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Hotel del Luna: Episode 12 Live Recap

Korean Drama Hotel Del Luna Live Recap 12
Korean Drama Hotel del Luna, courtesy tvN

Oh, no! The creepy serial killer has his eyes on Chan-sung and Dark Mago seems to know exactly what kind of sacrifice Man-wol has to make in order to redeem her soul, which seems to be related to Chan-sung! The preview let us know that Chan-sung is okay, at least for the moment, but it does have me wondering what is actually in store for him, eep.

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Mago – Who made you flower – how aboyt losing him? You cocky and stupid Manwol, you said you are not afraid of the flower going down? No, when you have fear then your flower will go down.

Serial Killer – Hey, nice to see you Koo Chan-sung

MW – Ah, okay, so what should I say? Why do you do this to me? What should I say? I am in fear and the flower falls so you will take me to the other world? Okay, well, your system is not fair, haha. *seriously* You don’t have to do this, just take him in front of me and I will just disappear as I wished for many many years, you know.

Mago and Man-wol keep arguing about Chansung and taking him in front of her and who involved CHansung in the first place. Mago says that the cost Manwol has to pay will be unfair and she calls Manwol a bad girl. Manwol says that she knew everything and kept him next to her.

Mago – Yes, you are really bad, he had to see his broken fate in front of you. (his mother) and is unfairly in front of you again, what do you think he will suffer? (manwol gets nervous) I like it when you shiver like this.

Dark mago disappears and Manwol clenches her fist as she stares at her.

In the lounge, the serial killer guy talks to Chan-sung and reminds him of who he is from college. He wonders why he is there. Chan-sung says that he saw another person there and is actually surprised that this guy is here. The guy asks why he is there because it is not that he misses him. Chan-sung mentions that he heard that this guy was preparing for law school, did your judge father give up? the guy says that he did not give up, but his father is dead now so he is doing whatever he wants to do. Chan-sung asks him what he likes to do. Ah! It’s wine, right?

Chan-sung grabs a wine and says that he has a lot of good ones, can I grab one? The guy goes to get it.

Then the ghost shows up to us again. Chan-sung asks her if that person is the one that killed her, she nods. The situation gets tense as the guy pours the drink and also pulls out a syringe or something. But when he goes to give the drink to Chan-sung, it looks like Chan-sung has left? There is also something oging on behind a curtain, perhaps Chan-sung went there? 

The guy drops the wine glass and goes behind the curtain as well. he has the syringe behind his back. Chan-sung is looking at a mirror or something like he is possessed. But he isn’t. He turns around and asks what this guy does here? Is what you like to do – kill people?

Then the guy attacks him and tries to shove the syringe into Chan-sung. But Chan-sun is able to fight him away and punch him. They scramble back and forth as each is thrown this way or that. The guy maintains the syringe in his hands and goes back at Chan-sung to sink it into him.

Meanwhile, Manwol is trying to call Chan-sung, but he is not answering. Seohee tries to tell her that he will come. But manwol says it is strange, we were supposed to meet at his house. I need to find him. Seohee thinks everything is fine, but Manwol remembers what Dark Mago said and says that she has to find him. She heads out.

Elsewhere, we see Yoona calling someone also. it looks like she has arrived at the lounge and there is a commotion there. Then Hyun-joong gets a call from a crying Yoona saying that manager Koo might be dead! What if he is dead after seeing the killer! She starts to cry and Hyunjoong wonders, is #3 dead?



Hyun-joong talks to Sunbi about it, #3 might be dead. Manwol comes to the lobby with Seohee at that time and breaks the news to her. Manwol is stunned. Hyun-joong tells her that Yoona followed the killer to his lounge but manager Koo said that it was too dangerous and went inside instead. But Yoona saw him in the ambulance.

Just then, Chan-sung walks inside the hotel looking busted and bruised.

Upstairs, Man-wol can’t believe what has happened.

Then the elevator dings and Chan-sung comes in. Man-wol looks over at him and starts to walk to him slowly as he walks to the four of them. But he stops so she walks the rest of the way to him and slowly checks him out and then touches his cheek and slowly rests her hand on his heart.

he looks at her as the song continues to play and she turns around slowly as everyone looks sad. But she yells at Hyun-joong and takes off her stilleto to run and hit him with it. YAY! That is when everyone finds out that Chan-sung is not dead. Hyun-joong hugs him as Man-wol looks upset at everyone then hobbles off.

Seohee and Sunbi run to Chna-sung to hug and hit him as they show their happiness that he is back. They tell him that they thought he was their guest. They all go sit in the bar so he can tell them what happened. He actually went in there with a plan so he called a police offiver that he knew.

Flashback to Yeon-woo showing up right at the perfect time to arrest the murderer. He had his guns out. But the murderer broke his wine glass and slit his own throat. However it was not life threatening so he will pay for what he did while he is still alive. They mention that they thought he came back as a guest but Sunbi says he knew he did not die but Seohee says that she saw his legs trembling.

Chan-sung apologizes for making them worried and thanks them for worrying about him. Sunbi says that because of him all these dead ghosts hearts dropped. They are all happy and do a big fighting cheer for Chan-sung. he smiles.

Then Chan-sung walks to Man-wols quarters with a couple bottles of wine just in case she is angry with him. But she isn’t there. But she comes in soon with a lot of bags after shopping. But these aren’t clothes, she actually bought a lot of medicine for living people and tells him to sit. She starts to look at all this medicine and thinks that maybe she should put the most expensive one on him.

But it hurts a bit so she thinks that it is not the best medicine. He looks at it and says that it is for your anus! She is all like, sorry, I should have put it on your anus. Anus and face are different. I will put something else. 



Chan-sung changes the mood a bit and asks if she was surprised when she thought he came back as a guest? How can you not know it?

MW – Because I was afraid. I was afraid that the world became dark. Even though I am crazy about money, I never mistaken those things. I became a joke because of you, tsk, my employees were all watching. hey, wait a minute and I will find a pharmacist guest.

he holds her arm to stop her.

CS – you look surprised, you should take medicine

MW – Why? Do you have heart calming medicine?

He stands and gives her a hug

CS – You were very surprised.

He pats her back

MW – You are not a pharmacist

CS – Because I can take care of you.

he keeps hugging her and patting her back. She finally relaxes into his arms.

Dark Mago – When you have fear, then your blossoms will fall.

Chan-sung tells her that he has good news also, your detective caught the bad. He will be super promoted.

In the lounge, Yeon-woo talks to his partner about how they got all the tranquilizer medicine. It looks like he snuck it in when he imported the wine. The partner wonders if he found him from the webpage? Yeon-woo says that actually someone called him. 

Cut to Yeonwoo eating Subway and getting a call from a woman who says that her husband is not a murderer. She knows who the real person is. Yeonwoo says not to joke about it. You should come, it is dangerous. yeon woo tells his partner that they did not announce that they drew blood from the victims, but he collected all the blood and put them in his bottles on display. But who do you think called? it is really strange.

Back in the hotel, Manwol tells Chansung that he should not give his body to ghosts, never ever. Chan-sung says that he just did it to get the police and get the evidence. Man-wol pushes a gift bag to him, it has a massager and champagne and eye mask and caviar all for him. He is happy that she is sharing so much of her things with him. She also says he can use her car.

he asks if he can take the red one? She says that he doesn’t like red though. He tells her that he likes red. She is pretty surprised and says, okay, you can take it, we only have one red car though, okay, take it.

She chucks it to him. But he says that is not the right key, it is that one. So she gives him the right key. They start to joke about the car a lot because he knows that the red car is her favorite. But then he says that he thinks he will have to go to the police station for awhile. It will be difficult to explain the case without the ghost though.

Manwol says that Yeon-woo should be surprised that he got a phone call from a ghost twice. He is big but he is timid and afraid of ghosts.

CS – yeon woo was? You grew up together?

MW – Yeonwoo’s mom raised me. When I was super little, I was about to die in the desert. A merchant rescued me and Yeonwoo’s mom took us in. That person also died so Yeon-woo and I became like brother and sister. he is good at crafting so he made all my clothes.

CS – I think he does well as a police man

MW – This is the first time I have told you this?

CS – Yeah

CS – Maybe it is because of the flower

MW – Maybe it is because the flower is falling

They said that last part at the same time so they pause and look at each other. Music starts to play as they gaze at each other for a moment then look away at the couch. Chan-sung excuses himself and leaves quickly. Manwol looks at him leave.

Chan-sung sits alone and thinks.

MW – Maybe the flower is falling.

Chan-sung puts his hands on his head as he thinks alone in the lobby area.

VO – Take care of it well and send me off well, following gods will.

Mago – You are doing well, the flower is blossoming, take care of it well

Former manager – WHo will be your last guest to send off?

Manwol – I will be your last guest, don’t miss me too much

Chan-sung thinks about all of this as he sits alone. Then we see Man-wol looking at him looking all miserable as she watches in the distance.





In the hospital, the serial killer lays in bed with a bandage over his neck. An officer guards his bed, but it is just a simple sheet to demarcate his bed from the others. He wakes up and is able to sneak away with no one noticing.

The serial killer walks up the steps and thinks about what Chan-sung told him about how he killed a lot of people. He knows because the person that he killed is there with him. 

guy – your crazy

CS – Do you think that is the end when people die? The soul is still here. (He starts to pick up the wine bottles). This is the seventh person you killeds blood. Do you want me to find the other six an then you will believe me? (he picks kup the other six and places them next to the seventh).

Guy – Who are you?

CS – I didn’t find them, the victim made me find them. You dont’ see her, but she is always next to you. I know what you are hiding behind you, the person told me.

he pulls out the syring and looks pretty spooked. The ghost looks at him.

In the hospital, the serial killer wonders how they have ghosts and continues walking up the steps. But then someone comes in so he hits them over the head and they fall. it was another hospital guest.

Elsewhere, Chan-sung is driving off in one of the fab cars when he gets an urgent call saying that he should come to the hospital.

The serial killer smiles as he looks out over the city from the rooftop.

In the lobby of the hospital, Chan-sung runs in and talks to Yeonwoo. Yeonwoo tells him that the serial killer only wants to talk to him. So Chan-sung goes to the roof and sees the serial killer.

SK – Hey. Because of you, I am here

CS – Because of what you did. That thing you did to kill people brought you here.

SK – You said there are ghosts, do you think someone is protecting you?

CS – Yes, someone is protecting me

he looks to his left and the guy looks off too and sees Manwol.

MW – THis guy? SHould I push him off

CS – no, he should pay for what he did

MW – I don’t want to help this bad soul

SK – Haha, Koo Chan-sung, my life failed because of you

CS – You failed because of what you did

Flashback to this guy showing the gun off to Chansung while in college. Ah, actually Chan-sung brought the gun to this guy and this guy said that he does not have evidence that he did it. Chan-sung says that no one has to believe it exept for one person, your judge father who knows about you. Chansung says that they should bet on it. WHo will your father believe, his shameful son or this smart guy going to this school?

he spins the gun to see which one it will land on. It lands on the son as if it will shoot him. Chan-sung smiles and tells him that he should go away, before he tells his father everything.

Guy – I should have just shot you back then.

MW – You, do you know him?

CS – it is an old bad relationship, I thought our fate was cut but I see him like this

Man-wol thinks about what Dark Mago said.

Dark Mago – He will have to face the saddest cute fate, do you want him to suffer more?

The guy and Chan-sung keep talking. The guy says he did not do anything, he just realized poeples wish, do you know how much people like grudges? they cheer for it so it is not my fault. Chan-sung tells him that emotions are like trash, no one realizes that.

The guy says that he wrote about Chan-sung on the site, he hopes he gets a lot of support. Then he falls off the building. Chan-sung runs to grab him, but it is too late. Then Chan-sung runs to go to the bottom along with yeonwoo and sees the guy on the pavement.

Manwol stays on the rooftop and pulls out her phone or the phone the guy dropped. Then she turns around and sees the serial killer as a ghost. he smiles at her and chekcs out his new body. She looks at him annoyed and then walks up to him.

MW – Now you can see me.

SK – It is real, death is not the end

MW – Yeah, you are a ghost now. Koo Chan-sung did not wish it but I really wanted you to die. If I touch the living then I get damaged. But for a ghost like you, it is different.

She holds her fan up to him.

MW – You deserve to be trash, but I will turn you to ash so you can go to hell.

She moves to hit him, but he is blocked by a force field around him.

MW – What is this! Who is protecting you!

SK – Poeple are supporting me with my hate.

Cut back to the guy posting about Chan-sung and cursing him because he destroyed him with his life. 

manwol thinks about that and looks at the website and all the people responding to it.

MW – SO you got all the dirty power from all these peoples dirty wishes? 

SK – WHo are you to protect Koo Chansung

MW – Shut up, you smell bad. I am going to shred all the power protecting you, look forward to it.

SK – I am going to be bigger and dirtier.

He walks away. Manwol looks at him leave with steam coming out.

Downstairs, Yeonwoo says that they erased what the bad guy posted online, but they cannot do anything about it spreading. Chan-sung says it is okay, it is not there fault. He is about to leave, but Yeon-woo asks when he was in the wine bar, was there a woman with you? I got the phone call from the wine bar. Chan-sung says that he believes souls exist and in reincarnation. Then he tells Yeonwoo that he is good at drawing, he is good with his hands. Yeonwoo thanks him and Chan-sung leaves.

Chan-sung goes to the rooftop and tells Manwol that the serial killer died. They talk about the curse that he gave online and are both shocked that people support it. Man-wol thinks that she should have crushed that guy as soon as she saw him with her gun. He asks if he is as strong as him. She wants to say that he is nothing, but they are not in that situation anymore. So, Koo Chansung, until we catch him, don’t go home, just stick with me.




Yoona asks Hyun-joong is he thinks that the boss with fire her? Hyun-joong says that she already forgot about it. Manager Koo is fine so it is okay. You also resolved our guests death case, good job. But a new guest wants to see you from last night.

The woman who was in the car comes out, she looks nice and cleaned up and thanks Yoona for following her to the end. Yoona smiles.

Then Yoona and Hyun-joong go to a resting place and look at her cubby hole. She says that she is a bit relieved with this case because she was also murdered. She asks Hyun-joong where he is buried. He says he was buried in the mountain, he does not have a tomb. She tells him that they should do it together and pulls out a drawing of him. But she says that she just sketched it to study. She puts the drawing in her tomb and tells him that it is a couples tomb. But if you don’t like it then it is okay. You ignored it when I told you I like you.

He says that he did not ignore it. Your boyfriend should be a kind person that is alive, not me. She kisses him on the cheek and everything stops for a moment. She tells him that she likes him, can’t you just like me? But before she can get it out, he kisses her on the lips and they share a moment together.

Back at the hotel, Man-wol holds a tiny fan up to Koo Chan-sung and tells him to wake up. he is currently lounging on the couch. He slowly wakes up and ses Manwol which makes him want to sit up quickly, but he can’t because he is all banged and beat up. She asks him why he slept on this couch? He says that he didn’t want to go to room 404 and go to Incheon, it would be hard to go to work. She asks him who told him to sleep in 404? You can sleep in my room.

he asks if she think she will sleep well in her room with the massager? She tells him that he is ahealth boy, but humans shuold sleep well.

He stands and tells her, lets go, you can sleep well with me in your room. I don’t need the massage machine, you can give me your arm as a pillow and pat my head so I can sleep well. She tells him he is too dirty and should cool off, so she puts the fan to his face. But he pulls her close to him as if he will kiss her, but he tells her that she should calm down, she is flushed, and puts the fan on her face.

He walks off, but she catches up to him and tells him that they should go to a traditional medicine place to get acupuncture and all those things. She knows a very very good doctor that saves people from death.

Cut to a famous acupuncture place that is packed with people. Chan-sung and Manwol sit there in the lobby.

CS – So that doctor keeps people alive?

MW – Yeah, he kept a person alive that should have died 3 years ago.

CS – Wow, good doctor, is he that Chinese doctor, reborn?

The doctor starts to talk to some staff and employees

CS – He is too business like, like someone.

Man-wol smiles. Then they look at the doctor again as he helps his patients. She says that she will have to take this patient that he keeps alive to Deluna, the reaper told me to take her with me. But it is not an errand, it is a deal.



Cut to Manwol talking to the reaper in her bar. Manwol wants to touch someone that has a strong soul, she wants him brought in front of her. The reaper says that he will do this deal for her, but she needs to do a deal for him. She asks what it is. he says that he has a headache, it is a small embarrassing incident for a reaper. If you can take this soul then I will get that other soul for you. They toast.

So, Chansung asks if that guy is that dangerous? Manwol tells him that it is because of her that he has this bad soul sticking to him. Dark Mago says that Chan-sung should pay for this cost of blossoming her. She does not want him to pay for it. Chan-sung is happy that she is taking care of it for her. Then she tells him to take something in there with him.

So Chan-sung goes inside the doctors office to talk to him. He can get acupunture and get the medicine. Chansung sys that the cause of his stress is money, he saw something and needs money. He pulls out a torn sheet that Manwol gave to him.

the man looks at him and says that he needs to check something (uh oh). He looks at his palm and says that he has a good palm and a long life, just give me one centemeter of your life line on yuor palm and I will give you $50,000. Chansung is all like, what in the world?




Manwol and Chan-sung walk out with Manwol saying that this place buys other peoples life lines to make another patient live. It is a fair transaction. They pay and buy the life, that is why the reaper cannot do anything. The seller never thought that they gave away their life. 

MW – They thought that they just got the $50,000 for free.

CS – So he makes a lot of money, do you think he does something illegal?

MW – He should do it to an important person. You should eat meat, you have to do the surgery tonight so lets eat meat.

CS – Just tell me that you want to eat meat

MW – Near here ~ .

CS – Kim Jin hyun went to a restaurant? I know I know, lets go.

In the acupuncture place, the doctor tells his wife that they found a transplant for the life line. She thinks that they will have to spend all the life that they saved. He says that money is not an issue, they have to do it. Then they go inside and see their son sleeping. They turn over his arm and see that he has lots of life line transplants on it. One more surgery, that is enough.

In the car, Chan-sung finds out that the person they have to take is their kid. 

In the hotel, flower Mago and the reaper look at Manwol’s tree. Mago thinks that manwol is this pretty now. Finally she can go to the other side.

Mago – manwol and that little person that remained as a tiny firefly.

They look up at the firefly flying around the tree.

Mago – He came back from the way to the other side with me, he survived for a long long time.

Flashback to the past with lots of fireflies flying around. In the present, we also see the fire fly flying around the tree.

Mago – you should leave now also.

Flashback to Choeng-myung falling in love with Mago and then waiting for her to show up at their river, but then the turn of events with the princess killing everyone and he has to watch.

VO – You will live as a betrayer and then Manwol will continue living

The firefly settles on a branch of the tree.

Reaper – Per your request, he remained as a little bug, but that is difficult

Mago – Because of his promise to Manwol, he is like that

Reaper – Jang Manwol took a job from me to pay for Koo Chansung

Mago – Manwol does not know what the cost is that Koo Chansung should pay. If s/he knows it, then s/he will be sad and afraid.

They continues to watch the firefly that has started buzzing around again.

Cut to Chansung looking at his hand. She asks if he is nervous that they will take his lifeline? DOn’t worry, you will live for a long time. Chansung says he was just wondering what the parents felt to put someone elses life on their kid.

She holds his hand.

MW – I am just protecting you so that they cannot take yours. I am protecting your life line.

CS – You just dont’ want to let it go. (A wish she doesn’t want to let go?)

Then the doctors come in for the surgery. They tell him that it will only be one cintemeter, it will not be painful. Chan-sung says that they will take this to their kid? I heard you have a sick child.

Man – I heard about the lifeline surgery in a foreign country, so I tried it just in case. As a miracle, my son survived.

CS – You are still young, but you suffered a lot.

Man – My kid is young, my wife and I are young. Poeple think we are halmoni and halabogi.

The husband smiles, the mother looks at her son’s photo with tears in her eyes. Manwol looks at her and then walks to the sons room. She lets herself in and closes the door. We see her walk to his bedside.

MW – Hello. Where you reading a book? You are reading a difficult book

Son – It is not difficult

MW – I dont’ hate it when people brag when they are really smart

Son – Ajumma, are you a reaper? Whenever I had the surgery I saw an ajusshi with a black dress, in my dream.

MW – We have different fashion choices, he is just dark, I am dark blue with a midnight black color.

Son – Black and dark is the same

MW – Whatever, I am doing the same job as him. I cannot drag you. You are a smart boy, you should listen to me, think about it, and decide. Your parents have gotten very old all of a sudden, you know that.

Son – is it because of this?

MW – Yes. What is connected is your parents life.

CS – Well, your strong wish saved your kids life, not the surgery. That is why you got old quickly.

Man – I dont’ know why you save this, but I am okay if I die today so long as my son survives.

CS – Your son will decide. When he decides, you should let him go.

The man stands in alarm and then runs to his sons bedside. It looks like his son is not breathing so they try to revive him. The camera cuts to his arm showing that the life line is taken. The mother and father scream over their sons bedsife and continue trying to bring him back. The son cries as he watches at the side with Manwol.

Chansun walks up behind them and they all stare at the parents with their son.

Then we cut to Manwol sitting with the reaper. He thanks her for taking care of it and says that if it was any later then he would have to take all of them. Mago thinks that the parents may have wanted that more.

Cut back to Manwol talking to the son. He wonders if his parents will be in pain? He tells her that he does not have to worry about that and then takes his arm to remove the life line. The boy tells her that he is so afraid of death. Manwol looks at him with a stuffed chest as if she can’t take in a breath.

In the bar, she whispers, afraid…

The reaper tells her not to be afraid, he will find that bad soul as promised. She tells him, fine, at least find that first.

In his office, Chan-sung looks at his life line while laying on the couch.

VO – Even if I have to give up everything, I cannot let him go.




Meanwhile, Hyun-joong teaches English to Yoona while in the lobby. He thumps her on the forehead when she gets an answer wrong. Sunbi and Seohee look at them and wonder what they are doing. Are they internally dating? Sunbi says that he and Seohee may as well date, they have been working together for hundreds of years. She tells him don’t even think about it.

That next day, Sanchez comes back to his place. It looks like he is back after mourning the loss of his girlfriend.

They go to his cafe where he is making bread. Manwol asks if Sanchez went crazy? Why is he doing this after the funeral? Chan-sung says he has a back story.

Flashback to Sanchez asking Chansung if Veronica is still in his hotel?

In the present Chansung says that he couldn’t tell her that she is not. He is not in a right state for it. Can you calm him down until he is better? Man-wol is so annoyed. Sanchez comes up to Manwol and thanks her for last time so that he could say goodbye. He says that he will make Veronicas favorite pizza, can you deliver it? Chan-sung says that they can try.

Manwol tells him that he is not good at acting. Then he tells Sanchez that she can deliver other things to, is there a favorite shoe or clothes or a yacht? I can deliver them all. Manwol tells her to stop and drags her outside.

CS – Why are you doing this?

MW – it is for you.

CS – I am worrying about him becuase of his feelings, is that so funny to you

MW – Yes, that is funny, a parent connect a life line to a dead kid and a friend that bakes pizza to give to the dead, it is all stupid. It makes me angry. Koo Chansung, you should never do that.

CS – Why do you think I won’t do it? I don’t want to let you go! When I think about it, it makes me crazy. How can you tell me to just be okay!

MW – Because you are the one that is sending me. Just tell me that it is okay.

He looks at her for a moment.

MW – If you don’t say that it is okay, then I will be so afraid.

he stops looking at her.

CS – You said that if you were afraid because I could see your dreams as if I am looking at you, and I need to pay for it. Maybe this is that thing. Being like this. Being stupid, that you hate. Goodbye, I need to go back to my friend.

he leaves her and goes back inside to Sanchez. Angry tears stick in both their eyes. manwol looks at Chansung walking away and breathes in angry and sad breathes. 

Inside, Sanchez is bracing himself on the table as he thinks. Chansung walks up to him and touches a hand to his shoulder to quietly comfort him.

Sanchez – She is gone. Veronica is gone.

he starts to cry as Chansung stands with him.

Cut to Manwol looking at her tree. The blossoms start to fall as she stares at it. She sees them falling to the ground and thinks.

MW – When you have fear, then your blossoms will fall.

Later we see Chan-sung walking to the hotel. Man-wol is standing there in all white to greet him, but she doesn’t look at him. He walks up to her.

MW – When I first saw you, the flowers blossomed very pretty around here. But there are no more. You were so shocked to see a ghost. But I am like that today…the petals are falling.

She tries to smile at him.

CS – Is that so?

MW – I can’t even remain as a flower. Before it even lands to the ground, it disappears. Maybe it doesn’t leave anything behind.

CS – Maybe the flower is falling from your tree as the first flower. Maybe each petal is falling to me. It will accumulate and accumulate and be very heavy and painful. I will think it is my responsibility and accept it. So, don’t be afraid when you leave me.

He looks at her bravely.

CS – This is…the love that a weak human being can give with all his best.

A tear trickles down Manwol’s cheek as she looks at him. 

MW – Because it is so sad to remain as a blossom that will disappear.

She closes the distance between her and Chan-sung as the music turns on and kisses him softly. Just once. Then she starts to back away, but he pulls her toward him and continues their kiss.

The petals start to fall off the tree as they kiss on the streets of Seoul.

The petals hit the ground as they continue falling off the tree and Chan-sung and Man-wol continue kissing.

Then they look at each other for a moment and Chan-sung wraps his arms around Man-wol in a big warm hug. They stand like that for a long time and the camera freezes in that image.

Fade Out



Lovely ending to the episode. I could feel Man-wol’s growing fear at dying with all these reminders of death around her. I could also see Chan-sung’s growing realization that Man-wol would be disappearing soon. I wish we had a few more scenes with them together to show how their lives have kind of intertwined into one person so that it would actually be pretty jarring to have them without each other.

The serial killer storyline continues, bleghhhhhhhh. I was completely ready to get rid of him. What is up with this internet protecting of hate that surrounds him? I get that it could possibly be a thing but can’t we have other ways to show Chan-sung’s bad luck showing up? I kind of understand that the writers want us to know that being around Man-wol and fixing her is kind of ruining his life, almost like he is giving all his luck to her, similar to the parents giving the life line to their son.

But it would have been nice if perhaps the fathers old dealings came back to bother Chan-sung. Like old debts or old grudges that his father had show up out of the blue and reek all sorts of havoc on Chan-sung’s life in all sorts of different ways. Something like that.

Okay, nuff said. Alright, y’all, we won’t be here for the recap next week, but we will be here for the finale week! See you then!


No Preview

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  1. Rose
    August 18, 2019 / 10:31 am

    Thanks for the recap V! Cant wait to watch it later (or tomorrow 😄 depending of the powers of viki subbers 😆)

    • V
      August 18, 2019 / 1:37 pm

      It’s a good episode! Lots of emotion stuffed in the ending scenes!

  2. WPB
    August 19, 2019 / 5:20 pm

    Thanks for the recap, V! 2019 is not yet over and there are a few great dramas coming up but this is going to be my favorite in 2019 (unless Vagabond makes me change my mind). I understand why there was no preview for next week. With that ending of this episode, there is no preview needed. We know the love between MW and CS will play out, probably not in the conventional “happy ending” way. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to seeing how the writers break the mold.
    The story about the doctor and his son seems a little odd initially. But after watching it a second time, I like the way it tied to MW and CS’s situation. The “fear”, the not willing to “let go”, the burden the loves who stay behind has to bear…… What’s even more amazing is that MW and CS might be coming to terms of what’s to come. CS accepts the price he has to pay, even that means the pain and sadness he will carry after he sends off MW.

    • V
      August 20, 2019 / 4:11 pm

      I am excited for Vagabond, though a bit skeptical whether they can pull it off. It has a hiiiiiiiigh budget, but we all know that high budgets mean nothing with storyline quality and making-sense-ness 😋.

      I like the way the doctor-son storyling tied into the overall narrative as well! I also like how Sanchez’s girlfriend storyline tied into this episodes storyline because at first it really just made Sanchez look like a comical person who had everything bad happen to him. But now we got to feel his pain as an explanation for how Man-wol is also feelings about leaving Chan-sung.

  3. Anonymous
    August 20, 2019 / 2:57 pm

    Thank you for the recap, V~
    I also think it is interesting (from comment above) of how the doctor and son story links to MW and CS. My heart really broke when Mago and Grim Reaper talked about Chung Myung though. I half-hoped he would be completely against MW and be an evil jerk we could just hate on, but with this uncovered my heart really hurts for him!

    • V
      August 20, 2019 / 4:08 pm

      Yes! Especially since it seems like he has been a firefly for 1000 years!

  4. WPB
    August 20, 2019 / 6:15 pm

    I don’t know if anyone follows news of the show. It’s super popular in Korea – The last episode of #1 by a long shot. Also, IU sang the song at the very end , title “Happy Ending”, for her fans. Links below.



    • V
      August 20, 2019 / 7:30 pm

      We follow it a bit, but it is nice to have some articles to read! I heard it surpassed Arthdal by a mile on DC Inside and in ratings. Hopefully that will give Arthdal a boost moving into season 3.

  5. rachel
    August 21, 2019 / 9:20 am

    why wasn’t veronica in the hotel?

    • V
      August 21, 2019 / 9:22 am

      I think she already took the Limo to Heaven.

  6. Linh Nguyen
    August 22, 2019 / 11:26 am

    Hey hey have you guys watched the preview? If yes could you translate it since I don’t understand what they said, but I think overall the preview would be so sad.

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