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Hotel del Luna: Episode 15 Live Recap

Hotel del luna live recap 15
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We are in the finale week! Only two days left to see if our couple will wind up with their happily every after. I for one find it really refreshing that Koo Chan-sung is not the reincarnation of either of the two men from the past. He is just a good soul who matches with Man-wol in a lovely way. And, from the end of the last episode, it looks like Man-wol was able to hold on to her memory of Chan-sung on the bridge and head back to the world of the living. I’m looking forward to seeing their reunion!

If you are looking for the photo book then check out the links below or go to our Music List for Hotel Del Luna. tvN has released the photo book which includes 30 songs and a 50 page spread.

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The three employees are looking at the bridge cave

SB – if we knew our boss wouldn’t come back like this we should have said hi

SH – Its good that she relieved all her wishes

HJ – We should say good bye to each other, promise?

They all pinky promise and lock arms

Then SH asks what happened to the hotel, it looks like Mago is preparing for a new owner even though the reaper did not say much about it.

Cut to herb mago as she mixes some thinks together. But she does not have a plant that she needs. Then we go to flower mago talking to the reaper in front of Manwols tree. They are making the drink for the new owner to drink. She chuckles that it will taste so bad. But they are preparing for it, the body and soul are trapped into the moon tree and they will become owner of the hotel. But they do not have the moon spirit plant which is the most important ingredient.

the reaper says that he can find it. Where is it? Flower mago tells him that it only grows in the garden in front of the tavern. But not here, it is from 200 years ago. The reaper says that he can time travel to 200 years ago. But Mago says that he does not have to go, she has someone else to send.

Scene change to Chan-sung walking through the hotel, he sees Seo-hee. She tells him that he came to work early, he says that he came early just in case she came. She tells him that she has something to give to him. it is the medicine that closes his ghost eyes. The boss asked her to do something once before.

Flashback to Manwol giving SH the potion to give to Chan-sung, just in case. She gave it to Sh because she trusts her the most. 

Seohee says that she thought that Manwol would come back, but now she thinks that she has to give it to him. he takes it.

CS – You dont’ think she is coming back?

SH – well, the boss gave it to me because she wished that you lived in your normal world life, not trapped in the hotel.

Seohee walks out. Chansung looks around at the room and the vial. then someone calls his name. He turns around and sees Manwol in a playful outfit asking him what he thinks she is going to eat? She tells him that he doens’ tknow, she is going to eat gomdurebap! 

He walks to another location and sees Manwol in her silk morning clothers on the couch she asks him what he is looking at as she puts a serum on her hands. Then she starts to bark orders to him about what ghosts will do all night and how she will look into the ghost phone call thing! What do they teach you at Harvard anyway! Work work work? tsk.

he smiles and walks to another location where he sees her behind her desk. She tells him that he will be a bigger person that the last manager. He will be super rich, but don’t brag about it. He smiles and looks away for a moment. When he looks back, she is gone.

he ends up not taking the potion and leaves.

But he sees Mago in the hallway and walks up to her.

CS – did manwol come back?

Mago – I have something to ask you to do

CS – what do you want?

Mago – you should go to the full moon dang

CS – that is the joseon dynasty name

Mago – Yes, go there and come back

They talk in front of the tree.

mago – you will find the medicinal plant, take it from the garden

cs – why me? why don’t you go.

Mago – I thought you would like it, if you go then you can see the old moon tavern

CS – I can see Manwol from then?

Mago – Of course, but if you dont like it

CS – I will do it! I will be back

Mago – If you pass by the tree then you will find it. If you want to come back then you can come back. When you go there, don’t drink or eat anything, otherwise you will not be able to come back

Chan-sung walks to a glowing door that is in the garden. he takes a deep breath and then pushes it open. With a gasp, he walks through.



Chansung steps through the gate and into 18 or 19th century Korea. he walks around a very wealthy house and sees the room manager calming some people down. it looks like this is the tavern so all these people are ghosts. he smiles as he sees Sunbi walking around and talking about their bosses drinking.

then he walks around some more and finds the flower. But someone asks “who are you” before he can pick itup. When he turns around, he sees Manwol pointing a fan at him.

MW – How did a living being come here? To steal something? You look strange, where are you from?

CS – Jang Manwol

MW – How do you know my name? Are you ~. Tsk, did a loan shark send you? Just tell him that I am going to go to him and pay him back in 15 days.

He is about to hold her hand but she pushes him into the wall.

CS – I am from very far away, you would not recognize me

MW – You opened the ghost eyes, who gave you those eyes?


Manwol immediately hides from a beggar halmai =, but Chansung sees that it is Mago. Manwol and Chan start to talk about Mago and how he is friends with Mago? he says that they are all kind to him. Mansol smiles and holds up her alcohol, would you like a drink?

Cut to Sunbi and Seohee giving Chansung a small table full of food. they start to chat and asks if he is the new manager that Mago sent them? The old one died. Chansung asks who the loan shark is. They say that he is a gambling loan shark. Chansung is all like, does she gamble!!!!!

Flashback to Manwol gambling, lol. She goes all in. Another person goes all in as well. It looks like that man has won, but Manwol shows her cards and wins it all. But she won it all with the help from a ghost. Mago caught it so poor luck Mago (beggar Mago) comes to our house everyday. 

Sunbi tells all this to Chansung and says that she gambles all the time, they need a human manager. Then the doors open and Manwol comes in looking gorgeous. Sunbi and Seohee excuse themselves for them to have a good conversation.

CS – Do you gamble?

MW -Just for fun

CS – If you where in my world then you would go to jail

MW – I am about to quit as soon as I get my money back

CS – You will never ever quit

MW – I need the money to continue the hotel

CS – You don’t need money to continue the hotel!

MW  – ah, you know everything, talk to the beggar mago

CS – We can’t kick out a god

MW – She comes here everyday, I can’t win.

CS – I once let a god out. If I let this one out, will you not gamble anymore?

MW – Yes, I put my hand on it

Meanwhile, beggar mago is lounging and eating, but she says it is not tasty.



Chansung walks up to beggar Mago. She asks who he is. He says that he is here for the moon spirit medicine plant. Mago sent him to get it. Beggar mago is all like, wah! My sister? You came a long way.

Chansung says that he knows that she is punishing Manwol, but can you stop? I dont’ want her to have any problems. Mago says that she wants to bankrupt her, but if you don’t like it then lets play a game. They decide to play baduk.

So beggar Mago and Chansung sit for a game of baduk as Manwol, sunbi, and seohee watch. But they don’t know what is going on. Manwol tries to tell them that this new guy went to some place call Harvard, do you know that? He is super smart.

The game continues, it looks like Chansung has the upper hand and he wins! So beggar mago leaves reluctantly.

Later on that night, Chan-sung has Manwol write something and sign it. She says he is being too particular. He also tells her that she has too many horses, leave three and sell the others to pay for your debt. You say that you will use all of them, but that will not work for me. Otherwise I will call Mago back.

She tsks and says that she signed it! he tells her to not gamble, have a new hobby. He pulls out a sheet of paper and draws Korea on it. He tells her about how Joseon is like a tiger and then tells her things to do in Korea for good food. She should enjoy it all. She asks if he ate all this before? He says that he ate it all with someone.

She tells him that it would be funner than gabling. He says that she will like it, you can enjoy it for at least 200 years. She asks if he would like to do it with her? Would you like to be our manager? I like you.

He looks at her longingly. She gives him a cup and pours liquid in it.

MW – Just stay here with me.

he looks at the cup

VO – When you go there, don’t eat or drink. If you do that then you will never come back.

CS – Here, I don’t have to worry about you disappearing. I will be with you.

MW – Okay, then drink Koo Chan-sung

But he puts the cup on the table and turns to her.

CS – I have to go back, I have a woman I am waiting for.

MW – Your lover?

CS – Yes, I love her so much.

MW – Hmm, too bad

She takes a drink.

CS – Maybe I will regret it.

He takes one last look at the cup.

Then we see him with the plants that he came there to get in the first place. beggar Mago comes up to him and tells him that all the memory of time travel will disappear. He asks if she is there to see him leave? She says leaving or not is his choice. If you stay then you will be the 85th manager of Jang Manwol. So you decide will you be the one that sends her off, or will you be one of the managers. She hurries off.

Chansung looks at the flowers in his hand and then looks off at Manwol drinking. He awlks to the gate and looks at it. But then he turns around and looks at Manwol again. he is deep in thought. But he resolves himself and turns to walk through the gate. He walks all the way through it, the doors close behind him. In his hands are the flowers.

He takes a look at the flowers and then walks up to Manwols tree

Back in the tunnel, we see a limosine driving back through.

Meanwhile, Chansung gives the plant to Flower Mago.

CS – I realize why you sent me there, I should wait for her.

Mago – Be happy. manwol came back.

Chansung immediately runs off.

In the tunnel, Manwol gets out of the car. 

In the lobby, the employees think that she might be back!

Chansung runs to Manwol and gives her a hug. She apologizes for being so late. It was a fractiong of a second over there, but it was too long over here. 

All the other employees run to them and it is a great big group hug.




In the hotel, Yoona tells Hyunjoong that she is happy that their boss is back. She would be nervous with a new boss. HJ says some of her memory disappeared. Cut to SB and SH talking about how the old memories disappeared first.

Upstairs, Manwol tells Chansung not to worry, she still has all her memories of him. he asks if he should test it. She calls him jashik and says fine. So he starts to talk about the amount of cars she has. He also says that he told her to sell horses. Do you remember that? Do you remember that loan shark? She gasps in remembrance. So he thinks that she still has her memories from 200 years ago.

He tells her to drink, he refused a drink that a woman gave her so he is sad. She says that he should not ahve any woman. But he says that he has one, she is super pretty. She starts to hit him and says not to look at her so easily! She does not become jealous, she just kills that person!

He tells her that she still has her hand so she must have kept the promise. Then he tells her about how he time traveled and rescued her. She says that she does not hve that memory. CS says that Mago says she would not remember the time travel. But he had to go there to get the drink. Manwol remembers drinking it and how it was so bad. She thinks to herself that Mago is preparing that drink again.

Elsewhere, we see herb/medicine Mago preparing this drink with the flowers.

Cut to Hyun-joong’s sister in the hospital. Her imposter brother is looking at her. Then he looks at the photo of Hyun-joong and him. They were best friends. 

So, it looks like he is not a bad person. It seems like he was Hyun-joong’s best friend and was taking care of HJ’s sister her entire life and did a lot of good things? So was this planned? It seems like they planned it that way? I’m not sure.

But then we see that the sister has gone into cardiac arrest, but she is stabilized. The fake brother thanks the doctors. HJ says that his sister is stable again. then he looks at the imposter brother and says, you should be disappointed.

He starts to leave and Yoona takes his photo. They start to talk and Yoona says that he should take care of Hyunjoong’ sister. he is watching you. The man asks if he is still alive? Then did he just fake his death and make me live like this?

Meanwhile, Hyunjoong is in the bar talking to the team about how he was smart and popular. The team is all like, yeah and they start to talk about cute things like how the voice is the most important thing for a man. Hyunjoong says that his friend has been taking care of his sister, she has survived this long because of him.

Later on, Sunbi and Seohee talk to Manwol about how they should open the theme park again. HJ has waitied so long for his sister so we should give him some time. Manwol asks if they think that th efriend only thought about HJ’s sister for 70 years? Did you forget that the boy had a gun shot wound?

Flashback to HJ showing up to the hotel with a gunshot wound.

Then we see manwol cleaning her grudge gun. Chan talks to her and asks if she wants to punish him? manwol says no, Hyunjoong already put a bullet in that guys heart. 

MW – She can’t even see and is mentally unable. So he made his enemy take care of his sister. It is true that Hyunjoong is waiting for his sister for 70 years. But he also put a grudge on that friend for 70 years.

CS – Is the friend the one that killed Hyunjoong?

In the reception area we see that Yoona has brought the old man to see Hyunjoong.

Upstairs, Seohee tells manwol that hyunjoongs friend came. She thinks that he might want the bullet to come out.

In the lobby, Yoona tells Chansung that she brought the old man there to help Hyunjoong. It is only available while the man is alive. But Hyunjoong ran away and is at the tree right now.

In the bar, Sunbi explains that they lost their parents and Hyunjoong barely saved his sister. Flashback to him feeding his sister. he tells her to eat up, they will go to their grandparents house and eat nice things.

VO – He did not join the crowd migrating south because the sister was severaly injured so he wanted to take a short cut.

HJ starts to get water from the river but a man holds a gun to his head. He tells him not to move, but then he sees that it is his friend. So they all go eat together. The friend starts to eat a lot. HJ says that his sister is very sick, do you know a shortcut? I am going to see my uncles house in Busan, lets go together.

The friend tells him to take off his clothes. if I wear these clothes then both sides will kill me. So they switch clothes and the friend runs away with the medicine. HJ tells him not to take it, his sister will die. But the friend shoots him, it looks like it is accidental, but still, it happened.

the sister starts to call for her brother. the friend tells HJ that he did not do it on purpose, he is sorry! He starts to leave, but HJ holds his hand and tells him to take his sister with him. Then he dies. The friend runs off with the medicine and supplies. But it looks like he does take the sister with him! He puts the sister on piggy back and runs off.

VO – The brother brought the sister with him to the uncles house and the aunt recognized the sister so they thought he was Ji Hyun-joong. He lived as Ji Hyunjoong ever since.



In the bar, they keep talking about how Hyun-mi was the bullet that he shot on his friends heart. He talked about his sister, but he hated the friend that took care of her.

Upstairs, Manwol sees HJ in front of the tree and basically tells him that he looks so bad sitting in front of a tree with no flowers or leaves. She tsks and sits next to him.

HJ – It was so difficult to see him doing everything I wanted to do. I will not forgive him

MW – Just hear his story, he will not come here to brag about how his life was good. He will say that his life was not happy and that it was difficult. It is not easy to hear it.

HJ – Was it like that with you?

MW – Yeah, that is how I can remember his last moment

HJ – Are you talking about my memory? If you stay here like this then I will send him back. Sigh, Yoona did an unnecessary thing.

SHe gets up to leave. But he holds her dress.

MW – At least Yoona brought him here. The girl that likes you wanted to do anything for you.

Downstairs, Yoona tells the man that bringing him there was probably too painful. Perhaps he should leave. The man gives HJ’s uniform to her and says that HJ liked school so much. But then Chansung comes to them and says that HJ wants to see him.

the man goes to meet him in room 502. The room is actually a classroom. The man sees HJ and tells him that he looks the same.

HJ – I saw you getting old.

Then the image changes to the past were they both were school friends in the classroom complete with school uniform.

In the bar, Manwol asks why Chansung does not worry about HJ. Chansung says that HJ is a good guy, he also watched him for a long time, so he should be okay. 

MW – As a boss I should get money for Hyunjoong for what he suffered.

CS – you are going to get money for him?

MW – Before the kid leaves we need to 

Cut to her talking to the imposter man. She tells him that he should buy a school under the name of Hyunjoong. The good high school that Hyunjoong went to. Fast forward to the high school dedication ceremony and honorary high school certificate. Then Hyunjoong walks in with the other hotel people. The man asks if these are all family members? Chansung smiles and says yes, they are all family.

Then we see that a lot of people are in the audience, it looks like these might all be hotel guests. The reaper brought them all in a bus. Hyunjoong gets his honorary certificate and confetti shoots out. he is so happy and everyone cheers. The reaper even smiles.

Later on, they all go eat at Sanchez’s place. Sanchez asks if they are all ghosts? Chansung says yes, they are old ghosts so they can transform into human. But this place is actually full, here, there, everywhere. Sanchez is all like, ummm. Chan tells him that he can stand outside if he wants. But Sanchez says he is okay, when else can he see a ghost party.

They start to talk about Manwol and if she is a ghost. Chansung starts to tell her story but Sanchez says stop stop, he doesn’ twant to know. But he asks if Chansung likes the ghosts? Chansung says that this is the first time they all ate together. And he tells Sanchez not to drink too much, some ghosts can come into a drunk persons body. That guy over there is looking at you, he might like your body so be careful. 

Sanchez is so uncomfortable, but thinks that ghosts should like a handsome guy like him.

Later on, Chansung and Sanchez sit in the car. Sanchez is spooked by a man walking by, thinking he is a ghost. Chansung tells him that the black box recorded it so he is human, don’t be so scared. He also tells him that all the poeple/ghosts he saw today will leave. Sanchez asks if Manwol will leave also? Chansung tells him yes, Manwol also.



In the hotel, Seohee tells Manwol that Chansung did not take the medicine. He trusted that she would come back. Seohee was not sure, but she is happy that Manwol is not trapped in the tree like before.

Manwol tells her that a new owner will come soon. Koo knows about it also. Manwol wants to send off Sunbi, Hyunjoong, and Seohee well, but she is not sure if she has enough time for it. She smiles, but is teary.

SH walks to talk to manwol, he tells her that he stopped by the pharmacist, she will have her baby soon. But he is not sure if she is a boy or a girl. Will you wait? They start to talk about how their boss is not trapped in the tree anymore, so she could have left. Chansung is actually the person keeping Manwol here.

SH remembers what Manwol said to a bride, letting go requires more power/effort than holding it. Flashback to that episode where the string tething the couple together falls.

Then Manwol comes in with a lot of bags and a bright red outfit. She takes a sip of a cool drink and tells Chansung to open the luggage. It is a camera inside. It is the same camera that she always uses to take a photo in front of her hotel.

They start to walk around to all the photos and Manwol explains them all, who took the photos and what was going on in life around that time. One manager ran off with her money but his wife was super pregnant so she let him, another was super handsome so they called him oraboni. Chansung tells her that he is the handsomest over all those other managers, she fell in love with him over his face value. You shuld takea  photo of me so you have evidence.

She says that back then it did not matter, just humans passing time. But now she has a bit of regret about it. He tells her that she can take a picture now.

they set up the picture and all the employees are lined up to take it with Manwol. Manwol tells them orders like don’t open your mouth and don’t close your eyes. Then Chansung takes the photo. It looks all kinds of bad because they basically did what she told them not to do. Then Chansung gets in the group for a photo. 

It is happy photo taking time as they all take a lot of photos and finally Chansung and Manwol take a photo together.




Chansung walks into the room with Manwol and asks her what she is doing. She puts her arms up and tells him to carry her. But he says that she should clean it (or something similar). But then he picks her up and starts spinning her around. She tells him, To The Room! But he puts her on the couch.

Then he tells her that they should eat jajangmyun because they took photos.

Cut to the photo hanging on the wall. It is a lovely photo. Yoona tells Hyunjoong that they should have taken one with her. But he says that the hotel will disappear. Mago is making a new tavern. So the hotel were the boss is the owner will disappear. Yoona asks, what about you? When the hotel is gone, are you also gone?

He doesn’t answer.

Meanwhile, medicine Mago is mixing the potion. She takes a sip and thinks that it is fermenting well. 

In the bar of the hotel, sunbi says that he heard that Mago is making the drink. Yoona wants to drink it, but sunbi says that Mago picks the person. Yoona wants to see Mago, when can she see her? Sunbi says that everyone cannot find Mago’s place. Yoona wonders how manager Koo found it? Sunbi explains that manager Koo is allowed to go there, he found a firefly over there.

So Yoona sneaks through Chansungs things in his office and finds Mago’s business card.

Elsewhere, Mira and Yeonwoo tells Sanchez that they are moving in together. He is good at cleaning and she is good at cooking. Sanchez is surprised at this. Mira says her parents helped her a little bit with them, her parents run a kimchi place. He is all like, huh? Daeho kimchi? Wow, I always ate that kimchi when I ate alone at home.

Mira thinks thta her parents kimchi fed him, that is like fate! Sanchez says that Chansung ate that kimchi and I ate that kmchi, we all ate that kimchi, it is super popular so that is not special. Mira still thinks they are connected and feeds yeonwoo some food.

In the hotel, Sunbi is talking to the writer and another ghost poet while in the bar. They talk about sunbi who is a joseon scholar thta passed the government test. The writer says that a person in his novel is from the joseon dynasty and his person passed the test too. But his novel is about a pervert aristocrat who got hit by another aristocrat for writing sexy novels.

Flashback to Sunbi getting hit by a lot of other nobles.

SO it looks like Sunbi got a high score in the government test but another aristocrat found out that he wrote sexy novels in his spare time so people hit him and killed him and his high score in the government is cancelled. But the man wants to publish his book so this scholar can recover his name as an aristocrat.

Sunbi looks pretty frazzled.



Meanwhile, Yoona finds Magos place and remembers what Sunbi said about the potion.

In the hotel Manwol and Seohee look at the tree, it has become what it was before. But Manwol says it is different now, time passed, it had leaves and blossoms and the flowers fell. Seohee asks if she thinks it will blossom again? Manwol says that this tree is dead, if she wishes for it again then she should cross the bridge.

But then they turn around and see Yoona there. Yoona stole the drink for the new owner. She tells Manwol that she can drink it and continue the hotel. Please.

Manwol takes the bottle and looks at it.

In Mago’s medicine palce, medicine mago tells Chansung that Yoona stole her drink. Chansung says that she might worry about Hyunjoong. Mago says that if Mago drinks it and gets the power of the sacred tree then the hotel will continue and they can stay together. But Chansung says that he is not sure what to do if she makes that choice, you wanted to send her to the other side. Mago asks him, if I dont’ block it, what will you do?

Back at the hotel, Seohee tells Chansung what Yoona did. Chansung says that he knows and asks where Manwol is. She is on the balcony, so he goes there to talk to her.

He approaches her as she is looking at the Moon.

MW – The day I was trapped in the tree, I saw a big moon like this. The drink I had that day, I have it again. Koo Chansung, should I drink it again?

He looks at her and turns to her.

CS – When I saw you again, time traveling, I wanted to stay next to you drinking the alcohol that you gave me. If I did it, then I would have been the 85th person drawing your portrait, just another person passing you. I thought about it when I hung out picture of us together. I will be the last manager, the 99th. I will not let you have a meaningless 100th manager, meaninglessly. So, dont’ drink it.

She smiles.

MW – I thought you would say that.

She looks at the potion and takes off the top. Then she pours a little of it out over the balcony. They both look at it fall. She keeps pouring it out until it is all gone. then she drops the bottle over the side as well. (good Lord, that is a bit reckless, manwol).

MW – Thank you, Koo Chan-sung. I love you.

She holds out her hand to hold his and smiles. He takes her hand in his.

CS – I love you.

They both smile and then look at the moon together.

Fade Out



All the employees stories are out! Poor sunbi sounds like his humiliation was the worst considering the time that it happened and the shame on his family with his writing romance novels. I think it was romance novels anyway. You know the other scholars were just jealous that he got the highest score. So I am assuming that Sunbi just stayed around until his name got cleared and it looks like that will happen with this book. Or perhaps the story is not right in the history books? We will find out in the next episode!

I love that Hyunjoong got his revenge in his own kind way on his friend. He was able to protect his sister and make the world a better place with his grudge bullet. If only everyones grudge bullets where like Hyun-joongs.

Seohee will have to wait and find out if this baby is a baby girl or a baby boy. Hopefully she will be a baby girl so things can go full circle with this family. 

And Manwol and Chansung decided not to let her drink the potion. She is free now and, thoughh they would be together, drinking the potion would put her in another prison. SO, good choice for all. Though I do wonder about that bottle hitting the floor 100 floors down. Maybe one of the mago’s protected the sidewalk from it. Or perhaps it disappeared completely? I’m going with that.

It looks like this show is almost completely wrapped up except they need to send all the employees to the next world. I have a feeling that reincarnated lives are going to play a role in the next episode!


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      I love that they both decided not to take the lotion!

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        I love that too 🙂

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      I loved the time travel scene. I wonder if he had stayed, if they would have fallen in love and her tree would have blossomed (in the past) and he would have been the one to send her off in the end anyway?

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  5. September 1, 2019 / 1:32 am

    Thanks for the recap & link to the Photobook. If you look on the cover they didn’t photoshop out the extra arm around Ku Chan Seong! LOL!! On another note, I’m so sad the drama is ending ):

  6. Melanie
    September 1, 2019 / 1:35 am

    I still can’t fathom how this will be wrapped up in one episode. Or maybe not? We still have three unresolved ghosts. Also, will Man Wol just live out her days with her love? I mean, she is still human (she never died). Would they let her grow old now that her time is now running again? I hope so! Lol! Can’t wait for episode 16! Who will the new owner be?

    • V
      September 1, 2019 / 10:03 am

      I think this episode was over an hour and a half! But it was good!

  7. Horizon
    September 1, 2019 / 5:19 am

    Hotel del Luna Staffs’ Resentment

    There’re many things this drama is focus on besides Chan-sung and Man-wol. One of my favourite is, one need to let go of his/her resentments by himself/herself. While seeing the bad person receiving a bad ending is truly satisfying (such as Seol Ji-won), it also tells you that learning to let go by yourself (blind ghost and ghost bride, and definitely Man-wol) is a much better virtue. With the final episode coming up, while it may not be ideal, but I think the resentment of the staffs will be resolved as below. Many may not agree with my opinion, but I think that for them to let go by themselves, would bring more comfort than to see justice on their resentments.

    Ji Hyun-joong
    While waiting for his sister to join him and go to the afterlife together, he had also resented his best friend Oh Tae-sok who had accidentally shot him. True, Hyun-joong lost his chance to live his life because of Tae-sok, but it was an accident. During the times of war, everybody wanted to survive and live. I am sure Tae-sok doesn’t mean to kill Hyun-joong, and taking care of Hyun-mi may not be a curse as what Hyun-joong thought Tae-sok felt.
    From episode 15, we see that Tae-sok was truly in remorse about Hyun-joong. He probably takes care of Hyun-mi as repentance of what he had done. He may not consider it a burden (as what Hyun-joong thought he felt) as he had on numerous times have the doctors do their best to save Hyun-mi. He did not receive a grudge bullet or any spiritual binding to take care of her, hence he could just be ignorant and let her die. But he didn’t do so.
    Hyun-joong will have to learn to let go of his resentments, and go to the afterlife by himself. Sad as it may be, Hyun-mi have live majority of her life with Tae-sok, and probably Hyun-joong would leave because he now don’t want Hyun-mi to know the truth about him and Tae-sok, leading her to live and pass through as things remain as it is now (with Tae-sok as Hyun-joong).

    Choi Seo-hee
    As seen before, we truly sympathize with her losing her daughter, all because of stupid superstitious beliefs people have in the past. She lost the daughter, and curse the Yoon family (or bad karma just happened to them for the bad things they’ve done) to never prosper. However as seen in the previous episodes, Seo-hee too, as a mother, cannot afford to see another mother risk losing the baby. Why else would she request Man-wol to call Chan-sung?
    Now, the lady is soon to go through the labour. Baby boy or baby girl, no one knows yet (haven’t they heard of Ultrasound test to determine the gender?). While it is soothing to find out that it is a baby girl and ends the 200 years of Seo-hee’s grudge, I personally hope the otherwise though it have to come in correct order as below.
    Seo-hee, after the recent happenings (the ghost bride who cut off ties with the man she loved, Man-wol who is cold for a millennium undergo a change of heart, and Chan-sung who work so hard and sacrifice so much to allow Man-wol to pass through), realizes that she have to learn to “let go” herself in order to truly be free. Hence, instead of a grudge, Seo-hee bestows blessing instead, and go on her way. With this, the girlfriend of the late-Yoon family, finally bears a baby boy, but this one has now managed to break the curse of the Yoon family.

    Kim Seon-bi
    Only know from the recent episode, he is the top score genius scholar, who due to his personal hobby of writing lewd literature, was condemned by his fellow scholars and died of shame. He had waited for 500 years in order to “clear his name” or he will be too embarrassed to face his ancestors.
    Now, he thought his name was not recorded in the history, but the recent novelist who died, had known about him (from where, don’t ask me) and what he had done. This novelist even wanted to publish a book about him, but sadly died before being able to do so. He had met with the “coffee-refill ghost”, who is also another novelist who died without completing his novel, and spent the time so long in the hotel to complete it.
    The final episode, may help to enlighten Seon-bi to let go of his resentment and pass on. If the recently died novelist can obtain information and details of him, it is sure that few other people in the world would have his information and biography as well. Things cannot be hidden forever, but instead of hanging on the to guilt for the shame he brought upon himself, Seon-bi need to learn to stop blaming himself, forgive himself and let go.
    Perhaps the novelists (both) would constantly be on the Sky Bar discussing the novel, until Seon-bi realizes that no one had actually blame him or felt disgraced over what he had done. And all the guilt and shame he bears for 500 years, are only what he carried on himself without letting go. Then as he learns to let go, he would then share his life story to the recent novelist, so he (the novelist) knows the story, and come to term that he would not be able to publish his “legendary novel” anymore and pass on. At the same time, it would probably help the “coffee-refill ghost” to realize that it is beyond his ability to complete his novel, learning to accept the reality and let go. This will then allow all of them to pass on without regrets, as sometimes the regret we have, is only the burden that we put it on ourselves.

  8. Horizon
    September 1, 2019 / 5:20 am

    Mago’s Trial

    I believed that Mago, as a deity, already know what will happen in the future, long before it actually happens. And though she is a deity, she respects the freewill of mankind, and wants everyone to make their own decision. However, while some decisions are very easy, some are much harder to make. Hence Mago would have to interfere and help people take baby steps. This I believe applies to Chan-sung in this episode.

    As a deity, I am sure Mago would know that Man-wol would free herself from the Moon Tree this time, and would definitely keep some Moon Flower before it all wilts. And seeing that the Grim Reaper asked where to get the Moon Flower, it would mean that he’s not aware of such a process. She would also know in advance, what is Chan-sung’s decision, when Man-wol will be back, and what is to transpire later on. So, the little “errand” for Chan-sung, would probably be the assistance from Mago, to help him take the baby steps he requires, in order for him to confidently make his decision later on.

    Within the Hotel del Luna, things cannot be explained with logic. The 200 years ago Full Moon Lodge, probably isn’t really time travel at all, just an illusion created within the magical space of the hotel. Hence while the setting can be made to resemble what actually happens, the memory of those who travelled back is “lost”, as it never actually happened in reality. The rule about not accepting any food or drinks there, probably be a fake, as how could consuming something traps a person in the past? But, without this fake rule, if Chan-sung have a sip of the wine with the “past Man-wol” and enjoyed dinner together, nostalgic feelings would emerge and it’d then be much harder for him to decide to leave, hence contradicting the purpose of this assistance. Purpose of this trial/assistance? What the Beggar Mago told him before he left: “Would you go back to being the one who send her off OR be the 85th human steward of Man-wol?” A reminder to Chan-sung that he decides he will be the one who will see her passing.

    This is later on put to another test, through the Moon Wine which Yoo-na stole. How could the all-knowing deity Mago allow a mere human/ghost to outsmart her and stole such valuable thing? Perhaps, if changing of owner is real, it may not even require the Moon Wine. But this is put in place, as another assistance/trial for Chan-sung. Hence she asked what would he do, if she did not stop Man-wol from consuming it.

    Be it real or illusion, to Chan-sung, the Man-wol in Full Moon Lodge is the past Man-wol and while they’re the same person, she’s not the one Chan-sung fell in love with and received love in return. Staying by past Man-wol’s side or leave and wait for actual Man-wol, is actually an easier decision than the one he make at the end of the episode. With the Moon Wine in hand, present Man-wol asked if Chan-sung wants her to drink and stay, and this decision is definitely harder to make. Perhaps without the “errand” at the start, Chan-sung may actually give in to his feelings and asked her to drink. The “errand” reminds him that he doesn’t want to be another passer-by, but be the final manager to see her off.

    At this point, sad as it may be, Mago is probably helping Chan-sung to cope with losing Man-wol, little by little, by strengthening his resolute. Earlier, Mago did mention that the Moon Wine tasted worse when the one who drinks have deeper resentments. And since Man-wol is free from all resentments, even if she drinks, it might probably taste sweet, but would not be able to tie her up with the Moon Tree (since she has let go of everything).

    • Cat
      September 1, 2019 / 9:32 am

      Its interesting how you mentioned consuming things.
      That scene surprisingly, seemed like an analogy from Persephone’s story in an Ancient Greek Hymn. When Hades (The king of the Underworld) ‘kidnapped’ Persephone and took her to the Underworld, he fed her a Pomegranate. In the Hymn, eating food in Hell meant that the person would not be able to leave it once they ate it. So when Persephone’s mother came to retrieve Persephone and return back to Heaven with her, Persephone was not able to leave, because she was bound to Hell (from the food she ate). Therefore, I would presume that if Chan Sung ate food from the Full Moon Lodge that was 200 yrs old, then he would be bound to the place and would not be able to leave and return to the future.

      Similarly to you, i do reckon that this is a trial for Chan Sung. Submit to his own temptations (like Persephone did when she could not resist eating the Pomegranate) and live a life where he would be able to spend the rest of his life with her?
      Or return back to reality and face the inevitable task of sending her off?

      • V
        September 1, 2019 / 10:05 am

        I forgot all about the Greek tale! i think you are right in comparing the two. Food or drink is definitely related to binding a person to the hotel or a period of time, in this drama.

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