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Her Private Life: Episode 14 Live Recap

Korean Drama Her Private Life episode 14
Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

Good lawd, he’s painting her. You know a biblical relationship is not far behind. Though I can see how he needs to get some life-family-mama-orphan stress out on the canvas, and what better model than his lady love! Just looking at this photo makes me want to watch a drama with a painter and his/her lover. Drama lords, are you listening?

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Ryan sits on the floor in his painting room with his back against the wall. he is in deep thought and noticably sad, possibly destroyed. A tear falls and he starts crying into his hand as he sits alone. 

His mother collapses outside the apartment in the hallway. Shian watches her but he does not approach her. Hmm, did he know? 

Deokmi is thinking in her home, but she thinks that she should not bother Ryan, he will call her if he needs her. Ryan calls, Deokmi answers quickly and asks if he saw her. He tells her that he told her to go to bed. She says that she goes to bed late all the time, her nickname is night owl! But he reminds her that they promised not to lie to each other, he just called to tell her to go to bed just in case she was waiting for his call.

DM – Where are you? Its late.

Ryan – I shuoldn’t have called. Good night.

DM – Director? Director?

He already hung up or he at least isn’t replying anymore. The camera cuts to him sitting and looking at a painting in the art gallery. Deokmi hops up to go somewhere.

Meanwhile, Eunyoung sits outside quietly. Shian comes walking up with two coffees, though he is a bit hesitant to talk to her, he puts on a brave smiling face and sits next to her. They sit quietly as he puts his arm around her shoulders.

Ryan is still at the art gallery sitting quietly by himself as well. he think sback to his mothers face when he revealed himself to her. But then he gets hit by Deokmi. She is upset and tells him that she will of course worry about him if he hangs up on her like that! If you want to cry, at least cry in front of me or something! Why stay like this you stupid! It makes me so mad!

She hits him a few more times but he starts to smile.

DM – Don’t smile with a face that wants to cry.

Ryan – I want to cry because you hit me so hard.

He gives her a slow hug.

Later on, he sleeps on her lap on the couch in the art gallery

DM – Are you sleeping?

Ryan – Yeah

DM – Do you want to go home?

Ryan – I don’t want to because it’s awkward and I don’t think I will sleep because the person I wondered about my entire life is sleeping the level below me. It’s strange. How did you know I was here?

DM – Didn’t you know? I put a GPS in your body.

Ryan – Have I told you about me adoptive family? They were good people. They brought a 7 year old boy and raised me well. They told me this, your mom gave birth to you and raised you because she loved you. We met each other due to an unavoidable reason. you are not abandoned, you were a protected kid like that. But, the person I met today told me sorry. That is why I feel like an abandoned kid again, not a protected kid.

DM – Maybe, she kept it in her heart for her entire life. She is sorry because she couldn’t be with you as much as she loves you.

Ryan – Do you think so?

DM – Just sleep a little bit. After waking up, you will feel better.

He closes his eyes and she keeps playing in his hair.





Cindy waits for the bus, determined. As it gets on she hops in, we also see that the secretary is following her. Cindy sits on the bus and chekcs her cell phone, the secretary and mom drive by the car. Eom looks a bit nervous and asks her secretary if her daughter is in the bus? He says yes.  She learned Bu-Ca-Choom. She is all like, what kind of bug is that? (Choom is bug). He says it is Bus-Car-Recharging (like recharging your card for riding the bus). 

Eom says that she thought her daughter would call her crying, but she learned Bu-ca-choom already? Sigh.

In the gallery, Cindy and the other employees walk up on Ryan and Deokmi sleeping and cuddling on the couch. They dont’ know what to do. But Cindy does as she steps forward and calls both their names loudly then tells them that this is what privitizing the art gallery is! Deokmi tells them that….um….this couch is still good, we don’t have to change it! Then she and Ryan hurry off in different directions.

Cindy gives the other two employees a corn bar and says they should at least be full since they all saw something they didn’t want to see.

Elsewhere, Sunjoo works at the coffee shop pleasantly while Seungmin talks to the part timer outside about Sunjoo fixing his guitar and making a fan site for him and things. the part-timer is all like, yes. Seungmin thinks that Sunjoo likes him. 

Sunjoo comes out and tells Seungmin to stop harrassing her part timer. She asks the parttimer what he asked him. Then she tells her husband that she likes his music. The parttimer is all like, see, she likes me. Seungmin gives Sunjoo a card and says that he knows someone that is looking for a local band. He wants to introduce Joohyuk to him (Joohyuk is the parttimer). He thinks Sunjoo will have more to smile at if Joohyuk becomes successful. So he wants to help him. He also says that he is happiest when she smiles, but he forgot about that. So he only wants to make her smile, not get promoted or moving departments, he just wants to make her smile, that is it.

The parttimer says that his boss does not want him to be too successful, she wants him to be her only band. Then he asks if he should just leave? They both say yes so he walks off. Sunjoo then tells her husband that she is not fogiving him she is just giving him another chance. He is so happy and gives her a huge back hug, he is so happy for his chance.



Meanwhile, Shian calls Ryan and asks to meet. Ryan goes to meet him on a bench in a park. Shian pats the seat next to him, though Ryan stays standing for a moment. But he sits in the end and they talk.

Shian – At first I thought you heard the rumor and were a scandal chaser. But I had an attachement to you, the more I knew you the more I wanted to be your friend and felt comfortable with you. We both liked Lee Sol painting and we live upstairs and downstairs from each other. I thought it was fate. And finally I am right. Hyung, I can send you Mom’s phone number. You can give her a chace to tell you. Whatever she can, she can tell you.

Ryan looks at Shian’s cute puppy dog face and somehow does not smile back.

Int he gallery, Deokmi and Kyungah talk busy about the exhibit, then Deokmi looks at her computer. Something important is on it with her posting about the missing paintings. Someone sent an email that mentions an auction. It is in English. Deokmi calls them and talks to them in English. She says she got their email and starts to talk to them about it.

Kyungah and Yoosub are all like, wow, so we have two more! So how many do we have? Eight?

Deokmi gets off the phone smiling. The employees ask what happened so she explains that the collector who sold the painting last time has found two more and they will have priority for it. Everyone cheers, they only have one more to get!

In his office, Ryan looks out the window and checks his mothers phone number on his phone. It looks like he is thinking about calling her, but does not. Deokmi comes in brightly and says dok-dok (knock-knock) and tells him that good news, they found two more Lee Sol paintings. then she tells him about the hidden message in the paintings. Like finding Easter Eggs. 

She shows him photos of the paintings and tells him to find the Easter Eggs. He looks through them carefully and starts to see the Easter Eggs.

DM – Did you find them? This is the bubbles and carousel and biking and all the things that kids will like. Now I understand why she painted this. you also see it right? Today you should go home early, I think you have to meet someone. She will wait for you, I am sure.

Cut to Eunyoung looking at kids playing at the park. She has a heavy heart and thinks about the Chaeum art gallery. Then Ryan calls her. He tells her that it is him, Ryan Gold, and asks if she has a moment to meet with him.

So they meet at his place, he asks her if she would like to have something to drink? He does not have coffee. She tells him that tea is okay, she actually can’t drink coffee. As they sit, she tells him thank you for contacting him first and that she missed him.

Mom – I know I dont’ deserve to miss you, but if I have to be rude to meet you then I will be rude. Yoonjae, I missed you.

She looks at him but he can’t look at her.

Ryan – I have no memory, in my memory I only have your back painting and that you let my hand go and left me.

She bites her lip.

Ryan – Why did you abandon me?

Mom – (she uses jongdaemal) I am sorry, I did not abandon you. I thought it would just be a momentary thing. I wanted to go back to you quickly, Ii did not think that 26 years would pass like this. That day, I should not have gone there. I did not have money, I was going to get a sponsor, with that I thought I could feed you and take you to the theme park you always wanted to go to.

Flashback to her taking him to the park and telling him to play there for a moment. Someone is going to support her so she is going to go there. But it is a scary person, so he can play here and I will be back soon. He asks if she is coming back soon? She says of course.

VO – I did not expect that I would not see you anymore. I had an accident going back to you.

Flashback to a car hitting her and rolling over her hand. It is all bloody. She whispers for her son.

Ryan – So, because of that accident?

Mom – I lost everything because of that accident. 

Ryan – Is it true? Then you did not abandon me?

Mom – I did not abandon you, it should be a nightmare to you. When I woke up, a lot of time passed. I was looking for you like a crazy woman, but I did not find you. i did not abandon you. I am sorry. I did not drop you off at a place no one knows about. I am sorry for everything. After I lost you, I lived my entire life regretting it. My entire life. To you, it all sounds like an excuse, you can hate me, you can blame me for everything, but can you let me see your face like this? Yoonjae-ya?

Ryan – I…have to leave, I am sorry.

He leaves. Then we see him sitting in his office at work. Deokmi walks up and sits next to him. They hold hands.

DM – Why did you come back?

Ryan – *rests his head on her* can I stay like this? 

DM – Did you see her? Can I ask you what you talked about?

Ryan – I want to believe but I can’t believe it, she didn’t abandon me, she lost me.

DM – So, what happened in the orphanage?

Ryan – I don’t know, it is so different from my memory. I can’t blame her (or I can’t hate her).

DM – You were so young so your memory might be wrong. Lets trust a true heart, not a memory.

Ryan – I hope I can do that.



Meanwhile, Eunki is thinking about all his fun memories with Deokmi as he walks on a bridge along the river.

At home, Deokmi gets a call from Eunki. he tells her to come outside, in front of her place, for just a little bit. It sounds like he is out of breath.

She goes out and sees that he is out of breath. She tells him that he shouldn’t pass out on the street like this. He tells her that he wanted to tell her happy birthday and he has a birthday gift. He looks in his pocket and then points with his thumbs to himself and says, meeeeeee. She laughs. 

EK – It is Nam Eunki who came back as 33 year old Sung Deokmi’s friend. I don’t want to tell you this because it is embarrassing. I left home in middle school because I did not want to work out anymore. Do you remember that you dragged me back? I told you that we were super strangers and you hit me a lot and said we should not say that to family. DO you remember?

DM – Of course.

EK – Back then it really hurt, but I was laughing and so thankful for it. Just like now, we don’t change and live like this for a long long time. But, then I started to like you. That is true. Then afer not being with you for a while, I realize that I just like you smiling. Even though i am not the one next to you. Whatever you do, as a fan girl or with someone else next to you, if you are happy and smiling then that is the best thing. So, we are family?

She nods, yes, yes.

He puts his hands on her shoulder and tells her that she is his bright friend who has the best smile. I am sorry to make you feel uncomfortable. Really sorry. So, you accept me as Sung Deok-mi’s friend?

She tells him, thank you for saying this and for coming back. But you should give me your birthday gift. He says it is him, he is there. She tells him that he is of no use. He says the tiger is stronger than the lion. They joke about bringing Lion there and giving him a judo throw.

Scene change to Eunyoung watching Shian work in his studio. he turns around and asks if he looks cool working? She tells him that he looks super cool. Later on, they talk on the couch.

Mom -Shian, I have a lot to tell you.

Shian – Did hyung contact you? How do you think he knows your number? I knew about it for a long time. A big pain happened to you and I had a hyung. 

Mom – Why didn’t you tell me?

Shian – Because it hurt you too much so I just waited for you to tell me when you could rely on me.

Mom – When did you grow up this much? I always thought you were a baby.

Shian – How was your conversation with hyung? Did it not go well?

Mom – *doesn’t say anything*

Shian – Umma, lets show all your paintings

Mom – I don’t think I should. It happened because of those paintings, it is too cruel.

Shian – Hyung is the one who should see them more than others. He should see it for himself. Umma, wait a moment.



In Deokmi’s place, she gets a call and clears her throat before taking it. It is Cha Shian so she tells him that she wanted to contact him as well and found two more paintings. He says that there is one more piece. She mentions that they are looking for it. Shian says that she does not have to, he knows who has the last piece and he wants hyung to see it. Can you convince him?

Elsewhere, Cindy is walking home as her mother follows her around in the car with thesecretary. the mom frets about her walking this late. She asks him to check the safety of the neighborhood. Then we hear Cindy yelling UMMA. She runs into Deokmi’s umma and appa and they talk about how whatever Deokmi’s umma makes is the best. they hold arms and walk away together.

Eom is all like, WTF is going on, who is that umma? The secretary is all like, um, I think your daughter is gone. Eom screams Oh my god!

the next morning, Deokmi calls Ryan to tell him that the person who owns Lee Sol’s last painting wants to show it to them. they meet at a certain residential location. It looks like the owner put it in a Catholic church so they wanted to see it there.

They go inside and we see Shian with his mother as they walk up. Shian says that his mother did not know that he was coming. Umma says she can leave if he is uncomfortable. Deokmi asks the director, if it difficult to see it as Heo Yoonjae, you can see it as a director of an art gallery, we have to have an exhibition and to do that you need to see the work. 

Ryan – Can you show me the last piece, painter Lee Sol?

Everyone looks at Eunyoung and they walk to where the last painting is. She leads the way and then talks to the painting when she is standing in front of it. It takes center stage in this room.



Mom – I put this painting here to pray for the protection of my son. You dont’ remember him, he is Heo Yoonjae. She turns around to look at Ryan.

Ryan remembers her painting this particular painting. It has a little Yoonjae painting in it. He told her he was hungry as she painted it and tapped her on her shoulder. 

In the present, she turns around to look at him and he remembers her smiling at him and asking him what he wants to eat. He smiles and says dwenjang gook, then he asks if this was him? He sees the painting of a little boy blowing the bubbles.

In the present she continues looking at him.

Ryan – We were both smiling.

She nods.

Finally he can look up at her.

Ryan – Super happily.

Now, all of the super happy memories of his mother smiling at him come to him. She smiled at him all the time while he blew bubbles. So, his proper memory of her looks like it returned and it is super touching. Deokmi holds his hand. Shian goes up to his mom and holds her hands. it is a hand holding love fest of feelings.

Later on, Shian and Deokmi talk in the pews alone.

DM – Are you okay? You should be surprised.

Shian – Not as much as mom, I waited for this moment for a long time. I found all her paintings and we found her lost kid as well.

DM – Are you an angel? *smiles*

Shian – I get told that sometimes *laughing* it is all because of you noona.

Later on (or a flashback?), Deokmi formally requests to have the last painting for the exhibit. She introduces herself professionally as the head curator for the Chaeum museum and says that she knows she has the last piece (that they already saw). She gives her a flyer for the other pieces they have and says that they will have a different interpretation unless they see the last piece. Everyone will know the heart and love to a little boy that these paintings show. I really want to show it to my director. It is happiness of the person I love so much. I also want to debut Lee Sol’s paintings. Let us do it please.

Back to Shian and Deokmi in the pew, so that scene might have been a flashback. Shian asks Deokmi, I was hesitating to ask you but are you….my fan?

She is caught off guard and starts laughing and says that she likes White Ocean’s music, hahahaha. if I like your music then I am your fan right? hahaha.

Shian – I have a new song! It is hip hop based and acoustic. 

They both look happily at Ryan and his Mom together talking outside as they get to know each other.



Later on, Ryan and Deokmi talk outside the church.

DM – You saw the last painting, how do you feel?

Ryan – After I saw it, I realize that she loved me and protected me. I am the protected kid.

DM – Feel more of that, I will let your mom have you today.

She tells Ryan to go to his family so he walks to be with Shian and his mom.


Deokmi happily lets everyone know that they were able to get all the art pieces. Everyone is super excited and talk about how everything is ready, fighting! 

They all go home super tired and talk about how they forgot how difficult this job is, they should have a team dinner on a day like today. your boyfriend should buy them dinner today. Deokmi says she will use her boyfriend today for this. Everyone cheers.

Ryan is with Dain talking about the exhibit when Deokmi comes into his office to ask for the dinner. Ryan tells Dain that they are done right? Dain is all like, okay, I get the hint, I have a friend to meet with as well. She heads out. Ryan asks what is up, Deokmi tells him that she thinks he should spend his money on the team since we are close to the exhibition. But no makguli.

Ryan – What about he makguli place?

DM – No makguli

Ryan – Why not?

DM – You are super heavy

Ryan – I am not going to get drunk.

DM – Of course you will (its a Korean phrase/thing so Ryan does not understand)

Ryan – This feels positive but I do not feel good about it

DM – Study more Korean

Cut to the coffee shop. Eunki and Sunjoo talk happily with the part timer about his gig and upcoming album. Sunjoo brags about herself and her fan girl abilities. Eunki jokes thta this is why she maried her husband. Then Dain comes in. Sunjoo is all like, who is this? Eunki tells her that they haven’t met and asks Dain what’s up. then they talk about what they might do. 

Sunjoo calls and tells her that she cannot come due to an appointment. She also says that Eunki has a new friend, it looks like a good friend too. Eunki is all like, she is not my friend. So Deokmi tells them that she is eating with Heo Eunjae and they are drinking, she talk about how her directors name is cute right?

This catches Eunji’s attention, he asks who Heo Eunja is? Sunjoo tells him that this is Lion’s birth name. Then Dain comes out and asks to go drinking now. But Eunki says he can’t now, he will drink with her for 3 rounds next time, I gotta go! Bye! Sunjoo invites her to drink with her but Dain looks shy and says that might be a bit too uncomfortable this time.



Meanwhile, Deokmi goes to Ryan’s office and sees a lot of empty drawing paper in the basket as if he tried to draw something but could not. She thinks about this.

Meanwhile, Eunki goes home and eats with his mother. He has something to bring up that looks difficult.

EK – Umma, that kid….

Mom – that kid….

EK – Yes, that kid, what was his name?

Appa – Why are you asking?

EK – O, nothing, nothing, why am I asking you guys…eat eat.

They start to eat again.

In the company, they all meet at a restaurant while Cindy checks her Baskin Robbins app for a birthday cake delivery. It gets delivered so they celebrate Deokmi’s birthday in this restaurant. Deokmi feeds Ryan some of it as they all comment about how great it tastes. Deokmi stops Ryan from drinking though. She tells everyone that he is not drinking today, he has something to do tonight.

He is all like, what is that? Deokmi tells them that they have something to do together. Cindy is all like, uh, TMI (too much information). Then she asks Kyungah and Yoosub if they will date? She says never ever. He says that she shoud not say never ever, you should know my heart. He holds her hand. She hits it away. Cindy tells them NOOOOOOO, these two dating is enough stress! Not you two!

Ryan smiles and gives them his card and then Deokmi and he leave. 

they go to Ryan’s place where she tells him to change into some comfortable clothing.

At home, Deokmi’s mother looks at photos of Heo Yoonjae and Deokmi playing together. She turns to the back and sees his name, Heo Yoon Jae. She runs her hands over the name and sits regretfully.

Back at Ryan’s place, Ryan comes out after having changed into something comfortable. He asks what is going on and then follows her as she backs into his painting room. She tells him that tomorrow is her birthday so she wants her birthday gift – draw me.

he is a bit flustered and tells her that he can’t draw anymore. She tells him that he can do it, he drew her hand last time. This is the same as then. She starts to tell him that she has a good side view, but her neck line is better. She holds up her hair to show him this.

We then see her sitting very still as he he looks at her shadow on the canvas. It looks like she lit it like this on purpose.

DM – How do you like it? Does it make you want to draw? You can trace it.

He looks very hesitant, but he kneels at the canvas and looks at her silhouette. Then he picks up a pencil and starts to trace her shadow very slowly. Eventually, his art self starts to come back as he concentrates. He puts down the pencil when he is done and she turns to look at it. But she doesn’t have to look at is as she tells him that it is pretty, artist Ryan gold.

He gives her a big hug as he kneels in front of her. it is a nice height for hugging. Then he holds her hands softly and lifts her up to her feet so he can get a better look at her.

Ryan – I love you.

Deokmi – I love you.

Then they kiss and look deeply into each others eyes. He takes the paintbrush from her hair sending it cascading all over her shoulders again, then he kisses her deeply and for a long time as they stand and kiss in his art room. it is a long kissing moment. Clothes are coming off tonight.

Cut to them both in bed sleeping, she is wearing his shirt. While sleeping, one of them is dreaming about happily playing on the playground as a kid. It might be Deokmi as the camera concentrates on her sleeping.

little Deokmi – My name is Sung Doekmi, what is your name?

little Ryan – My name is Heo Yoonjae.

Fade Out



I actually like this setup of Deokmi and Ryan playing as kids and Deokmi’s mother forever regretting that she did not adopt that little boy and wondering where he went. If I hadn’t seen Secretary Kim (or basically any Kdrama ever), then I wouldn’t be annoyed that these love stories always have to have a childhood fateful encounter.

As many people already guessed, it looks like the mother tried to take him in but could not handle it financially so she dropped him off at the orphanage. Eunki might remember this, or found out later, and Deokmi does not. Though it looks like she remembers now! That is either a good thing or a bad thing for Ryan as it stinks to be abandoned but you also don’t really want to marry your sister. So, fighting!


We didn’t see a preview at the end? Anyone see it yet?

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  1. Jammmm
    May 23, 2019 / 9:09 am

    V! Work life has me all tied up for your recaps! I love this drama so much and I’m thinking two leads should date in real life!!! They are so cute/pretty/handsome together. Please do the Angel’s Last Mission! Watched the first ep last night and fell in love at first sight! It was super duper cute and it made my heart beat really FAST!!! Thank you for what you do!!!

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      Oh that is good to hear!!!!! I am looking forward to watching that drama!

  2. Hotatei
    May 23, 2019 / 9:27 am

    I know this jumping the gun but I gotta put it out there. The last scene was so meh, they should have lowered the rating to PG hehehe. When they first kissed, you couldn’t slide a ruler between them, but you can park a bus between them just now. PDNim is saying,’not today, you thirsty broads!’ Either that or the actors feel there’s just too much expectation and heat (maybe they do have real life partners) and wanted to tone it down.

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        hearing really good things about it! I am definitely looking forward to watching it!

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          It cathed me by surprise I was reluctant to give a shot too it has sligtg goblin reaper wibes as angels are invisible to humans apparently fist ep was very well done 🙂

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      They cut away!!!!! I just mentioned that on twitter, lol. Yep, I expected a lot more and that I would be embarrassed to watch but they actually just kissed and then woke up. That is not how babies are made children. 😅

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    I think then preview will be tomo only. Hope they dont have any hardship to fact in ep15.
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      This drama is a fun one, I am really enjoying it too. Can’t wait for the finale next week!

  4. Rose
    May 23, 2019 / 11:57 am

    Thanks for the recap V! So im guessing DMs mom found Ryan in the playground playing with DM and taekwondo guy but she cant take Ryan home so she just took him to the orphanage (i think), and thats her regret, was not taking care of him.

    And no preview 😭😭😭😭

    • V
      May 23, 2019 / 3:10 pm

      I think that happened as well. But I also think that Ryan might have lived with them for a day or two possibly? Or maybe he was just with them all day and she reluctantly took him to the orphanage that night.

      • Rose
        May 25, 2019 / 1:52 pm

        After watching this, you’re right, i think Ryan lived there for a little while. Maybe DMs mom hopes that Ryans mom will come looking for him. But when she didnt show-up, DMs mom doesnt have any other choice but to give him to the orphanage maybe because of financial issues.

        Another light, fluffy drama to say goodbye to us this coming week. Im goin to miss this one.

  5. Anonymous
    May 23, 2019 / 4:19 pm

    I think Ms Nam wanted her son for adoption. and instead Umma sent Yoonjae.
    Why does Eunki know the name??

    • Rose
      May 25, 2019 / 1:56 pm

      When they were kids Ryan introduced himself to them. Actually i think Eunki remembers the name a little but not sure if he remembers it right, thats why he asked DMs mom the name of “that boy” to make sure its the same name, but it seems it upsets DMs mom, so he didnt get his answer to verify his suspicion.

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  7. DK
    May 24, 2019 / 12:43 am

    Does anyone happen to know the second song being played in the restaurant where they had their team dinner? It’s stuck in my head and I have no idea how to find its name! It’s the one played at 55:22. TIA!

    • Anonymous
      May 24, 2019 / 7:40 am

      Shaun- way back home. I think…?

      • Anonymous
        May 24, 2019 / 11:22 am

        Omg thank you so much! That’s the song! xD

        • V
          May 29, 2019 / 11:05 am


    • V
      May 29, 2019 / 11:06 am

      Thank you for the webcomic!

  8. cd
    August 12, 2019 / 2:26 am

    Can someone tell the song played in backround at cafe around 52:10 mark????

    Thanks in advance

    • Anonymous
      December 4, 2019 / 1:05 pm

      I found the song for anyone interested it’s Tale by Melomance.

      • V
        December 4, 2019 / 1:59 pm

        Thank you so much!

        • CD
          December 4, 2019 / 6:29 pm

          Oh no problem. Things like that drive me crazy until I can get the answer to it. Happens that I heard another song by them and the voice is so unique I went through their discography and found it lol.

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