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Her Private Life: Episode 8 Live Recap

Her Private Life Recap 8
Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

Loved yesterdays episode! I was squeeing like a school girl with an Idol crush the entire time. Which, I am happy to say, makes me fit right into this drama world. The great thing about this drama is that it is so delightfully adult. There are no man children here (well maybe except the Idol, but, you know) and there are no candies doing annoying things. Everything Deok-mi has done is definitely in the wheel house of something I would do, if I was in her situation. That really helps me be in her shoes and lost in her drama moments.

This drama kind of has an updated You’ve Got Mail vibe to it (especially with the online communications), in that everyone is adulting and yet the butterflies are all still there. Oh my gosh, I love it so much.

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Rewind to Deokmi finishing up Ryan’s hand. He thanks her but thinks it is a bit unfair that she saw all around his house but he can’t see her house. So to be fair, I will see yours.

he moves to take off the blind fold. She screams NOOOOOO and pushes the blind fold back on him, but that send him backwards into the couch. They are caught in a moment as she leans in to kiss him AND SHE DOES. She actually kisses him and lightly touches him on his face. It is a long lovely kiss that Deokmi has pretty much complete control over.

Ryan takes off his blind fold, Deokmi looks nervous, he leans forward and looks at her softly.

Ryan – Do you want to have me?

Deokmi – Yes

The music cuts off. He looks at her and softly touches her hair. And then he kisses her on her cheek and her then her lips. They kiss for a moment, then he dips her back onto the couch.


Ryan still has his blind fold on and Deokmi is still looking at him on the couch. Ryan is all like, um…

Ryan – Curator Song?…..

She hops up.

DM – You should go home! There is the exit!

Ryan is all like, um….curator Sung!

he is still blindfolded and cant find his way out.

Ryan – Curator Sung???

She helps him out and tells him that it is okay now as they go back to the octapang. She tells him everything is okay now and then he removes his blind fold. He tells her to invite him formally some time after she cleaned. But he also asks something else.

Ryan – You don’t seem happy, your brush touch was a bit rough as if you had trouble.

She is drifting off into dream lang again.

DM – (I photoshopped you)

Ryan – Do you have any concerns

DM – (You)…no, nothing.

Ryan – Are you sick?

DM – (It is because of you)…no, nthing

Ryan – If I can help you then tell me anything.

DM – Anything?….well….anything….

Ryan – *nods*

DM – Well, I am…

But then she sees the Shian blindfold that ryan is holding. She quickly grabs it and falls to the ground. Then she tells him that she is fine! You should go to work! There are the stairs! Goodbye! She practically pushes him to the steps.

He gos to his car looking calm, but actually his heart is racing out of his chest. He also felt super charged in the moment that Deokmi pushed him back on the couch.

Ryan – Ah..you did a good job….you did a good job (like a good job not jumping on her, he controlled himself).

He holds his chest, takes a lot of deep breathes, and gets into his car.


Ryan drives off into the title which hits all the letters away.




Deokmi thinks that she should have just done it, why didn’t she do it. Her friend is all like, what? Deokmi says kiss, with Lion. Sungjoo is all like, YOU WANT TO KISS LION!?

They go back and forth with You like him! no! You like him! No! Then Sunjoo asks her where she went after the event? Deokmi says she worked on photo shop so Sunjoo asks her why she did not post it. Deokmi starts to think about photoshoping Ryan.

DM – Actually, I was photoshoping Lion’s photo.

SJ – Whahhhhh! You really like him!

DM – My thoughts come right out of my mouth, I was about to confess to Lion yesterday.

SJ – No, no, no!

DM – Why?

SJ – You can like him, he is handsome and has good ability and is kind. But does he like you also?

Deokmi kind of giggles and talks about the finger kiss.

DM – He kissed me like *this* after coming to me.

SJ – Cindy was looking at your two, also, if he liked you then why kiss his finger? Why not your lips?

DM – *really fast* when we went to my house he was smiling at my parents! You know he doesn’t smile that much and he was eating rice ~.

SJ – Hey, does he have to knit pick the food at your parents place? Confessions are not with courage. You have to check to see if yo two like each other first. You need confirmation.

DM – Well, I think he doesn’t not like me.

SJ – Hey, he doesn’t hate you, that is different from loving you. You have to make sure that when Lion helped you it was for pure humanity cause.

DM – Huh?

SJ – Because of Lion, the scandal with Cindy went well. But, what if you are dumped?

DM – Why are you so negative?

SJ – It is not negative, it is realistic. Would you be okay getting dumped when you have to see him every day at work? So just wait until you confirm his heart as well.

In the basement of Shian and Ryan’s building, Ryan sees Cindy getting a talking to by her mother. Her mother asks her if this is the art gallery? Why are you coming to work here? Is this the place where Cha Shian lives?

Cindy feigns ignorance, um, is this where Cha Shian lives? Her mother tells the secretary to take her keys and credit card. She tries to get away so the secretary has to try and block her, though he doesn’t really want to block her which makes them do a kind of skip hop dance. 

Cindy asks how she can survive without a car or credit cards? The mother tells Cindy that she will get full looking at Cha Shian’s face only. Cindy sees Ryan and quickly runs off to him. He looks instantly like he regrets being there.

Meanwhile, Deokmi is talking an online psychology love test. She asks about confessing to someone. The answer is “is it only for my body” Deokmi is all like…um….then sheimagines Ryan, back lit by the sun, asking her if this is all about his body? She mutters no…..

The next question is name so she puts Lion. The answer is “Go away”. So she imagines Ryan telling her to go away. Deokmi asks, why do you say that to me? You are bad. You go away….

But then Ryan calls her name for real.

Ryan – Curator Sung, are you busy?

She hops up right away and asks if he needs her for something. He says it is not about work, it is something that she will like. He says, actually I am~. But then someone comes in and mentions something about work, so Ryan asks her to wait a moment. He walks away.

Deokmi wonders why he is so shy? Is he about to confess!?

Deokmi walks away to the spot outside the museum where they pretended to date. She giggles shyly and then walks over to where Ryan is standing. It looks like he asked her to meet him there.

DM – *big smile* Director, you can tell me.

Ryan – You still don’t know about it

DM – You can tell me first

Ryan – I thought you always checked

DM – I always check, but if you tell me then I think it is better

Ryan – *deep breath* honestly, I am….

DM – Yes….

Ryan – I removed ChaeUn patch

He smiles at her happily Flashback to Cindy walking up to Ryan in the parking garage. Her mother walks up to her. Cindy says she is actually there to see Ryan. Her mother asks him if this is true. Cindy looks like she is begging him with all her might to go with it. She shows her cell phone with the Patch.

The mother starts to talk about how Cha Shian is considered in their special exhibition so she is actually worried about this a lot with Hyojin…she came here to where Cha Shian lives….~. Meanwhile, Cindy is doing everything to communicate to Ryan to help her. The mother asks if he called her daughter to meet him here?

Cindy closed the Patch right behind the mothres head and made sure that Ryan saw it. Ryan smiles and tells Eom that Cindy is his employee so the mother should not worry about it. He takes Cindy away. 



In the present, Ryan tells Deokmi that Cindy will not follow them around anymore, that is good right? Deokmi says that is so good. hahaha. But she is not feeling it. Ryan is pleased with himself and says that Cindy will quit soon so we can just work a bit harder until that moment. He happily walks away.

In the coffee shop, Sunjoo takes promotional type photos of her part timer to make him look more like an idol with a photo albumb coming out. it is hilarious because she is posing him in front of a plant that she wants him to peek through. She tells him that he needs a fan cafe so that he will have a place for his fans to go to. The part timer is all like, um, I on’t have one. Sunjoo is all like, that is why you need one.

The part timer sees Deokmi come in and asks her if sher friend is always this weird. Sunjoo goes to talk to her friend and finds out that the Patch is removed. Ryan told her that he did it and that they just need to work a bit harder until Cindy quits. But what does that mean? Sunjoo explains that they cannot quit fake dating as soon as the Patch is removed, they need to continue for a bit longer until Cindy quits.

Deokmi thinks that is the problme, so he means that fake dating is difficult so he wants Cindy to quit so he cann end it right! Sunjoo tells her that she is being too negative. Deokmi tells her that she is on a rollercoaster of feelings. SJ asks if she really wants to keep fake dating? Deokmi nods, so Sunjoo tells her that Cindy just needs to keep working at the gallery. Deokmi asks how to do that.

Cut to work at the museum. The team is having a meeting about the exhbition so everyone is filling Ryan is. Cindy yawns and says it is so boring, what can she do? She needs something to do. Deokmi is in deep thought as Kyungah says that she gave her data to organize in the warehouse, but Cindy told her that was not fun.

She happily turns to Ryan and asks if she can be part of the special exhibition? I will work so hard for Shian’s part. Ryan tells her that she will work too hard, that is why i am not giving it to you. Cindy whines a bit. Deokmi asks Ryan, why not give her that work? 

DM – For example, she can make the goodie bags for giving away or something to sell.

Cindy – that is like pencils or something, that is no fun. 

DM – We have to make those items for the goodie bags for the special event also.


Ryan – You didn’t show us anything, how can I give you this job?

CIndy – I will show it to you from now on, you know sometimes the position makes the person.

Ryan thinks and gulps his thoughts into his throat. Then he tells Cindy that everything they do here is confidential. Cindy happily says okay.



They leave the meeting. Cindy asks the other two employees who usually makes the goodie items? Then she happily walks off. Deokmi and Ryan leave the meeting at around the same time. he asks her if she is busy later? Maybe you can come with me somewhere, also you should dress well.

Deokmi smiles and walks off. 

Later on, he waits for her after work, she walks up to him leaning on his car, but he turns to her as she approaches and opens her door for her. She gives him a smile and tiny courtesy as she gets in, and they drive off together.

They are going to a meeting with Cha Shian. Ryan says that Cha Shian was busy yesterday so they could not meet. Deokmi asks why she has to dress up? Ryan explains that when Shian visited last time, everyone was paying attention to their appearance. Deokmi says okay. She also says something else, but it is muttered under her breath. Ryan asks what that was. Deokmi says nothing nothing! And smiles, but then she sighs.

Elsewhere, Deokmi’s mother visits the Judo club when all the cute little kids are practicing. This makes her remember when Eunki and Deokmi where cute little kids playing in the sprinklers with some other kids. She is a bit sad actually and walks off to the changing room. Eunki notices.

He goes in there to see her sitting deep in thought and happily sits with her. He removes an eyelash or something from her face and then holds her hands. She tells him it is nothing and starts to prepare his lunch. They call each other son and mom as they talk, she asks him if he is mad at her? You don’t come home to eat anymore. He says that he can’t eat her delicious food everyday, he will be fat. They make a few more jokes and happily start to eat.

Meanwhile, Deokmi and Ryan meet with Shian and the director. Their visual director has disappeared so the manager thinks that they might not be able to move forward with the exhibition. Ryan asks, you aren’t telling me that you are pulling out are you? Shian apologizes and says that he can’t focus on the exhibition because this is right before his album, he also does  not want the exibition delayed because of me. 

Ryan asks what about another visual director? Shian says he is looking for one but can’t find one now. Ryan asks if he knows Cha Dain? Shian says, of course he knows her and says that he contacted her many times to work together. Ryan asks, what if she becomes your visual director? You can do both the album and the exhibition then. Shian asks if he knows her? Ryan says he knows her very well.

Deokmi thinks back to Dain & Ryan and is about to sulk into the floor.

They both leave and walk outside, Deokmi is a bit bummed. They start to talk about Dain. Ryan says she is actually pretty famous. If she attends our exhibition then it will be a big selling point for us. Deokmi asks if she will do it? Maybe she is very busy? Ryan says that she will, this is the first request I have asked her in ten years, she will do it.

Deokmi is stuck on “ten years”. Ryan says that he has to ask her something special anyway. She has the last photo of photographer Yoon. 

DM – So, if she own the last photo then she is @manypeople?

Ryan – I gave her that nickname when I first met her, but she is still using it.

Deokmi is lost in thought. Ryan asks her if she has time today? Deokmi says that she is going home to eat dinner with her mom, should she cancel it? He says no, no, just hop in the car. So she walks to the car, all bummed, and gets in herself. 

Ryan calls someone while standing outside. he says this is Ryan Gold for the 7 o’clock reservation, I have to cancel it. Then he hangs up and walks back to the car looking a bit bummed himself.



He drops her off at her moms place. She asks about the interview tomorrow. Ryan tells her that she can set the schedule. He is going to meet Dain tomorrow and asks her if she would like to join him. She smiles and says okay, then hops out and tells him she will see him tomorrow.

Ryan watches Deokmi walk up to her house and then sees Eunki who is basically staring daggers at him. they talk.

Ryan – Coach Nam

EK – The patch is cleared, how long will you fake date?

Ryan – We will decide it

EK – We? Are you interested in my Deokmi?

Ryan – that is none of your business

EK – Yes it is. So answer, are you interested in Deokmi?

Ryan – Yes, I am. Ii think she is a good person.

EK – It this altruistic interest? Because you helped her since you thought she was dating Sunjoo? if not then what is it?

Ryan – I don’t think I have to answer, lets stop here.

EK – Don’t shake her with only your interest

Ryan – Was she shaken? I am telling you one more time. Me and Sung will decide it, it is none of your business Coach Nam

EK – How much do you know about Deokmi? I know everything about her

Ryan – I know enough, more than you think

EK – Deokmi shouldn’t have told you about her self, she tells me everything. She hides nothing. Do you think she can do that to you also?

Eunki walks away.

Later on, Eunki and Deokmi and super awkward at dinner together. Eunki is snatching away her food. She tells him tos top it! he says something back and they look like they are about to hit each other. Umma asks about Ryan. Deokmi says they aren’t in a relationship so don’t mention it. But umma asks why she brought him home? Eunki is all upset, he tells his umma that she needs to keep her conscience, Deokmi is crazy and should not marry anyone. deokmi is all like, you should meet someone like me! Eunki is all like, you should meet someone like me! 

Umma is all angry and tells them that she did not raise them to have inlaws like them! Live alone! then she takes the food away and tells them not to eat! Deokmi is all like, what would be wrong with having a daughter in law like me? Eunki asks appa if a son in law like him would be okay? Appa does not answer, Deokmi tells him to just eat, he looks skinny today.

Later on, deokmi and Eunki walk around outside. Deokmi asks him how she is? You know, if you just saw me today? He says she is pretty. She thinks that is true, right! So, what if someone like me confessed to you, what would you say? He says, yes, thank you. Deokmi is all like, yay!

EK – But then I would ask her, are you still a fangirl at your age? Do you still follow Idols and have home pages and take photos? Am I your second man? Pick, Cha Shian or me!

DM – YA! You don’t have to be that realistically detailed!

EK – *quietly* Deokmi, you shuold meet a guy that you can honestly tell that you are a fan girl. Don’t be with someone that you have to hide it from. There aren’t a lot of guys like that. *he smiles and pats her on the back* 

At the same time, Ryan is tossing and turning in bed as he thinks about what Eunki told him. Deokmi does not tell him anything about herself, but she tells me everything. Do you think she can be that way to you!

Ryan pops up in bed and says that they comment to each other online. He goes to the sight and reads all the comments. But he doesn’t understand what is going on. Then he starts to think about Deokmi happily walking to him outside the museum when he gave her a ride to see Shian. he starts to type.

Latte: I think there are two sun’s in the world.

He zooms into a photo of himself in front of Shian and laughs pleasantly.

In her bed, Deokmi is looking at Ryan’s photo on her phone and thinking about what Eunki told her. She should meet a guy that she can tell all about herself to. She shouldnt’ have to hide.

VO – It is all because of that day. If it wasn’t about that day then I would not feel like I need to hide this much.

She might be talking about the day she crashed into him at the airport. She is looking at that photo.

Ryan – I was happy to see you that day.

They both turn in their beds and face each other symbolically.



The next day, Ryan and Deokmi go to someones house together. Ryan rings the bell. th camera scrolls to Choi Dain drawing something as the two of them come in.  She tells them to sit.

Ryan sits on the couch with her as Dokmi sits in a high chair. Ryan starts to tell Dain about Shian asking her to work with him. She says she refused him, but it looks like she also didn’t think about it too much. Ryan wants her to think about it again. Dain looks like she guesses she could think abotu it again, but why? 

They start to explain the exhibit and the visual director and how Shian wants to work with her on his album and they need him for their exhibit. Dian understands, this means that you have to have me. So, can you ask with more desperation?

She turns to Ryan. He tells her, I really must have you. Dain smiles and says no. I don’t have my studio ready yet, I have to have space to work on whatever.

Deokmi asks what kind of studio she has in her mind?

But then Ryan and Deokmi starts to play keep away with one of her drawings or something. They then starts to hop up and talk about her studio design, he is criticizing her about the NY studio and this studio which goes to show that they share a lot of past together. They keep talking about adding plants and arguing and all that.

Deokmi watches them but then leaves to make everyone a Maxim coffee in the kitchen, it is super detailed. Dain comes in to ask for one, Deokmi asks if she has tea? Do Dain gives her one. This is for Ryan because he does not drink coffee. Dain mentions how it is annoying that he does not drink coffee. Then she asks her about his drawings, has she seen any? 

Deokmi says she has not so Dain says that he really must not draw anything after retiring. She says that she likes it when Ryan paints, he looks sexy putting everything into the painting. 

DI – Didn’t he tell you why he retired?

DM – No, I never asked him

DI – Yeah, he won’t tell anyone about it, even if they ask. I will take this to him.

She leaves with the drinks and takes the coffee cup. (Uh oh, maybe that is a blooper?). Deokmi thinks about Dain for a moment and looks bummed.

Later on, we see the three of them at a lumber place as Dain starts to buy all that she needs to make whatever she is making.

Montage of these events as they go to a wood crafter in order to make this table. Ryan gets his hands dirty making the wood thing. The woodcrafter says he is pretty good and asks Dain if he is her boyfriend. Dain smiles and says no. the woodcrafter says, ah, it is not you, it must be her.

He motions to Deokmi, Dain’s face falls. Deokmi and Ryan are working well together on the wood piece. It looks like they are buffering it. Ryan and Deokmi bicker a bit about buffering. She says she can do it but he says it will fly away from her. It does fly away from her so he grabs her hands and helps her buffer it together. It is a pretty nice moment as we watch them work on this piece together and chat happily as they do it. Dain walks away.

Elsewhere, Eunki teaches his Judo class and then cools off in the shower as he thinks about Ryan liking Deokmi and Deokmi liking Ryan. (this is a long shower scene that is here for eye candy, it is so long).



When he gets out of the shower he calls Deokmi right away and asks her when she is coming home today. Deokmi is still working at the wood carvers and says that she can’t hear him. She has to go outside to talk. he asks her where she is at, she says she is at a furniture studio, she is making furniture for the artist. Eunki is all like, curators make furniture now? DM says that her director is doing it so she has to do it to.

Eunki is alarmed that she is with Ryan, Deokmi says that they have to make a lot of furniture so they will probably be there over night. Eunki stands up and says, Oppa will make it for you! I will be there right now!

Later on, we see deokmi leaning over the work bench. She is trying to blow her bangs out of her face. Ryann smiles and tries to help. But Eunki runs in right at that moment. DEOK MI!

DM – You really came?

Cut to Eunki squaring up with Ryan as he helps them make the furniture. Gratuitous bicep shots in 3-2-1. 

Eunki works so hard, hard enough for Dain to ask Ryan if this is Deokmi’s friend? I feel sorry to him. But Ryan is unconcerned and says that he might have just wanted to work with wood today.

Afterward, they all get cleaned up and go eat at a nice place. Eunki cuts Ryan off to sit next to Deokmi. Dain tells them that they can eat whatever they want, she will pay for it. But Ryan says that he has to pay for it because she is his artist.

Eunki makes it a point to mention that he always shares his food with Deokmi. they order three dishes for the two of them so Eunki tells them that Deokmi always eats a lot. While eating, Eunki cleans Deokmi’s mouth, she hits him away like an annoying brother. Dain and Ryan both notice. Ryan kind of fumes.

After ward, Dain thanks Eunki for the help, but tells him that he plays dirty. Eunki is all like, no one tells me that, especially not a stranger. Dain says that he is pretending to be too close to Deokmi. Eunki says that they aer so very close. But Dain says that they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. You are dirty in front of the boyfriend.

EK – Maybe you are not a good friend with Ryan, you don’t know anything. they are not really dating, it is all fake.

Inside, Deokmi comes out from the back and to the register. Ryan looks at her, she asks if she has something on her fae? He asks if she really enjoyed the food? You are so well. Deokmi tries to say that Eunki ate it all but Ryan cuts her off and leaves.

Outside, Eunki tells ryan to take care of his friend. Then he tells Deokmi, let’s go. Deokmi tells Dain to rethink Cha Shian and then tells Ryan that she will see him tomorrow. She walks off with Eunki as if everything is gravy in the world.

Ryan stares at them walking off and then tells Dain that he will send her the proposal, think about it until tomorrow. It is a good opportunity for you also. Goodbye.

DI – I heard it is fake?

Ryan – What?!

DI – I heard that you guys are fake dating.



In the car with Eunki, Eunki tells Deokmi that he told the artist that she is fake dating Ryan. he aks her if she thinks Dain and Ryan are having “some”? I looks obvious that Dain likes Ryan. Eunki tells her that she should quit her fake dating, it looks very bad with “some” people. Deokmi says that the artist hasn’t confessed yet. 

DM – Just in case she is dumped, she can’t stay as a friend also.

Deokmi longingly looks out the window.


Sunjoo looks at the fan cafe she set up for her part timer online and sighs at not having enough members. She thinks she needs to ask him to do more concerts. But then her husband comes in so she closes the fan cafe and asks her husband why he is there so early today. He says he had an interview close by and wants something, a parfait. A college time parfait. He wants to know if she can make something similar?

She smiles as if guilty and says yes. He tells her that she is behaving well today, she is all like, heh ….yeah…

As soon as she leaves, her husband hops on her computer and puts in her password. he is on the hunt for something. He finds the folder he is looking for and answers all the questions that his wife calls about with his parfait, at the same time, he is copying all the pictures of Shian onto his usb. then he closes the computer quickly after finishing up his spy job.

At the museum, Deokmi and ryan are at a meeting with Eunki’s mama who is the editor of the art magazine. The mother notices that Deokmi and Ryan have eyes for one another. She smiles.

In the offices, one of the employees tells Deokmi that Dain is not signing the work and can’t be contacted. Deokmi says that she can deliver it to her later.

Cut to Deokmi delivering everything. She hands over the paperwork and says they tried to call her. Dain says that her cell phone must be in the room. Deokmi starts to help her straighten up her studio.

Cleaning montage for the win.

Dain looks at deokmi as she helps her cleaning and then tries to shake her thoughts away.



In his office, Ryan is still meeting with Seyeon for his interview. 

SY – One last question, you are famous for your sharp eyes to art. Who do you think will get a love call from you among the artists in korea?

Ryan thinks about the bubble painting that mesmerizes him.

SY – Director?

Ryan – It is our art gallery confidential information.

SY – *laughs*

Ryan – *smiles* I saw a lot of great world class artist pieces in Korea. But art pieces mean nothing by themselves. It gets its value when it meets the person that sees and enjoys it. As a director at this art gallery, I want to change the publics idea that art is difficult and boring through exhibitions that anyone can approach.

SY – So this collection is the beginning?

Ryan – *nods*

SY – I look forward to it.

Ryan -Thank you so much *gets up to leave*

SY – This is my personal curiosity. When your term ends, will you go back to NY city?

Ryan – I don’t know

SY – You dont’ have an idea of getting married and staying in Korea?

Ryan -huh?

SY – You know, if you date a Korean woman, then maybe you can get married in Korea

Ryan – I will think about it

SY – So does that mean youa re dating someone now?

Ryan – *smiles*

Seyeon leaves and calls Deokmi’s mother

SY – Eunnie, maybe you have to prepare for marraige!

In the studio, Deokmi and Dain are sitting and relaxing after fixing the place. Dain thanks her. Deokmi smiles pleasantly and says that she did it all with an alterior motive and hands over the contract. But Dain says that she decided to do it. She wants to work right next to Ryan. 

DI – I like him, it doesn’t matter to you right? Because you are fake dating him.

DM – How do you?

DI – I heard that you are fake dating him to help you. Do you know that Ryan wants to quit fake dating?

They both look at each other, the air is thick and trembling.

Deokmi leaves, bummed once again. Dain sits in her studio staring contemplatively out the window. She thinks abck to talking to Ryan at the restaurant.

DI – You said you are fake dating Deokmi, if someone sees you, they will think that you are really jealous. Why are you so into your role?

Ryan – I am not jeal~!

But he stops and looks to the side as if he just noticed something about himself

Ryan – Ah, I was jealous.

DI – *nervous* What are you talking about?

Ryan – I was jealous.  I need to quit fake dating.

In her studio, Dain thinks to herself that she is playing dirty. She looks at the plum blossoms and sighs.

Elsewhere, Ryan looks at flowers. Then, that night he sits in his car and texts someone.

Meanwhile, Deokmi is in the gallery looking at a painting.

VO – Do you know that Ryan wants to quit fake dating?

Deokmi gets a text and looks at her phone.

Ryan: Curator Sung, I need to tell you something. Come down to the parking lot.

She sadly walks to the parking lot, filled with longing.

VO – I like you.…I like you….I have come to like you

She gets outside the museum and takes a deep breath before she walks over to Ryan who is standing in the Museum courtyard looking off.

VO – I like you….

Ryan – Sung Deokmi

VO – I like your voice calling my name…

Ryan smiles

VO – I like it when you smile at me….

She walks up to him and waits for whatever he might say, she forms a tiny smile herself.

Ryan – I have something to tell you today. It is all of a sudden, but I need to tell you something….

DM – Director….(but, confessions are not for me, they are for the other person)

Ryan – You tell me first

DM – thank you so much for helping me….lets just stop – our fake dating

Ryan – what?

DM – I was so thankful

She turns to walk away. He holds her hand quickly which makes her stop like stone in place.

VO – I will bury my confession in my heart.

She slowly lets go of his hand and walks away. Ryan looks like something just happened here that he doesn’t fully understand. He looks at her walking away. The camera scrolls to the bouquet of flowers in his car. On the note it says…”My heart is truthful.”

But he doesn’t follow her as she walks away.

Fade Out



The break up for this non-couple was so tough! I wanted the voice over to say that it was easy for fans to put all their love into an Idol, because they didn’t have to worry about their heart being broken or something like that. Because that is really how Deokmi looked when she was walking away. Broken. She really wanted to tell Ryan that she was starting to love him, but she just could not break through that crippling feeling of doubt and decided to walk away instead. Ugh, I love it.


The English translation for Episode 9 is below!

DM – Yes, it was a good choice not to confess to him.

Ryan – Thank you for your work

Ryan – Sung Deokmi.

DM – As you see, I am busy.

KA – they are the ones breaking up, why do we have to be the victims?

DI – It was good coming back to Korea, I get to see you often

Cindy – I heard he/she had an affair

Ryan – Dumped? I was not dumped. I didn’t even date.

Ryan – I have to make sure

DM – If you have nothing to tell me then….

Ryan – Sung Deokm i…you…

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    May 2, 2019 / 9:58 am

    ahh the kiss was an imagination … it is ok ! i guess the story will turn out to be like the boy and the wolf. when there is the actual kiss we might not end up believing it …. .Ryan is cute tho …. but let the confession be slow.. i like it to be intriguing..

      May 2, 2019 / 10:18 am

      V could you suggest some more dramas similar to her private life or the cliche rich /arrogant/ popular guy poor girl type of dramas with 16 episodes or less(with happy ending of course ). i like those type of genre .suggestions from others are also welcome. thank you !!!

      • V
        May 2, 2019 / 11:25 am

        Yes, bring on the suggestions! Okay, here are some mostly recent hits that I also liked!

        What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
        Coffee Prince (an oldie but goodie)
        Secret Garden (another oldie but goodie)
        My ID is Gangnam Beauty
        I Am Not A Robot (not a big like, but it was cute)
        100 Days My Prince (historical)
        Hwayugi (kind of all over the place, but entertaining!)

        • BLOSSOM
          May 2, 2019 / 11:19 pm

          Thanks V I have already watched what is wrong with secretary Kim . I actually liked the plot . The chemistry of the leads was amazing but the chemistry right now is even more better 🥰. I can’t wait for the next week episode . Thanks for the update and suggestions V .

      • ZJS
        May 2, 2019 / 12:05 pm

        Did you watch What’s wrong with Secretary Kim ? It’s that genre and also I liked Shopping King Louis.

        • V
          May 2, 2019 / 12:11 pm

          Oh, I heard good things about Shopping King Louis.

  2. Rose
    May 2, 2019 / 10:34 am

    just finished update #4:

    There is this thing that was invented a long time agoooo…..its called COMMUNICATION!!!

    • V
      May 2, 2019 / 11:27 am

      Lol! Fan girls communicate with Photoshop, Rose! All men who love them should know that and secretly have access to their home computers! 😋😂

      • Rose
        May 2, 2019 / 11:36 am

        Hahaha! I guess i never experienced communicating with PS before even if i have uses it when i was still working 😆

        But still…grrr…..just speak your mind Ryan and DM….emoticons can communicate better than them 😆

        • V
          May 2, 2019 / 12:08 pm

          It is hard though because he is her boss, so he really has to toe the line when he asks her out on a date. Even though he looked confident as he was about to confess to her. With Deokmi, she is running before anyone gets a chance to love her! Just let people love you, Deokmi!

      • Panda
        May 3, 2019 / 3:12 am

        Besides Eun Gi looking like a 12 course meal in that shower scene (which was much appreciated), the song that played during it was actually really pretty.
        Does anyone know the name or artist of that song?
        Thank you~

  3. Hello
    May 2, 2019 / 11:20 am

    I’m so frustrated ! Two fake kisses, and this end :-/

    • V
      May 2, 2019 / 11:29 am

      The most recent fake kiss was so good, though. Deokmi’s imagination is really running wild. I hasten to wonder what an actual consensual mutual real drama kiss will look like between these two.

      • Rose
        May 2, 2019 / 11:55 am

        Yup! That last imaginary kiss was like “holy $#!+ girl” 😆😆😆😆

        • V
          May 2, 2019 / 12:10 pm

          When they cut the music, it really adds an intimacy to the moment that is almost uncomfortable to watch and yet not uncomfortable. Maybe because they are both adults instead of one actor being barely out of high school and the other in their 30s. (I’m looking at you Clean With Passion For Now)

          • Rose
            May 2, 2019 / 12:26 pm

            (I’m looking at you Clean With Passion For Now)

            -oh V! I almost spit my rice laughing with that comment 😆😆😆😆

            • V
              May 2, 2019 / 12:43 pm


    • Rose
      May 2, 2019 / 11:33 am

      I know right?? Dont know if im goin to laugh of get frustrated 😆😣😆😣😆😣

  4. Rose
    May 2, 2019 / 11:31 am

    Thanks for the recap V! Dont know what you’ve done with the site but i can smoothly navigate again, and make comments too coz lately it was really hard! 😄

    Anyways, for someone as mature as them, THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE!!! ggrrr…i want to pull them out of my phone and yell at them and say “hey idiots! Stop talking inside your heads and spit it out! ” 😆

    But still cant wait for the sub later and next weeks epsisode. I have a feeling that week will be THE WEEK! and not some imaginary kiss again 😆

    • V
      May 2, 2019 / 12:06 pm

      So glad to hear! We are constantly updating behind the scenes, so let us know if anything is ever weird!

      • Rose
        May 2, 2019 / 1:40 pm

        Thanks too for updating the site. I’ll sure let you guys know is i see something weird happening around. ☺

    • Tiffany
      May 2, 2019 / 2:51 pm

      But Doek-mi is not mature. She is a 30 year old fangirl. She is looking at Ryan as a idol she is only suppose to love from afar instead of the flesh and blood man that is in front of her and wants her.

      Remember the way she talked about him in the cafe with her friends. She straight up talked about him the way she talked about Shi Ai. Yeah, this is her mind set because it is the only thing she knows and has never had anyone in her life to call her on it and tell her this is not the way to go.

  5. Jodie
    May 2, 2019 / 4:21 pm

    this week all i have to say is…. bitches who play dirty better end up as dirt ~_~ thanks for ruining my episode choi da in and taekwondo boy and my apologies for disliking u both even tho pd-nim is just using yall as tools to work on their love line ~_~

  6. Evan
    May 3, 2019 / 3:00 am

    It’s ironic how Deok mi is able to decipher about the gay man photo where he was smiling to his loved one but unable to decipher the way Ryan looks at her? HUH?
    And I find it damn weird at the end of ep7 why can’t she bring out the acetone to let him wash by himself? HAHA drama
    And then the flowers at the end of ep8… why did he not hold them in his hands first right in front of Deok mi … then she would not have said those stuffs….
    the loopholes for this drama is a bit illogical but since it’s drama… ok Loh… still loving it… but because of all those happening in ep8 kind of make it draggy… with the eungi and daIn…

    • V
      May 3, 2019 / 4:34 pm

      The loopholes, the loopholes! I was also wondering, why didn’t she just take the acetone with her all the way outside to her patio area and clean his hand there? The things I will overlook for a good situational kissing moment.

  7. pie
    May 3, 2019 / 11:27 am

    I really hate the part in the end where she pulled her hand out of his. Doesn’t she understand that he doesn’t hold someone’s hand easily, and that it hurts him deeply when the other person lets go?! I wonder why it’s obvious to everyone else around them but they are blind to how each other feels. >.<

    • Hi
      May 5, 2019 / 2:45 am

      OMG I FEEL THE SAME WAY. UGH. The ending scene made me so frustrated also because I didn’t want Deok Mi’s friend/Ryan’s friend getting the things they wanted because they were playing so dirty & the level of their communication is terrible. 🙁 I guess we’ll have to see next week if they come back together or not.

  8. May 3, 2019 / 9:38 pm

    Hi just want to know, do you know the title of the song at the cafe before Bbibbi of IU was played. The scene where her bff was taking photo. I swear I’ve heard that song before but couldn’t search it without knowing the title. Thanks in Adv.

    • w
      May 7, 2019 / 3:59 am

      migth be psy enternaiter not sure troucth

  9. Rose
    May 4, 2019 / 8:25 am

    The acetone part. I think she and ryan had a moment of brain fart there coz she was shocked that ryan was there and she thought that the water can be washed with water. Then when ryan was in the bathroom when he was washing it thats when he realized it cant be washed with water, it has to be acetone. That situation can happen, brainfart can happen to anyone, especially in kdrama world! 😆

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