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Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 15

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 15 Kdrama Recap

With one episode left, episode 15 takes the time to tie up some loose ends, and show Dal-mi and the gang grappling with taking on a big project or playing it safe.

We get to see a lot of good things (like a certain side ship sailing), but one thing disappoints and the other fills me with dread for our dear characters.

Tarzan passes its test drive with flying colors!

I was actually expecting something to go wrong. With two episodes left, I thought the gang having to perfect Tarzan would be one of their last hurdles.

Chairman Won starts bragging about Morning AI bidding on a smart city project a company named DQ Group is in charge of, so In-jae wants to bid too.

Especially since Tarzan now has its permit. I love her ambition, and I actually like competitive female characters, but she might be biting off more than she can chew.

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 15 Kdrama Recap

Sa-ha asks Chul-san out and kisses him!!!

And she’s so smooth with it too! “I hate when people are obviously dating a co-worker, so don’t show it.” What a segue!

I couldn’t be happier for Chul-san. He’s liked Sa-ha for close to four years, so I understand why he’s dizzy with happiness to the point where he drops to his knees. Good things come to those who wait. (V – Chul-san is probably my favorite character in the show! He is just so cute.)

Yong-san discovers a character string from the ransomware hostname and figures it could be an anagram. He enlists Sa-ha’s help to decipher it.

How much do you want to bet the ransomeware has something to do with Morning Group?

While stuck on a broken elevator at Sandbox, Do-san and Ji-pyeong argue about whether it’d be smart to bid on the smart city project.

Meanwhile, Dal-mi stands in the corner like Beyonce did when Solange and Jay-Z fought. The three of them as well as the audience know the fight isn’t really about the bid. It’s about Dal-mi.

Do-san’s smart for whipping out the “sailing off without a map” line.

Soon after, Ji-pyeong asks Do-san to give Dal-mi’s letters back and Do-san asks Ji-pyeong to give him the money tree.

I’m cracking up! It’s the pettiness for me.

In-jae gets her adoption by Chairman Won dissolved.

And in the next scene, we see him reading the paperwork before breaking a glass. Good riddance, small man! I bet the only reason he’s mad is because he can’t control her or Ah-hyun anymore. He shouldn’t have taken both of them for granted or ousted In-jae in favor of his dim-witted son.

Ah-hyeon tells Won-deok she purchased commercial space for another corn dog shop with the alimony she got from Chairman Won.

She’s excited to work with Won-deok, but that’s Won-deok’s worst nightmare. She was just starting to enjoy early retirement.

Do-san no longer wants to trade Dal-mi’s letters for the money tree, so Ji-pyeong ambushes him at his house. They end up getting drunk and having a heart-to-heart.

I’m glad they’re using their words instead of their fists this time. Ji-pyeong admitting he chose to use Do-san’s name, because he was jealous of his life, and Do-san admitting he was jealous of Ji-pyeong’s history with Dal-mi was probably cathartic.

The next morning, Ji-pyeong throws in the towel and tells Do-san to build up his self-esteem and go after Dal-mi, because he’s the one she likes.

I knew this was coming, but it’s handled well, so I’m not that sad. It’s actually advice I’ve been yelling at the TV any time Do-san doubts himself. His big hands have indeed beaten Dal-mi and Ji-pyeong’s memories.

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 15 Kdrama Recap

Do-san runs to Sandbox and tells Dal-mi they should put in the smart city bid. And for the second time, he asks her why she likes him.

This, my friends, is when the irritation sets in. When Do-san asked Dal-mi this question the first time, they barely knew each other, so it makes sense she couldn’t come up with a laundry list of things. At this point though, they’ve been through a lot together, so I’m expecting her to say something along the lines of, “I like you because you’re kind. You’re my Living Buddha. You’re considerate, selfless, intelligent, and supportive.”

But instead she gives the very cliche reply, “Do I need a reason? Because it’s you.” Ugggghhhh…guys, this line has been used in so many dramas, and it bugs me every time, because it’s lazy writing! There are so many other things Dal-mi could’ve said. If Do-san is already worried about Dal-mi not liking him for him, her not being able to mention things that are unique to him and giving such a vague, general answer wouldn’t make him feel better in real life. I really didn’t expect Park Hye-ryun to go this route. In fact, I was so disappointed with Dal-mi’s lackluster confession, I could barely concentrate on the kiss that came after.

Chairman Won gives his son a reporter’s business card, because he wants to use the press to attack In-jae Company.

He’s using the method Dal-mi threatened to use when Morning Group was trying to get Samsan Tech to work for peanuts.

He’s so annoying. Why can’t he just leave them alone?

Ji-pyeong runs into Dal-mi (who he’s been avoiding) and admits that it’s hard to face her because of his feelings.

A much needed conversation. Now hopefully the two can move on.

Chairman Won’s son sits down with reporters and tells them about In-jae Company’s ransomware attack.

Oh no…he’s going to use this to tank their credibility, isn’t he? The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or should I say the rat doesn’t crawl far from the sewer?

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 15 Kdrama Recap

One of the reporters goes to In-jae Company/ Cheong Myeong to interview Dal-mi and the gang.

And he’s definitely going to twist their words. He mentions the company he previously interviewed suffered from a ransomeware attack, and an In-jae Company employee slips up and says they have too. Great. They’ve fallen into his trap. The sad thing is Dal-mi and the gang are talking so animatedly about Tarzan, and overcoming different hurdles.

The last scene before the credits is Ji-pyeong running toward the Sandbox building with a determined look on his face, and it makes me wonder if he knows what’s up. He couldn’t save them from 2STO, but hopefully he can save them this time.

Post credit scene: Before their kiss in front of the wall of post-it notes, Do-san admits that 2STO didn’t force him to work on self-driving cars. He volunteered in case it was something she ended up pursuing.

Do-san then goes on to say he wants to be her comfort and her wings. Awww! It’s a callback to when Dal-mi was drunk in the park and telling him what he could do to help her regain her confidence. He truly is a Living Buddha, so do you see why I’m frustrated that the girl can’t even articulate what she likes about him?

Despite my disappointment with Dal-mi’s confession, I’m happy the drama is starting to tie up some loose ends. Like showing what Ah-hyeon and Won-deok plan to do, and the dissolution of In-jae’s adoption. Some dramas don’t bother to resolve details like this when they’re ending, so I appreciate Start-Up for taking the time.

I’m interested in seeing where the ransomeware came from and how the gang manages to overcome Morning Group’s media attack.

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