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Hotel del Luna: Episode 6 Live Recap

Hotel de Luna episode 6 recap
Korean drama Hotel de Luna, courtesy tvN

Gem, I love your theory about the wedding flashback! The back story of Man-wol is intriguing me to no end. What happened in the past to put her in a hotel for 1000 years? I feel like I need to rewatch the opening of episode 1 to get some hints.

We might be starting a bit late today due to a late start (we slept in, ack!). But we will get started as soon as we get thing together over here. Hopefully not too late, we might actually start on time as well. I’m thinking about ten minutes after the hour!

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We open on the subway. Chan is standing and waiting for it, but he is thinking of Man-wol.

MW – Koo Chan-sung, when you send me off, don’t be too lonely. Take care of me well and send me off well, taking gods will.

She walked away from him, but he held her arm.

MW – What are you doing? Do you want to send me off now? Don’t worry, do you think I will send you off so nicely? I will give you such a hard time that, when I leave, you will be so happy and smiling.

She walked off.

But Chan was left with all his thoughts. In the subway, he got onto the train and stopped to look at a homeless person who was curled up on the train. But no one else seemed to care about him. Then Chan realizes that this homeless person has a huge hole in his head. So Chan sits next to him and tells him not to do this on the subway.

But the ghost is all drun and starts to fight with Chan so Chan has to hop up and try to talk sense into him. All the other people on the train think he is a crazy person. Chan is able to get the ghost to follow him to a street shop where he buys him something to eat.

But then the celebrity of the moment, the super duper one bite eating champion, buys something from this store. So everyone starts to dote on this man and the ghost even wants to follow him around. Chan is a bit clueless about it though he knows that this man is famous. He remembers that Man-wol likes him.

Cut to Manwol watching the TV show back at the hotel. Seo-hee comes up to her and tells her that the #4 pick asked to be an intern. Manwol is okay with that. Then she tells her that Chan took a half day off. Seo-hee asks if she would like to eat what is on the TV? Should I ask the intern to get it? Man-wol says it is okay. She walks to her desk and sees her earrings. It looks like the match is there. She remembers that Chan asked for two leaves if he found it.

This brings a smile to Man-wol’s face. She calls Sanchez to ask him about Man-wol. She is happily walking to all her cars in order to drive there to Sanchez’s. But Sanchez says that Chan-sung will be late today because Chan’s girlfriend is coming.

Man-wol suddenly appears at Sanchez’s place and asks about the girlfriend but then she asks why he would tell her that, ha ha, I don’t care, haha. But he says he will tell her so she says okay she will listen and asks if she is pretty? Really pretty? Sanchez says yes. Man-wol smiles and tells Sanchez that Man-wol does not know anything, is she like me, ha ha, stupid Sanchez. She is like me?

Sanchez says that she is very pretty, he will go get the picture. He happily walks off to get it, Man-wol is super upset and is about to kill Sanchez, she says, Sanchez, if this picture is really pretty then you are dead.

But when Sanchez comes out, Man-wol is gone.



Cut to Mago standing in front of the tree at the hotel.

Mago – The fate from a long time ago is connected again. Hopefully, he takes care of her well so that she won’t get hurt.

The camera fades away to show Mago looking at the tree.

outside somewhere, Chan sees a lot of students looking at a restaurant. he asks them if they are filming One Bite here? The kids are all like, ah, are you trying to get a signature alos? Chan says that his friend is a friend, actually his boss. The kids are all like, yeah, my brother and my mom and my father are fans too! 

But it looks like Chan feels silly to get the signature so he walks away. He thinks he should have gotten the signature though, Man-wol would have liked it. That is when he walks right into her, she was waiting for him, lol. He tells her that he saw the person with a slim face and prettier than normal, but it sounds like he is talking about his ex-girlfriend. Man-wol is so annoyed. She says that she wants to eat Juk-Koo-mi. She awnts to eat Jukoomi, she is only here for Jukoomi! 

He asks if she wants to eat it dressed like that? man-wol says yes! I I am wearing the earrings I bought to eat Jukkoomi! Chan smiles and asks if she would like to go to the west side? Man-wol is all like, um, okay this sounds good. He says they can leave, but don’t you want to see Kim Joon-young? He is filming over there.

She is super shocked, he is filming over there! She takes off to see him. But it looks like she is too late and sulks about how much soup he ate. Chan tells her that she is sitting in his seat so be happy. She asks him to do one bite and drink the entire soup with kimchi. Chan tells her not to over estimate him. He will enjoy this soup with many many bites. He starts to talk about how this restaurants business with go up since Kim Joonyoung is here.

But Man-wol sees a baby and says that this house will be lucky even without Kim Joon-young. That baby accumulated a lot of luck from her previous life and brought it all here. Places with babies like that will provide a lot of luck. Chan asks if people with good life are born with lukc, then what about the opposite? She says they will be born an animal or dog or poor or something like that. Chan asks how she will be reborn?

Man-wol gives him a look and asks why he is giving her a look like that. He says that he just worries about her. They start to have spit fire back and forth. She says that she repayed all her sins after running the hotel for 1000 years. He says that doesnot mean that youa re nice to the guests. Se asks what she did. He says that she ignores them and gets her money and buys her own drinks! She says she does not have to care about it. But he says that he cares about it! He does not want her to be born as a pig and see her as Kookbap (a type of pig soup). So live a good life!

Man-wol grummbles that she lost her appetite. Chan says that he saw a homeless ghost and brought him here, but since she is there can you take him with you nicely? She sighs and tells him not to talk to ghosts he sees, they might be a bad ghost. He asks if ghosts roaming around become bad ghosts? She explains that if a ghost kills a human then they become bad. They start to eat all the souls of humans. If a reaper sees them then they will not be able to be reborn again as good luck or an animal, they just disappear.



Back at the hotel, the repear is looking at the cabinet in room 13 and asks Sunbi and Seo-hee why they did not tell him that this ghost ran away? Sunbi says that it was do to their human managers mistake, but she ran away so what can we do? The ghost has so much grudge to humans. The repear says that he will have the hotel take responsibility if this ghost does something wrong. he storms out.

Sunbi and Seo-hee wonder what will happen. If this ghost becomes a bad ghost then what will happen? This could be bad. They hope she comes back.

In a company, a man is working late and gets a message about a new product that just came in. It looks like this is an illegal video that shows hidden camera images of women at hotels and things. So he settles in to look at this one woman. But this woman zooms in to the camera and asks if he likes it? Do you like it? She keeps asking that and then turns into the ghost and start to come through the TV at him like this is The Ring. She pokes her fingers into his eyes and he starts to scream. 

Cut to him splayed on the floor, his eyes all red. She goes back to the video image and the screen cuts to black.

meanwhile at school, Yoo-na asks Hyun-joong if he is going to pick her up tonight? But he is not responding. Then we see that some other girls are about to throw a milk carton at her. But then, they start to hear Katalk, but none of them have it on. They start to run away thinking it is a ghost. But it is actually Hyun-joong, he recieved all the messages and looks at the girls running away. he mutters that Yoo-na is really not liked at school.

he talks to her in a piano room about her new body and all those things. The girl says that the person who had her body was a very bad person so she does not mind that she is hated. She also really does not school. Hyun-joong says he loved school. Their butler always went to see him because he was always at school. It seems like Hyun-joong was very rich in the past. He had a good relationship between his butler and nanny and driver.

Yoona says that he should have been a young master when he was born. He says all their spoons were silver in their house. Yoona wonders if he is sad because he was rich and had silver spoons but did nto have a long life. he thinks for a moment and thinks that this is his grudge. He wanted to go to school but he can’t, so you should work hard at it. This is a good school with a good uniform and a nice piano. It is better than the one I had.

She goes closer to him and asks if he played piano as a young master? She sits to listen to him and asks him to play. He says he forgot everything, but she asks him to play. However, several mean girls come in and asks who she is talking to. Yoona says that she is just practicing the piano.

So they tell her to play, you are good at the piano, Kom Yoona. So Yoona starts to try and play something but she can’t really fake her way through this. So she is about to give up without having tried. But then Hyun-joong puts his hands on the keys with her and starts to play so that she can finger along. He starts to play a nice song. 

The girls scoff and leave.

Yoona tells young master that he did not forget, he is really good. He says yes, he can’t forget it. Then he is sent into a flashback with his little sister where they are riding on his bike together happily, She is a lot younger than him, maybe like 6 or 7 years old. It is a really happy moment as he rides the bike along their estate and the workers all wave at them.

In the present, Yoona sees a tear on her hand and Hyun-joong is gone.



In the hotel. Sunbi and Seo-hee look at the tree and talk about who should take care of Yoona. Sunbi thinks he is the oldest so he should do it, not the young Hyun-joong. Seo-hee tells him that his old fashioned confuscious thing is too old, Hyun-joong is better with his more modern study. they then start to talk about how Hyun-joong has a grudge as well, even though his heart is with the manager, he will not be on the managers side. 

The leaves start to shake on the tree so the two think that maybe the boss is angy right now. They mention that the manager is with the boss. They wonder if the leaves will all fall because Chan-sung is making her so angry.

In the garage, Man-wol looks so sulky and angry as Chan walks around and tells her that they should sell all these cars. You dont’ even drive them all. She says they are decoration, they decorate my garage. Imagine if I only have three cars in this big space? How sad would that be? Chan tells her that there is only one driver and yet they have this big parking garage, that is nonsense. he thinks it would be better to use this space for the guests and put the garage in a wharehouse with only three cars.

She asks why he is doing this to her. Why do you want to see my cars! He explains thta her financials are so bad, they are bankrupt doing these things! Cut to his office that has piles and piles of paperwork everywhere. He tells her that they will not be able to pay next months credit card bills at this rate. He hasn’t been able to sell the painting. The gold bars they got from Yoona’s parents where used to buy her newest car. She has to give back her Black Card. he does not want her to be a dog or pig (animal)! So don’t waste money, save money!

he starts to put a lot of paperwork away. She tells him that there is nothing to lose, I am like a chicken. If I am born as a chicken noodle then I will just greet you. I am more delicious if you eat with fresh kimchi, for real. He tells her that if they do not sell the car to pay the debt, then next month they will not have any money to buy instant chicken noodles. he storms out.

She wonders if she will be poor again? Oh no. Hey, Koo Chan-sung, are you lying to me? Hey, Chan-sung!



Cut to Chan-sung talking with the other three main employees who talk about how man-wol wasn’t always rich. When they joined the hotel, the hotel was so poor. They did not have a human manager and their boss had a hard time. Cut to the war with Man-wol and the three main guys sitting outside the hotel looking broke and dirty. But they say that their newest employee can speak English. Hyun-joong stands up and says “Thank you very much, give me chocolate please” he smiles. Man-wol tells him he is good, you can stay.

In the present, the employees talk about being more frugal maybe? But Sunbi thinks that he will be fired. Chan says he can take care of the money things, but perhaps the hotel can be poor. Sunbi says that during the war, so many poeple die and have grudges so they didn’t even come here and the other side opened their gates straight away so no one came to our hotel.

Seohee pats Sunbi on the shoulder and says that they went through hard times. Sunbi says that they all had a hard time, so until we resolve out grudge, lets keep this hotel fighting! Lol, so nothing is solved. Chan does not look happy.

Cut to a King and The Crowned Clown music, this is exactly the same scene as the Crowned Clown, lol. This music is taking me back! The King knows that someone is there outside and asks who is there! Go away! but he starts to cough.

The director comes in and tells him that he is the King, his voice should be deeper. You have to have your dignity okay. The director is even female and they even have an old man as the enoch, lol. It was the same NG scene that happened before in the crowned clown. This is so funny.

So, later on, the King actor starts to practice making his voice deeper, outside on the steps. But creepy things start to happen. Then a voice asks, who are you? It is a person wearing the same clothing as this actor King. This other King says, “How dare you”

The actor King looks up and asks who he is. The King yells, How dare you! which makes the actor King yelp and pass out. Everyone runs to his side to see how he is.

In the past, the King mutters that no one hears him. So he goes to the hotel. Hyun-joong greets him and then points at him as he realizes that he is a King. All the guests start to run around and fix their outfits because they have a VIP in the hotel. Seo-hee tells this to Chan as well.

The employees line up respectfully to greet the King as the King walks into the lobby of the hotel. Chan is clueless and wonders who this person is.

**ack, computer problems, we are missing about 5 minutes with spottiness**

Sunbi talks to Seo-hee about how he prepared the Kings toilet (like port a potty). he thinks he wont use it but still, he served the King. If he dies now then he won’t have any grudges. Well, it was a figure of speach since he is already dead, but you know.

man-wol tells the employees not to take any other guests right now because they have a VIP guest. But Chan tells her not to discriminate against the other guests! What kind of King was he? Some Kings were bad. Man-wol looks like that is a good point, but she says that he did not have bad energy. They start to banter back and forth about Kings. Chan says that he has greeted a King and talks about the King to Saudi Arabia. Man-wol basically tells him to stop bragging about that and walks off, but she also tells him to sel the painting, don’t come back to work unless you do!

Later, Sunbi and Seohee talk about the King. His name is Lee Hyun (from the Crowned Clown, lol). They start to try and figure out which King this is. They start to talk about the TV show that is on now that is a fusion sageuk story. Hyun-joong googles it and sees the TV show. So they start to talk about the TV show and how this is a fusion traditional drama. man-wol is all like WHAT? (But she says “Mayya!” which is what noble woman used to say for “how dare you”)




Seo-hee, man-wol, and Sunbi sit to look at a powerpoint about the TV show. This TV show is switched to have the Queen with the body double instead of the King. The King is actually an actor, he had small roles, his first main role was as the King Lee Hyun. But he died before filming and died.

Man-wol starts to brood and says that this is  not a real King, just an actor who is pretending to be a King as an actor? Sunbi thinks this guy was so much like a King. Seo-hee thinks that this guy thinks he is really a King because he was so into his acting role. Man-wol starts to laugh and says that this is so embarrassing. So, after tomorrow be sure to send him off in a bus. She hides her face in embarrassment.

man-wol walks out and tries to ignore Chan who is all to happy to mention that this King is not a real King. She should have checked it out as soon as he raised the question, so he made a good decision to not send the guests away. That King had a little scar on his face, that is impossible for a King from joseon. They start to talk about King and Queens in a back nd forth banter. He tells her that she said she felt the ghosts energy, but seh got faked out by an actor. 

Manwol says it is because he put all his soul in his acting! Dont’ you know that kind of acting! He wanted to play that role so much so he became the King after his death! Don’t you know anything about that crazy acting! Are you that smart! Chan says that he is just saying that he knew he wasn’t a real King. Man-wol tells him that as a hotelier, you should treat guests as Kings if they say they are Kings! Fusion sageuk or whatever! Our guests are all Kings!

She storms off. Chan is left thinking that Man-wol never took guests as Kings before.

Meanwhile, Chan and Hyun-joong look at the actor King looking off somewhere. It looks like this King was a good actor but the new actor is not good. Chan thinks that this King actor should show all his effort in his role (lol, like he did in The Crowned Clown). But then he realizes something and goes to Manwol to apologize. They should treat all the guests as Kings. They should also realize his dream as a hotelier. If they want to be the King then they should make him a King even if it is a fusion historical drama. He pints to the sky in assurance and smiles



Cut to the set of the TV show. Sanchez helped them out by providing a truck to the set where everyone can eat something. manwol uses her fan to fan herself and tells Chan to just let the ghost look around the filming set. Chan says tha tthis is what the guest wants, so just stay by the food truck and I will get the filming locations.

Lol, so Man-wol is staff for the food truck. The  Queen actor comes up and asks for food for her staff. But she asks for it like a queen. Manwol has to set her straight and tells them that they need to come there to get it. Manwol is so annoyed, lol.

So she walks off and overhears the actor talking to his management on the phone and say that he won’t be in the show for the last two weeks. Just tell them that he has a big injury. He does not care about the money, just kill me on TV, tell them that I am dead. Manwol thinks that is great, he wont be on TV but he can still collect his guarantee money, ah.

Chan comes back to the food truck where Man-wol looks so mischievous. She tells Chan that they should show them what it really is like acting in one scene. She smiles.

Then we see the living actor King practicing his lines, he thinks he is so bad. But then he sees the queen walking off and runs after her to practice. The director is always so angry at him for his scenes. But the Queen turns around, it is Man-wol. She tells him to look at her straight, my King.

he looks at her, and then the ghost actor King walks into his body. Now the ghost will have a chance to act out his part. He straightens his back and talks to his Queen (aka Man-wol). She tells him that he is the King of the country. He says yes, I am Lee Hyun, the King of this country. Cut to the acting scene.

*Spotty internet right here, we missed this acting part but I’m sure he was amazingly great!*

IU tells teh acting King that they need to negotiate the guarantee. The actor tells her that she knew everything so take the money! How much? In the end it is $480,000. He tells her to take it all, he does not care. Chan just looks on, disapprovingly.

Back at the hotel, Chan tells her that she can take the money because the ghost also agreed. Man-wol leans in and says that she did not know that the actors guarantee was so high, do you want to act? He says no, he is not good at those things. She agrees and says his looks look like he can’t act. Then she starts to talk about how he said they didn’t have any money for chicken noodle soup. Did you like to me about that?

He says it is true that they did not have any money for jookoomi (spicy calamari). We did not eat that because of him so it is all his fault. She says that he apologizes quickly sos he will fogive him. Then Chan tells her that they should go to the west sea and eat jookoomi.

She becomes sarcastic about him, he says he is not that great as a hotelier and should not share personal feelings with guests. She asks what they shared? He says that he has two now, so he can’t ignore it. She tells him that she had too much champaign tonight, tomorrow they can go to Jookoomi. But Man-wol tells him that he does not have to go there because they have an intern.



Cut to Chan-sung talking to the intern while at a restaurant. She tells him that he can quit at any time because she can do all the work. he tells her to study as a student. Study hard. She says that she is going to study hard because of someone who told her to who can’t himself. She also says that she will head out to meet someone. She leaves and thanks Sanchez for the meal.

Then we see Mira come inside to meet with Chan, Sanchez tells her that he is isnide. Yoona looks in through the window and sees that this is not his friend, this is his girlfriend. Mira tells Chan that it is nice to see him.

In the hotel. Man-wol walks out looking amazing in all white with a huge silk white hat. Hyun-joong tells her that she looks great and where she is going. She says that seh is going to the sea. This sea is the real sea. But Hyun-joong says that Manager Koo is with his girlfriend, he heard that. He thinks manager Koo shuold hang out with humans more. Man-wol is a bit saddened and upset by this. She says she will rest, she won’t go to the sea after all. (she might have also said to empty out the hotel sea as well).

In the cafe, Chan and Mira talk. he mentions that she is in debt and owes him money, 5000. So pay me, I was about to sue you. She tells him that he liked her so much, so he won’t sue her. He says that he liked her until he gave her 5,000 when she said her family had a hard time. That is the point. She tells him to remember how much he liked her. He says he will add inerest to the amount she owes him. She says that he still likes her.

She starts to add hot sauce to her food, he tells her not to put too much. She smiles and says he is still the same. But then Chan sees the comedian walking by outside, or someone that looks like him, so he runs to get him and is able to stop him. The man turns around and it is indeed the comedian! he smiles at Chan who looks stunned.




Chan asks for the comedian’s autograph. He says okay so the comedian signs on his back. Chan says this is for his friend Man-wol who is a big fan. he asks asks to take a photo together because his friend is suspicious, so they take a photo together. Later on, Chan is about to call Man-wol but Man-wol calls him.

He says he was about to call her, he saw someone. She tells him not to come and also says that she does nto care about the sea. She hangs up.

Chan looks at the signature that says Jang Man-wol, I love you, and has his signature.

In the hotel, Manwol is sitting with her tree, she takes off her earrings.

The music starts to play as she sits there infront of her tree. Then we see a firefly buzzing around the tree. The firefly also buzzes around the past where Man-wol sits by the water. Her boy friend person walks up to sit next to her. She asks how he knows this place? he says he asked Yeon-woo, she should have told her older brother about this place though. She says it is a good place to drink alone, so go away.

he sees the firefly and lightly grabs it, then he lets go of it in front of Man-wol. They watch it flying around along with all the other fireflies. They happily watch this for a moment.

CM – Do you realize that this is a lot nicer scenery than before?

MW – Fireflies are fireflies

CM – it is different, before, it was alone. Now we are together, here. Every scenery you see will be different with me from now on. You wont be happy to drink alone anymore. You will always look for me to come all of a sudden, like today.

She looks at him, hesitantly, and then looks back at the view in front of them.

In the present, Man-wol sits alone at her seat by the tree. She takes a few deep breaths as she gets a grip and then walks off.

But, on the tree, we see a small flower blossom.

Mago sisters at home:

Mago – The tree I grew at Moon’s tavern was all dry, but now it is prettier

Mago – the guy you sent has taken care fo it well

Mago – It could be bad

Mago – The love could be good, it is difficult to connect

Mago – All, it is messed up again. So difficult.

Elsewhere, the high school kid is sitting at Subway or Quiznos or somewhere when she feels something strange going on with a man looking at his cell phone. The man leaves to go look at this video that is the same innapropriate hidden camera video. The ghost rips through the screen once again and the man is left with red eyes.

In the hotel, Seo-hee and Sunbi don’t let anyone onto the beach while Man-wol sits there alone enjoying it. She is still wearing her white outfit. She calls someone and asks why it is so bright, it is 6pm. Then we see that the sun comes down to a more appropriate position in the sky.

But then Chan shows up to sit with him and asks why she is there, you said you did not want to come to the see with me.

MW – it is just funny

Chan – funny? You change your mind all the time

MW – Why are you here?

Chan – I did something stupid, but in case you really laugh at me, I can’t tell you.

MW – What is that?

Chan – Don’t laugh at me.

MW – I am not in a mood to laugh at you, so what is it?

He pulls out the signature

To jang Man-wol, I love you.

Chan – you dont like it?

MW – Jang Man-wol I love you….are you confessing?

Chan – Not me! Kim Joon Hyung!

MW – Really!

Chan – I saw him on the street and caught up to him, I thought you might like it. DO you not like it?

MW – i like it….I like it a lot.

Chan – I thought you would like it. It was so embarrassing asking him for a signature. Well, it is good to stay here and not drive for a long time. Even though we dont’ have calamari.

MW – it is okay, because you are here.

he looks over and smiled in that clueless way he does.

Chan – The sea is so pretty.

MW – Isn’t it, it is so sad.

he looks at her.

MW – I just became a little sad. Because the sea I see now is prettier than the sea I saw before.

their music starts to play as they look at each other. They share a moment looking at each other as the scene fades away.

Fade Out



I love that the love is blossoming! This show is so breazy as well as hilarious with all the meta references. We’re enjoying it.


English translation for episode 7 preview of Hotel de Luna

MW – you look into me. You will gradually know how bad I was.

CS – you shuoldnt’ do this here!

MW – Just let him go! Kill as much as you like, just pick.

MW – Girlfriend

MW – I invited you to the hotel. Dreaming won’t make you come here, you can come her when you are dead

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  1. Blueyy
    July 28, 2019 / 5:19 pm

    In love with this drama! Thank you so much for the recaps <3 I'm also loving the relationship between MW and CS all the subtle hints and looks are just beautifully acted!

    I have a feeling like CS might be the the scholar/husband guy that we saw in EP5 flashback with MW in wedding attire because the drama is making it seem like hes the captain but I think theyll swerve that twist!! Really excited!! Its literally like what someone said that it feels like the Reply series where instead of finding the husband were trying to find out what CS link is 😂 totally loving it!!

    • V
      July 30, 2019 / 10:28 am

      Oh, I didn’t think about that link, good catch!

  2. WPB
    July 29, 2019 / 10:58 pm

    Thank you! Just so much hard work you put in to live cap this.
    While I am excited to see their relationship grows, I am concerned about the consequences of the escape of the guest in room 13. I would like to see more story of our intern and what role she will play in the series.

    • V
      July 30, 2019 / 10:30 am

      So much work! But fun work 🙂 Hopefully we can pick up a couple more shows during the weekday! I also want to see what the spooky guest from room 13 is doing and how this internet video stuff is going to impact the city! The intern is so adorable with the bellhop. His story seems so tragic with wanting to see his sister again. I cannot wait for the reunion.

  3. WPB
    July 31, 2019 / 4:04 am

    They let the guest in room 13 loose and before long it would get more and bigger problems and there will be consequences MW and CS have to face and solve.
    I am curious how much longer can Sanchez be kept in the sun (I meant in the dark😁). Will he be stopping guy the hotel one day (not as their guest I hope).
    I like the intern, too. The actress was in “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter”. Super cute in that one, too.

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