          September 1, 2019 / 6:49 pm

          OMG, I love this theory!

        • Cnjussym
          September 1, 2019 / 7:22 pm

          I like your theory better! So I’ll take their last scene as a possible preview of their next lifetime together, and not only a product of his imagination or a dream (I actually thought he entered the picture as the baekdu tiger did before). That would be more depressing in my opinion ☹️

          • Melanie
            September 2, 2019 / 12:37 am

            Yes, I thought too that he entered his own dream world like the tiger did. When he’s studying the picture, we see the God have such a sad face (at first I thought it was more disapproving, but now I’ve changed my assessment, lol). Also he never took the medicine so that he could be closer to her (by seeing the dead) and see the things that remind him of her; their connection. His destiny this life was to live out the dream of the moon in his heart and continue to yearn for Man Wol until he died. Wouldn’t that be the burden he would have to carry for her? Haha! I think I like the other suggestions better, lol. Overall, great drama. Not sure how a season two would go because in this instance it took main character development and established thirteen hundred years:) We would have to see far in his future for him to get his issues resolved….

            • JangNara-ist
              September 2, 2019 / 3:21 am

              “Yes, I thought too that he entered his own dream world like the tiger did. When he’s studying the picture, we see the God have such a sad face (at first I thought it was more disapproving, but now I’ve changed my assessment, lol).”

              You sowed a seed of doubt in me… CS hold his book and Ma-go disappointment, yes, it looks probable.

            • Cnjussym
              September 2, 2019 / 4:54 am

              Yes!!! I thought that precisely because Mago looked really disappointed (I remember the narration during Man Weol’s last scene at the bridge; Mago’s voice even sounded mad, like she was critizing or disapproving their decision). She didn’t even look at him in that scene at the library; she looked straight at the picture, as she already knew what he was about to do or what was he thinking. I wonder what was Mago’s idea, then? Because I can’t understand why was she disappointed at them? What else could they do? Man Weol had to leave since the tree was the only reason why her time stopped (if I’m not mistaken), so she practically became a ghost when it dissapeared. And he did the right thing; he completed his mission and was willing to pay the price to save her soul.
              Well, after pondering a lot about all that (yeah, this final ep got me thinking about it for hours xD), though he can still see ghosts and stuff, he’s still a human not like ManWeol that was practically a magical creature. So, I guess it’s impossible for him to phisically enter the picture, as the tiger did, because he’s still alive. I guess that was probably just one of the many dreams he now has as a way to cope with the pain of a life of loneliness, until the day they meet again in another lifetime.
              Again, I still want to believe that the last scene was a preview of their future life together, though. That definitely makes me feel better about this beautiful, yet really bittersweet ending.

  3. Anonymous
    September 2, 2019 / 2:34 am

    Who is Kim Soo-hyun (the new owner of the Blue Moon Hotel)? I don’t recognize him?

    • Just completed Hotel del luna.
      September 2, 2019 / 5:09 am

      He is from “My love from another star” Kdrama, Played “Do min joon” character.

    • V
      September 2, 2019 / 7:16 am

      He is a very popular actor who just got out of the military! He was in My Love From Another Star.

  4. Anonymous
    September 2, 2019 / 9:59 am

    I might think Kim Soo Hyun is the reincarnation of Chung Myung cause they look similar XD

  5. cherophobic
    September 2, 2019 / 10:01 am

    is chung myung ng guy that man weol used to like… sorry am bad with names ✌😁

    • Anonymous
      September 2, 2019 / 2:03 pm

      I don’t think so, he seams like a completely new person 🙂

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