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Her Private Life: Episode 5 Live Recap

Her private Life episode 5 recap
Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

This show is so darn adorable. I just want to slurp it up like a milkshake with a fat straw. We left off with Cindy showing up at Deokmi’s place of work as the new intern. But she is there for way more than art appreciation. This girl is on a mission to find out exactly just what is going on with Deokmi and her Idol love.

Deokmi knows this as well, so she hastily started running to Ryan who was walking casually up the hall and checking his phone. The poor thing did not know what was going on at all until he looked up and saw Deokmi yelling, Jagiya! As she frolicked to him, though her face was all kinds of apologetic.

And that is when she tripped, flailed her arms, and fell right into the chest of Ryan who, thank the Lord, caught her this time. Though he was standing more like a scare crow with his arms out than a knight in shining armor.

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The opening shows a book with the title of “Just One Lie.” Then it opens showing the first lie that Deokmi and Ryan said they would do together, their fake dating-lover lie. Cut to a tiny recap of the last weeks episodes leading to Cidny showing up at the workplace.

VO – That lie does not just end, it makes a bigger lie, and a bigger and bigger and bigger one.

Deokmi runs to Ryan and falls into his arms.

Elsewhere, we see Sunjoo explaining why you should not lie to her son. She tells him that his cute little soul will say, I don’t like bad souls! Then will leave you.

back in the museum, Deokmi stands in front of a sitting Ryan in his office, he tells her that he needs an explanation. Deokmi tells him that the new intern is the one that posted her picture online. Ryan sits up a bit straighter. His jacket shows her makeup face mark on it.

Ryan – So Kim Hyojin (Cindy) is Cha Shian’s stalker? (her real name is Kim Hyojin).

DM – Yes

Ryan – How do you know that?

DM – I aw her taking pictures in front of Cha Shian’s house….you know…um, are you going to fire her? We can’t pretend to date inside the art gallery.

Ryan – I think we have to.

DM – Why?!

Ryan – She is the daughter of the previous director. (OMG!)

DM – Who?

Ryan – She will come to work anyway, even if she is not an intern.

DM – Director Um’s daughter!!!!

Ryan – Yes.

DM – Hahahahahaha!

Deokmi remembers the scene when she got hired. Eom Sohye told the other woman that she is so tired of her daughter fan girling. She will not hire anyone that likes Idols!

Deokmi nervously laughs then gets an instant headache.



Outside, the employees talk about how no one knew that they were dating. Cindy listens in and then swivles her seat around to check Deokmi’s fangirl website that shows the images of Deokmi and Ryan cuddling just outside the museum in the photos that Sunjoo took. The employees are all like, OMG, this is them!!!!

They stare at the photos with high levels of interest. They seriously cannot believe it. Ryan and Deokmi come out. He asks what they are doing during work hours. They ask him if he can do these things? Look at this papparazzi, are you going to sue them?

Ryan tells them not to make a big deal about it, it made everything quiet also. Yoosub tells them that the intern showed it to them, she is not a normal person. They look at the fansite again. One of the people wrote that just SHian’s collar bone makes her so aroused that she can live her entire life and another one says that his thigh is her welfare.

Deokmi is biting her nails so much that she might eat through her entire hand.

Cut to Sunjoo’s son asking if you will get punished if you lie a lot. Sunjoo says yes! And I know everything about when you lie, because your eyes cant lie. The little boy quickly covers his eyes.

In the museum, Ryan says that nothing changes even though they are dating, they are just director and curator here. But Cindy cuts them off and asks how many days they have been dating. Dungmi asks, days? Ryan asks if she is interested in that on her first day of work?

Cindy says it is because they dont’ have any sweetness in their eyes to each other. Deokmi and Ryan look at each other and the title shows up above their heads.

TITLE: IN A FAN GIRLS EYES, HONEY FLOWS LIKE WATER (when you love something your eyes show it)

In the cafe, Sunjoo shows up and gives Eunki something to do as he plays with her kid. But then she has to tells Eunki, who is looking at the paparazzi photos, that this is all fake. They have to pretend that they are dating because one of the fans works in the art gallery. Eunki takes the cell phone and quickly heads out muttering, I knew it!

he meets her right away. Deokmi tells him that cell phone towers are everywhere in korea so if you want to tell me something, call me, dont’ come to my work. He tells her that she has done so many crazy things and does not listen. She tries to hit him, but he stops her and says that she is still fake dating that guy.

She asks, so what? What about it? he starts to tell her about her mom and his mom and how they all know that she has a scandal with Cha Shian. Deokmi is kind of a bit shocked, how come your mom told my mom. (He calls his mom the husband). He says that when the husband knows then the wife knows. he will tell her mom that she is the fan girl of an idol and to cover it up she is fake dating someone.

Deokmi is all like, hey, you better not. But then he starts to say that Deokmi is not dating Lion! She quickly covers his mouth. He asks her how long she will lie about this. She tells him that this is not jut a lie, for him it is just lying, but for her, her entire identity and life depends on this.

But he wants to correct it all and starts to head inside. She grabs him by his hair and tugs so hard that he wilters in pain and tells her to let go!

But later, we see Eunki  walking away (with messed up hair) and meeting with Ryan outside. Ryan says he sees him often there. Eunki says he wantsed to meet with Deokmi to tell her something but never mind. He starts to walk off. But then Ryan tells him that he would like to learn Judo. Eunki says this is not expected, but just come by when you have time.

Ryan asks, what about right now, if you are not busy. So, they head off to the Judo studio.

In the studio, Eunki tells Ryan that martial arts starts with a salute and ends with a salute. he bows to him. then he tells him that he will teach him how to fall on the first day. Ryan says he wants to learn techniques first and mentions that he is good at sports. Eunki tells him that won’t be easy, but okay.

He starts to show him how to throw something and goes through all the steps. Ryan starts to do everything, though left handed, and throws Eunki over his shoulder perfectly. Eunki tells him that he is a fast learner. Ryan asks if he should do it one more time? They square up and he throws him again, pretty easily.

They keep going and Ryan throws him several times. Eunki tries to stay light hearted about it, but keeps getting thrown over and over again. Finally he gets really serious and keeps Ryan from throwing him. On the second try, he is able to throw Ryan and pulls him into a legbar and choke at the same time. They struggle a bit, but Eunki keeps Ryan all locked up.

EK – Who are you?

Ryan – Do you think I am a good student?

EK – Just answer my question, it seems like you at least studied for several years. Why pretend like you are a first timer?

Ryan – This is the only way I can throw an Olympian on the ground.

They keep struggling.

Ryan – It is not bad, we might like each other.

He smiles, Eunki releases him and they both slowly role to standing while breathing hard.

EK – Tell me, you threw me that much so I can hear what you want to say.

Ryan – I heard what you told curator Sung at the art gallery.

Flashback to Ryan hearing everything about Deokmi and Eunki talking about the lie and how long she will do it. It is pretty hilarious from a different angle.

Ryan – As you know, curator Sung is socially disadvantaged. So to protect herself, whatever lie she makes, I want to support her and protect her. i at least want her to be safe in the art gallery. So you should not be against your friend.

EK – Wha-what?

Ryan – Lets make what happend today a secret, I don’t want to make her uncomfortable.

He walks away.

EK – Wait, what, socially disadantaged…what are you talking about? Who is weak? Ryan! Socially disadvantaged….what?

But then Sunjoo’s kid comes running up happily so Eunki tells him to change into his uniform. he asks Sunjoo if she thinks that Doekmi is socially disadvantaged (not sure of the proper English word, it is like she can be easily mislead or something). She is all like, huh? Deokmi? 

Eunki explains that she hit me a lot, how can she be socially disadvantaged when she is the one that hit me a lot? Deokmi asks if Lion saw that? Eunki says yes. So they both think it is because Lion has never been hit by her before. Eunki tells her to tell him for him.

Then Ryan comes out. Sunjoo remembers Ryan as the one who changed the room in the hotel. Why didn’t you acknowledge me before? Ryan says that he thought she ignored him on purpose. She says, why should I? We had fun in the suite with Dungmi. 

Eunki asks if they went to a suite without him again? You never take me with you! She says that she doesn’t even go there with her husband, why would I take you? Eunki says that he is their friend, not their husband!

Ryan is so confused.

Ryan – Are you and Deokmi just friends? 

SJ – Yes

Ryan – Just friends? Just friends? (there is a LGBT Korean movie title Just Friends)

SJ – Of course!

Ryan – Why did you go to a hotel room with only your friend?

EK – It was the pilgrimage ~.

SJ – it is popular in korea to go to nearby hotels, not vacation places. it was fun.

(Ryan might have said that Deokmi is socially disadvantaged because she is gay)

Ryan – What about coming out????

SJ – Well, fake dating. you and Deokmi are fake dating. he does not like it. He might have wanted to say that.

EK – Yes, I don’t like it!

SJ – Are you okay?

Ryan – *Super shocked* I misunderstood. *bows deeply to Eunki* I am so sorry. *he walks away*

EK – Misunderstanding, what misunderstanding

SJ – *confused and then shocked* That crazy guy!



Later on, Deokmi meets with Sunjoo and Eunki over drinks at the cafe, they fill her in on the huge misunderstanding. Deokmi can’t believe this. Eunki says that Ryan was angry when he said “outing” and said that you were socially disadvantaged and just friends. Deokmi thinks about Ryan’s reactions that were pretty strange.

DM – that is why….oh!

EK – you guys are together like that so people can misunderstand.

DM – But how can me and her…?

EK – You think seh is not good enough?

They both want to hit him.

SJ – I thought Lion was interested in you. I feel a bit sad.

EK – he is still interested in her, an altruistic interest.

DK – Shut up…

SJ – you are also disappointed right?

The husband comes in.

Sungmin – Your all here, hey hey.

EK – Hyungnim.

SM – Where is our son?

SJ – He fell asleep at grandmas house so he is still there. Want a drink?

EK – Hyung, beer?

SM – Okay, beer.

EK goes to get it.

SM – Are you okay? I heard you were terrorized by Shian’s fans.

DM – it is all taken care of.

SM – how did you solve it.

SK – Why are you interested!

SM – She is your friend

EK – hyung, you shouldnt’ talk about fan girl stuff, I am sick and tired of it already.

SM – Okay, lets talk about something else….what can we talk about *teasingly*

SJ – *takes his beer* You should drive.

In his office, Ryan thinks back to yelling at the driver about being Deokmi’s byfriend and also telling her that she can have him for a little bit as her boyfriend. Then he gets a knock on the door for a delivery.

he opens it and says, I didn’t order a delivery. But then Shian peeks his head around and says, Hyung! I ordered it! he lets himself in and asks for Ryan to pay for it.

They sit at the table as Shian happily smiles at Ryan and says that all this is to pay him back. He says he would like to pay with his credit card and treat him at his place, but now is the tiem for special care period so if they knew that he ordered this then they will give him 2 times more excercises and 2 times more of a diet. It is so much. Plus, they push me to work on music faster. I dont’ have energy or time.

Ryan – That is why you pretended that you had an arm injury? Only to focus on your music?

Shian – *nods*…..Director, I will do the art collection, but – it is a secret…..deal?

They toast with chicken.

Ryan – Deal.

They Ryan rubs his shoulder and says that he worked out today. Shian tells him he is aspecialist and tells Ryan to use his thumb to press on his shoulder and rub clockwise. Ryan does that. It looks like it works really well so Ryan asks how he learned it. Shian says when they were trainees they had no money for massages and worked out a lot, so he learned it online.

Ryan – So, it is a difficult thing, more than expected.

Shian – Everything is difficult in the world, but internal dating can be a little easier?

Ryan gets a bit nervous. 

Ryan – Did you see it?

Shian – Yes, in the ShinAhGil homepage. I saw your picture with the curator. But I don’t think she is the kind of person to take those pictures. that is strange.

Ryan goes to his office later on and spins around in his chair as he thinks. Then he sits up straighter and thinks, I did not send her THAT picture.

He looks at the photos online and remembers erasing the most intimate photo of the two of them against the wall. Then he remembers the employees looking at the photos and asking if they can do that at work? So now it all makes sense.

he looks on his desk and sees that they have a special meeting in the morning to talk about the special exhibition.



Cut to Deokmi’s perspective as she sits at her home and thinks about all the photos she took with Ryan on their date out and how fun of a time they had.

DM – So all those things he did for me were based on a misunderstanding with my sexual choice? Why didn’t I distinguish a good deed from not liking me?

But then she shakes it off and says that she will look online to see what everyone is talking about. She sees a comment asking if R&S are really dating? Deokmi tries to find out what this means and finds out that it is Ryan and Sung. She thinsk this must be Cindy’s comment. She wonders what she is going to do and also if Lion will keep helping them.

In the morning, Cindy looks at her follower count and sees that she has less followers now. She is so upset and thinks that this is all because of this dating thing issue. But she thinks that she was right, that jacket it one of a kind in Korea. her driver is talking with her, but then runs off to get her mothers bags. CIndy tells him to keep this a secret.

They drive off in the car with Director Eom telling her not to forget her promise. You said you would not follow Idols anymore if you worked in the art gallery, I trust you. Also, what is the most improtant thing? It is that it is a secret that she is her daughter. I resigned and put my daughter in, that is a bit awkward right? Cindy kind of absentmindedly smiles and says yes.

Cindy gets dropped off. But The other two employees see her dropping her daughter off. The mother is all like, DON’T TELL ANYONE THAT YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER, IT IS A SECRET OKAY! Cindy smiles and walks off. Director Eom happily gets back into the car.

Inside, Deokmi makes herself a coffee from a really interesting coffee machine that looks like it is straight out of the Jetsons.

She goes inside the meeting room where the other two employees are and the intern. The employees are happy because they know a secret. Everyone thinks that Deokmi looks rpetty in her utfit today and talk about how Deokmi is glowing now that their relationship is out.

But then she gets a text from Ryan to ShinAhGil asking when he can returnn her diary. She secretly texts back. The director comes into the office right then. The employees comment about how pretty Deokmi is but Ryan says that they can start their meeting right away.  So everyone starts their meeting. Cindy looks back and forth from the two of them.

Deokmi is a bit nervous as Kyungah starts to talk abotu all the details of the art gallery. But Deokmi thinks that ryan is a bit embarrassed because he misunderstood things. Ryan asks her something, but she is distracted, so he tells her to focus on the meeting. They keep talking about work.

Ryan flips through his paperwork and stops on an artist. he asks abotu the unpublished work of a late photographer. Kyungah says that they have a lot of requests to publish his work, but his family always says no. it would not be easy to get it.

Ryan – It will mean more because it is not easy….I will visit him. Where does he live?

They tell him Gangwangdo (North East coast where the winter Olympics were). So Ryan says it will not be today then. he asks for the address. Yoosub asks if he will go there alone. then everyone looks strangely from him to Deokmi. It is a bit awkward. Ryan says he will go there alone and adjourns the meeting.

Deokmi is the last to leave. Cindy looks at her questioningly.



Deokmi goes straight to her friends coffee shop to complain abotu how it was HIS misunderstanding I did not ask HIM to misunderstand us. Why does HE do this to ME. he started the fake dating and he also accepted Cindy as an intern. As an adult man he did something that he should be responsible for and he should be responsible until the end! (It sounds like he got her pregnant if someone over heard them). 

Sunjoo claps and says that Deokmi is good at giving speeches, but she should say it to Lion not me. Deokmi says that she can see on his face that he does not want her to cross that fence because he is a dangerous animal. Sunjoo reminds her that the most important thing is their real work because Cindy is a step ahead of us.

She pulls out a new Canon camera that they unbox on the table.

Deokmi – Daeibak!

Sj – Cindy is younger than us so we can’t win over her physically, so we should use better equipment.

DM – For sure!

they start to comment about the camera and the scene cuts to Ryan in his office. 

it is night in the office as Ryan works. he calls someone and asks if they have the last work of late photographer Euntaeha.

The woman and the other side is sleeping with a blind on her face. She asks who this is. But then she peeks out from her eye mask and sits up quickly. This woman is Choi Da-in.

DI – You went to Korea without telling me and do not accpet my phone calls or texts but now you call me and ask me that!

Ryan – I am busy, just answer. Where is his unpublished work.

DI – You answer me first…..do you miss me or not?…..Do you mis me or not?

Ryan – I miss~ lets hang up.

DI – there are a lot of rumors about his unpublished works. They are background pictures of nature and never before seen images. People also said that his last work was about himself so it should have more. I called the owner who is a writer, but I did not get anything.

Ryan – Okay

DI – Ryan, you said you miss me…

Ryan hangs up and wonders what she is thinking about.

Cut to Cindy in a red camaro with her cell phone and CU patch as her online ID. She remembers how cold Ryan was to Deokmi and comments that S was super dressed up and R did not care. Work is work and private life is private life or….

Then we see Cindy listening in on conversations with the emplyees who talk about when they think they started dating and how Deokmi was even fired by Ryan.

CIndy – (S was fired by R, did that make her attracted? Or…)

Caption – 3 star suspicion

Her snooping continues as she stakes out in her red camaro.

Cindy – R, 21:13, going home alone

Cindy starts to follow him in her car until she gets to his house.

Cindy – (R went home alone, is this platonic love?)

Caption – 4 star suspicion

Cindy – Something is going on, I am going to find this out!



meanwhile, Deokmi is at home when Sunjoo asks her if she has seen CUpatch that Cindy started? Deokmi sits up in her bed and quickly looks at the it.

DM – Cindy is obsessed! SHould I have another fake date?

SJ – Not just dating, but a big punch is better.

DM – What is that?

SJ – One room, together. You know, something that will intrigue imagination.

DM – But how can I do that?

Cut to Ryan leaving his home and getting into his car. Cindy is watching.

Cindy – He is really leaving alone, I knew it.

But then Deokmi walks up and is so obviously looking at Cindy (lol) she tries to hide that she is not looking and knocks on the door for Ryan to open it. She has to knock a lot.

She gets in, finally, and Ryan tells her that he was going to go alone. Deokmi mentions that theya re asking the people to lend their work so they need to consider them. Ryan relents and they head off together. Deokmi is beyond happy.

On the way, it starts to rain a lot. Ryan stays quiet. Deokmi turns on the radio and happily listens along. Ryan is kind of like, WTF, but he keeps it to himself and lets her listen to the music.

But then they get stuck in mud and we cut to Deokmi pushing the car from outside. She is super drenched and thinks, what if I didnt’ come, what would he do?

he hops out and tells her that they should call a tow. She thinks that is better and says that it is her fault that she does not have a drivers license. he thinks that they shuold walk there, the tow insurance will come late. The artist is waiting.

They get to the very pretty home in the mountains and we see the artist writing. He is a bit annoyed that they are so late and opens the door in a huff, but then he sees that they walked and are drenched. He quickly gives them blankets and lets them sit by his fire.

Later on, he asks why they came there, he told them that he is not going to reveal the work. Change into these clothes, you are going back empty handed, but you should not go back sick. He does not want to listen to them at all.

Deokmi goes to the bathroom and starts to take off her scarf, but it gets caught in her hair or something. She lets out a yelp. Ryan asks if she needs help, she says no, but then yelps again. He asks again so she says yes and he steps inside.

So she tells him that her hair is caught. He inspects it, but boy or boy is this moment super intimate. It is quiet expect for the drip dropping of the faucet and he is standing so close to her back, but it is not uncomfortably close. it is just clooooooose. 

She says her hair is caught in the button so he carefully examines it and takes her hair out. When his pulls he scarf off of her shoulds….OMG. 

She thanks him for taking it off and they kind of seperate a bit more. Ryan says that he writer won’t change his mind right? But maybe we can ask him one more time. Come out when you change.

he leaves. (My goodness y’all, this scene was fire)



In the city, Deokmi’s family wonders about Deokmi’s off day. They all think today was her off day so she should be eating with them. But the mother says that she actually went on a business trip today. Eunki is all interested in who she went with, can you call her? the mother is unconcerned and says that she is working, why should we call her? unki says that she is too cool with her daughters life, when she got her own place, you were cool with it.

The motehr is all like, young people date at their house and share rooms to save money. The appa HITS the table and says THAT IS NOT GOOD. The mom is all like, when you say somthing, you should warn us first. My heart….so people with money can’t date?

They start to talk abotu that a bit and how they were when they dated. The mother says that he gave her flowers and treated her like a princess. But then she says that she did not expect to live like this. She kind of gives him the evil eye and the mood changes. Umma tells Eunki that a good guy gives her this hard time. So they should not give you a hard time while dating. Even women! So if they are not good, Just cut them off!

In the mountains, Ryan and Deokmi sit with the artist to talk to him one more time about the art work. Please let us show the unpublished work by the photographer. The writer is quiet. Deokmi says that she heard that he was very close to the late photographer. He even gave you his work. Do you think there was a reason he gave it to you?

Writer – I met him when I was in middle school. He liked to take pictures and I liked to write. I think I saw every role of his film from he begining to the end and he was the same. Our two sensitive guys doing art looked at each other for 30 years. We did not have to talk at all. The reason he gave it to me and not his family is …. those pictures are bad. That is why his will is to not show it to anyone. that is what I think. I am to going to show it, no matter what you say, my decision will not change. You came all the way here so you can stay here tonight. Goodbye.

he walks off. Ryan and Deokmi look at each other.

Later on, they both try to sleep by the fire. Deokmi is closer to the fire but Ryan looks cold so she tells him they can switch places. it will get colder the later it gets too. But he tells her very matter-of-factly that he is okay.

She curls up and then tells him that she knows there was a misunderstanding he made between her and Sunjoo and he also suggested to date her because the fans would know about it. 

Ryan – I did not do that out of pity. Also, it is nothing to pity.

DM – Whatever the reason, thank you ver much. A lot more than what you think.

Ryan – Curator Sung, can I ask you a question?

DM – Yes?

Ryan – Do you like taking pictures of poeople?

DM – *perks up* Because of this? You remember that I told you that I like this picture!

Ryan – Yes

DM – it was impressive, he always took pictures of nature, but his last work was actually about himself.

Ryan – I thought it was his last farewell because he died from disease. the title is also goodbye.

DM – He just said “Anyang” but he did not give it an English name. I think that translation is wrong, I am sure of it.

Ryan – *sits up* what is the reason.

DM – Look at his, if Anyang means goodbye. he should look at the lens of the camera because the camera is like his second body. *Ryan gets closer to look* If it is farewell to the world then he should look down a little further or on his side.

Ryan – So anyang is not good bye if he is greeting to the new world. Is it high to the world that he is going to?

DM – I thought abotu that, if so then he would look at the sky more.

Ryan – Then what do you think?

DM – Someone is in front of the camera – how he looks is not about sadness of goodbye or nirvana in front of death. It is looking at someone he loves. he wanted to leave his gaze of looking at that person and say hi to that person. “hello, I am here, I am always looking at you like this, goodbye”

Ryan looks at her and she looks back at him.

Ryan – Anyang….

It is a bit intimate as they look at each other. But then Deokmi starts to talk again.

DM – that is  my hypothesis! You should be tired! Lets go back to bed!

Ryan – Yes!

they both cuddle back up in bed. But they are both wide awake.

From the stares, we see the writer looking on, he heard it all. It looks like Deokmi was right.




Deokmi wakes up pleasantly and sees Ryan cuddled very close to her, but not right on top of her. it looks like he inched closer to get closer to the heat. However he is above the covers and she is still tucked under them.

He kind of wakes up so she pretends like she is sleeping. He is pretty stunned to see her so close to him and slowly figures out that he must have rolled to her side. So he slinks away like a caterpillar who fell on its side and then sits up in his bed as he takes in the moment and scratches his head in disbelief.

Then he tip toes out. Deokmi thinks it is safe enough to open her eyes as she looks at him leaving and then buries her head in the pillow.

Later on, they both go back to the living room with their dried clothing on. They also thank the writer exuberantly for his hospitality. The writer motions for them to go upstairs.

Upstairs is a door that might be locked. The writer stops outside it and tells them that he hasn’t been inside in a long time. Then he unlocks it and goes inside.

The windows are all covered with black out curtains. the writer opens them and we get a look at the room. The photos are nicely laid out all over the room. the pictures are all of the writer. Lots of old cameras are also around.

Writer – My father was a soldier and could not accept his only son being different than him. When I told him I wanted to be a writer, we did not talk to each other for many years. That is why i could not accept him. I could not acknowledge his heart.

DM – All these pictures – are a love letter from photographer Yoon to you?

Writer – thta is why I could not show it. It was a secret that I wanted to hide until I died. it is not that I did not like his heart. Even though i knew what it meant, I ignored it until the end. But he is not here anymore so how can I reveal it, it is too late.

The writer is happy in all the photos that show him throughout the years from young to old.

Ryan – Did you really ignore his heart? This smile does not look like it. You did not know your own heart, but photographer Yoon could have known it. As a photographer, how can he not notice it. he should know.

Writer – Do you think so? Did he…?

Deokmi takes photos of the photos and then takes photos of the writer talking with Ryan outside. She looks so happy as she takes photos of Ryan who is smilng as he talks to the writer. She also takes photos of every bit of him, like his feet looking all cute as he stands and all those things that fan girls notice.

He kind of looks up at her as she looks at the photos and smiles. He might be a bit taken with her smile as well.

they both head back as music plays. 

Ryan – good job, I did not want to make you stay overnight.

DM – I was happy to spend the night.

Ryan – What?

DM – no, no, not like that! I mean, about Hojin (Cindy). She made a CUPatch.

Ryan – Huh?

DM – She suspects you and my relationship, that is why I wanted to pretend like we went on a date.

Ryan – Okay, lets trick her perfectly. *smiles*

They ride back comfortably from then on.



At home, Deokmi edits the photos of the photos. She looks at them all and wonders if that is it. Then she looks at pictures of the writer and Ryan, but she starts to focus on only photos of the writer.

But then she gets a text for a new member for Shian Is my way.

We cut to the online world where Daebi greets all the new members and tells them to have a good Shian time.

But then we see that Ryan is looking at his computer and smiling.

In the online world we see the new member “Latte” turning around, he ha sa scarf all on him so he looks like a woman, but we see that it is definitely Ryan.

She greets him in the online world and says to have a good Shian time.

In his office Ryan smiles.

Ryan – Hello Sung Deokmi *smiles*

Fade Out



OMG, he knows, lol!!! I love how smart this show is. i expected Ryan to stay clueless even though it was clear that Deokmi knew a lot more than she let on. I am so glad that the writer was all like, oh no, he is going to figure this ish out, that is why I am giving him all these clues. Love that!

I also feel like the LGBT community is going to play heavily in this drama, which I can get behind! But they are not treating it as a joke all the way around. It is touched on lightly in the begining, but then they took a more serious look at the end of this episode. I think they will continue to give us more susbstantial relationships??? 



**SPOILER….honestly, I think they might make Shian gay and have a crush on Ryan…….END SPOILER…..**




Or maybe this is the end of it. Either way, I love this show.


Episode 6 preview translation is below!

Ryan – So it was all one person?

Ryan – Test?

VO – What am I looking at?

VO – the beginning of a mystery romance melo…

Shian – I found another Lee Sol painting

Ryan – How do you know that? No one knows about Lee Sol

DI – I missed you Ryan

Shian – Can I be a little greedy?

VO – There are no secrets in the world

Ryan – Do you really think we are dating?

DM – What if he is disappointed in me?

SJ – You really like him dont you?

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  1. Jodie
    April 24, 2019 / 3:22 pm

    Thank you for the recap! 수고수고~
    This episode…. has made me… smitten. Just looking at how Deok Mi was beaming capturing photos of Ryan — who wouldn’t be, right? He is quite a work of art. It wasn’t a lot of progress in the storyline this episode, but time flew by just like that. I just wish I could see more… but not until tomorrow!

    I had a hunch on the gay-lover thing when the writer claimed his more-than-friends status with Tae Hwa.. *cough cough.. not just friends* & I’m curious on what gave it away (to Ryan) about Deok Mi’s identity? Considering that he did not hear the conversation between Deok Mi & Eun Ki, had some sort of revelation only after a sequence of events — what could it be?

    I am guessing there is significance in his chicken gift from Shi An, considering that Shi An knew the photos were not from Shi An is My Life + the image he deleted got sent. That’s a lot of easy red flags, + how did Ryan even know she did portraiture in the first place (since the only portraiture we have seen her do is of Shi An)? I also do wonder if Shi An recognises Dok Mi — he has stated before only Shi An Is My Life knows him, commenting on the image she took which he put up on canvas, and there was the scene in the first episode where he had actually given eye contact to her. It’s not hard to recognise her (maybe because we are out of drama world) — she is always in the same outfit, and I can’t deny has beautiful eyes. (I lowkey wished Shi An knew, and that his knowledge would grant her access to a godlike level of fandom we will never be able to achieve in reality… ahahahahaha…)

    And we still have Deok Mi’s diary, dropped in episode 2? or was it 3? (& waiting for a purpose in the show ever since, it could be such a biiiiiiiiiiig hiiiiiiint…) Beep beep, there’s that too..

    About the preview: I can’t wait to see more of all of them next episode. As much as I hate redundant rivalry from Shindy, and a past love… (why do k-drama aaaaaalways bring in a past love, it’s really nOT reQuiRED) I’d be happier to know that they were siblings, really (but that’d be weird?). I mean, talking about siblings — the original novel spoke about brotherhood between the two neighbours ie Ryan and Sian, so what-that-mean? 🤔 It’s gonna be a messy episode from the preview (which is good, we like messy, please stir the tea) but that last scene of Ryan coming to her place — you know they left out the bit of him entering for good reason. We can anticipate a whole lot of WTFs from him entering her Shi An Haven (aka home…) or… yeah idk what other reaction I would give if I was in his shoes either. BRING IT ON.

    P.S. Poor Eunki, I do wonder when he will stand a chance in this entire show. Is he just going to be kicked around, punched around, slammed up and down?! I look forward to a chance for him to shine like his Olympic medal soon. I am also interested in understanding the role of her best friend’s husband, he does seem like a character that was placed in the show with reason, just that we don’t know what for yet. I’m also glad we got to hear Deok Mi’s dad talk (loud enough) for the first time today, I almost thought he could only communicate to rocks.

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 11:56 am

      I really want Eunki to shine as well! I wonder if he will get the chance. perhaps he could be Shian’s bodyguard? I love how the Diary made an appearance, and it was a good plot one too!

  2. L
    April 24, 2019 / 10:11 pm

    Oh my heart… Kim Jae-wook’s cheekbones just make me go weak in the knees >.< (and strange feelings are bubbling up elsewhere…)

  3. LearnerGB
    April 24, 2019 / 11:08 pm

    Can you help me with song they used in background when in start of episode she runs toward Ryan?

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 11:56 am

      If we get a chance than I’ll try to go back and have a listen! Does anyone else know?

  4. Anonymous
    April 25, 2019 / 2:05 am

    Anyone feels like Cha Shi an and Ryan are biological brothers? They have the same taste for art, clothes, living… and it was stated Ryan gold was adopted … then they kept saying Ryan looks like Cha Shi an… seems like Ryan gold was probably an unintended birth with the wrong man/women so given away then Cha Shi an is the legitimate child. Ok nvm. Plot twist

    • lisa
      April 25, 2019 / 7:41 am

      honestly i feel like in the drama it will be either 1. ur theory, they are biological brothers or 2. shi an ends up having a crush on ryan and is revealed to be gay

      • V
        April 25, 2019 / 12:00 pm

        I love either one of those theories.

    • Miranda
      April 25, 2019 / 8:19 am

      I think they’re brothers and their mother is the bubble-painter. Either they’re both looking for her, or Shi An is still in touch with her and knows that he’s got a brother out there. But the way they’re both so touchy and jumpy about that particular painting…

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 11:59 am

      I think so! ……POSSIBLE SPOILER ….. From the character list, Shian’s mother is in her 50s, so it seems like it can definitely be the case!…..END SPOILER

  5. Mina Beltez
    April 28, 2019 / 3:13 am

    Thank you for the recap! I personally think Ryan and Shian are brothers, thus the comments that they look alike. And Lee Seol, the painter is their mom.

  6. K
    January 16, 2021 / 12:41 pm

    Does anyone know HOW exactly Ryan found out about Doek Mi ‘s identity of being a fangirl? How did he suddenly know just when she replied saying “welcome to the fandom” ? Like how was he so sure at that very second. Please answer im dying of curiosity and internet doesnt have answers! 🙂

    • V
      January 16, 2021 / 1:32 pm

      I think he figured it out do to how she was acting at work? I think he sent a message to the fan girl group and saw that she checked her phone at that exact moment so that signalled to him that she was the leader of that website.

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