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Hotel Del Luna: Episode 3 Recap

Hotel de Luna episode 3 recap
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IU is throwing shade and condemning ghosts to die while taking their money in the process. She is a ball of everyones worst nightmare and I love her for it. Though I am not sure if I root her for it. Her redeeming qualities need a kick start in the rump that will hopefully come in episode 4. But for now, let’s get on to episode 3!

The OST for Hotel de Luna can be found HERE!

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Man-wol stands in her garden in front of the black thick tree and a voice speaks in her mind.

VO – Are you alive or dead?

MW – I just exist. I don’t exist as living and I don’t disappear as death. I am just a present mannequin trapped in a time I can never go back to.

A whisper of smoke envelops the screen and we are taken back to the very distant past where soldiers are on horseback at a vantage point overlooking a parade of people walking by. Man-wol is part of the soldiers along with Yeon-woo who is Man-wols friend. They attack the people and we see Mi-ra as a possible noble woman inside. 

Man-wol watches from the vantage point until she sees that her team is being attacked. her best friend starts to fight another soldier who is defending the nobles but he is outmatched. Man-wol shoots an arrow at the man but he dodges it and hits it away. Man-wol blows a whistle to call off her soldiers (maybe thieves?) from the attack and has a long hard look at the man who is Ko Choeng-Myung. 

He starts to run after her and catches up to her on horseback. He forces her to the ground, thinking she is a man and says that she is the one controlling the bandits! but when he removes her mask he sees that she is the beautiful IU and is lost for words. This gives her a chance to grab a rock and knock him out.

Later on we see him all tied up riding one horse while she pulls him as she is on her horse. He is all smiles and wise-crack comments as he talks to her. She kicks him off his horse and he goes thundering to the ground with a big thump. But he is still all smiles as he sits up on the dirt to continue talking to her.

Man-wol hops off her horse and stands with self reverence as she barely looks at Choeng-Myung on the ground. She tells him that that precious young lady that didn’t even care about the silk bags we took. Something was more important for her.

Flashback to the noble woman looking out her carriage at Choeng fighting. 

MW – Our low class officer, you are not just guarding the lovely young lady.

CM – For this long trip, I just talk to her to make her less bored. But you see how I look *smiles*, it just happened.

MW – You are worse for your look.

CM – My sister, can you let me go? if you release me then I can convince you better.

MW – If I cut your tongue that talks about nonsense, then maybe you will lose your face value.

CM – That is a scary thing that you say.

Suddenly the horses neigh and we se them running away from them. Man-wol runs to chase them and is caught in quicksand! She struggles to get out. Choeng-myung walks up casually as she yells for him to help her. He tells her that he cannot help her like this, throw me your sword and I can cut my ties and help you.

She reluctantly throws it as she goes deeper into the sand. he tells her not to move as he cuts his bindings. Then he takes one last look at her and walks away. Man-wol is left struggling to get out. Things look bleak, not gonna lie. But then a rope goes over the side as Choeng-myung comes back with the horse to pull her out.

Now he takes her as his hostage. She tells him that her price is higher than a low class officer with wanna be looks. he tells her that he is not just a low class officer, he is the head of the bodyguards at Young-ju castle.

She looks at him as he smiles. But then a rock hits him in the head and he passes out. Her friend Yeon-woo threw the rock and smiles at Man-wol as well. She smiles back.


In the present, Manwol looks at the sky while in her garden in front of the tree. Mago shows up and asks her what she sees and if the moon is big and bright today or 1000 years ago? Man-wol says that the moon is the moon, there is no difference. Mago tells her that the patron of the tavern has a lot of flowers now, perhaps she sent her guests to the other side very well.

MW – I told you we changed our name, it is not a tavern, it is a hotel! De Luna! Also, don’t call me Tavern owner Jang. I am the president.

Mago – Whatever, that is the same. I heard the man that served you for a while has left. His death will be life again.

MW – *sighs* I am dead, why don’t they take me…

Mago – You are not dead. I told you, you are tied to this tree and your life and death has stopped. 

MW – How long are you going to tie me here.

Mago – You are the one that is not moving.

MW – I am completely dried and dead. If I burn the tree, I will leave.

Mago – Life goes on, when you die, you should leave nice flowers here as well.

MW – I have nothing to leave behind something so colorful. So just take those colorful flowers and say goodbye to those poor souls.

Manwol walks away with her arms folded as they normally are. Mago sighs and tells her self that Man-wol still holds a lot in her heart. Then she tells the tree that she cannot leave it like this forever. She touches a branch and make it bud, then we see her put that branch on a sleeping Chan-sung. She smiles as she looks at her handiwork and Chansung goes into a dream in the past as Manwol looks at Yeon-woo and Choeng-myung happily running to her with drinks and smiles between the both of them.

Chan-sung wakes up and sits up right away. Then we cut to him in the lobby area as Man-wol comes to the top of the stairs, they both look at each other.

Cut to them talking.

CS – Thank you for saving my life

MW – If you didn’t wear those shoes then I wouldn’t have. These are a lot better than those old fashioned brown ones. You waited for me to come as you wore those shoes I picked for you.

CS – I didn’t wait for you.

MW – you were waiting for me after sending me the message with the tiger as the excuse.

CS – I was just wondering.

MW – Of course you were wondering, because you thought about me all the time.

CS – Did you put a spell on me, because you made me have your dream.

MW – you had my dream?

CS – It is too much for me to see ghosts like this, I do not want to see you in my dream as well.

MW – Why? Did I eat you in my dream?

She looks at him with a sulk. he thinks back to her smiling in her dream.

CS – No, forget about it, it wasn’t you in my dream. You shouldn’t have done it.

MW – Okay, I forgive you. You are all grown up so you should have those kinds of dreams.

CS – it wasn’t that kind of dream!

MW – I thought you were a healthy man.

CS – Yes! I am super healthy!

MW – Keep being healthy, if you pass out like that on the street then it will be so bothersome.

CS – How did you carry me here? Did you space jump?

MW – Like you brought the carrier, I brought something with me and carried you to the hotel.

Cut to a flashback of Hyung-joon, the bellboy, taking over Chan-sung’s body and walking to the hotel with it. This is hilarious. Back at the hotel, Hyun-joong wants to have some fun outside the hotel since he is in a human body. She tells him to come out but he doesn’t want to so, fed up, she slaps him really hard sending Chan-sungs body falling to the couch. Hyun-joong looks at it and thinks that that probably hurt.

In the present, Man-wol tells him to just think of it as her carrying him back. She asks if his face hurts. he is all like, why? But then it does look like his neck hurts a bit from the whiplash he got from the slap.

They walk away together as Man-wol explains to Chan-sung how their hotel can exist. We see the hotel as living humans do as lots of people walk by on the street.

VO – We are registered in the district and we pay taxes. But people just don’t recognize us. They just pas by. But when the weather is turbulent, people with good sense feel our hotel. (eople notice the hotel during rain but think it looks scary). Some poeple want to check about 3 or 4 times a year. (a man looks at the hotel who looks like he loves ghosts and the paranormal. he goes inside but he sees that it is super expensive).

CS – If they really want to come in, what do you do?

The man checks in.

MW – There is a room for those guests, 404.

Seo-hee takes the human to room 404. He goes inside to a lot of cloud like smoke and closes the door.

MW – People come in to check in, but no one has checked out.


They are standing in front of the door.

CS – What did you do?

MW – Do you want to go in to check?

he looks at door 404 and cautiously goes to the handle to open it. He slowly turns the handle, but she talks first.

MW – We have a lot of tother things to see.

CS – Okay! Lets go there first!

he quickly turns to leave and Man-wol gives door 404 one last look. They walk to the swimming pool area where Man-wol takes sunglasses from an employee and then goes outside to the beach. At first Chan-sung wonders why she is taking sunglasses, but then sees the vast beach.

CS – What is this? It is nightime at Seoul!

MW – The hotel is different from current reality. Time and space is different from where you live. Your watch and maps don’t matter here.

Chan-sung looks around, amazed. Then we cut to them standing on the tallest lookout area at the hotel. They are way way up.

CS – You said that this is not real?

MW – Yes, everything here does not exist in the real world, even though it is so beautiful.

CS – Do you not exist also?

MW – Yes, me too.

He looks at her and then reaches out a hand to touch her shoulder to see if she is real. But he pulls it back when she stares at him. he quickly asks if you can die if you fall? She tells him to be careful, a living person’s weak body will die if you fall. She then touches his chest over his heart.

MW – Hearts beating in this warm body is like this. You have a lot to do for me being alive. So just stay next to me.

CS – What if I say no, will you just push me?

She lightly pushes him away, barely enough for him to move.

CS – Even though this is a realistic space, please pay me realistically. And shoes – I will pick my own shoes.

MW – Did you change your mind because you are afraid of me pushing you from here?

CS – I can here on my own decision. Running away does not matter anymore. Also, I am curious and this even seems fun. I want to know you and the hotel.

He looks at her strongly. She takes in his look and then smiles as if washing it away. 

MW – Okay, I was actually planning on giving you a break a few more times if you ran away. Because I told you I like you.

She walks back inside with a smile. He stays on the balcony and thinks about her dram and her smiling. He thinks that it was her. he turns to look out over Seoul again, but a gastly ghost is there looking for a refill on his coffee. Chan-sung nods yes and holds his heart.

Elsewhere, a couple is driving when a body lands on their car. it is the body of a school girl. Another girl looks over the bridge in horror. She is holding a necklace or something in her hands and runs away.

The school girl is taken away by an ambulance, she will probably check into Hotel de Luna soon. The living girl is in her room talking about “that loser” and how this is driving her crazy. She looks at this necklace and touches her face as blood drips on it. The ghost girl is staring at her from aboce her bed and then falls on her. The other girl rolls off her bed. 

But her body is still in bed, so this is an out of body experience? Her real body sits up. The now-ghost girl wonders what happened. The other girl holds the necklace. The now-ghost girl asks who she is. The other girl holds the necklace and says that is hers. The now-ghost girl screams.


Man-wol sits at her desk drinking her champagne and tells her employees that they have a new manager now, she took him by force and he should be good at his job. She smiles. SB says that he heard he is from Harvard, but even so, their work is not about knowledge, it is about braveness. He looks like he is a bit weak.

Seo-hee asks why don’t just leave the position vacant a little bit and pick a first or second person? Hyun-joong asks if they have a first and second pick after Chan-sung? SB says that their first pick can do an exorcism also. Right? Manwol says that it does not matter because he went to catch some other ghosts.

Scene change to Lee Joong-ki being an excorcist (a scene from Sohn The Guest, lol). Manwol is with him and tells him to just stop! She looks so annoyed. Lee Joong-ki tells her not to stop him! Until I catch him, I cannot go to your hotel. Just leave. He keeps doing his excorcism. What is your name! Tell me! Manwol mutters that she is more scared of him.

MW – I made it so he could see ghosts, but he went to catch other ghosts.

SH – Maybe he will come back after catching that ghost?

MW – He won’t be able to, that ghost is super strong, Bak Il Tok (the Sohn the Guest ghost’s name, lol)

HJ – Who is the second pick?

SB – A jet pilot. We even went to America to catch him, but he took a jet and left.

HJ – What did he take?

Cut to a scene in outerspace at a space station (Interstellar parady, lol). There is an astronaught in outerspace working. Manwol comes gliding up to him in her usual annoyed look.  She taps him on his arm and smiles as she signals that they should leave. He says no and continues working. She yells that they should leave. He says no and kicks her. She goes flying through space back to earth.

MW – First pick or second pick, I don’t care, we have Chan-sung.

SH – His office is ready. Our manager prepared it for him. 

SB – He stayed here for 30 years but there is no trace of him

HJ – We have one, *points at picture* He took that picture.

SB – So many poeple pass by this hotel, I only vaguely remember them.

SH – What manager number was manager Noh?

HJ – Our boss should know it.

MW – it does not matter, they were all the same. What are you all doing? Work.

They all walk off looking back at her and shaking their heads disapprovingly.

Man-wol looks at the picture and thinks about Manager Noh putting the picture on the wall. She walks over and looks at it.

MW – He was just the 98th person. Koo Chan-sung is just the 99th person.

Chan-sung walks to his office and sees his title: Governing Hotel Manager on the desk that is piled high with paperwork already. He bites his thumb and then stops biting it and thinks he surrended too easily. But he bites it again and then puts his hand on his chest. He wonders why he surrendered so easily, it is not like him. Then he thinks of her holding his chest and thinks it was the mood of the moment.

The other employees knock on his door to say hi to teir new manager. Chan-sung asks if they ae all ghosts?

SB – I died 500 years ago, she is 200 years, he is 70 years, the youngest.

Chan-sung tries to smile though he is super nervous and becomes extra polite after hearing their ages.

SB – I was a scholar when I was alive. I passed the test and was about to come back home with glory, but I was dead. I wondered around the human world and found the Manwol Inn (Full Moon Inn). I am the oldest in this hotel. (there was a flashback with SB seeing Manwol in the past after he died, she was at her Inn)

CS – You were a scholar, so what do you do here?

SB – I actually was also good at poetry and art so I am a bartender here.

Chan-sung is kind of taken aback.

CS – Ah, so youa re the bartender.

SB – I am the oldest and first daughter in law of a noble family. But I was killed by our family members with a wrong accusation. (flashback to a scene that shows legends that every Korean of a certain age knows. All the ghosts have their own stories so it is an inside joke). I am going to witness every descendent of that F-ing family dies and then I will leave. *glaring look, then she turns peasant* I am the room manager.

HJ – I died during the Korean war. (flashback to the Korean war where we see Manwol in a uniform. Hyunjoong walks up to her, he is a North Korean soldier). back then it was the Full Moon Inn. That hotel also had a hard time. I am just waiting for my sister so we can go to the other world together. She is still alive. *smiles*

SB – We all have our own stories but to me – 

SH – All our employees came here as guests and stayed for longer periods and worked here. Except for our boss, we are the oldest employees who have stayed here for the longest.

CS – So she came here as a guest and stayed?

They tell him no, she is the owner, she was punished by Mago and is trapped here. CS wonders, whe is trapped here? Hyun-joong starts to talk about the big tree, but he gets a look to stop talking. CS asks if they have a garden? Seo-hee mentions that they have stopped working for too long, they need to go work. If they don’t then they might ahve to take the bus to the after world. SB mentions that he will tell CS the rest of the story over a martini.

They all get up to leave. CS asks Seo-hee where the big garden is, he did not see it today. She says that their boss might not have shown it to him because he does not have to see it. Chan-sung asks if the boss and the tree are related? Seo-hee asks how long chang-sung will work there. He says at short as possible because he did not choose to work there. She tells him that he can cut his curiosity short as well. He asks, so what you mean is, if I know more then I will be trapped here longer?

She says that they will take care of the hotel guests and he can take care of everything related to the human world. he agrees. She smiles pleasantly and leaves.


Later on, Chan-sung waits for the subway, deep in thought. Inside, he sits and thinks about all the marvelous wonders in the hotel and sighs. Everyday life seems to look a bit borning to him now. At home, he drinks a tea at his friend Sanchez’s place and looks out over the courtyard. Sanchez asks him about work and if he worked overnight and all that. CS mentions that he might have to quit, he got a job at another hotel.

Sanchez is dumbfounded at how he can quit the best hotel in Seoul. CS talks about the private beach and skybar and all those sorts of things. But it Sanchez goes there, he will stay in room 404. Sanchez is all sort of confused, what is room 404? The suite? CS goes back inside. It looks liek Sanchez is super rich or is from a super rich family. CS lives there as a roommate.

he goes into his very nice room and thinks that this is were he should be. This is good. But he sees a petal from the purple flower on his jacket and picks it up. It disappears into dust. he wonders how a strange thing can come into the real world.

Flashback to the very distant past with Man-wol, Choeng-myung, and Yeon-woo relaxing by the river as Yeon-woo plays a song on a guitar/banjo like string instrument that he plucks slowly to make a delicate tune. man-wol looks at the alcohol they are drinking and comments on the moon sumbol on it. it is a sign that the moon belongs to her (or something like that).

Choeng holds her hand and shows her how to write “Man Wol” which is her name in Chinese characters, and tells her that this was payment for her good drink. She smiles and looks at her name. it disappears (he might have written it in wine) and she smiles some more, to herself. He smiles to himself and they continue enjoying the night.


Chan-sung wakes up to a cell phone ringing and thinks that Man-wol was in his dream and now is calling him? He picks up his phone. She tells him that he is picking up the phone too slowly. Then she tells him that she has a job, she has to sell the Baekju mountain picture. He sits up, WHAT?

Cut to them standing in frnt of the picture. She thinks that the energy of the picture is super strong now with the energy of the Tiger inside. Chan-sung wonders how she can do this with the tiger inside? But Manwol just says that the tiger left. he lived in a zoo his entire life, had fun in baekju mountains for a few days, and then went to the other world. He is a sacred animal so he will be reborn nicely.

Chan-sung tells her that she took this picture because she knew what would happen, it was not for the tiger right? She tells him that she thinks about the tiger! I wear this for him! Then she pulls her slit in her dress back to show her tiger print stockings. She tells him that she can have the same thing made for him. But Chan-sung explains that he does not want it because no one wears a tiger print suit. She tells him that he has to sell it and get twice what it is worth. I want a new car.

She pats him happily in encouragement and then trotts off. Chan-sung is left to think that his boss is just a money hungry person and tries to talk to the tiger in the painting. But the tiger is not there so he is left silent and walks off in anoyance.

Cut to the now-ghost girl and the body that is taken over by the ghost. The girl is trying to get her body back but can’t. They are standing on a bridge.

Chan-sung is about to drive under the bridge and has eye contact with the ghost girl. She immediately shows up in front of him as he is driving, so he swerves out of the way. But she is sitting in the passenger side now and points to her body that houses the other ghost. Chan-sung is shocked.

He takes her to Hotel de Luna where Sunbi and Hyun-joong look on in the background. SB thinks that chan-sung brought a bothersome guest during the daytime. HJ says that this ghost says that she is not dead. SB mentions that they all say that. But they know that their boss will take care of it.

Upstairs, Manwol is so annoyed that the painting is not sold and their is a guest there that she did not want him to bring. He says that she said this place is a healing place, there is a student there that is not supposed to be here. She said someone took her body, he saw the other body, if it is true then we need to get it back. She tells him that what he brought is a living ghost.

Chan-sung wonders if the body is roaming around without its soul? Man-wol tells him that another soul is in her body now, duh! She is so annoyed.

At school, the other girls wonder what has happened to the high school girl. Why is she pretending to be a good person after giving that girl a hard time? We see the body looking at a picture of itself when it was alive.


Meanwhile, Manwol and Chan-sung stand outside someones house as Manwol says that she will try and find out about this girl and get some money. This is not just a rich family. She looks at the car and says that this family has a lot of money. He asks why this happened. Manwol says it is about the necklace, it belonged to the dead girl so the grudge of the ghost followed her own possession and followed her body also.

The girl shows up and Chan-sung sees her. The girl runs away and is about to jump the bridge again. Chan-sung grabs her. She yells that this girl was not her friend, she killed me! Flashback to the event that led to her death which was the nice girl trying to get her necklace from the other girl who kept it from her. Their struggle led to the nice girl falling off the bridge.

Girl – After I fell, I did not remember anything. I woke up and was in her body holding the necklace. Are you getting her body back? She killed me!

In the house, the ghost tells Man-wol all about the necklace and how she needs to talk to her parents, they will do anything for me. Man-wol smiles and says that they should, they made you after all.

Man-wol starts to talk to the parents about how their daughter killed that girl who supposedly jumped from the bridge. She smiles and says that the necklace is the evidence. They ask her what she wants. Man-wol says that she is there for the price.

On the bridge, Chan-sung says that they can find a way. But the nice girl says that she wanted to live! Even though people called her a parasite, she wanted to live! She tells Chan-sung to let her go! She can’t let her come back to this body again and laugh as if nothing happened.

She still wants to jump. She tells Chan-sung to let her go. He seriously thinks about it. But he tells her to wait, he will get the necklace. She can live inside that body until then. He runs off but sees Man-wol right away who is also on the bridge. She tells him that she gave the necklace back already.

Cut to the parents about to burn the necklace that belongs to the nice girl. They remember what Man-wol said and how everything has to go back to normal without the necklace there. After the talk, Man-wol tells the mean girl that the ghosts power is very strong in that necklace, but if she loses the necklace then she will lose the power to be forgiven. The girl says that she does not care.

Man-wol smiles and says that this mean girl can’t go back to her body. Her soul with die without that necklace. You are really dead without anyone knowing it. The mean girl runs back inside as the parents burn the necklace. The father says that dead is dead, his daughter should live. the mother says yes, it does not matter. But they wonder what Man-wol’s last words meant.

MW – You should remember, your choice will kill your daughters soul.

The mean girl ghost runs back to her parents and yells for them to stop burning the necklace! She also burns away as she yells and turns to dust.

Manwol tells the ghost that she will live in this body now. She is aparasite in this body, but she should live again. The girl walks back to her new home, she passes the reaper as she does, and then goes inside her new home.


Man-wol happily thinks about the job as they stand under a bridge. Chan-sung says that girl will have a hard time looking at herself in front of the mirror. Man-wol just smiles and says that everyone should pay for what they did. Chan-sung remembers what SB said, man-wol is getting punished by Mago which is why she is trapped.

he asks Man-wol if she is being punished as well? She turns and says yes, someone told her that she is cocky and stupid, but she does not acknowledge it. He says, ah. She asks why he said ah? Are you laughing at me. he looks at her and says no, sometimes he thinks she is a poor soul.

Man-wol gets a text that her card was cancelled and curses at her phone and then calls someone to explain this to her!

Back in the hotel, Chan-sung and Hyun-joong walk through the vast wine cellar as Hyun-joong explains that Man-wol drinks a lot. he also tells him that he was the #3 pick, so he is super unlucky that he was picked. Chan-sung is all like, I am the #3 pick! What! She had a #1 and #2? He tells him that he is the winner now. Chan-sung says he is not happy about it.

Hyun-joong takes the wine out which has that same moon symbol on it. Chan-sung remembers his dream. he asks Seo-hee what it means that Man-wol is trapped here. She tells him that he can just think of himself as a visitor. She refers to the paintings and pictures on the wall and tells him that, as he wished, he can do his job and leave quickly.

She walks off and Man-wol stays and looks at all the images of Man-wol through the years that decorate the wall. There is also a picture of the tree. He somehow finds his way to the rose garden and sees the tree. it has no leaves. 

man-wol shows up and asks him what he is doing there.

CS – You didn’t show me this so I came here.

MW – it is not for the guests, you don’t have to know.

CS – Is this that tree? The one my father touched so I had to be sold.

MW – Yes. You are paying a debt.

CS – I hard that I am #3, you don’t have to have me here. I thought you like me and that is why I was here. But I am after the first and second pick?

MW – Yes, we had a first and second pick.

CS – Was there a fourth and fifth pick?

MW – Who said you were #3? You were #0. You were the only one because I like you. Would you like to have a drink? You will sell the baekju mountain picture.

They start to talk about the tiger and the Baekju mountain picture. But he changes the subject and talks about his dream with her. He saw her smiling under the tree and was cranky to someone and yet happy and the moon was in the sky in a field where you drank alcohol and was filled with music and with your laughing sound. You were happy. You were not alone like this, you had someone next to you. There was a man who told you how to write your name. Is he the one you missed the most in your past?

Man-wol is stunned and puts her drink uncarefully on the table.

MW – you, did you really see him?

CS – For that long long long time, you waited for him here, right?

Flashback to man-wol at her tavern in the past waiting for him, cut to her at another time in the tavern, waiting for him. Time passes and she continues to wait for him as the tavern changes around her to different moments in time.

A song plays on a record in the background as she continues to wait at the hotel. Then we are brought back to the present.

MW – How do you see those things?

CS – I dont’ know why I see you. I am afraid that I have to pay for it. Jang Man-wol, I think about you a lot. You, Jang Man-wol, you are eating my nights and my dreams.

He looks at her, resolutely. She stares back at him in a way that looks almost afraid.

Fade Out


The story continues to tick along nicely. IU is throwing shade with the best of them and continues to be loathsome. She makes it so easy to hate her from the things that she says (literally almost everything out of her mouth) to the things that she does, she really doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. She was even a bandit in the past! But she must have some kind of heart hiding under all that shiny gloss. She definitely needs some kind of nice qualities for me to root for her. And not just niceness to the one or two men in her life that she liked once upon a time ago and has waited 1000 years to meet again. Come on Hong sisters, we are well into the 21 century now. I will not root for that.

I am getting some remnants of Hwayugi and Masters Sun in this show (has anyone seen those dramas?), which appear to make horror-comedy the Hong sisters best genre to play around with for me. No accusations of plagiarism have come up so far (which basically plagues the Hong sisters careers) which will hopefully make this show stronger in its potential originality and lessen the stress level of the production and cast all around. Though, story line aside, dialogue and the use of meta is really the Hong sisters strong point in my opinion.

Episode 4, here we come! (Though possibly not until much later on tonight ☺️).

Update: I spoke too soon! They do have a plagiarism allegation with a Japanese comic, possibly. Though we are not sure about all the details with it. It looks like they just mention the ghost hotel thing but it also looks like this is nothing big and people are just extra critical due to the Hong sisters past with legitimate plagiarism issues

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