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Her Private Life: Episode 4 Live Recap

Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

I love how Deok-mi got herself into an accidental scandal with Shi-an and actually sympathized with the fan girls. But those fan girls were brutal, yo! The funny thing is, they were fangirls from her fan site that she created, lol.

The best part of the ending of the last episode, is that getting into a type of “contract” relationship with Ryan Gold was the best thing for Deok-mi since she has these crazy fans that are trying to destroy her! She needs a fake boyfriend in order to stay safe.

Though, I wonder if Shi-an actually falling in love with Deokmi is a story line, because that would be fun to watch. How can she decide between this man that she gave all her love to and this new man in her life! Plus, Ryan Gold already looks kind of jealous of Shi-an. Though he is hiding it well.

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It is night and Ryan is driving back to the art gallery when he sees this rogue car speeding toward Deokmi! He races his car inbetween the two of them and screeches on his breaks. The first thing he does is check on Deokmi, then he goes to the rogue cars window and yells that she is his girlfriend! THAT IS MY GIRLFRIEND!

An old man rolls down the window smiling and tells him congratulations. Then he backs up and drives around Ryan’s car, lol. So, this was all just in Ryan’s imagination. Deokmi says that this man always parks illegally, she tries to tell him not to. So, this man was not a threat at all.

Ryan gives Deokmi a ride, but it so super embarrassed that he yelled that Deokmi is his girlfriend. He tries to keep it stoic, but has to hit his steering wheel every so often as he thinks about his outburst and his embarrassment.

Deokmi tells him that this man is an elder so she couldn’t tell him to park elswhere harshly. Ryan thinks back to the old man telling him congratulaions and puts his head on the steering wheel at a light. 

Deokmi asks if he is okay and also asks if he would like his milk latte? They are actually stopped right at her friends coffee shop. Ryan looks out the window and sees her friend with her friends husband, Seung-mi, and their child. Deok-mi keeps talkinga nd says that she can understand that a misunderstanding like this can happen, black cars can be suspicious, and you did it for the safety of your employee, I have already forgotten about it. Really, really.

But he sits up and says that he will do it, he will be her boyfriend. You can use me temporarily. She looks at him and smiles, then giggles, then all out laughs. She apologizes for it and says it is the first time she laughed today. But he says it isn’t a joke. She gets a bit serious and asks if he likes her. He says of course not. She asks why he wants to be her boyfriend then? He is all like, I don’t want that at all, this is a little bit boyfriend, a fake boyfriend. We will just pretend.

He drives her all the way home and tells her to rethink what he told her. She says that she knows that he was embarrassed. But he says that her personal information was all revealed in one day. Her family members and friends information can be revealed also. Deokmi remembers her friend saying that people might find out that she is Shi-an’s #1 fan, she will be fired like it is nothing! 

Ryan tells her that they went to Cha Shian’s home together and he lent her his clothing. he did everything. That clothing thing was the managements mistake. She says that because of that lie, the matter got bigger. I think we should not lie again. He asks, what if everything can be taken care of by this one lie? Revelaing your lover will be the fastest thing.

She says that she does not have a lover, though. He is all like, that is why we should do this. She thinks that it would be too obvious to post this on her personal SNS. He says that she can think about it and decide whether to do it or not. Then he leaves.



The next day, Deokmi goes to the hospital in disguise and walks around like she is hiding. Her brother tells her that she stands out more by acting like this. Deokmi takes off her shades and hoodie and says that she is ding this just in case the granddaughter is Cha Shian’s fan. Her brother is all like, normal people do not care about Cha Shian at all. 

Deokmi hits him and takes that comment as a personal assault. She tells him not to talk bad about her person. They keep walking around the hospital. Her brother asks about the fake dating thing. Deokmi says that it might be better, things might get a bit quieter. He tells her to stop being a fan girl and date people for real. She tells him that fan girling is not something that you can stop on demand. 

But he thinks Idols are nothing, don’t throw your entire life into it and cover it up. She calls him a “muggle” (lol!!!!) and says that he does not have to know. Then she continues walking to the room.

they get to the room where their grandmother is. It looks like this is the surgery that Deokmi’s parents got into the argument about. The father wanted it done but the mother did not. It is a knee replacement surgery so it is pretty expensive and they cannot really afford it. Though the mother says that she is the one that found the hospital and arranged the surgery, your daughter in law did this all, not your son. But the grandmother only cares about her son. She asks if she is giving her husband a hard time? She should be thankful to have him. A lot of people drink and have affairs because they make a lot of money.

Deokmi and Eunki look on from the doorway area and wonder if they should try and sneak away as their mother and grandmother argue about whether their father is handsome or not. deokmi tells Eunki that this is a blood shield. Then they both run into the room and happily greet their grandmother.


Elsewhere, we see Ryan knocking on a mans window. he tells him that he is the director and will answer one question. He tells him that he like suing people. So, if you write an article without facts, just don’t write it at all. Plus, she is not around. The man asks, are you a boyfriend or something?

Ryan kind of pauses and kind of thinks that might be a good opportunity to use it. he texts Deokmi.

RG: In front of the gallery is a reporter and a lot of Shian’s fans waiting for you. I told them that you are out today, so don’t come.

Deokmi goes to her friends coffee shop and gets three shots in order to wake up. They ask what happened. Deokmi says that “Lion” (because it sounds like Ryan) text her and said that he text her to not come to work because all the reporters and fan girls are there now.

Her friend is all like, man, that is too much. This is a different scale. Deokmi wonders if she should have an interview and says that she has nothing to do with Shian? Her friend says no, no matter what she says the fan girls will say that this is her confession.

But then Deokmi has to hide as all the fan girls come into the coffee shop and start talking about how that ajumma might not come. Should they believe that reporter? My cousin said that the curator is actually a fan. She saw her at an old boy group fan club meeting once. You know, you can’t stop fan girling once you start. if she is a real fan of Shian and still did this then I will kill her and go to heaven. 

Deokmi frets at the foot of her friend as she hides behind the counter.



Cut to Deokmi at work and in Ryan’s office. She tells him that she is sorry she is late. He tells hr that he told her not to come today. She says that no one is waiting for her at the gallery, she hid and noticed that they all left. She will hide from there in the gallery.

But he says that she needs to use them, not hide from them. Just show us going to work together, then they will spread this all around. But Deokmi thinks that they will write that she is dating someone else at the same time and Shian is betrayed, then you might see my death announcement. She smiles. He is all like, oh…

she tells him that the fans will not trust management articles or the museum announcements or anything. They will trust the Cha Shian stalker more than the management team. He is taken aback by the level of fandom, but says that they should use it the same way, he can research this a bit more. Then they start to talk about the meeting with Ahn. She says that she can meet this afternoon. (this might be the painter that Deokmi told is fired).

Deokmi says that she will set up the time and let him know. She leaves and he thinks for a moment. he thinks back to meeting Shian who said that the person that knows him the best is this particula fan girl. The fans that take pictures of entertainers that they follow and then post online are called “fanmah” she is actually special, not only for entertainers, but also for fans. Before we had a big rumor that our group had a huge argument and would break up soon. She posted everyones pictures and said that they never even had time to argue and are all happy. The “Shianismyway” person did it. After that, people trust her more. I think she is better than my own management team.

Ryan opens up the turquoise notebook and starts to flip through it. He might realize something about it. The person’s ID is ShiNaGil which is shortened form of Shian is my way. This is Deokmi’s online presence ID but no one knows that it is.

Later on, he stands outside and waits for Deokmi to come outside, he is looking at ShiNaGils profile. She comes out and then gets an alert on her phone that Ryan Gold is following her. She is so startled that she drops her phone. He asks if she is okay? But as he walks to her, he sees his profile name over his head as he asks if she is being terrorized online as well. She shakes her head, no no no no, it is nothing! Nothing!

Then they hop in the car together. But she is too alarmed to talk or do anything. has he found out that she is ShiNaGil? Sh look at her alert that @RyanGold is following her and thinks back to him saying that they should use these fan girls to help them.

They meet with the artist at his home and apologize. Actually, the artist isn’t a mean person and is actually happy that Deokmi got her job back. He tells Ryan Gold that they don’t have to say any more, he was just too greedy before. Ryan Gold tells him that he should be greedy, actually even more greedy. He gives him the plans for MONO (read MOMO) art gallery and says that he wants to have an exhibition there. This would be huge for this artist so the artist is so happy about it and thanks them.

The two of them leave with this win-win for all. Deokmi always wanted to have an exhibition with this artist  because he is a wonderful artist though he is a late blummer (he might be like 70 or 80 years old). Ryan tells her that he will give her the MONO information so she can follow along. But then she notices him looking at her online fan profile. 

he tells her that there is something called “home-mah” which is a fan led website filled with secret spy pictures of Idols. They are famous. He has a think to return to Cha Shi-an’s home-mah and also thought that he can ask a favor when he returns it because what she says will be more reliable to the fans. 

She asks if he thinks she will listen to his request? She doesn’t think so. He says that she owes him something. If she says yes, will you do it? Deokmi blurts out NO, but then composes her self and says that with her personality, she can’t lie. She will wait for things to calm down first. Then she hops in the car.



Cut to a fan event with Shian, he is leaving it and is confronted by a lot of fans. the fans ask him if the rumor is true nd holds his hand. But the manager pushes her away, the girl falls to the ground. SHian looks concerned but gets pulled into the van. He tells his manager that he should be softer to his fans. The manager does not look like a careful person and tells Shian that he should rest. But he also tells the driver to drive carefully. However, it also looks like Shian might have a bit of a bad personality? this is not clear though, he could be nice.

The driver starts to drive fast and a bit rough because there are a lot of fans following them in another car. the fan that got pushed is one of them. She actually looks pretty concerned. They get to their net location and have to stop due to fans blocking their way. But they are able to get to the parking lot. The fan that looked concerned is in the parking lot and runs in front of the car. they accidentally hit her.

Cut to several shots of the main characters in this drama as the news says that Cha Shian had an accident with a fan.

Sunjoo is eating with her family in a restaurant and is overcome with the news. her husband is all like, so are you going to run to be by his side? His wife is basically like, hell yes! She tells them to eat well and be safe and then takes off. She must do this a lot because the husband and son just keep eating.

Sunjoo runs straight to deokmi’s place and finds out that the fan is not injured. But Deokmi thinks that this is all because of her. The fan that got hit was not a crazy fan, she was just a home fan that follows quietly. Sunjoo asks how she knows, so Deokmi pulls out her phone to show the evidence.

The camera cuts to the fan and her online presence on the website in a split screen as Deokmi shows all this to Sunjoo.

Fan comment: What is the result of the dating rumor? I want to know! I want to ask him directly. i want to die, I am so depressed and curious! 

DM – So she posted that she is in front of the company and in front of the house but there are no more posts after the accident.

SJ- how can she be a fan if this kind of small scandal disturbs her this much?

DM – I wasn’t considerate enough, this is not a matter that I should wait on.

SJ – What are you going to do?

The camera scans around and then stops on Ryan Gold as he and Deokmi sits in an office together and talk about work with the team. Though Deokmi has other things on her mind.

DM – (i think my boss, Lion, was right).

Everyone talks work, but Deokmi is in a daze. Ryan gets her attention and tells her that they should work together to select painter Ahns works to show. Then he adjourns the meeting. She runs after him and gets his attention. 

She apologizes about Cha Shian and says that perhaps they cna do the lie about fake dating. She thought about it again and thinks that relying on time passing isn’t responsible enough. the car accident from last night bothers her. He says that they can do it.

She asks what they should do? He says that he will ask the Home-mah person to interview them.

Cut to Sunjoo and Deokmi laughing about this. Sunjoo thinks that he does not understand Home-mah, should they educate him about this? Deokmi says that she really wanted to tell him about it and keeps laughing, but she says that she has a plan.



They text Ryan Gold with childish cute writing. But her friend asks her what she is doing. Deokmi says that she should m ake this person as opposite to her as possible so he wont’ think that it is her. Her friend thinks that he will not notice if she just says it.

The image changes to an artistic cartoon like or painting like shot that looks like they stepped into a painting ala Mary Poppins. Ryan Gold is wandering around this forest as a half human half fox person. Shian is my way person is there as a computer ish character. They start to talk to each other.

Ryan – I dont’ know if you remember me, but I saw you at the airport, you fell from a ladder while taking photos.

DM – Ah….yes, you were under me!

Ryan – Yes, I was the airmattress

DM – I was so sorry!

Ryan – I am not here for an apology, I actually have your notebook, that is why i called you.

DM – Oh, you have it, if you return it to me then I will be thankful. By the way…is that it?

Ryan – Oh, well….

DM – Chaeum art gallery is where the curator works that had the scandal with my Shian….

Ryan – Well, I contacted you because of that

DM – Why?

Ryan – The curator is my girlfrind

We hop out of the painting meeting.

SJ – Wow! He is so direct! This is so fun! What else did he say?

Back into the painting meeting.

DM – So, do you want me to post your interview and couples photos?

Ryan – Yes

DM – Well, I can’t be there because I have something….but I have other ways. Can you trust me?

Jump out of the fantasy, we see Ryan at home talking to Deokmi.

Ryan – Curator Sung, I need a person that can take photos of our fake dating as the fake papparazzi person.

DM – I have the perfect person!

Her and her friend laugh.

Cut to Deokmi introducing her friend, Sunjoo. She doesn’t know that he knows that they are friend and she also doesn’t know that he thinks they are secret lovers. So the situation is a bit strange for him but they dont’ notice.

Ryan – Is she the one?

DM – Yes! She is good at taking photos.

Ryan – You want her to take pictures of you and me pretending like we are a couple???

DM – Yes!

he is so confused and thinks abck to all the “dating” like scenes that he saw with them together.

Ryan – Her?!

He really can’t believe it. But he says that it might be better for her to see it directly. Deokmi is all lie, huh? He says never mind. Sunjoo comes up to them and shows that she looked up paparazzi photos so that they can get it right.

He says that they should have a concept of people who are secretly dating and don’t want to be caught by their company. She smiles and says okay. Ryan walks away and Deokmi asks Sunjoo if she thinks she can really take these types of photos? 

Cut to the fake couple posing with coffee. But Deokmi is smiling at the camera, Sunjoo tells her not to look that way and starts snapping away. But she thinks the photos aren’t that great. It might be lovers or it might be the employer yelling at the employee. She shows the photos to them. Deokmi thinks it is definitely dating, they are drinking coffee together.

Sunjoo says, if drinking coffee is the criteria, then she would have 3000 lovers. Ryan asks what she would do if she was the real lover.

Cut to another set where Sunjoo is on a rooflike area and Deokmi and Ryan at at a split level-undrground like area. They are at the art gallery. Sunjoo thinks this is more realistic because they are secretly dating at work and will try and find secret locations to meet with all their desire. Try to put emotion into it, this is acting! You should have a look that you want this guy!

Ryan tells her that they should do this properly. She asks, really? He says yes, so she touches his chest and moves her body close to him. then she tips her head back as if they are about to kiss, but they dont’ touch their lips. However, they are soooooo close to each other. their music plays as we sitness this “first love” moment.

But then the music stops when Sunjoo tells Ryan that he is too straight and stiff, can you relax a bit? Be a little smoother.

So he grabs Deokmi along the back and pulls her closer to him, their music kicks back in as he lightly pushes her against the wall. They are rally embracing each other. Sunjoo loves it! She is basically fan girling over them now.

Ryan asks Deokmi if Sunjoo likes these kinds of things? You touching someone else? Deokmi is all like…ah, she goes crazy. She smiles. But then she catches what she said and says that Sunjoo likes it a lot, she is interested in what she does and who she meets and told her not to get married. Ryan is all like, are you okay with that??? Is it nothing?

Deokmi says that she doens’t really enjoy it, but she can’t say anything. Ryan asks her why she endures this much? Deokmi kind of laughs and says that Sunjoo is rich.

So Ryan pushes her away a bit and is startled. Lol, kind of just made herself look like a gold digger. Sunjoo says that she got some good shots, they can wrap it up. She gives them the thumbs up and smiles happily. Ryan walks off to the bathroom and tells himself that this is none of his business.

But when he comes back out he sees Deokmi and Sunjoo taking lots of selfies together and being close with each other as if they are dating. Ryan grew up in America so he is not use to that kind of displays of affection among girls who are friends (not lovers) in Korea. This is common in Korea though. they see him and happily tell him that they can go.

he asks where they are going? We are done taking photos. But Sunjoo says that they need to do this properly, havent you ever dated someone?

They start to walk off. he looks so not prepared.



Scene change to Sunjoo’s kid hanging out at the Judo gym with Eunki. He is in all his Judo gear and looks so adorable. he tries to teach him how to pronounce things properly, but this little cutie pie still can’t pronounce things properly, Eunki asks where his umma is, he says that she went on a date. He is all like, a date?

Cut to the date where the team is at the Han River park. Ryan wonders why they should do this. Sunjoo asks him if he has ever dated anyone? he says yes, a lot a lot. She tells him that he has done it a lot, so just do this as you did before.

So they start to walk off like they are dating. But Sunjoo tells them that this is not like dating. It is more like an old couple that didn’t want to cook and ate out, had a fight, and are now walking back home. Not sexy at all. So do it properly. This cannot be an okay job, we have to lie to 3000 people. At least hold hands.

She thinks back to all the moments where Ryan did not shake anyones hands. She tells him that if he does not like to hold hands then they can just walk closely. He says that it was his suggestion to her, so they can do it properly. He puts out his arm for her to hold it, so they aren’t actually holding hands.

They start to walk off and Sunjoo has the best time taking photos of them together and giggling over her shots. She is having the best time.

At the Judo club, Eunki tries to find out about this dating stuff while he has to be a babysitter. He asks the cute little guy if he can use his cellphone and uses the Samsung watch to send an SOS alert to his parents and waits.



Sunjoo is still taking all sorts of photos of our lovely couple at the han River when she gets the SOS. This is enough to hop her out of her fantasy paparrazi photo taking as she tries to call. But her phone dies so she runs off quickly and heads to the Judo club.

However, she finds out that nothing is wrong. Eunki says that they didi not pick up their phone, that is why he did it. Sunjoo asks why he is looking for Deokmi? You are not lovers. Eunki asks if she is crazy? Why is she dating a stranger to shield an entertainer?

Sunjoo says that of course you date strangers, who else do you date? Eunki tells her that she should stop her. But Eunji is all like, you called a mother using her sons SOS. You A-hole! She grabs him by the cuff. Eunki tells her that her son is watching! Sunjoo tells him to close his eyes, Eunki says not to close them! So her son closes one eye.

Sunjoo tells Eunki that he is lucky and then tells him that he likes Deokmi, she knows this. He is all like, no I don’t! She tells him he does and says that they are not blood related. So listen to me, there are only two types of men to a woman that she is not related to. Someone she wants to be careful with and someone she does not want to be careful with. if you want to be one or the other, then stop doing the brother sister thing. You are too old to play like a kid. She heads out pleasantly. Eunki is pretty flushed and tries to tell himself that she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

In the park, Deokmi finds out that Sunjoo left, but that she took enough photos. She gets off the phone with her and tells Ryan that they can go back. they talk about this amusement park area they are in now. Deokmi says that lots of kids come here all the time in the Seoul area. She also kind of wants to stay and have fun a bit because she has not been there in awhile. she wants to show him the sites too becuase he has only been to the gallery and home since he has been there.

He reminds her that he has been to the hospital too.

She is all like, ahhhhhhhh…..well Shian’s fans might be around, too. They could see us. He is all like, okay, let’s do it.

So they go around and start to have fun at the amusement park. Deokmi takes selfies of them as well, though Ryan isn’t the most cooperative person. He doesn’t outright stop her wither, though.

But he loosens up as the evening goes on and they start to really have fun with cotton candy and looking around. She points to the lion and then points at him (because Ryan sounds like Lion). She starts to call him Lion to his face and take photos of him. He tells her that he is Ryan, not Lion, but keeps taking photos.

Finally, the montage ends and they keep walking around. She is still holding him by his arm, but starts to hold him by his hand when she sees a  kids drawing. He looks at his hand. She notices that she is holding his hand and quickly lets go with an apology. Then they sit and she says that she was actually famous in kids painting competitions. It is embarrassing to tell him that, but she thought she would go to art school and become a painter. But her wrist broke right before college. The doctor told her she should not use her wrist again.

But she thinks it helped her in the long run. Her wish was not to become a famous painter after going to a famous art school. She just wanted to paint again. then she shows him her painting and says that it is not great likea professional, but it is not bad. She gives him a drawing of a lion as his gift. He reminds her that his name is Ryan, not lion. 

She happily walks off and he smiles at the drawing.



In the Judo gym, Eunki keeps thinking about what Sunjoo said about liking Deokmi. His mind is not on the task at hand of throwing his students around (who are often times women and older than him). One of them says that he is the first man that has thrown her around like this. She is pretty impressed. But he is concerned and asks if she has a head injury???

At the amusement park, Ryan kind of remembers his childhood of watching other kids playing as he watches kids playing. Bubbles float all around him as he is lost in his thoughts. Deokmi comes up and sees this scene, then tells him that it is time to go home. But then a cute little guy holds his finger and says, appa.

Deokmi asks if he lost his appa? What is his name? Hold aunties hand.

But Ryan asks if he would like to find his appa with ajusshi? then he walks off slowly with him. Deokmi follows them and kind of looks at Ryan in a different way. they make it to the customer information center where the appa of the little boy is already looking for him. Its a happy reunion.

it also looks like Ryan is happy as well.

They both leave. Deokmi says that he thought he didn’t like holding anyones hand. But Ryan says that he shouldn’t remove a little kids hand from his. It reminds him too much of his past. It is not that he hates holding hands, it is that he hates the moment when you let go of the hand. All the warmth disappears and he feels like he is all alone in the world. 

Deokmi understands that this is why he doesn’t hold peoples hands. She says that she likes it. Sunjoo even says that she is worse when she is drunk. It is her drinking habit. So, just in case you don’t want to hold hands or let them go, I can lend you my hand. She smiles at him and then looks aorund at all the pretty plum blossoms around. But she stumbles.

he quickly grabs her hand to steady her. It is a moment.

Ryan – I will borrow your hand, just this much, today.

then they let go and start to walk off again. They music plays as well.

Cut to their goodbyes at her place. It is a bit awkward as they sit in the car together. Finally, she thanks him for today, he says of course since she is his girlfriend. She mentions that it was fun, even though it was fake. He lets her know that he will send the photos to the fan. So she gets out right away and he drives off. But she thinks that this hurts her conscience a lot.

But when she gets to her octapang rooftop, Eunki is there and asks her why it has to be Lion? Why not me? She is all like, ahhhh, do you need money? This would be a good chance for you to pretend like you ae a fake lover and get money from me. Here you go.

She gives him some money and says that she can give him more when she gets her salary. He tries to say that isn’t it. She tells him that his mom is having a hard time because the art magazines aren’t selling anymore. you might not get the money you lent to her back. He says he gave the money to her, he didn’t lend it.

Deokmi is still clueless and tells him that they aer not strangers, he can ask for money if he needs it. He says they ARE strangers! She is all like, I wish we were strangers, no one would believe it if I said you and I are dating. Goodbye. She goes inside.

Inside, she sees the photos from her date that Ryan sent the fan not knowing that it is Deokmi. Ryan thanks her for doing this and also says that he sent proof of wearing his jacket as well.

Deokmi thinks this is perfect! She starts opening the photos and is super happy looking at them. All the photos are so nice. She giggles at the embarrassment from some of them and thinks back to creating the photos. it makes her happy and giddy. She even thinks she is so naive and has a naive desire after looking at the sexier photos of them against the wall. She has to cool herself off at the window.



The photos go up on the website. All the fans think that Cindy was a liar. Cindy reads this too and gets so frustrated. they say that ShiNaGil is removing of all the s**t that Cindy made. Cindy thinks back to that day she took the photos and wonders, if they are really dating, then why did he let his woman walk off alone?

At home, Ryan looks at the drawing of the lion and actually makes his face look like the lion. But then someone starts to try and break into his home. he hears his code going off several times. So he grabs a wine glass and asks who is there!

they wont answer, so he pushes the door open and Shian comes drunkenly falling in. His arm is in a sling. Ryan is so stunned.

Later on, Shian wakes up and wonders what is going on. What happened? Ryan tells him he should drink something and then says that he swam from the door to the couch. Flashback to Shian doing this. Ryan takes a secret picture of him.

In the rpesent, Ryan tells him that he took off his own clothes, Ryan gave him the blanket to keep him warm. Then he tells him to put on his clothes because he needs to go to work. So Shian puts on his clothes and they head out together. When he gets off the elevator, Shian asks if he can keep this a secret – hyung? Ryan tells him that his sling should be on the other arm. 

Shian takes his arm out and happily tells Ryan goodbye. Then he starts to fret at himself for being drunk and embarrassing. Ryan kind of chuckles in the elevator.

At the museum, Deokmi walks to the entrance with Sohye. Sohye starts to talk about eskimos and how they control their anger well, and then she asks if she was angry that day that she spalled her? I hope you control your anger like eskimos do. So it is kind on an apology without actually apologizing.  She also picks a flower and gives it to her happily as well as a basket of fruit.

Deokmi goes inside and gets the good news that their website is clean once again. All is well. But then Cindy comes walking up! The team tells her that she is their new intern, they put out a request for it. Cindy introduces herself and says that she wants to learn a lot and see a lot of things there. Deokmi definitely knows that this Cindy is the fan Cindy. She asks her what she plans on watching?

then Ryan comes walking up. So Deokmi tells the team that she hasn’t told them one thing, I am actually dating the director. The team is all like, what? Nonsense.

Deokmi yells, Jagiya! (Honey!) and frolicks off to him happily, but then mouths to Ryna that she is sorry as she runs to him. She also trups again and falls right into him. He was checking his phone so he is completely caught off guard. She drops her basket and he has his arms out awkwardly as they look at each other like, WTF?

Fade Out



the writer builds things up so well! I love the pay off she gives us with how the fake relationship needed to happen and now how it must continue and actually be more in the open with the team knowing. The only thing that was off was that Cindy got hired right away as an intern, but perhaps it was mentioned in a previous episode that they needed an intern. Whatever the case, that is a tiny thing and interns don’t usually get paid anyway, so she could have just volunteered her services. 

Y’all, this show is not only delightful with the leads, it is well structured and acted! That is something I live for when it comes to dramas.

Also, watch @TheKThree‘s must know video on Korean Fan slang! They have a cheatsheet y’all! Also, be sure to subscribe to their channel so they can reach 1000 subscribers and become YouTube partners! That way they can keep giving us videos like this.


Cindy – No one knew they were dating?

EK – I am going to correct everything

Ryan – I want to learn Judo

EK – Who are you? Why do you want to throw me?

Ryan – Do you like…

DM – A lot more than you think

DM – As an adult, he should be responsible for his behavior, even though it is embarrasing.

Cindy – Something is going on here, I am going to find out what.

SA – ShinAhGil would not take those kinds of photos.

DM – I am looking at my lover.


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  1. Anonymous
    April 20, 2019 / 7:11 am

    I think Cindy is the old CEOs daughter- remember she was a fan girl and that is how yous got hired so fast. Also why Deokmi knows her name. Just a theory. We will find out next episode.

    • Yanni
      April 22, 2019 / 5:54 am

      Waow.. brilliant, I’d never imagine it… it make sense.. just like her mother, cindy as crazy as her,,

    • Yanni
      April 22, 2019 / 5:55 am

      Waow.. brilliant, I’d never imagine it… it make sense.. just like her mother, cindy as crazy as her

  2. syifa
    April 21, 2019 / 11:09 pm

    yuhuuu… dramamilk also join to recap her private life. kamsahamidaaa…

    • V
      April 22, 2019 / 8:00 am

      We are here for this!

  3. Jodie
    April 23, 2019 / 1:08 pm

    Thank you so much for your recaps! This show is so good, I really cannot wait for episode 5 and 6! AAaaaaaah!!! Interested to see how Shi An will play a bigger role in this show — will they play the brother card as with the original novel, or something else? Ryan and Shi An both are obsessed with Lee Sol’s bubbles, but for what reason, right? Plus Ryan did have memories with bubbles and a lady painting bubbles which seems like a huge hint.

    Kim Bora is back with a slightly bitchy character (she does have a very good RBF) but I am excited to see how Cindy will play out as well. If anything we have seen that she has helped accelerate the ‘romance’ between the two leads at the workplace and I can’t complain about that at all! The preview for episode 5 is so juicy. Is Ryan frustrating over her ‘lesbian’ status? Are sparks going to fly? Shi An and brother-whose-name-I’ve-forgotten what are you both going to do? Time goes by, so slowly….

    • V
      April 25, 2019 / 11:54 am

      Cindy is good as a romance catalyst!

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