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Hotel del Luna: Episode 8 Live Recap

Korean drama Hotel de Luna, courtesy tvN

I feel a lot of revelations coming! But we are only episode 8 so there shouldn’t be too much revealed yet. Hopefully it will be just enough to whet my appetite for more! Honestly though, it would take a ‘jump the shark’ moment for me not to be excited about the next episode.

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In the past, we open on a circus performance in the streets with lanterns filled up and music all around. It is a very red affair as the sky is lit with red lanterns. Mira and Choeng-myung are both dressed in red wedding attire and looking at the lanterns. She smiles, he smiles also, but it only looks like it is for her sake.

Meanwhile, Man-wol is killing a bunch of guards somewhere in the palace. They did not know what hit them.

She walks to the brides room and lets herself in. They both stare at each other.

MW – You look happy, princess

She unsheathes her sword and points it at the princess. The sword bears her name, Man-wol for moon. The princess asks why she is here. Manwol asks if she thinks it is to congratulate her wedding? The princess says she should not have given her mercy before. Manwol sys that her bright smile was so pretty, but she won’t be smiling anymore. It is a pity that she will not be able to welcome the groom, but that is okay, I will welcome him.

She pulls the sword back and slices the princess across her neck and chest. She falls, dead.

In the present, Man-wol looks at Mira walking up. Chan-sung tells her that she is his friend, he is sorry that she is here. MW asks if he is the one that brought her here? Thenn she thinks tht from the begining, there where no plans to send her away nicely. Chan asks if there is something wrong?

MW – That face is smiling in front of me again.

The wind picks up at an alarming rate and pushes Mira into the water. Man-wol glares at her.

MW – Rescue her. That is your job.

Chan goes running off to rescue Mira from the water, though she is alright and is bobbing up in the small waves. he throws her a line and pulls her in. But when he looks up, Man-wol is gone.

Chan drives Mira to a cafe for her to dry off and warm up. She tells him that she went there to bother him, but she did not know she would bother him this much. He gives her something to drink to warm up. Mira asks if his boss left because of her? it is the first time seeing her. Or maybe she saw her in the hospital once?

Then she talks about how she really didn’t mean to fall in the water, it was almost as if someone pushed her there. Maybe she should do a shamanic ceremony, she was unlucky for awhile.

Chan tells her to spray salt, when you get cursed by a ghost you need to clarify yourself. Don’t go out at night and don’t stay alone. Mira says that she sounds like her grandmother. Her grandmother told her that she has Karma and gave her this bracelet to stay safe. Chan remembers that bracelet so Mira is impressed. She says that she has a ghost in her so Chan should stay with her tonight.

But Chan jsut tells her to go home, he will also put this on the list for her to pay him back. Don’t forget, you have a debt that is scarier than ghosts. Chan glares at her and then thinks about what Man-wol said about how he brought her there, is that why you came? He wonders if Man-wol is okay.

Man-wol is currently taking the buss home. She also has Mira’s wallet and looks through it at her ID and a photo of her family as well as her cell phone. She flips thorugh several photos from her cell phone until she gets to the ones with Chan and sighs which is when she remembers that Sanchz said that Chan’s ex-girlfriend came from America.

Man-wol thinks that Mago tied their fate so badly and sighs thinking that it is too much. She erases the picture on the cel phone and throws Mira’s bag on the floor on the bus.

But the mood is changed when she yells, HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT? and we see a lot of ajumma ghosts dancing happily on the bus. She thinks that these ghosts rootless dancing bothers her so much. She starts to do something with the radio that changes it to the news. The ghosts are so annoyed. Man-wol says that they can dance again after she takes a little break and she closes her eyes.

On the radio, the news person talks about the oldest person in Korea is 120, she died today.



The old woman is dressed in traditional clothing and meets with the Reaper, the reaper tells her that she enjoyed 5 lucks for more than 100 years, so she shouldn’t have anythin gleft. He sends her to the black car to be driven away. But Man-wol asks if she is leaving like this? Your great great granddaughter in law is fully pregnant. if you wait two more months then you will see your great great great grandchild.

The reaper tells her that she lived over 100 years and has so many decendents, that would be too greedy. But Manwol just says that the baby will be so cute, it would be too bad to not see him. But the reaper says that it is 120 years, you should not have anything left.

However the grandmother goes back inside he house. The reaper asks Manwol why she is holding this person back. Manwol feigns innocence and says she did not hold anywone back. The reaper says that this soul is special and precious, she experienced all that humans can experience. That precious soul just became a wandering ghost because of you. Man-wol says that Mago won’t let her do it.

In the near distance we see flower Mago talking to the grandmother happily. Manwol catches her eye so they cut to another scene where they talk on some bags of rice by the building. They talk about how people have to buy a lot of food for funerals nowadays otherwide there won’t be any peace in the house. Mago says that the old woman’s motto was to do everything simply. That is why this family is peaceful. But you screwed up her last moment of death to see me?

Man-wol does not deny this. She starts to talk about Mira and the princess. Mago says that Mira has had many lives and came back to life now while you were in the hotel. So just let her go. Manwol asks how she can let her go? Mago says that it is a grudge to her, but for Mira, it is just her past fate that she doesn’t even remember.

MW – So you involved Koo Chan-sung for me to meet her to send me happily?

Mago – You can’t harm her

MW – Then I can leave nicely as our nice faced god wants

Man-wol stands and looks at Mago

MW – Okay, for you to be happy, I will go to the hotel and stay there.

She walks to the reapers car and tells him to drop her off on his way back or take her all the awy to the other world also. The reaper looks at Mago, she nods. Man-wol is about to get in but stops and asks, is that person also going to come? Is he also going to come? No one says anything. Man-wol gets in the car and leaves.

Mago – To flower, you have to have wind and get rained on.




At the bar, Chan asks Seo-hee if she knows where their boss is? Sunbi and Seo-hee says she has not come back yet, did something happen? Chan mentions that she got angry. They say that is nothing, she always gets angry and then goes and shops or eats something nice or both. But Chan says that there is a limit to her credit card. She might be super angry now, will she come back and hide? Or leave the hotel? 

They tell her that she cannot leave the hotel because the hotel will follow her. Chan is all like, REALLY? Seo-hee gives Sunbi a look to stop talking. Sunbi shrugs and stops talking. So Seo-hee says that if their boss did not tell him then he should not know. But Chan says that he decided to work there for a long time, so if they all know then he hsould know. So you are saying that the hotel is tied to her, that means it is a punishment. Is that right?

SH says that is true, Man-wol cannot leave the hotel, she is unable to.

Cut to Manwol waiting at the bridge gates to Heaven at the Reaper drives off.

VO – She can’t go to the other side, she can’t leave here also. It seems like she tried to run away, but it did not work. Jang Man-wol is that tree and the tree created this hotel. Wherever she goes, the tree grows. Wherever the tree grows, that is the hotel.

Flashbacks of Manwol in different areas of Seoul thorugh the years.

VO – If the moon passes for one day, then she has to come back to where the tree is, so she will never be able to get out.

MW – So Manwol is trapped in the hotel?

SB – I heard mago trapped her here before Manwol became a bad ghost.

SH – You saw what happened to ghosts that kill humans with their grudge. For Jang Man-wol, this is jail but it is also a fence. it is safer for her not to leave.

Manwol gets back and goes up to her room.

Elsewhere, Mira gets her purse back from the bus stop, though she wonders why it was in the bus. Her picture of her family at the theme park is missing. Manwol has it and is lookng at it in her room. Then she thinks Chan-sung is coming in so she goes to great him, but it is only Seo-hee.

SH – Manager prepared this for you. He was confused because you disappered and did not come back.

MW – I met someone, I had to think

SH – He was worried, so I told him the reason that you have to come back to the hotel

MW – *long pause* Okay, so where is Koo Chan-sung?

She walks to the overlook terrace where Chan-sung is and asks him if he is okay? Sicne she puched his friend into the water. is she dead?

CS – She is okay

MW – i am sorry…..why aren’t you asking me why I put her into the water and what I saw in her? You should stop me and knitpick everything

CS – if I stop you, then will you be stopped? I dont’ know, you said you are a bad person and you are trapped for more than 1000 years so it is not a big trouble. But the you in my dream where just in love…..what did you do after ditching me? You couldn’t even spend money with the credit card limit

MW – Do you think I can’t do anythign without you? I met someone and had good food and a dance party

Chan – Dance party?

MW – Yes, it was a super dancers party

Chan – you went there alone? You should take me, I am sad.

MW – If you were there then it would be funny

Chan – Lets do good things together, sharing things is the best, the view is better than seeing it alone, already.

They stare at the view. But Man-wol looks at Chan questioningly.

CS – Whatever you try to do, don’t forget this. if this is your jail or a fence around the house, I will be with you together.

he looks at her reassuringly and they stare at each other for a moment as the moon is in the background




Somewhere in Seoul, it is raining outside a pretty large building. Then a record starts to play by itself insde the home. it starts to play a pop like song from maybe the 70s? Not sure. Maybe the 80s. ANyway, a man comes in looking super scared and breaks the record. But then the record starts to play again! As if he did not break it.

Then a voice says TEACHER

He turns and sees a girl sitting on his dresser, she tells him that it is raining! I am so happy that you came on this rainy day! 

She does a twirls and asks him to stay with her until the song ends (she talks like she is from the 60s or 70s). He says he is not her teacher. Then he looks at the vinyl record and the camera cuts away to show him whispering something. His wife comes in and tries to get his attention, but he just looks at her and then passes out. Though, he might be dead, not sure.

In the morning, Chan finds out that Mira spent the night at his place. it is a three way talk as Chan gets filled in on how she found her purse in a bus which is creepy. Chan tells them to stop with all that, he doens’t want to see ghosts in his house also. Mira says that she can’t explain it scientifically. Chan thinks someone took her bag and put it in the bus. He asks if anything is lost? Money? Credit card? Mira says she did not have any, can I borrow some?Sanchez slinks out. Chan says that she can stay there for now.

Elsewhere, we are privy to the hotels theme park that is reopening becuase someone had a happy memory in a theme park. Hyun-joong thinks that guest will have a nice time playing there. Manwol tells him to treat that guest well. But he also asks where she sent Sunbi and Seohee? Manwol says to find some land.

Cut to them looking at a place of land that is great because it has good negative energy. But there are no shopping centers around so their boss wont like it. Theyshould look at another place. They go to another place that is a bathhouse (or maybe it is the same place) and talk about how their boss doens’t have any money, how can they move? Is Chan-sung too stingy so she wants to sell the land? Seo-hee thinks she won’t sell it because she selected it so well. Seo-hee talks into the app and asks for Eunsung bathhouse. The phone finds it for her. Sunbi tells her that she learns new technology quickly. But he mentions that he is from Joseon dynasty.

She says she is also from Joseon dynasty, you need to change your talk to contemporary. They start to leave the schoolhouse to go to the bathhouse, but there is a teacher ghost in the window so Sunbi says that they will be back!




Yoona and Hyun-joong hang out in subway talking about her boyfriend in school, does she have one? She basically says she studied all the time, studying is cool. But the reason they are there is to follow Mira around. They look up to see Mira buying a subway sandwhich with a lot of onions. Yoona writes this on her sheet, but she writes Anion so Hyun-joong gives a little giggle and says Onion is with an O. Yoona tells him, good for you! Then sighs and starts to talk about her boyfriend which it seems like she is infering is Hyun-joong, but he knows it is him, possibly, so he laughs.

They follow Yoona to a building but wonder if they should go inside. But then they see the ghost in the window, it is the girl ghost from earlier so they think that something strange in there. It is her sunbaes house who talks about how her husband is strange and listens to music all the time.

Meanwhile, Sanchez tells Chan that Mira wants to borrow his Chun dynasty vase. Chan tells him that seh will never give that vase back to you! You will sell it and use the money. He says that she has to pay him back, he will take her salary if she does not. You can’t do that but I can. He then starts to talk about Veronica’s father and how he bought a super hotel, do you want to go there? Chan says he will stay in his hotel. 

Sanchez wonders why he works in that unknown hotel with his resume, they don’t even give you a business card. Why do you work there day and night?

He tells Sanchez that their hotel is great and has special guests, the only draw back is that he cannot brag about it. Sanchez says he thought he worked there because he loved Man-wol. Chan starts to cough up his drink so Sanchez says he got him. Chan tells Sanchez that he looks generous and dumb but is cold and smart. Sanchez says yes, he looks like a pizza house owner, but he is a chaebol. Veronica fell in love with my charm.

Sanchez happily walks off. Then Mira calls. Chan asks if she sold Sanchz’s vase? But Mira just asks if he has a room in his hotel.

Elsewhere, Yoona and Hyun-joong take selfies outside the sunbaes house whose husband is acting all weird. Hyun-joong mentions that he can’t keep his normal presence for a long time so she has to take the photos quickly.

Chan walks up and asks why there are there, then Manwol walks up and says that she told them to follow Mira around. She just wanders how rich she is and things! Chan tries to talk sense into her about things and starts to call her Boss so that she will help them out in the house. Manwol thinks he only calls her boss when he needs something.

So they all go inside the house to talk about the strange noises and all that. Man-wol walks around looking at all the family photos. Chan says that they can only stay in their hotel with Man-wol’s invitation. So they say that it looks like their hotel is VIP membership so they can just stay in a regular hotel.

Manwol is about to leave but Chan runs up to talk to her and says that she should take them as guests. But Manwol is all like, nope I don’t. But then they hear the music. SO the women says that they are not crazy right, you hear the music too? Chan tells them that they can have special service for the hotel.

They go upstairs and start to talk about the ghost and how she might be looking for someone from the past like her father or something. Chan will talk to her. MW asks if he is scared, he smiles and says he does not becuase he has her. He then go inside the room where the girl talks to him and give him a huge hug. Man-wol comes in looking like she will cut a B***h for touching her man! But Chan says he is okay so Manwol hangs back.

They start to talk and the girl says that she is looking for her doctor (not teacher, but she does say sunsaengnim). Manwol keeps walking arounda nd finds her diary. The ghost comes up and takes the diary away and says that it is not her fault that she did not get Min’s heart! Stop your jealously.

Man-wol tells Min to ask her so Chan stands up and asks what all that is. So Chan asks what it is. She says that she is weak, she can’t leave the house so that is why she sent her story to the radio. She recieved so many post cards and letters. Chan starts to read the postcards that say that they hope she gets well. Then she says that hyuck came! She runs to the window.

Chan asks if she has a hyuk also? So she has Hyuck, Min, and a doctor? And she hates Seuk? Maybe I should pretend like I am Min and take her to the hotel. But Manwol says that she cannot be their guest because she is not a human Soul. Chan looks at the ghost and she disappears.

Chan asks if she is not a ghost? MW asks if he felt something strange when she hugged you? He says yes, she wasn’t cold, all the hotel guests are cold. Manwol tells him that she is a remainder of a human memory. She has an incurable disease and is loved by Hyuk and Min and is dating a doctor. It is true that she wrote a diary and sent her story to a radio, but she did not do it. The one that created her did it.

Chan asks who she thinks did it? Man-wol says that if they find who did it then they can remove her. She wonders who this person is with this stupid imagination. Then a halmoni comes in and asks why they are in her room. Chan picks up the diary and asks who she is? The woman says she is Lee Bokhee and tells the daughter and son in law to stay outside. Chan gives her the diary back and asks if she knows a person by a certain name. The grandmothe says that she is that person.

Then they sit and talks. The grandmother says that seh had an arranged marriage when she was 22, she never dated anyone. then she made Kyungah. She was likea  character from her favorite movie, she was so happy to be Kyungah that loved someone. They tell her that her character is still around like an old movie. The woman says, If you live long enough then strange things are not strange anymore. I created Kyungah, she likes Min the most. Chan smiles. The woman asks if she has to remove Kyungah? She actuallys tarted to forget about Kyungah after she had her son.

The older woman starts to burn all the Kyungah diaries/stories. Chan and Man-wol watch from the distance. Chan says that she probably had a hard time marrying a stranger. So she changed her present by creating a soul. Chan says that she wants them to have dinner together. Manwol says that she should be lonely after sending her character away. So you should go to her. But Seuki is a bad character so I won’t join you.

They look at the fire and talks about how it is burning pretty. manwol agrees, it is pretty.



Chan goes inside to have the meal with the family. Though he stands awkwardly to the side as they prepare. he asks where Mira went. The friend says that she had something to do. She also thanks them for the invitation to the hotel. Chan asks if Mira also got the invitation? he is a bit alarmed. 

Cut to Mira looking up at the hotel and thinking that it looks pretty cool.




Mira goes inside to the downstairs lobby where she is greated by Hyun-joong. He tells her that their boss is waiting for her. Mira goes upstairs and is greated by Seo-hee. Seohee tells her to go upstairs to a really nice place that her boss prepared.

Sh egoes to the amusement park room where Man-wol is standing to great her. She welcomes her and says that seh couldnt’ just let her go. Mira smiles and says that this place is great. But why is it empty? Man-wol says that it is not empty, you just don’t see things, because of that.

She motions to her bracelet. Flashback to Mira being the only person who did not hear the sound in the house.

Mira asks manwol if she will see something if she takes off her bracelet? Manwol telsl her that she can give it to her to take care of. So Mira gives her the bracelet pleasantly and then looks around. Man-wol holds this bracelet and closes her fingers around it which makes it turn to golden dust in her hands.

As soon as the bracelet is all blown away, the circus comes to life with glitter and glam and performers all around. It is a magical place that Mira likes a lot. Manwol asks if she likes it? Mira says yes, she likes theme parks. Then Manwol gives her her photo back. Mira thanks it and says that she took that photo with her family when she was young.

Man-wol turns her to look at a real life image of her and her parents in the circus. Mira says she was very happy. Manwol says that she really hates that she was that happy, so she wants to give her a super unhappy present.

Suddenly all the happiness goes away, only Mira as a kid remains. The music turns grimm as Manwol walks to this kid who looks all kinds of adorable in her bunyy ears.

MW – Hello, you dont’ have any happy family. Your moter always told you that you should not have been born and she regretted it. Your father was always angry. you unlucky girl. When your sister was born, your parents only liked her. See, all your family left. It was the most unlucky day in your life.

Girl – Don’t abandon me

Manwol stands behind the girl and looks at older Mira.

MW – Go and fill her mind with everyday thoughts that she should not have been born.

The little Mira walks up to the older Mira and stares at her. She puts her arms up and her eyes turn dark and creepy. Her entire face looks creepy, y’all. Manwol smiles in the background.

But then Chan runs in huffing and puffing and sees this scene. Manwol sees him and pauses, but then she starts to walk out. He holds her arm.

MW – Thank you Chan-sung, becuase of you I met her and I found a good way. So I am already happier. 

CS – Dont’ do it.

MW – it is already done. It is not like Peoki’s cute soul that she made. Becuse I made it so it is a curse.

OLder Mira starts to hold her hands up to hold little Mira’s hands. it is as if she cannot resits it.

CS – Stop it.

MW – Is this cruel? Then run away, I will let you go.

CS – I am not leaving, protect me.

He walks over to the two of them and then removes the little girls hands and gives her a hug instead. Older Mira passes out. Manwol tells Chan to let the girl go! But the girl disappears and goes into his chest. He holds his chest and falls to the ground.

VO – Whatever you try to do, remember this. If this is your jail or fence, I will be here.

Chan continues to crumble to the ground slowly as he grips his chest and struggles to breath

MW – You aren’t scared?

CS – i have you.

He passes out.

Manwol looks at him with concern and yet does not move an inch to be by his side. She drops Mira’s photo on the ground.



Meanwhile, Mira wakes up in a car wondering what is going on. She is in the backseat. Yoona tells her that her boss said she was too drunk and to take her home. Mira wonders if she was drunk? The taxi drives off.

Inside, Chan is sleeping on Man-wol’s couch as she sits on the couch and looks at the photo. She burns the photo on a candle in front of her and puts it in an ash tray to watch it be completely consumed to nothing. She also turns to Chan.

MW – You should be okay, you ruined everything.

VO – I dont’ know, the you I saw in my dream was only in love.

Flashback to the far past with Manwol and Cheong-myung sitting on their beach.

They talk about the rebellion or war or something and how this might be the last time they can be there. He tells her that she should come to him, he can protect her.

MW – So, I should abandon my people and go to you? I can’t

CM – Should I go to you then?

They both stand. he holds her arm.

CM – If you ask me, I will put my life on it.

MW – Dont’ do it, there is no way we can stay together

He lets go of her arm.

CM – Yes, I wont be here anymore.

He picks up the alcohol with the moon symbol on it.

CM – I will miss my good drinking friend.

He starts to walk away. Manwol is left there alone. She picks up her drink and looks out at the water. Then she looks at her alcohol and a tear falls. She stays like that for a long moment until morning comes and we see her alcohol bottle hanging from a tree. She stares at if with some kind of rage until Yeon-woo runs up to her.

YW – Everythings ready to go

MW – He came, he shoul dbe there! I will see him one last ime!

YW – Are you coming back?

MW – Of course I am coming back

YW – if you dont’ come back, I am fine with everything.

MW – I will come back, I just want to see him one last time. Wait for me.

She runs off. He looks at her leave as if he knows he will not see her again. She rudes off on horseback and goes to their beach spot by the pond. She is holding her alcohol.  But when she turns around, she is surrounded by sworded guards. Then the princess walks up to her.

MR – Because of you, your bandits will all get killed.

Manwol drops the alcohol, it breaks on the gorund. Then the scene changes to the bandits fighting all the well trained guards in the forest. Yeon-woo is among them righting. But the bitter pill is that Choeng-myung is among them and gives Yeon-woo a devastating blow that sends him to the gorund. he points his sword at him.

Cut to Manwol shivering in jail. Choeng comes up to her across his gate.

CM – Because of you, I scored a lot. 

She tries to sit up.

CM – You did everything to lead me there and buy me some time. I won’t kill you.

MW – I will kill you…..I will kill you….

CM – To kill me, you should be alive.

he walks off and leaves her in her dungeon jail cell to presumably die? She does not look too good.

Cut to everyones execution where we see the bandits on their knees waiting the hangman’s noose. Yeon-woo is first. He has the rope around his neck, but he also manages a warm smile to Man-wol as he stands there. Then his face grows strong as the chairs are kicked out from the group of men on the platform. Manwol tries to get free to save him, but she has to watch as he dies.

The princess walks out and looks at the rest of the bandits who are on their knees. they pull manwol to the front

MR – You helped my general have a big score. I will give you mercy.

CHoeng-myung is there at her side, though it looks like he has a hard time looking at her.

Cut to the scene where Man-wol slices the princess across the throat, killing her. Then we see Choeng-myung comng into the room. Man-wol is dressed in the wedding attire, waiting on him. She tells herself, I will kill you.

Choeng-myung walks in slowly, he is in his wedding attire as well, though he is in the white under part of the outfit. manwol removes her head shroud and puts her hand on her sword. Then she lunges.



Chan-sung wakes up with a start. it was his most recent dream. Sanchez comes in to ask if he is oaky? Chan holds his head and asks what happened? Sanchez says that Manwol brought him here, he slept for 3 days. Chan asks why the painting is there? Sanchez says that Manwol left it. Sanchez asks if Manwol is leaving?

Chan starts to run to the hotel, but when he gets there he sees that the sign on the front is gone. he looks at it for a moment then goes inside. But it is an empty building now. 

VO – Wherever she goes, the tree will grow there and that place is our hotel.

CS – She disappeared.

He takes this realization in while in the lobby, he hangs his head as he realizes it and then walks outside with all his bottled up emotions with him. But before walking back down the steps, he turns and looks at the building again.

VO – When I leave, don’t be too lonely Koo Chan-sung.

flashback to her taking care of him on the couch when he was passed out.

MW – Whether this is a fence or a jail to me, whatever I have is hell. Seeing hell together, isnt so good.

She takes a deep breath as she looks at him.

MW – Goodbye, Koo Chan-sung

She looks at Chan-sung sincerely.

Chung-sung looks at the empty building .

Fade Out



AH!!!!! This episode was so good! My heart feels the pain, y’all. I feel that ache that Chan feels and I feel the ache that Man-wol feels! Of course she would want to go kill the princess and Choeng-myung who I thought was her lover but maybe he was only playing her? or maybe he started playing her and then fell for her and had to go through with it in the end? I DON’T KNOW but I love it.

Right now, I really want Chan-sung to be the best friend who smiled so warmly to Man-wol even as he was about to be hung. Talk about staring your mortality in the face right? He seems like the warmest genuine person who really only wanted Man-wol to be happy in her life. I can’t wait for next week, y’all. Can Mago make time go a little fast for the next few days?


Hotel de Luna episode 9 English translation

Mago – if you take that, you won’t see ghosts or De Luna or anything

CS – She is a grumpy (angry/thick) person, but the reason I am hesitating is because she is someone I like.

MW – Manwol, why don’t you go away?

MW – This soft hearted guy

VO – Koo Chan-sung?

CS – You should have known how important I was when you ditched me (threw me away)

MW – Come to De Luna

Mago – I should give you a chance to ditch [her] also

MW – Koo Chan-sung

CS – i am not going there anymore

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      they did give us something hanging with no preview😂 (i’ve seen the eps online) the writers are really playing with us huh

      • V
        August 4, 2019 / 9:02 am

        They are so playing with us!

    • V
      August 4, 2019 / 9:02 am

      They left us hanging! Let us know if you see the preview anywhere!

      • Anonymous
        August 4, 2019 / 9:11 am

        found the preview on naver!

        • V
          August 4, 2019 / 11:34 am

          Oh yay! Thank you Scalene and Anonymous! We’ll try and translate it today! (but we might eat lunch first ^_^ )

          • WPB
            August 5, 2019 / 3:55 pm

            There are a lot going on in that preview. Did you notice the design of the pin worn by the hotel staff are very similar to the design on the soju bottle that MW stole/carried around in the previous episode? What’s the significance that she uses that design after 1,000 years?

            • V
              August 7, 2019 / 1:12 pm

              That design definitely stuck with her! maybe because that was the only way she knew to spell her name. Perhaps she went back to it after being betrayed?

  2. Anonymous
    August 4, 2019 / 9:10 am

    It seems like there is a preview!

    • V
      August 4, 2019 / 11:37 am

      We will try and get to it today!

  3. Linh Nguyen
    August 4, 2019 / 9:19 am

    I also watches that online (though I only have the potential to watched cut scenes), but I’m happy that someone really spend time to live-recapping the episode. Also, I think because this episode is the mid-episode of the whole series (8/16), the channel want to keep the preview in secret for a while before releasing it (maybe because they may need to film more?). But in conclusion I hope they might release the preview fast.

    • V
      August 4, 2019 / 11:38 am

      Yes, they want to make us sweat a little ☺️. So happy you found us!

  4. Nikki
    August 4, 2019 / 10:40 am

    Anyone have a translation of the preview? 🙂

  5. Nin
    August 4, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    The preview for episode 9 is on youtube

  6. Aelyn29
    August 5, 2019 / 3:26 am

    The backstory of Manwol in the old times is like the made-up story of the game characters in Love O2O they submitted for the game event and won. It is about the female bandit that kidnapped a man, then they fell in love with each other, but the guy is actually a royal that wants to kill every bandit there is including the lady.

    • V
      August 5, 2019 / 8:05 am

      Oh my goodness, I need to watch/play that game 😮.

    • Anonymous
      August 6, 2019 / 5:39 am

      But the royal wasn’t able to kill that lady, was he ?

      • freest cosmos
        August 6, 2019 / 8:26 pm

        I have watched Love 020 chinese series and in the make up story of the game, as far as i could remember, the royal allowed himself to be kidnapped by the notorious female bandit so that they could catch her. The female bandit fell in love with the royal during the time she spent with the royal in their mountain hideout but he betrayed her and he personally killed her. After she died, he realized the he loved her so he didn’t come back to the palace and just stayed in the mountain for the rest of his life.

    • Rose
      August 17, 2019 / 4:47 am

      @AELYN29, Omg! You are absolutely right! It was like that story that WeiWei and Nai (charcters in Love O2O) made in that drama! The only difference was the ending. ☺

  7. WPB
    August 6, 2019 / 9:07 pm

    I can’t get enough of this episode so I went to read other comments elsewhere and was surprised to read some interesting insights or theories. The biggest question is whether or not Choeng-myung betrayed MW. Someone pointed out he carries his sword to see the princess on their wedding night, which wouldn’t make any sense unless he was there to kill the princess. It would be a true tragedy if that’s his intend and MW ended killing him and carried this guilt for 1000 years. Again, it’s someone’s theory and it would be more simply if he really betrayed her. Guess we will see.

    • Freest Cosmos
      August 6, 2019 / 9:31 pm

      If CM was there to kill the princess because he’s carrying his sword when he entered the bridal chamber, unless he knows beforehand that MW will be there, I think it’s too late for him to repent because his betrayal cost YW his life and the Kraken of MW was already released. And MW cursed being tied to the Tree will always be because of him. So im flushing CM to the drain and just going to wait for the romance of CS and MW to bloom and get her much deserved happy ending 🙂

      • V
        August 7, 2019 / 1:15 pm

        Yep, the death of her best friend would have definitely messed up that plan 😬

    • V
      August 7, 2019 / 1:14 pm

      I love that theory! I think it is a good one because we are only on episode 8 so there could be other twists.

  8. Anonymous
    August 8, 2019 / 12:46 pm

    I seriously wouldn’t mind if we had a whole drama for the backstory. And also replace Yeon Goo… There is very little chemistry and emotion we are working with here…. despite the variety of great OST and also filming/directing + IU…

  9. May
    August 15, 2019 / 11:14 am

    What is the song after Mi Ra and Chang Sung fainted. I couldn’t find it.

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