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Her Private Life: Episode 7 Live Recap

Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

We had a disastrous ending to yesterdays He is Psychometric final, so I am happy to dip into some Her Private Life flavored ice-cream to cool my aching “it should have ended this way!” mind.

I think it’s already working because just looking up images for this post has me all giggly. Y’all, Ryan looks like he is going to give Deokmi all kinds of fun problems with her fangirldom secret, and there is a blind fold scene coming up at some point. A.Blind.Fold.Scene. What in that what! Also, I’m not complaining.

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Shorthand Character Chart: Her Private Life

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Two people wait in a fabulous room. It is Deokmi’s mom, Yoon-sook, and play brother, Eunki. They are both sitting and looking around at the fabulousness in amazement, though the room makes them rich with anxiety.

Eunki lets out a long yawn. Mom tells him that is unlucky! He says there are no ghosts in the morning for fortune telling. But Mom says that he does not know things, when their head is clearest, we need to visit the fortune teller. She has a French ghost in her, a dukes wife! 

Because it was a dukes wife’s ghost, you need to wear proper clothing, it might speak french! He is all like, French?

Suddenly the wman comes out and speaks french. The app on their phone translates it perfectly to Korean. The woman tells her that her daughter…..has a dirty man life….

Mom – Sleeping around? That is what I want from her.

French Ghost – *lots of french* …..your daughters men hair color, blond, blue, pink *lots of french*…. …… your daughter…foreigner….saranghae….coming….dating


Umma looks pretty happy.

Later on she goes to her daughters home with her hubby carrying all the side dishes and complains about bringing side dishes to her daughters place. The husband says IT IS A TRENDY THING. She jumps and says that he should notify her when he is about to speak. he says they are trendy parents since they keep note of their daughters life.

Mom thinks that Mom’s that know the kids password usually become the maid. It is better not to see this dirty house.

They head upstairs.

But upstairs is Ryan! He is telling her that he is sorry that he made her angry and he shouldnt’ have yelled at her. He wants to know if she is really angry? She says yes, but she is also really sorry to go to his house without his permission.

In the background is Cindy taking pictures of all this. Ryan sees her and thinks for a moment. Then he walks up to Deokmi to kiss her, but he kisses his finger instead of her lips. Though it looks like he is kissing her lips, to Cindy.

Deokmi looks like she is in a moment of heaven. But Ryan looks up and sees that Cindy is gone so he tells her that Hyojin (Cindy) is gone. Deokmi is about to take a breath but then her parents call her name. DEOKMI!

Umma runs up to them both, Umma stairs at Ryan. Then she hits Deokmi on the back.

Mom – *whispers* Good job my daughter, good job!

Ryan – I am the director of ~.

Mom – Do you love Deokmi?

DM – Mom! What are you talking about? Just stop!

Mom – Wow, you should love her a lot, you brought her home and kissed her in this open space.

DM – stop stop stop

Ryan – Well, we both work in the gallery toge~.

Mom – So you work together and have a little relationship!

Ryan – It is not like that~

Mom – Did you eat dinner?

Ryan – Dinner~?

Mom – You should be starved! Do you have rice?

DM – No rice! No rice!

Mom – Hmm, lets go!

DM/Ryan – Where?

Mom – You said there is no rice! Lets go eat! Lets go to my place, we have a lot of rice and side dishes!

She starts to pull Ryan away.

DM – Mom! Where are you going!

Mom kicks Deokmi. Then talks to Ryan sweetly.

Mom – I wanted to make chicken soup, do you like chicken soup?

Ryan – Chicken soup….yes…I like chicken…

Appa is looking at this all with the side dishes still in his hand. He leaves them outside and follows everyone back down the steps.



They go to Deokmi’s family house. Ryan asks if he can help them. Umma says he is their guest so he can wait. Deokmi says that Ryan is uncomfortable so maybe we can leave. But Umma tells her husband that ryan is uncomfortable because of him. Can you leave and come back after 10 minutes? 

Ryan – No, no! I am comfortable!

Mom – *sweetly* Okay, just wait a few minutes *smiles*

Ryan tries to make small talk with appa with collecting stones. He says it is a good hobby. Umma says it is not a good hobby at all, she worries about the house collapsing. Appa goes to his stone collection and shows them off to Ryan. he also sprays water on them to show him the real value.

Ryan asks if he collected them all himself? Appa says yes, he went to all the good places. He starts to explain them all and is so into it. Umma is all like, he is saying all those things he should have said for the last ten years, today? Just come eat.

Ryan is stuck in the middle as appa explains things and Umma tells Ryan to come to the table. He ends up listening to Umma thought he looks lost about it. 

So everyone sits a the table and grills Ryan.

Mom – What is your name?

Ryan – Ryan Gold

Mom – Foreigner? *smiles*

DM – Mom! *motions to him eating*

Flashback – your daughter….foreigner….dating…..love….coming….

Mom – DO you want to eat some more?

Ryan – Well I heard that eating a lot on an invitation is improtant so I already ate alot.

Mom – thatnk you for eating a lot

Appa – Can I eat more

Mom – *stops him*

DM – We will leave

Mom – You shouldnt’ leave right after eating!

Appa – I have to show you a lot of stones I collected! *stands to do it*

Mom – *makes him sit again* You shoul deat desert

Ryan – I don’t need to eat it~

Mom – I want to eat it. *hops up and picks Ryan up to send to Deokmi’s old room to talk*

She basically pushes them into the room and locks them in. though the door is probably not locked. Deokmi apologizes to Ryan. Ryan is so stunned, like a tornado just blew past him. Umma goes out and sees that appa already has fruit. Umma is all like, why are you doing everything so fast today? You are so slow every other day! She is stunned.

Inside Deokmi’s room, Ryan looks around and sees all her art certificates for winning competitions. He asks why she quit. She says that her father cleans stones now, but he used to want to be an entrepreneur. When I was young I studied to go abroad and was about to go, but appa made a mistake and made us all brankrupt. Umma told me to go abroad, but it was obvious that our family would be completely destroyed if I went. 

DM – Maybe if I went abroad back then I would have met you, not as a curator, but as an artist. A cranky artist like Ryan Gold. Haha.

She laughs.

Ryan – Are you okay not living as an artist?

Deokmi looks pensive

DM – Sometimes I cry about it, that’s it. Only when I have super regret. i drink a lot and cry, thats all I need. Then there are moments where I laugh and I am happy again.

She smiles at Ryan. he looks at her pretty seriously

At the apartment elevator, Eunki sees his real mother and calls her husband. he wants to know what’s up. His mom says that Deokmi came. Eunki thinks that she should notify them. What’s going on? His umma says that she brought the director of the art gallery home. Eunki is all like, what! Crazy!

he presses the elevator button like crazy.

Cut to Seyeon and Eunki going to the apartment just as Ryan is leaving. Deokmi and Eunki exchange crazy looks to each other. His mother introduces herself to Ryan Gold as the editor of a magazine. She is actually there to request an interview with Ryan since he is there. Deokmi asks Ryan to please consider it.

then umma gives Ryan all the side dishes he liked. it looks so super duper heavy. Ryan struggles to carry it and thanks them all as he leaves with Ryan. Eunki bumps her shoulder, she turns to mouth something like “you better not” to him. Eunki is so angry in a jealous way, he plops at the table and bites whatever food he picks up. Appa says to the door, Come back next time!



In the car, Deokmi apologies to Ryan about her parents being at her house then. She didn’t know that they would be there. She asks if it was uncomfortable? He says it was a bit but he ate a lot of food today. She laughs and says that he did. He apologizes again for today, he is really sorry. He also thanks her for today. She smiles at him and tells him goodbye happily as she gets out.

Later on, Eunki walks up a group of steps as he fumes and thinks that he is also a director. Then he turns and looks at a playground. It seems like we are sent into a flashback. Eunki is in his best clothing but he looks upset about something as he sits on the swing set.

Deokmi comes out in her playful clothes and tells him that everyone is here to congratulate him. COme inside! But he says that he should have won gold, not silver. It is all because of my name, Eunki (Eun=silver) I should have been named Geumki (Geum=gold). 

Deokmi tells him that Geumki is a good name. I will call you Nam Geumki. She laughs. He tell sher not to say it with his last name, that sounds strange. (Nam Geum = penis)

She is all like, oh yeah, that is just like you, Nam Geumki, Nam Geumki! She laughs and then pulls a gold medal from her pocket and gives it to him. it is a chocolate one. He eats it on the swing. 

DM – DO you know that?

EK – I don’t know

She stands.

DM – You are Olympic Gold Medalist NAM GEUM KI.

She puts the chocolate gold medal on his neck. He thinks she is crazy.

DM – As long as you keep collecting the silver medal, you are the best judo player I know. You are the coolest and the strongest. Goodjob. So, lets eat Geumki. Nam Geumki! 

EK – Don’t call me that anymore!

DM – Hey, if you are sick and tired of the silver medal, can I sell one? I don’t have enough money for the ticket.

EK – No!

DM – Why? You don’t like it.

She pulls him away with his luggage as they playfully banter back and forth.

Eunki looks at the playground in the present and smiles. But then he thinks back to dinner with Ryan and grows sad once again.



Meanwhile, Ryan struggles to carry all the side dishes up to his place. he is huffing and puffing and sondering what in the world she packed. He opens it and sees that she put notes on all the containers showing instructions on how to cook it and save it in the freezer. He reads all the notes and we hear her voice over reading the note.

He opens another container that has a huge stone inside from the father. He says that this stone is for super luckiness, I hope everything you do goes well.

Ryan – I thought this was all heavy like a stone, but I really do have a stone.

Then he gets a text.

Shian Is My Way – Congratulations on becoming a Gold Member!

Cut to Ryan getting ready for bed as she brushes her teeth. She happily giggles as she thinks about Ryan kissing his finger that was on her lips. But she tries to shake it away and keeps getting ready for bed.

Later, she hops up from bed and thinks that he wasn’t actually kissing you! It was his finger! Why were you enjoying that moment! Sigh, I am too much into my feelings.

Elsewhere, Sunjoo is in her massage chair thinking about her part-timer who is also a rock star and her new fan girl crush. her husband comes home so she hops up to greet him and they sit and chat. She talks to him about him moving to the entertainer department. He says that they promised him that he can move if he finished up one item well.

She asks what that item is? He is hesitant to say. She asks, is it about cult religions? He says no, it isn’t cult, no cults….it is just about people working hard. She says it is okay, so long as it is not about cults, I am okay. He opens his drink too loudly and their kid comes out after being woke up. Sunjoo is all like *noooooooooo* she whispers to their son and says that he is in his dream world. I am a mom looking angel, lets go back to sleep. She leads her son back to bed and gives her husband a look.




Deokmi happily looks at “Latte” leaving comments on Shian’s pictures. Latte leaves comments like “your smile is so refreshing” “His jaw line is so sharp” Deokmi smiles along reading them. Latte also is super detailed about taking pictures as if he knows the detailed techniques that go into taking all the photos.

This makes Deokmi extra happy, she tells herself that Latte really knows how to see photos. She likes the comment and says “Latte, thank you so much, compliments and advice are always welcomed.”

Ryan is happy to see that “like.”

he hops out of his car at the museum and sees Cindy walking up again. He tells her that she does not need to come to the art gallery anymore, she is fired. Cindy is all like, huh? I am fired. He says that if she does not want to get fired then she can sue him. She asks what is going on. Ryan tells her that she is stalking him. You saw me yesterday at curator Sung’s house.

Cindy – Maybe you mistakened it.

Ryan – I found something interesting online. Shian Patch.

Cindy – What is that?

Ryan – The person I am going to sue.

Cindy – Why only me?

Ryan – Are you confessing now?

Cindy – What about ShinAhGil? She also stalked you.

Ryan – I will sue both of them

Cindy looks so annoyed.

CIndy – Okay, I will erase everything!

Ryan – I am watching you.

He walks away but then Cindy yells, DAEBAK!

Cut to Deokmi and Sunjoo looking at each other as they stamp their feet a lot. They also say, Daebak!

Back to Cindy, she says that she was picked to do a signing event for Shian. Of course she will go there, but ShinAhGil…

Deokmi – I already said I give up the signing event, that is why I only bought one CD.

SJ – Wow, this is fate.

They high five and scream.

Cindy – I bought boxes of his CD’s but she only bought one and gets to go there? She will say this is fate with Shian and blah blan blah.

Ryan – When is the signing event?

Cindy – Our off day when the gallery is closed. I won’t skip work.

Ryan – okay….

Cindy – *thinking* ShinAhGil is coming….

Meanwhile, Deokmi’s parents are so into thinking about Ryan and thinks that they need to learn basic English. They practice “Son-in-law” in Korean and English

But at the same time Deokmi is just looking at Shian’s face on her phone happily.

Eunki is teaching Judo to the kids class at school as Sunjoo watches. She tells him that, before she had a kid, she never liked kids. But she thinks her son is so pretty. She thinks that an Idol fan girl became a kid fan girl or I can’t do Ido’ fangirl things so I am a kid fan girl, I dont’ know.

He asks why she got married, she says she was pregnant. He says no, how did you date him? Sunjoo says that she already liked him. When she likes Idols, the Idol is my boyfriend. But when I date, my boyfriend becomes my Idol. Back then, it was like that. He asks if she thinks Deokmi is the same? She will fall in love on accident with someone who is not an Idol?

Sunjoo asks if it bothers him that Deokmi fell in love with Lion? Eunki says no! And then runs off to make sure the little kids don’t fight. Sunjoo thinks pleasantly that Eunki is a super sensitive guy. Then she waves happily at her son who is waving super cutely at her.



At the museum, Ryan has a meeting and tells secretary Kim to notify him 3 hours before she comes, dont’ just show up like this. Secretary Kim is the former Director, Eom Sohye’s, secretary. She is also there smiling happily and breathly starts talking.

Eom – Hey, Mr Gold, do I need permission to come to my own art gallery? He asks if she is confessing that she made this art gllery her own property?

She says that she does not like those words like confession.

DM – We are having a meeting here actually.

Eom – I am just so busy, I have to pack Hyo-jin’s snack and sneak outsid food into jail for my husband…it is so difficult…curator Sung, what are you doing on the next break day.

DM – (It is the signing day!)

Eom – *Breathly* I have a friend, I am in a group of wives who all have their husbands in jail. The Righteous Entrepreneurs Wives group. They want to come here privately. Can you prepare for it?

DM – *stares for a moment* …..Okay. See you next week.

Ryan – She is busy, if you want to have a private showing then you should come when it is open.

Eom – Are you guys going on a date? that is why internal dating is not good….you are ruining the mood

Ryan – You know what ruining the mood is, you should know why the mood is ruined

Eom – Are you angry because you can’t date? *laughs breathly*

KA – Well, that day our director has a meeting with Cha Shian, it is not a presonal thing.

CIndy – Can I attend that meeting?

Eom – Hyo jin….

Ryan – Do you have time that day?

Cindy – Yes!

Ryan – that is good, you prepare for the private showing next week. For your mom and for the Wives of The Righteos Entrepreneurs in Jail.

Eom – Director! Wow, you can do that! Your mom is so happy! You can make me proud! *Eom runs off*

Cindy – Mom! I have an appointment! Mom!

DM – *whispers* Thank you director *smiles*

Ryan – *whispers* You’re welcome

Later on, the two employees talk about work a little bit. Kyungah thinks that their director was rpetty cool at the meeting. He gave a counter punch at the meeting. Yoosub asks if that is cool? He didnt’ know that. Kyungah says that was super cool that the director and curator Sung did not show that they were dating at all but actually did show it. It was cool. He thinks about that. But Choi Dain is right at the door and asks them what they just said? She looks heartbroken.



Elsewhere, Ryan and Deokmi talk about work in his office. they talk mainly about the exhibition when Dain comes in. He tells her that she came early and says that he and Deokmi can finish their discussion later. Dain makes it a point to introduce herself to Deokmi properly this time. deokmi shakes her hand and leaves.

She then asks Ryan if he is dating Deokmi. Is that true? Ryan says that he does not think he has to answer this. Dain notices that he is not saying no and then smiles as she says that they can eat dinner next time. Goodbye. he calls after her but she is already gone.

In the cafe, Deokmi thinks about Dain, why is her name so pretty. My name is Deokmi. Sunjoo just looks at her part-timer. Deokmi asks, in America hugs are nothing among friends. Sunjoo is not into the conversation and says, not just hugging but touching cheeks and kissing….those are all greetings.

Deokmi thinks about Ryan kind of kissing her. But she says, Kissing is not greeting! It is special!

The part-timer comes up and has a floer crown on his head. DM asks him why he is wearing it. He tells her to ask his master, he actually looks annoyed to wear it. Sunjoo is so happy to make him wear it and tells him to drink honey for his throat. 

deokmi is all like, hey, stop using your power over him. Sunjoo says she is fangirling, but Deokmi tells her that she is using her power, you have to stop. Sunjoo looks like it will take a few conversations to convince her.

Outside somewhere, Dain shows Ryan her first job in Korea. She motions to a car that has a cat mouth painted on it. Ryan tell sher that it is obvious that she in in a slump. She tells him that he is too honest. Don’t or I will like you more. He asks where she got it. She says that she heard Ryan is dating so she can’t just do nothing. He tells her to hop in, he will drop her off. (ah, so that’s his car). They drive off and we see that she also gave the car cat ears and a tale.


Deokmi gets ready for Shian’s signing event. Eunki calls her to complain about how she only likes idols in her life. He remembers what Sunjoo told him about having a boyfriend vs not having a boyfriend. he asks Deokmi is she wants to catch a movie after the signing event? Deokmi says she will ahve to  update the website and modify the photos and all that, she will be busy.

He tells her that she can do that later. But she says photoshopping the photos is love, you have to do it right away. he is annoyed. She tells him that outside his blanket is dangerous, so stay in your tent. Lol, he is actually inside a tent right now in the judo dojo. He is actually happy and takes a nap inside it.

Deokmi puts on her typical all black with a black face mask and goes to the event. She is in the seat with her super duper camera. Cindy shows up as well and looks around. Her mother calls her, but she does not pick up.

Ryan is there as well. He is on the second floor looking around and immediately spots Deokmi. He smiles and then texts her. She checks right away.

text: I am happy that you are attending the Cha Shian signing event. I am looking forward to seeing good pictures as always.

She texts back.

DM: I will take a lot of lively pictures as if you see Shian in front of you.

Ryan checks the text but then he sees Cindy there as well. He kind of has a thought in his mind as to what to do. Cindy sits in the VIP fan area and sees Deokmi’s bag that has a stuffed animal key chain hanging from it.

In the seats, deokmi sees Ryan in the second floor and wonders if his meeting is nearby? She starts to take photos of him. He does not notice because he is checking his phone. But when he puts his phone away, she turns her head to the floor.



The MC comes out to announce that Shian is coming, the biggest Idol from White Ocean! Shian comes out happily and sits. the MC tells them that they have an event today, lets have Shian pick the ticket. Shian says hello to everyone and then tells them that he hopes today can be a good memory. He wanted to give them all a present, but he has to pick one.

The #3 gift person is fan #23

The #2 gift person is fan #8

The #1 gift person gets a selfie photo and is….

Deokmi is too busy looking at the photos of Shian to listen, she thinks her camera might be good or the object might be good. Either way, she is happy.

Ryan looks to the crowd and counts the numbers in the crowd. He says #17 is the winner.

Deokmi is still all into her camera. The MC yells that #17 gets to take a selfie! Deokmi looks up super stunned and is so startled. She thinks Daebak.

On the stage, the MC says that she should take her mask off. But Deokmi says that she doesn’ twant to. She is super embarrassed Ryan looks a bit concerned because this becomes a bit of an issue. But Shian says he can take the photo like that. So they lean in close for a selfie and Deokmi is about to lose her ever loving mind. She is so happy though she can’t stand too close to him. She is super smily though and is so flushed that she might cry. She happily get sher gift and walks off. Ryan is actually pretty happy for her.

Later on, Sunjoo is happy and suprised that Deokmi got to take a photo with Shian. That fortune teller might have been right. Deokmi wonders if all her dating luck went into this, maybe she is done. Sunjoo says that fan girls doing fan girl things and using your dating luck….

Deokmi is actually getting an icecream so she has her mask off for a moment, but then she puts it on. Cindy comes up to her and says ShinAhGil! Deokmi immediately knows that this is CIndy and runs away.

Sunjoo is all like, Deokmi! But she gets lost at looking at her part-timer who is now wearing bunny ears.

Deokmi keeps running off but trips over someone. She gets up and starts limping off. Cindy is still chasing her, but she is not the best athlete so she is huffing and puffing to keep up. Ryan runs up to cut off Cindy and asks her what she is doing there.

Cindy – It is not what you think! ShinAhGil….Ahhhh she ran away!

Ryan – *blocking her view* ….. who ran away?

Cindy – ShinAhGil, the one that took paparazzi photos of you! I almost caught her.

Ryan – Ah…ShinAhGil….

But Ryan smiles as he thinks about Deokmi getting away.

Deokmi makes it all the way home happily and starts photoshopping the photos right away. But she actually pulls up a photo of Ryan and starts to photoshop his photo. She wondes what she is doing. She remembers her own words to Eunki…”photoshopping is love”…and she wonders what she should do.

At his home, Ryan logs into ShinAhGil to look for an update, but there are none. So he starts reading but can’t concentrate and starts to earch around the forum to talk.

In the Online World, everyone is waiting for the updates. Latte looks around and listens in on all the conversations. Theya ll talk about whether ShinAhGil went to the fansite or not? Why is this taking so long…..

In the real world, Ryan calls Deokmi, he mutters for her to pick up the phone, but she does not pick it up. So he hangs up and wonders….she is not picking up the phone and does not have a photo update…

He remembers her limping away up the escalator and looks a bit concerned. Then he sees all the washed side-dish containers in his sink.

At home, Deokmi was painting her wooden chair white but stopped to think about all the photos of Ryan. However she tells herself no, no, no, no, no and starts painting with a fury. But she can’t concentrate. She thinks, its not….

But then someone says, Curator Sung.

She hops up and is face to face with Ryan. She immediately thinks about the kiss.

He is holding her paint brush because she turned with it right in front of her. He is all like, um…curator Sung?

DM – What happened?

Ryan – I am here to return this.

he holds up the bag, she notices  the paintbrush and apologizes quiclky.



He asks if he can use her restroom because his hand is now covered in white paint. She quickly thinks about all the Shian things in her place and says, NO!  But she has no real reason to say no so she says, um….it is super messy, like a pigs cage.

Ryan – *showing his white hand* okay, I can go home like this.

DM – Well, we should do something, if it is okay….

Cut to her covering his eyes as she leads him into his place. It is so awkward as she tries to pull him to the bathroom in the most uncaring and yet careful way possible. She tells him to be careful and to keep your eyes closed! Then she closes the door to the bathroom.

But he says, um, this is paint, I can’t washi it off with water. Do you have acetone? She says yes, but wait a moment. She sees a blindfold on one of her cutouts and then runs into the bathroom to put it over Ryan and tells her to follow him. She will give him acetone.

She leads him around her very clean place. He is all like, um, how dirty is your place? She looks around, it is basically spotless, but she tells him that he will pass out if he sees it. So she sits him on the couch and starts to wipe the acetone off. He asks if it is okay and then says that he smells paint, do you still paint?

The camera cuts to all paintings of Shian, she says sometimes.

Ryan – I was wondering, when you coudlnt’ draw because your arm was broken, how did you survive?

She thinks abck to wandering into Ryan’s studio.

DM – I survived with my left hand. 

Ryyan – Left hand?

DM – I am right handed but I couldnt’ use it so I started to draw with my left hand.

Ryan – Was it as good at your left hand?

DM – No, I was so bad, but it was fun. Before, I couldnt’ really enjoy it because I had to do a good job, but when I used my left hand, it was like kids playing. I enjoyed it.

She finished up cleaning off his hand. He thanks her but says it is unfair, she saw his house so he should see her house. To be fair, I want to see it.

he starts to take off the blind fold. She yells NOOOOO and pushes the blindfold back ontop of him, but it sends him back into the couch. their faces are very close

VO – You are cool, be confident…..I like you.

Ryan is a bit startled, his hands are out and back by his ears as if he doesn’t know what to touch. Deokmi touches his face.

VO – I like you….I choose you….I will give you my mercy….I will.

She leans in and kisses him.

Fade Out



English translation for episode 8 is below!

SJ – Do you really want to continue your fake dating?

DM – I am afraid, if I confess to him and am refused, can we remain friends? 

DI – I want to be next to Ryan and work together, because I like him

DM – Director…actually I am~


EK – You should meet a guy who you can tell that you are a fan girl to your core.

DI – People will think that you are really jealous.

Ryan – When did I get jealous!

DM – I like you…I like you


What a lovely episode! This is just what I needed to get back into the happy go lucky Kdrama land swing of things. I might need to stick to romantic comedies for a while because these thrillers are leaving me wanting, and not in a good way. 

I love how Ryan is all into Deomi’s fan girl life and thinks its rather cute. I also love that he is now helping her keep her double life a secret while secretly wondering what she is up to on her website. It was so cute that he was concerned when he did not see the Shian update and instantly knew it might be due to her limping off. So he thought of the best excuse (returning her moms side dish containers) to go over there.

This show is hitting all my happy spots. I wonder if Deokmi actually kissed Ryan in her place or if that was her imagination? it is episode 7 so perhaps she can actually have kissed him? I dont know, they got me on the last kiss so maybe they will pull something similar this time around. One thing is for sure, he has to leave that apartment without seeing all her Shian things!

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    May 1, 2019 / 3:28 pm

    Not only the recap but also for the translated preview – thank you so much! Ryan Gold is setting the bar too high for future bfs of fangirls!

    I think the blindfold kiss is just her imagination but I’m not complaining since at least now we saw lips on lips unlike last week. These two is just full of tension whenever they are close. I’m looking forward to tom ep!

    • V
      May 2, 2019 / 11:14 am

      I was her imagination!!! They got me again. i have to say that the kiss on her cheek was a lot hotter than the kiss on her lips, to me. 🥰

  3. Hello
    May 2, 2019 / 3:12 am

    I’m french and I didn’t understand anything at the beginning 😉

    • V
      May 2, 2019 / 11:18 am

      Ha ha! This is good to know! Welcome to the site 😍

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