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Her Private Life: Episode 15 Live Recap

Her Private Life Korean Drama Recap Episode 15
Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

The deed was done though a bit of a cut away meh after all those glorious kisses they gave us. But at least our couple went to the next stage of courtship and is ready to face the world! Unfortunately, they are about to get their first taste of family drama on the other end as Ryan finds out that Deokmi’s mom is the one that dropped him off at the orphanage and give him that life long hand holding stigma. But you know, no biggie.

We are watching One Spring Night today and already saw a bit of it, I LOVE IT. So we will definitely try and do some kind of recap with it. We also really want to watch Angel’s Last Mission: Love today so we can recap it in some form or fashion as well. In addition, Arthdal Chronicles starts this weekend! What the what! So many dramas to get to, I am a happy drama lover.

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We start with Deokmi and EUnki introducting themselves to the boy on the playground. They are all 7 years old so they introduce their names and Deokmi asks him if he is waiting for his mother. Then she takes his hand and they all start to run around together happily.


In the present, we wake up with Ryan in bed as he looks at Deokmi and smiles. He sftly touches her hair which wakes her up so he smiles even brighter and kisses her. He asks hr how she slept and tells her congratulations for something, she thanks him and he gives her a couple more pecks. She is happy and says that as soon as she opens her eyes, his face is in front of her, so she cuddles into his arms. He tells her she can sleep some more, they can be jobless together, that is good.

SHe is all like, maybe I should wake up. But he tells her they can not go to work and just stay like this. But she says no, no, no. But they both talk about how they want to savour the moment. He tells her that she is so pretty and she says yeah, I am so pretty. But then he says she is dirty, she is all like, NOOOO. 

They both hop up and start to brush their teeth. She helps him shave and tells him not to worry, she will give him a surgical procedure. Then they sit for breakfast to eat miyukguk (seaweed soup) but he doesn’t have the right ingredients possibly so they start to make something else. It looks like they are making the serving huge but Deokmi says it is normal to add that much. Ryan says he is scared. Deokmi claps happily.

Then they go to the closet to get Ryan all ready. After that they go to Deokmi’s house to get her all ready. While she puts on her lipstick, he tells her that he can do it for him, so he flips her around and puts her lipstick on her. She says that she can put some on him (he is all like, um, what?) so she leans in and kisses him. they kiss for awhile in her room but then they think that they should go to work.

So, they start to walk off and she tells him that it is her birthday today so she will be the main attraction. She puts on glasses and sings to Shian songs or some kind of songs in the car. She basically wiles out in the car happily on her birthday.


Meanwhile, Sunjoo and her hubby are in the coffee shop together. It looks like they are all made up and happy once again. He is at the computer telling her that he has all sorts of plans to make her smile, like going on a camping trip every weekend and seeing the stars and all that. She tells him that she is pretty sensitive with where to sleep. He suggests buying a camper but she shakes her head. So he shows her the next idea. Fishing Over Flowers. She is all like, ummmmm oppa….Then she tells him that he can try to do something that she does not like instead of try to do something that she might like. He tell sher that they need to talk a lot to do things that she hates while they are fishing. It was a joke so she hits him playfully and he runs off.

Her part timer talks to her about her laughing with her husband and says he made her smile. So he was successful. Sunjoo says that he is very cute, right?


Deokmi talks to her team about all the work that they are doing while they are in a meeting. Ryan listens to it all and asks the team all sorts of questions about the exhibit. Afterwards, he talks to Deokmi just outside the door. It is the frist birthday that they spend time together so he thinks they should at least spend time together. She says she will spare some time. They high five and head back to work.



Elsewhere, Deokmi’s mother sits looking concerned as she thinks about the memory of the little boy at the playground. He took her home with them (which was right there) even though the little boy said he had so stay. She says that she will wait there for his mother while they go inside.

Appa comes in to snap her out of her memory about the little boy. Eunki bringing it up makes her thinks about it. She thinks something is going on, something that Eunki can’t tell her about. Appa tells her that if he can tell her then he will, so just wait for him.

Deokmi and Ryan get to the restaurant. He drops her off so she can go inside. She goes inside the door and is told where the birthday reservation is. Then she walks right into Shian who is holding a birthday cake with a hat on and singing “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you” with a huge smile. Basically the best birthday gift ever. Shian tells her that hyung will be a bit late so he wanted him to congratulate her for her birthday.

Flashback to Shian talking to his mother as they go out on a date. His mother loves being with him but is also happy for him to go out and surprise Deokmi. 

Back to the Shian party with Deokmi, she tells him that she is the happiest fan girl in the world. She texts Ryan who is eating with his mother at the spot that Shian was at. The mother thinks that they should go to the birthay too, Ryan says that Deokmi will love being with Shian so we can give her 20 minutes. He says he wants to spend time with his Mother anyway.

She is happy that he calls her that. Ryan says that it is strange to call her that but he wants to call her that a lot so it won’t be strange anymore. She is so happy and tells him that his real birthday is September 12th. Ryan repeats the birthdate and says that they should spend it together. She pulls out his picture and gives it to him. It is an adorable photo of him as a 7 year old siting on the steps and smiling like a little kid that doesn’t want to smile yet wants to smile.

He holds her hands and says that he can show her what he looked like as a teenager and a twenty year old, he has a lot of photos. She is so happy and thankful for the possibility to see them.

The party ends with Ryan and the mother going to meet them happily and then Ryan drives Deokmi home. Deokmi is so happy to look at the photos as they drive home. She shows him his photo and tells him that he is so handsome. Ryan tells her that actually he prepared a birthday gift, it is not delivered yet. So he asks her to wait a little longer. She says that she will wait since he prepared it.

Then he pulls out some photos that his mother gave him when he was little. Deokmi looks through them and gushes at how cute he was. She wants to scan them and give them back to him, she can’t actually take them though because she thinks they are too precious to him. Then she giggles and says that today was a very happy birthday.



Elsewhere, Eunki thinks about Ryan’s birth name and the name of the kid they played with when they were kids. He calls Deokmi to ask her a question and asks if he can come over.

When he comes over he brings her chicken feet for her birthday and then asks his question which is his Korean name. He also sees the photos of Ryan as a kid that Ryan just gave him. So Eunki says that name before Deokmi even tells it to him. He says he has to leave right now. Deokmi is a bit confused and says that he said he had a question. Should I eat myself? Eunki apologizes for running off and then heads out.

While walking out he has to take a  moment to gather himself and wonder, what should I do?

At home, Ryan happily looks at photos of Deokmi but then remembers the memory of being left on the orphanage steps. He remembers the face of the woman as Deokmi’s mother. Then he starts to remember even more. We are sent into a longer memory of Deokmi’s  mother walking Ryan to the orphanage. Then her dropping him off and him crying and crying for ajumma as he sits there and cries. His little hand is empty.

Ryan thinks and thinks about this in his room.

The next morning, Eunki talks to his mother outside the apartment. She asks him if he thinks he is okay and can say that? Then she tells him, let’s go.

They go upstairs where they talk about the kid from their memory. Deokmi’s mother delivers the photo she has and asks if they are talking about this kid. She wants to know if she has to know and then tells him to tell her, she is okay with it.

Eunki tells her that she will be surprised and might be hurt but she should remember that she is a good person and what happened back then was the only choice. He holds her hands and says that Ryan….Ryan is…..Eunjae.

Umma’s eyes go big. SO do appa’s.

Umma and appa are both stunned. Umma asks, is he the Heo Yoonjae? Is Ryan him? She starts to pull her hand away but Eunki holds it tighter. Then his other mom grabs Umma’s hand as well as Umma and Appa take it all in.


In the gallery, Ryan looks like he is thinking about it even more when someone sends him a text and says, if you want your picture back then bring me a coffee. I think it was Deokmi. So we cut to Deokmi and Ryan at the coffee shop. They met Sunjoo and her kid. The little kid greets him pleasantly. Sunjoo says that Eunki did not have classes today. Deokmi is surprised and says that Eunki actually asked her a question last night.

Ryan thinks this might have something to do with his memory. He takes her to the side and asks her if she remembers his face when they were little. Deokmi says no and then talks about her mom and cute things like that. He tells her that she shoud go have fun with them.

Meanwhile, Eunki is at the judo club thinking about all this. The club is empty. Ryan shows up and addresses Eunki so he turns around.

Ryan says he has a question, when they were young, he has a memory that came back. In his memory he has Deokmi’s mother in it and Deokmi as well. He pulls out a photo of himself as a kid and asks if Eunki remembers him. He says he was Heo Yoonjae. Eunki says he remembers him and then tells him that it is nice to see him again, Heo Yoonjae.



At the same time, Deokmi is being filled in on the entire thing while at home. Her mother painfully tells her that they had trouble all of a sudden. It was difficult for them so they had to….Yoon Jae….

She puts the picture of Yoonjae on the table and pushes it over to Deokmi. Deokmi picks it up and thinks, no…no…it can’t be, it’s not true right? She looks at her parents who are both sitting there. She walks out.

Eunki sees her near her apartment and starts to walk close to her yet she tells him that she wants to be alone and head up to her place. Appa starts to think of something at their family home as well.

Inside Deokmi’s place, Deokmi starts to remember everything about the playground and Heo Yoonjae, her memory is coming back too. It looks like he might have stayed at their place for a while. Things were okay for awhile but then their financial situation went away so she had to let him go.

Deokmi thinks about Ryan telling her that he was abandoned. It is hard for her to think about.

In the judo club, Eunki tells Ryan that he hopes he does not hate his mother too much. She had a lot of financial troubles and stress. She blamed herself a lot for not being able to take care of Yoonjae. Ryan tells him that it is a bit of a thankful thing now. Eunki thanks him for thinking that way.

Ryan – By the way, I thought another kid was there. What happened to that kid?

EK – Deoksu, Deokmi doesn’t remember it. 

Later on, Eunki hangs his head in stress at the entire thing. His appa walks up so he asks Eunki if he is there because he worried about Deokmi? Appa says that he will tell everything to Deokmi, you can comfort Umma, everything will be okay. Then the appa thanks Eunki, his son, so much.

Upstairs, Deokmi tells her appa that she hoped it wasn’t true, but it was true, right? Appa nods.

Appa – Deokmi, I know it is difficult and it can be harder than this, but you should know one thing now. Deoksu. Your little brother, Song Deoksu.

DM – My little brother?

Flashback to a little boy calling Noona.

DM – Who is this?

Appa – Your brother. He was 5 and had a car accident on the away back from kindergarten but you forgot everything because it was too shocking. After that accident you did not remember Deoksu. Your mother was a bit crazy, she lost Deoksu and was worried about losing you also. So, she couldn’t take care of Yoonjae in that situation.

DM – Why are you telling me this now appa?

Appa – I was always worried about the time that I would tell you about it. I thought it would hurt my daughter so much. Appa is not good enough. I gave your mother too much of a burden. If I was little better of a man then I would not have let this happen. I pushed your mother to make that choice. I am sorry. Now you are all grown up and I think I can tell you.

Deokmi is noticeable affected by it all yet has on a strong face. He appa leaves.

Deokmi thinks about the car accident. Her and her brother were riding in the car when the accident happened. Blood and glass all around. It also looks like Deokmi might have had a head injury.

We see a flashback to her playing with her brother and getting coins together so he could ride a ride. Then we see them riding inside this truck that is playing a kids song. They get hit from the side by another car. Deokmi is still awake and tries to hold her brothers hand.

In the present, Deokmi remembers it all and cries over the picture of her brother.



Ryan is in his home and thinks back to telling Eunki that he worries about Deokmi. Eunki says that she should be okay, she is a bright person. So Ryan stays at home as Deokmi goes to her parents to get lots of love and hugs about remembering it all.

Deokmi and her mother hug and talk about how she is sorry she didnt’ remember it and gave her a harder time. Her mother says that it is okay, she is happy that her daughter grew up well, she actually survived because of her. Her mother also tells her that she held her brothers hand and never let go so she thinks her Deoksu’s leaving wasn’t so lonely. It is all okay now. Deokmi tells her mother to be happy now and remember Deoksu together. Her mother thanks her and they hug again. Appa is sitting behind them. Umma also tells her that Eunki supported her and endured it all as well. He doesn’t say it, but he should have had a hard time as well.

Deokmi goes out to talk to Eunki who is sitting on the swing-set. She thanks him for comforting their parents all this time and thinks that in retrospect he is the one thta took care of her all this time, but she took it for granted because he was her fanboy. He is like, don’t mention it. He smiles at her.

She tells him that he endured a lot and she is so thankful to 7 year old Eunki and so thankful to 33 year old Eunki. He says that he only told her that her smile is pretty, when she cries he tells her that she is so ugly. She smiles and says that is a big lie. Then he asks if she is going to tell Ryan? Deokmi says yes. So Eunki tells her fighting!


Ryan gets to work but Deokmi is not there. KA says that the curator is a little late. Ryan thinks about what Eunki said about giving Deokmi some time to talk to her mother. Ryan starts to say that she is using her vacation time ~. But then Deokmi comes in and everyone turns to look at her.

DM – I need to tell you something director.

They go outside to talk. They start to say something at the same time then stop.

DM – I heard it from Eunki, your memory is back.

Ryan – yes.

DM – I wanted to hide because it was so~.

Ryan – DOn’t do it, if you do it then it will give me a hard time.

DM – So, I decided to see you smiling. If we do that together then it would be better.

Ryan – thank you.

DM _ My mother is here, she wants to apologize to you in person. My mom~. *chocked up tears*

Ryan – It’s okay.

he turns around and sees Deokmi’s mother waiting.

Ryan – I will be back, just wait over here.

He starts to slowly walk to Deokmi’s mother. They end up sitting on the bench.

Umma – I heard it from Deokmi, your mother couldn’t come because of an accident. If I took you in a little longer then it would have been better. I am so sorry.

Ryan – Omonim, I heard in Korean people call Mother, Father to the girlfriends parents. I have a lot of mothers in Korea now. My real mother and Deokmi’s mother that I can call Omoni. 

Umma – I dont’ deserve to be called Umma to you. it is too late to receive an apology.

Ryan – If you weren’t there then I could have been a strange kid in a strange place. But you took me in and fed me even though you did not know who I was. Thank you so much.

He holds her hand.

Ryan – it is too late but thank you so much for taking me in and loving me.

Umma starts to tear up as they hold hands.



Later on, Deokmi tells Ryan that she is going to see Deoksu with her mother tomorrow. She went there every day without me noticing. Umma took you to the orphanage, I will always be sorry about that.

Ryan – It was a painful thing for 7 year old Yoonjae, but now it is nothing so dont’ blame yourself anymore. I have so many good memories.

DM – I will love you more so that you can happy now.

He gently rubs that back of her head and says that they should go see Deoksu together. She agrees and lays her head on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Cindy shows up at Eunki’s judo place looking super lost. He is all like, go away. But she stays so he has to talk to her. She asks ajusshi when he is done so that he can give her a ride. He asks if she thinks he is easy? She says a little bit. So he puts on his serious face and tells her that his calss is not done so take the bus.

She just smiles and calls him ajusshi again, he tells her he is not ajusshi! But she asks if he has a discount? he is all like, yes, I do and for a referral you can have 10% off and a friend discount 10%, do you want to sign up today? He gets his sign up sheet handy.

Cindy is all like, no thanks, and walks out.

Outside, Eom is still wondering how Cindy can call another woman mother and looks at her family registry. She sees that Cindy is still there and thinks that she is still her daughter, everything is okay! Okay, now I need to find my daughter. Lets go!

her secretary drives her off.

They run into Cindy on the street. Cindy is all like, um, you are the one that kicked me out so why are you here? Eom wants to go home to talk but Cindy tells her that this is her home now! I won’t go! Eom and the secretary start to pull her away and try and stuff her into the car.

Umma and APpa see this and run up to pull Cindya way. Eom flips out and says that HeoJin is MY DAUGHTER! NOT YOUR DAUGHTER! SHE IS MY DAUGHTER! DO SOMETHING SECRETARY!

Cut to them all sitting inside Umma’s home. Umma apologizes and says that she did not know that she was her mother. Eom is all like, but how can’t you know? We are the same. Umma is all like, um, yes, so, Hyojin, you should follow your mother. Especially since your mother came here to get you. Then she calls Eom, Hyojin’s Umma and says that she is old fashioned so she will call her that. Eom actually looks happy to be called that.

Umma tells Eom that she can be good to her kid while they are in the house, when they leave the house, that is it. So serve them well when they are at home and the kids should serve the parents well as well. You cannot do whatever you want as a kid and you can not control everything as a parent. Just try. that is better. Even though it is not perfect. Okay?

Eom breathly says that Deokmi’s umma talks well and asks Hyojin if she is coming home? Cindy says yes and they hug in a super cute way, then the parents walk them both out. Deokmi’s umma says that she is welcome back at any time, but not after having an argument with your mother. They all smile and then Eom and Cindy head out.



Elsewhere, Dain and Shian talk about Dain’s work with him. He thinks they should work together again. Dian is all like, yes, it wasn’t bad. They both smile.

In the gallery, the team starts to talk about the work and how things will be displayed. Art wrk is removed from the wall so that other art work can go up. Energy stick-drink PPT as they all keep working happily. Deokmi and Ryan also talk and walk about being tired yet working hard.

Ryan tells her that he has her birthday gift, it was delivered so they can go to his place to see it. they go to his place and he covers her eyes to show the gift to her. She asks if he is fooling around now, just give it to me. He reminds her that he closed his eyes when she told him to, don’t you trust me. She says she will so he walks her into his painting room.

She tells him she is super looking forward to this. He says that it should not be hyped this much. Then he removes his hand to show his painting. Not gonna lie, this painting looks like he wants to literally take her skin off. But it looks like Deokmi loves it. Ryan tells her that he is starting to paint again. She tells him that it is perfect! It is perfect! She then holds his hand as she looks at it.

She looks at the Hannibal Lector inspired painting once again and they start to smile as they remember when she held his hand and he told her that his name was Heo Yoonjae.

Ryan – Maybe the reason I couldn’t draw anymore was because I had to find something more important than painting. For me, that person is you, Deokmi.

He leans in and kisses her softly. they smile at each other.

VO – It took too long to meet again. I missed you Deokmi.

VO – I missed you, Yoonjae.

Ryan – Hello Deokmi.

DM – Hello Yoonjae.

Fade Out



Okay, this extra brother thing was a bit too much and too late to the game considering all the other drama. Though I know that they added it because they needed to make Deokmi’s mother a person with a good excuse to drop off a kid at the orphanage so harshly. So she had to be momentarily insane due to hardships. Okay, whatever. I am just happy they didn’t linger on that for too long and by the end of the episode it was almost as if that moment of awakened memory did not happen at all. Though it was pretty hilarious that Ryan was the one that had to comfort Deokmi for her mother kicking him to the curb due to all that extra stuff added in at the end. Interesting switcheroo there writer. Though this does make me hope that Park Min-yung does not take on another “lost memory of childhood some-time friend turned real-time lover” drama.

One more episode left! I’m happy that everything is straight with everything, and I am not really looking forward to any more out of the blue revelations or big story moments in this last episode. Just give me their 1-12 month hiatus fast forward thingy and clean it up nicely!


Episode 16 preview English translation is below!

Ryan – You said you had something important at 5pm?

DM – Lets play together

DM – My boyfriend has the hands of God

DM – You are so cute!

Ryan – Gee-Cha-Gil (Train track) ….. Shi nah Gil…

DM – Now it’s Na-na-gil

Cindy – Curator Sung is going overseas

VO – Without you director?

VO – Maybe she shouldn’t go?

Appa – have a good trip

Umma – Please take care of my Deokmi

Ryan – Did you have a good dream?

DM – this good dream, I will remember it. It is a little sad also

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  1. W
    May 29, 2019 / 9:29 am

    Honestly I’m so glad writers didn’t pull off topical kdrama move and didn’t break them up relativity fast and slow at the same time also deokmi b-day painting is goeegeos ohh and chian b-day surprise was sweet so is carpool karaoke to bad I don’t recognise fist song second being in2int snapshot basickly I’m all over the place next ep prewiew sounds promising also according to twitter they shooter couple this ep scenes dang that’s gota be tougth for crew especially editor also I’m exremelly early not ever #1 out thank you for recap as always seeyou tomorrow and hopefully in another recap 🙂

    • W
      May 29, 2019 / 9:32 am

      Shot * dam stupid auto correct hopefully what I wrote makes sense my eng grammar it’s not the strongest nor I’m confident by it

      • V
        May 29, 2019 / 11:02 am

        It made sense!

      • V
        May 29, 2019 / 11:02 am

        Keep using it and you will become an expert soon!!!! I love reading your thoughts ☺️.

        • W
          May 29, 2019 / 11:09 am

          Ohh I’m glad I have hard time getting any kind of grammar so I usually shadow it sometimes I think I do others days I fail majorly on it I understand English pretty well but sometimes I just don’t knows few words also doesn’t help that my English is mix betwean British and acamerican either 🙂
          Also I love reading all kind trougths and reaction so I check both kpop and kdrama reddit freaquancly 🙂

          • V
            May 30, 2019 / 6:50 am

            You are way better than me! I am still working on my second language Used to be pretty good at Spansh, but then fell off when I stopped studying and now I am trying to pick up Korea as well! O translates everything over here, I’m the super quick typing transcriber on a mission to catch every word ☺️.

    • V
      May 29, 2019 / 11:01 am

      I am so glad that they didnt’ go through a moment of break up also! I actually did not realize that this did not happen until you brought it up! Deokmi’s birthday painting was a bit scary to me, though I did like it in it’s interestingness! I kind of want to find out who the real painter is in real life.

      • W
        May 29, 2019 / 11:12 am

        That painting was georgeos I would like to know to personally I really want try paint bubbles BC of this drama even traucth my skill set its nowhere glose :)maybe one day 🙂

        • V
          May 30, 2019 / 6:51 am

          Love he painted bubbles painting!

  2. Anonymous
    May 29, 2019 / 10:37 am

    September 12 my birthday .
    I have the same day as Ryan

    • V
      May 29, 2019 / 11:03 am

      That is so fun ☺️. Happy super early birthday! You have to tell us if Ryan and you are anything alike!

  3. Rose
    May 29, 2019 / 11:31 am

    Thanks for the recap V. I was also surprised about that DMs-brother-out-of-nowhere story line, but i’ll take it anytime, rather than they-break-up story line, im glad they didnt went to that route coz after showing their maturity (especially Ryan) in this drama, it will look like they are immature people if they suddenly break-up because of that revelation.

    Thanks again! ☺

    • V
      May 30, 2019 / 6:51 am


  4. Rose
    May 29, 2019 / 2:03 pm

    Btw, there is one question thats been bugging my head, not sure if its a culture thing or what: is it normal for korean parents to just leave their kids without adult supervision on the playground to run some errands? I mean thats where it all started, when Ryans mom left him on that playground to talk to someone. Im a mom and i have an 8yr old kid, i dont think i can leave my kid in the playground on her own unless i can see her.

    But then again, maybe its a culture thing. 🙂

    • W
      May 29, 2019 / 5:54 pm

      I think she apsotutly had no choise as her upcoming sponsor was kinda skecky and she wanted make everything in onder before taking him here at least that how understood it 🙂

    • V
      May 30, 2019 / 6:56 am

      This is a cultural thing! I asked O about it and he said yes, kids even walk to school and take public transit at very very young ages. Especially nowadays. Playgrounds in Korea are usually surrounded by apartments that have “super ajummas” everywhere keeping the community safe. So it is actually a safe thing to do. But probably only in Korea and only if you know the neighborhood? If anyone else knows then chime in!

      • Rose
        May 30, 2019 / 11:19 pm

        I see. So thats the reason why. Coz im kinda a little confused when she just left ryan in that playground. I guess she knows the community and because of the culture. Thanks V! 🙂

  5. Eve
    May 30, 2019 / 3:00 am

    Thank you for the recap. I really enjoy the show every much!

    • V
      May 30, 2019 / 6:57 am

      You’re welcome, Eve!

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