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Her Private Life: Episode 11 Live Recap

Korean Drama Her Private Life episode 11 recap
Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

(It is a last week rewind over here as we have another graduation to go to this week! We will start the recap as soon as we get back which will probably be around noon-ish (11 am or 12 pm) though we could start later or earlier. We will update everyone on Twitter when we are about to get going!)

It feels like ten years have passed since the last episode of Her Private Life, that is how long this week has been! I am so happy to dive right in and absorb all the splendor of first love without all that angsty stuff from the last episode. Though, of course, we will have some backstory that will reach into the present to affect Ryan. Hopefully our couple will address that strongly together. And of course, our little adorable Shian will be there as well (and possibly a big part of it!).

Also, so happy to get back to recapping! We are super busy with work. The end of spring is always a busy time as people prepare to go on summer vacation and all the work has to get done before that happens. Hopefully things start to calm down in a couple weeks!

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Ryan drives up to Deokmi’s place and waits in the car as he wonders if he is too early. So he leans on his steering wheel and looks up at her apartment. That is when he sees her leaving with  Eunki and it dawns on him that Eunki is wearing the same clothes that he saw on him last night.

Deokmi and Eunki see Ryan as soon as they get to the bottom of the steps, so Deokmi hides behind Eunki. Ryan and Eunki have that super awkward and long stand off where someone was about to get punched in the face, but then Ryan tells Deokmi that is it okay, she should come out, and he calls her by her online Shian Is My Way name. 

Deokmi peeks her head around Eunki, stunned.

Foreboding music plays for some reason.

Ryan – I am sorry, I didn’t plan to pretend that I did not know it.

DM – If you knew it then you should have told me!

Ryan – Should I just tell you that here?

DM – Lets go somewhere and talk!

She pulls him away with Enki calling her name. Sunjoo comes out of the apartment at that time and sees Ryan and Deokmi driving off. She is stunned and runs down the steps to talk to Eunki about what is going on. But then her husband runs up and tells her that he is so sorry, it is all my fault. She is still annoyed and tells him to apologize in court.

Seung-min tell sher that they are family, think of our son, we spend so much time together. She tells him, F-you, it does not matter. it is so easy to be strangers. He tells her that actually, gunwoo ~. She asks what about him? Then she takes off running with her husband. It looks like something might be up with their son.

Wunki sits on the steps alone looked super bummed.




While driving, ryan thinks about Deokmi bouncing down the steps with Eunki and thinks about ShinAhGil stuff. Deokmi is also fumming about it silently as she wonders how long he has known that she is ShinAhGil. Ryan is fumming silently about how long Eunki and Deokmi have been living together or sleeping over at each others place or something like that. he also wonders how she can hide once she saw him? It makes his skin burn with rage. But he keeps it in.

They are both raging silently. Deokmi asks Ryan where they are going, he says she will know when they get there. She tells him that he has a right to know! She calls him narrow minded. They end up driving right by a Shian concert? No, they go to his building.

While still in the car, Ryan asks what Shian’s schedule is today. She spits it out easily. But she also asks why they are here? He tells her that they are educated, they should not fight on the street. Shian has already left so lets go.

They ride the elevator up looking awkward as he stands near the door and she stands near the back. She wonders why they will go to his apartment and fight. They kind of get into a little bit in the elevator, but not really. Then the elevator doors open, its Shian! So Ryan hides Deokmi as if he is kissing her and they were caught. 

Shian is so awkwardly happy that they two of them are in that position. He is all like, is that Curator Sung? He kind of giggles and tells them that he will catch the next one. Ryan gives him a thumbs up. Whenn the elevator doors close again Ryan tells Deokmi some kind of explanation with a fan girl word. She is all like, how do you know that word? He says that he had to learn it because of his fan girl girlfriend.

Cut to the cafe where Sung-joo’s son is singing a happy song, but then he sits like he is crying at the end of the song as soon as Sunjoo comes in. Ah, this was all appa’s plan. Appa signals to his son on what to do, like, he motions for the son to tell his umma that appas heart hurts. This is kind of cute. The part timer was also playing music at the time and starts to play a spanish guitar song when Sunjoo leaves with their son.

Sunjoo gets to the judo gym and lets her son play as she talks to Eunki. She tells him that deokmi is dating Ryan. She says it hasn’t been too long that they have formally dated. She told Deokmi not to tell him because she actually does not know how Eunki feels. Eunki seems to understand and tells Sunjoo to leave since it is his lass time. But he asks her, you are on my side right?

Sunjoo says, of course, I am on your side. he tells her that she is good at lying. He also tells her that she should listen to hyung, maybe he did not mean it. She tells him not to be on his side! She is about to hit him, he easily blocks her hand and then goes to teach the kids class.

back in Ryan’s apartment, Ryan and Deokmi are at a stand off in his office as he sits behind his desk and she sits in his seat. He asks if Eunki slept there? She said yes. He wonders how she is so confident in saying that. Your boyfriend saw a man leaving your place. Deokmi mentions that he did not see Sunjoo, she had a bad day so they were drinking together.

Deokmi also talks about how Eunji is her family, it has always been like that and it will be like that in the future. Ryan begrudgingly says, okay. She says that they should talk about him, how come he did not tell her that she is ShinAhGil? He says that hiding that she is ShinAhGil is the bigger problem. She mentions that she did not plan it, but he says that it looks like she did. Everything seh did was perfect in hiding things.

She says, well, okay, I planned to hide it, but I did not plan to like you. He is all like, how mugh do you like me? She says, a lot! But she kind of cuts herself off as he smiles and asks what he is doing right now. It is a nice moment where the tension is he apologizes to her for not letting her know that he knew. She also apologizes for hiding it and asks when he knew. Ryan says it was right before they visited the photographer, there was a lot of circumstantial evidence, but the critical thing was her writing on her note.

She asks if he was surprised or anngry? He says a little bit. She wonders if he hated her? Did he think she was strange? He says not at all, he was surprised and a little angry but he did not hate it because he got to get to know her better. So, lets introduce ourselves to each other formally. Hello ShinAhGil, sorry about what happened at the airport.

But he also says that she fell at the airport because he pushed her, so he is sorry as well. She mentions that they dont’ have any secrets now. He says no, but then he thinks….she asks what is it? Cut to her saying, Latte? LATTE? You are Latte!

She starts to run around the room pushing and hitting him as he apologizes and asys that he wanted to learn more about her! It was good for him. He teases her a bit. She covers his mouth and pushes him, they both fall on the couch and cuddle. Though she still wants to stay upset. He tells her that she should teach him how to be a fan girl. It is so cute to see her doing fan girl stuff. I want to be your fan boy. Deokmi Is My Way.

She tells him fangirling is not easy, but fan girling is to be happy just when you see that person. You don’t touch, you are just happy seeing them. that is the rule. He says that he will be happy just seeing her then. She does not think he can do it. So they sit up and he looks at her on the couch. She is all like, see, just lookin at having fun.

he starts to unbutton his shirt. She is all like, um, why are you unuttoning your shirt. He says it is a little hot. She tries to start talking again, but he takes off his watch. She asks him why he is taking off his watch, he says his wrist hurts.

She starts to talk about fan girling again, but then says that he is so cute. So they start to kiss and cuddle on the couch. But he says that he was just supposed to look at her, she tells him that she can do everything. they are about to get into it when the bell rings.

Ryan wonders if that is Cha Shian? Deokmi grows super nervous and hides in the back room. But it is actually Cindy at the door.



Ryan opens and asks what is going on without an appointment. Cindy asks who wins if Ryan fights her mother? Can he win over her? He is all like, I don’t understand. Cindy tells him that her mother does not want to do Shian’s exibition! 

Then Deokmi comes to the door in one of Ryan’s shirts (to hide her signature fan girl outfit). Cindy is all like, um, wtf?

They all go inside to sit on the couch, Cindy is all like, why do you always wear someone elses clothes in their home? Ryan tells her to cut to the chase. 

So we see a flashback of Cindy’s mother catching her about to fan girl and stopping her in the act right in front of their place. Cindy tried to lie and say that she is going to work. But her mother sees right through that. She asks her if she saw that documentary about fan girl’s wrong love? There was a stalker “Cindy” in it. I realized who that person was. That stalker was my daughter. My husband is in the news and my daughter is in a documentary. My husband is in money laundering fraud and my daughter is a stalker. YOUUUUUUUUU. ARGHHHHHHHH. I HAAAAAAATE HAAAAAATE HAAAAATE.

Cindy – So, she said that an Idol will never ever show their painting in her gallery, she said that.

Ryan – Your mother does not have that kind of power.

Cindy – She is the chairperson and will become the head of the cultural center in our company. She can influence the decision.

Ryan stands up in alarm and then sits again.

Cindy – Can you still win over her? I really want to do his exhibition.

Deokmi looks at Ryan as if letting him know that she really wants to do it too.

Ryan says that he will figure it out so you can leave now. Cindy is about to leave, but tells him that she has never said this to anyone before but – can I borrow some money?

Cut to Ryan paying for the taxi outside. Deokmi tells her that if she got kicked out from home then maybe she should not take a taxi and should pay a jimjilbang first (or something like that). Cindy says she will stay there for at least a week, or maybe 3 days…how much is the jimjilbang? 

Deokmi tells Ryan that she will take Cindy with her. Ryan is all like, you are leaving? Deokmi tells her that Cindy only knows about fan girl things, nothing else. She can’t leave her alone. Ryan asks why they dont’ just send her to a hotel, you shouldn’t leave.

Deokmi smiles and says that she will take her, but she won’t take her to her house. Scene change to Deokmi and Cindy at an apartment complex. Cindy is all like, um, can’t I stay somewhere else? It looks like they are at Deokmi’s parents place. Deokmi tells her that this is her best option between her home and the street so just come on. But she cannot talk about fan girl things while there.



Inside, Deokmi’s umma asks Deokmi why she looks like that. Deokmi says it is the boyfriend look. Umma still thinks Deokmi is single and says that she doesn’t meet anyone because she looks like that. Cindy is about to say that she dates Ryan, but Deokmi gives her a signal not to. Then Umma starts get things ready for Cindy to stay there. CIndy looks around like she is an alien to a normal mother daughter relationship.

Deokmi calls Eunki to say that she is staying at moms. he tells her to come to the playground. Deokmi then gives Cindy clothing. Cindy is all like, will we both sleep in this room? Deokmi tells her she can go home and sleep in her big bedroom if she wants (sarcastically). Cindy takes the clothes and keeps quiet.

then Deokmi goes outside to talk to Eunki. She still treats him like a brother. He tells her to sit on the swing set.

EK – Deokmi, this morning yo heard that I like you

DM – Oh! Right! You did it to help me?

EK – Don’t take it so lightly. To me, you are not family and not a friend. You are a woman.

Long pause.

EK – I like you, Deokmi. *smiles* Don’t be intimidated.

Deokmi tries to take it all in.

DM – Eunki, I – like the director. He and I – .

EK – i know, you and your director are dating. But I only did judo for my entire life. I can’t just live without playing it. I am not asking you to take me as a man now. Even if it takes time. I can wait for you. Goodbye.

He smiles as he walks away. Deokmi looks regretful.

inside, Cindy walks to the living room. Umma asks her if she can’t sleep? Cindy says yes, so umma says she can’t sleep also and tells her to come to her. She puts a sweater she is sewing up to her and thinks that it might be too wide. Then she asks her to roll the yarn if she is awake. Cindy asks who she is making it for? Umma says it is just her habit of making knitted clothing. It is not as pretty as new clothing. Deokmi does not wear it. Cindy says it is pretty.

Umma is all like, oh! Well you can have it! Cindy is all like, I don’t mean I want to have it! i mean, I don’t mean that I don’t want to have it! I want to ask how much the yarn costs and your time? Umm says it is a big 5. Cindy is all like, huh? Big 5? Then Umma says T-H-A-N-K (coh-map-soom-ni-dah, which are five syllables for thank you in Korean).

This breaks the ice a lot so Cindy smiles. then she asks if she had an argument with her mother? You can only stay here one day since you argued with your mother and left home. Your mother will worry. Cindy says her mother will not worry. Umma says that she does not have to go back then and live in Deokmi’s room. But she is joking. She thinks CIndy will worry about her mtoher as well. She also wonders why Deokmi is not back yet. Deokmii comes in right then and looks pretty sad.

Deokmi goes to her room and thinks about Eunki liking her. Then her phone starts to ring, it is ryan so she thinks she has to take the phone call outside because Cindy is sleeping in the room as well. So she goes to the living room to talk.

Ryan – You dont’ sound to happy, what happened? Is it about Nam?

DM – How do you know?

Ryan – You don’t know that? I know everything about you

DM – Actually, Eunki said that he liked me.

Ryan – I know that, I also heard it. Are you telling me this to make me jealous?

DM – *smiles* we said we won’t keep secrets from each other

Ryan – Thank you for telling me, don’t think about it to hastily because he is your good family. I know that you won’t change your heart so don’t think that I won’t be jealous. Did Hyujin (CIndy) make trouble yet. You have two fan girls under one roof at your home. 

DM – If umma finds out then we will be kicked out. *laughs*

They keep talking about the fan girl things. Ryan says he has determination to protect his fan girl from her mother. Deokmi says that it sounds more like he is making fun of her. They keep joking into the night.



Scene change to Sunjoo and her husband in the cafe. He is still trying to apoloize and says that he did not want to do it because of her and Deokmi, but his sunbae can send him anywhere so if he did it then he can go to the entertainment department. Sunjoo asks, you had to do it for me? You wanted to do documentary stuff and not entertainment, yet you did this for me?

She sits up and says that the bad thing about him is that he hurt someone and now he acts like the victim. Do I really have to pity you in this situation? He says he should have told her form the begining, he did not know why he did it. She says, I can tell you why, because you don’t have to. Even if I get angry and yell at you, you just need to avoid the situation. you think I can’t divorce you as a married woman and mother, you had all those calculations in your head. Oppa, you stabbed me using family as a shield and hid behind our son. 

She gets up to leave. He asks where she is going? She says, where can I go? I am going home. Then she pulls her arm away and leaves.


At the museum the next day, Cindy gives Deokmi a usb and says that this is her payment for staying. It is the original patch. She is not taking those photos anymore and I -AM-S-O-RRY (jeh-so-hap-ni-dah, it is also 5 syllables like the “thank you” that Deokmi’s mother told her). She goes back to her computer.

Then the two other employees gasp about something that is on the computer. Deokmi awlks over to look. It is actually a painting that looks like it is important. Deokmi shows it to Ryan, he asks where she found it. He is very interested. He asks Deokmi all sorts of questions like, did she contact the person who owns it?

Deokmi says that it is in an art gallery right now and she is about to go there. So Ryan says he will go there as well. But he does take a moment to thank Yoosub which makes his day. Kyungah wonders if Ryan is starting to like them?

In the gallery, a woman explains the art that they have in their gallery. They put a lot of art behind the scenes that is unable to be displayed. Ryan says he can look for it and finds the art he is looking for almost right away. He picks it up and looks at it as if it is the most emotionally resonating piece in the world.

They end up buying the painting, Deokmi does all the deals for it as Ryan continues to look at it. After Deokmi gets everything straight, she asks Ryan something but he is way to engrossed in the painting. So she thinks back to a few other instances with painting things and holds his hand. He looks at her, stunned at first, then smiles. She smiles too, but it is more of a smile to give him strength and assurance.

On their way out, she tells him that she can ask someone in their gallery to revive the painting. She also says that she will go get something nearby, wait right here. She goes to an icecream place and buys the icecream to take to Ryan. the icecream has a windmill on it so Deokmi blows it to make it move and tells Ryan that he is cute when he smiles. She then tells him that the professor is the best one to restore paintings, so it will be restored.

Ryan says he is sorry he was so into his emotions back then. Deokmi says she was also a bit sad to see the paintings in the warehouse, so she says that they should never let themselves get stored in a warehouse, they should take care of each other. Ryan nods.



Elsewhere, Dain and Shian work on his music together in the studio when his manager gets a call. The director found another painting of Lee Sol. Shian tells his manager not to bother him, he is with his girlfriend. It is good, he has been with her all day. Dain tries to ignore this.

Back at ryan’s place, Ryan looks at the painting which is now hanging on his wall. He thinks back to seeing a woman working on it when he was a child. But then his bell rings, it is Shian. He really wants to see the painting. Ryan says it is damaged, he will let him see it after seeing a professional person to restore it. Shian looks a bit bummed, more that it is damaged than anything. Ryan says that he does not have to worry because they have a very good person to restore it.

They start to talk about Seeing all of Lee Sol’s paintings together, he can’t wait to see them. Ryan asks him, do you want to eat chicken? But he says it with jongdaemal (“chicken mogo-le-yo”). Shian asks him if he can just say “chicken mogo-le?” it sounds better in banmal. Ryan says that so Shian tells him, see, that is much better!

Scene and time change to Deokmi and Ryan talking to the professor who will restore the painting. He says he can do it because it does not have that much damage. Deokmi walks him out then walks back into the room with Ryan.

DM – Director, what do you do after work?

Ryan – Do you want to do something?

DM – I need to clean my house, because my boyfriend is coming over.

Ryan – What?

DM – Come to the penthouse after work, though not too quickly please.

At home, we see Deokmi preparing herself to clean. She thinks that Ryan knows everything anyway, so she will let him see it properly. She starts to straighten up and wonders if there are too many paintings of Shian around? But she also thinks that Ryan knows everything so it should be okay.

Ryan head to her place with cake and wine. Deokmi keeps straightening up and fluffs the pillows with Shian’s face on them. though she does apologize to his face as she does it.

Surprisingly, Deokmi’s mother comes by unexpectedly and sees all of Shian’s things all around. Deokmi is stunned. 

Mom – Is this why you left home? To become independent or whatever!

DM – Mom, it is not like that.

Umma starts to run all over the house hitting Deokmi with the pillows, it is a playful and yet dangerous atmosphere as Umma takes out all her frustrations on her daughter with Shian’s pillow.

Ryan shows up and protects Deokmi from getting hit by her mother. Umma is stunned and drops the pillow right away.

Umma – You should have told me that you are expecting a guest. By the way….director, why are you?

Ryan – We are dating.

Umma – *stunned* Are you really dating Deokmi?

Ryan – Yes, we haven’t dated for a long tiem though.

Umma – Deokmi’s room is like this but, IT ALL BELONGS TO ME! My husband does not like it so I put it all here!

DM – Umma, he knows that I like Idols.

Umma – Really? You know this and still like her?

Ryan – Yes. I was attracted to her because she so passionately did fan girl things. *but his face looks like he will burst from embarrasment*

DM – See, I couldn’t date anyone because I was a fan girl, you know.

Umma – I didn’t stop you from fan girling, not because you couldn’t date anyone but because you got hurt. Did you hear the story about the broken arm as a high school senior.

Ryan – that is why she had to wait a year to go to college

DM – Mooooooommmmmm

Umma – thank you for undrstanding my daughter but, please don’t let her hurt her body

Ryan – It will never happen, I will protect her. *smiles*

Umma – My deokmi…please…

DM – I will take you back! Lets go!

She walks her mother out. Ryan finally has a chance to look around at all her Shian things. Outside, Umma is about to yell at her daughter again, but holds it in and tells her that seh should not break her arm again! You should also clean better! If you can’t, then call me!

Deokmi sends her a hand heart and then a finger heart as her mother walks down the steps. Her mom is like, ugh, go away to your boyfriend already.



Deokmi goes back inside and asks Ryan if it was different than what he thought? Ryan says yes, it is strange. What are all these paintings and you only gave me a caricature of myself on a sheet of paper? And what about my flower? Why is it over here? You have this central location. 

DM – Are you jealous of Shian?

Ryan – I am not, ha-ha-ha.

She kisses him quickly.

Ryan – What did you do?

DM – I stopped your mouth because it is so cute.

Ryan – What is this one?

She starts to explain that it is a water bottle from 2014 at an event. Shian gave it to me, he through it at me really precisely so I could have it. Ryan starts to ask about more of the fan girl things. They treat it like an exhibition as Deokmi goes around explaining all the fan girl exhibits.  Ryan says that her art really portrays his look well. She tells him that his look is out of this world so you can’t paint his beauty. She laughs though is probably serious. Ryan laughs too.

She pulls her stuffed animal and says it is a rare item. She also says that she is so happy that she can come clean about all this. Ryan is happy about it too but he says that it also feels like they are not alone there. They look around at the fan boy cut out of Shian. Deokmi smiles and says that Eunki chopped his head off once.

that night, Ryan sleeps at his place and has a nightmare about his mother leaving him. She says he is not his mom and runs away. Ryan sweats through the bad dream and wakes up pretty slowly and miserably. He sits up in bed and thinks about the dream reluctantly as he puts his hands over his face and closes his eyes.

Deokmi is sleeping when her phone rings. It’s Ryan, he asks her if she was sleeping. She hops up and says she wasn’t! It is too early! She then asks him what he was doing not sleeping? He says he was working. She thinks he should ask his employees to do it.

Ryan – My curator Sung is ~ .

DM – Curator Sung….what?

Ryan – I did not want her to work.

DM – So you can’t sleep?

Ryan – You should go to bed, don’t turn on the light.

DM – Where are you at?

She runs outside, the director is at his car standing and looking up at her place. She waves and he smiles. She tells him that she will be there, just wait! Then she runs downstairs.

DM – You raelly came here to see me. Daebak, I feel like I just won the lottery.

Ryan – You said there is no bigger lottery.

DM – I am telling you.

Ryan – Okay, I saw you so I will leave.

DM – Well, did you only come here to see me?

Ryan – All charged, sorry to bother you while sleeping, bye.

He starts to walk away. She runs up and back hugs him.

Ryan – Deokmi?

He turns around so she hugs him again.

DM – It is okay. We shouldn’t have secrets to each other, so, it is okay. You can cry.

He holds her tightly as she holds him and might be tearing up a little. Yep, the camera cuts to his side so we see him crying softly and then a little louder as she keeps holding him. 

Fade out



Love how they are getting closer. A bit lost as to how Deokmi knows so much about Ryan right now though, and why she is so surprised that he is at her house. I mean, he was just there earlier that night and has been there before unexpectedly (like at the beginning of the episode, yo). But I will go with it because we have plot points to get to, y’all! See you tomorrow!


Had to run before translating.

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