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Hotel Del Luna: Episode 2 Recap

Hotel De Luna Episode 2 Recap on Drama Milk
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And we are back with episode 2! I loved both episodes and am right on this journey with Chang-sung. It is a journey I am happy to take through his eyes while simultaneously turning on all the lights over here. Episode 2 is below, enjoy!

Choose Your Own Adventure time: Choice 1) – Fall into a pool in front of your boss to avoid a blind ghost who is playing Marco Polo with you through the streets of Seoul or Choice 2) – say hello to your boss and her international colleagues thereby alerting the ghost to your whereabouts and the ever present risk of peeing your pants out of fear (oh yeah, and all that is also in front of your boss)?

The OST for Hotel de Luna can be found HERE!

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We open with the mayor getting harpooned by the rusty knife-like thing and hurled into a stone wall where he disappears into dust. Manwol smiles.

MW – You missed your last chance where I will give up on you. If you run away, then I will kill you.

CS – Did you just kill that old man?

He takes off running to see if the old man is still there and only sees the pile of dust and harpoon in the wall. But a scary hand reaches from the dust and grabs his foot. He hops out of it.

CS – What was that!

MW – Ashes of a ghost.

CS – That is a ghost?

MW – I told you, some ghosts look like humans. You should distinguish ghosts will big grudges.

CS – You said it was hard to distinguish! If I see it too carefully, it is scary.

MW – I am next to you, what is so scary about it?

She starts walking away.

CS – Wait, that thing, it will be dangerous for me to get too close.

It looks like he wants his shoe back. She tells him that they need to straighten out what he calls her. He should call her boss. He says that he will no work there. She asks him if he was not scared enough yet? Then she walks away again. He grabs his shoe and hops after her. He also asks what they will do with that dust pile? She tells him that the reaper will take care of it. She also looks at his disgusted when he tries to put his shoe back on. He says that he just bought it. She tells him to come along, we will go shopping.

As they walk away, CS asks where his carrier went? And the reaper shows up and vacuums up the dust pile.


Manwol picks out shoes for CS to wear that he does not like, but she tells him that she did not like his old brown shoes. She does not like brown. He is all upset because he thought she wanted him to throw it away because it was dangerous, not because it was brown. He says he will not wear them. But he ends up wearing them. He has to wear a black and white penguin style dress shoe.

They walk out with him wearing them as the mall closes. She mentions that he is so picky so she couldn’t shop for herself and tells him to come to work tomorrow. He reminds her that he will not work for her hotel. What would you like him to do? The mall starts to close, the blinds are released over the windows. 

She tells him that his job is to comfort people with regret. He asks what closing is? She says it is the closing of human life. They watch the mall completely close for the night as Manwol reiterates –  death.

Cut to a car accident where a man looks at the accident, bewildered. The reaper shows up and takes him to heaven in his car. Mago shows up as well and looks at the old body. She drops a flower on it and tells the man that he followed the long journey nicely. Hopefully you cross the bridge well.

The next scene is of the bridge. It looks like an infinitely long Industrial bridge that cars would drive on, but it is only people walking across, some holding flowers. The man who just died is holding his flowers, but he stops to look at the stars shooting above him. Below him is a water fall on both sides.

VO – Most of them cross the bridge at the end of their human life and go to the other world, but sometimes they miss the bridge. You saw it. Their time in the world ended, but they stupidly stayed in this world and roam around.

CS – Like you, the department store closed but you have lingering regret, so you just roam around.

MW – Good analogy, you understand me well. So, the guests for my hotel are the dead souls who lost their way.

CS – So for you, the guests are ghosts? that is why you made me see those scary things?

MW – Come to De Luna, you will be safe next to me.

he grips his luggage tighter.

MW – No, no, no, the most dangerous thing you can do is run away from me without my permission. Don’t do it.

Her car drives around.

MW – Koo Chan-sung with new shoes. Take subway line 4, don’t miss it.

She turns to leave.

CS – Miss jang Man-Wol.

MW – I told you to call me properly.

CS – Which side are you on? Before the door closed, or are you running around with regret after the door closed?

the manager is standing at the car door, waiting. he looks up.

CS – I know from todays experience that you are not a normal person like me. You said that if a ghost has a strong grudge, then they can kill people. You said you can kill me. Are you a ghost?

MW – The ghost is the one right next to you.

He turns and sees the blind ghost from before. He immediately closes his mouth.

MW – You shut your mouth automatically, I like you.

She smiles and walks away as he keeps his mouth shut while the ghost stands next to him, almost sniffing him. Mungwol drives away but wonders – ghost, with a grudge…

Cut to a woman who is with her daughter. The daughter hears a cat meowing and goes to find it. The mother does not notice. The girls finds the cat, but it is a huge tiger. The girl is not afraid. The mother runs up to her and does not see the tiger. She asks her daughter what she is looking at and gives her a hug saying that she worried about her. The cats shadow walks away.

Meanwhile, Manwol stands by the tree in the hotel and wonders if it is alive or dead. More than 1000 years and it does not have leaves or flowers. Her manager is standing behind her. She wonders about what Chan-sung told her about her being alive or dead. The manager reminds her that she said that the tree is her. Man-wol says that she wonders if she is alive. But the mood shifts when the manager says that he can prepare champagne. She tells him, not one bottle, prepare one case. 

But there is a shift in the air, a twinking and Man-wol mutters that she has a very special guests coming. She needs to welcome that guest.

She goes outside and sees the tiger walking by. The tiger kind of growls at her as she smiles, but keeps walking on by. Hyun-joong comes up amazed and wonders if a tiger can stay there? Did you kick it out? Man-wol tells him that he should not do his work like this. You should notice it and take care of it! He smiles and says that it is his first time seeing a tiger in his 60 years of working there. She reminds him to work well, she has a lot of ghosts that want to work for the hotel in order to stay in the human world. So, if you do not like something, take the bus to the human world, I am not holding you back. 

he says, I was not good at my job so you got Chan-sung. I am not good at work, but I am lucky. She smiles and asks if he died so early because he is lucky? She smiles and goes inside. He realizes that he probably wasn’t that lucky after all and runs in after her.

Meanwhile, Chan-sung is at his home with his roommate, Sanchez. But Chan-sung is pretty bummed and does not talk to Sanchez as he normally does. He still sees ghosts and is deep in thought about it. Sanchez goes and gets a beer for them.

Chan-sung talks to himself about the situation and then that ghost with the shades comes and sits right next to him. He remembers to shut his mouth.


Cut directly to Chan-sung going to the Hotel. But it is different from what his father described. It had a signboard and Ivy’s growing all around and was huge, more than 100 stories. Chan-sung thinks that this place is a lot different than what he expected.

he goes inside to the very normal and not amazing at all concierge place. Hyun-joong greets him and notices that he is human, so he gives him the cost. It is like 3,000 to 4,000 a room (USD). So yeah, crazy priced. Hyung-joong tells him that they are super expensive and have no discounts, you may as well stay in the resort next door. 

But Chan-soon says that he is actually there to work and shows his letter. Hyun-joong sees that this is the new employee and shows him up in the elevator. The elevator ride is graphically comical by the way. It is just the two in the elevator surrounded by bricks on both sides and Chan-sung shuffles away from Hyun-joong as he tries to shuffle closer to him.

They get to the lobby area where they make a tiny bit of small talk about what to call each other (manager? Hyung?) and then the manager comes in and tells Chan-sook that he will see him up. Chan-sung walks right behind Joon-seok and wonders if he is a ghost. He slowly taps him on the shoulder. But his hand does not go through, so the manager feels the touch and tells Chan-sung that he is human like him.

Cut to the waiting area for Man-wol. Chan-sung looks at all the photos and then asks Joon-seok if he has worked here for a long time? The man says he has worked there for 30 years, since he was 40 years old. You will take over my work. Chan-sung is amazed, do I have to work until I become that old?

Man-wol comes in and immediately asks why he did not where the shoes she bought for him? He says the hotel he works for does not like flashy shoes like that. MW reminds him abut that shade ghost, it looks like she attached her to him? He says he is not a wifi hotspot. She likes that he has all sorts of great understanding expressions. She also reminds him that he needs to get used to ghosts because these are the guests that you will serve.

he wonders if this is a shaman house that hosts ghosts? She says it is a hotel. they are registered as a business in the district. it is registered in Manager Joon-seoks name. Chan-sung says that he did not find this hotel in registeries when he searched for it! She reminds him that it is only for ghosts. Of course you will not find us. We do not do shamanic ceremonies, we do healing ceremonies. She does a little move to represent a washed out version of healing and then looks at him again.

In another room, a ghost is going to town eating a bunch of food that is stacked on a table. Seo-hoon tells her to eat as much as she wants that she could not eat in person. She then goes to another guest who looks lik ehe died on the top of Mount Everest. She gives him tea and says that she will burn the fire until he gets warmer. She goes to another guests who only wants to read everything and study. Seo-hee tells her to study as much as she wants in every language.

VO – De Luna is a place for people who are not human anymore to release all the wishes that they could not release when they were human. In current terminology, I call it healing. Not only for humans, but ghosts need healing as well.

CS – But if your guests are ghosts, why do you need me? I am only human.

MW – There are things humans cannot do like register the business and pay taxes and so many things

He says that he wants to do this humanely and prepared a lot of money to repay her. He is paying her back principal plus interest, so release me with this. He gives it to her. She takes it like he is a child she has to listen to and looks at his money. She says that he worked hard and is good with money, so if you are giving this to me then I will take it.

he thinks this means he is done and says he is leaving. She says she will go with him. But he says that he is not going with her, he is going alone. She smiles and tells him goodbye.

Chan-sung leaves and is immediately scared in the hallway with the creepy emptiness and quiet. He gets into the elevator where a voice tell him the third floor. He is about to press it but wonders where this voice comes from? A super stretchy arem reaches for it, he looks up and sees a girl floating above him. 

Chan-sung almost breaks the button pressing for the door to open and then runs out and bursts back into Man-wol’s office. He asks why he is still seeing ghosts! I paid you back! She tell shim that it was his birthday gift, you gave me a gift also. He wants his eyes turned back to normal. She tell shim that she is going out, you can come with me. he is so upset yet tells her okay, lets talk more outside! Then he sticks to her like glue as they walk thorugh the hotel.

Sun-bi and Joon-seok look at them walking out. The bartender thinks that the new hire looks weak. But the manager says that he looks fearless to him, in the begining he was more afraid of the boss than the ghosts, but he has no problem talking to her. The bartender says it is because he does not know why their boss is the boss. 

SB – The scariest and most gruesom ghost is Jang Man-wol. 

Man-wol and Chan-sung get into the elevator with CS telling her to hurry up. They get off at the garage level where there are so many fancy cars. She says that she has a lot of guests, of course ghosts don’t bring their cars with them. she throw him the keys and they hop in.

Cut to them driving a convertible on a bridge and chatting, Chan-sung drives and Man-wol chills in the passenger seat.

They start to talk about seeing ghosts with your own eyes and how that is bad, but driving this car feels good right? So, you want to work with me now? He looks interested a little bit and asks about how they can make money with ghosts. She says that she should have shown him the car first and not the ghosts, but he says that he does not care. However, he laughs when he sees that she wears a seat belt and says that it is funny that a ghost wears a seat belt. 

She laughs as well and says that it is funny that he thinks she will fix his eyes. He says that she agreed! I will not go with you if you do not! She just smiles and says that he can’t leave and work for someone else. He asks where they are going, she smiles and says to catch a tiger. He smiles as well and asks if it is a joke. She laughs and looks at him, but her face grows serious. He stops laughing.

Cut to them in a museum where they are looking at a stuffed tiger. it is the last Baekju mountain tiger caught in the mountains. North Korea sent it as a gift to South Korea. Chan-sung heard that this tiger was alone, not making any friends or finding a mate. She mutters that he is dead and looks alive standing like this. 

This reminds Chan-sung of something she said about how she is not dead, she just exists like this. He tries to think of something to say, but ends up saying nothing.

Elsewhere, the tiger shows up in the room of a very rich man and attacks him as he just wakes up from sleep. But it looks like it was a dream as the man hops up in bed. His assistant asks him if he had the nightmare again, and calls him chairman. In the hallway, we see the tigers tail as it walks away.

Meanwhile, Man-wol and Chan-sung eat as he tells her about the tiger and how his chairman got it as a gift the last time he went to North Korea. he asks why they are in this kidney bean soup place (Patjuk cafe). is this related? She tells him that tigers like Patjuk the most. For tigers, of course, when you think of tigers you remember tigers right? Patjuk is a type of bean and rice soup. Man-wol starts to talk about that TV show again and how the host ate this and put 5 chapsalduk (sweet rice cake) in his mouth, he is not a normal guy. How many can you put in?

Chan-sung is so angry and says he told her he has to go to work! Now is not the time to relax and eat Patjuk! But she says that you have to eat it relaxed, if you eat it too quickly then it will burn your mouth due to the hot rice cake inside.

He tells her that she took his money, so fix my eyes. She just sighs and rests her chin on her hand.

MW – Do you know why the dduk merchant was eaten by the tiger? The tiger said, If you give me a rice cake I won’t eat you. The merchant gave dduk to the tiger, that is why the merchant was eaten by the tiger. The merchant should have negotiated first.

CS – So, do I have to live with that woman with the sunglasses my entire life?

MW – No, just bring her to the hotel, after a few days of staying in the hotel, I will put her on a bus to the new world. If she had a good life then she will ride in a limo.

Man-wol continues to eat happily.

At the hotel, we see that the hiker is all defrosted and gets in a limo to go to the after life. The reaper, the manager, and the room manager all see him off. The reaper tells the manager that he heard he was going to retire soon and a new manager would come. The manager says yes, he will retire. He wants to fish a lot. The reaper tells him that he does not have that much time left.

The manager asks if that means his transportation will come and pick him up soon? The reaper does not way anything more. The manager takes that as a yes and says, so I need to wrap things up soon.

Elsewhere, Chan-sung tries to explain to Man-wol that he is the bees knees. He had offers from all the top hotels, he is super talented with an MBA from Harvard. She tells him that they don’t need an MBA, he sees ghosts now so he is best for their hotel. And those hotels, they gave you an offer before they relized you could see ghosts. If you dont’ come to our hotel then the only thing you can do is be a shaman. If you can put bread in your mouth then you can be a comedian as well. So are you going to be a shaman?

Chan says that he can get used to it and ignore it. So asks, really? Lets see if you can get used to it and ignore it. She does something to the candle that makes a lot of dust flow into the air and everything turn to black and white. She smiles and tells him to ignore everything as he said. If he can get her a coffee and not spill it at all, then she will acknowledge what he said.

He gets up and goes to get a coffee. the coffee is the only thing in color. When he turns around he sees so many scary looking ghosts who look more like zombies that want to eat his brains. He gulps and starts walking back to the table with the coffee. It is filled all the way to the brim, but he walks steadily and tries not to drip any. But it is difficult as zombie ghost after zombie ghost jumps in his face. But he makes it all the way back and all the color goes back to the room. The ghosts disappear. Man-wol looks like she lost a huge bet but shrugs it off and says that he barely can serve a cup of coffee but you think Forbes will hire you? She walks off.

In the hotel, the other teammates ask the old manager when the new manager will come and if he will leave when he does? They are all sitting in the bar. The bartender tells the manager that he worked there for a long time so come by and tell us how people live from time to time. The room manager, Seohee says that he does not have to do that, just come here a long long time later. He tells them that they should also release their grudge and prepare for a nice life in the after world. He wanted to send them off, but he has to leave before he can see it.

Sunbi sighs and wonders how they can take care of their boss without him. the new guy is not so trustworthy. Just then Man-wol comes in looking like she is in a huff. he might have yelled where everyone was or something, not sure. She tells Sun-bi that when he was alive he passed a huge government test. He says yes. he is about to explain but she tells him to shut up and asks if it is better than harvard MBA? In current terms? H says that it cannot be compared.

She asks Seo-hee if the house seh lived in had more than 99 rooms? She says yes, she had more than a hundred people under her. She yells at Hyun-joong, he says that yes he was the richest in Gyeongseong (old name for Seoul when under Japanese rule). She angrily tells them that they work for her because they are dead but they should be even more famous than Chan-sung when they were alive. But he is bragging because Forbes is saying something?

The building might have shook from her rage. The other employees step to the side while the manager talks to her a bit more at the bar. He says that he has to go to the hospital for a few days. She asks if it is bad? The manager asks when Chan-sung will come and replace him? Man-wol mentions that Chan-sung said that he can endure, but it won’t last long. he is a very weak guy. I found the guy to replace you and I promised to you that I would let you go. So, for the rest of your life, enjoy human life and leave.

She walks off, he looks happy in a soothing bitter sweet way and bows. The bartender thinks that Man-wol should have said more, he served her for many decades but she didn’t even asks how he was or anything.

Meanwhile, Chan-sung goes to work at the hotel happily. But he is reminded for De Luna when he sees a pamphlet for the tiger exhibit. But he shakes it off and rings for the elevator, however a gastly ghost is on the elevator and almost scares the life out of Chan-sung. he does not get on, other guests do though and do not see the ghost.

Chan-sung goes outside and tries to shake everything off, but he sees the ghost in the shades and doesn’t talk immediately. His boss comes outside to introduce his very experienced manager who started work today, she starts to walk toward Chan-sung with a small group of English speaking people.

Chan-sung thinks that all he has to do is not make any sound!

CS – (Ah, I already made eye-contact, I can’t, but if I make a sound then she will jump on me and take off her sunglasses)

President – Koo Chan-sung

CS – (if my boss talks to me then i have to say something. But I am not confident that I can ignore this woman if she takes off her sunglasses! if I…I…)

He puts his arms up and falls into the water fully clothed. The president is all like, um, wtf?

Later on we see him drying hmself off on the side of the pool. Man-wol comes up to him and asks what he is doing, why is he like this all wet and stuff, you said you would ignore it. He tries to ignore her and says that he will not go to her hotel, he will ignore everything. But she sees the tiger pamphlet that is all wet now and says that he could not ignore that. Do you wonder what happened to this last tiger? Lets go find out.

They go to a building that looks more like a huge wall, but it is a real place. it looks like this might be someones house so Man-wol tells Chan-sung to be confident, and she rings the bell. Cut directly to them sitting with the chairman, who is Chan-sung’s hotel chairman as well as a huge chaebol. he says that he came there because he wanted to see him. The chairman thinks that Man-wol is Chan-sung’s wife. Chan-sung says yes and she wanted to greet him as well.

The chairman is happy to talk to Chan-sung becuase he has not be out in a long time. Man-wol starts to look around all on her mery lonesome. She also starts to talk to the chairman in banmal and asks if the painting is expensive? it looks old. Chan-sung has to apologize and says she lived abroad so she does not speak real Korean that well. He calls to her, Honey! Honey! Please! and then walks over. 

They all end up walking over to look at the painting which was a gift to the chairman from North Korea along with the tiger. CS says that he saw the tiger exhibition and actually sees the tiger shadow on the wall. The chairman says that he brought the tiger with him, he was alone and died. Man-wol says that the tiger does not have to leave anything there, all the most improtant things for him remained in North Korea where he could not go back.

The man says that he also does not feel good about it and sees this tiger in his dreams. She says that the person who brought it there should send it back. But the chairman says that the stuffed tiger became a symbol of peace, he cannot remove it or send it back.

All the glass starts to break and shatter in the room. It looks like the two men both notice it and look around at all the shattered glass.

Back in the hotel, the old manager hangs a new painting/picture of man-wol standing in front of the hotel. he says that his time at the hotel is all represented in that picture only, will she remember all the time that he was there? he looks at the painting with hopeful longing.

Meanwhile, Man-wol and Chan-sung eat out once again, though Man-wol does all the eating. they talk about the chairman and Chan-sung reveal that he saw the tiger there. MW asks why he did not catch it. She also mentions that the chairman is sick because of that tiger, the tiger is waiting for him to die. But she is not all that concerned and mentions that she wanted to eat fish after seeing the mountain. She does a bit of wordplay and says that of course when she sees the mountain she wants to eat fish ( a kind of play on words with the Korean National anthem). He tells her that the ghost tiger is hunting people so they should go back.

She tells him to go back and tell him that he will get rid of the tiger and get the expensive painting for her. if you tell him that he is sick because of the tiger, then he will give it to you. he is rich.

CS – Now I understand how you make money. You get money from people who suffer from ghosts. Is that my job as a human?

MW – yes, that is your job from now on.

CS – I am not doing that con job. Did you trick my father like this?

MW – I saved your fathers life. For that, I have your life. that is why I am protecting you like this. Without me – you will die.

CS – With the ghsots that haunt me? You already haunt me enough.

They stare at each other seriously.

CS – I am done with my promise to you. I am going to live a human life from now on.

He walks off and sees the sunglass ghost. He tells her to take off her suglasses! I am not afraid of you! I saw a tiger, so take them off!

She motions to take them off, but doesn’t. He walks away and looks up to see the old manager waiting for him. They talk about life at De Luna hotel. Joon-seok says that it was his choice, De Luna is worth spending your life there. Chan-sung says that he does not care, he does not want to take a lot of money from this chairman and he is also not confident that he can do it as well. The manager says that De Luna is not a kind of place that can be explained in human logic. The value of money and power is different there, so I could not judge what my boss was doing using human standards. maybe you hate it now and don’t want to see it straight, maybe you want to avoid it. But if you face it with courage, maybe you are like me and can find the value in it.

But his friend calls to him and asks what he is doing outside alone? Chang-sung is all like, I am talking to someone. Sanchez says he is talking to himself. OMG, the manager is dead now! Sanchez just shakes his head and thinks that his friend is too lonely now.

Joon-seok is still there though, but now he looks like he is made out of the milky way and tells Chan-sung that he will get to know about all the secrets that man does not know about. Doesn’t that sound fun?

The manager then goes to the hotel and is greated by Hyun-joong who realizes that Joon-seok is there as a guest now. Seo-hee then tells Man-wol that manager Nho is there as a guest. Man-wol sips her champagne and looks like she might have a heart tucked away deep inside, after all.

Inside, Nho is waiting at the tree when Man-wol comes up to see him. He tells her that it is strange to come there as a guest even though he has been there many times. He apologizes and says that he dies while he was out. 

MW – I just released you, you didn’t have a chance to live as a human.

Nho – I had a meaningful life serving the guests here. A long time ago, when I was about to kill myself. If I did not see you then my life would have ended short and pitiful. I am so glad that I stayed here.

MW – Well, whatever, you did not even make any family members that can remember you.

Nho – I got old alone. You were my sister, my daughter, my granddaughter. I am so happy. I can leave without regret because there is the next guy in line.

She looks at him with as teary of eyes that she can probably produce. She holds his sleeve.

MW – I don’t die, I can’t say that we will see each other later. 

He holds her hand.

Nho – I hope your time ticks again sometime in the future.

He hops in a limo and is driven to the afterlife. The three main employees see him off. Man-seol stays looking at the tree and yet not looking at the tree. it is more like she is keeping the tree as company as she holds onto the quiet pain of letting her manager go to the after life where she cannot follow.

Elsewhere, Chan-sung meets with the chairman at the chairman’s home and talks about the tiger and Man-wol. He says that it was difficult to him that he brought the tiger to South Korea alive and still holds onto his dead skin. man-wol meets with the stuffed tiger and tells it that it should come out and not stay there.

The chairman voices over that MW wants his painting as a favor for removing the tiger. It is difficult to believe, but the tiger was really here. I gave her my painting.

Cut to the chairman talking to Chan-sung and looking at the empty spot where the painting stood. He says if he can return the tiger then he does not care about the painting. Chan-sung thinks that the tiger wanted peace, why didn’t he see that earlier? He breathes in a sigh.

Meanwhile Man-wol tells the tiger that it does not belong there, he needs to go to another place and rest in peace.  She shows him the painting of the mountain and we see the tiger remembering his home. He walks into the painting and lets out a loud roar. The camera scrolls away revealing Man-wol looking at the painting, she then turns around and walks away.

Man-wol walks into her hotel hallway and closes the door behind her, then walks up the hallway off to do something else.

Chan-sung walks up to his palce and sees the women in shades again. He tells her that he knows where she needs to go, he can take her there. 

the two ride in a taxi. Chan-sung says that he avoided her and didnt’ even ask why she was following him. But he thought about it, she could not see when she was alive, but maybe she can see now. Try to erase the memory of not being able to see. Why dont’ you try to see?

The woman removes her glasses again and Chan-sung smiles and tells her that she has eyes now. But we don’t see them. The driver is all like, what in the world?

Cut to the hotel where we see the women in shades, but she is not wearing shades and we see her eyes and her happy smile as she looks at Hyun-joon. 


The next day, Chan-sung is walking through the other hotel when he sees the tiger exhibition poster again. he looks at his black and white shoes that MW bought for him and then pulls out his phone to ask her if the tiger went back to the mountain okay? I am sorry to misunderstand you.

Then he tells himself that the chairman said that if there is something that bothers you in your heart then it will be a disease. he texts her again and then walks to a little boy who is trying to touch a knight complete with sword. he pleasantly tells the kid not to do that and send him on his way. But then the knight comes to life sort of. Chan-sung tells himself to ignore it and starts to walk away.

But the knight starts to come more and more to life and starts glowing.

later on, Chan-sung looks at his phone and mutters that he has no answer from man-wol. But then the fear kicks in as he senses something watching him. A woman asks him if she can use the swimming pool? he points her in the right direction but then sees the knight who has stepped off his stand and is right in front of Chan-sung.

The knight grips his sword as if he will attack. Chan-sung remembers Man-wol telling him that if he is attacked by a ghost with a grudge then he might die. You have to finish things well.

Chan-sung takes off running away from the ghost. It follows him slowly and then charges to attack and swings its sword at him. The power of the ghost swinging his sword is enough to send Chan-sung flying every which way as he bounces off of posts.

Chan-sung is left on the floor cowering away from the knight ghost and puts his arm up as one last ditch effort to protect him from the knights sword. But then Man-wol shows up and saves him by man handling this ghost knight and turning it to dust.

Then she turns to Chan-sung.

MW – The tiger when back to Baekdu mountain and I am here to forgive you in person.

CS – *relieved* Thank you.

Chan-sung passes out and soft music starts to play. MW is sent into a memory.

MW – Good for trees, they dont have to move around, they can just stay rooted in one place. What? You will make a house with this tree? Shut up, I don’t want to live with you in a house together.

She smiles at this mystery man. We don’t see him (though I think we saw him once before in another flashback).

Chan-sung wakes up int he hotel and is greeted by Hyun-joong as the manager. He says he is not the manager. But he walks off with HJ who asks him if this is his first time coming to De Luna at night? he happily shows him to the lobby area where we see spirit looking people being helped by other people. They might be ghost guests and ghost hosts.

HJ – This is the real De Luna, you will get to know the secret world that no one gets to know about. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Then Man-wol walks out in a new outfit and hairstyle. She is on the staircase and looks out over the lobby. Chan-sung looks up at Man-sol and she looks at him as well.

Fade Out


I love this back and forth bicker fest! Chan-sung may be weak, but he is also somehow made of steel. How can he handle all those ghosts hoping into his face like that? Plus, that knight at the end whose eyes were made of skittles? If Man-wol wasn’t there then Chang-sung would have been checking into the hotel while simultaneously planning his revenge on it. Speaking of Man-wol, she is the worst kind of worst, and yet you know she has a loving heart in there somewhere due to her past and in how she visibly showed her quiet and strong hearted angst in missing her manager. I can’t wait to check out episodes 3 and 4 tomorrow! I heard episode 3 was good!

In other news, how many wardrobe (and hair!) changes can IU go through in one episode???? Should this be a drinking game?

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