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Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 11

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 11

Episode eleven is jam-packed with a ton of plot development. We get to see what happened with Yong-san’s brother (and it’s definitely a heartbreak), and if Samsan Tech can survive Demo Day.

There’s a lot to chew on here. Especially since our “final villain” isn’t In-jae or even Chairmon Won like I expected.

The Shin twins angle for positions at 2STO.

Since they’re all about the money, I was wondering when they’d approach Alex. I’m honestly surprised it took them this long. But it looks like they approached Alex before Do-san told him he’d changed his mind about accepting the position. I’m curious about what this will mean for the twins. Hopefully not another payday.

Like the team player he is, Do-san asks Alex if he can buy out Samsan Tech and also hire Dal-mi and the gang.

And Alex says he’ll make a decision after Demo Day. I knew Do-san would try to bargain on behalf of his friends! Unlike the Shin twins, he’d never leave his team behind.

Ji-pyeong looks up Yong-san’s brother in the Sandbox database and remembers what he said to him.

Ji-pyeong calling Kim Dong-su a fraud for trying to secure funding for a product that uses batteries while knowing batteries would soon become obsolete would rattle anyone’s confidence. But unfortunately that’s the nature of Demo Day. I imagine some of the other judges said things that were equally harsh to other CEOs, but it doesn’t negate the tragedy of Kim Dong-su taking his own life.

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 11

Heartbreak #1: The flashback of Yong-san finding out Dong-su dropped out of grad school to enter Sandbox and being happy for him.

God, this really hurts. Dong-su was so hopeful and seemed like a great older brother to Yong-san. No wonder he’s devastated and out for revenge.

Samsan Tech unanimously decides to reject Ji-pyeong’s “Plan B” to personally invest if they bomb Demo Day.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from our plucky heroes. I’d rather see them get through Demo Day and go on to Silicon Valley.

Do-san’s dad crashes In-jae’s pitch to give his two cents on her unmanned security solution.

They both have good points. Sometimes technology moves too fast and it’s to the detriment of many people. But at the same time, it’s usually advancements our children and grandchildren will be grateful for in the long run. The speed of technology is not a subject that’s black and white, so I’m glad the drama presents both viewpoints.

I do wish the brunt of Mr. Nam’s anger was directed at Haun Engineering and Construction though. They’re the ones who are looking to lay off tons of employees whereas In-jae was literally hired to do a job…just like the security guards themselves.

In front of the Sandbox audience, Mr. Nam points out that him and Do-san are on different life paths, but he still supports and loves him.

I thought of listing this as another heartbreak, but it’s inspiring more than anything. A beautiful moment of understanding between a father and son.

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 11

Samsan Tech wins Demo Day!!!

During Dal-mi’s pitch, Alex points out NoonGil’s human recognition accuracy rate is lower than In-jae Company’s. Do-san interjects and explains they reduced the app’s size to preserve battery life for the visually impaired.

Alex then prompts In-jae Company to join Samsan Tech on stage to see which app runs better on a single-board computer; a no frills, basic system. Despite both teams doubting themselves, NoonGil ends up running smoothly and recognizing people in a security clip while In-jae Company’s app lags and glitches. This leads to an elated SamSan Tech winning Demo Day!

I wasn’t sure they’d come out victorious, but I’m so glad they did! To Silicon Valley! Or at least a buy out from 2STO.

Ji-pyeong watches Samsan Tech win from the safety of a conference room with a TV, and thinks about all the times he told them they wouldn’t make it.

This plus Yong-san’s brother’s death really has him thinking. I’m glad Director Yoon reassures him that there will always be people who resent them for telling them hard truths. That’s the business world for ya. But it doesn’t mean I’m opposed to seeing a softer Ji-pyeong. Or him letting out the side of himself he only shows Won-deok.

Ah-hyun moves in with Dal-mi and her grandma.

And Dal-mi’s not happy about it, but as Won-deok points out, Ah-hyun’s life isn’t as easy as they thought.

Aww. This is what I’ve been waiting for! Mother-daughter bonding time!

Alex and another 2STO exec meet with Samsan Tech to discuss a 3 billion won buy out!

It sounds like a great deal, but something tells me it’s too good to be true. Plus I think Samsan Tech is going to want to stand on their own two feet and keep the company name alive. It’s not like they don’t already have their Demo Day money.

Do-san shows Dal-mi the original Samsan Tech office, and Chul-san and Sa-ha get busted!

I get nostalgic right along with Do-san as he shows Dal-mi the view from Samsan Tech’s original office rooftop. They’ve all come so far! When he tries to take her inside the office, the door’s stuck. He yanks on it hard and Chul-san and Sa-ha come spilling out.

This is such a hilarious scene! I don’t buy that Sa-ha only followed Chul-san there, because his backpack was open and stuff was falling out. Their little side romance is progressing nicely.

Yong-san soon joins with beer, because he’s feeling nostalgic too, and the gang ends up drinking and talking about starting a new business surrounding self-driving cars. The night is long and the camaraderie is heady.

Highlights & Heartbreaks: Start-Up Episode 11

Heartbreak #2: Ji-pyeong suspects that 2STO only wants to acquire Samsan Tech for their engineers.

Ah…anything that seems too good to be true usually is. I feel so betrayed by Alex. He wants Do-san to work for him so badly, he’s stooping to tricking him. I know he said he’s not a philanthropist, but I didn’t think he’d sink to using underhanded methods to get what he wants.

Heartbreak #3: Dal-mi and Do-san sign the acquisition deal.

Nooo! I thought Ji-pyeong was going to barge into the conference room and stop them in time.

Post credit scene: Dal-mi wakes up next to Do-san after spending the night at Samsan Tech, and realizes he’s the one in her heart.

It’s a beautiful scene with soft lighting, and Dal-mi presses a kiss to a hand she then uses to stroke Do-san’s cheek. It leaves a dark smudge of marker and she tries to wipe it off only for him to wake up. She immediately pretends to be asleep and Do-san smiles and wipes off the smudge she transferred onto her own face. It’s all very cute and tender, but bittersweet because this mean Ji-pyeong has no chance. And yes, I’m back to shipping him and Dal-mi even though I said I wouldn’t.

Ah…what a stressful life we drama lovers lead…

Things were finally looking up for Dal-mi and the gang. They won Demo Day and got a big company to buy them out, but alas, things were not as they seemed with the latter.

I know the next episode is going to be nothing but heartbreaks, so I guess I better keep a box of tissues on standby.

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