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Hotel del Luna: Episode 10 Live Recap

Hotel de Luna Korean Drama Recap episode 10
Korean Drama Hotel de Luna, courtesy tvN

Okay, y’all, yesterday got the better of us so we haven’t finished episode 9 yet, but we think we will hop right into episode 10 this morning and then finish up episode 9 afterwards when we get some additional free time! So, let us know, WHAT HAPPENED? What did we miss? Hopefully it won’t be too weird to watch episode 10 without finishing up 9 first!

Also, as mentioned yesterday, we are back to the old theme! The new theme was all kinds of lovely, but it was giving me some weird errors, so we had to say adieu. Hello again old theme, you are lovely as always!

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I don’t like it, I am going to be in danger to bother you.

MW – What?

He points somewhere or throws something. She yells at him and asks if he knows how imortant that is! I begged them so much to get it! But he tells her that there is no safe place for me. Then a mountain god shows up and hands Chan-sung his medicine back. Chan is so shocked and tells the mountain god that he shouldn’t have gotten it for him. The mountain god is all kinds of peaceful and tells him that he thought it was his, be in peace. Then he walks off.

Man-wol tells Chan, see, even the mountain god tells you to take it and be in peace. She tells him that this is for a person to go back to peace and run away. But Chan does not want to take it because he wants to see Man-wol. He wants to see her in his dreams. Flashback to the dreams of her that he sees. 

Chan tells her that if he does not take care of her then she will be worse than this, even if he has to see many things, he will have to stop it. He does not want her to be like that. But then someone calls his name so he turns around, upset.

The two people behind him are a woman and a young woman. The woman asks why he is there at their fathers vacation home. They both look at him curiously.

*Buffering, argh!*

(They go somewhere to talk but we missed a huge chunk of conversation)

Man-wol and Chan end up going to a restaurant, though man-wol is particularly annoyed to be there even though her favorite person has ben to this restaurant. She takes photos of their food and the restaurant, though she tries not to enjoy taking photos. Chan happily starts to eat. Manwol asks why Chan is not going back to his old hotel, it seems like his old boss likes him. But Chan says that he wants his new boss to like him. Then he shows her his one bite try and says that if he is successful with one bite then she should give him his job back.

He is about to try, but Man-wol says that it won’t work because she does not like the one bite guy anymore. Chan asks how? She liked him so much, but Man-wol just says that she doesn’t and it is hard not to like him because whenever she turns on the tv, he is everywhere.

A pretty song starts to play as Chan drives Man-wol somewhere. man-wol sees a poster of the “one bite” guy at a bus stop and tries not to be happy about it. Chan smiles and then continues driving. They go to the hotel, it is pretty empty as Chan walks into the hotel, smiling. he pops his jacket and says he will start work of something like that.

But Manwol tells him that he is fired! He just needs to meet the chairman. Seohee comes up and greets Chan-sung, then pulls Man-wol away to have a meeting.

In the meeting room, we see all the regular employees, they talk about how all the guests where murdered or something like that. yoona mentions that she saw it in the mountains. They also reported it to the police.



*More internet issues! We’ll try to motor on. In this scene they talk about the murder case with a guest at the hotel. But we’re not sure about the details. Then a man shows up who looks like Yeon-woo from the past. This man starts to talk to Flower Mago.*

In the hotel bar, a man looks at a picture of his granddaughter, who is the woman that was at the beginning of the show. He is so happy to look at her photo and starts to talk to Chan-sung about his grandaughter and says that she is pretty right? He smiles and says yes. The grandfather asks him if he has a girlfriend yet because his granddaughter does not have a boyfriend. Chan kind of tries to skate around it and says that his granddaughter will meet a nice person, then he excuses himself.

Sunbi tells the grandfather that Koo Chan-sung does not have a girlfriend and asks the man if he should tell him about Koo Chan-sung?

Cut to Sunbi talking to Man-wol about how he will take care of Koo Chan-sung, he smiles and reminds her that passing the government test was useful. he leans in and says that the chairman has a granddaughter, his last wish is to see her get married. Man-wol snaps and says that is a good idea, you will get a new pair of clothes if it is successful. Wow, you got the granddaughters grandfather, he could take care of this, you are the best guy! Sunbi smiles and says that he likes the person that I recommended to him – Koo Chan-sung.

Man-wol is all like what? Our hotel manager Koo Chan-sung? She is no longer happy, her annoyed self returns. Sunbi says that she worried about Chan-sung, this way it is a win win for everyone. I need to give him the phone number to the granddaughter, just trust me! Then he happily runs off to do just that.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Chan looks at the signature thta he got for Man-wol. it is framed in her office area. he smiles seeing that it is still there. Then Man-wol comes in, but Sunbi is about to come in right then as well, along with Seohee, so Man-wol pushes Chan-sung behind the door to hide until they leave to look for Chan-sung somewhere else.

Chan is all like, um, why are we like this? Man-wol has her hands on his shoulders and tells him that he does not like nice things right? he likes poop colored things. Chan is basically like, what do you want. Man-wol gets upset and tells Chan to become the hotel owner and leave! Chan is so confused.




man-wol pours herself a drink at her table. From the door, Chan tells her that he will take the painting back. She can hold the medicine. He tells her that they can have a way where he can run away if he wants to and she can have a way where she can ditch him at anytime. A lovely song starts to play as Man-wol looks at the medicine that she is holding in her hands.

*More buffering!!! Argh!*

Cut to a garage where a man is looking at his car trunk, it is open so he walks to the back to open it. But when he opens it he sees a dead woman in the backseat! he is super stunned and doesn’t understand what is happening! Then all the cops show up and pull him away, they had a report about this murder and arrest him right on the spot. There is also a shovel and all sorts of things there to implicate this boyfriend to the murder. In the near distance is the real person who did the murder and planted all the things. The ghost is screaming at him in the backseat which makes the man jump as he looks at his hand and all around.

Meanwhile, Mira talks to Sanchez about a Korean student killing themselves in Boston or something like that and there was a rumor that Sanchez was the reason. Mira says that is nonsense, Sanchez says he knows that but the rumor spread and people thinks that he played with foreigners. On the internet there took bets whether he would commit suicide about the whole thing. Mira asks who did it? Who is spreading those rumors?

Flashback to the bad guy we just saw sitting in a bar with Sanchez. Sanchez is upset at this guy for betting about this situation and treating that girl badly and spreading rumors and all those things. So this guy is really bad. But the guy just smiles and tells him to be well, he bet on him to live. He pats him on the shoulder and walks off.

Later on, we see Sanchez with the gift of a gun and a post card illustration showing him shooting himself or not shooting himself. He picks up the gun, but then Chan shows up with his disarming smile and tells Sanchez to go eat with him. 

In the present, Sanchez says that Chan showed up and took his gun away, then that guy went to Korea. After that, Chan came to eat with me every day until the rumor died down. Mira says that is why they are so close. Then Chan shows up carrying a lot of things and asks who put this out! Recycling is Saturday, not today! He holds up all the trash with an annoyed look. They both shrug.

Then Chan walks away. Sanchez tells Mira not to tell Chan that Sanchez met that bad guy again at todays gathering. Mira says she will not. (but she looks like she might).

At the hotel, the chairman happily says that Chan-sung is the best man for his daughter. The bartender told him that they had a dream talking service for decendents. I heard that I can pay for it now. Sunbi looks so pleased with himself. The Chairman says that he can pay for it now, he has some money laying aside somewhere to handle it. They both smile, but Man-wol is so secretly annoyed, but she has to smile and chuckle along.

Cut to the granddaughters dream where she walks in a field of trees that canopy a path as she walks along. She sees her grandfather who is holding her letter, he tells her that he really likes the guy that gave this to her. She is all like Koo Chan-sung? The grandfather is sitting in Man-wols office talking on the phone, lol, and tells her that he really like him and wants her to marry him forever. He really likes ~. but then Man-wol hangs up the phone and tells him that his time is up, more people are waiting to use the phone.

Man-wol storms out and tells Seo-hee that young poeple don’t listen to old poeple when they were alive! They won’t listen in a dream either!

But we see Chan sitting with the granddaughter, she wants to tell him what her grandfather told her. But she is hesitant. However, everything about their meeting is dreamy and lovely so she thinks that maybe she should tell him. He smiles and tells her to talk to him about anything.



Elsewhere, the serial killer issue is going strong with yoona and Hyun-joong talking about the situation in a cafe somewhere. They think that things don’t add up in this investigation. But then Chan comes in with the granddaughter. Ah, they are at Sanchez’s place so Sanchez greats the granddaughter and says he knows her because they are in the yacht club together. Chan jokes that he should join and Sanchez jokes that he is not qualified, yet it is the truth, lol. They all laugh.

Back at the hotel, Hyun-joong and Sunbi dance into Man-wols office talking about how Chan-sung and the granddaughter met! I have never seen that many smiles! Man-wols imagination goes wild at that idea of the smiling laughing date. Sunbi and Hyun-joong talk about how they will meet again tomorrow. maybe they will meet the families? But does Chan-sung have a mother? This is good, he will gain a family! He can recieve all the luck!

Man-wol is less than thrilled ands says, fine, he can get a lot of luck. Sunbi and Hyun-joong happily giggle.

At Sanchez’s house, Chan starts to clean and Sanchez talks about how Chan should meet another woman to take his mind off of Man-wol. Then he also mutters that Chan has a lot of class, whenever he meets a woman, he meets a woman that owns a hotel. Chan keeps cleaning and we see the huge painting in his room, he also puts his childhood photo up in his room.

Meanwhile, two girls are in a library talking about how there is a ghost in that library. They run off to get a book and think that they can post it on SNS. So they start to take a photo of the book and mention that they cant take it out, maybe there is a ghost there! But then the other friend sees the ghost in the phone image, the ghost is blocking the removal of the book. The friend passes out. We see that the ghost is blocking a book that says “Time and Exhistence” (or something like that).

Cut to Pink Mago and Green Mago talking about hte side effects of opening the ghost eye. it is that you see the fate string connection. they think that there is an unneccessary fate connected, due to the Pink Mago. Pink Mago says that it is fun to connect past life grudges into love! You know, they fell in love because they have a remainder of their past lives. She shows a little heart she is knitting and says it is so cute!

Then we see Yeon-woo getting out of a taxi when Mira gets in. She asks if he left this knitted heart in there? He goes and takes it from her with a smile and they have a moment where their souls remember the past when he smiled at her in her carriage when they were pilaging her things. She drives off. But then the taxi stops and she gets out and mentions how she has something pink on her skirt, it is his fault because of his pink heart pen. But he says it is a black pen. She is all like, aw man.

But Yeon-woo says that he will pay for it and asks for her number. Pink Mago looks at them and smiles. Yeon-woo breathes away a few nerves as Mira gives him her number.



In the library, we see Chan-sung and the granddaughter talking about the library. Her grandfather built this library so they walk and talk about the library. Man-wol and the grandfather come out and look at them. She asks if he is happy? If so then he can give her the money. She tells him to enjoy the view some more and walks off.

She walks to a bench and thinks about Chan and the granddaughter. Inside, Chan meets the granddaughters mother. He also sees the grandfather in the distance. later on, Chan sits with man-wol. She tells him that he is there because this was a special service because the grandfather payed for the dream call. Chan tells her that since she is there, they should look around, there is a nice painting here.

he takes her to the tiger mountain painting. it looks like he is donating it for a moment but will sell it later. He talked to the granddaughter about it, which is why he was there today. Man-wol’s mood immediately lifts. Chan asks what the dream call is all about, Man-wol is all like, just something. So they walk away and talks about the painting and the grandfather and how this is like a con job and they start to bicker back and forth as he tells her to cancel what she said!

Inside, the mother asks the granddaughter if seh like Koo Chan-sung? He is a good guy. She says that she would like to date him, but he has someone that he likes. The hotel Chairman hears it as he watches in the stacks.

Chan-sung and Man-wol are still talking together and are about to eat in the cafeteria. Chan says he ate there often with his father becasue it was cheap. She asks if he has been with his father since birth? Chan says yes and starts to say the name of his birth and says that he was actually suppsed to be “agree” Chan-sung but the Chinese character he used made him “bright star” Chan-sung because his father didn’t know Chinese characters very well.

Man-wol tells him that his father sold him because he needed to stay with him since Chan-sung did not have any family. Chan-sung says that he knows that. Then the mood changes to very playful as they talk about how she wants to change clothing for the mood and take photos or something like that. But he says he is actually not there to take photos, he is there for a ghost that is in a book.

So they start to walk to the book with ghosts.



They start to talk about how they have a rumor that there is a ghost in a book, the ghost that donated the book. It is a primary school principle. Man-wol says that usually poeple throw away what they treasure, easily. But they really want to keep what they want to hide. So it will be hard for the ghost to hide it. Man-wol thinks it might be money and gets energized as she walks with purpose to the book.

They get to the book, Man-wol tells him that he should pick it up beause he is a human. He says he has read this book before to brag about it, but it was difficult. He still does not know about Time and Exhistence. She tells him, how can you know? I lived for 1000 years and still don’t know.

So they decide to let him grab the book. He grabs it and then sees the ghosts hands and turns to look at her. She looks at him, stunned, and asks if he can see her? He says yes and starts to talk to her. He says he can help her. She asks if he can remove what is in the book? He says yes, he can. So he takes the book and then removes several photos that are in the book. They are photos of a little boy. It looks like one of the photos is the same as one that Chan-sung has! So this kid might be Chan-sung????

The ghost says that this is my past that I am trying to hide. My family should not know about it, can you remove it? Man-wol comes up and puts the book back, the ghost disappears. Chan is stunned as he holds the photos and tells Man-wol, that person…I think she is my mom.

They go somewhere to talk. He says that he did not know that she was dead because he never saw her at all, he did not know that his father sent her those pictures. There are things written on the back of the photos. Chan says that she wanted to hide him, she must have really not agreed with him (a play on the word Chan-sung).

man-wol wants to touch Chan-sung in a comforting way, but instead she berates him about how she told him what would happen and that he would see uncomfortable things. So are you happy that you saw your mother? Are you going to take her and make her happy? 

He asks if she thinks he is going to? She takes that as confirmation that he will not and says that she will put the photos back inside and make it so that she will never leave that place. But he does not want to do that. She mentions that he is in the situation because of her so she wants to do something for him. 

He mentions that he is sad about the situation, he can’t be happy meeting his mother for the first time like this. He tells her to let him go. But she holds on to his jacket. However, she lets go eventually and tells him to leave.

he walks away, angrily. She takes a few deep breathes and rests against the post.



Later on, Sanchez sits with Chan in his restaurant and asks him what happened? You don’t look well. Chan says something sad happened. Sanchez tells him that it is good that he came to him, he will fix him a good drink. He also mentions that his button is popped on his sleeve. Chan-sung thinks back to Man-wol holding his sleeve and thinks that Man-wol tried to comfort him.

Mira shows up then, along with Yeon-woo. When Yeon-woo walks in, Chan-sung immediately recognizes him. He is frozen as he remembers all the flashback scenes involving him. Mira motions to introduce Chan, but Chan is still looking confused and wonders what is going on.




Mira tells Chan-sung to say hi to Park Hyun-soo (YeonWoo). Chan-sung says that he died because of her. Mira takes that a different way and is all like, yeah, its cool right, he is a policeman. They go sit happily.

Sanchez asks Chan whether he knows that guy or not. Chan says something along the lines of yes and then says that he won’t be able to drink with him, he is sorry.

In the hotel, Man-wol asks Seo-hee, Sunbi, and Hyun-joong about Chan-sung. They don’t know anything about him, she is all like, how can you not know anything about him? You suggested him as an inlaw and don’t know anything about him? She is so annoyed, lol. She questions them all about it. One of them says that he likes the color brown. They turn their heads and see the Reaper who is sipping a drink in the corner, lol. Then he walks off.

Seo-hee says that she can ask him in person, that is when Chan-sung walks in. Man-wol and Chan-sung end up going to the balcony to overlook the city. he says that he came back because of her, he thinks that he dug up her time and existence this time becuase he saw someone that hurt her heart the most.

Cut to the police man (Yeon-woo) walking to someone happily as he stands outside the polcie station. Man-wol looks at him with teary eyes. 

MW – A thief became a polcieman? You are having a good life again, good for you. Really good for you.

The tears trace a line down her cheek as Chan asks if she would like to talk to him. She says she won’t, she is nothing. But he says that he is like family to her. Is it okay like this? She mentions that it is not okay, it is a little sad. He tells her that he brought this fate to her again. She turns to him and thank him.

MW – Thank you, Koo Chan-sung.

Yeon-woo laughs with his friend, but then stops abruptly when he sees Man-wol in the distance. His soul seems to recognize each other. She turns and looks at him. She has tears all in her eyes, but she is smiling. She looks horribly sad and also pleasantly happy at the same time. (OMG amazing acting).

Then Man-wol walks away. Yeon-woo looks at her until his friend tells him about the serial killer. That snaps Yeonwoo back into the moment to talk about the serial killer. They think he is a psychopath that just likes to kill poeple.

Elsewhere, we see the psycho friend from the past burning a lot of things under a bridge by the han river. He also takes out the memory chip from the car and stares at it. He goes to a bar and looks at the memory chip while talking to someone on the phone about how the luggage is the problem. The lady on the phone says that Koo Chan-sung reserved the luggage that day. Aren’t you Koo Chan-sung?

The man hangs up and thinks, Koo Chan-sung? Really? Koo Chan-sung, Koo Chan-sung, why are you coming out now?



Meanwhile, Chan-sung is at home looking at his photos and thinking. Sanchez asks if he is staying at home again today? Didn’t you want to get your job back? Chan says that he has to take care of something, he won’t be able to see the guests like this. He looks at his photo of his mother and him.

In the library, Man-wol walks to where the book is and flips it open to read.

MW – So we will have our answer after reading this difficult book? How to comfort a boy that was denied his existence and his past?

She shuts the book loudly and the ghost appears. Man-wol asks the ghost if she is worred about her past being revealed? Don’t worry, your son does not want that. He is sad and I want to comfort him, but I need you.

*ARGH, more internet issues, right at this important moment! #&!@*

Cut to the hotel, Chan-sung walks sadly through the hotel lobby. Seo-hee and Sunbi watch him and talk about it for a moment, then we cut to Chan’s mother getting sent to heaven in a nice sedan.

He bows to her and tells her that he is sorry to make her wait. She says that she thanks him for coming. He asks if he can keep the pictures in the book? 

Mom- Can you do that? I am – really sorry.

Chan – (speechless)

The mother slowly turns to get in the car as a nice song starts to play. She looks back for a moment in regret and then gets in the car to heaven. Chan bows the car away as it goes up the tunnel.

Chan – Bye-bye, mother.

He turns and walks away up the road in the opposite direction.

Man-sol is standing by the tree when Chan walks up to her.

MW – Did you give her a nice goodbye?

Chan – yes

MW – Sorry I took her without your permission.

Chan – Thank you for taking her without permission and thank you for letting me come back here

MW – As a boss, it is not cool, but we have to make sure that you did not come back because I asked you to, you ame here with your own will. I could have fed you the medicine to make you not come back, but I did not do that. 

he turns to look at her.

MW – I thought you would come back on your own will without my permission, but I also wished that you would come back.

Chan – I am happy that you did not make me beg to come back

He looks at the tree. She looks at him.

MW – Koo Chan-sung, I will use you. You brought that woman and Yeon-woo in front of me. And you will bring him also.

Chan – Maybe it will happen.

MW – it will happen. I will not let him safely pass me.

Chan – That is why you are using me?

MW – Yes, I will be super bad and you will be broken by being used by me.

Chan – Are you threatening me to run away again!

MW – No, don’t run away, you already decided that you will bother me and be in danger. So just stay next to me, even if you are in danger, you can’t help it. If I just go crazy and disappear one day, can you stay next to me?

Chan – No.

He takes a step closer to her.

Chan – I am not going to let you disappear.

He puts a hand on her cheeck and wipes a tear away.

Chan – Trust me.

Then he gives her a big warm hug and a lovely song plays. Man-wol tears up and lifts her arms to hug him back. They stand like that with them both hugging each other under the now blossoming tree. Purple/blue flowers blossom all around them as they continue to hug each other. Chan closes his eyes. More flowers blossom. Man-wol holds Chan even tighter as she closes her eyes as well. The tree is in full bloom as they stand under it.

Fade Out



Chan – If you want to see [someone?], but can’t see [them?], then you will miss [them?]

MW – I am giving you a break because you are weak

MW – Why don’t you say anything after you saw the flowers blossomed

SB – Lets get ready, because we have to leave before our boss

HJ – The flower is pretty, but why does it have to fall? It is so sad

SH – Flowers blossom to fall


Not gonna lie, I was all sorts of confused at the beginning of the episode which had everything to do with missing most of yesterdays episode along with buffering issues that made me drag myy head agains the wall. But we persevered and things got so much better in the middle-ish area somewhere! I love how Chan made a choice to come back to the hotel, through hell or high water, and was able to send his mother off nicely. Though I kind of wish the mother storyline was milked a bit more. It would have been nice to have her mentioned in a previous episode to build up the tension about their meeting in real life and how that was the reason that he went back to the hotel or something like that. 

This serial killer that is my college nemesis who ruined my life and is also bringing together everyone from the past to the present thing is so far fetched to me that I am just going with it. It might just be because they actually know this serious killer from their youth in America? I don’t know, but all the while I was just thinking, seriously? He goes here? But like I said, I’m going with it!

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  1. Charlie
    August 11, 2019 / 10:01 am

    Thank you again so much for your hard work! Unfortunately i can’t speak Korean so this summary is super helpful for me. Have an amazing day! 😊

    • V
      August 14, 2019 / 2:19 pm

      Thank you, Charlie! ☺️

  2. Scalene
    August 11, 2019 / 10:04 am

    I feel pretty much the same way about the mother and the serial killer, although I don’t have the patience for serial killer. I just want him to go away. :p I hope this isn’t the episode where it all starts to go downhill for the show.

  3. WPB
    August 12, 2019 / 1:17 pm

    In the opening scene of the 1st episode, we saw Manwol traveled long distance and looked for the hotel, bringing with her the souls that she supposed to be responsible with her. I assumed she was alive at that time. After she met Mago, she became the new owner of the hotel. She has been around for 1,000 years but she is not dead. So when everything is set and done, will she be free from the hotel and untie herself from the tree) and live the remaining of her “natural” live with someone (you know who)?
    CS’s fear (that MW will disappear) is based on what the employees at the hotel told him early on. It could be their own theory or something that Manwol told them before. I don’t recall Mago said anything specific.

    • CY
      August 13, 2019 / 1:17 am

      @WPB, i really hope that’s the ending where Manwol and CS can stay together. Fingers crossed!!!!

  4. Anonymous
    August 13, 2019 / 12:01 pm

    I just wish her moment with Yeon Woo/Yeon Soo lasted a little longer…. The longing and sadness expressed in both their eyes really broke my heart.

  5. WPB
    August 13, 2019 / 1:17 pm

    More drama next week – Since Park Hyun-soo (YeonWoo) is investigating the serial killer case, and our serial killer will be closing in to Chan Sung (not good), MW and Yeon Woo will for sure run into each other. Most likely, Chan Sung will be in danger, MW comes to save him and runs into Yeon Woo. I want to if the situation will present to Mira. If she sees MW with YeonWoo, would that trigger her past life memory?
    I don’t expect the serial killer story would last more than another episode, unless he is the reincarnation of the captain.

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