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Her Private Life: Episode 13 Live Recap

Her private Life episode 13 recap
Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

Alright y’all, Her Private Life is turning into a bit of a rinse and repeat of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, in that there really isn’t that much story left to get to, yet lots of cuteness is still here to go around. Hey, I’m not complaining. Though they are hitting a bit close to the mark with that thing about the childhood memories that Deokmi didn’t realize she had until recently. So many theories on what that is all about in the last episodes comments!

May is a busy month for us, but we are keeping our eye on One Spring Night as well as Angel’s Last Mission: Love (or The Only Love) and hope to pick at least one of them up. They both started airing today!

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We open with the two of them sitting on the couch at work with Ryan’s head on Deokmi’s shoulder. They are sitting quietly.

Ryan – By the way, Deokmi, isn’t it heavy? I think your arm has lost it’s strength.

DM – No no! Not heavy at all, your head is lighter than expected.

he sits up.

DM – thank you for saying something that is difficult to say, to me.

Ryan – Thank you for being a comfortable person that I can talk to about it

They look at each other sincerely and smile.

Ryan – I hid it for the last three years, but after saying it I feel good.

DM – See, whenever you need, you can borrow my ears. 

Ryan – You lend me your hand, your ears, what can I lend to you?

DM – *thinking* I will think about it.

She stands and laughs and he stands as well.

Ryan – Lets go.

They walk off together arm in arm.

DM – Today I will take you to your place.

Ryan – Are you going to take me home today?

DM – Yes

Ryan – What vehicle are we riding in today?

DM – Your car.

Ryan – Hey, that is not you taking me home. If it is my car then I drive to my own house.

DM – So, you don’t like it?

Ryan – No, I like it.

They keep walking out and the title appears.




They get to his place and walk in through the garage. He says that he thought she would take him home, he is not home yet. The are actually still in the garage. She asks if she should go home now? He wonders what they should do tonight? She says that last time they did what she liked so this time they can do what he likes. He likes the idea of that.

Cut to them on the elevator going up to his place. He asks her again, so we can do what I want? She says that he can pick whatever, it will be difficult to win over me. 

But then the elevator opens and Shian comes in with his mother. Shian introduces Ryan as his hyung from upstairs and Deokmi as Ryan’s girlfriend. He tells his mom that hyung likes him a lot and then tells them that this is his mother. They both say hello to her pleasantly.

Mother – Shian likes people because he feels lonely easily so please take care of him.

Shian – Don’t make me into a strange person.

The elevators doors open so Shian tells them both goodbye. But then as they leave, Ryan tells Shian that the damaged painting is restored well. Shian is happy to hear it and then the elevator doors start to close. But The mother looks at Ryan, just before the door closes, as if she feels something from him.

Deokmi and Ryan get to his place. She says, “that’s it” he asks what she is talking about. Deokmi says that she wondered why her Shian was so pretty, he took after his mother. She is super pretty. Ryan is all like, do you want to go to Shian’s place? She is all like, can I!!!! Then playfully runs away to do that. Ryan holds her hand to playfully pull her back to his place for his night of fun.



Meanwhile, Shian and his mother talk about the exhibition in Shian’s place. He shows her all her paintings. She is not super impressed and says that he remembers them all. Shian says that of course, she was super upset that grandfather removed them all so he tried to buy them all. But it was difficult. They will see more at the exhibition thought. 

Shian mentions that the hyung from the elevator is the director of an art gallery. Ryan Gold is a famous guy with an eye to art. He suggested to him first to do the exhibition. He said it was because your painting was good.

Umma says that she is thankful that Shian found these paintings, but for her, she does not want to put them in an exhibit. All these paintings….

Shian says that he understands, but they should do it this one time. Only this one time. Think of yourself only. She says she can’t, she shouldn’t. Shian says that she can think about it for him, right? Then he happily asks her if they can eat something first? He runs off to grab something. Umma is left almost tearing up in the painting room.

In Ryan’s place, Deokmi says that she understands why Ryan was so upset when she came there without his permission. 

Ryan – Back then….

DM – I am not telling you this to make you feel sorry. I just want to say that I am happy that I know you better and understand you better. I have to apologize to you. I am sorry for evaluating these paintings with my own opinions. I didn’t’ mean t.

Ryan – I understand. I know you better now. Your opinion wasn’t that wrong.

DM – What do you think about the paintings as a director?

Ryan – Sad and insecure. Like those bubbles that can burst at anytime and reflect the insecurities of the world.

DM – These bubbles, to me they are not the insecurities that can burst at anytime. They are hope that even though it is weak, it can fly high at any time. paintings are interrpreted by who sees it so I hope you can see the painting like that.

Ryan – Then, can I do what I want to do now?

DM – What is that?

Cut to Deokmi’s father walking with a handful of bags. Though he starts to run as if someone is chasing him. He runs to the elevator where Eunki is and tells him to close the door! But then an arm holds the door open and appa falls to the ground. Eunki gets in a defensice stance. The super scary person is….Cindy, lol.



Cindy eats a lot of food at Deokmi’s families house as if she has lived there for a long time. She tells the mother that she said if she left her home then she could have Deokmi’s room? Eunki is all like, that is my room. Cindy asks how much he pays? She will pay twice. Then she asks for three more spoons. EUnki stands up to get it but is then like, huh? He tells her he will get 4 spoonfuls.

Meanwhile, Ryan drives Deokmi back to her place. He must have won at Hwatu because he blows on her arm a lot as if it smarts. They both smile. Deokmi mentions something about Tatcha (gambler). Ryan asks what Tatcha is, she thinks about explaining it but then tells him to watch the movie. She happily gets out and walks to her steps.

He hops out and swings her around so he can give her a big romantic loving hug.

Ryan – Thank you so much

DM – Thank you so much

They keep hugging as their music plays.

Deokmi goes back up to her place with Shian all around. Then she sits on her couch and looks contemplative. Eunki calls her so she looks at her phone for a long time and then ignores it. But then he sends a text with Cindy happily in her room.

Deokmi calls right away.

DM – Why is Hyojin there!

EK – You ask her. *gives phone to Cindy*

Cidy – Hello curator Sung.

DM – Why are you in my place with all your luggage?

Cindy – Well….I went home after work.

Flashback to her mother showing up like a horror movie and flash walking to stand in front of Cindy.

Mother – *In an airy flirty voice* Do you still think I am your mother after opposing me? You are my daughterrrrrr you should be that brave. But you should not be that brave with me.

CIndy – Well, mom, I prepared this and I want to be a big hit

Mom – So you did not do this for Cha Shian

Cindy – Of course not

Mom – Okay, you do your special exhibition, but you should leave without your car or credit cards until the exhibition.

Cindy – *pause* Okay, I will.

Mom – ah, and…no house either. Secretary Kim!

The secretary comes with her luggage

Mom – Just leave, out out out….*shoos her out*

CIndy – So if I stay in this house until the event, then our special event is safe.

DM – That is good news, but why my mothers houe?

Cindy – As a curator, your job is to finisht he exhibition successfully right?

DM – What about it?

Cindy – So you should let me stay becuse it is all because of me

EK – I don’t think your room is a good room.

DM – You also use that room, it is not as bad as you

EK – Hey, Deokmi, umma says to come to her place for our birthday.

DM – I will be busy.

EK – Okay, I will tell my mom

DM – Okay, goodbye.

Cindy asks Eunki (ajusshi) when he goes to work, it is close to his art gallery. Eunki is so annoyed and tells her that he is not an ajusshi!



Deokmi talks to Kyungah on the phone about the program and wonders what she should put for Lee Sol? Deokmi tells her to make it empty right now. They have until tomorrow because everything will be printed then. KA says that they have images of the exhibition and should be ready just in case they can’t find all the rest of the pieces. Deokmi says that they still have time. She will look for the paintings.

Deokmi hangs up and thinks about what Ryan said about Lee Sol’s paintings. He thought, if he got all the paintings then he might be changed again. Deokmi wonders who paints those images, but then she thinks she will find the paintings first.

She goes to her Shian Is My Way website and tells everyone to contact her if they know Lee Sol or if they have seen a similar painting.

In the morning, Shian’s mother goes to see Ryan Gold at his house. She asks if he is surprised and brought breakfast sandwhiches for him to eat. She says that she made etra for him. He sees a cut on her hand that looks like it might have been a surgery incision. She tells him that she makes pretty good sandwhiches. He thanks her and takes them happily.

She mentions that she came to say sorry because it looks like Shian might bother him a lot based on how much he talks about him. Ryan says it is no problem. Umma tells Ryan that she is so happy that he has a nice hyung upstairs. Ryan says it is no problem at all. Shian’s Mom thanks him again and then walks off saying that he should be busy.

Ryan takes the food inside and then happily calls Deokmi. She answers right away. Ah, he tells her to come outside right now. He is actually on her terrace so some time must have gone by. He brought the food with him and tells her that he has breakfast, Shian’s mother made this for him and thanked him for being Shian’s friend.

Deokmi is so happy and takes a lot of photos of the food. Ryan then asks her why she is looking at him so strongly, she says she is doing it because her lion is so cute. He asks if it is because of Shian’s sandwich? She says no, it is because you thought of me with the sandwiches. Thank you.

She gives him a peck. he says he likes perfect symmetry, so give me another kiss on the other side. She tells him that is enough for today. then they hurry off to work. But then Shian calls in the car. Shian asks for a favor, he wants a date with his mother in the art gallery. Can he do it after hours. Ryan says that he wil think about it. But then Deokmi kisses him on the other cheek so Ryan relents and says he can do it only this one time. They playfully banter about something fun and then drive off.

Deokmi is at the printing company giving instructions when she sees Eunki’s mother walking in. She is there to ask what she wants for her birthday, she can do anything but something expensive. Deokmi asks for an original photo of Ryan. Eunk’s mom says she must really like him, okay I will give them all to you. Then they start to talk about Lee Sol. Deokmi asks her if she knows about this artist or these paintings and shows them to her. She has seen them before but says that her post menopausal brain is affecting her today. Deokmi tells her to let her know if she remembers.

Deokmi walks off to the library.

VO – I don’t remember the name, but there was one freshman that even the professors where interested in. I heard she went abroad, but I did not hear that she debuted. We heard a rumor that she gave birth to a baby. I think it was similar. But the name is Lee Sol?

Deokmi finds the student painting and sees that the name is Kong Eun-young, Shian’s mothers name.



Elsewhere, Seung-min plays with his son on the playground. The son cutely asks what love is. he starts to talk about a girl that likes another hyung in another class. Appa asks him why he doesn’t just like someone else. The kid says it is difficult. He even fell in front of her on purpose because when she smiles I am happy. Appa, this is love right? Appa smiles and says his son is better than him. He gives him his icecream back.

In the museum, Deokmi continues looking up things about Kong Eun-young and wonders if the style could only be similar? But what if it really is Ryan’s mother? Ryan comes in to tell someone to bring something to him and smiles at Deokmi as he leaves. Deokmi runs after him and asks if he is going to see the painting with Shian and his mtoher? 

Ryan says that he thinks Shian wants to see that painting and the date is just an excuse. He asks why. Deokmi says it is nothing. But her words are super pregnant.

Cut to Shian and Eun-young walking in. they talk playfully about the sandwiches. Shian asks when she gave it to Ryan and says that sandwich is a special sandwich, not for everyone.

They start to walk around with Shian on the date with his mom. While they happily look at the paintings, Ryan kind of has a feeling. Then Shian asks if they can see the painting? Ryan takes them to his office where the mother looks at the painting with watery eyes and filled with emotion. She excuses herself to the restroom.

Deokmi waits outside the restroom for her and then makes sure she is okay when seh comes out. Eunyoung says that she is okay, it is just that she hasn’t seen that painting in awhile. Deokmi asks if she is Lee Sol? She says a similar painting in a graduation yearbook. Eunyoung says she is not Lee Sol anymore, she didn’t protect that name. The painting that she couldn’t protect….I dont’ deserve to be called that name. I don’t want to reveal it. Can I not? Deokmi agrees.

Meanwhile in the office, Shian asks Ryan if he thinks they can get all the paintings. he also says that his mother hates that they are showing the paintings. But he wants to do it. He wants to give the name Lee Sol back to her. He explains that this is a painful painting for his mother.

Ryan has thunder hit him at that moment which turns to lightning as Eunyoung comes back inside and says, “Son”. He gets a super flashback to the memory that he is trying to remember for all these years and actually sees his mothers face in the memory. 

Eunyoung thanks the director for his time, but Ryan is so overcome with the realization that he can’t speak.



Elsewhere, Sunjoo listens to her part-timer playing the guitar. But he says that they should talk about her husband, she always forgives him for breaking cups, so why not her husband? She tells him that when you have no expectations then it is easy to forgive, she had no expectations for him to get better in the cafe. But she did for her husband and he betrayed her so it is difficult to forgive him. The person who regrets making her love him should die. he asks if she thinks she wants to remove all the good memories of him as well as if he n ever existed at all? He starts to play a nice song that makes her smile and comments on her and her husbands story. She tells him not to act anymore and they start to laugh. Her husband was listening crouched outside the cafe.

Meanwhile, Ryan is sitting alone in his office thinking about the woman that left him at the orphanage who said he is not her son and the woman that said that Shian was her son. Deokmi comes in to talk to him and asks, you know it, right?

Ryan – How did you know?

DM – I just kind of found out on accident

Ryan – I feel strange. The last three years I was looking for her but I had no clue and she just shows up in front of me like this. I can’t realize it. It is kind of difficult to wrap my head around it.

DM – If you dont’ want to talk about it now, you dont’ have to. If you need time alone, just tell me.

he nods.

DM – Well, it is 10pm. So, until tomorrow morning, 12 hours, I will endure it. See you tomorrow morning.

She smiles at him, but he is too into his thoughts to smile back.

On the way home, he thinks about his memory.

VO – I saw that painting before I was Ryan…..Lee Sol might be someone I know…..

Ryan starts to remember all the tiny clues he has had as he has been in Seoul. He pulls the car over and sits for a moment as he is lost in his feelings. He thinks about Deokmi telling him that even though he said he is okay, his heart can’t be okay. 




Deokmi goes to the cafe, but it is closed. Eunki shows up as well and says that Sunjoo is always not there when they need them. Deokmi tells him that he is the same, he is never there when she needs a friend. He asks if he can cancel what he said and go back? They end up sitting and drinking a lot of beer as they talk about their birthdays and how they should give their mothers gifts. Deokmi jokes that she should give her mother a gift for giving birth to too pretty of a girl. 

then they start to talk about Eunki’s father and if he is ever curious about him? Eunki says he does not care about him. If he is curious about him then it would seem like he misses him, but he lived his entire life without him. deokmi thinks that he should wonder thought? Eunki says yeah, but he shoudl wonder about him and miss him. It would make him made whether he lives well or does not live well. He thought about which was better, but it was too much to think about so he erased it from his brain.

Deokmi apologizes and asks why he never told her about this before. Eunki says he has nothing to be sorry for, he has her and his mothers and father, they did everything for him. If he talks about his real father, then it is like betraying them. Deokmi says their parents would understand. He mentions that this is why he is not a man to her. She says that their time machine is all done and starts to walk off. he tells her good bye. She turns and tells him that it was nice to se her friend again that she spent her entire life with, her Eunki a-hole (but she says it in a playful way).

Meanwhile, Ryan is finally heading to his door and sees Shian standing there. He thinks about all the things Shian said to him about those paintings and him calling him hyung and how it was fate that the met. Ryan starts to walk by him even though Shian happily calls him hyung. Ryan says it is late and goes inside right away. Shian is left outside saying he wanted to tell him something. But Ryan closed the door.

Deokmi is at home in bed thinking that she shold not call Ryan. Then her mother calls and says that Eunki is busy on their birthday so why doesn’t she just spend it with Ryan? She asks for his birthday and says she can prepare his birthday. The time and date….(she wants to do fortune telling for the two of them, lol).

Deokmi hangs up. Cindy tells them that Ryan may not know his birthday and time because he was adopted. Umma grows sad and says that he grew up really well. The father says he shold have had good foster parents. Umma says yes, there are a lot o good people in the world.

Scene change to Eunki calling Dain. he says that he is the director. The Judo director. She is all like, ahhhhhhh, the Judo guy. She sits back in her seat and calls him goojil goojil (which means an untidy or dirty person or pathetic or something like that). He usually calls her goojil goojil. he is all like, how can you call me pathetic? You are the one that was sloppy drunk. they continue to argue about that. 

She asks what is up. He starts to ask about what happens when you stop liking someone. She says that you can stay friend and not to worry about being single. If you want to drink then just tell me. He says he wants to drink but he doesn’t want to drink (?) he also doesn’t want to ruin her business and will think with a sober head. When he hangs up he calls her friend.




Ryan gets a call from Deokmi. He says it is too late of a morning call. She tells him to open the door. When he does, she hops into his arms and says that 12 hours was too long, she could not wait. So they chat and eat breakfast in his place that she brought for him.

He is happy to have her there and says that she surrendered because she was hungry, not because she missed him. She is all okay, I will stop eating. She puts her food down on the table. Then she tells him that he is the one that told her not to decide too quickly about Eunki. He should also not decide too quickly and to never forget that she is on his side.

He is about to kiss her but she motions that he will pass out because she has an espresso. He tells her to wash her mouth out first and quickly hands her a drink.

At work, Cindy is super detailed about the business plan with her little gallery. They are so impressed. Cindy says that she is the PK Groups daughter so this is basics to learn. Deokmi tells her that seh did a good job and gives her more work to do.

Then Shian calls Deokmi and asks if he can steal her away. She is so happy and asks, just you and me? She goes outside to meet him, he says he is sorry to call with such short notice. Then he says that it seems like Ryan is not so happy. Is is about the exhibition? I didn’t mean to lie to him about it. But it became that way.

Deokmi says that he wouldn’t be angry about that kind of thing. Shian says that he wanted to do this for his mother, she hurt her hand before he was born and can’t paint anymore. Deokmi remembers back to the mothers hand.

Shian – So those bubbles are the only thing she drew with the name of Lee Sol. My grandfather threw them all away so she would forget about everything. My mother cried a lot about it. My mother was always my fan. As her fan, I want to make her dream come true, can you help us?

DM – Yes.

Shian – Thank you so much!

He heads out, Deokmi looks a bit worried.

Inside, Ryan talks to Dain over the phone about the concept and then hangs up. He starts to remember happily playing with his mother with bubbles on their octapang. But then he gets a call that seems very important.

Meanwhile, Deokmi is at her desk wondering why there are 9 paintings. She remembers Ryan at the theme park amidst bubbles and doing all the fun things at the theme park. it seems like what Yoonjae liked is always in his mind. (Ryan is Yoonjae or maybe Eunjae)

Ryan is looking at paintings as says that Deokmi’s mother called her for her birthday and says that she was going to eat dinner with her boyfriend, however he doe snto know about it so do you have another boyfriend? He is being annoyed about it. Deokmi is apologetic but fires back and says that he wanted to be alone so she couldnt tell him, hellooooo. They playfully argue about that. Deokmi mentions that her mother asked for his birthday and time. he is all like, why? Sh says that her mother goes to a fortune teller often. But she goes too far sometimes. Ryan is happy about it but he says he does not know what time he was born.

DM – When is your birthday?

Ryan – September is when I was adopted

DM – Don’t you wonder when your real birthday is?

She holds his hand

DM – Would you like to find out?

VO – That is my name that I didnt’ protect. that painting I could not protect.

DM – I am not asking you to forgive her, but maybe it would be worse when you meet her. You should at least meet her in person. If you dont’ like it I am always on your side so I can get your revenge with you.

She puts up her fists.

Ryan – Okay, I will meet her first and tell you. I thought about it last night – why I cried when I first saw that painting.




He thinks abck to a memory of blowing bubbles and telling his mother to look at him. The bubbles made him think of it.

VO – Happiness and missing someone (or nostalgia for a time), that is what I felt when I saw the painting. I know it can be a temporary thing. Nothing changes that I am an abandoned kid. But I want to move forward, I have someone to walk with together and move forward together. It won’t be easy.

DM – But it will be okay.

Ryan smiles at Deokmi, but later on we see him waiting somewhere very seriously. He takes a deep breath and swallows deeply, then rings the bell.

Shian’s mother comes out. She tells him that Shian is not there, Ryan tells her that he wants to show her something.

She follows him up to her place and opens his private gallery room for her to go inside. He hesitantly and slowly walk in behind her.

In her place, Deokmi tries to write about the bubble painting But she is finding it hard to find the right words so she erases them. Then she starts again.

VO – The bubble that holds little kids toys….

Ryan stands with Eunyoung as they look at the two paintings he has.

Mother – I heard it from Shian that you liked Lee Sol’s paintings, that is why you wanted to do the exhibition. But, I have to ask you something.

Ryan – Do you remember the name Yoonjae?

he can’t look at her so he looks at the floor and his fist is gripped very tightly.

Ryan – I am Yoon-jae.

She stares at him, shocked, and her eyes are filled with tears. He looks up at her as well, he is teary too.

Ryan – Heo Yoon-jae.

VO – The one gaze looking at the bubbles, this painting contains a mothers love looking at the bubbles…..ah, why do I feel so alone?

Ryan keeps looking at Eun-young and he keeps looking at her. it is tense between them, though it also is like they both want a big hug.

Fade Out



I love that Ryan took the reveal into his own hands. Though it is weird for Shian’s mama to follow him up into his place, however, she did go there before so theres that. I also think she had a bit of a feeling about him and was very curious about him, so she would follow him basically anywhere practical.

I doubt she expected to get that reveal though. Awkwaaaaaaard.

We plan on picking up either One Spring Night or Angel’s Last Mission: Love (or The Only Love) which both aired today. We might be able to do one on Wednesday/Thursday and the other on Friday/Saturday. Though we may only be able to do one. We’ll see!


Preview for episode 14 is above, the English translation is below!

DM – Are you okay? Where are you? Director?

EK – Sorry to make you uncomfortable, i am really sorry.

Shian – I was right, hyung.

DM – If it is difficult as Heo Yoonjae, just think that you came here as Director.

EY – If I made you feel uncomfortable, it is okay if you leave

SJ – Heo Yoonjae?

EK – Why does Deokmi talk about that all of a sudden?

SJ – that is Ryan’s Korean name

Ryan – Can you show me Lee Sol’s last piece?

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  1. Casserole
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    Thanks so much for your recaps! This drama is soooooooo cute. Wednesday mornings are infinitely better with them 🙂

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  2. w
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    ahh as expected angst is coming

    • V
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      The angst is here! Much more to come in the next episode as everyones personal space becomes very evident.

  3. Rose
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    Thanks for the recap V! One thing i like about this drama is that they dont eat up 2 or 3 eps to resolve an issue. 1 1/2 eps the most 😆

  4. Ann
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    Please, please do Angels Last Mission – Love next. It’s a beautiful show and has huge potential to be a hit. I think I’m goig to love it even more than her private life and I love me some “her private life.”

  5. Rose
    May 22, 2019 / 8:20 pm

    Just finished watching this episode. I wonder why DMs mom reacted that way when she found out that Ryan was adopted? Like theres a guilt or regret in it. Makes me wonder is DMs mom was somehow involved with Ryan being put in the orphanage or she knows the story why Ryan was put in the orphanage? Or im just over-thinking it? 😆

    • Anonymous
      May 23, 2019 / 1:51 am

      I actually thought that maybe she’s the one in Ryan’s memory who says “I’m not your mom”. The voice is distorted but the speaking mannerism sounds like hers. Could be totally wrong though. But she did reminisce about the bubble memory with the 3 kids and it seems like more of a sad/regretful memory to her. Hopefully it doesn’t cause a conflict for our couple!

      • Rose
        May 23, 2019 / 6:23 am

        My thoughts exactly! DMs mom (maybe) was supposed to takecare of Ryan when he was a kid when his mom disappeared but maybe need to give him up for adoption coz financially she cant anymore? Thats why she looks like theres a regret the way she speaks when she found out that Ryan was adopted. If thats the case, it could cause a little rift with our couple.

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