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Hotel del Luna: Episode 11 Live Recap (Finished)

Hotel de Luna live recap episode 11
Korean drama Hotel de Luna, courtesy tvN

The amazingly scary and simultaneously hard to believe and yet we are watching a story about ghosts in a hotel so there is that serial killer story line continues today! Hopefully it ends today too because I am all sorts of creeped out by it. It does not help that the hotel moved to the countryside and sits right next to a cemetery, eep. But at least Man-wol is there to protect Chan-wung who, let’s be honest, needs a lot of protecting. On the good side, the tree has fully blossomed! Whoo Hoo!

Today, will be just like last week in that we will have to stop mid way through, then we will come back and finish up around midday (hopefully)!

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We open in the past with the alcohol bottle hanging from the tree and Man-wol looking at it. Then we falsh to the riverside and see Choeng-myung looking at the waters and then looking at a medalion or something similar in his hands. Cut to Man-wol riding her horse to the river. Choeng-myung waites for her with a rose in his hands? It looks like a metal rose. He turns around when he hears something approaching.

Then Chan-sung wakes up.

CS – Ko Choeng-myung – did he go there to see her?

Then Sanchez calls for Chan-sung to come out, he has a delivery for him that is from manwol. Th enote says “Because I thank you.” He remembers her tellinng him not to run away even if she goes crazy and almost disappears. He hugged her and told her that he won’t let her disappear. Sanchez tells Chan-sung that Man-wol hired a good and qualified person like him and now she is taking you back. Perhaps it hurt her conscience.

He opens the package and sees a tiger suit makde special for him. He remembers Manwol telling him that he will make him a tiger suit when he gets a good price for the painting. She even showed off her tiger tights with a smile. Chan-sung is less than thrilled, who wears tiger suits? But Sanchez loves it and says that it looks expensive. He mocks Chan-sung a bit about it.

Chan-sung asks if Sanchez saw Manwol recently? Sanchez says yes, she asked me to help with inheritance and with horses. Flashback to Sanchez talking to Manwol about horse riding clubs and how someone from there will be interested in it. Manwol tells him that if he can sell it successfully then she will buy him a nice white suite. Sanchez asks why she does not ask Chan-sung. She says that she cannot do that, he is too busy recently. But she also tells him that she will give him very good service if he comes to her hotel many many years from now.

Chan-sung sighs and thinks that this has to do with that dream phone call, he should not be of guard with anything. He must control the leash tightly!

he goes to the hotel on a mission, but he is stopped by Seohee. She says that people knew about the dream phone call from the chairman so there are a lot of requests. But that is a special service for paying a lot of money, so what should we do? Chan-sung says that they should tear all the guests equally with equal wervice. He takes the form and heads to Manwol’s office.

Manwol is, meanwhile, happily trying on jewelry in her office. She banters back and forth with Chan-sung about Tigers and Zebras and why he is not wearing her suit. he tells her that they have a lot of special requests, so she should solve it. he puts the form on her desk. But he says that this is special service for special money. He tells her that she should help the other guests.

But Man-wol tells him that people will not say good things in these dreams. What if they curse them and says that they died becuase of them. What about that? This is not only for money, I always evaluate the cases. She sits back and tsks. Chan-sung is won over by this but is not deterred, he says that he will find guests that meet her criteria.

She is so annoyed and complains after him that she got the horse so why is he getting annoyed!

Cut to the phone calls. One man gives the secret recipe to his son or daughter for their restaurant. Another guest talks to her oppas (there are several of them and they are not her blood related oppas) The writing says that she really wants to say something to her oppas who supported her when she was sick. But it looks more like fan oppas?

She happily talks for the full 10 minutes and then leaves. Manwol asks if Chan-sung is having fun? he smiles.

Then the father and son come to talk to their wife. But they only get one call. The father says that he wants to talk to the driver that killed them. But Man-wol says that he cannot talk to them or blame them or curse them. Leave.

But the man says that it is not about that, he wants to apologize to him.

Cut to the man looking all sorts of depressed for killing two people. he quits his job. But his boss wants him to stay on because he was acquitted. How else can he make a living? The man leaves and then sees the ghost dad and son. He immediately gets on his knees to apologize. The father says that they are the ones that are sorry, they are the ones that jumped into the street all of a sudden. They were unlucky and gave him too much pain and unfortunate. They are sorry for that. They hope that their life is not broken because of them.

The driver apologizes and says thank you. The son smiles. Then the man gets off the phone and thanks manwol and Chan-sung. They feel good now and are relieved. They happily leave the office.

Chan-sung hesitantly asks Man-wol is she would like to stop there? She says there are only a few left, so they can let them in.



Meanwhile, the three main employees look at the tree pleasantly and think that it is all blossomed. They think that good things could happen. The flowers blossom to fall so Mago wants to take their boss. They think that they should leave first, before their boss leaves. They should get ready.

Back in the office, Man-wol and Chan-sung head out with man-wol saying that she is so tired. it is hard to connect people from this world to that. he says that she did a good job so he will give her a treat (or something like that). They start to talk about whether he will wear the suit? he says that he reseraved the dduk guk store that she failed to eat at. 

She says that they can’t make a reservation and have to wait for two hours, how did he? He says that he used his Harvard connection, the son of that dduk guk house went to Harvard also. I rented the entire store before it closes. 

She tells him that she has to wear special clothes for this dduk guk! Becuse it is not just any kind of dduk guk! She hurries off and starts getting ready. Chan-sung also goes to his office, he looks at the suit seriously, but then shakes his head, no no no and walks off.

In the restaurant, Man-wol looks amazing as always and Chan-sung sits with her and asks if she can use banmal with her? Sanchez calls her Manwol so he wants to as well. She asks, really? You want to use banmal with me? Okay, eat 1300 dduk guks and you can. One year for each dduk. he says no, 100. She calls him a Harard conman and asks how she can be old for nothing. He smiles and asys that if he eats 13 dduk then it is a go. So he starts to eat the little dduks and counts 100 – 200 – 300 years as he does.

In the hotel, Hyun-joong looks at the blossomed tree. He thinks it is so pretty now, why does it have to come down? It makes him sad. There is a firefly flying around the tree as Hyun-joong leaves. There is also a firefly flying around where Man-wol and Chan-sung eat. They continue to joke about how many hundreds of years he has to eat to catch up to her. They joke back and forth about how he was famous for eating fast at Harvard. They keep joking about 1300 years 3600 years and all those things until they both start laughing happily.

The scene fades out on the fully blossomed tree back lit with sunshine.




The police talk about their predicament with the online community and how it is like a trash dump place for emotions now. Yeon-woo talks about how their suspect replied to all six victims and there are a lot of clicks online that blame the dead (or something like that). The goal of that site is to write a post about the person that they hate and people jump on it and write a lot of bad things.

Their suspect executed things for them, so is he the devil? People did not know why they where dying at all.

Cut to the hotel and all the victims talking to Hyun-joong and Yoona about who killed them. it is like they are having a meeting so they can find out what happened. Yoona wants them to tell her everything that they remember about the murderer.

Meanwhile, the murderer is sitting in his car looking at something. Then we cut to him talking to a man about Koo Chan-sung and a woman. He then goes to the high school and asks them a lot of questions about Yoona. They tell him that she is crazy, she sees ghosts. Everyone in the school knows this. He says that they should not make her friend crazy with that. But they are adamant and says that she follows ghosts around.

In the hotel, Chan-sung talks to Sunbi about changing their signature cocktail, “tears” into “cheers”. the thinks it is a good idea and thinks he should develop some more signature cocktails. they talk about how Harvard is a good place for an education and have a good laugh, then they start to talk about the people that Yoona and Hyun-joong are talking to. 

Chan-sung talks to Yoona about everything. She gives him a piece of paper and says that she saw the owner in that car. He is young. Chan-sung tells her not to worry about those things becuase she is young. If you see anything then tell me and I will take care of it.

Elsewhere, Man-wol talks to Seo-hee about some business and then asks her about the tree and why she has not asked her about it? Seo-hee says that they are all prepared to leave and she will see them all die. Man-wol mentions that she heard that Seo-hee’s daughter died to continue their family name. You are in a hurry, but don’t make the same mistake as #13 guest. if you become a bad ghost and disappear as ash, what about your 200 years of service here?

Seohee says that she does not care, her grudge is that big. Man-wol and Seohee then mention a partial eclipse of the moon, she will get ready for that. She walks out full of emotion. In the hall is one of the guests that Yoona found. Seohee asks him if he needs anything? He says he needs water so Seohee says she will bring it to his room.

In her office, Man-wol thinks about the long eclipse and the camera cuts to the moon.

In another office, we see a woman looking out of a high rise window at the moon.

At home, Chan-sung walks up to his palce and is greeted by three men in suits. He stops in the courtyard for a moment and then starts to walk past them. But they call his name and says that he should come with them. They lead him to the woman that is looking out the window.

She tells him to come closer. he does. He asks who she is, she turns around and smiles. It look slike he recognizes her. He saw her in the morning newspaper. He says he respects her, but why does she want to see him? She says that he is an executive of one of the hotels in her district. Can you take me to that hotel? I want to see the boss. Chansung asks if she knows the boss?

She mentions Hotel de Lunas president Man-wol and says that she was one of her managers. She then smiles.

Chan-sung goes back to the hotel and shows the guest that he brought. She comes in with a big smile and greets Hyun-joong about not working at the front yet. He runs out and gives her a big hug and spins her around. But he asks if she is dead yet and she tells him that he still does not recognize if people are living or dead yet. Then he happily brings her inside where she has a fun reunion with Sunbi and Seohee.

The former manager asks if they have any guests there? She does not see anyone? Chan-sung says they have some and then introduces the boss who is looking at this all like she is so bored, from the stairs. Then they go talk where Man-wol says that the hotel is like this because the manager bought that land and managed the hotel well. She then talks about what the manager is doing now. The halmoni says it is all becuase Man-wol let her go.

Man-wol says that she did not let her go becuase she wants to, a smart person like her should not stay there. Mago gave you medicine not to see the ghosts because you are too good for the hotel. If you made a little  more money then I would have big land in gangnam. She says that because of her experience there, her views of the world and values changed. manwol thinks she does good things, so why is she there?

The woman says hse has a request. Man-wol thinks that figures, you came here because you need something. What is it? The woman gives her a gift that she thinks will fit her well. Manwol opens it, it is a lovely diamond necklace that Manwol loves. Then she asks what her request is? The woman says it is a small request for the biggest eclipse that has come after 30 years.



Soon, we see Chan-sung sitting with Seo-hee and Sunbi as they talk about the former manager. She is the manager that made Man-wol rich for the first time. they can’t believe that someone like her worked here because Man-wol never leaves footage of the managers around. But why is she here? 

Cut to Chan-sung talking to Man-wol about the possibility of recieving human guests, is that possible? Man-wol says yes, it is the lunar eclipse. He wonders what difference that makes. She says it is because when the lunar eclipse comes, the moon tavern is revealed a little bit. So some normal people come to the hotel and see the ghosts as well. Chan-sung asks if they accept the human guests during the lunar eclipse?

Man-wol says they turn them away of course. But there was a newly married couple that stayed in their hotel once during a lunar eclipse. Flashback to this couple finding the hotel which is a lot more modest back then. They come in with the woman manager hoping that the lunar eclipse ended soon. The manager takes them to Manwol and says that they are here after the curfew, if they go out then they will be taken in by the police and will have to spend their first night at the police station.

man-wol is annoyed, but lets them in. So the former manager takes them to room 404. the couple thanks them and goes into the room.

MW – that night, that couple stayed with us. it was the first time a baby was conceived. That kid is the biggest soccer star in Korea.

She whispers his name into Chan-sung’s ear. Chan-sung is all like, wow, he was conceived here! man-wol says that is what he heard. She was surprised also. But anyway, that man is Moon-seoks son in law (the former manager). They were both super surprised to see each other at the family meeting. 

Chan-sung says that is super strange, but they do have strange energy here so the baby could be special. Man-wol says that she asked for her kids to stay there one night to get that energy again. Chan-sung asks if he should prepare the VIP room? Man-wol says no, they are human so they should stay in room 404.

But Chan says that this room is a room where you can check in but not check out. SO how do you check out? Man-wol asks if he is worried about the guests there? Why don’t you check it out yourself?

Cut to Chan-sung standing in front of the door. He holds a shaky hand up to the handle and twists it, sending the door flying open. He looks inside but we don’t see what is in there, we only see him enter and the door shut behind him.

In the lobby, Man-wol tells the employees that they will have a human guest during the eclipse. A couple on their honeymoon. The employees all cheer. man-wol explains that they have a proper reservation so be sure to serve them well. The mployees all cheer again.

Sunbi and Seohee are happy to prepare for a human and can’t believe that they will prepare the hotel for them, they are so happy. they ask where Chan-sung is and find out he went to room 404 so they think he won’t be able to come back tonight anyway.

Meanwhile, Sanchez is happily talking to someone on the phone and giggling. It looks like he is talking to someone named Veronica. She jokes that she will punish him. He playfully says he wants to be punished by her for his entire life. He also has what looks like a ring on his table. Then Chan-sung shows up so he gets off the phone and shows Chan-sung the ring to propose to her. 

he actually wants to propose in Chan-sung’s hotel. he told her that he works for a special hotel, he really wants to go there. But Chan-sung is all like, nope nope nope. But Sanchz says that his hotel is not normal. You brought a painting home and sold it and Man-wol wants to sell a horse. Is your hotels financial situation so bad? Tell me if you need anything, there is nothing that you can survive with with only love. Chan-sung is all like, yeah.

Then Mira comes out talking on the phone, but it looks like she is fighting on the phone with the police officer (Yean-woo). They wonder how she can date him when they are always arguing, they must have a grudge in their past life.



Sanchez turns to Chan-sung and tells him that he wants to stay at his hotel. Chan-sung thinks they can eat dinner together, but it is also the lunar eclipse in two nights. Sanchez says that he wants to see the eclipse in that sky bar that Chan-sung brags about so much. But Chan-sung says he can’t take him there, sorry.

In the hotel, Chan-sung tells Seohee that they should move the guests who are in the rooms near room 404, so that the living guests do not get a scare. Seohee says that they have already started and we see the guests being helped out. Chan-sung mentions that she is the best room manager.

He also checks with Sunbi who has explaned his drinks to include Angel and Devil, but he is not sure if a living person will like it, so Chan takes a sip.

He then goes to see Hyun-joong in the lobby who has fresh flowers to present to the living guests. They are suprised to see a living bee come out of the flower. That is not normal to their hotel. Chan smiles but then wonders if they have any bug ghosts like a firefly? He remembers the firefly like ghost buzzing around him. Hyun-joong says that he does not remember anything like that.

Chan-sung decides to forget about it and starts to look at the flowers again. he takes one of the roses and says that he will put a single rose in his office. But he also puts it behind his back happily and starts walking off in giddy determination.

Cut to Chan-sung walking up to man-wol with his arms still behind his back. Man-wol instantly asks him what else he wants and says that she is so tired. he gives her the rose and says that this is for her to wake up, it is a real flower, it smells also. She says they have a lot of flowers in their garden. He says they aren’t real. But then he says that there is one flower, the Man-wol flower because your tree blossomed.

She asks him why he is saying that? Are you bragging? He smiles and says yes, as soon as he hugged her, it blossomed, he thinks he should have hugged her way earlier instead of buying her a lot of alcohol. She tries to pretend like that is not it. But he puts his arms out and says that he will hug her again.

She tells him to go away, you bragging Harvard conman, but he puts the rose in her mouth to hush her up and says that she can take a break until her embarrassment goes away. Then he happily walks off.

She walks away with the rose in her mouth and sets her things on the table as she tsks and wipes her mouth. But then she remembers the hug and looks at the flower that she put on the table. She picks it up and takes a whiff while mentioning that it is a real flower. But she also mutters, you are weak, I am giving you a break.

She puts the flower in a beer bottle and looks at it curiously.



Night comes and the eclipse starts to spread over Seoul, revealing the hotel. The employees meet in the lobby and start to prepare to welcome their special guests. The employees all hop to it. Chan-sung tells Man-wol that the employees look happy. Man-wol says that they feel like they are alive because their presence is revealed to the human world. Plus, we have human guests, so they feel extra alive.

The guess come so Hyun-joong greets them and asks them how long it has been since they died. But then he catches himself and asks how long they have been married. But then he laughs and says that they just got married, ha ha! Right this way.

The couple gies inside and is greeted by Seohee and led upstairs to have dinner and drinks with Sunbi where he introduces his new drink. Upstairs, Man-wol is so happy that the full moon is almost completely covered by the eclipse. Chan says that the moon will be completely covered so there will be a full moon that is frugal and better (it is a play on words and a joke with her name because her name also means full moon). He jokes and asks if she will still be a cranky full moon? She asks him if he agrees? (His name means “I agree”). He says that he likes his name because when people say it, it means that they agree. he says he is the number zero pick, Chan-sung.

man-wol says a joke about him being a “zero” pick and shows a number zero for “Okay” with her hands which removes his smile momentarily. But he chuckles and asks what that is? His english name is Andrew and Chan-sung is not “Okay”, it is “Agree.” they keep talking about that then look at the moon again.

Chan-sung turns back to her and says that this mark is yours isn’t it? She says yes. he thinks back to the item that Choeng-myung was holding in the past. he wodners if he was waiting for her. Man-wol smiles at the moon. Then Seohee comes in and says that the moon is almost completely covered. Man-wol tells her that is good, take them to room 404.

Seohee takes them to room 404 and tells them not to come out until check out. The man says he heard about that room from his parents. Seohee opens the door and tells them to have a good time. The couple goes inside.



Int he lobby, Sunbi wonders what kind of baby will come out? they already have a world class soccer player. Hyun-joong happily jokes with Sunbi about baby making. Sunbi says these things don’t happen over night. then Hyun-joong and Sunbi joke about Nobel prize winners or triplets so they can have 3 nobel prizes. The reaper smiles. Then they look over at the Reaper who is at the bar, the reaper says he knows everything, don’t think I don’t.

Hyun-joong is all like, we are talking about new life so don’t try and come into the conversation as a reaper. The reaper is all like, whatever. he turns back to the bar. Sunbi and Hyun-joong keep joking happily about what kind of baby will come out.

meanwhile, Sanchez calls Chan-sung as he sits at his restaurant. But it looks like he is being stood up. However, a woman has come to sit in front of him, the only thing is that this woman is covered in blood and also wears a lovely dress. Then Sanchez gets a text and runs out. The woman starts to tear up at the table.

Chan-sung runs home and asks Sanchez what happened? he says that Veronica is injured with a traffic accident. he will run over there. He thinks he will be there until she is recovered. he searches for his car keys. But then Chan-sung sees Veronica standing in the room. He grabs Sanchez’s arm and tells him that, if he goes there, he will not see Veronica, it is too late.

Sanchez gets upset and asks why he is doing this to him! It is not too late! if I go there, then I will see her!

Chan-sung sees that it is still the eclipse so he tells Sanchez that he will make it so he can see her. Come to my hotel! We don’t have enough time, if you are a little delayed then you will not be able to see her!

Chan-sung convinces Sanchez to come to his hotel and tells Hyun-joong that they have a female guest that is following them, can you make it so she does not look so surprising? Hyun-joong is confused, but agrees.

Chan-sung and Sanchez go upstairs, then the girl comes in.

Upstairs, Sanchez wonders what is going on, Chan tells him that he will explain it to him later. But if you go outside then you will see. So Chan takes Sanchez to their balcony and tells him that this is a special hotel, it is a place for the dead. Sanchez is all like, what? Chan tells him that he cannot explain it, but you can see the dead before the eclipse ends. Your time will be very short with Veronica.

Sanchez tells him not to joke with him, Veronica won’t come there. But Chan-sung tells him that she is dead. She is here, now. Hyung, Veronica is dead.

The camera cuts a figure coming to the balcony, it is Veronica in a cleaned up dress. No blood is present and she looks beautiful. Sanchez looks at her with teary eyes as he takes it all in. Chan-sung leaves them alone.



Veronica tells Sanchez that she is sorry to surprise him like this. he is speechless. She moves in and touches her hand to his cheek. 

V – Don’t cry too much because of me. I was happy because of you.

He holds her hand and removes it from his face. they hold both their hands together and share a good teary moment.

V – My love….goodbye.

He moves into hug her, they share a very brief hug before the moon is revealed again and she disappears. He stumbles forward after she is gone. Sanchez starts to cry at the balcony. Chan-sung looks in on him and then leaves him alone.

Inside, Seohee explains all that happened to Man-wol. They both look at Chan-sung. Man-wol says that she hasn’t seen the sadness of the living in awhile, she has only seen the sadness of the dead. They keep looking at Chansung as he quietly keeps his emotions to himself. But then he looks up and sees Man-wol and Seohee. Seohee makes herself scarce so it is just Chan-sung and Man-wol looking at each other as the night turns to day again.

The next morning, Seohee knocks on door 404 and is let inside. We finally see the inside of the hotel, it looks nice, but normal. She asks how it was. The woman says that they will never forget the time they spent in this hotel. Seohee thanks them and tells them goodbye.

When they walk out, the hotel disappears to a normal hotel, which is what the mans parents told him would happen. they won’t ever see the hotel again. They think they will have to send their child to this hotel when it grows up. They happily walk out.

Elswhere, Chan-sung prepares KANU hot water (PPL) and shares it with Mira. She thinks it stinks that Sanchez could not see his girlfriends last moments and say goodbye. Chan-sung says that he saw it and also saw that death is not the end. Mira is all like, um, how? Chan-sung tries to change the subject. then the three men come again making it super easy to change topic.

Meanwhile, Yoona is looking at a drawing of the serial killer as she tries to cross the street. Then she almost gets hit by the serial killer in his car. he apologizes. But Yoona sees that a ghost is in his backseat! She starts to follow him.

The serial killer is all like, is she really following me? Why is this cute student following me? I should ask her.

At the same time, the former manager meets with Chansung adn says that her kids told her that they had a good time. When you leave Hotel de Luna, come and see me. Man-wol recomended you. Chan-sung says that he does not think he will quit. But he says that Man-wol mentioned that he will quit soon.

Flashback to Man-wol talking to the woman about how Chan-sung will quit when the last guest is sent off.

The former manager asks who the last guest is that they will send off? Chan-sung says it is the one that he likes a lot.

Manager – it will be difficult for you.

Chan-sung – it will be. it will be very difficult to me even though I am comforting myself because I know that it is coming.

He leaves and walks outside, as he walks across a bridge, he looks up at the sky. A beautiful song starts to play as his phone beeps, it is Manwol.

MW – What are you ding? Did you take a nap?

CS – i am awake, I am watching the moon.

MW – Moon? Where is the moon during the day?

CS – Yeah, it will be difficult if I can’t see something when I want to see it.

He looks up at the sky, it does not look like the moon is there.

MW – Where are you?

CS – i am on my way home.

MW – Wait over there, I will see you there.

They hang up and he smiles. But then he picks up the phone again, it is Yoona.

CS – yoona, what’s up?

Yoona – I found the car

CS – Where are you right now? Don’t go anywhere!

He starts running off after her.

Inside the hotel, Manwol heads out but sees that the flower in her beer bottle is dead. She walks up to it slowly and picks up a petal off the table. She clenches it in her fist and then looks up as if she is thinking about something.

In a lounge, we see the serial killer looking at Yoona via CCTV as she is looking at his car. he wonders why she is following him and what she saw.

then Chan-sung arrives to the locationw here Yoona is at. She shows him the drawing of the person. Chan-sung recognizes him and says that this person looks just like a person he knows.

Flashback to the serial killer touching the gun he gave Sanchez while they were in college. Chan-sung tells yoona to go back home.

Elsewhere, we see Man-wol waiting for Chan-sung. She smiles as she thinks that she told him to wait, but he makes her wait instead. However, she seems content to wait.

In the lounge, we see that Chan-sung has gone inside. It is empty so he asks if anyone is there? he sees the open wine bottle and ojino, though no one is around. However, we feel someones presence. Chan-sung looks around at the images and sees an image of the serial killer surrounded by barrels of wine as if he is also a chaebol.

At Chan-sung’s place, Man-wol feels something.

Chan-sung turns and sees a ghost standing right next to him.

Man-wol turns and sees dark Mago standing right in front of her.

MW – The person I am waiting for is not here, but Mago is here.

Dark Mago – Why? I am the one you wish to see the most. You always don’t want to be reborn or fate, you only wanted to see me and die.

MW – SO, you want to do this to me now?

DM – I heard you had a flower blossom. You finally have something to lose.

MW – Do you think I am afraid of the flower falling?

DM – What if you lose the one that made your flower blossom?

Manwols face falls.

Cut to Chan-sung looking shocked as the ghost and then turning his head to see his serial killer former college friend in front of him.

DM – You cocky and stupid Man-wol. You said you are not afraid of the flower falling. No! When you have fear, your flower will fall.

Man-wol starts to tremble a bit and back away.

In the hotel, petals start to fall off the tree.

Chan-sung looks stunned in the lounge, he is staring directly at the camera.

Man-wol looks alarmed and is staring directly into the camera as well.

Fade Out



English translation for episode 12 preview of Hotel del Luna

DM – The cost that Koo Chan-sung should pay for is not fair or just at all.

CS – Jang Man-wol, pat my hair in your room so that I can fall asleep.

MW – Why? What are you doing to be so dirty?

CS – You were super surprised

MW – I don’t want you to pay for that cost. I will do my best to remove it.

CS – Don’t be afraid when you leave me. This is the love that I try my best to have as a weak human.


Crazy-chaebol-college-friend-turned-serial-killer story line aside, I am all into this cost that Chan-sung will have to pay in order for Man-wol to go to heaven. Because I think that is what they are alluding to every time they talk about Man-wol and what she will have to give up or something like that.

Tomorrow, we will finish the entire drama in one sitting! So buckle up and get ready for a fun ride!

Next week we won’t be able to recap the drama due to other obligations all week long. But we will come back during the weekday to quickcap both episodes in order to prepare for the finale!

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