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Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 13

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 13

Three years later, and Dal-mi and the gang are seasoned and successful. But I’m glad to see they’re fundamentally the same people. The dog-eat-dog business world hasn’t changed them for the worst.

Episode thirteen is basically catching up with everyone’s new lives and seeing if they can reconcile old feelings.

The three year time jump: Dal-mi is now CEO of an In-jae Company subsidiary named Cheong Myeong. NoonGil is thriving, Ji-pyeong has been promoted to a director at Sandbox, and Do-san and the others have made impressive contributions at 2STO.

I think it’s sweet that Dal-mi named the new company after Won-deok’s corn dog business. And it’s nice to see her working alongside In-jae. Too bad Do-san clearly isn’t happy in San Fran.

Dal-mi hires Do-san’s cousin to film an ad for Cheong Myeong’s self-driving car.

At this point, Cheon-ho’s stealing the show. I love that he drew inspiration from Frozen for the ad, because Dal-mi and In-jae are definitely Anna and Elsa.

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 13

Ji-pyeong spends Chuseok with Dal-mi and her family.

They make food and play go-stop, and it’s just so…wholesome. Ji-pyeong really fits in with them. They’re the family he’s never had.

Yeong-sil essentially tells Ji-pyeong to stop hesitating and ask Dal-mi out.

Oh, snap! Yeong-sil is dishing out real life advice. Where can I get one? As amusing as it is, the virtual assistant is right. I can understand why Ji-pyeong’s hesitating. He doesn’t want to lose his found family if Dal-mi outright rejects him, so he’s content living in the gray area. There are many people like this, but it’s been three years. Like Yeong-sil said, he needs to step his game up and swing the bat. (Even though we as the viewers know it won’t result in a home run *sigh*).

After hearing this, Ji-pyeong stops by a jewelry store.

Ji-pyeong runs into Do-san in the Sandbox lobby. They sit and catch up, and Ji-pyeong shows him the jewelry box he plans to gift Dal-mi.

I’m happy Ji-pyeong’s finally shooting his shot with Dal-mi. It just sucks he’s doing it when Do-san’s back from San Fran on vacation. He didn’t know though, so we can only chalk it up to coincidence, not malice. The funny thing is these kinds of coincidences are as common as back hugs in K-dramas.

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 13

In-jae Company, and by extension, Cheong Myeong get hit with a ransomware attack. When Dal-mi’s at her wit’s end, Do-san calls and races over to fix it.

Dal-mi had called Sa-ha earlier for help, and she was already with Chul-san. Bless them for relaying the info to Do-san. A ransomware attack is a clever way to get Dal-mi and Do-san to reconnect, so once again, props to the screenwriter. Especially since we already know he’s a pro at taking care of them, because of the one he helped Chul-san with. Speaking of Chul-san, him, Sa-ha, and Yong-san pop in, and just like that the band’s back together. At least for now.

The Shin twins quit, leaving Cheong Myeong high and dry days before the testing of the self-driving car.

I’m not surprised. We’ve known from the beginning they aren’t team players and only do things for the money. If I were Dal-mi, I would’ve convinced In-jae to try and replace them years ago.

While eating eomuk-guk and tteokbokki, Do-san, Yong-san, and Chul-san all decide to stay in Korea instead of going back to San Fran.

Yay! Now Do-san can smile again, Yong-san can get more closure about his brother’s suicide, and my Chul-ha ship can finally set sail! It’s a win/win for everyone.

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 13

Do-san left his suit jacket at In-jae Company/ Cheong Myeong’s office, so he dashes back to get it and no doubt tell Dal-mi the good news about him staying. When the elevator doors open on her floor, Ji-pyeong is standing right there. He pushes Do-san back into the elevator and utters, “Let’s talk.”

Uh-oh. I figured this would happen, but I don’t want to see any more altercations between these two. Do-san has every right to pursue Dal-mi, because well, as much as I love Ji-pyeong, it’s been three years. I’m sympathetic to his fear of rejection/abandonment (we can’t forget he’s an orphan), but this is what happens when you take your time. Someone else swoops in.

Post credit scene: Dal-san was driving with his mom when he got Chul-san’s call about In-jae Company/Cheong Myeong’s ransomware attack. He’d just been telling his mom he didn’t care about seeing Dal-mi, but the second he hears she’s in trouble, he drops his mom on the side of the road (with her permission hahaha) and races to Dal-mi’s rescue.

Do-san’s still hurt from the breakup, but him rushing over to help Dal-mi is proof that he still loves her.

Aside from the ransomware attack, this episode is stress-free compared to last week’s. We went from a record seven heartbreaks to none! Thank goodness, because my blood pressure was starting to suffer.

On a fun note, I have to include the ad Do-san’s cousin shot for Cheong Myeong! The man is a comic and a creative genius. I think I’d let it gooooo and hire him too! What about you guys? (V – I loved that ad for In Jae’s Company! So delightful and adorable.)

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