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Her Private Life: Episode 16 Live Recap FINAL

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Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

We had a lot of new drama make an appearance in the last episode (that was resolved very quickly) and new drama to enter this episode that is typical for kdramas, ala the “I have to go out of town for an extended period of time which means we won’t eeevah be able to see each other again until I return” missing you trope. I am ready for it!

We had so much fun recapping this show with everyone. It was really a delightful breezy show that will hopefully (most assuredly???) give us the same breeziness this episode. I will be shocked if they pull some super drama out of their hats.

We plan on recapping a few shows this summer and have our eyes on One Spring Night (Netflix), Angels Last Mission: Love (Viki), Search: WWW (Viki), and Arthdal Chronicles (Netflix). But we also plan on taking an extended traveling vacation very soon (hitting up National Park’s, y’all!), so we aren’t actually sure how we can swing it. Though we are doing today’s recap from a hotel room, so it may work!

Expect to see our One Spring Night first few episodes recap up soon! Angels Last Mission is hopefully to follow! Arthdal Chronicles drops THIS WEEKEND, and Search: WWW drops June 5th!

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We open with the little kids from the past as Eunkii and Deokmi play with chalk on the street. There are three kids playing so it looks like one of them is Ryan drawing on the floor. Wait a minute, it looks like all 4 kids are around playing happily. Eunki comes out and yells that Deokmi is making a drawing doodle mess on the floor. She gets upset and tells him that it is not a doodle mess! It is art!

They face off and she hits him hard in the head. He yells for his mama. Then mama comes out and sees Deokmi’s art work all over and it is amazing and expansive. But Umma tells her that she told her not to doodle any more. Deokmi says it is not doodling! She will be ab artist in the future! A super painter!

Eunki starts to mess with the art and wash everything off with a hose which causes all the kids to play in the water and with the paint all around. it turns into a super happy fun time.


Int he morning, Ryan is sitting up drawing in bed and Deokmi is sleeping next to him. She wakes up so he asks her if she had a good dream. She said it was a good dream because it was a memory, but it was also a little sad. We all played together (she named everyone). Ryan softly touches her hair. She smiles and asks what he did after waking up. He says that he sketched her sleeping. 

She asks if she was pretty? he says that she is a bit unrealistic so it is difficult to express in paintings. She says that in her dream she drew together with Yoonjae everywhere but Eunki told mom that we were doodling so I told him I would be a painter with art in an art gallery. I didn’t become an artist, but at least I put paintings in art galleries.

Ryan puts his notebook down and addresses Deokmi in bed. he says that they don’t go to art galleries to see paintings directly. What they see are what curators think of art. The ultimate artist is not an artist itself but actually the curator and their choice. Someone said that.

Deokmi says who said that and Ryan says that he 100% agrees. He says that she even made him a painter again. She did that. The show room is his canvas. She says that his face is her canvas, she asks if she can draw something on his face. He asks with what? She gives him a long look and says that she will become so creative now, hmm, what should I do??? They both hop under the covers and play.


Cut to the museum where everyone is preparing for the art exhibit. Kyungah gets the audio part all ready and Cindy and Yoosub get the outdoor exhibit ready with proper weather blocks over the posters. Cindy then goes inside and gets her mini art galleries ready to sell. Yoosub makes sure all the paintings are in the proper places.

The team meets afterward and talks about how it is finally opening day. They ask Cindy how she feels about her first big job. Cindy says that it was a lot of work but fun. They joke with her about how it all started with Cha Shian, she says it was mostly for him. Then they talk about how the title was picked. Ryan says that he was inspired after looking at someones room that was happy, joyful, and inspiring. So the theme is to fill your room with what you love to make your life happier.




Fan girls line the outside waiting to be the first in lie for the exibit. Shian’s exhibit is clearly the draw. Shian gets his photo taken with everyone and all the photographers. Eom looks at him like a piece of art work and says that her Shian is so handsome. She takes a ton of photos of him as well. Then she gets so impressed when she sees Shian holding the mini art exhibit that Cindy made. Cindy tells her mother that she can go to heaven happy now. Her mother flutters, don’t say those things! But they are both so happy.

Ryan looks on pleasantly. Then he looks around at the rest of the exhibit.

Ballerina exhibit Caption: “I still wore my toe shoes the moments I hated ballet more than dying. Because I stopped crying when i was standing on my toes.”

DM  – Are is great, but no more than living people right? Even though I am nothing, I am greater than those paintings that are cockily displayed on the wall. I live and Ii am living.

Literary Novelist Caption – “The dark room in my heart that I cannot show to anyone. I am opening it carefully with my bravery. Hello, now I know all the time I spent with you the times our gazes crossed, the moments of the pictures you took, shined my life. Now, a light into my dark room in my heart is love.”

DM – This is not the eye gaze of looking at forever departure or death, it is the gaze of looking at someone he loves. He wants to live with that eye gaze of looking at that person. Hello, I am here. I am always looking at you like this.

Title of exhibition : Anyang – Hello (or it could mean Goodbye)

DM – The bubbles and biking and carousel, everything that kids like. Now, I understand how that person drew it.

The paintings are all put together to match each other like a puzzle.

Caption: “Fill your things with what you love to make your life happier”

Shian, Ryan, and their mother look at the bubble paintings and smile at each other. Deokmi walks up to be with them.

Shian – Congratulations mom, your first exhibition.

Mom – Thank you Shian and thank you Yoonjae

Ryan – Thank you Lee Sol artist. For letting us display this great artwork.

They all smile and laugh. They thank Deokmi also.

DM – Can I take a photo of you all?

Ryan – Lets take a photo Deokmi is good at taking photos.

Deokmi takes a lot of happy photos of the reunited family. Afterwards, they go to Sunjoo’s cafe. Sunjoo is so beside herself with happiness to talk directly to Shian though she plays it off very well. She knows what everyone wants and knows that ryan doesn’t drink coffee. Shian asks if he can’t drink expresso so Ryan says he can’t drink it like someone they know, he smiles at their mother. Shian tells Sunjoo that he will have the same thing as Curator Sung.

Sunjoo repeats their orders but tells Shian that she will give him a super duper special iced latte. Ryan is all like, um okay. Shian smiles as normal. Sunjoo looks at Deokmi like, oh my god, I’m a nerd! Then walks away. Sunjoo goes and talks to her part timer and tells him that there is no leaving fan girling. The best is the best and second is second.



Shian goes up to the counter because he is interested in the music. Sunjoo tells him that the part timer is a guitarist. Shian says he is looking forward to his album so Sunjoo says she will give him the album in person. Shian is all like, okaaaaaay. Then Sunjoo asks the part-timer to pinch her which he does very hard.

Afterwards, they all go to see Deok-su at his burial site. Ryan’s mom and Deokmi’s mother talk to each other. Ryan’s mother thanks Deokmi’s mother for taking care of her son for a little while and heard everything about the circumstances. They all go inside the gorgeous Buddhist Temple and pay their respects.

Deokmi’s Mother – You, Eunki, and Deoksu came here before. Deosu laughed at the monk, I was so embarrassed. That is why I brought him here so he can laugh.

DM – I will make you laugh, Mom.

Later on the two mothers talk.

Deok Mi’s Mom – I have something to give to you *gives her photos*

Ryan’s Mom – Just looking at this makes me know that you took care of him well.

DMM – Those three were good friends, fortunately.

Umma opens a letter.

Letter – Heo Yoonjae, 7 years old. Mom, I miss you…

DMM – I was not mself after Deoksu died, when I sent Ryan to the orphanage I wasn’t myself. Then later I became myself again but it was too late. He was already adopted.

RM – So you went back to the orphanage where he was.

DMM – I should have gone back earlier. There are so many things I regret to Yoonjae and you.

They both say that they are not worthy talking to each other.

DMM – It was an accident, you didnt’ abandon him.

RM – I have another son named Shian. After losing Yoonjae and looking for him. The person that helped me was Shian’s father. How can I have a new family after losing my own son? Yoonjae could have blamed me for that. But Yoonjae told me that the person who lost their husband/wife is a widow or a widower and the kid that lost parents is an orphan. But the parents who lost a kid, the pain is to great to give it a name. He said that no one can blame be for back then for the choice I made. He said I should not be sorry to him. So even though I don’t deserve it, I took it as Yoonjae forgiving me. So you, Deokmi’s Mom, don’t suffer with your regret.

They smile at each other.

Deokmi and Ryan peek in from the door and then close the door again. They walk around outside instead.

Ryan – What do you think they are talking about?

DM – I think they are talking about your birthday. *smiles jokingly*

They walk into Deokmi’s appa who is picking stones.

DM – Appa, what is in your hand?

Appa – *shows a pebble*

DM – That is pretty.

Appa – When I brought Deoksu here…

DM – When you brought him here?

Appa – Your mother was crying in the room and I came out here and picked it from the ground as if I was possessed. it was warm like Deoksu’s hand. So I brought it home as if holding Deoksu’s hand tightly. So, after that day I was like a crazy guy collecting rocks everywhere in the country.

DM – To make friends for him?

Appa – Yeah, it does sound like that.

DM – Can I hold Deoksu’s hand?

Appa – Of course.

DM – It is warm, Deoksu’s hand.

She happily holds the rock and lets Ryan hold it as well.



Elsewhere at the Temple, Eunki and his birth mother talk outside.

EK – When my fund matures, do you want to buy a house and live together?

Mom – Huh? You never wanted to live with me.

EK – Lets live in a house before I get married!

Mom – I think me getting married will be faster than you getting married.

EK – DO you have a oyfriend?!

Mom – I prayed for my future boyfriend in Church, I don’t need anything, just kindness and a normal Jung Woosung looking guy (the most handsome man in Korea) and just have a tiny building.

EK – What the F??? I thought you would not get married bcause of me but you have high standards. Okay, I will live with you and my new father in a tiny building.

Mom – *chuckles* you get married first, do you have anyone? What did you say? Tell meeeeeee!

They both laugh and everyone walks up to meet up again at the cars to say their good byes happily. They all bow their goodbyes and head out.

Later on, Deokmi and Ryan read a sign somewhere at a train track, she says that she wants to meet this Lion (which is on the sign) the street name is “Street of Books”. Ryan says Gi Cha Gil…..and Shi Nah Gil….

She says no no no, now it is Na Na Gil (like La Na Gil or Lion). He shakes his head and says no, it is Heo Na Gil.

They keep walking happily away and end up at the art school that Deokmi wanted to go to college at. Ryan asks if there are hogwon’s for art college? She says yes, I would be better at you drawing David. They happily keep looking around at a paint shop. He wants to buy a lot of paint to paint and draw when he has time. She is all like, yeah, yeah, when you have time. He asks if it would smell a lot? She says no and points to a blue and yellow paint. He asks….are you….she asks, what od you mean? They keep joking and having fun. But he mentions that she said she had an improtant thing to do at 5pm?

They head to a place where Deokmi can buy our Shian’s concert ticket. Ryan is all like, our Shian will give us concert tickets. Deokmi says that she will buy the best tickets because she is SHinAhGil. Then they sit to get ready to buy the tickets. Ryan takes a swig of something for energy and then gets a lesson on buying th ebst tickets.

Caption – LeeSunJa: shortenned form of “already taken seats” so it would be AlTaSe in English.

Ryan says he knows things. But Deokmi is basically like, sure. Then she starts to refresh things a hundred times to buy the seats, but they are too slow and once 5 hits they are already taken. But Ryan looks confused and asks if he got it? She looks at him and says, AHHHH, YES! My boyfriend has God Hands! Good job!



Later that night, Deokmi gets out of Ryan’s bed and peeks in on him painting something. He is super into it and it looks really interesting. She looks over his shoulder at the other things he has painted and then the music kicks in. She decides to softly close the door to let him paint. Then she goes to a desk and sits in front of her computer.

DM – As a painter, Ryan Gold is from New York City. So I need to find out the trend of the New York art community.

She starts to research the New York art scene.

In his art space, Ryan looks at what he just painted, cocks his head around in a stretch a few times, and then gets up to go back to bed. That is when he sees Deokmi sleeping at his desk. So he gives us a cute little smile and then goes to see what she was working so hard on. The music continues playing. He leans over her and looks at her closely, he wants to touch her hair, but notices that he has paint all over his hands. So he whispers in her ear for her to wake up and carries her back to the bedroom.

He tucks her in and she falls right to sleep. So he looks at her and softly touches her hair again as the scene fades away.

The next day, Deokmi and Dain talk about the gallery being too dark so people cant enjoy the exhibit as much as they should. Dain thinks that they should not make it too bright or the bubbles will disappear too quickkly. So they try to think up a solution. Deokmi says that she will let Dain know after she address the direction of the lighting. Dain tells her to tell her quickly because she is going back to New York. 

She had a purpose to come back to Korea, but…..*awkward*……but then Dain laughs and said she did it to overcome her slump. The exhibition was good and I have new friends, but I live in New York City so it is a little bit difficult for me. Deokmi understands.

Then Ryan comes in to chat with them both about how things are going.

Ryan – So, what are you talking about without me? New York City, without me?

DM – She is going back to New York.

Ryan – that is good news then.

DI – You talk nicely *sarcasticly*

Ryan – it is a good choice, as an artist, New York City is better than here. Goodbye. Lets keep in contact.

DI – No handshake?

He gives her a handshake.

DI – I am sorry as well, to both of you. But what is this? Are you painting again? *looks at his hands* A lot of people ask me when the comeback is for the genius Ryan.

Ryan – I dont’ think any of those things yet, don’t spread rumors around

DI – I look forward to talking to you.

Ryan thinks about that for a moment and heads back to his office. Deokmi kind of notices and brings him a latte with no coffee (or some kind of drink). Then she asks him if he wants to go back to New York. He says he is back, drawing means he is an artist.

DM – that is true, but as an artist Ryan was born and grew up and got acknowledgement in New York CIty. New York City is better than here.

Ryan – DO you want to send me back to New York?

DM – Not that, it is just, is it because of me?

Ryan – I can’t say it is not that, but it is also because my art is not enough. I am reversing my retirement so I have to prove my work as art again.

DM – …..Fighting *soft smile*

Ryan – Fighting *smiles*



Dain goes to see Eunki to tell him that she is going back to New York, she came to see him and is happy that he became her friend, even if it was for a little while. Though she tells him that he should be sadder He says he has a cell phone so he has no reason to be sad, she can call him anytime. She says he should open a Judo gym in New York city. He says her opeing an art school in Korea would be faster.

DI – I have a secret, I am not good at painting

EK – You are an artist….but yeah, you shouldn’t be, you should not open an art school

DI – When you hve kids I will be a cool Miguk (US) emo.

EK – Miguk emo….yeah, bye bye artist friend

DI – Bye bye judo friend.

They click glasses.

Elsewhere, Ryan and Deokmi talk in his apartment. He tells her to wait a moment and he will change. She hurries in to his art room to look at all the paintings that are all pretty and yet scary to me in some form or fashion. Maybe its all the red. Ryan then says he is ready and Deokmi heads out.

Meanwhile, The part-timer starts recording his album when Sunjoo and her hubby come in to talk to the manager and wave at the part timer. Sunjoo says she is the manager of his fan club and brought a lot of food for the part timer and tells the manager recording person to take care of her part timer well.

Cut to the belt upgrade test for Sunjoo’s son. They go through what they need to learn like how to fall, they all fall backward, then how to fall front, so they all fall to the front, then how to fall to the side, so they all fall to the side. Sunjoo thinks it is the cutest thing ever. Her husband records her, she hits him nd says to record their son! But he says he is recording all cute things.

Their son runs up to Eunki to get his belt and yells his name. Eunki tells him good job and then gives him his yellow belt. He pushes the son who falls perfectly and pretends to sleep. Eunki claps and tells him to go back to his seat.

In the museum, Deokmi calls some people in New York to talk to them about an exhibition with one of their artists. She speaks in English. it looks like something shocking or amazing or bth happened because Deokmi looks surprised.

In the cafe, the team fills Sunjoo in on what happened. It looks like Deokmi has to go to MOMO art gallery to be a curator for the Korean artist’s exhibit. Kyungah wishes she could go but yo need 5 years work experience. Yoosub is thankful for that. she hits him.

Kyungahh says it should be at least 6 months to one year away. They think she might not go but Cindy says she likes working so maybe she will go. They go back and forth with maybe…maybe not….maybe…maybe not. Then they all look at Sunjoo to see what she thinks. They all start to bet on whether she will leave or not. They all bet that she will leave and the part timer comes up to bet as well. Sunjoo is all like, um…you should go back to work. He agrees.



Ryan and Deokmi talk about the opportunity while sitting in his car.

DM – Did you arrange this?

Ryan – *shakes his head* I just knew about it today. they want you to help and invited you. Did you decide?

DM – Yes.

Ryan – You are going.

DM – Yes.

Ryan – It is a good choice. It is a good opportunity for you Deokmi. So we will have a long distance relationship, that is romantic.

DM – I will go there with you. Let’s go together, artist Ryan Gold. Your work before retirement and all the trend in NY City now. Your work is good enough to reverse you retirement, it could be more shocking that your debut Just trust me one time as curator Sung Me. Trust my eyes.

Ryan – Yes, I trust you as curator Sung Deokmi. But when I go, I will be jobless, how will I make a living.

DM – I can feed you.

Ryan – Really? Well, I am a carnivore so I hve to eat meat everyday. Are you okay with it?

DM – Everyday? steak? Okay….I heard steak is a lot cheaper in America than Korea.

Ryan – I know a lot of great and cheap places in New York City.

They meet with deokmi’s parents.

Mom – I always regretted that I could not send you overseas. But finally you are going now.

Appa – Be safe have a good trip.

Mom – With you, director…

Ryan – it is Yoonjae, Omoni

Mom – *Smiles* With my Yoonjae, I am relieved. Please take care of her.

Ryan – Yes.

Mom – Are you going to see Yoonjae’s mother and leave?

DM – Yes, today we are going to see her.

Mom – She will be sad, she just met her lost son. You dot’ have to contact us too much, but you should contact your mother a lot.

Ryan – We will contact both of you.

They go to see Ryan’s mother and Shian.

Mom – I am happy you can paint again.

Ryan – it is all because of Deokmi.

Mom – thank you Deokmi.

Shian – Hyung and noona will not be here so you should stay with me.

Mom – My mother is a baby once again.

DM – Are you going back to Shian’s father?

Mom – Yes, all my sons are all grown up. I volunteered to teach Korean to adopted kids overseas. That is how I met Yoonjae again so I will dedicate myself to that work.

DM – It looks like Shian is sad.

Mom – it is not because of me, it is because of a fan.

Ryan – A fan? Who?

Shian – ShinAhGil….she put that she will rest on her account.

DM – Rest is just pausing a little bit, she will be back soon.

Ryan starts laughing a bit and Deokmi hits him.

Ryan – Cha Shian shi….CHA SHIAN.

Shian looks up at him.

Ryan – *holds his hand* Umma, hyung, and noona will have a safe trip okay?

Shian nods.

They meet with the gallery staff next who all don’t want them to leave. Deokmi says she will be back soon. Ryan jokes and asks who let her leave? She winks at him. Ryan thanks them all for their work. Cindy says that if he comes back as a painter then they can display his work. Ryan says that they all look happy and says that he will introduce the next director. Though he can’t handle it.

Eom comes in to much pomp an dcirnumstance and glitter in the air. Cindy happily says, my mom *smiles*.



Much later on, Eunki, Ryan, Sunjoo, and Deokmi drink at the cafe together. Sunjoo says this is a bummer, Eunki is used to it from Judo camp, but Sunjoo hasn’t not seen Deokmi for so long. Just having a baby to her son is the longest time. She tells Ryan to please take care of her Deokmi. She says she likes handsome guys and pretty and cute guys. Ryan says he will try his best to be handsome, cute, and pretty.

Eunki tells him that he was a little shy when he was little and a bit more shame. Ryan is all like, me? Eunki says yeah. They all laugh and says that they need to teach Eunkii how to date.

That night, Ryan and Deokmi go to her place and stand on the balcony. She calls him director, but that is not right, so Lion, but that is not right so she asks him which one he wants to be called, Saja (Lion), Ryan, or Yoonjae? Which one?

Ryan – Will you call me what I like?

DM – Of course, tell me.

Ryan – Then listen to me carefully. You told me before that my art work is better than before. I did not know that before, but there are so many things that I want to draw in the world. The sound of laughing. The smell of the wind. The warm sun shining. And…*he holds her hands* the temperature of someone I love.

He puts a ring in her palm. She is shocked.

Ryan – I know it is sudden and surprising, but can you give m a break this one day? I feel like this is the moment and I don’t want to delay at all.

He gets on one knee.

Ryan – Sung Deokmi shi, I want to be with you and share happiness with you more than anyone else in the world. Will you marry me?

She is wordless. 

DM – I am a fan girl so I will answer as myself. *tears* Yes, I will be your best person. Can you be my best person too?

Ryan – *stands* Forever.

He slides the ring on her finger and they hug happily as the camera scrolls around them.



Cut to a new scene that shows a lot of girls lining up to buy Shian’s new album. The part timers album is on the new Indie list as well so people are buying that, too. 

The cute little judo player goes to school for the first time so Sunjoo and her husband see him off happily. They are so happy that he is at school and they can have fun.

Eom also goes to jail to see her husband get out of jail looking like the next James Bond. Eom sceams, MY HUSBAAAAAAAAAND! and runs up to him happiy and breathlessly. She calls her sevretary to bring the tofu and tells him that her love should be on a diet again. You should be slim forever…haha….she feeds him the tofu. (you give tofu to people who get out of jail).

At the museum, Cindy is a Sunbae now to another younger intern. Eom is so impressed that her daughter is showing someone how to make coffee. Then they all have a meeting where Eom tells them that they have someone to introduce to them. It is time for the Vice Director to come in. COME IN VICE DIRECTOR.

Deokmi comes in looking fabulous. She smiles and greets them all and asks how they have been. They all clap happily and talk about how Yoosub and Kyungah are the head curator and assistant curator and they are dating! They show off their promise rings.

Cindy is so annoyed that they have so many couples around. But she also wonders whee Ryan is.

Cut to Deokmi’s umma and appa reading an article that says Ryan Gold is back after a 4 year hiatus. Appa is all like, what does that mean? Umma says it means thta their son in law is back! I told you we should study English together.

Then Deokmi comes in so they all happily run up to great her. Cut to the entire family together (sans Ryan) eating a huge meal. Appa is so happy that he rubs a tear away. But he says he is not crying, just eat, eat. They all start eating and talks about when Ryan will come. He is so so so busy.

The magazine mom says it is because his comeback is a super big deal. They talk about setting the marriage date, Eunki will get married first. Eunkii is all like, huh? Deokmi mentions Dain. Euinkii is all like, not her….I have someone else….just eat, you dont’ know anything. They all joke with him about that.

Eunki then helps Deokmi back to her place where Sunjoo is there. Deokmi talks to her belly and says, hello, I am your Emo (aunt)! Then they talk about Shian and Joo-hyuks co project concert. Sunjoo wants to know if she wants to go together? Eunki is all like, are yall fan girling again so soon. Sunjoo says not to be surprised when they see her part timer, he has entertainer fever now. Then they joke about Eunki’s new lady.

Cut to Eunki and Cindy doing Judo together. They are a couple! They are talking to the camera because it looks like they are making Judo videos together. Cindy is a white belt so he shows how to throw someone. But she is too short so he has to kneels a bit. Cindy kicks him so he falls to the ground. Cindy starts to talk about how making money is not easy. Then she says she is hungry, food tv is popular now. He tells her to let him throw her. He carries her away on his back.

In the Museum, Deokmi walks around in her fabulous dress and looks at the paintings. She sits and takes in all the memories. Then her phone buzzes her so she answers Ryan Golds message. 

DM – Hello

Ryan – it does not sound like you miss me at all.

DM – It is only a week.

Ryan – It feels like seven years

DM – How is your exhibition

Ryan – I just had a meeting but it reminded me of you. How is the art gallery?

DM – The same as always.

She is walking outside now.

Ryan – How is the place we had the the fake dating pictures

DM – it is the same, except for one thing

Ryan – What is that one thing?

DM – My Lion.

He gives her a surprise back hug.

Ryan – So now it is the same?

She turns around startled.

DM – So what happened! Why did you come! How is your exhibition!

he holds her hand

Ryan – I came as soon as the exhibition meeting ended.

They catch up a bit.

DM – I told you that I am going back after this

Ryan – Who made me like this?

DM – I miss you so much so I was on the verge of leaving.

He pulls her closer to him.

Ryan – Deokmi shi, you should do fan things like this.

He kisses her with a peck.

DM- You are a gold member. Do you want to have it?

Ryan – Yes.

She leans in and gives him a nice long missing you kiss. They happily smile and kiss in their secret spot at the gallery. It is a looooooooong kissing moment. then 


Fade Out



Thank you for recapping this show with us! Actually I really really enjoyed the first thirty minutes of this episode in that they brought everything from the opening episodes together nicely in the exhibit. Though I don’t remember the ballerina thing making an appearance at all in the show? However, I loved the ballerina quote! That quote is wonderful.

The next thirty minutes were nice as well. All the parents and children got closure with the circumstances and had a happy farewell. I also liked how they had the one year later trope and yet subverted the trope by having both Ryan and Deokmi go off together in a way that made complete sense. If anyone was wondering about how Deokmi could go to New York, it was to do the Korean artists exhibit that they cancelled in episode 2 or 3 which got Deokmi fired to begin with. So Ryan was making it happen at MOMA, but MOMA wanted Deokmi to be the one to curate it. Perfect sense!

The goodbyes were soooooo looooooong. But I can understand why because they didn’t really have any story left to tell, so they may as well say good bye to eh-va-ree-one. The only person that didn’t get a one year catchup was Dain I think? Or maybe she had one and I just didn’t notice it.

I loved watching this fun show, it had hiccups in the end, but that didn’t take away from the adorableness to me for the overall story and it really makes me want to watch a show about a painter and his/her lover. But I want the My Ajushi writer/producer team to make that show happen! My wants are out there universe, make it so.

Have a happy rest of your week and a happy weekend!

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  1. w
    May 30, 2019 / 9:36 am

    Ahhh rather sweat episode that last kids especially was deligfull . Okay here so random troughs on today ep mind my Korean is really awfull so I mostly pretend sometimes to get whats giong on also my stream was especially creepy today for fist 20 mins or so boo (:
    Shian was cute being sad his first fan went on rest ,ehh if they pretend deokmi went to study abroad at least make 2 years almost no study program are less than 4 years but there some for 2 ….. I completely forgot that husband was in some sort jail …that combat video fungi was making was out of nowhere and not fitting.speaking of martial art that not how I get yellow belt speaking from experience.. . Their kid g iong to kindergarten or fist grade send off wars nice…. memorial service too.that’s why I’m kinda sad Ryan adoptive parents never showed up…so their showed enganment scene and no wedding like c’mon … I actually like ryan new paintings quite a bit also their paint shoping trip was nice too…I’m little surprised those gallery employed dint ended up together not is dain and eungi …deokmi becoming gallery director was nice surprise …
    I wonder what ryan iong in Korea if he not director anymore than?…is deokmi friend pregnant I was little confused …ohhh no way ryan managed to pain so Manny painting in what like 1-2 time with oil paint driyng time which normally either 18to 36 hours and those painting had quite a few layers just my troughs as I paint a little may only with watercolours troughs and I’m not very good at it….. I probably come back after rewacthing with subs or at very least reading full recap as I’m again here before even #1 of recap .thankful for yourglorious recaps to bad I found this kinda late it would being nice to read recaps for touch your and heart and encounter when it aired 🙂 ohh and p.s ehh there text at the boron of the site saying I guys have ads which I don’t anymore also have nice holiday too il see you around 🙂

    • V
      May 30, 2019 / 12:40 pm

      I am actually surprised that Deokmi did not come out as Shian’s biggest fan, though maybe it is better to remain a mystery for Shian’s sake.

      So happy you found our recap site, W! Hopefully we will see you again while recapping more dramas!

  2. Ann
    May 30, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    Thanks so much, V for your always wonderful recaps! Can you next do Angels Last Mission Love? I’m starting to get to know your taste from your recaps and this one is right up your alley. You won’t regret watching this show, it’s the number one rated prime time weekday weekly drama currently for good reasons.

    • V
      May 30, 2019 / 9:15 pm

      Yes! We want to do that one! We are going to try really hard to find the time!

  3. Ann
    May 30, 2019 / 12:54 pm

    Thanks so much, V for your always wonderful recaps! I’m starting to get to know your taste from your recaps and Angels Last Mision May be right up your alley. You won’t regret watching this show and recapping it. it’s the number one rated prime time weekday weekly drama currently for good reasons.

    • Ann
      May 30, 2019 / 1:04 pm

      Here was last weeks korean tv ratings. ALML ratings are even higher this week. http://www.dramabeans.com/?s=Ratings+. I’m truly hopeful for Goblin or Descendant of the suns numbers but both ALML stars are not that big yet but they will be by the end of this show.

      • V
        May 30, 2019 / 9:16 pm

        I love the actress. I was introduced to her in Still 17 (30 but 17). I also enjoyed the actor in a judge drama he did recently. So I have hopes!

  4. Darls
    May 30, 2019 / 2:21 pm

    Thanks so much V, you recap of this show made Wednesday and Thursday my favorite days of the week❤️. I truly really loved this show and will miss Ryan and Deokmi on my screen😭😭❤️.!i hope KJW and PMY choose their next project soon🎉🥳. I ❤️ them both so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • V
      May 30, 2019 / 9:17 pm

      You’re welcome, Darls! This show was really fun. ☺️

  5. JY
    May 31, 2019 / 3:53 am

    So glad to see that things are still going well with V and the rest of the drama milk team. Dropped by to say hello after dropping out of view for a long time(to be precise, after the twin disasters of Hwayugi and Misty). Hope to get time to get in on some of the summer drama.

    • V
      June 8, 2019 / 6:58 am

      Thank you, JY! I can understand taking a break after those two dramas, yikes. Hope fully you will catch a few this summer that you love. 😎

  6. w
    May 31, 2019 / 4:25 am

    ohh okay update after seing ep16 so eungi endup with sindy what ?and employees of galery now curators and seam to be engaged?also they seam have no clue that ryan and deokmi engaged.
    ehh im really gonna miss this series so mucth and ep 10 indead endup being legendary;)
    p.s i commented that masive coments like 10 mins after it finished airing dang i did no realized it was so long:)
    ill definally come here more often in future :)also im really impressed by your/s korean language skils:)

  7. Thaiha
    May 31, 2019 / 5:02 am

    Hi, anyone noticed at the goodbye-scene at the template, Ryan tried to avoid his mother’s hand rudely . I found it uncomfortable to watch

    • A
      June 18, 2021 / 4:15 pm

      OMG. Yes! I actually was browsing through the comments hoping someone noticed it. I had to rewind like 3 times to ensure what I saw was right. That was really awkward to watch especially after they had supposedly reconciled. Now I’m thinking something was off behind the scene.

  8. nevergonnafindajob
    May 31, 2019 / 10:56 am

    so my take on the painting with my limited knowledge, is the skin is replaced with the inner self, thoughts and emotions. That’s why the outside colors are much more simple, and every other than the skin is more simply painted. The use of hand creates indents and protrusions as the paint dries creating a depth of view that invites the viewer to the mind of the artist, his opinion of the person

    • Happy Beatle
      June 1, 2019 / 7:36 pm

      That is beautiful!

  9. Rose
    May 31, 2019 / 11:51 am

    Thanks again V! We really do appreciate all your hard work on giving us recaps for this drama. I really do enjoyed this one: not much stress, resolved problems/dilemma within 1 or 1 1/2 eps. Thanks you! See you again on the other recaps.

    Speaking of other recaps, are you goin to do recaps for:
    -One Spring Night
    -Angels Last Mission: Love

  10. Hello
    June 1, 2019 / 3:12 am

    I just watched the BTS and there was a kiss during the proposal scene. Why was it deleted ?

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