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Hotel del Luna: Episode 9 Live Recap

Korean Drama Hotel de Luna, courtesy tvN

So much came out in the last episode y’all. It makes me think that a twist is coming. You know, like, we think we know what happened, but maybe that is not actually what happened, or something like that. There are some good theories floating around in the comments. We love reading theories over here, so if anyone has one or has heard one, let us know about it!

We had a late night last night so there might be an extra bunch of typos today. I will try to keep them to the bare minimum. As usual, we will have to stop at 8am and run to a prior morning obligation. But we will try and get back to the rest of the episode later on in the day! Today it might be around 2:30pm CST.

Notice anything different? We are back to the old theme! The new theme was all kinds of lovely, but it was giving me some weird errors, so we had to say adieu. Hello again old theme, you are lovely as always!

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Chan-sung goes into the De Luna building, but it is empty.

VO – The hell we look at together, is not nice. What I have is hell. Goodbye Koo Chan-sung.

Chan-sung looks at the empty lobby and thinks that she disappeared. He walks back out, but he turns to look at the building one last time. Then a yellow ball hits him so he gives it to the little girl who runs to him then asks if she sees the building? She nods. But then her family comes up to gather her and comments on how they did not know that building was in the neighborhood.

In the distance, we can see man-wol watching Chan-sung from her new place. Sunbi is also watching him. They are watching possibly from the new hotel and are fashioning two very old fashioned binoculars. Sunbi says Chan will be lost finding the place, but he is just a number to you right? She says no, he is different, but she is trying to take her mind off of it. She also wants him to have a good send off package.

He says this is the first time she has told him frankly, it has been 500 years. She is all like, wow, you have been here that long? Why are you still here? She mantions that she can’t leave because she is tied to the tree, but he could. He says he can’t go back because he is an embarrasment to his ancestors. She tells him that he does not have to see any of them, he should have been reborn many times already.

They bicker about that a little, but then sunbi asks her if she is really okay to give up her chance to go to the other world nicely thought Koo? She thinks she won’t have a chance to go back nicely and tells Sunbi to take care of the shame he has in this world. If he can’t resolve it nicely then he will be taking the bus.

They start to talk about the bus that sends people off and we see a flashback to a lot of ghosts who are getting on it. The reaper is with them. Sunbi tells them that if they want to leave then go this way, if they have a grudge then go this way. The reaper also tells them that they cannot change their minds because they can’t turn the bus around.

One of the hotel people is leaving as well, she says that her son went to college, so she can leave now. They congratulate her. Ah, these are all the hotel ghosts. The coffee ghost is there as well, gripping his computer. he says he did not finish his novel when he was alive so he should not finish while dead as well. He starts to leave but then thinks, hmm, should I finish it though?

Sunbi thinks that he probably won’t decide. Seo-hee says he does not have to finish it, he just has to give up something that does not work. They keep ushering the ghosts to the other world.

Cut to Sunbi walking Man-wol out, he says they will be short of staff because some of their employees are on the bus. Man-wol tells him to tell their other employees that they can leave as well if they want to. He tells her not to act like she is leaving soon. They also need to pick a new manager. But Manwol says that they don’t because they have Yoona. So, did they move all my belongings?

Sunbi says their #4 pick (Yoona) arranged it all. he starts to get into the passenger side but Man-wol is all like, what are you doing, you should drive. He says that he only knows how to drive a horse. She is all like, what have you been doing for the last 500 years? Sunbi tells her that she is the strange one that can drive as a ghost. Then he happily gets into the passenger side.



This makes Man-wol remember what Chan said about her putting on a seat belt as a ghost. She smiles. In the car, Sunbi says that it is nice to ride in her car on a day like today. Hop in, lets drive! Yay!

Cut to Yoona driving to the new hotel and talking on the phone about how this place looks like it will be great. The driver is all like, who are you talking to? She says she is talking on the phone and points to her earpiece. But she is actually talking to Hyun-joong who is sitting between her and the driver. They start to talk about how she will live by herself after graduating high school. He asks how she is with her parents, is it difficult? She says that she is paying for it. Then she asks him if he would like some of her drink? It is pretty strong.

The driver is all like, huh, um, no.

Then Yoona looks into the Landrover that is driving next to them and sees a ghost in the back seat. Hyun-joong tells her not to look at it, it could be dangerous. The radio starts to mess up and say “help me help me” with static. Hyun-joong reiterates that she shouls not pay attention to it. But yoona thinks that she will be the manager so she should look into it. Then she asks the driver to follow that Landrover. She will pay him extra.

Meanwhile, Chan-sung goes to the pharmacy where the Mago’s are. he asks the green mago where the hotel is? But she tells him that he was about to get killed by Man-wol, you embraced that dangerous grudge, if it is not resolved then your soul could have been severely enjured.

He says that she protected him so he is okay. Green mago says that he is the one that protected her, she would be in trouble now if not. Eunnie took in a good person, good job. He asks if that is why he is there? To protect her from he past grudge? She asks why he is so angry even though he did a good job? He says he sympathizes with her, he is angry that he protected her so well yet she ditched him becuase he bothers her. So, do you want me to bother her in the future also?

Green mago says that she looks cool, but when she is bothered, she is not cool. Of course, everyone wants to do the role of embracing and taking care of someone, but only nice people can do uncool things by bothering someone. He tells her not to overestimate him, he is not that good of a person. She asks, you are not? Then quit. She hands him something and says, if you take this, then it will be done.

he opens it and asks what it is? She says that this medicine will close his ghost eyes, he will not be able to see ghosts or hotel de luna anymore. She ditched you so you should have a chance to ditch her as well. Sometimes gods are fair right? he says that he came there to have a chance to see her again, but you are giving me a chance to not see her. She says it depends on the human, sometimes it is not always fair.

He thanks her for the opportunity and starts to open it. She asks if he is taking it now? He says that he told her that he is not that good of a person to take the role of a not cool person. The only reason he is hesitating is because he likes her. He looks at the drink and tells Green mago that Man-wol is so bad to take care of. Embracing her is not enough. She ditched him because he is btohersome and will not welcome him and he does not know when she will do something dangerous. But, I will think about whether I like her that much to go back to her again.

he closes the container and then leaves. it looks like he gave it back to Green Mago. She smiles.



In the countryside, they all look at the building. Manwol says that if it is old then it should look like an antique. if it is small then it should be cute (or something like that). She does not like what she is looking at. Seohee says it has good energy, there is a cemetary over there. Sunbi says that it is also close to a makgoli place, what you drank all the time when we were at war. Man-wol snaps and says not to talk about that, it reminds me of when we were poor. She actually feels like they are poor again and scoffs at the building.

She tells them that she won’t look at the outside, she knows the inside is the same, so she goes inside with Seohee and Sunbi behind her. Once they get inside, she looks around and says that the lobby looks smaller. Seohee says that this is just a feeling. Then she mentions that they had to take a lot of people off in a bus and they complained a lot, so they could not get a lot of flowers. So they will be poor for a moment. But they have good land here.

Man-wol sighs and says she is thirsty, bring me the champagne and I will see the tree. They tells her that her stuff is not there yet. Man-wol is all like, WHAT, what are they doing? Why aren’t they here. Sunbi smiles and mentions something about makgoli. MW reminds him that she does not want to be reminded of the past and gets in his face about something to do with the past. he says that he passed the government exam. She scoffs and says something then walks off.

Sunbi and Seohee look at her walk away. Seohee says that Man-wol is just upset that they don’t have the look anymore. She is also upset that she ditched manager Koo. They wonder if he is the reason they moved. Seohee says that she ditched him because she will get weak with him. But they wonder if she will do something reckless because they don’t have a human with them. They also wonder if his ghost eyes are closed and talk about mago.

Cut to Flower Mago upstairs smiling and the tree. She tells Manwol that she thought all the leaves would fall off, but they are okay. Manwol asks if she closed Koo Chan-sungs ghost eyes? Mago says that they gave him medicine, if he takes it then he will not be able to see ghosts anymore.

Mago says that she listened to her request because it was the first time she asksed her nicely, but he has to decide whether he will take it or not. Manwol asks if she can turn the tree back also? Mago says this all depends on her heart. Flowering or not flowering depends on her. Then she sings that it will be so sad if it does not flower. Manwol points angrily and tells her not to think about the tree blossoming at all! She storms out. Mago smiles and chuckles.

Elsewhere, Chan-sung is back in the old hotel thinking about whether he should take this potion or not. While thinking, a green firefly starts to light up in front of him. Then it looks like it turns into a ghost? Chan-sung tells it that De Luna is not there anymore. he would like to take this ghost there, but he is not going there anymore. The ghost turns back into a fire fly and flies off.

He watches it fly off and then someone comes in!



This new person looks all kinds of alive and has a kind of bemused expression. Chan-sung goes ahead and asks him if he is alive anyway to which the person says that he is, does he think he is a ghost? I am from a real estate company and came here to take photos for the listing.

Chan-sung is all like huh? This is for sale? The man says yes, is there a problem? Chan tells him yes! This property has a lot of problems.

Cut to Man-wol trying on some hats as Seo-hee talks to her about the inheritance money. if she did not pay it then they will have problems selling the property. But neither one of them knows what this means. Seo-hee wonders if they should contact Koo? Man-wol tells her not to, maybe there is a guest that knows this stuff?

We immediately see a guest patiently reading over these documents with Man-wol and Seo-hee looking on curiously. He basically tells them that they need to pay the inheritance tax. But Man-wol is all like, um, with what money? The man flips through a few more papers and tells her that if she sells the land and has inheritance tax and borrow tax and lots of other tax then you will not get much.

man-wol is all kinds of upset, how can she not get money for selling her property? He says that property is like that. But then it looks like he dies? Lol. Seo-hee says that this man died after working too hard so he passes out after reading something for 5 minutes. man-wol starts to curse at her bad luck.

Meanwhile, Man-wol talks to the realtor about the inheritance money and all that. The man calls Seo-hee to talk about this inheritance and all that. Seo-hee tells Man-wol to talk to him even though Man-wol really does not want to. But she gets on the phone and tells this man not to think about cheating them, they have a Harvard MBA manager.

But then Koo Chan-sung yells that they fired him! He gets on the phone and asks why they fired their great worker when they don’t know anything about taxes and things. You need me right? If you tell me to come back to work then I can go there. Man-wol sighs and then grows serious and tells someone to kick the stranger out. He says okay.

Man-wol asks if the manager was there? Seo-hee thinks that he was probably looking for them until late. But Man-wol is throroughly annoyed and asks Seo-hee to run and check on Yoona and Hyun-joong to see if they are really coming there. Seo-hee rushes off to do that. This lets Man-wol sit back and relax as she looks around Chan-sungs office and remembers the shoes she gave him.

MW – With that poop shoes, you can go to a regular hotel, Koo Chan-sung.

Chan-sung is looking at the floor when the realtor comes back in and says he has to lock the door, so you should come out. Chan-sung looks around one last time and then walks out. The lights turn off.

Elsewhere, deep in the woods, we finally see where Yoona and the driver are. They followed this car to the forest, but it looks like they lost the car. Then a ghost appears in the street! It looks like the driver saw the ghost, but then did not see it. However, Yoona and Hyun-joong see the ghost. The car stops working so the driver says he will meet the insurance man on the main street and starts walking there.

Yoona and Hyun-joong stay behind, though Hyun-joong does not want to go looking for ghosts, he thinks it might be dangerous. There was a dead soul in that guys car, we followed that car and found another dead soul. Humans can sometimes be more dangerous than ghosts. Yoona thinks that if they were killed without any reason then she really can’t leave them. She died the same way. She will be careful. 

Hyun-joong tells her, if you see a human then run back to the car. Yoona says that humans should be afraid of ghosts, why are ghosts afraid of humans? He looked like a normal guy.



Cut to the serial killer guy getting his car serviced at a gas station. The ghost is staring out the backseat.

In the hotel bar, Man-wol is about to take a sip from a drink that Sunbi made for her. He calls it the tears drink or something like that. it is their signature coctail and a guest favorite. Man-wol is not impressed. he made it and says that it is like drinking your last tears in this world. Manwol just says that he past the Joseon government exam and made a drink like tears to pretend to be something? he tells her that she changed the hotel name to De Luna to sound like something.

Man-wol is all like, coctail by ghosts taste so bad, where is the makgoli? He is all like, YOU TOLD ME NOT TO MENTION IT. She asks when he ever listened to her and then says she lost her appetite, bleck.

Sunbi thinks that she is releasing her anger to him and then takes a sip, it tastes super delicious.

Cut to a makgoli shop where they show us exactly how the makgoli is made (PPL) and a man taking a sip of it. But someone takes a lot o fmakgoli and walks out .The man wonders who did this when he goes to the back and sees it.

Of course, this person is Man-wol. She took two makgolis and started drinking while walking away. Though she is now drunk and wonders where her radish garden is. Then she sees a well and thinks that there is a reason that the makgoli tastes good here.

But then a god shows up who is the regional god of this mountain area. He is dressed in all white and light blue with light blue hair. he asks if that hotel is hers? Is it the tavern where ghosts stop by? She nods and says yes, she is the owner. He tells her that he is the god for the big water well. So maybe he is a water god in the area. Man-wol tells him that this is why the makgoli tastes so good. Thank you for the good drink.

She starts to stumble away. he hops off the well and looks after her.

Meanwhile in Seoul, Mira tells Sanchez and Chan-sung that she does not remember anything about this hotel, jsut that it was amazing. She does not even remember drinking or passing out. They keep talking about that and wonder if that is why Chan-sung was fired. Chan-sung says it wasn’t about that, they just didn’t like him because he was bothersome. But he has to find a way back. He gets up and awlks off.

Sanchez and Mira start to talk about the painting that Man-wol gave Chan and the yacht club and things like that. Mira asks if the huge painting is like money? Sanchez says that the goodbye gift was Baekju mountain so Chan-sung will always be sad when singing the national anthen (because it mentions the mountain). Then he starts singing it, lol.

Chan-sung goes inside and sees the chairman in his room. he says that he really wanted to see this painting and asks if the tiger was in the painting? Chan tells him that the tige rested well in the painting and then went to the other side. The chairman tells him that he works at a fun hotel, he wants to go there too.

Chan is so happy to tell him that he can! You can see it too. He goes outside and tells his friends that he is going to the hotel. he dressed to the nines and tells the chairman that they can go now. Then he happily walks off. He looks all sorts of talking-to-himself though.

Mira and Sanchez start to talk about Mira and Chan-sung. She thinks that it won’t work with him, she thought it might, but she does not think she will win over Man-wol. She also feels like she owes her something from a past life or something. Sanchez says that she probably owes her a lot debt in a past life because she also has a lot of debt in this life. He holds out his hand to collect the money owed to him. She hits it away and storms off saying that she brings their online people to his people place! But Sanchez is all like, I am a member and I organize it and bring the people to his own place, why is she bragging about it? He takes a sip of his drink and sighs.

In the hotel lobby, Seo-hee and Man-wol talk about Yoona and Hyun-joong and why they are not there yet. Seo-hee thinks that Yoona might be like Chan and just cannot leave a ghost that she passes by. Man-wol thinks that is true and starts to remember Chan bring in ghosts that he found randomly, like the one from the restroom and one from a cross walk and one that he bounced on his back while singing the shark song to her. man-wol chuckles as she thinks about it.

MW – Ah, this timid guy that only has a soft heart.

She hears the door click and turns her head to see Chan-sung walking in with yet another ghost, this time it is the chairman.

MW – Huh! Koo Chan-sung!

CS – The past chairman came to my place, I brought him to this hotel.

Chairman – He said that this new hotel is better than mine so I just came by. It is a cool place.

CS – You came as a guest so we will do our best.

Seo-hee tells him that she will show him around. Then Manwol tells Chan-sung that he is smart, he just makes a ghost that he knows to come here and followed along. Chan-sung says he followed along but the reason he saw the chairman was different.

Chairman – Koo Chan-sung, talk to my office, we are building my memorial library so they will pay you a lot of money for the painting.

Chan – Yes, thank you.

Chan-sung bows. Man-wol asks what painting? Chan reminds her that it is the maekdu mountain painting that you threw away to me. She tells him that he said he  could not sell it for a quarter of the price! He says that he just didn’t sell it because after the chairman passed away, the price would increase significantly.


Chan – you gave me a big retirement fund

MW – you con man

Chan – I am not, I did not expect you to throw away the picture or me.

MW – half and half

Chan – No

MW – YOU GREEDY HARVARD CON MAN! *sigh* Okay…… A quarter

Chan – No. if it is not the complete then I don’t agree. When you threw it away, you did not know how valubale it is. You don’t have money now – your drinking makgoli.

MW – Shut up! Leave!



He walks away and thinks that he should bring cash after selling the painting because that is her weakest point. But then he sees the well god at the door and lets him in.

god – Can I come in?

Chan – Of course, come in

god – you are a kindhuman, thank you.

Chan sees the trail of water behind him. Then the well god walks through him which douses Chan in water. He continues on through the hotel and we see the ghosts kind of looking at this water thing passing them, but we don’t know what he looks like. they just look all kinds of confused.

Meanwhile, Man-wol talks to the chairman in her room about how he should have some secret money in teh Cayman Islands or gold bars he buried or something that he forgot about. The chairman is all like, I’m not sure. She pleasantly tells him to think about it carefully and moves to drink her tea, but then we see it boiling over.

Man-wol runs to the hallway and sees water all up and down it. Then Seohee runs up and tells her that there is big trouble, they have something here that should not come in.

Man-wol heads down to the lobby and sees the employees cleaning everything up. She wonders who made the hotel so wet? What happened? Seo-hee says that he looked like a young boy, but he was a god. Man-wol thinks he was a nature god? Then seh thinks back to the god on the well. But no uninvited gods can come in, that is on mago’s authority.

They all hear an elevator ding and see Chan coming out, still completely drenched. Man-wol tells Seo-hee that someone let him in.

Cut to them talking in the lobby near the rails. She has to explain that he can’t let gods like that in. Chan says he didn’t know, it is his first time seeing it. How can he distinguish it. She says that the hotel just moved and Hyun-joong is not here so it is all your fault. He says fine fine it is all my fault. So what should we do?

Man-wol tells him that they have to serve him. But they also wonder why he would want to come here and leave his well? They might have big trouble outside now. Cut to the makgoli place, there is no water there anymore! The huge well is all dry. This has never happened before.

But we see the hotel and see that all the water has gone there. They are steady trying to clean up all the water all the time on a continuous cycle.

Manwol, Chan-sung, and Sunbi have a meeting to address it. Man-wol is bummed because her pretty wall paper will get ruined and they will have mold, ugh. It’s horrible! Chan says that he can convince him. But Man-wol says that chan does not know how scary pissed off gods are. In the past they used to have to sacrifice humans. Chan thinks that is not about the gods, maybe poeple got scared and did that on their own.

Then Seohee comes in and says that she found him! He is in the last room on the 8th floor. He says he does not need anything but one thing. he wants manager Koo who opened the door. He wants a living human to come. Sunbi asks if they really need to provide a sacrifice? Everyone has a collective gulp.



Man-wol hurries out to catch a human, but Chan stops her. But Man-wol thinks that the god is mad about humans in this area. Chan thinks that is dangerous. But Man-wol wants to do it. Chan says that he is the one that opened the door for him, he thanked him so Chan does not think that this god wants to harm him.

Cut to the forest where Yoona and Hyun-joong are sitting on a log. Yoona asks him, who is that halmoni in the hospital? You know that person right? He says yes, she is my sister. Yoona is surprised. Hyun-joong says that she became an old woman, but she is still a little girl calling me horaboni. He tells Yoona her name. yoona thinks she should see her and ask if she knows Hyun-joong horaboni. 

But he tells her no you should not. She says that she won’t do anything bad to his sister since she likes him. But then she realizes that she just said that seh likes him and they both grow embarrased. She kind of runs away a tiny bit and trips accidentally. he laughs and walks up to her. But then they realize that she triped on something important or that something important is around there because a lot of ghosts show up and stare at them.

Back at the hotel, Chan talks about all the fog in the hotel due to all the water. Man-wol tells him that she wants to stop him from going in, he should turn back. But he says that he kind of feels cool now that she tried to stop him. He is a timid guy that should run away. He says that she gave him 1-2-3, three seconds. 

Flashback to their phone call when he told her to tell him to come and he will come. She thought about it for three seconds.

Man-wol, it was a short time for you, but you wanted me to come. it was three seconds. How can I not come.

MW – Don’t smile, it makes me angry.

CS – You are not angry, you worry about me. Don’t worry about me, from my experience, gods like me. Maybe because I am weak?

he smiles and walks away, but his nervousness shows as he walks toward the door. However, he tries to walk there confidently and starts to get enveloped by all the fog preventing Man-wol from seeing him arrive at the door.

he knocks and waits. Man-wol also waits. Then Chan lets himself in. It is room 813.

MW – Koo Chan-sung!

She starts to hurredly walk to the door. But the door closes. She tries to open it, but she cannot. So she hits the door and asks if he is okay? Tell me! But he does not answer. The camera scrolls away with her standing there, her hand on the door.

Inside, we see that Chan-sung is at the mountain. It is a black and white scene in the past where we see that the well is being used by a lot of people. Chan walks to the well, peers over the side, and asks if he is there? He says yes, you let me in so I am happy here.

Chan asks if he can go back to where he belongs? The well god says no, he does not want to go back. Actually, he ran away, he is afraid. he is afraid of being forgotten. 

god – I always gave them cool good tasting water. It always fills up again and again. I made them make money for the water. But, I can’t give them as much water as they want. I am getting dryer and dryer. Before I become a little water puddle and forgotten, I ran away. When they still need me, I ditched them.

All the color returns and we see the water god floating in the air in front of Chan. Then he lowers himself to the floor.

god – How does it feel to be at the bottom of a forgotten big well? 

Chan – It is sad, 

god – I am sorry i am here to come where I am not welcomed. But I have no where else to go. Help me.

He gives him a small hobak (pumpkin) container.

god – I am not a string god, but you helped me so I will pay for that. I showed you my fear. Now I will show you your fear. It will help you for what you are thinking of.

Chan nods and closes his eyes. He is shown the dark Mago taking Man-wol. The top of the well opens, revealing the full moon. Chan looks at it.

Chan – Is that the moon?

But then he sees Chan-sung looking in to the well and asking if he is okay? He snaps out of it and says that he is okay. Then he holds up the pumpkin gift and says that he found a way. But when he looks back inside the well, the god is gone.



Cut to the forest where we see a lot of police officers and detectives digging around an area. And guess what, Yeon-woo is one of the detectives! He has been reincarnated as a cop!

Elsewhere, the serial killer gets word from his valet service that he took that a lot of bodies where found in the woods.

Cut to Yoona with about a half dozen new guests or so as she shows up at the hotel.

Meanwhile, Sanchez is throwing a party in his place with his American friends. Then the serial killer shows up and waves at them all. Sanchez is immediately put in a sour mood. he asks Mira how this guy came here? Mira says she called him because he was not on the list. So the serial killer sits with them all and asks where Chan-sung is? He misses him.

Somewhere at a botanical garden in Korea, Chan-sung and Man-wol stand amongst all the indoor plants where Chan tells the well god that he will be happy here. He knows of the person that takes care of it (or something like that). So he throws the pumpkin flask in. The flask turns into a huge geyser.

MW – Their makgoli taste will change

CS – They will get water from somewhere else. With the same label, no one will notice the taste change.

MW – That makgoli was really good. I am sad I wont taste it anymore, he was angry and dried that well.

CS – He was not sad, if he was angry then he would have made you go to them, not a human like me.

MW – What did you see at the bottom of the well?

CS – I saw fear.

MW – Huh?

CS – As a reward for seeing his weakness, he showed me what I fear and run away from the most. I was very scared.

Flashback to Chan-sung at the bottom of the gods well with his eyes closed. He saw the dark Mago and Man-wol standing by the tree. Man-wol looked at Chan-sung and then turned to firery dust and floated away. She looks at him as she floats away slowly, a tear falls, then she is all gone.

In the present, Chan tells Man-wol, he saw her dreams and she saw what he feared the most, right?

CS – As I moved the water well god to a safe place, you put me in a safe place also.

he reaches into his jacket pocket and shows him the medicine Mago gave him.

CS – it was really strange that Mago gave this to me. You asked her to right?

MW – Whatever you believe – Koo Chan-sung I hope you are safe.

She starts to walk away.

CS – No! To bother you, I will put myself in danger.

MW – Huh?

She turns to him. He throws the medicien in the small creek.

MW – Koo Chan-sung! Do you know how precious that is? Do you know how much I had to beg to get that!

CS – Jang Man-wol! There is no safe zone for me! I will always be in danger and follow you. You, protect me.

He stands resolutely in front of her, almost quietly challenging her to disagree with him.

Fade Out


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    August 10, 2019 / 10:46 am

    When I watch shows on Viki, I usually would mind wait a day or two, even a week to catch the new episode (enough time for them to finish the CC). However, I am so addicted to this show that I would watch it without CC. (Not that I understand Korean but I try to make the most out of it the best I could. 🙂

    I can’t wait to find out what will happen to Yoona and the Land Rover. I am glad to see her getting in more actions recently. Will she become the new owner of Hotel del Luna after MW is done?

    • Anonymous
      August 10, 2019 / 2:47 pm

      E will

    • V
      August 14, 2019 / 2:16 pm

      I think she might!

  2. Lil-Wanderer
    August 10, 2019 / 11:16 pm

    I think the firefly that always follows Ma Wols around is really Go Chung-myung. I think he never left. Whether he betrayed her or not, I think he actually did love her. So whether as penance or to protect Ma Wol I think he stuck around. If you look at episode one, when Ma Go takes the cart that Ma Wol was using to transport the souls of her friends/love ones, a single firefly stays behind with Ma Wol. That firefly seemed to always hang around Ma Wol. At first I thought it was Yeon Woo, who loved Ma Wol so much. But after episode 8, he seemed resigned with leaving Ma Wol follow her own path, even if it led her to Chung-myung. But Chung-myung didn’t seem all that happy to let Ma Wol go to stay with the princess. Now that I know Yeon Woo re-incarnated, I am more and more conviced the firefly is really Go Chung-myung.

    • V
      August 14, 2019 / 2:18 pm

      Oh, that is a good theory!!!!

  3. November 6, 2019 / 12:52 am

    Yep! They’re still filming everyday since tvN delayed Arthdal Chronicles and pushed Hotel Del Luna a month in advance. Theyre rushing right now which I’m a bit worried about the quality over the next few episodes.

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