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Hotel del Luna: Episode 7 Live Recap

Hotel de Luna live recap episode 7
Korean drama Hotel de Luna, courtesy tvN

The love is really picking up and the flashbacks are giving us a lot more information. Plus, we have a bloom on the tree, y’all! The beach scene was so sweet last week with so much emotion packed into what Man-wol said about the view. Episode 7, here we come.

Just like last week, we will have to stop around half way through and then finish up in the afternoon! I’ll post “paused” in the title when we stop the recap and then “finished” when we come back and finish it!

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We open at a castle in the past. Ko Choeng-Myung is there looking at the moon. One of his guards talk to him so he tells him that this is the best place to look at the moon here. Then the princess comes.

In the streets, Man-wol is walking with a drink in her hand, looking a bit sad. But then someone spins her around. It’s Choeng-myung. He asks why she is leaving, he thought she was there to see him? She says no, she came here to rob it, it is a good time to rob it bcause a clumsy guy is guarding the castle. He smiles and says he thought he saw someone he wanted to see, but it looks like I caught a thief.

He then takes her drink away from her, she tries to snatch it back. They start to banter a bit about the drink and then they talk about the princess. He says that she wanted to talk to him and seduce him. Man-wol tells him, good for you. He says that he will take this drink from her since she already robbed what she wants to rob (he touches his heart) you can leave. But it is dangerous because we have strict guards here so I will pay for this drink. 

He goofily waves and takes the drink back with him while chugging it as well. Man-wol smiles.

In the present, she sits by her tree that has the one blossom on it. She looks at the one blossom and thinks, wow, maybe I will be colorful. If Goo Chan-sung sees this, he will brag about it. 

She smiles at the thought and then goes back to happily looking at the blossom.

But the romantic innocent mood changes to horror when we go to the video game ghost terrorizing perverts. One such pervert is getting the crap scared out of him in a bathroom. He is found with red eyes and with the screen broken next to him.

Yoona just so happens to see this man wheeled away and remembers him from subway. Some girls say that guy was found in the womans bathroom. What was he doing there? Is he a pervert? Yoona goes to the bathroom and finds his cell phone on the floor. She thinks something is there.

Then the lights start to flicker and a disembodied voice tells her that she is a ghost in a human body! Did you do this! 

Yet another Mago comes out in all black like an officer and starts to choke Yoona. She tells her that this ispunishment and we see black dust floating out of Yoona as she chokes. But then the reaper comes and tells this Mago that this girl did not do it. She is a soul that De Luna saved inside a body. She did not kill a human.

This Mago uses banmal to the reaper and asks why a ghost can use a human body? The Reaper explains that episode to Mago. That girls parents made a stupid decision so their daughter died and Manwol put this girls soul in there, so Manwol did not disturb humans.

This dark Mago says okay, Man-wol did something again. Yoona comes to her senses and runs away they let her go. The reaper and dark Mago keep talking. Dark Mago tells the reaper to turn that soul into ash because she killed a human. The reaper says that the other Mago told him to send her back to where he was before, which is Deluna. 

But Dark Mago thinks that all the bad ghosts should go to hell! Not to a hotel! They don’t need places to rest. Why did she make those places and put bad ghosts like jang Manwol there! This reaper says that jang Manwol is not a bad ghost. She will go to the other world also. Dark Mago tells him that the other Mago sent someone to lead Man-wol to the other world? To send her nicely? She does not deserve it because her karma will start again. She will kill humans again and she will become a bad ghost and ashed.





Cut to the hotel where Chan-sung tells a ghost that he is happy that he had a good time here. Seo=hee says that it would have been happy if he found his wife whom died at the same time as him then it would be bette.r Please come this way to the reaper.

But as he is walking away he sees his wife all cuddled up to a pretty young thing. The yelling starts right away as the husband is all like, who is this young thing! The woman says, he is three years older than you! He died earlier! She calls him Oppa and tells this husband not to touch him! He is my first love!

Chan has to try and hold the man back but he gets elbowed in the chest and sent flying for his troubles. It looks like a big elbow as Chan holds his chest as he stands back up. Then Man-wol comes out with weapons and tells them that they are already dead so pick a weapon and enjoy. It will be a little gruesome so everyone else step aside. You are already dead but you can give the other persons soul so pain. Cut and make yourselves all bloody. We will 100% help you.

She smiles happily and pleasantly. The man is all like, what are you doing? Youa re supposed to stop us so we will have a happy life. She tells him that theya re already dead so just release your anger and get cut and bloody or whatever. She walks away pleasantly. The two spouses look at each other and then look at her and put the ax and butcher knife on the floor.

In the bar, Seohee and Sunbi start to talk about the married coupld and other people who have a lot of money and fight. Sunbi says that fighting is also removing anger. The husband is there so Sunbi brings him something that his wife always prepares for him. He says his wife was his frist love. But the wife wanted to eat papingsoo (Korean icecream) with her first love.

Meanwhile, Hyun-joong tells Chan that he has to be very careful with angry ghosts. Chan thinks it didn’t hurt that much. But Hyun-joong says that their boss was looking after you so it should have been okay. It was the souls grudge power that hit him.

Flashback to Man-wol seeing Chan getting hit by the ghost. Manwols eyes grow enraged.

HJ tells him that manwol came out so that Chan would not get hit more. Otherwise, she does not care if ghosts fight and the lobby is noisy. So you should sprinkle some salt since you have the grudge of the ghost that hit you. Hyung-joong leaves. Chan thinks it is a little embarrassing that the Manwol protected him again. Then he pulls out a picture of the ocean and thinks back to Man-wol telling him that the sea is prettier than the sea he saw before.

Cut to man-wol applying blue nail polish on her nails when Chan comes in to confirm something. She tells him to nitpick later, if he ruins her nail polish then she will kill him and then tsks about how stupid he is to get hit by ghosts. She tells him it is blue sea color. Pretty right? He says it is sad! The reason the sea looks sad is because you don’t have THIS! 

He hands her a picture of the yacht. She is so happy to see this yacht and says that she thought it would come slower since it is coming from Norway. Then she starts to talk about fishermen and all the places she has to go. Chan tells her that she has no money. She still wants him to sell the tiger painting. They start to banter about the cars and how they don’t have any so she can buy a yachte now and how she can’t buy a yacht now becaue she needs more money and all those things. 

Chan finally tells her that they can go do something else together, he will cancel this yacht. She thinks about going to an island (or something like that) with Chan and how she has to find a pretty nail color to wear there.



Later on, Chan walks around his place and starts to spread salt all over himself. He thinks table salt should be okay. But then his friend Sanchez comes out and asks what in the world he is doing? Did something unlucky happen. Chan tells him that someone told him to spread salt to get rid of bad things. Sanchez asks if this is because of Mira?

Chan starts to think this is probably due to my anger over her. Sanchez wonders if he wants Himalayan salt? Chan thinks the salt they have is fine, they don’t need that expensive one. SO Sanchez says he can spread it really well for him. he spreads it for Chan then Chan asks him if he told Manwol about the yacht. 

Sanchez says that he put a photo fo his yacht on SNS and Manwol saw it and asked where he got it so he said Norway. he wanted to add her to their yacht club. It would be good for her, in that kind of club you meet business partners and life partners.

Sanchez then hold up a photo of a guy that looks like he could be Mr. Universe from 1965. He is all muscle yet still skinny, like James Bond. Sanchez asks if he looks good for Manwol? Or how about this guy? Chan makes excuses for all the guys and says they aren’t good for her. Sanchez says she can also join a tennis club or another kind of club. Chan tries to spray some more salt in his growing frustration and tells Sanchez that Manwol does not like sports, so just leave her alone okay?

Then he asks where the Himalayan pink salt is and hurries to the place Sanchez points. Sanchez smiles and thinks that Chan likes Manwol. Then he notices that Chan was praying sugar over himself, not salt. Sigh.


Meanwhile, Yoona is still thinking about her attack by Mago, she still ahs the mark on her neck as well. it looks like her soul is weak beacuse two other ghosts mention that she is weak and they can take her body now. Yoona flips out and starts to run away from these creepy high school kids and hides in a closet (you have to open doors for ghosts). The kids in the class all wonder what in the world is wrong with her? Why did she just scream herself to the closet?

But then Hyun-joong asks the kids to make way for him and walks to the closet. he tells Yoona that everything is okay and picks her up. At the same time he asks the other kids if they have a good palace to rest? They tell him that the nursing room is at the end of the hall. So he carries her to the nursing room and sits with her as she sleeps. While sitting, he thinks that something must have happened.

In the place where they sent the ghosts to Heaven, Mago asks the reaper if the dark Mago hurt her employee? He tells her how Mago wants to punish one of her guests, room #13. Manwol asks if she is going to turn the soul to ash? The reaper says yes, but the other Mago wants to let the ghost rest in the hotel. Manwol sighs at how confusing these ghosts are. Man-wol says that the first old woman wanted her to live colorfully, the 4th one wanted her to kill the ghosts. Okay, so who is more powerful? #1 or #4?

The Reaper tells her not to number gods. Manwol calls him tricky and tells him that she does not know about that numbering stuff, but she will not be here anyway. he holds up one finger and says that he wants her to follow the #1 Mago (he didnt say all that but that is what he impied). Manwol smiles.



At the hotel. Hyun-joon explains that Yoona felt something strong in the cell phone. Seo-hee explains that #13 killed people through the cell phone. But Sunbi says that they need a human to open the cell phone as a rule. Man-wol says that they only have one person that can be used as bait. So call Chan-sung.

Chan-sung shows up and tells them that he does not want this cell phone. Based on your conversation, this is an illegal video. taking illegal videos is a crime and watching it is also a crime. I will never watch it.

Manwol slow claps to his honor and tells him good job, you are smart. But we have to find the ghost. Someone has to open it to find her. Chan asks if someone died from that video? Man-wol says it can be very uncomfortable or very scary, would you like to try it?

Chan thinks about this for a serious moment and then nods. He clicks on the video and waits for it to open. Then he tells them that it is an empty room, there is nothing there. he shows it to them.

Manwol says she was there. They look up and Manwol is gone. Then we see that Manwol is walking around in the cell phone room. She says that the ghosts grudge is still here. This is the room that the ghosts grudge made. Yoona said she felt a scary energy even before he opened the video message. So it seems like it was targeted. The next person should be somewhere. Maybe she was in the same room several times and is using this as a way to kill her targets.

Cut to a family eating dinner. The man is looking at his cell phone. The mother tell shim not to look at the cell phone when they are with their daughter But he says that he has to send something to work. He runs off to look at the video in his office and dies right away in Kal guk su noodles. the wife and baby run in after all the commotion and see the husband dead on the floor.

Meanwhile, Chan talks to the sister of the victim from the video. Her sister died 5 years ago yet that video still circulates. Her sister died but the people who made it only paid a fine. Chan asks if a picture of one of the men is related? The sister says he was a college sunbae. The video circulated from the college.

Flashback to the woman walking to class. Several guys laughed at her and giggled in the back of the room as she tried to ignore it.

Chan asks if she knows who circulated the video? The sister says that she still remembers their names. If there were any single good guys in the group, then they would have stopped that video before it was leaked. Then my sister would not be dead. She was searching online about her video footage and stayed in her room all day (flashback showing the sister going crazy about that). Then she asks if her sister is safe and happy as a soul? Chan says that he hopes she is.

Cut to the sister sitting on the bed looking terrifying and also lost and sad.

The living sister tells Chan that there was a guy who shot the video and sold it. The funny thing is, he becomes super rich selling videos now.

Chan and Manwol go to see this guy, he is definitely rich. Chan says it is horrible that he is so rich. Manwol tells him not to get angry, it will expend too much energy. Then they talk about how the ghost saved the one she hates the most as last. After she targets him they should be able to bring her to Deluna. But she might not come so easily. 

Chan thinks these guys live so well, that is why gods are unfair. Manwol tells him that is why she hates gods. She finising eating her treat and then gives the container to Chan to hold as she walks inside.

Inside, Chan and Man-wol meet with this man to talk to him about business. Chan says they are here about his guest, she has a big grudge to him. The man sys that he did not do anything bad in his life. In the background, Manwol is talking photos of the rich guys things. She tells him that he has a nice yacht, she also wants to buy a yacht. She also comments about how he has been to a lot of places, she also wanted to go to all those plces.

He asks her to stop taking pictures of someones private things. he even gets up to block it. She asks him, if I unload these private videos, how much money can I get? How many videos do I have to upload to get a yacht and visit nice places, a million? He asks if they are investigating something? Are you reporters? Did you lie about the hotel? I should have known it.

Manwol tells him that she should invite him to the hotel to show him that it is not fake. he tells them that he will call security. She tells him, whenever you see my hotel, just come on in.

On the wall is says “you do your best, God will take care of the rest”

Manwol laughs and asks if he believes this? The man says he lived his entire life following gods will. He smiles. She tells him, with your best effort, if God did this for you then God is really bad. Her face grows in disgust and she leaves.



Chan follows her out with an equal level of distaste. In the car, Chan-sung gives Man-wol that guys cell phone and tells her that they need to go to the hotel before the video plays tonight.

Cut to the hotel where they wait for the message on that guys phone. All the mployees look at the phone and wonder why the file has not been sent yet. Chan says, the cell phone is not the only place where videos an be sent.

We then change scenes to the mans office where his secretary asks him if he found his cell phone. The man thinks those guys who came earlier stole it. But there is a problem with the phootage that was on it that might have been erased, but maybe not. The man yells and tellshis secretary to find the phone!

The secretary leaves to do just that and the man relaxes on his chair. His computer screen starts to ripple.

In the hotel, Chan and Man-eol talk about the situation. Man-wol tells Chan that he does not have to worry about it because Mago is going to take care of it. Though she wonders how the situation will be taken care of, mercifully or ruthlessly?

In the office, the man gets a video email. He clicks on it. The video starts to play. From the begining, it is a ghost in the video. The man wonders what this is, he thought it should be another phootage CCTV. He wonders what it is and starts to get creeped out as the ghost starts to approach the screen. 

The man is all like WTF and turns off the computer. He leaves but in his office another computer screen is on with the same ghost on it. He thinks it is a hacker or something. he tries to turn it off, but the woman keeps it on and shows up pretty big in the screen. Then all the computers flicker on with this womans devilish green. The man screems and starts to run away.

But the woman shows up in a window or something and tells him to look at her. He tries not to, but he can’t stop it. The woman tells him that she will kill him as he stuggles against her deathly powers. She starts to raise her hands to choke him and starts to come out of this huge doorlike window-ish computer.

The computer screen cracks and the man starts to run away. the ghost wonders what is going on as she starts to turn to dust. But it is a slow process, very slow and apparently painful. Chan runs to the building and runs through the lobby. Upstairs, we see dark Mago standing next to the woman. She tells her that she is a bad ghost who is hurting humans, she needs to vanish like this.

The ghost screams and her body turns to firey dust and blows away like a melody in the air. Chan gets there right when it is too late. Chan starts to remember what the ghosts sister said. She hopes her sister is happy as a soul without any pain. he grips his fists and looks at dark Mago. Dark Mago looks at him and then walks away.

Chan holds his heart, it hurts. Then he looks toward where the ghost once stood. The dust starts to float up and the outside of the building. man-wol is standing on the rooftop as the dust floats by her. She holds a piece of the dust in her hand and then lets it go float to be with the rest of the particles.

A dark song starts to play as she watches the dust float away.

VO – Why don’t the gods come as the form that humans want?



In the hotel, Sunbi lights a martini for Seo-hee and tells her that this is a drink for the vanquished soul. Seo-hee says that she thinks manager Koo is disappointed. Sunbi thinks he should be, after a few successes this is his first failure. He holds the drink and then hops as he realizes it is so hot.

Seo-hee thinks the drink is hot because Koo really thought about the ghost. He is a good guy, it is shameful to hate him.

Meanwhile, Chan-sung is brooding in his office. HJ comes in smiling to talk to him in that way that he does. He tells Chan-sung that he couldn’t do anything if he was there earlier because the gods already decided what would happen. Chan asks if that can happen to all the ghosts there? HJ says yes, they are all exposed to that possibility. 

Chan asks why they stay here. HJ also died sadly like that ghost. Everyone here is the same. Sunbi and the room manager? HJ smiles but looks like he is sad as he nods.

HJ – Yes, but at least we don’t make trouble. So, don’t worry.

But Chan looks like he is very worried.

In her office, Man-wol writes with an ink pen. She writes that she invites someone to Hotel de Luna. Then signs it as President jang Man-wol.

She gieves this letter to Chan and asks him to send it. Or rather tells him to. He asks what it is, she says it is an invitation. He asks if they are inviting that guy here? Man-wol says they couldn’t serve their customer, but at least we can do what our customer wanted. We can do our best. She smiles knowingly.

In his office, the illagal camera man opens the invitation and remembers Man-wol inviting him. But he thinks this is so scary and throws it away. But the letters float up off the page from the trash and start to drift toward the man as he walks away. They follow him in his car and take residence in his navigation system. The man starts to drive to the hotel as he follows what his navigation says. He does not think anything is amiss as he follows it.

But after following it for awhile, he thinks that the voice is off (it is Manwol’s voice, lol). She tells him to go straight! he does and then he stops the car in front of the Hotel de luna.

The man gets out and wonders what this place is? Hotel de Luna? How did I come here? He looks at the invitation that is now in his hands and starts to walk up the steps to the front door. he goes inside and is greated by Hyun-Joong who tells him that his boss is waiting for him. They ride the elevator upstairs and are greeted by Chan. the man recognizes him.

They tell him that they prepared a room for him. The man thinks that this is actually a real hotel and asks if they hacked his navigation system? Chan takes the invitation that the man is brandishing in front of him and says that he has the invitaiton from his boss, so come this way.

Chan takes him to room 13 and tells him that he told him before that the person looking for him stayed there. You said that no one holds any grudges against you. Do you remember that? the man says that he will check why they are doing this to him and he goes inside.

inside, is the room from the video, exactly. the man recognizes it.

Chan – Do you remember this place?

Man – my old room

Chan – Do you remember what you did here?

The man looks at the hidden camera that is in a tissue box on the fridge. Flashback to him placing it as a college student or something like that as the woman sleeps in his bed. He then hops in bed with her.

In the present, the man asks how his room can be there in this hotel? Chan tells him that this is a place between this world and the other world, where souls stay. But the man says that he should not joke with him about that, nothing like that exists. 

he leaves, but there is a flash of light and he wakes up in his car. he thinks that must have been a dream. But Man-wol is next to him and says that this wasn’t a dream. I invited you to my hotel. You cannot go to my hotel by dreaming, you have to die to get there. The man asks if he is dead? Man-wol says he is not dead, it is that she has questions, that is why she put him in a place between life death.



A train bell starts to ring, the man is on the train tracks as a train is about to cross. The train bar even goes down on the track. the man tries to get out but Man-wol tells him there is no rush. She reminds him about the ghost that visited him and tells him that he killed her. You killed her because you made her naked and put it in the daylight. Everyone was looking at her so she was stabbed and died. Remember.

The train is about to come. The man says that he does not know, he does not know who she is. Man-wol tells him that he did it, so he should know. Try to remember. He says he knows that he did it but he does not know who she is among all those women. manwol looks like she really wants him to die. But as the train comes barreling down at them, it disappears along with Man-wol.

the man opens his eyes and thinks this was a dream too. 

Meanwhile, Chan and Man-wol talk in the video while in the video room. Chan asks if she got the answer. Man-wol says that she tried her best to show how bad he is, but she does not know what the Gods will do.

While on the train track, the man remembers the woman’s name and laughing at her. He thinks that she committed suicide, now he remembers. But he smiles as if he has no remorse. Then he tries to start his car and leave. But his car wont start and his doors won’t open. The train stats to come, for real this time! Dark Mago watches this as the train hits the car and throws it off the tracks.

The news shows that the man is dead. he was under police investigation for illegal porn distribution. The entire company is under investigation. A woman watching thinks that at least gods do exist. 

Elsewhere, Yoona sits with Hyun while at the hospital. She is doing perfectly well now, she just doesn’t want to go to school. He tells her to just say it was a bug following her around. She tells him that he can say that because he does not go to school.

But then we see a woman beeing wheeled by. He asks for her brother and then holds a mans hand behind her. This touches Hyun-joong right in the heart as he watches this woman going by holding her brothers hand.

Yoona says that this old man created this hospital. Kim Yoona’s father knows him so she was introduced to him. The funny thing is that that halabogis name is the same as you, Ji Hyun-joong. Hyun-joong looks at the old woman and the man as if he knows them.

then we get a flashback of him playing with his little sister. It looks like the little sister might be blind? The woman is definitely blind.

Yoona calls Ji Hyun-joongs name becaue he disappeared. The other man turns around so she has to tell him that she did not mean him. Then she wonders why Hyun-joong disappeared.

Back at the hotel, Seo-hee and Sunbi talk about Hyun-joong’s sister and how she should be very old now. But then the two bickering couples show up. It looks like they are headed out together. But they shouldn’t be because they are still upset at each other and the wife still has that young thing on her arm. So they are heading out together but separately. They both huff away from each other.



At the tree place, Flower mago tells Chan that her sister is super angry because he tested the gods. Chan says that he would be happy if she showed up for her guest. But FLower Mago says that if they showed up the way humans want then no one would try hard enough. But she also says that he is doing a good job, the tree is blossoming. Keep taking care of it well so it will live well. it is pretty right?

he thinks back to Man-wol telling him that the sea is pretty and it is sad. In the present, he tells Flower Mago that the tree is pretty, sadly. 

Back in her office, Man-wol interestingly watches the news that talks about the bad guy that died that snuck out cash. it was like 4 million dollars that was buried in his yard. Man-wol smiles and says that is why he asked them if they were reporters of the police, because he has a secret. That stupid guy (the guy that reported it). Why did he report to the police if he found money. He should take it.

Chan says that the guy might have put the sunflower pictures in his office because of that. Man-wol is all like huh? Chan reminds her that she took photos of his photos. But he did not want her to, remember. Flashback to that.

Man-wol drops her spoon and realizes that she missed out on all that money! Noooooo! I should have asked him about that! Ahhhhhhh! My 4 million!!!! Chan has to tell her that that is not her money. But she just lives in her sulk for a little longer as she looks at the photo.

Elsewhere, Sanchez tells Mira that Chan borrowed his yacht to comfort his boss. Mira is all like, huh? Chan-sung when on a yacht to be with his boss? Is he treating her? Sanchez says no, it is just a kind of date.

In the harbor, Chan and Man-wol walk to the boat while she says that she lost 4 million dollars that was righht in front of her. She is not in a mood to ride in someone elses yacht. He reminds her that it was not her money just becuase she took a photo of it. She tells him to shut up, can’t he make her money. He says he will buy her a yacht and then takes a picture of one of the ones around him and tells her, here, it is yours.

She bats the phone away as he says that she should not claim something that is not here. She reminds him that she is a thief, didn’t he see that in her dream? He says that the guy she married looked high class. She is all like, huh? Married? Me? He tells her that he saw her in a red marriage dress. It looked super flashy and expensive so I thought you married someone in a noble family.

She says that she stole someone elses wedding dress and has a flashback to that night, her sword, and blood.

MW – Koo Chan-sung, I was a bad person. I am still bad, but I used to be super duper bad. You can look at me and you will see how bad I was because you can see in me.

They look at each other for a moment. But then he gets a call and answers it.

MW – Huh? Where?

Man-wol turns around and sees Mira waving at them from the other side of the walkway. She looks kind of evil as she walks to them, actually. Though she is smiling.

Flashback to Mira wearing the wedding dress and removing the top to reveal her face. 

Man-wol looks at her with realization and calls Chan-sung’s name. He says hello Mira, but he does not say it with any kind of passion. man-wol continues to look at her walking up, growing more and more sad-angry as she does.

We see a series of flashbacks where it looks like Choeng-myung married Mira and Yeon-woo died. But it is really only flashes and bits. Chan notices that Man-wol looks this way and turns to her in concern.

Fade Out



Good Lord, talk about acting too little too late for that illegal hidden camera pervert and the gods. But I am happy to get this drama comeuppance! Though having him haunted by a few more ghosts would have been nice as well. Or having him enter room 444. I think it was room 444 anyway, you know, the room that humans enter and never leave? I am so curious about that room. Hopefully it isn’t something forgotten about until the final episode because I want to see how many people are in there and what they are up to!

It looks like tomorrow will be on an popping with reveals and horrible pasts that need redemption! I am here for that! We should be able to go through tomorrows episode without stoppage!


Hotel de Luna Episode 8 English translation

CS – Does this hotel still have a secret that I do not know about?

SH – Jang Man-wol will never be able to be set free from this hotel

CS – Lets do all the good things together, it is good to look at things and share things

MW – What I have is hell. the hell we look at together is not so good

Mago – Just let it pass

MW – How can I let that woman go?

CS – Dont’ do it.

MW – Run away Koo Chan-sung

CS – Whatever this is, your fence around you or your jail, I will be with you

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    I think it was Chang Seung who had another of his dreams and realized that the Princess ruined Man Wol’s life in her previous life and it is Mi-Ra. That is why she looked at her like he was concerned.

    • V
      August 4, 2019 / 6:49 am

      Oh! I completely missed that! So he had a moment where he had a waking dream or something similar where he remembered all those things while she was walking up?

  5. Scalene
    August 4, 2019 / 1:17 am

    Thank you so much for doing live recaps for Hotel Del Luna! You are a gift from Mago Sin to us live streamers. Yeah, it was room 404. I think it’s a nod to error 404 not found. 🙂

    • V
      August 4, 2019 / 6:50 am

      OMG, thats hilarious! I didn’t even think about that error 404 not found, thing! So happy to recap this show with everyone!

  6. WPB
    August 4, 2019 / 5:48 pm

    1. Love the IU fashion show. As obvious as it is, I don’t feel they overdoing it.
    2. I didn’t realize Mago #4 is the same actress as the other three Mago. She looks so different (in a mean way).
    3. I love the chemistry between Yoona and Hyan Joon. I am not sure if he considers her as his little sister or more than that. Guess we will see.
    4. V, you are the #1 Mago. 🙂

    • V
      August 5, 2019 / 8:06 am


  7. koko
    August 5, 2019 / 2:32 am

    do you know what is the ‘dark song’ called as IU watches the dust flow away? >_<
    thanks for the recap!

    • Anonymous
      August 5, 2019 / 11:25 am

      Done for Me by Punch

    • Grace
      August 5, 2019 / 11:25 am

      Done for Me by Punch

      • V
        August 7, 2019 / 1:11 pm

        Thank you, Grace!

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