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Her Private Life: Episode 9 Live Recap

Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

This show is quirky and is hitting all my romantic-comedy spots, I especially love when Ryan and Deokmi hang out at the online fan site. Ryan (aka Latte) looks so absurd that I just have to giggle. Though I do feel like the paaain might be about to start. Hopefully, it does not last long.

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Shorthand Character Chart: Her Private Life

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Ryan walks into his place looking bummed. The music starts to play as he thinks back to Deokmi telling him that they should stop the fake dating. He told her that he wanted to finish it always. She smiled and said thank you. But in his place, he wonders why she said that as if it was the end.

Ryan – Tomorrow, I will see her tomorrow.

he puts the flowers on his table and walks off.

In her place, Deokmi sits on the floor surrounded by all her Shian things. She picks up her phone, but sighs and says that she told him that so why is she waiting for his phone call?

They both sit alone in their places drinking something. Ryan sits on his couch and drinks wine while thinking and being lonely. Deokmi does the same but in her bed with a soda.

They both snuggle into their spots and try to sleep, but neither one can.

Deokmi touches the spot on her hand that ryan touched and starts to think back to her childhood. She was holding someones hand and let it go when she was a kid. It sems like this kid might have been Ryan. But she can’t remember the face.

Deokmi wakes up the next morning and thinks, ah, the morning doesn’t know anything.

She sets out, all ready for the day and blocks her eyes from the sun. Though she thinks that she really does not want to go to work today.

Ryan also wakes up and checks his text meassages.

Sunjoo also looks at her phone and wonders what happened to her. Then Deokmi comes in and asks if something happened with Ryan? Did you confess to him! I told you not to until you confirm things! Deokmi says that she did not confess, she said that she would tell him that they already ended things.

Sunjoo asks her how she did it, what did she say? Deokmi says she just said it can end. Sunjoo thinks it is illegal for him to be so nice to her and start things, that is so illigal! Why did he do that! Deokmi is all like, yeah! That bad guy. They start to talk about how Lion should be in jail forever. Deokmi actually feels better talking to Sunjoo about it.

But then Lion comes into the cafe so Deokmi runs to hide behind the counter like she normally does. Sunjoo is all like, um, why are you hiding? You have to go to work and see him. Deokmi says that she is not confident to see him yet.

Ryan comes in and goes to the counter to talk to Sunjoo. He asks about curator Sung. SJ says that they don’t have curator Sung on the menu. He asks about powder milk, she says there is no power milk. So he asks for warm milk, she puts her hands together as if to pray and says they are all out of milk.

He asks what they have so she says coffee. Ryan leaves, but outside he thinks that he definitely saw curator Sung inside, why did Sunjoo lie to him? He leaves.



Sunjoo tells Deokmi that the coast is clear. Deokmi comes out and wonders why she is so stupid. Sunjoo tells her not to do anything online. You become a fan girl noisily but get out of it – quietly. Deokmi agrees and then mutters that he is a bad guy before leaving.

She takes a long deep breath before walking to the museum and sees Dain talking to Ryan outside in the courtyard. She stops and looks at them. From a distance, it looks like Dain and Ryann are having a fun time, but they are actually talking about whether Ryan confessed to Deokmi. Deokmi does not hear any of this though.

The other employees walk up and look on with Deokmi at Ryan and Dain. Deokmi approaches the two of them to say high and then runs off feigning that she is very busy at work. She goes inside and starts to work hard so that she can get in and out like a fan girl. She needs to do it. But while working with her headphones in, she thinks about Ryan talking to Dain in her place with him telling her that he really needs her.

She starts punching her keyboard keys very hardly, enough for the other two employees to take notice. Ryan comes in and asks if deokmi is busy? She tells him, as he can see, she is very busy. Do you need anything? He says nothing. Then he looks at everyone and kind of has eye communication to find out what is happening.


Later, the employees and Cindy drink a coffee and talk about what happened. Did they have a fight? They were okay before. But then Kyungah thinks about Choi Dain and thinks that this must be a woman thing. It is between Dain and Sung. Yoosub asks Kyungah if she thinks Curator Sung lost the fight? Kyungah thinks so, based on what she sees.

The employees walk back to their workplace, but they run into Ryan. He asks about their work, Kyungah says something about it and then says that she is disappointed in him! He asks Yoosub, he says something about work and then says that this is shameful for men. Ryan asks Cindy to some to his office to explain this all to him.

In the office, Cindy reluctantly tells Ryan that everyone says that he dumped Deokmi. it is their guess. Ryan asks why she did not say anything, she is the one that knows everything since she is stalking them. Cindy says that she knows he did not have an affair, but why should I? You tried to sue me so I am actually happy abotu this. She walks out.

Ryan wonders why Deokmi is pretending like she is dumped, she is the one that dumped him! But no, we didn’t even date! i have to make sure.

Cut to Ryan talking to Deokmi outside.

DM – If you have nothing to say then goodbye

Ryan – Curator Sung, what does what you said yesterday mean?

DM – As I said

Ryan – What you said means that you want to quit our fake datin?

DM – We can’t continue it, it is fake anyway. You told me the Patch is gone and Cindy will quit soon so there is no reason to continue fake dating.

Ryan – Is that really the reason?…..I – to you – *he folds his fingers into a clench*…..okay, good job until now.

He walks off. Deokmi looks like she was holding all her emotinos in and still is.



Ryan storms into his home, frustrated, music plays over this scene as he broods in the kitchen.

Ryan – Fake?

he pulls out his phone and sees a text from Shian Is My Way, a new chat is open so people are asking Deokmi a lot of questions in the chat room. Deokmi sits in front of her computer but looks bummed as she starts to respond to all he questions about Shian.


The team meets to talk work in their conference room. Deokmi says her plan, Ryan says that her plan is too naive and nitpicks it. Deokmi hits right back as she argues over the concept right back with him. they both leave upset.

The team is all like, maaaaaan, they are the ones who broke up, why are we the victims. Cindy says that Internal dating is not good. I will tell my mom to stop it. they other two are all like, um, maybe you should not do that. Lets go eat comfortably. KA says she will take Sung and Cindy out, Yoosub should take Ryan. it is a bet.

But they end up going to the same place. Not sure if this was planned or not….~. It seems like it was planned? they all sit inside. Deokmi tells herself that Lion is always nice to everyone so it does not mean anything when he is nice to her. They start to eat, but Ryan has no clue what is going on with the food. Deokmi thinks it is so cute and can’t take her Bambi eyes off him.

She tells herself that this greedy guy should be handsome or cute, not both. She keep staring daggers at him and actually says, “He just eats everything.”

All the other employees stare at her and the table grows cold.

Ryan – I was making it for you, to share, but if you saw it that way then – I am sorry.

the mood is so wamp wamp. The music is even wamp wamp. Later on, the poor employees have to drink a stress drink and talk about how their worklife is so stressful now in this environment. Cindy asks if she can take a day off.

Outside, we see Deokmi and Ryan walking back, though Deokmi is ahead of Ryan. He wonders if she is mad at him or something else and runs up to talk to him. But Deokmi’s mother and father call her name, they are there! She runs up to them and Ryan runs up as well.

Umma and Appa brought a lunch for Deokmi and Ryan. Deokmi tells hem that they already ate and tries to pull them away. Umma tells Ryann she is sorry to come without letting them know, as she is being pulled away. But then Ryan says, well, actually – I need to eat some more! She eats well so I gave her all my stuff.

Umma runs to him, REALLY! Yes, she eats so well, just like her father! Lets have a picnic!

The other employees look on and sigh, it looks like they don’t know that they broke up. Cindy ays that she can’t watch.



In the picnic, Umma made a special kimbap for Deokmi, she says she is not eating it. Ryan says that he will eat in and does very quickly. But he starts coughing because this kimbap had a super spicy jalapeno in it. Ryan actually starts to cry, but says that he is fine! I loved it! It tastes good! However, they all know he is in pain, they try to play it off. 

Umma remembers that she has something for him. She pulls out a gift of a crotchet lion. She made it for him. Deokmi tells her mom that he is not Lion, he is Ryan. But Ryan quicklys ays that he likes it. Umma is pretty happy at that.

They see some people taking photos so Umma wants to take some. But deokmi does not. Umma is all like, yeah, I am old, I just need my funeral photo now. Deokmi isa ll like, no no no, lets take a photo! So umma brightens up again and they all start to take photos. Ryan takes the photo of them, but the parents want him in the photo so they ask a nearby couple to take it. 

This photo is adorably awkward for Ryan, though Deokmi smiles. Then the parents tell them that they need to take photos together! So they awkwardly take photos together and start to have a good time smiling.

Ryan drives Deokmi’s parents home and thanks them for he side dishes. Deokmi is with them as well. Umma wants to bring Ryan some more side dishes, but Deokmi says she should not. He is busy so don’t affect his work like this. Today is the last day for that. Umma is all like, okay, I wasn’t considerate enough. Ryan says he will buy them something next time. But Deokmi tells him that he does not have to do it.

the parents start to look at Deokmi as if they might be figuring things out, they leave but look back questioningly at her. She smiles and tells them to go inside.

then she and Ryan drive back. Deokmi apologizes and says that she didnt’ know that would happen. He says he enjoyed it and does not think like he wasted time at all. He also tells her that he does not feel anything, it is weird. It is because of the jalapeno, he can’t feel his tongue. She smiles. He tells her that he actually hsn’t seen her smile in awhile, am I uncomfortable to you?

She quickly says it is nothing like that. But she says that it was because the fake dating ended. He mentions that their fake dating ended so why is it so uncomfortable, what will happen in the future? Deokmi tells him to focus on driving.

Dain calls and says that Ryan is not picking up, are you together? I don’t think we have enough time for Shian’s album and the exhibition together. Can I schedule a meeting with him? She gets off the phone.

Elsewhere, we see Eunki and his mother showing up at home with Deokmi’s parents. Seyeon brought the magazine cover that has Ryan Gold on it. She says that she brought her future son on law to show her. Eunki says that he is jst her boss! umma says that she wishes that Ryan were the son in law but she is not sure if that will happen anymore.

Eunki is all like, did you make this kimbap for that Lion guy! I am not eating. Deokmi’s mother tells him DONT’ EAT IT THEN! Why are you so similar to Deokmi! But then she mutters that she can’t blame him since she is the one that raised them both. She starts to talk abotu deokmi and how things were strange at work.

Seyeon thinks it is something there. The director drove them home so I was so thankful and wanted to give him side dishes and invite him in, but Deokmi told us to leave. Appa thinks it must be because of him. I they lived well then Deokmi could marry quickly. But she has no siblings.

Seyeon says Eunki is her sibling. She thinks that she will tell Eunki’s wife to take them as parents in law. Umma says that no woman will marry him if the have to support 3 inlaws. the parents start to laugh.



Inside the museum, we see Director Eom hiding out in all black andn a face mask, with her secretary, as she peeks into the museum. Kyungah walks up on her and surprises the mess out of Eom. Um, what are you doing here? Eom says she is looking for her daughter so Kyungah tells her to follow her, but she says it in English. Eom is all like, what does that mean? then she figures out that it means for her to follow her.

KA takes Eom to show them what her daughter is doing. She is actually working hard in the gift shop. Eom thinks Cindy can do a lot more than that though so Ryan is actually not a good boss. She frolicks off. On the way out, she talks to her driver-secretary about how she wants to be the CEO of their chaebol cultural department, she will show Ryan who is boss, then.

Elsewhere, Eunki waits at Deokmi’s house for her to walk up. He sees her walking across the street to her place and headingn up. When she gets up there, she notices a table full of drinks and food. Eunki pops out happily. Cut to them eating and drinking on her terrace. She asks why he did something so nice. He says that he went to her parents and she did not look that happy. Deokmi tries to explain what happened that day with Lion and the picnic and all that.

Eunki asks if Ryan says he is having a hard time fake dating you? Deokmi nods and says that she decided to stop fake dating. But umma showed up without telling us and fed him kimbap. Eunki kind of finished her thought and asks if she is sad that her fake dating ended? Deokmi nods and thinks that she is crazy, why is she so into this fake dating. She thinks she should be hit. It looks like this gives Eunki a lot of pause.

He goes to his judo gym and lays on the mats alone as he thinks. 

Then we cut to him at home as he puts his head in the freezer to cool off. But he hears some whimpering in the room next door. it looks like this is a flashback. Deokmi is crying in her room so he gives her icecream. He cleans her runny nose and says she is dumb, he will kill that guy. Deokmi tells him you should do these techniques to him. He says those are all prohibited. They start to argue about that. Deokmi is all like, just kill him, he is a bad guy, he dumped me! Eunki is all  like, okay, I will kill him. He tries to take the icecream away, she pulls it away from him.

Eunki sits up in the gym, still thinking about this.



that night, Deokmi remembers that her friend told her not to do anything online, including SNS. Deokmi thinks that was good advice and tries not to get on her phone. But she thinks that she can’t sleep, what should she do?

So she goes to her computer and opens the chatting room. She tells everyone, if you can’t sleep tonight, then I invite you in.

anon – Hello, I broke up, that is why I am here.

DM – Tell me your story

She tells her, Deokmi reads it and then starts to write that the person you were going to marry lied about his age and had an affair! You should sue him! But she is actually only 12 years old, lol. We cut to the online world and see this 12 year old with a smoothie.

deokmi smiles and says that seh is only 12 so she will have a lot of changes to meet a good guy. The girl asks if she met a lot of good guys? Deokmi says next person.

The next person is a high school student who talks about how her boyfriend and her go to the same math school but there is another female friend he knows who sits next to her and touched her so I dragged her hair ~ oh, my mother wants me to turn off the computer. She leaves.

Deokmi is all alone online and in the real world so she tinks that maybe she should go to bed. Then she gets a tweet from someone.

latte – are you sleping?

DM – Not sleeping, Latte, tell me your story.

Ryan sits at his computer looking confused.

Latte – Am I supposed to tell my story?

DM – Yes, today I am listening to people who can’t sleep.

Ryan takes a deep breath

Latte – Actually, in the art – at work, I like someone. 

DM – Is it one sided love?

Latte – Not exactly one sided….*no pronouns in this* (Whenever I see her [she] smiles big and when I make a mistake, [she] forgive me. [Her] parents like me also. So I wanted to confess to [her] to progress my relationship, but [she] all of a sudden tried to quit.)

DM – Quit what? SO you wanted to confess but that person keeps their distance? Maybe your heart is too much for that person. It would be nice if you two liked each other equally. But I think it is best not to confess for the other person. Latte, our Shian will not be stressed by how much we like him. You just became a fan girl so you have a lot of things to learn. Look at Shian and cheer up.

Ryan sighs.

Latte – What if I don’t get better after seeing Shian

DM – Well, if you can’t get better after seeing Shian then you are really really sick and should go to the hospital. Have a good night.

She gets off the chat. Ryan sighs again.

DM – You are good at talking *talks to herself*

Ryan – Too much?

DM – Yeah, you did well not confessing to him.

Deokmi sighs and then pulls up photos of Ryan from her computer. Ryan keeps looking at the logged out message.




Sunjoo talks to her part timer and says that she is heading out, but she will be back before his band practice time. Almost like she is his manager. He is all like, um, okay. But you can come back slowly. I can skip my practice for one day. SJ tells him, if you skip one day you know, two days the critiques will know, 4 days and the audience will know.

Then a person comes up to him and says that the music is so good here. Sunjoo pulls her part-timer out and says that it is his band. The customer is all like, I really like this music but it is the only song that is played since I have been here for one hour. 

Sunjoo is all like, oh, yeah, it is the only song I recorded. He says he will change it. Sunjoo thinks that they need to record more songs. Deokmi comes in then so Sunjoo asks her about their fan girl sticks because she is going to have a date with her oppa today. But she thinks it is strange. Why is her husband asking her out on a date. Deokmi says nothing is strange about that. Then she tells her that when she is depressed she does fan girl stuff (Deokmi is in her all black). She says that she can still do these things even as she is now.

Sunjoo tells her that this is a good time to fan girl, your fangirl things are your way. Be happy!

Deokmi walks out and talks on the phone about the details of fan girl things. She hangs up and then sees some cute kids playing in bubbles outside which reminds her of her and Ryan’s fake date in the park. She sighs and walks off.

Elsewhere, Sunjoo goes to her date with her husband at a BBQ place. She tells him that he just had to tell her that he wanted to eat BBQ. he tells her to put her clothes away and gives her the key. She grummbles that he should do it for her as she goes to the locker. But then she sees a gift inside, it is a Chanel bag.

She quickly comes out, he is smiling brightly. But Sunjoo took this the wrong way and yells, ARE YOU HAVING AN AFFAIR! WHAT IS THIS! then she hits him with the bag.

Cut to her apologizing to him as they walk outside. She says that she didnt’ expect that he would give her something like this. Her voice is very sweet now. He is all like, poeple will think that I never give you anything, don’t change your heart, all I do is for you. 

then giggling girls run right by them so Sunjoo says that this reminds her of when they first met when her and Sunjoo were fan girling somewhere. 

Flashback to Sunjoo and Seungmin meeting on the bus stop. It looks like it was love at first sight as they both stared at each other.

In the present, Sunjoo tells oppa that fandom connected them, so he should appreciate her fan girl things. Okay? He looks a bit guilty.



At home, Deokmi works on her website. But she is not that into it. Though she tells herself that fan girl things are the best, the best thing in the world. Then she runs and plops on the bed.

At his home, Ryan checks his fridge, no side dishes. He heads out for something and on the way back runs into Shian on the elevator. Shian is super happy to see him. Ryan looks like death warmed over. Shian takes it in stride and asks Ryan if he had a bad day and then says that Shinahgil posted a lot of photos. Sometimes I am surprised to see photos of me. Do I have this kind of expression?

Ryan is all like STOP. This is your floor. Shian heads out and is reminded of their meeting with Dain tomorrow.

At work, Ryan sees Deokmi outside and asks her when the meeting is today. She says 2 o’clock. Ryan starts to ask if they want to meet at 1 o’clock to drive there. Deokmi actually cuts him off and says she has a meeting outside so she is going to go to Dain’s studio directly. Ryan is frustrated and starts to ask if he is that much stress for her? But he stops himself and walks off.

Before the meeting, Deokmi uses the time to walk around happily.

Ryan goes straight to Dain’s place. They both chat about him being there without Deokmi. He tries to avoid it. Dain tells him that she is happy she came back to Korea. Deokmi gets to the studio, though she really does not want to be there. However, she tells herself that she has Shian, she can be here for Shian.

Inside, Shian is sitting with Dain and Ryan. Ryan wants Shian to sign the contract so that her and Dain can starts to work together. they both sign. Dain then starts to talk about the concept for Shian with a white ocean and a white color and all that. they start to talk about art and all those things. It is very detailed. Dain tells Ryan that he understands her well. Shian also talks about liking everything.

Inside, Deokmi looks like she is fixing them all drinks? She is in the kitchen area. Outside, Ryan talks about making this design easier for normal audience when Deokmi accidentally drops the dishes. Ryan runs up to her to see if she is okay, is she hurt? She says he is fine and starts to clean up everything. 

Then she goes inside to finish up the cleaning. Dain comes in to talk to her to see if she is okay, but then gets a phone call. Someone wants her to do something right now, she tells them that she is a bit busy right now. It looks like she ordered some wood but no one is in the studio now. Deokmi says she can go there. Dain is appreciative.

Deokmi heads out so Dain tells the person that someone will be there soon. Cut to Deokmi at the wood studio. The studio is empty so Deokmi walks inside to see if anyone is there. But no one answers her back so she sits to wait.



While waiting, she pulls out her fangirl sample light, but it does not turn on. So she sighs and looks around. This makes her think about the fun time she had with Ryan when they were making the furniture.

So she pulls out her cell phone and looks at the photo that her parents took of them together. She thinks back to that photo and remembers Ryan telling her that he has not seen her smile in awhile. This makes her tear up a bit as she remembers all the fun and sometimes intimate times they shared while Ryan’s been in town.

She also thinks back to telling Latte that her heart might have been too much for that person. Ryan wondered if she really thinks that her heart to that person is also stress. She starts to write back to him.

DM – Well, I lied. I didn’t confess to that person, not because I was thinking of them. It was cowardly on my part because I did not want to hurt my own feelings. Maybe, Latte, that person won’t be stressed by your heart. Maybe they ran away, like me, so as not to get hurt. So, why dont’ we be brave together?

She sends the message.

Then someone comes in the woodshop and walks down the stairs. It is Ryan, he is looking around. She looks up at him as if this is really fate. He looks at her, maybe a bit more questioningly.

She stands as he walks up to her.

Ryan – Curator Sung

DM – Director….I didn’t want to ask you this. I really didnt’ want to ask you. *sniff* What was so hard fake dating me? *sniff sniff* Did you really hate it?

Ryan – *knowingly* Yes. *he puts his hands in his pocket*

DM – Why did you hate it so much? I wasn’t contacted you every day? It was just little moments of pretending? Was that so hard? Did you really hate it? I liked it. Why did you~.

Ryan – Because it was fake.

He walks up to her until he is right in front of her.

Ryan – I hated it because it was fake. I wanted to do it for real.

He leans in and gives her a soft kiss. Then he looks at her to see if she is okay and gives her a much much longer and deeper kiss.

Lots of kissing.

She also accidentally knocks her fan girl fan on the floor.

Kiss kiss kiss.

Fade Out



And the miscommunication has ended right here! Woohoo! I’m glad they did not drag this out to tomorrows episode. One episode of misunderstanding is enough, thank you very much.


Episode 10 English translation is below!

RYAN – So we are really dating right?

DM – I am dating Ryan!

EK – I am the only man that knows Deokmi more than Deokmi herself

DI – You may trust me more than Ryan’s heart

Ryan – 7 o’clock, that is a good time to see my girlfriend

Ryan – You only wanted to see me?

EK – Who will you pick, me or Ryan?

EK – Sung Deokmi, I like you.

Ryan – You know I don’t want to let a hand go. 

Ryan – Can you take me in also?

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  1. W
    May 8, 2019 / 11:17 am

    This episode was a lot for my heart also finally included real kiss and it was damm hot one okay I’m off to do fargirl things now going to Boyce avenue concert so im thrilled sea you tomorrow I gues and thx for recap

    • V
      May 9, 2019 / 12:35 pm

      Right! Finally a real kiss 🥰

  2. Hello
    May 8, 2019 / 11:56 am

    And THAT is the kind of kiss we deserved !

    • V
      May 9, 2019 / 12:35 pm

      Right! They have been building to this kiss for a minute!

    May 8, 2019 / 12:09 pm


    May 8, 2019 / 1:17 pm

    yaassssss. the episode was frekin awesome /… main highlight is the ending and preview …cant wait for the next episode… wohoooooo…. . park min young and jae wook are super awesome ..wish they would date in real life

    • V
      May 9, 2019 / 12:36 pm

      I love them together, too! Great onscreen pair!

  5. Rose
    May 8, 2019 / 2:11 pm

    First of all, thank you V for the recap. As always, you rock! 😄

    Second, im so glad that the misunderstanding was resolved in this episode. 😁

    Then of course that kiss! Omg! Im glad its no longer a dream or imagination! I knew it that its goin to happen this week! And i saw the clip of it….dang! Thats hot…hot …hot! 😁

  6. May 8, 2019 / 5:55 pm


  7. Rose
    May 8, 2019 / 8:49 pm

    Just finished watching the sub episode. Im sorry….but im so annoyed with that taekwondo guy. I understand that he’s jealous and everything, but why he has to act like a child? Thats scene where he was throwing tantrums to DMs mom that she made Ryan the food….im sorry, i thought the way he reacted was like watching a kid throwing tantrums when he didnt get what he wants, that was sooooo annoying and soooo disrespectful to his mom and DMs mom, like seriously?? Is he in grade school or something???

    Anyways, besides that, the whole episode was good. I cant wait for tomorrows episode. Thanks again V! 🙂

    • V
      May 9, 2019 / 12:34 pm

      Yes, the taekwondo guy is a bit annoying. it would be nice if he was just a supportive friend-brother. I am ready for that foster brother/love interest trope to go away already 😉

  8. anne mushi
    May 8, 2019 / 11:22 pm

    just by reading your recap without watch the drama yet..can make me pictured every thing happend on date episode..thanks to you..well done..can’t wait for recap next episode..

    • V
      May 9, 2019 / 12:32 pm

      So happy to hear, Anne Mushi!

  9. Tinfangirl
    May 9, 2019 / 10:28 pm

    Can anyone tell me the title of the song played while Deok Mi and Ryan was on that convertible bus and having a tour? I really like that song.

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