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Hi, Bye Mama: My 2020 Comfort Food

Excited to share that we have a wonderful guest post by Andy who is going to tell us all about Hi, Bye Mama. Take it away Andy!

Hi, Bye Mama is one of those dramas that lured me in with the promise of fluff (fluff I desperately needed whilst the world changed) and then proceeded to jam pack an emotional whirlwind of an experience. Whether you want something warm and cosy or dramatically glued-to-your-seat engaging, the drama scores the entire checklist. A haven of sorts, it was wildly quirky, unbelievably sweet, and wistfully reflective as it celebrated makeshift family bonds.

If adorable Seo-Woo isn’t enough to rope you in, there’s plenty of cotton candy-sweet family drama around who loves her more (aww), wacky side plots featuring mystery ghosts and tear-jerking moments that make you ponder the meaning of family.

Adorable Family Hijinks

With the drama centering on how Cha Yu-Ri comes back alive after being a ghost for 5 years, you get doses of cuteness but also solid hits to your heart. There’s just so much contemplative goodness and momentary bouts of sadness, that you can’t help but get engulfed in her mission to protect her daughter Seo-Woo and reconnect with the family she’s seen grow up without her from the sidelines.

The way the drama nudged me really made me feel for Yu-Ri, Seo-Woo and especially Min-Jung and Kang-Hwa who were now married and had to navigate Yu-Ri’s reemergence. There’s also glimpses of Yu-Ri’s parents and sister and how they try to distance themselves from Seo-Woo considering how Seo-Woo has a “new mom.” Yay for family cuddles, tears of joy and bucketloads of affection!

Epic Friendships

Let’s just talk about one of the best things about this drama really quickly. We have an epic group of friends – Yu-ri, Hyun-Jung (her loyal best friend) and Min-Jung (the sweetest, most adorable “new step-mom”) who happened to bond unexpectedly and take over their children’s day care gossip vine. Spectacular! Expect mafia-style raids in bouncy castles. 😂

Building Up Again

The raw emotion and sadness in the drama come from Kang-Hwa’s disbelief and confusion about what to do now considering his wife is (seemingly) back from the dead. Instead of playing it off or making villains out of the characters (like deploying the evil stepmom architype), we get real people with their own thoughts, pasts, and fears. It was like peering through another perspective to look at how everyone’s journeys unravel- their breaking points, growth, and acceptance of what “true family” really means.

All my hearts to Hi, Bye Mama: the gem that was truly chicken soup. 💕

Thank you for sharing your love for Hi, Bye Mama, Andy! If anyone has a hankering to share their love of a drama then be sure to contact us at contact [at] dramamilk [dot] com!

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