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Here’s What Happened: Melting Me Softly Episode by Episode Series Recap

Episode by Episode recap for Kdrama Melting Me Softly
Episode by Episode recap for Kdrama Melting Me Softly

Don’t have time to read a full recap? Well, here is what happened in roughly 500 words or less in every episode of Melting Me Softly. We update as the episodes air. Viewership ratings and links to detailed episode recaps are included at the end of each summary.

Melting Me Softly is a romantic-comedy about two people who agree to freeze their bodies in 1999 for a 24 hour science experiment. But the experiment goes side-ways and they are frozen for 20 years. They are defrosted in the year 2019, hilarity ensues.



We are introduced to the freezing room and see the participants inside the capsules. Miran and Dong-chan are frozen. Then we flashback to several weeks before the experiment where we see Miran and Dong-chan in their regular lives. Miran is a struggling college student who is desperately trying to find a job to help support her loving family. She takes several odd jobs, including doing whatever a variety show asks of her. Dong-chan is a successful variety show PD and the ratings champion of the broadcast network. He wants his next show to be the biggest of all, he wants it to be on freezing people.

The rest of the episode shows us the cast of characters that includes Miran’s family, her best friends, and her cheating philosophical boyfriend. Dong-chan’s close ones include his girlfriend who is a young newscaster, his boss and underling, and his very wealthy family.

Dong-chan tries throughout the episode to rope Miran into participating due to her variety show reputation of doing whatever. Miran takes some convincing, but she ends up agreeing because the PD says this could help people in the future. That statement hits close to Miran’s heart who wants to help her little brother who is autistic.

They are frozen at the end of the episode, however, the scientist who does the freezing has a bit of a troubled past. Someone wants to kill him and manages to blow up his car right before he is supposed to unfreeze the participants. The assistant turns off the defrost process because only the doctor knows how to defrost the participants safely. The tanks start to freeze over again.

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Ratings: Nationwide – 2.486%, Seoul – 2.606%


In the opening minutes, police officers investigate the explosion. News that the frozen project has gone horribly awry starts to hit everyone that knows about it. The broadcast team covers it up and pays of Ha-young (Dong-chan’s girlfriend) with a bigger position if she keeps her mouth shut about it. The scientists protege tries to save the frozen participants and relocate them to a new area so that whoever killed the doctor does not try and kill the participants as well. And all the family members find out that their loved ones are missing.

The rest (and majority) of this episode is all back story as well learn even more information about the people surrounding Dong-chan and Miran. Each person reflects on what Dong-chan or Miran meant to them and we see from their eyes what a big loss this is.

Finally, at the end of the episode, we see that the doctor is actually alive. Somehow his protege was able to save him. He has been in a suspended coma state for 20 years. But, he miraculously wakes up in 2019 and fumbles around the hidden research lab to defrost Miran and Dong-chan while in a semi conscious state. He promptly passes out once he does.

Miran and Dong-chan wakes up separately and somehow manage to make their way to the streets of Seoul. They try to settle back into their life as if only one day has passed and constantly wonder why everything is so strange, the bus price is high, their families aren’t in their old homes, and their cell phones don’t work anymore.

Dong-chan ends up in the hospital where the doctors can’t figure out why his temperature is so low. Miran ends up at her school. Their families catch wind that they are awake and search frantically for them. By the end of the episode, both Miran and Dong-chan put all the clues around them together and figure out that they have somehow woken up in the year 2019!

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Ratings: Nationwide – 3.177%, Seoul – 2.858%


In the hospital, Dong-chan is overwhelmed by his family who all look so vastly different from before. His brother looks like their father, his sister looks like an ajumma, his mother is a grandmother now, and his father is not around at all having died a long time ago. There financial situation has also changed as all their money went in to finding Dong-chan. They live and work inside a restaurant that has Dong-chan’s face as it’s logo.

Miran is reunited with her old family and finds out that they are wealthy now. They are all in good health and happy and live in a much fancier house just a few houses over from their old house. They also knew that she was not dead because the doctors assistant sent them photos of her throughout the years. But he also said he was not sure when he could defrost them and they need to keep it a secret for her safety. They are rich now because they opened a business with the money that Miran was paid for the experiment and it paid off for them big time.

For most of this episode Dong-chan tries to get used to his new family dynamics which draws a few comical situations as he confuses his brother as his father over and over again. He is reunited with his old girlfriend at the broadcast company, though the reunion is awkward. He also tries to reestablish himself as the outstanding PD that he was. His former boss and his former underling try to help him through this while also keeping it a secret that they covered up the frozen project all those years ago.

Miran also tries to establish herself in this new life by trying to head back to college. She checks all her old messages on her phone that her friends and ex left while growing more and more frustrated with how much everything has changed in 20 years, so she heads to the broadcast network to demand her 20 years back from Dong-chan! It is a scene that does not get resolved as Miran walks away in rage.

We also learn that they need to keep their temperatures at 31.5 or they will die. That was something that the doctor did not tell them before the experiment. The main doctor has an antidote, but he is the only one who knows the formula.

The episode ends with Miran and Dong-chan both meeting their former lovers and we see the doctor wake up again.

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Ratings: Nationwide – 3.163%, Seoul – 3.278%


Miran’s ex can’t believe that she is here right now in front of him and has not changed her look at all. He is now a professor at the university. But he changed his name and has had plastic surgery so he looks very different (and very handsome). He can’t bring himself to speak so she just thinks he is weird and leaves. Miran ends up taking his class so as she tries to settle back into normal life, she meets with her old friends and tries to get her school life back on track. He spends the majority of the episode trying to speak around her and trying to figure out who she is. He thinks she might be Miran’s daughter.

Dong-chan tries settle back into his life as well and has to pull rank on some young PDs who think he got his his position by nepotism. After being embarrassed, the young PDs start to think that this might be the PS that disappeared 20 years ago. It is an open secret at the broadcast company that no one can talk about or risk being fired. Dong-chan’s friend and boss try to help him settle in, but can’t approve of any of his ideas for shows because they have already been done successfully.

Meanwhile, the protege doctor tries to get the older doctor to remember the formula for the defrosting tonic. If they do not give this tonic to Miran and Dong-chan, then they will die.

Miran is also very upset at the broadcast company so she has a meeting with the people involved in the freezing experiment and tells them that they owe her for the amount of time she was frozen. She takes out a very old calculator and adds it all up to $70 million dollars. But she will settle for a job at the company.

An article also turns up revealing Dong-chan as the PD that disappeared 20 years ago, so the broadcast team has to go on damage control. Dong-chan gets wind of it and is upset that his “friends” covered this up.

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Ratings: Nationwide – 3.201%, Seoul – 3.250%


Dong-chan is upset at his broadcast team and his girlfriend for covering up that he was frozen. He wants to know why they did not look for him! Do to this, he and Ha-young have a falling out. But it is awkward because his boss wants him to tell the press that he was just away for 20 years. they will pay him his full salary for the last 20 years and $500,000 if he does this. Dong-chan knows this will help out his very broke family, so he reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Miran is still adjusting to her life in college. While walking around campus in her 1999 style, she draws the attention of two undergrads who think she is pretty cute in a very retro way. So they try to become friends with her. This draws jealous looks from Dong-chan who thinks that this kids could be her kids.

In a side story, the protege doctor is still trying to get the doctor to remember his life, so he wants the two families to watch him for his safety. Miran’s family ends up watching him and night and Dong-chan’s family watches him in the morning. Though neither family are thrilled about this. the doctor has to hide because a mysterious wealthy man is searching for him.

The mysterious wealthy man hires some bumbling fools to get rid of Dong-chan and Miran after finding out where the doctor is from them. So the fumbling thugs kidnap Miran and Dong-chan and put them in a truck freezer as they drive them to the middle of nowhere. Dong-chan and Miran are able to escape, though the heat from the countryside makes their bodies too hot. Miran faints and Dong-chan hurries her to the Hospital.

At the end of the episode, Dong-chan leaves Miran in the hospital and goes to give his live interview with Ha-young at the broadcast company. But instead of saying the he was just irresponsibly gone for 20 years, he says, to everyones surprise, that he is the first frozen man in the world.

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