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Her Private Life: Episode 6 Live Recap

Her Private Life Korean drama recap
Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

Okay, I know no one was taking a shower at the cabin (at least not on screen), but that bathroom scene yesterday was so smoldering that I could feel the steam come through the TV and right into my lungs. My goodness. Y’all, Jenn from The Kthree was right. Have you watched their Astrology Corner with Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook yet? If not, then you need to get on that!

Lets keep talking about that scene because there was literally no sound! No music, no talking, only the drip dripping of the faucet that really only upped the intensity somehow. I can’t even re-think that scene without getting off track with what I’m supposed to be doing for the day. Y’all, their chemistry blew up that room like a hot air balloon filled with tangled hair ties on buttons.

Alright, we have a meeting to run to so we are going to try and start a bit early today. Check our twitter for when!

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Ryan is in is office and thinking about the meeting tomorrow morning at 11am. He gets out the turquoise notebook and compares the hand written note in the notebook with the note on the meeting at 11am. It is all coming together!

That day at the meeting, he sent her a text message to the fan girl and peeked into the room as she checked it and told him that she would call him back. He smiled having figured it out and also thought back to all those other times he saw her. Like the time she was wearing the mask and ran into him and the time she fell on the stairs when he started the job.

Ryan – This is all one person? Okay, I will join your homepage. Ryan…Ryan…NaHeeYoon (sounds similar)…..and a nickname that I would never pick….that I would never….latte? Latte! 

Question: When did you have a fan girl crush

Ryan – Huh? What is this? ……*thinks about meeting her at the airport* Incheon National airport, he sat on me.

Deokmi – *reading message* (Daebak, I envy you)

Deokmii starts to think about the accident where she sat on Ryan and thinks that ws not a fan girl crash, that was just an accident. She turns and looks at Ryan on the computer. Then as she starts to go to bed, she thinks about her hair getting stuck on the button and all the accidental smoldering moment with Ryan.

She sits up in bed thinking about them and fans herself. 

The next morning, she walks to work in a gorgeous white button down dress suit. She is a bit late and starts to run across the street, but almost gets hit by a car and runs back. However, that car was Ryan so he gets out and yells her name. She looks at him and smiles and he looks at her and smiles as well. It is a moment. But then a motorcycle hits his car.




In the coffee shop, Sunjoo makes herself a coffee and enjoys the moment, but thinks its not good, perhaps it is too moist in their shop? She wonders where her part timer is. Then Eunki comes in asking for Deokmi. Sunjoo says she might have come back late after the businesss trip. He is annoyed and thinks it was a day trip.

She comes in right then smiling at everyone. Eunki is annoyed and asks about that trip and how men and women are working together. She says that her director is not that kind of person. Then she starts to tell them about how a motorcyclist hit his car from behind so he took him to the hospital. Sunjoo asks if nothing happened between them really? 

Deokmi says no so Sunjoo is bummed about it. She wonders where her part timer is. Deokmi tells her that…actually….the part timer is the motorcyclist that hit Lion’s car.

At work, Deokmi talks to the two employees about Ryan-Lion, they banter a bit abotu that and then start to talk business. The employees think they are too busy because Ryan gave them too much work. Deokmi says it will be easier when they finish. But Kyungah says it is not easy because you are dating him so we can’t talk bad about him and the part timer is the daughter of the director so we can’t give her any work! We are having a harder time since the previous director.

Deokmi says that they can give her work, Kyungah is all like, we can only give her work if she comes.

Then Cindy comes walking up casually. They start to talk to her abot work but Cindy says that she has her mothers credit card, want to eat later? You all know that my mother is the previous director, my mother wanted to keep it a secret, but there are no secrets in the world, isn’t that right Curator Sung? She wrinkles her nose with a smile and walks off.

In the coffee shop, the part timer makes it to shop. He asks his boss if she is rich and says that he will be her slave for $750. She is all like, what are you talking about? I don’t even buy a vacuum cleaner that is less that $750. He asks….$760? Sunjoo tells him that the director said he does not have to pay him back, or for the hospital, why do you need money?

The camera cuts to the part timers guitar that is broken as guitar music fills the room.

Meanwhile, Ryan goes to his office and gets a message from Deokmi. he has to take a test to see how much of a fan he is. he is all like, WHAT? I HAVE TO TAKE A TEST? At the same time, Deokmi sends him a text asking to mail the diary to her address.

He walks over to her work place and peeks in on her. She is working hard, but she is also listening to Shian on the phone and mouthing along to it. Ryan smiles. He texts her and says that he is busy and can’t get to the post office. If you are in a hurry, then come to my office/place and pick it up.

he peeks back in and sees her checking the message and looking annoyed, he smiles. Then he goes into the workspace casually. She hops up to greet him and asks if he is busy? You had a car accident in the morning and went to the hospital. He says today is actually pretty busy. So she tells him, if you need me to run an errand for you or anything, then just ask me to do it.

he says yes, he actually has to go to the post office. But then he gets a call from Cha Shian and says that he is going to come to their gallery right now. So, when can you go to the post office? Deokmi immediately says that she actually has some work that she needs to finish so she will stay and finish it! Ryan smiles and takes the call from Shian.

Shian shows up and calls Ryan hyung, both Deokmi and Cindy are all like, what?



In the office, Deokmi comes walking in with a huge smile and freshly glossed lipstick as well as earrings on. She asks if they need a curator for the meeting? Ryan notices all of these changes and shakes her head that they do not need anything. Deokmi leaves. But then Cindy comes in with her faec mask on (lol) and asks Shian if he needs a coffee. Ryan waves her away as well.

He tells Shian to wait a minute and then goes to the window to scare all the onlooker employees away. Lol, everyone is there. They all run off.

In the meeting, Shian asks who the other celebrities are? he does not want to be used for marketing and then pushed to the background. He wants to be a bit greedy about it. he wants to show his world view of art and asks if it is strange. Ryan says that it is not strange, he thinks it is good and he looks forward to it. Shian also wants to involve an artist. Ryan says that would be okay.

Shian asks if he can look around while he is there so they head to the gallery and walk around. A few people come up to him to tell him that they are his fan, he happily greets them and they run off. They keep looking at the art while Deokmi and Cindy walk behind him. Deokmi tries to keep Cindy from taking cell phone shots by standing right in front of her Shian reads a message on a painting.

SA – “I thought it was a coincidence, but it was fate, i believed it was fate, but it was only a coincidence” Wow, that feels good. Who wrote this?

DM – *raises hand* I did ~.

Cindy – it is my moms taste. It is a secret that I am the daughter of the previous director.

He looks at her with his normal smile and then is approached by another fan who wants to take a photo with him. Deok mi says they can’t take one in the gallery, but she can take a photo for them. So she runs to take the photo.

DM – (Wow, I can take a photo so close to you without a telephoto lens…Shian…Shian….)

WOman – Please take a good photo

DM – Yes!

She starts to take several photos. Ryan cannot contain his joy at Deokmi’s fangirling yet trying not to fan girl. Yoosub is pretty startled that Shian said hyung to Ryan, he asks Deokmi if she knew that? Deokmi smiles. They keep walking out. 

Ryan walks Shian to the door . Kyung-ah tells him that they will have a company dinner tonight, do you want to join? Shian wonders if he should? Ryan tells him no. Shian tells Ryan that he is cold at home and even colder at work. Then he walks out happily with his manager. The team is so happy to watch him walking out and all bow and smile like super fans.

Ryan peeks over at Deokmi who is cheesing like a cheetah and waving quietly at Ryan.



At the company dinner, they all eat BBQ at a restaurant CIndy and Deokmi are a bit bummed that Shian is not there. The employees start to ask Ryan how he knows Shian so well and also when Ryan and Deokmi started dating? Deokmi tells them that this is a continuation of work so they should not talk. Ryan tells her that she can tell it.

Deokmi says that they met at the Chinese auction. the team is all like, ah. Ryan tells them that she said that she wants him. Flashback-fantasy about her saying that she wants him, but she is thinking about Shian. Deokmi is all like, huh? Ryan also says that she wanted his room as well. The employees think that this is why he fired her. Deokmi says that he must have regretted it a lot, that is why he came to the cafe to hire her again.

This scene is filled with flashbacks as Ryan and Deokmi say all the boy friend girlfriend things but make it seem like it is romantic when it was not in real life. Like when she held his hand all night in the hospital, but she actually almost broke all his fingers off.

The team is all like, wow, really? deokmi has to say yes. They ask about the scandal with Shian. Cindy wonders why they didn’t say it. Kyungah explains that you can’t say that you are dating the director as soon as they start dating.

The team starts to drink and also start a drinking game. You send a text to a friend that is not at the table, the person with the friend who has the slowest response should drink. They all take out their cell phone and start to text. But Deokmi’s phone is dead. So the team tells them to share their battery since they are dating. Ryan gives her a charge (PPT) so they wait. They decide to do a love test while waiting.

Cindy tells them that this is a continuation of work. But they just say Jajangmyun or Jangpong! She answer Jajangmyong. Ryan does not know what is going on. So Deokmi has to drink. and then Ryan drinks. They actually have to share the drink.

The next one is first kiss



Cindy – Who did you kiss in the car?

DM- Well, we were kissing in his office and then kept kissing in his car, hahaha

When was the last kiss? 1-2-3!


Just kissed!

DM – That was just popo popo (peck peck).

Ryan – Next!

They keep getting asked questions and drinking. But they do get an answer right so they make everyone else drink at least one time. Deokmi is so happy to poor a lot of alcohol in Cindy’s drink.

Everyone is drunk by the time they leave. Cindy tells Ryan, the foreigner, to not look down on Korean makguli for getting you drunk. The employees take Cindy away while she is muttering that they are still super suspicious. 

it looks like Deokmi is actually not drunk? Ryan might have drank all her alcohol for her. She has to carry him. But doing this makes her remember that he does not like letting go of peoples hands so he does not like holding hands. She thinks about this on the taxi ride home as he sleeps on her shoulder and she holds his hand.



Scene change to an interview.

VO – When it happens, you don’t know. But afterwards you realize that it was a fan girl crash.

Seungmin (Sunjoo’s husband) is interviewing them and asks if this is when you only think about that person all the time?

The girl says yes! For everyone there is a moment where they have a fan girl crash. For me, it was Shinan Gils picture. I thought I really had eye contact. After that I had a crash.

The husband thanks the two for the interview. They are happy to have given it and wish him good luck in his documentary. One of his poeple says that their program name is Fangirls: Wrongly Directed Love. If we air this then we will be in big trouble. he thinks about this and says that if it airs then he is already dead. (It seems like his job might be making him do this?)

Meanwhile, his wife, Sunjoo, is walking around a guitar shop. he calls her mistress, she is all like, Don’t call me that! then she asks him why he plays the guitar? Is it a dream or a hobby? He gives her tickets and she says you never know about life but you know how scary money is to pay for it. She smiles and then chuckles. Then he starts to explain all the details about all the guitars in the shop. She tells him that he looks shiny now. She was also like that when she did things that she liked.

He talks about being a fan girl with her friend? Sunjoo says yes. When she does fan girl stuff, she does not feel time passing and does not even feel tired over night. He tells her that she is still shiny, my mistress. She starts to ask him what all the other guitars are in the shop.

Elsewhere, Deokmi finally got Ryan to his house. They flop in bed. He partially covers her as he passes out, but she is able to easily sit up. She starts to say something but changes it to..you are are so cute. They are still holding hands so he does not want to let her hand go. 

He wakes up alone. he is actually holding his own hand so he looks at it quizically and then groggily gets up to go to the kitchen, Deokmi left him a hangover drink and a note for him to drink it right away. He starts to think back to the night before where he was super drunk.

Ryan – CRAZY….*thinks about smiling*…..WHAT IS THIS…..*thinks about leaning in to kiss her*…….

Deokmi asks for his code so he told her that his secret code is….secret. She is all like, just tell me or press it yourself. So he says that he will tell her if she sings for him. She is all like, sing? He says yes and then slinks to the floor. they are in his condo building so it is a bit awkward.

She kneels and says that she will sing, but you have to tell me the passcode. Okay, tell the truth! He says yes so she changes his hand to her other hand and then leans in to sing into his ear like she is whispering. She might be singing a Shian song. She is so happy to sing it.

He is happy to hear it as well, he slowly turns his drunken eyes around to look at her and they share a moment where he looks at her. She also looks at him and their song starts to play as they look at each other. That is when he leans in to possibly kiss her, but he doesn’t kiss her, he almost leans in to whisper something into her ear?

In the present, he thinks that he went crazy. But the music still plays as he sits on his couch and remembers her putting his hands together and telling him to have a sweet dreams.



Ryan goes to his computer in his home office and logs into Shian is My Way. He got a status on his appication and we go to the online world with Ryan dressed as a woman who is 40 years old.

He has to go through all the questions on Shian.

Q. When was Shian’s debut date?

he looks it up and puts 2014 May 23

Q. Fight Ocean’s first album, White world thanks to…the member who mentioned Cha Shi Ahn, put his name and birthdate.

Ryan is all like, what the F is this? That is something that is hard to google.

Q. When Shian was in Why Live, in 2019 January to March, what was the color of his pants?

Ryan – Pants color? Okay…Why Live….

He starts to look up Why Live. But he has to watch 708 videos about WHy live and Cha Shian. He starts to watch them. it is like he is preparing for the SAT as he studies Shian and drinks coffee to keep himself awake.

VO – Last Question, mark the location of Cha Shian’s mole because he always covers up because he has a complex about it.

Ryan gets into the elevator and wonders where his mole is. he is kind of delirious as he tries to think abotu this mole that Shian covers up becuase he has a complex about it. Why can’t I find it? I have seen so many many many pictures.

But then Shian comes in so Ryan basically attacks his face to find out where this mole is. Shian is all like, um, hyung? Ryan has to come to his senses and says that he thought he saw something on his mouth but it was a shadow on his mouth.

Shian rubs his mouth and says that people told him that a lot when he had a mole. Ryan is all like, when you had a mole? Shian says yes, he removed it. Ryan is all like WHY DID YOU REMOVE IT! YOUR FANS LIKE IT A LOT!

Shian says that is why he did it secretly, because it is his complex. But you should be able to see it a little. Shian points to it so Ryan looks super close at his chin and then pulls away to text his answer.

In the coffee shop, Sunjoo looks at the homepage and wonders how this person, Latte, can anwer all the questions so soon? She just applied yesterday. Deokmi thinks that she must be a super fan like them.

In the elevator, Shian and Ryan are so awkward and are way on opposite sides of the elevator. Ryan looks very uncomfortable. Shian heads out but tells hyung that he will see him after work because he  found another painting of Lee Sol.

This makes Ryan think of something. Flashback to Ryan looking through an art exhibit where the paintings are actually proped on the floor instead of hanging on a wall. He sees a painting that makes him think of his mother and it looks like everything stops for him in that moment. It might be the bubble painting or it could be another painting.

Ryan thinks about this a lot at work.



the other employees at work think that the intern might not come today because she drank so much last night. Yoosub thinks it would be nice to come to work as a hobby. But Cindy does come to work with her mother telling her that she is so pretty. Her mother actually walks her all the way up to the offices and sits with the team.

Sohye goes into her usual airy and flighty explanations about how they should not be stressed because she is going to take a lot of pictures for Cindy’s father because she is working now and they want to show him. Also, my husband has an unlucky year this year so we need a painting that prevents bad luck. Maybe a lion…

Ryan comes in at that moment and tells them that he will go home first becuase he has a meeting. he tells Sung not to contact him for anything that is not urgent. Sohye says that she really hates Lion and she really hates Ryan, why don’t you put a tiger? Then she gets up and walks off.

Deokmi’s employees ask her if they had an argument? Did you yell at him because he drank a lot? Deokmi says no, of course not.

Cut to Ryan walking out. he takes a deep breath before he goes to Shian’s apartment. Then he goes inside and looks around at Lee Sol’s paintings. Shian says that he has three and he has another one from Ryan. So if he has five more then he will have a complete collection. Ryan asks if there are 9? How do you know that? No one knows about Lee Sol.

Shian says that he knows it from somewhere. he wants to collect them all. They also talk about if they keep contact with the client? Why not ask the client who lent the painting if I can buy it? Shian would like to buy it. Then he gets a call from his mother.

Shian steps away to take the phone call. Ryan goes home and looks at the paintings and then thinks about the image coming together in his mind. he pulls up a paint brush and thinks about painting.  Then he dips the paint brush in light blue paint and looks at the canvas. After taking a couple deep breathes, he holds his brush to the canvas, but he can’t get himself to put it on the canvas.

He grips the paintbrush a bit tighter and thinks back to the Lee Sol painting, then he drops it and leaves.

In his office at work, he looks at his hand and then stares out the window in exasperation. 



The team goes out to lunch and asks Deokmi all sorts of questions abotu Ryan like, why isn’t he at lunch, did y’all break up? Deokmi just smiles awkwardly. They all head back to work and run into the director. They greet him happily, but then Da-in approaches them as well. She gives him a drink to hold and then hops into his arms as she tells him that she mised him. She gives him 3 seconds to say it back to her and then says 2 seconds is fine.

She lets go and starts to ask him all about why she didn’t call him and how she doesn’t have a cell phone right now and how she can explain things while walking. Deokmi is left standing awkwardly next to them as the other employees watch this woman being overly friendly with her man.

Inside, Deokmi thinks about Da-in hugging Ryan. Kyungah tells her that Ryan’s condo called and said that they have to check his room becuase there is a leak upstairs. Deokmi says she has paitnings in his house, did you call him?! She says yes, but he is not picking it up.

Cut to Ryan in the car with Da-in, she is actually using his cell phone at the moment.

In the museum, Kyungah tells Deokmi that she should go to his place as the girlfriend. Deokmi is about to say that she is not the girlfriend, but then takes a glance at Cindy who is very into this conversation. So Deokmi says that, yes, she can go. She hurries away with Kyungah muttering athat Deokmi does all the heart fluttering jobs while she is stuck with all the stressful jobs.

Meanwhile, Ryan helps Da-in look for a studio. He asks her how long she will stay in Korea. She asks how long he will stay in Korea. He wonders if he made her confused about something? She says that he made her confused and soleda (heart fluttering). She says that half the people say that she is the best, the other half criticize her, she is not sure if she is an artist or conman.

Ryan is about to tell her something, she cuts him off and says she knows that is all B.S. He told her to filter the good and bad comments. But she is human and can’t do it. She needs someone that can criticize her work fairly and advise her truly. She really needs that person as an artist. She needs someone like him. And of course, she needs him as a woman also.

He tells her that he can be her standard, that is it. She gives him his cell phone back, he sees that he has a water leak in his place and hurries away.

Deokmi is already at his place with the water person. It looks like nothing was damaged. Deokmi looks around and says that she did not notice it earlier but his home is really like an art gallery. She goes to his studio and is actually a bit hesitant about stepping inside. But she lightly pushes the door open and enters softly as if entering a forbidden place.

But that is when Ryan shows up and pulls her out of the room. He asks her what she is doing and says that he thinks she is done checking the water leak. What are you doing in a strangers house without the owner?

Deokmi says that it is because his house is so pretty. he asks if that gives her permision to walk around everywhere? Do you really think that we are dating? Do you want to pretend that you came to your boyfriends house? Doekmi says that that wasn’t it, I just~. But he asks her to just leave, curator Sung.

She apologizes and leaves. he seems a bit like he might regret how he treated her as she walks off.

Deokmi goes to the elevator and sniffs a few times. Shian walks in as she is pretty bummed and sad. He starts to talk to her about the director and if he made her upset? She says no. But Shian knows that is probably it. He mentions a painting and says he thinks the director probably regrets what he did now, so stop being angry okay? He smiles is million dollar Idol smile at her. She starts to smile a bit as well.

Inside his place, Deokmi left Ryan paperwork. On a note it says that she could not just come there empty handed so she brought him something. She hopes it smells good. he thinks back to how he treated her and feels extra bad about it. he also thinks about the note she left him about the hangover drink and also what she said about lending her hand to him if he wants to hold someones hand. he leaves quickly.

At the same time, Deokmi walks outside, still bummed. Cindy follows her in her car. Ryan also heads to his car at that moment and drives off.



Deokmi walks off bummed with Sunjoo and Eunji. Sunjoo talks well about Shian and Eunji talks poorly about Ryan. They think she should yell at him and forget about it.

Deokmi says that she is more worried about how disappointed he is in her. Sunjoo says that they should just live looking at Idols, dont’ be a fan girl to a real person, ever.

they head out to the coffee shop guys concert? it is a small concert, but he has that Idol vibe. Sunjoo’s eyes goes fan girl starry and she pushes her way to the front. Eunji is all like, but I thought she said that you shoul dnot fan girl a real person? Deokmi smiles and says that you cannot control your heart.

Meanwhile, Ryan goes to the art galler, it is empty. He goes to the offices, they are empty as well.

The night guard runs up to him so Ryan asks about Curator Sung. He says that she did not come back after leaving for work. Ryan thanks him and sighs.

then he texts his texts from Cindy at Ryan is My Way. She says that Deokmi left Shian’s condo and went on a date with another guy at a concert.

Ryan starts to take off to that location. He sees some women walking out and asks if the concert ended? They tell him yes.

So Ryan frets about this for a moment. Sunjoo comes out holding her fan girl heart and Eunki comes out with her. He sees Ryan running off.

Deokmi is already at the bus stop thinking about what Ryan said to her about looking around his house and if she wants to pretend like she has come to her boyfriends house.

We cut to her walking up the steps to her place. Ryan is there and runs up to her out of breath. He tells her that he went too far, he shouldn’t have been angry at her, he was just embarrassed and he is sorry.

Ryan – Are you angry?

DM – Yes….but….I am also sorry. I went to your house without permission.

He quickly walks in and kisses her as they stand on her octapang

Fade Out



We have to run off right now! We’ll have to do the preview later if we get a chance! But I do have a new theory! Does anyone think that Ryan and Shian are related????? Maybe real brothers????

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  1. lika
    April 25, 2019 / 10:31 am

    why am starting to think that Ryan and Shian are brothers?

    • El
      April 25, 2021 / 6:42 am

      May I ask the title that Yoo Yong-min sang in their band performance? Thank you.

  2. Tru
    April 25, 2019 / 10:33 am

    Yes …Ryan and Sian are definitely related!There was a mention of them looking very similar to each other in the previous eps

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 12:03 pm

      OMG, that’s right! I think Sunjoo said Ryan was a Shian look-a-like.

      • Santina
        April 25, 2019 / 2:06 pm

        Not only Sunjoo, DeokMi too! When she first saw him in China at the auction, the first thing she thought was that Ryan looked like Shian, and that´s why she kept looking at him.

        • V
          April 27, 2019 / 10:28 am

          Oh, that’s right! Good catch!

    • El
      April 25, 2021 / 6:50 am

      May I ask the title that Yoo Yong-min sang in their band performance? Thank you.

  3. afoodaficionado
    April 25, 2019 / 10:35 am

    You guys are LIFE ! I was constantly refreshing as TVN was stingy with clips. The PREVIEW is sooooo juicy. The fact that she blnd folds Ryan in her room. I wonder how he got in there and they look comfortable.

    In the 30 sec clip the fact the mom asked Ryan if he loved Deok mi and his cute—Yes. the impish smile of the mom locking them in the room together. LOL. Love her mom! The clips of them smiling in the car and that artist gal who likes Ryan voice over–is it true you are dating Curator Sung. Ryan in typical fashion, I don’t think I need to answer this question. (I love how Ryan is in bed looking sweetly at his cell phone) Then Eun Ki’s mom (says something and Deok Mi’s mom looks at her cell) tells her to get a wedding ready. (Did she see the STEAMY pics on her fan site for Shian? lol). Then the former Art Director says something about her disapproval about dating within the workplace (?) Ryan says VO (as DM is dressing up in her black outfit) says I only told her I liked her. Actually I.. Then there is a VO from Deok Mi–if I was not around, there would be no need to hide. Then you see her pulling Ryan’s arm and covering his eyes (in her apt which is Shian Shrine). Cute how Ryan’s like why cannot I see. Deok Mi keeps saying you cannot!She rushes to stop him taking off his eye covering and has a charged moment as she is pressing him down back to the sofa atop him.

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 12:05 pm

      OMG, this is making me want to find the preview right now! Ahhhhhhhhh!

  4. Rose
    April 25, 2019 / 11:18 am

    Kim Jaewook and Park Minyoung are DOING their job, their chemistry is on the top of their game, it was not the plot what attracted me to watch this drama, it was the chemistry of these two, I could feel that from the very first moment posters were released phew!

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 12:06 pm

      Their chemistry is crazy insane. I was a bit iffy with the pairing, but my goodness, they are WORKING their roles. Give them a pay raise.

    • Miranda
      April 25, 2019 / 8:40 pm

      What’s pulling me in is that they’re behaving like adults who like each other, which is very different from the way a lot of kdramas do it. You know, stuff like two people in their 20s being blushing about grazing hands or dancing around a kiss for WEEKS. Or being insane and jumpy about being together in a room, as though any privacy automatically results in sex. Or something.

      The scarf scene was charged because they both know what could happen here, they both know they’re attracted, and that awareness is electrifying everything. They’re both adults, they can do ANYTHING. The ability to do absolutely anything makes the decision to do or not do it incredibly intense, even when “it” is something simple like deliberately making eye contact in a mirror.

      The hallway-singing scene did the same thing for me; he is so thoroughly enjoying her mild embarrassment, the feel of her whispering in his ear, being that close to her. If someone else walked into the hallway would they get in trouble? No, they’re both adults, even if they kept on canoodling it’s not like anyone has authority over them. So the ability to do it and fully enjoy it is just delightful.

      More adult romances like this, please. I also love that he knows about her kink and seems tickled by it. It’s really nice to see adult characters who are secure enough in themselves to genuinely enjoy the oddities of others and find them endearing.

      • V
        April 27, 2019 / 10:29 am

        Love this! Yes, the holding back of it all does make it that much more electric.

  5. Mizuki
    April 25, 2019 / 1:52 pm

    Big big thanks for your effort to recap this so quickly! I like the pictures you used at the beg of each recap. It captures the mood 🙂

    It seems like a lot happened on this ep. I can’t wait to watch for myself how their chemistry sizzles this time. Love the look Ryan is giving DM.

    • V
      April 27, 2019 / 10:27 am

      Thank you! I try hard to find a good photo, it always bums me out when I can’t find one (because they didn’t release any good ones that week yet). ☺️

  6. Ryzz
    April 26, 2019 / 2:15 pm

    The fact that drunk Shian mistakenly went to Ryan’s house instead of his own house was the biggest clue.
    1) They both weren’t surprised to see each other at Ryan’s house.
    2) Shian didn’t say a line that anyone else would normally says “I thought this was my house”
    3) He calls Ryan hyung as if they know each other for a long time.

    This drama is so good and really close resemble to reality and that’s why I like it.
    Buf there’s one thing that I wish didn’t happen. It was when Deokmi told Ryan that he can borrow her hand to hold on as long as he wanted within their fake date at the park. I mean nobody that is faking a date will say that in real life lol

    • V
      April 27, 2019 / 10:33 am

      I kind of like that scene though! I think it kind of shows how giving fangirls are and how they just want to see people happy. She tries to pretend like she is this super tough well put together curator, but she is actually an ice cream bowl of hearts with smiles on top.

    May 1, 2019 / 11:52 am

    V can you update episode 7 recap. i cant wait . there has been no update until now whereas by now it is usually updated.

    • V
      May 1, 2019 / 2:26 pm

      Oh No! I must have forgotten to click update at the very end! I just did it! How is it now?

    • V
      May 1, 2019 / 2:29 pm

      Okay, it should be up now! I also added the video for the preview.

      • BLOSSOM
        May 2, 2019 / 1:05 am

        Yup . I saw the recap V thanks for the update can’t wait for today’s episode . The feeling are totally coming in . Ahh I love the leads so much …

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