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Hotel del Luna: Episode 5 Live Recap

Korean Drama Hotel de Luna, courtesy tvN

Alright, alright, alright! We are going to try and do the darn thing live! We should be able to get at least a bit of it done before we have to run to a prior engagement we have Saturday mornings. We are shooting to have about 30 minutes recapped and then finish up the rest in the afternoon.

We left off last with that super creepy nightmare about to leave the wardrobe and reign all sorts of insanity on Chan-sung. He is saved with a kiss by Man-wol who prevented him from looking at the beast. They should still be in that embrace at the beginning of this episode, so I am excited to see what transpires!

Also, they released all the Hotel de Luna portraits of Man-wol standing in front of the Hotel through the years! I might have to use these as my intro image for the rest of this show because I love them! Though they don’t include Chan-sung so I might have to rethink that in the future. But I will at least use one today, and now that I’m thinking about it, I could probably just make a post with all of them in one spot ^_^ .

The OST for Hotel de Luna can be found HERE!

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Chan-sung walks up to the wardrobe that is just cracked open. The amazinglyc reepy ghost looks out with a bright smile and stars inching the door open. But then Man-sol calls his name so Chan-sung turns. She tells him not to look at it, don’t even breath. He is all sorts of confused and said he heard a sound, he is about to turn back around just as this monstrous ghost starts floating her destruction out. But Mansol pulls him back to a kiss.

They share a kiss that gets all his attention on her. She stops kissing him and tells him that the guest here will drive him crazy, don’t look back, when the door opens, just run away. The door opens so Chan takes off running and the ghost hops out and runs after him on all fours. Chan gets to the door and shuts it, eep, hopefully his eyes where closed. 

Inside, the ghost hits the door over and over again. Chan keeps it closed. Man-wol apologizes to the ghost and tells her that she cannot leave. The ghost starts going all crazy on the wall and lifts herself several feet above it. Man-seol tells her that she was in the closet for a long time, does she still hate humans? You are my guest, so I will not put you back into the closet by force, can you just go inside on your own?

Chan starts to run to the next door. This cooridoor is hella long though. the ghost goes back into the closet but smiles and tarts to say Koo Chan-sung over and over again. This makes Chan stop running and look back. Inside the room, Man-seol tells the ghost that her Chan is so timid, even if you call him over and over again, he will not come back.

But then the door opens, it is Chan. The ghost lunges and hops over Man-wol. Chan gets to her and pulls her into a hug. the ghost keeps going and bursts out the door looking all kinds of creepy.

Sunbi and Seo-hee see the ghost hop out and looks so hilariously scared. Sunbi wonders if this was Chan running away? Seohee says that with one eye open, she saw that it was the guest in room 13. They both sigh and think that this is big trouble.

Back inside room 13, Chan is still holding IU very tightly. She tells him that the ghost is gone so he can let go. He lets go, but he looks a bit scared. She asks if he saw it? He says a little bit. She holds his face and asks if he is crazy now? He is speaking in banmal all of a sudden and asks if she is okay? Are you okay? But then he smiles and says he was joking, I am okay.

he asks if it is really true? If I see this ghost I will go crazy? I thought you were threatening me. She tells him that this is true. You glimpsed at it so that is why you are only a bit scared. IF you saw it properly you would be super crazy. Chan gets super scared and hides behind Manwol. Is the ghost still around?! She just tsks and says that she did not expect this timid guy to storm back in wildly, tsk tsk. She turns to leave, but smiles as she walks away.

he runs after her and asks who this timid guy is? Is it about me? Are you saying I am wimpy? Now you know you stupid! I went to Harvard MBA, this is the first time someone has called me stupid! Well, now you know. That is word violence! There is the ghost. Ah! See, now you know. She walks off with a smile.




Chan-sung talks to Sunbi and Seo-hee. They both say that they are glad that he is okay and are a bit embarrassed about what happened. They both pretend that they should have taken care of things better, Seo-hee, you should have taken care of the room better! She just sighs. Chan tells them that he is okay.

Chan walks away. Sunbi tells Seo-hee that he played it off well. He will never think that we did it. But Seo-hee says that Sunbi practically put up a banister on his head that said that they did it on purpose. They think Chan is a bit dumb, but they think that with #4 pick, they will recognize things.

Cut to the high school student who is being picked up by Hyun-joon while in school. She stops at the door to the classroom as Hyun-joon waves at her. Then she sighs and walks away. Soe girls start to say that they heard that this girl has the ghost of the other girl in her. If you call the other girls name then she turns around!

They go outside and do just that. She turns around and then realizes that she should not have. But it is too late, she is about to trip on the steps. But Hyun-joon catches her which makes her look like she awkwardly and otherworldy stopped on the steps right before falling down them. Then he pull sher back into a bit of a dip. It all looks so strange to the girls who run away thinking that paranomal stuff is happening.

Yoona walks away and tells Hyun-joon that she heard ghosts can’t hold humans. He says he is not a regular kind of ghost. So she sighs and pulls out a cross and tells him that she has talismen and all that stuff. But he smiles and says that he is not the kind of ghost thta you can excorcise with religion. I can legally stay here, I have a job and a place I belong to.

She is all like, F-you, ghosts don’t have jobs. But he says that he works for hotel de luna. You know my boss, she helped you get into that body. You are our precious #4 pick. A precious #4 pick for our manager. We have a little problem for our #3 pick so I came here to pick you up.

She says that she does not know what is going on, but it seems like you need me. He pulls out his cell phone so she is all like, how do you have a phone? He starts to explain that he has one and they have good wifi at this school. Then he reads a text from Sunbi who says that #3 is safe, he can go back now. So he tells Yoona that he does not need her now. She is all like, really? He smiles and says he might be back so take care of yourself (or something similar). Cute music plays.

She tells him to stop and to give her his phone number so they can Katalk. He says he has never done that with a human. She feels slighted and starts to walk away. But then she gets a text from him on Katalk that says, “okay friend” she smiles and thinks to herself that Hotel de Luna sounds fun.


At the hotel, Hyun-joon starts to hug all up on Chan and is so happy that he is not crazy. Chan is all like, why does everyone think I will be crazy after leaving that room? Hyun tells him that it doesn’t matter since he is not crazy now.

But upstairs we see that Sunbi, Seo-hee, and Man-wol are sitting in a conference room looking at a powerpoint about other ways to get rid of Chan. They can send him to another ghost or they can use a ghost with a grudge that will give him a heart attach. If they arrange it well then no one will know. Man-wol tells them to stop, Chan will stay here.

Seo-hee thinks that the tree might keep changing, they need to kick Chan out. But Man-wol says that Mago did it, so kicking out one human will not change much. They wonder what will happen if the tree flowers? Manwol smirks and says they will see. If it flowers then she will cross the river herself.

She walks away from the meeting. Sunbi and Seo-hee wonder if Manwol changed her mind and decided to go to the other side? Seo-hee thinks that is not the case. Whatever you do, the flower won’t ever blossom. Sunbi says that if she is that confident then they should never have put him in room 13, sigh, she changes her mind all the time. Seo-hee thinks it happened so she is glad that koo chang-sung does not read things well. If he knows that we put him there on purpose then it would be so awkward to see him.



Cut to Chan angrily telling Man-wol that she put him in that room on purpose, right! To go die or go crazy! She sighs and tells him thta he did not go crazy so they are all dissapointed that he is normal. Chan can’t believe that she can do something like that. He thought they were all coworkers so he decided to like them. This is so ostracizing at work. Manwol asks if that is why he came to talk to his boss about it? You always ask questions after knowing something, you strange guy.

But then she notices that her earring is missing and asks Chan to look for it. He sees it by his foot and pushes it under the desk secretly as she searches for it. Manwol tells him to let it go, they are just jealous because you are the only one alive here. He says he is not stupid, why did you do it? She tells him that the tree changed while he was here, so they are afraid that they will have to leave. He sighs and asks why she rescued him. This entire conversation is playful.

MW – That was my plan, but one leaf bothered me.

CS – This one? *he pulls it out*

MW – That’s it, you bothered my heart only that much.

CS – So I have this much of your heart?

MW – Again and again, you ask questions after knowing so much. Does Harvard teach you that?

CS – that is Socrates way, Harvard taught me.

MW – This is not Harvard classroom, just find my earring.

CS – if I find it, can I be two leaves?

MW – DOnt’ find it, if you find it then I will kill you

CS – You say to find it and then not find it, your heart is all twisted, if you take advantage of ghosts then everyone becomes like that

MW – No! I am always like this.

CS – You were a nice person in your dream

MW – Was I?

CS – Yes, you were nice to that guy, Yeon-woo

The mood changes.

MW – You saw Yeon-woo also?

Flashback to Yeon-woo.

CS – You were saying his name so much, after waking up, I remembered that name.

MW – SO you think you are yeon-woo too?

CS – I thought about that possibility

MW – Yeon-woo was the one that loved me the most out of everyone in the world. Koo Chan-sung, do you love me?

They both look at each other for a long moment.

CS – Well….definitely, no.

MW – Leave.

Solemn, longing music starts to play as Man-wol walks away to her room to think about Yeon-woo. She says his name to herself and is sent into a memory.

She is standing by the tree when Yeon-woo calls her name and walks up. He says that he will build the biggest house with this tree. She tells him no thank you, I am not planning on living in a house with you. She smiles. He tells her that she will get old soon. We cannot just roam around forever. I don’t want you to sleep in a tent as a grandma. She tells him that they will die at any time. She does not expect to live as long as a grandma.

he says that the fortune teller told him that he will live long, as long as this tree. I can live for 100 years, I will give you all of that. She asks if he will give her everything? He says he is okay to die for her, he can give her everything. They both smile and start to laugh, then they look at the tree happily.



Manwol thinks about all of this in her room while Chan stands in her office looking at the door to her room. But he walks off soon after.

Meanwhile, someone is preparing a body for a funeral. They take a bit of her nail and a bit of hair as two people look on. The two poeple might be the parents? The shaman like person tells these other people that the hair and nails will find her human husband to be. 

The two people put the hair and nails on a lantern that they send out over the Han river. The man tells them that whoever picks up this pouch will be the soulmate of their daughter. The parents hope that a good person picks this up. But the ghost is standing behind them and tells them that she does not want to marry a stranger. She runs off, maybe to find that lantern.

In the hotel, Chan-sung is about to go home and runs into Seo-hee. They talk about how he is going home early. he will try to do the best for their guests though. Seo-hee asks if he changed his heart? She thought he hated their hotel. He says that he changed his heart, he looks likea  person that is easy to take advantage of so if you do well to me then I will repay you 100 times more. So, please be nice to me. He smiles and walks away.

Sunbi and Seohee think that it looks like he might have to figured it out. She thinks that what Chan-sung said is threatening them. Mago didn’t give us an easy guy.

Chan head out the elevator and sees the bride ghost walking up. She looks exausted. He asks if she is looking for a hotel? She asks him to help her and collapses in his arms.

Cut to the inside where Man-wol tells him that this is not the front of the hotel! The ghost bride is passed out on his arm. Man-wol tells him that all ghosts have their stories! Hey guest, you should not do this to my employee! She tries to snap her awake. Chan tells her that she is tired and then tells her that this ghost does not want to get married to someone she does not know and affect a living person.

manwol asks if this is an afterdeath marriage? That is for your family members, why dont’ you just do it and leave. First, go to your room and rest, we have a waiting room in your hotel. If you pay for it then we can have a ceremony also. Think about it.

Chan sighs and then tells the bride that they should go upstairs. She stand and kind of collapses again. Man-wol scoffs. Chan ends up picking up the ghost and carrying her out. man-wol is so annoyed and says that Chan has the strength to carry her? You brought me that cabbage carrier. She plops back on her couch and thinks about the after death marriage.




Man-wol opens a door to a suite that looks like it might be used for weddings. Seo-hee follows her in. Man-wol tells Seo-hee that this ghost bride guest was wearing very expensive clothing, so she must be from a very wealthy family. e have to have all the other sets, the jewelry sets and shoes and, so much to buy. Smiles. Chan-sung should get the price for the baekdu mountain painting soon.

She happily twirls and starts walking around the room.

Meanwhile, Chan makes himself a nescape coffee at home while Sanchez stretches at the opening to the ourtyard. Chan brings out his drink to him and they drink together. Chan talks about how there is someone that he wants to see in his dream, the ex-boyfriend of a girl he knows, but maybe boyfriends? He isn’t sure.

Sanchez tells him that he got a phone call from Man-wol. He picked it up while the phone was rigning. So Man-wol asked me to ask you when you would have the money for the baekju painting. Chan almost spits up all his drink and asks if Sanchez actually called Man-wol, Manwol? Sanchez says that she calls him Sanchez, not oppa. We are friends on SNS as well. She is nice and has good manners, maybe because she works in a hotel. It seems like her nice manners are a habit. Sanchez pleasantly walks off.

Chan realizes that Man-wol must have known that Sanchez is super rich, that is why he is still alive. He sighs.

In the hotel, Hyun-joong is pretty happy that they will have a party in the hotel. He wants to invite all the guests. But Man-wol tells him that the guests will all look like they are at a funeral, not a wedding. So she tells him that they will only have a few guests.

Seo-hee tells them that the bride does not want to have an arranged marriage, that is why Chan-sung will find the red packet and convince the parents. If he picks it up then they will not have the marriage. This is news to manwol who asks if Koo Chan-sung is looking for the red pouch? Hyun-jung thinks that he is a hard worker so he probably already found it already.

But then they realize then that means he will probably marry the ghost. The bride will aslo accept it because manager Koo is not a stranger. Man-wol looks highly upset about this. Hyunjoong asks if she is going to allow them to get married? Man-wol throws something at them and storms out.

Elsewhere, we see that the patch is on the side of a hiking patch. Chan is walking along that path which is by a lake. he heard that it is there somewhere. Sanchez passes him in all his biking gear and tells him that he can help him if he is still looking for it. He will ride one more round and then they can go back together.

So he takes off riding and Chan keeps looking. But he sees a strange scene which is a woman completely lounging by the lake with chair and umbrella and wine cooler on a little table. She is all set up. he goes to her and asks why she is there. She tells him that she will answer his Harvard way of asking even though he already knows the answer. 

She tells him that she is opposed to his marriage, just let someone else pick this. They bicker back and forth about that. man-wol tells him tha the is just doing things because she can back him up. She looks so annoyed and pulls out a very old fashioned set of bioculars that you might find at the opera and starts to look for the red pouch. But she sees Sanchez and maybe breaks his bicycle so that he would fall.

Sanchez falls right by the red pouch and picks it up.

MW – Found it. Koo Chan-sung, you will attend your own friends wedding.

Chan picks up the binoculars in right and looks out comedically then yells, Sanchez! But Sanchez is all the way across the river.

Snchez gets home and opens the pouch to find hair. Then he sees a red string attached to his finger that is leading somewhere. He looks up to a room where the string is going and a door opens revealing the ghost. Sanchez faints immediately.

At that same moment, Chan comes running up out of the rain to find the ghost bride in the doorway with the red string around her finger. She points to Sanchez who is going crazy as he crouches in the corner and shivers. he says that he might have bled too much, he saw something strange. He saw a strange woman in the house and still feels her here. What should we do? I am so scared.

Chan thinks for a moment and then tells him to go in and take a nap, he will take care of it. His phone rings so Chan answers it. SOmeone asks if this is Koo Chan-sung, the hotel manager at hotel de luna? I recieved a phone call telling me that the hotel will host my daughter’s marriage.

Cut to Chan meeting with them outside the hotel. He lets them inside the ghost part of the hotel where they walk into the lobby. Man-wol happily greets them and tells them that they should talk about the wedding. She pleasantly escorts them to the wedding hall and Seo-hee explains everything about what they can prepare.

The mother and father are happy because this means that their daughter won’t be lonely. They want to prepare the best for her, money is no object. They also ask who the husband is. Man-wol tells them that this is a forced marriage so it might be better not to see his face. She will prepare a wedding that is great for both sides.

Then we see Man-wol at her desk with the Black Card that has no limit on it. She happily flips it back and forth in her hands. Chan is standing in front of her and asks what she is going to do? Sanchez is feeling bad about this and lost his energy. Man-wol tries to explain that this does not matter, it means nothing, so let’s prepare! Chan wonders if this marriage is really okay.



Back at his place, Sanchez is still shivering on the floor with a blanket all around him. He is too scared to leave that spot and wont even go to the restroom. The ghost is still right by him. Sanchez has to pee though, so he pees inside a vase, the ghost looks away.

Elsewhere, Man-wol looks at the Swarovsky shop like she is from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. She happily sips her coffee and looks at the window in her little black dress and pearls with her hair done up. Chan thinks he is doing a bit too much. But Manwol is having a splended time and goes inside to shop till she drops. The parents gave them the card.

Chan reminds her that this card is for the daughter, not for her. But Manwol says that she is doing tis for the parents. The more money they spend, the happier they will be. But Chan wants to return the card and cancel the marriage. Man-wol explains that it is whatever, but your friend will be haunted for the rest of his life. They are connected together, if you burn the pouch then the bride will never go back to the other side.

Chan tells her to cut the string. Man-wol tells him that she is not a god. Just let them get married and send the bride to the other side. That is what they can do in their hotel. But Chan thinks that something can be done and pulls out Mago’s business card.

He ends up going to a traditional medicine district in Seoul to find the address on the card. He finally finds it and goes inside to find a very traditional looking establishment. A woman is cutting herbs so Chan talks to her and says that she is really there. This woman looks like Mago, but it also looks like she does not know who this person is. Chan explains himself and says that this person is not her, it is her first sister.

Then another person comes in who is another sister. She looks the same but is in all pink and has a perky personality, lol. This sister finds out that this young man is looking for their other sister. They both ask what his business is with her. The pink sister sits with Chan to talk to him about it all. She thinks that what his boss says is safe. His friend should get married and say goodbye to the bride. That is the safest for the human side. But you can find another groom! You know, your hotel has a lot of guests!

A lightbulb oes off in Chan’s head. That’s right! This pink sister tells him to set up a meeting with her and a lot of guests, then both souls can go to the other side.

Chan starts to head out, the other sister tells him that he must be tired because his days and nights changed, drink this. She holds up a drink. He thanks her and drinks it. The pink sister comes out and tells him that this drink is so precious! You will takea  little nap and you will be very refreshed. Chan is so happy to drink it and thanks them.

Then he returns to the hotel and starts to meet all the unmarried guests with the help of Seo-hee. He sets up several bachelors like they are on the Bachelorette. Hyun-joong is also there, but he gets kicked out because employees are not allowed.

So Sunbi kicks Hyun-joong out and tells all the people to introduce themselves and talk about themselves.

Elsewhere, Seo-hee talks to Man-wol about how the bride should met someone she likes.



Chan tells the ghost that his friend is too weak to get married. So the best he could do is to pick someone among these ghosts and then go to the other side. He gives her the red bag. Sunbi tells her to give the red bag to the person she likes the most at the end of the introductions.

She starts to walk her red bag to each man and we see a collective gulp as sh tries to make her choice. Then she walks to Chan and presents it to him.

Ghost – Can you present it? If I get married to them then I will have to go back together, I want to go back alone. To do that, can you accept it as a human? If you don’t want it, then I will marry your friend.

Chan closes his eyes to think about it, then takes the red bag. 

Man-wol hears about it and asks Hyun-joong what just happened? HJ has to tell her that the ghost wanted to marry Koo Chan-sung and he accepted. Man-wol is so upset and tells Hyun-joon’g to do something. HJ asks if it is bcause she will send him to the other side with her? Man-wol smiles.

Meanwhile, Chan-sung sits in the waiting area for the wedding and wonders what he is doing there. He tries to tell himself that this is a dream, when he wakes up, everything will be gone. He stands assuredly and walks to the door, giving himself a pep talk as he says that this is just a dream, a short dream.

he opens the door. Man-wol is right in front of him with an elaborate Chinese style wedding dress. She takes off her hood to reveal that this is her, but it is her from 1000 years ago. She is also bleeding.

But he blinks and the real Man-wol is in front of him looking pissed. He blinks some words forth and asks her if she is getting married? She is all like, no, you are the one getting married, duh. She walks into his room, thoroughly annoyed.

They start to talk about the ghost and how she is a ghost that wants to get married so much. This strong will in this pouch is her expression that she is not going to the other side unless she gets married.

The woman sits in her wedding room waiting. The pink sister comes to her and tells her that she heard that there is a marriage in De Luna. She presents her gift to the bride, the bride takes it. the gift is in a powder blue box. The pink sister tells the bride that she gets married to be happy.

In the grooms room, Man-wol tells Chan that she will protect him again, he does not need to get married. She will bring a real husband that she does not have to take with her.

Cut to a hospital where the high school girl tells a man that his girlfriend is this person. She shows a picture on her phone. He tells her that she should not joke. But the high schooler says that his girlfriend is getting married. you shuld come see for yourself.

So the man follows the high school girl to the hotel. Man-wol tells the bride that they found the husband that she really wants. She should be very very happy about it, this person that you can’t leve after death. She smiles and tells her that he will be here soon.

The bride does not look all that happy, it is hard to read her face though. But she looks a bit sad and possibly alarmed?

The man gets there and walks up the aisle to where the bride is standing. They look at each other.

Man – Soo-min.

The red string attaches to them both.

He pulls out the red bag from his jacket pocket and starts to walk to her.

In another area of the hotel, Chan paces and bites his thumb. 

VO – After that wedding, the man will die.

Man-wol sits in the bar with the other employees.

MW – The bride drags the man to the other world, I wonder if Chan-sung realizes that.

Chan-sung starts to run.

The man starts to hold the brides hand.

MW – Well, the guys parents had to pick anyone and marry them and send him to the other side. (so it looks like this is the guys parents?)

HJ – The guys parents? I thought it was the girls

MW – The guys parents asked for the wedding just in case she took their son to the other world.

In a flashback, the mother of the son tried to take his wedding ring off (maybe an engagement ring). She wants the bride to let her son go.

In the after life, the bride and groom are reunited at the wedding. Chan tries to get into the room, but it is locked. He yells that they should stop the marriage! You shouldn’t do this!

The groom removes the brides veil, they look at each other sincerly.

man – We will be together forever.

Chan tries and tries to open the door. He yells though it and bangs on it.

Chan – He is alive! Let him go!

The bride is holding back tears. The groom moves in to seal the wedding with a kiss. But she stops him and tells him to go back. He asks why. She pushes him and her face turns into a monster.

The groom looks at her, shocked, and runs away. He runs past Chan. Chan looks at the bride as her face turns back to normal. The red line is stil lconnected to the groom. Chan sees it as he runs away.

The line stretches and stretches, still connecting them, getting tighter and tighter. The bride holds the line and with tears, she uses the gift that Mago gave her, a pair of scissors and cuts the line.

Mago – Letting go is more difficult than holding.

She painfully cuts the line on the string. His ring falls off while he is in the hospital and he wakes up.

bride – I love you. Be happy.

The pouch turns to dust and blows away.

The bride softly cries at the alter.

Man-wol and Chan look at her. Man-wol looks a bit sadenned by the sight and starts to remember her own wedding possible? Or the moment that Chan also witnessed where she was wearing a Bright red wedding dress.



Meanwhile, the high schooler gets to the hotel and tells Hyun-joong that this manager is really cool, I can be the manager right away. he says she can’t because they have manager Koo. She says hse can intern. h tries to tell his friend that she can’t now, it is too late. But she happily ignores him and keeps walking into the hotel.

Back at his home, Sanchez cleans his very expensive looking vase and apologizes for using it like that. It looks like this vase might be centuries old.

Elsehwhere, a mysterious woman walks up the steps of Sanchez’s place. He picks up the vase as if to throw it in defense, but then sees that it is a pretty lady. It is actually Mira, he knows her. She tells him that it is nice to see him again. I am here to see Chan-sung.

Chan-sung is giving the bride a nice send off in the limosine to Heaven. She gives him the scissors that Mago gave her. Man-wol asks if one of those sisters came to her place? All those halmaes help Koo Chan-sung together? The reaper tells her that Mago is helping her. She will leave also after being greeted by him.

She looks at Chan as he bows the car away. 

Chan turns around and looks at the Reaper and Man-wol. The Reaper smiles and heads out. The music plays as Chan and Man-wol look at each other for a long moment. Then the camera cuts to the tree that has leaves all on it now. Then it cuts back to them in the tunnel entrance.

Chan – The last hotel I worked at, whenever I said good bye to guests, I felt good. But here, I feel lonely (or bitter).

MW – Because you will never see them again. Koo Chan-sung, you are doing a good job, the gods picked you well. You deserve to be their favorite.

Chan – You know that I met her? She told me to take care of you well so you can have leaves and flowers.

MW – You still see me in your dreams right?

he thinks back to her in the red wedding attire and the blood dripping from her hand. Someone enters the room.

Chan – Yes.

MW – Look at it well, and farewell to it well, that follows the gods will. I will be your last guest, because I like you (or you are my favorite). Koo Chan-sung, when you send me away, don’t be too lonely.

Music starts to play again as they look at each other.

Fade Out.


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Man-wol looked so amazing in that red wedding attire that we are assuming is from China? Neither one of us are sure though. If anyone knows, then let us know! I am very intrigued as to what was going on that night. Was she dressed that way to kill someone or was she actually marrying someone? I really want to know. Till tomorrow! We should be live again tomorrow!


Hotel de Luna English translation for episode 6 preview

MW – Ah, you are not picking up the phone!

MW – What came here?

SB – Your highness!

CS – he looks like a Joseon King, which King?

CS – I worry about it a lot

MW – Why are you doing this to me?

CS – I don’t want to make you a dog or pig (like a stupid citizen?)

HJ – If you continue doing this then you will be fir— *Sunbi stops him*

SB – you are doing a good job. 1-2-3 fighting!

MW – I hate being poor. I want to keep drinking champagne with caviar

MW -He has a girlfriend?

Sanchez – yes but ~

MW – Okay, just stop. Why are you telling me that?

MW or MR – Is she pretty?

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  1. Gem
    July 28, 2019 / 12:31 am

    My guess, Choeng Myung betrayed Man Wol and Yeon Woo and his goal was to marry the princess. He loved the princess. So, after he succeeds in his plans, Man Wol kills the princess first on their wedding night and later poses as her to kill him. The ghost stories are becoming better.

    • V
      July 28, 2019 / 6:51 am

      OMG, I love this theory!!!!!

  2. Anonymous
    July 28, 2019 / 9:06 am

    Nice theory! Can’t wait for next ep

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