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Hotel del Luna: Episode 4 Recap

Korean drama Hotel de Luna, courtesy tvN

The episode are getting better! We are definitely two days late on this one, but it is well worth the wait (for me at least). Chan is learning his way around the ghost world will all his best intentions in mind, though realizing that ghosts are mysterious things that he shouldn’t really get involved in. But Chan is a good egg and just has to help when he can, y’all!

We are all caught up! We’ll try to get to a live schedule this weekend! Though we do have things to do on Saturday at 8:30am, but we can always do part of the recap when it airs (or close to when it airs) and finish up in the afternoon!

The OST for Hotel de Luna can be found HERE!

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We open where we ended in the last episode. Chan-sung tells Man-wol that she should have things that she missed in the time she can’t go back to. He thinks he saw it. She was in his dream. She was smiling under a big tree and responded crankly to the guy that said he would build her a big house, but you were happy. Is that the person you miss the most from your long past, the person who taught you how to write your name?

MW – Why do you see those things

CS – Yeah, why do I see you? I am afraid that I have to pay for this ability.

She is breathing hard as she glares at him.

CS – What is your heart that you couldn’t resolve? Maybe I am here to resolve what you are missing.

They stare at each other for another long moment, then Chan-sung turns to the tree and walks to it. He touches a branch and a ringing sounds in the tree, then it starts to blossom leaves on every branch on the tree. Every single branch has baby leaf blossoms on it. Man-wol is taken aback and sent into a memory with Magol.

Magol – I told you, your life and death and time is trapped by this tree. Leaves grow and flowers and falls and time will pass again.

CS – The tree changed!

MW – Yes, maybe you are not only a zero pick, you are even more special than that.

Cut to Magol walking up a street with flowers. She stops when she sees the Reeper talking to a person who tells him that he cannot leave like this! What about my dog! The reaper says that death cannot be changed. The man goes back inside and talks to his dog and tells him to bark! Bark! Then you will survive! The dog is just sitting next to the owner. It looks like it has been there for a week.

Mago tells the reaper that in times like this, you can open the way a little bit. Then she opens the door with magic. The owner tells the dog to go out! You can do it! Mago tells the Reaper that he will probably roam around a little bit and then go to Manwols tavern. The Reaper says that is not Man-wol’s tavern anymore, it is De Luna.

Mago says that the name changes so often, but the owners heart does not change at all. The Reaper thinks she is dead for 1000 years, she has no hope. But Mago says that is why she sent someone there. She opened a little way for this stubborn Manwol as well. She smiles.

In the hotel, Chan-sung asks Manwol why the tree changed like that? She says, of course it is because of you. My memory that was all dried and dead came out again because of you. He tells her that he did not do anything, he just told her about his dream. Ghosts might be my jobs, but seeing dreams is out of my job description. I don’t want to do anything that I am not assigned to do.

MW – Well, I am going to make you pay for it because you already instigated me. Because of you, it became a dirty green. 

CS – Well, you have a twisted mind, but you should speak properly and say it is nicely alive again.

MW – That is the problem, you revived something that you shouldn’t have revived.

CS – Well, you are this angry so maybe what I saw in my dream was actually your dream. Are you embarrassed to show me your past?

MW – Yes, it is a super duper embarrassing situation. I need to check it.

She grabs him by his tie with one hand.

CS – What are you going to do!

Cut to her pushing him hard onto her very silk, velvet, and red light district bed in a similarly alluring room. She tells him that they have to sleep! He tries to get up, but she holds him on the bed and says that she has to check if he really dreamed this or if he is making fun of her from things he heard in the hotel, so lets sleep! Until you have a dream, you sleep here next to me!

He sits up and says he will not sleep with her! But she tells him that she is putting him to sleep nicely, so just sleep. He sighs and lays back, explaining that he will sleep. They keep bickering about what she wants and if he will dream it or not, but he says he will sleep but he won’t tell her what he sees. Whether you kill me or not. She tells him to sleep but she will not sleep with him and walks off.

She goes to find her trusty wine bottle and takes several swigs. He walks up behind her and asks if the memory he brought back is too painful? She tells him to shut up unless he wants to be green like that tree. CS asks who that guy is? She asks why? Do you think that is you?

CS – I actually had a little possibility of it. It could be my past life that I don’t remember. 

MW – You shouldnt’ be that guy.

CS – Why not? I care about you after that dream. I think we are in a special relationship.

She puts her hand over his heart again.

MW – You are not. I don’t feel anything at all. If you were that guy then I shouldnt’ be like this.

CS – That is good! It actually bothered me in case I am your old lover. So, is that the guy you loved a lot? You know? It looked like it.

MW – Koo Chan-sung. If you say any more of that nonsense then you will have to pay for that injustice.

CS – What are you going to do? Not pay me? We have a contract.

MW – Koo Chan-sung, you will accept ghosts from today.


Cut to Koo Chan-sung looking at a ghost who looks long dead with flies flying all around her. They are both in the concierge area. Hyun-joong tries to help out. He tells the ghost that he will help her and arrange a beauty service first. Hop on the elevator please.

She follows him and Chan-sung crumbles on the counter. Then Hyun-joong comes back and asks if the boss is still angry after drinking a case of champaign? Chan-sung mentions that he may have touched something he should not have touched.

Chan starts to think about Man-wol and one of the men from the past. Maybe Yeon-woo this time. Ji asks him if he cares about their boss a lot? he is not waiting for the first or second pick. The third pick does not matter! You are already the manager! Chan tells him that he does not care about their boss at all and he is not the number 3 pick! I am the number zero pick. Ji is all like, ah, okay, okay, sounds good. He gets back to writing something. But then he has a creepy feeling and says that he thinks they will have a lot of guests, are you – okay?

Chan looks at the door and then says, no, it is too much for me. Cut to him in the bar talking to Sun-bi. Sun-bi tells him that guests usually looks really messed up when they come, no body parts and pealing skin and all that. But they are all groomed in the bar.

Chan thinks he can handle it, but then the coffee refill guy comes again and scares him. he wants a refill. Sunbi says that he will refill it if he waits for a moment, they need more coffee beans.

Chan asks wher they get all their food? Sun-bi says that it is all supplied by the other world when they send souls to the other side. They leave us with good energy. The energy is the flowers in our garden. If the ghosts don’t have any lingering feelings, then we have a prettier and shinier flower. When the flowers are full then Mago harvests them. The reward are supplies from the other world.

CS – So why does our boss need to make money from ghosts?

SB – *looks around then leans in* She uses all that money for her luxury spending. You know, her expensive champaign that she only drinks and her jewelry and expensive cars, that is not the attitude of someone who is under punishment.

CS – But she is under punishment right?

he thinks that to his discussion when man-wol told Chan that someone told her she was cocky and stupid, but she did not acknowledge/accept it.

Man-wol is standing at the tree with all its leaves and thinks about Chan and what he said about seeing her in his dream. She also thinks about what Mago said about plants blossoming, falling, and blossoming again.

MW – That F-ing old woman gave me a funny joke.

VO – That guy that told you how to write your name, Man-wol, the guy that you miss the most from your past, is he the one.

Flashback to Man-wol looking at a wound in a hut, she looks out of the hut and sees the guards looking for her. She is in desperation mode and has her knife out and handy. A guard is in the room so she attacks him and a fight breaks out. But it is Choeng-myung. He grabs her arm and they stare at each other, then they look outside. More guards are outside.

Choeng-myung steps outside and tells them that she is not there, search outside. They leave.

Then he returns and dresses man-wol’s wound. He telsl her that he heard that the slave trade market in Gogeoyro that is trading the citizens of Gogeoyro is under attack. I thought you guys did it so I came here. Then I almost got killed by you, my sister, if I wasn’t fast enough.

MW – I saved your life because I am fast.

CM – Thank you for that, what are you going to do, my face value is like gold (she cut him a little while fighting). 

MW – What can you do? Your princess adores your face. How will you seduce her?

CM – DO you think my princess only likes my face?

But then they hear commotion outside, Man-wol peaks through a crack and sees that they took Yeon-woo and are dragging him away. SHe tries to struggle to get out, but Choeng-myung holds her back. he tells her that he gives her his word, he will save him and return him to her. I promise you that.

Cut to Man-wol standing at a river with her horse and waiting. When she turns around, she sees Choeng-myung riding with Yeon-woo, though Yeon-woo looks all kinds of wore for wear and is not really concious. But he smiles and says that he is okay when Man-wol holds him. They both look at Choeng-myung.

VO – Were you were waiting for that guy for that long long long time, here?

Man-wol looks at the tree and comments on how it has become super green. Unnatractively green. It looks funny. She throws her wine glass at it. it has a forcefield around it that breaks the glass, shattering it and making it disappear.


On the subway, Chan thinks that one of the guys names was Yeon-woo. One of the guys who was a bandit with Man-wol. Then, Mago appears in front of him with flowers. Chan asks her if she is selling them? I will buy one. But she smiles and says no, I already gave you yours. Then she sits next to him happily and tells him that his dad was almost killed by stealing a flower. Because of that, he didn’t become a robber and lived well. Wow, he raised his son well like this.

Chan thinks back to the woman that gave him a flower when he was a youngster. It clicks. She smiles and asks how the hotel it? He asks if she did this, she says that she just opened a little way. He asks if it was coincidence? She says that she planted a tree but it was so naked and skinny, can you take care of it? If it is difficult, come to see me.

She hands him a business card. He looks at it and when he looks up, she is gone. Not thinking she is gone, he runs out of the subway and looks all around for her on the street above. he runs up a tree lines street, huffing and puffing, and then sees a man with the same flower in his hands that the woman was carrying. he is sitting at a bus stop that is definitely a death bus stop that says it is the SamDoChun River stop which is the stop that takes you to the afterworld (similar to that Styx river in Greek Mythology, but this river is from Buddhism).

The car arrives to take him away. This is the man that is leaving behind his doggie, the doggie is still looking at the owner and barks when he gets in the car. So Chan stops the car and tells him that his dog is there. The man gets out and happily yet sadly looks at his dog. he tells him that he shouldn’t come, this is not your world. But it looks like the dog stayed by the owners side until he also died, even though the door was open.

The man picks up his dog and pets him, then tells him that they can go together. They hop into the car, the license plate says “To Heaven”.

VO – The god Mago harvest the flowers and gives them to the people going to Heaven. People who have good farewell from Mago go to a good place.

CS – Was that old woman Mago?

Cut to a man making bread, he throws up some flower and we see a ghost, briefly, in the smoke of the flower. The ghost touches his arm and then leaves a hand print indention in the bread that makes the baker run for his ever loving life. Sanchez just happens to be in this bakery buying bread.

he goes home and tells Chan that he heard there was a ghost in his favorite bakery so he bought some. Chan says that he does not want to hear about ghosts, even at home. Then the ghost shows up in front of him. It is the sunglass ghost. He stands up and asks why she is there right now! Sanchez is all like, what are you doing? Chan asks the ghost if he followed hyung? She says no, he asks if she followed the bread? She nods. Sanchez tells him that he is sorry to tell him nonsense, just eat the bread. Chan says that he can’t eat it and thinks he has to go to work again. he walks away.

Sanchez is all like, how can you do this? How can I eat it now? He grabs the bread and the ghost kind of follows along.

In the hotel, the three main employees look at the woman sitting in a waiting area. They talk about how this ghost should not have taken the bread. They wonder about her. One of them says that she is scheduled to take the limo today right? Another one says yes, the manager went to get the signature to change the reservation. They wonder if she wanted to eat bread before leaving this world? She can’t eat human bread. Why didn’t she call room service?

Seo-hee is angry at Hyun-joong and tells him to check guests in and out properly, do you want to take the bus? He explains that they had a lot of group guests yesterday. She tells him to do his job properly and storms out. Hyunjoong hugs Sunbi and thinks she is too upset, how can she tell me to take the bus? Sunbi realizes that it is almost that date. Hopefully it passes by okay this time. If the same thing happened that happened 42 years ago then she will be dragged to the other world.

Meanwhile, Chan-sung has to talk to a very drunk and hung over Man-wol who is lazying in her silky couch with her equally silky sleeping dress covered in painted flowers. Chan wants her to sign something and says that the ghost wants to see a person. Man-wol throws the pen and yells that every ghost wants to see someone! He takes it in stride as he looks at the long gone pen across the room and tells Man-wol that she wants to see someone because she could not see them in when she was a person. He explains that she knows who that person is by touch so she needs to hold his hand.

Man-wol tells him that this is just what ghosts say. She moves to hit him or shoo him away but he holds her hand and tells her that she said that you will know by touch. You also said that to me, that you will know by touch. WHich means that I am right, so can you sign the paper?

he sits and helps her sign the paper which is almost the exact way that Choeng-myung helped her sign her name before. But this time it is in Hangul. Man-wol has her sleeping eye cover on during this exchange but removes it when Chan says this is his first guests so he wants to send her off well, and don’t think of taking money from her.

MW – Hey, why do you do things that don’t make money? That ghost is using you. Ah, this naive guy, you are getting ripped off by a ghost, tsk tsk tsk.

CS – yes, I agree, if I was a little stronger then I would not be here at all. I am sorry that I am the kind of weak guy that you like.

MW – Are you being sarcastic? 

CS – No, it is  my fate.

MW – Well, I am not sorry about involving you here and crewing up your fate.

She plops back on the couch.

CS – DO you think you did it? People screw up their own fate. You didn’t drag me here, maybe I came here. As much as you drank, you should drink water to make your stomach feel good.

She takes the glass and stares at it.

CS – When I come back, I will bring bread. The place that I have to go to is a famous bakery. The guy you like, Kim Joong-hun went there also ( the comedian she likes a lot). You should do the one bite game also.

MW – Why are you so kind to me? It makes me nervous. Are you just screwing me, nicely?

CS – I will try and take care of it. Give you wanter and bread. Who knows, now we have the leaves on a dried up tree. You never know, we might have flowers.

MW – Don’t do it. DO you think I am a little sprout that is sprouting with water? I am an old tree that has dried up over more than 1000 years.

CS – But we have leaves now, I think it will be rewarding work.

MW – Why are you doing this cheesy thing!

CS – You care about me, you said I am nothing but maybe that is not true.

he happily walks off. She stands up calling him jashik and tells him not to do it. But he says that he will, he has nowhere to go. He quit the hotel because of her and his reputation is ruined because of her. She says he has that Forbes thing. He says that they liked him when they didn’t know that he say ghosts, but not anyone else. And I am the only one that can work here since I see ghosts. They bicker about being the third pick but he says that he is the best manager because he can be used by ghosts so they can release their grudge. I am the zero pick! She tells him that she will really hate him, he just returns spite with sugar and says that she does not have to care about him, she can pay zero attention, he bothers her and she hates him. He likes that. So, he will take the guest out.

he walks off pleasantly with her standing all upset. She mutters that he is looking at her like this because of the leaves and then storms off.

——— ———————————————————

Cut to Chan standing with the sunglasses ghost. She is looking at the bread building with her new eyes. We are sent into a shimmering and soft flashback where she buys bread from a man at the bakery that she is clearly smitten with. Though she does not know what he looks like, she knows what his hand feels like becuase he held her hand and told her that it is warm and soft. He just made it.

Ghost – he always held my hand whenever I went there, I was so nervous, I coulnd’t even tell him anything just in case he figured out how I felt.

CS – You don’t know the face, but if you hold his hand then you will know? But if you hold him with those hands, it will give him goosebumps and you can’t even feel it. Should I tell him what happened and just ask?

She shakes her head no. He says okay, I will lend you my hand. She puts her hand on his.

He goes up to a bread man and shakes it saying his bread is great! he shakes the mans hand and starts feeling all on it as he telsl him it is the best and tries to hold and rub his hand in every way possible. He goes to all the bread men and does this, this is hilarious y’all. He is stroking and rubbing and holding all these mens hands. It looks like it might be the last one! But these men all surround Chan and ask who he is, in a pretty threatening way. They think he is a very strange person.

But luckily Sanchez comes along and buys a ton of bread and tells the people that his friend is actually not a strange guy. Chan has to explain, outside, to Sanchez that he is looking for someone. Sanchez is all like, just ask for him. But Chan says that he has his reasons. Sanchez explains that he has come there for many years, he knows all of them. Chan uses this as a new sense of inspiration and holds his friends ask to quiz him about the bakery.

In the hotel, the three main ghosts look at the leafed tree and wonder what this means. Sunbi thinks this means that the punishment is ending for Man-wol. But what will happen to us if she leaves? Will we have to take the bus to the other world? They think that they cannot leave now and wonder what changed. They think it is the manager! They have a different manager now! he says that Sam-soon (because he is the third one, lol and also from the famous tv show) made this!

Meanwhile, Chan is at another bakery, it looks like Sanchez came through and found the other baker. The ghost thinks this might be it. Chan goes inside, says things about the old bakery and extends his hand to shake it with the baker, the baker thinks it is strange that this man is doing this, but says okay and tells him to come to this bakery a lot as well. He shakes his hand. We are sent into a moment with the ghost and the baker as she shakes his hand and remembers him. She smiles.

They let go of their hands. Chan tells the ghost to come back to the hotel after spending some time at the bakery. Happiness all around.


But then the mood changes when Chan walks outside and sees Man-wol standing in a very short all black dress with mess and beside a hot red sports car. he asks if she bought it? She mentions something about it and touches it as if it is hot, then tells him to come home so they can sleep together. They start to bicker about sleeping together because Chan does not want to and how he needs to feed her well and all those things. She tells him that he said he would take care of her! So, take care of me! 

He sighs and asks her what she wants to eat. She smiles and throws him the keys.

They go to a place that Man-wol says is hot on SNS (social media) right now. She wanted to come there. He grummbles and says that she knows that this is his friends place. She asks if she says that she did not  know, would he believe her? He says that she will not order what he likes, so why ask. She huffs that he knows things well.

Then Sanchez calls Chan’s name and starts to come to their table. Chan whispers to Man-wol that Sanchez is his roommate and he is a timid guy, so don’t talk to him about ghosts ever! She asks if he lied to Sanchez about where he works, then?

They both look at Sanchez who has a smile plastered all over his face as he gets to the table. he asks if he found that person okay? Chan says yes, thank you, this is my coworker. Sanchez says she is super cool as a hotelier. then he mentions that hotel as a hard place to work right? it seems like he has a hard time after working there, he says that the boss is really bad. A female boss like, what’s the name….

MW – Chang Man-wol?

Sanchez – Yes, bad name, bad name. But, the people who work there eat food while talking bad about the boss will make them digest well, so instead of your bad boss, I will put a whole pizza here, so just shred and eat it and bite bite bite.

He leaves happily. 

MW – One pizza will not be enough to talk bad about me. Order another one.

CS – Actually, the Exact thing I said was not about my gedduk (bad) boss, it is about my difficult boss.

MW – It is good to eat gedduk, it is chewy. 

She starts to eat something and says that it reminds her about the bread he wanted her to eat. She asks about the ghost and goes into a lesson as we see an image of the ghost at the bakery.

MW – A ghosts memory is untrustable. Running around too long, sometimes they forget important things. They just remember what they want to remember.

We see the bread man turing off the lights int he bakery as the ghost happily watches. He gets on his motorcyle and starts to head out. This makes her remember something and the scene trurns sour. He revs his engine.

MW – She only has the memory of her hand. That is a beautiful memory *sarcastic* It does not have any impact becuase she lived for a long time and only remembers the feeling of her hand.

CS – What do you want to say?

MW – The important memory of the ghost is mostly the moment they die.

Cut to the accident that killed the ghost. It was an accident with the bread man. She was still alive and he went up to her and held her hand. But he was too afraid to help her and looked around at the empty street. He let go of her hand and hurried off to hop on his bike and run away.

In the present, she becomes a bad ghost, her empty eyes show up again as she hops on his motorcycle.

Chan gets up and runs off. He runs all the way to the bakery, but no one is there. So he turns around and starts running somewhere else.

Meanwhile, the ghost is wrapped all on the motorcyle man, looking very sinister. Chan keeps running around and finally sees the motorcycle and the ghost. He steps into the street and puts out his hands to stop them.

MW – Koo Chan-sung, when you die, come to our hotel.


Chan is blinded by the lights, the motorcyclist swerves away and crashes. But he is still okay. Chan punches him, then talks to the ghost.

CS – if you do this, you will be broken as ashes. Don’t cross over like this!

She is staring at the baker.

CS – I will make him pay for it, the punishment that you wanted to give him.

She starts to possibly cry a tiny bit and turns back to normal. Then she looks at her hand and looks at the baker. Chan looks at the fist mark on his own hand and then sees Man-wol standing in the background. She walks off.

Chan goes to the police station and tells them about how he found the guy that did a hit and run 6 months ago, he found him and brought him to the station. The police are impressed and tell him that he did a good job. They start to type it up.

Chan leaves and sees teh ghost. She recieved the flower from mago. Cut to Chan sending the ghost off as the first ghost he is sending away. The Reaper is alo there. He tells her that she got a flower so she will go to a good place.

Ghost – Thank you, the memory of the hand was cruel and bad. But I was about to go to the other world with that memory warm and good.

CS – Youa re a person that wants to keep small happiness instead of big unfortane in your heart. 

They both smile at each other and then she gets into the black limo and leaves to Heaven. Chan bows his respects. The Reaper looks at him with pride.

Back at the hotel, the coffee man is working at the computer. His eyes look like he does not sleep. Chan goes up to him and asks if he would like a refill on his coffee? The man nods so Chan goes to get the refill. While doing that, he sees the super scary ghost from before, but she is a lot cleaner now. Not super polished, but not scary.

Then he greets a man and his son and lets them know that they can go to a wave pool at the sand beach. His kid will like it. So the man and son go there. They died from a big car accident. The father tried to save the son who ran into the street for a ball and protected him.

Man-wol looks at him with disgust mixed with pity and tsks that Chan still does not realize things when he sees it. But the conversation changes to the tree when Seohee comes up to her and says that they are all nervous about the tree.

Cut to Man-wol sitting with Sunbi and Seo-hee about the tree and why it is coming back to life. She tells them that it is basically Mago’s doing. She said she would send her someone to revive her, so that person might be Chan-sung. When the tree flowers, I will also leave. Sunbi asks about what will happen to them? Man-wol thinks they will stay there or maybe they will roam around and become dust.

Seo-hee says that they have to be at De Luna, she also should not leave. They can fire the master, he is Sam-soon (#3), they also have a #4.

Cut to the high school girl that is in another person’s body. She tells the high school girls to leave and not bother her. But actually, she is talking to a ghost to not bother her.

Int he hotel, Sunbi tells Man-wol that they do have a #4, she has that ghost in her body and she has a weakness since I gave her that body. The employees think they should go with #4. But the problem is that he will always see ghosts. Sunbi thinks that Mago can make him stop seeing ghosts, but man-wol says that Mago planned this so she will not. 

They think that they can’t kill humans, but Seo-hee says that they have a way without killing him. They have the guests in room 13. Sunbi says – the #13 guest is….!

Cut to the guest in #13.

VO – the guest in #13 even hates the sound of humans breathing. If #13 guest sees the human then he will go crazy.

SB asks MW if she wants to make Chan go crazy? Man-wol smiles and says yes, if he goes crazy then he will see ghosts but he will not be able to go there. They mention that the human world seperates those people in mental hospitals. She asks man-wol for her permission. Man-wol asks where Koo Chan-sung is and smiles.


Chan is taking a nap by the tree. Man-wol walks up to it and scoffs that he is changing her gardens look in a bad way. She kicks him but he does not wake up. 

MW – I told you not to chase things around without sleeping. Your normal time (sane life) is not even that long. You will waste it all sleeping. *kneels* I am sorry to you, but it is all your fault, I don’t want you to look into me.

She reaches out to touch his chest, but he wakes up then so she pulls away and asks like she doesn’t care. He scoffs and laughs and asks if she was looking for him to sleep with him? I will tell you how you were in my dream, sit here.

She tells him that she hates this kind of thing and will tell him not to do anything or she will slap him in his mouth. She hates the fraction of a second that she thought about sitting next to him. He picks up a leaf and tells her that she lived for more than 1000 years, in one second he got a very important thing. She explains that he will pay for it, he has to acknowledge that he messed up his own improtant life. Whatever happens to him, it is all his fault.

CS – But you will protect me. You said you would protect me, because I am a weak human. You stopped the motorcycle right?

MW – I did not

CS – I trust that you will protect me. So, if something happens to me, then just protect me please. I wills tick next to you.

he holds the leaf to her.

MW – I will kick you out.

He dusts himself off and stands to walk away. She turns to look at him with deep burning anger. But their song is playing signaling thta emotions are growing. The camera scans to a lovely dream of Man-wol happily sleeping under her tree and a leaf falls, just like it did with Chan-sung. The leaf falls and falls and falls as if it will fall on man-wol, but it falls on Chan-sung.

Chan-sung looks at this leaf and wonders if it is from the dream, that one second of Jang Man-wol.

But he has to put it away when Seo-hee asks him for help with a long term guest in room #13. Chan goes to the bar who gives him a scent candle to light in the room. He tells him that this guest is cranky, I am sorry to give you a hard time. He holds Chan’s hand, but Chan tells him that he is kind of adapted, so don’t worry about him.

He happily walks away. Sunbi apologizes to him and says that he feels ashamned because it feels like he has abandoned the nobility of scholars. Hyun-joon sighs and says that he liked him because he was like a hyung.

Cut to Seo-hee walking to Man-wol’s room to tell him that Manager Koo is going to room #13.

Then we see Chan in front of room #13, he puts in the key to open it and is greeted by a long creepy arched corridorr that looks like it is underground. He steps inside cautiously and jumps when the door slams shut behind him.

Man-wol stares out the window in her room.

Chan gulps and then turns back to walk further into the room.

Seohee walks away looking sullen and regretful.

Chan keeps walking up the spooky cooridoor, looking back on occassion.

Sunbi sits in his bar looking regretful

Hyun-joong taps his finger at his bell boy desk looking regret full

Chan gets to a another door at the end of the long cooridoor and goes inside. He is in an abandoned wharehouse with broken windows, a place a ghost would definitely be. There is a wardrobe at the end. So he puts the incence on the wardrobe and lights it. The ghost comes to light inside. Chan holds up the leaf and looks around, then he puts it into his inside jacket pocket, over his heart.

CS – Where is this guest?

But he hears something and turns back to the wardrobe. The guest is smiling at him from a crack in the wardrobe with her red eyes and creepy look. He approaches her slowly, she starts to smile even wider and open the wardrobe door even more.

But then Man-wol calls his name. He turns around.

MW – You shouldn’t see it, don’t even breath.

She touches his arm and moves to his side

CS – But I hear a sound.

The ghost creepily smiles

MW – Don’t even listen

The ghost is about to come out

CS – Why?

She kisses him just as the ghost comes out of the wardrobe to reign destruction. But Can’s attention is all on Man-wol at this point. Behind then we see this super terrifying ghost starting to drift out of the wardrobe as black tentacle like smoke.

Man-wol stops kissing Chan and looks at him sincerely in his eyes. he sincerely looks back.

Fade Out.



Ah, this show is getting better! Now I know why she hates brown! I think she hates brown, because the tree is brown. Now she hates green, because the leaves on the tree are green. Does she hate herself? it seems like the tree represents her, so that is likely. The tree could be her heart blossoming again or it could be her learning to love herself again or to forgive herself for whatever happened all those years ago. It is still a mystery, but I love where this is headed!


English translation for episode 5 preview of Hotel de Luna

MW – Koo Chan-sung is not leaving, I will jsut keep him next to me.

CS – You put me in that room on purpose, right?

MW – I lost one of my earrings

CS – At this rate, we will go bankrupt, just live as a good person and be stingy.

CS – She had to marry against her will

MW – This is not the front of the hotel. Hey, guest, you should not do this to my employee

CS – I am okay.

Ghost – Please take it

MW – Are you really going to get married?

CS – Miss Jang Man-wol?

MW – Koo Chan-sung, do you love me?

Hotel de Luna poster
Hotel de Luna poster
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  1. Rose
    July 23, 2019 / 12:57 pm

    I just finished watching episode 4, and omg! I did not expect that ending. I mean i do have a 80% chance of expecting that ManWol will save him, but how she did it was unexpected! And i love how that shadow thing crawling out of that dresser while she kissed him. This dramas production and cgi are awesome! And her outfit….perfection! I wonder how much budget they allotted for her outfit? I mean so far i havent seen any repeat performance of what she was wearing 😆

    • V
      July 23, 2019 / 2:07 pm

      I wonder if some of those outfits are from IU’s personal wardrobe? You know she probably has tons of dresses that she wears once and never again due to promo, concerts, or some other reason!

  2. Rose
    July 23, 2019 / 12:58 pm

    Oh, btw….welcome back to the recap world! We missed you! ☺

    • V
      July 23, 2019 / 2:08 pm

      So happy to be back! We plan on rampling up again, slowly. We have our eye on Lee Hyori’s newest camper van reality show as well!

  3. WPB
    July 24, 2019 / 1:42 pm

    This is the first time I heard about IU or watch her in a TV drama, or TV show, period. My first impression is that she takes over every scene she is in. This is her show, no doubt about that.
    Knowing their relationship is going to grow over time, I was still a little surprise that they had their first kiss in this episode. They probably will take a step or two backward, in the next episode, as seen in the preview.
    By the way I read that the rating of their first episode was better than Arthdal Chronicles.

    • V
      July 24, 2019 / 1:58 pm

      IU is definitely a scene stealer, which is weird to say since this is her drama. The main male lead is also amazing in this comical role (he mostly does dramatic roles). I read somewhere that he was afraid to do comedy because it is harder than serious/dramatic acting. But he wanted to tackle it just to say that he did it at some point in his career. So far so good!

      • WPB
        July 25, 2019 / 4:06 pm

        He is the clown in “The Crowned Clown”. Love the two leads in that drama. Besides he gets the lead role in Hotel de Luna, Lee Se-young (the Queen) also has her own drama in Doctor John, which premiered on SBS on July 19th (available on Viki). 🙂
        The Crowned Clown is one of my favorite dramas so far this year.

        • V
          July 25, 2019 / 5:14 pm

          Absolutely loved him in The Crowned Clown! He was robbed from an award nomination. I also heard he is really good in Circle!

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