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Her Private Life: Episode 10 Live Recap

Her Private Life, courtesy tvN
Korean Drama Her private Life, courtesy tvN

(Just a heads up, we have a graduation to go to this morning so our recap will be pretty late today. Check twitter for when we will get started)

So, who thinks Ryan ran off as soon as he realized Deokmi would be alone in that woodshop? Because that is exactly what I think. Though getting confirmation (through Latte) that Deokmi actually did like him probably only added to his resolve. However, I don’t think he got that message way back at Dain’s place. He was probably already at the woodshop and got the ShianIsMyWay beep just outside. Otherwise, how in the world could he get there SO FAST. I think we’ll find out at the beginning of this episode.

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Rewind to Dain’s studio. Shian is sitting at the table ad turns to Ryan to say that this is fate, you and me hyung.

SA – See, we like Lee Son’s painting (flashback to the painting with Deokmi) We live in the same apartment (flashback to Ryan showing up to the art gallery and Deokmi was there) My favorite artist is your friend (Flashback to Deokmi and Ryan in the hospital) the jacket that curator noona wore (flashbackto Ryan giving Deokmi the jacket) those clothes caused all the trouble, but it is like fate, destiny.

Ryan smiles as he thinks about all the fate with him and Deokmi. Dain comes back so Ryan asks where curator Sung is. She says that she went to the studio because the wood is delivered today. I did not ask her, she volunteered for it. Shian wonders if she might not feel good today? She does not look that happy.

Flashback to Ryan asking when the meeting was to Deokmi, she said 2pm. He asked if they should meet at 1pm, she said no, she has a meeting somewhere and will go there afterward.

Ryan thinks about that as Deokmi voices over.

VO – If I don’t smile while I am looking at Shian, then it means that things are really really bad.

Ryan remembers Deokmi looking miserable in the kitchen, even though SHian is right in front of her.

SA – It is the first time I have not seen noona smiling, she always smiled at me I thought she was my fan but~.

Ryan – You two discuss, excuse me!

he hurries off. 

SA – Maybe he is going to noona?

Dain wonders as well.

Ryan gets to the outside of the studio and thinks that Deokmi should have told her if she was sick. He gets out his phone and hurries to the woodshop. 

Cut to him going into the woodshop, which is where we left off yesterday, he calls her name and looks around. She is in the back room looking like her heart is about to melt out of her body.

Ryan – Curator Sung…

DM – Director….I did not want to ask you this. I didnt’ want to ask. What was so difficult with fake dating me? Did you really hate it?

Ryan – *pause* yes.

DM – What did you hate so much? I didn’t call you everyday or ask you to date me all the time. It was just a little bit of pretending, was it really so difficult?….I really had soleda (pitter-patter like feelings). Why did you ~.

Ryan – Because it was fake.

He walks a bit closer to her.

Ryan – I hated it because it was fake. I want to do it for real.

he leans in and kisses her. This is the long kiss from yesterday.

VO – Excuse me…hello?….

They stop kissing and kind of hide in another part of the studio

Man – Hello? Is anyone here?

it looks like this is the delivery guy. he sees that no one is there so he leaves. Meanwhile, Deokmi and Ryan are continuing what they started in the room over as they kiss and kiss the evening away.


They are seriously going to town with these kisses. Ryan lightly pushes Deokmi onto a table and keeps kissing her.



Cut to Dain looking at her phone anxiously. Shian is still there and tells her that there are two months left for the exhibition, so we are short on time right? She directs her attention back to Shian and pleasantly asks which paintings he wants to put there.

Shian shows him that paintings he is thinking off. But then Dain gets a text and checks it. it is from the delivery person. he says that no one is in the studio, so he is leaving.

Back in the studio, Ryan accidentally knocks over some wood that makes a big noise, so they start laughing and then Ryan gives her a big hug. They happily looks at each other and their stomachs growl. Ryan tells her she is hungry, she denies it, he is all like, yes you are, she is all like, it is not me, it is the sound of digesting, I had coffee. He asks her if she wants to eat something so she chuckles and says yes. 

They are about to head out, but Deokmi has to grab her fan flashlight. He wonders what in the world that is so she has to say it is a flashlight, he smiles and says it’s cute, then they walk out.

Cut to Eunki and his husband-mom walking through a bookstore. Seyeon starts to talk about how their magazine is selling so well, maybe because of Ryan. Eunki asks her, what about me and Deokmi? Seyeon is all like, don’t joke, but Eunki is serious and says that he is the only one that knows her more than herself.

Meanwhile, Deokmi and Ryan are driving back and talking in the car. He asks her what she liked and when she had soleda. She is all like, huh? What are you talking about? He says that she told him, when did it start? When we took the fake datingn pictures or at the writers condo? Or at your house when my eyes were covered.

DM – Director! Lets eat kimbap! I did not eat it last time so I want to eat it, yum kimbap. Haha.

they end up going to her terrace octopang area to have kimbap. She tells him that hers are spicy, so he feeds it to her and then asks if she still didn’t clean her room? She asks if he is cold but he says he is okay and says that Seoul’s night view is nice. She says that the view of Seoul from his house is better.

She actually moved to that house because she liked the view, it is like a penthouse. He tells her that she can find a place with an elevator next time. She starts to give him a kimbap, but accidentally drops it. he tells her that this is not the first time she has ruined his clothing. She says it was twice, he asks how she can’t use chopsticks as a Korean. She is all like, I am good at chopsticks!

They start to banter back and forth about who is best at chopsticks and laugh at America vs Korea chopstick skills.

Elsewhere, Eunki and his husband-mom get to his place. She stops the car and says that she is sorry. She should have known that he liked Deokmi. he says that he actually did not know, he just realized it recently like a fool. he holds his moms hand happily and tells her to just support him, not be sorry to him, okay? Then he tells her goodbye and hurries off.

Back on the octapang-terrace, Ryan says that he will tell Dain and Shian tomorrow. 

Ryan – Sung Deokmi shi,

DM – Yes director *super big smile*

Ryan – Deokmi shi

DM – Yes director

Ryan – We are dating right?

DM – Yes, in Korea if you kiss and don’t date then you go to jail. *they both smile* so we are really dating.

Ryan – You sound so official

DM – Ah

Ryan – So, why don’t you say my name?

DM – Ryan….Ryan….

Ryan – Do you have anything that you can call me?

DM – *thinks about the time she cursed him out and smiles* I can call you comfortably.

He tells her that he will see her tomorrow and kisses her. Then he heads out. She swoons for days and goes inside her place floating on a cloud as she thinks about Ryan’s confession and his kiss. She giggles happily to herself and wonders if she can make her memory as a video that she can rewind and watch over and over again. She wants to capture it and clip it and makes meme’s with it.

She hops up and texts Latte on Shianismyway. He gets the text in his place.

Ryan checks his phone. 

Message: Maybe that person stepped back because they did not know your true heart. They did not know how you really felt and were afraid of getting hurt. Actually, I was like that so you should be brave and try one more time. Fighting.

Ryan sends her a message back.

Latte: Thank you ShinAhGil



The next day, Sunjoo and Deokmi talk abotu the bag that her husband bought for her. Deokmi tells her the good news, I am dating Lion! Sunjoo is super shocked and tells her to tell her EVERYTHING in detail. So Dukmi starts to whisper and giggle it all to Sunjoo.

Sunjoo is happy for her and says that she is all grown up now. She also asks if Eunki knows? Perhaps they should not tell him just yet. Sunjoo thinks that if she tells Eunki then her parents will know everything Deokmi thinks she should probably keep it secret. But Sunjoo knows that Eunki likes her and is a bit thoughtful. Deokmi happily asks for a latte to go.

At work, Deokmi runs into Ryan outside as they are both meeting in that underground place. Ryan actually bought Deokmi’s drink and Deokmi bought Ryans favorite, so they exchange. Adorable time as they both drink it and he slowly walks her to the wall. But he just leans against it with her so they are both have their backs to the wall as they make small talk about work and joke.

At home, Eunki is looking at old photos of them all when his step-parents come in. He asks if his suit is still there? Umma asks if he is attending a wedding? You are the one that should get married, don’t go to other peoples weddings. Wait here, I am not sure if I dry cleaned it. She heads to the back.

At work, the team all texts each other as they as what is going on with Curator Sung? They are group texting each other about how they don’t feel good about this, are they together again? No, no, no, no!

But then Ryan comes in and greets Deokmi pleasantly for a meeting. She greats him happily as well. So she tells everyone that they should head to the meeting. Everyone thinks that they must be dating again. 

In the meeting, Ryan and Deokmi are so googly eyed happy to each other. The team is all like, yuck. Though Ryan tries to make the meeting continue on. He asks Cindy about the Shian bags. Deokmi starts to cough a bit. Cindy pulls out al the Shian fan girl things from the bag. Ryan looks like he got an instant headache and asks if she has anything else?

So Cindy turns on her other idea which is to make a miniature exhibition and give that to people. It would be like a miniature art gallery. Ryan and Deokmi both like it. Cindy is happy abotu that and basically says, I told you so as she hugs her Shian pillow.

Afterward, Kyungah and Yoosub confront Deokmi and asks if they are dating again. They are so upset at their life right now. They both kind of try to get her to break up again and says that you can’t change a person! Couples will break up with the same reason as before! I saw a study on it! The director is bad, bad! Like a septic tank, you can’t smell how bad he is because you are mesmerized with his look!

Deokmi tries to reassure them and says that they need to remember that he is Sung Deokmi, she is okay if people talk bad about her. But I don’t tolerate that you talk bad about that Lion son of a b*tch, – no – my director. They area all like Cuuurator Suuuuung. She happily tells them to shut up and stop talking about it.

But once walking off, she runs right into Dain who is looking for Ryan. Everyone looks at Dain. Kyungah wonders if she is okay. Deokmi says, of course! I am okay! But it looks all for show.



Dain heads into Ryans office and starts to talk to him about yesterday. He apologizes for it sincerely and says he did not follow up with the meeting and did not get the wood, it will never happen again. Daina asks abotu Dungmi, did you get together, are you done with fake dating?

He says yes and asks about Shian, Dain says that she thinks she will enjoy it because he is a serious person. But she found something strange. The painting, that is the one that you bought in the NY gallery right? Ryan tells her that she has a good memory. Dain asks if this painting is the reason he asked her to join the team to have Cha Shian at the exibition? She also asks who Lee Sol is.

Ryan says that he is thankful to her and wants her to take good care of the exhibition with Shian. She tell shim not to ask her any questions. Ryan straightens up and says that he is looking forward to seeing her collaboration with Shian. She says that she is looking forward to see how long his day with Deokmi will last. Ryan asks if she is cursing them? Dain says no, she is looking forward to seeing it. But, by the way, why dont you ask me how I remember what happened to you three years ago? Aren’t you curious about it.

Ryan starts to say something, but Dain cuts him off by walking out. Ryan starts to wonder.

In the hallway, Dain and Deokmi pass each other and pause. Dain says that she did not lie to her, Ryan wanted to quit fake dating because he wanted to do it for real. Deokmi says that misinterpretation is also a crime. She is not looking at Dain. Dain asks if she trusted her more than Ryan’s heart? She smiles and continues out.

In the cafe, the part-timeer has te little judo guy on his lap as Eunki asks Sunjoo who she would choose if she was in Deokmi’s place, him or Lion? Sunjoo drops her cup. Eunkii is all like, what are you doing, are you becoming like Joohyuk? The part timer tells hyung that he does not break cups anymore. Eunki nods sarcastically and they tells Sunjoo that he will fix it.

Sunjoo says she will sit for awhile. So, Eunki is behind the counter when Dain comes in and angrily tells Eunki that she was so embarrased becuse of him! You told me that Lion and Deokmi are fake dating! Sunjoo coughs up her drink. Eunki asks Dain what she is talking about and mentions to her that she can exercise when seh has brain disorders okay? He gives her a flyer to his gym and then tells Sunjoo’s son that they can head there now. The son hops up and grabs onto Eunki’s leg as they walk away adorably to the Judo car.

In the car, the little cutie asks Eunki what his suit is? Eunki says it is his uniform today because he has an improtant thing to do.

In the offices, Cindy types nonsense things and looks like a zombie. She is upset because Dain is the visual director for Shian. We see her computer and see that all she wrote for the entire page is “….I’m mad, I’m mad, I’m mad….”. deokmi asks why she is so upset about it. Shian says it is because her oppa is with a pretty lady. She is good, but why is she pretty also!

Deokmi is secretly all like, yeah man, why. Ryan comes in then so Deokmi asks him if he is going home right now? He asks if he is the only one going home right now? Deokmi asks if everyone has anything else to do today?

She pleasantly looks around. Yoosub is about to say he has work. They all look at him with various expresions of NO YOU DON’T.  So Yoosub quietly says that he can do it tomorrow.

Deokmi and Ryan happily head out hand in hand talking. He asks he where she wants to go, she says that she will take him somewhere in her car! They run off.

Her car is actually the Seoul city tour bus so they wait at the bus stop as Ryan says that she has a big car. They get in the tour bus, which is an open top bus, and listen to the recording together because someone put a lot of effort into writing this script. But Ryan says he will not listen to it because he has a local person right there with him. Deokmi smiles.

Ryan then points to all the things and asks Deokmi what it is. 

Montage of their fun tour bus excursion together as they laugh and take selfies.



While still on the tour bus, Deokmi tells Ryan that this is the second part to their Seoul night tour. Ryan asks what about part one? She says that she showed him that at her pent house. She wanted to drive him around Seoul, but she does not have a drivers license yet. He says he likes his Seoul excursion and wonders why she has not gotten a drivers license yet. They have small talk about that and failing the exam. She tells him that she will register for it if he wants her to drive. He say no, he will do it.

They keep sitting and cuddling on the tour bus.

In the coffee shop, Sunjoo gives her part-timer a drink as he practices. The part-timer asks her if she will go home? She tells him that her mother is taking care of her son so he can keep practicing. Then she goes to her ShianIsMyWay online cafe club to see what is up. Everyone is excited to see the doctumentary but woner why the title is “wrongly directed love by fan girls.” It should not be that. It should be 21st century super hero fan girls. They keep talking about the title and wondering if they are ditching them? What is the name of the PD? Kang something?

Sunjoo is all like, what is going on here? Then the documentary starts to play. Sunjoo thinks back to her husband asking her all sorts of questions and acting suspicious about things. She is putting it all together and quickly calls him. 

the husband is in the call fretting. then his wife calls. He reluctantly answers. Sunjoo is sweet with her voice, yet psycho as well. She asks where he is at. He tells her tot hink of their son. She tells him that, wherever he is, he will cross a river, then she starts to sing a scary song and tells him to come home right now. Right. Now.

he goes to the cafe right away and probably says a few Hail Mary’s in his mind before running in and apologizing. Sunjoo tells her part timer to lock the door, today….I become a widow. YAAAAAAAAA! She chases her husabnd all over the cafe and throws everything seh can at him as the camera fade out.

Elsewhere, Deokmi and Ryan are sitting on a bench doing cute couple things together as they look at each other and peck playfully. They start to walk off after that, hand in hand. Deokmi tells him that, next time, they can take a ferry. Ryan says okay, they can ride everything in Seoul.

But she has to send a text because Eunki asked her if she has come home. Ryan asks if they are close. Deokmi says that she never really thought about how close they are. Ryan asks if that means they are that close? Deokmi tells him that Editor Nam is actually Eunki’s mother. She met her mother in the childbirth center but had some trouble so her mother raised her and Eunki as if they are twins, they are almost family. Ryan wonders if she thinks that Eunki thinks the same thing? He might think differently and think of her as a woman.

Deokmi says that a lot of people told us that we went to mixed school. We fought a lot, people talked about that. We are just like siblings. Ryan says that things can be different than when they were little. Sometimes you realize things later. Deokmi asks if he suspects her and Eunki. He says that he does not suspect her of anything because she might not realize it since they are together all the time. 

She asks about him? you are good friends with Dain. Ryan says she is not really his friend, but he likes her as an artist. He likes her work. Dain likes him as a director and trusts him as an artist. Deokmi asks if he thinks she feels the same as him? It could be different. Deokmi then walks off and Ryan catches up. They walk hand in hand again.

Meanwhile, Eunki is looking in a mirror as he straightens his tie and starts to say his speech to Deokmi about how he used to want the Gold medal, but now he wants her. There is no retirement from her. Then he finishes wby saying , I like you Deokmi and psyches himself up to say, You can do it Eunki! He holds his silver medal and puts it in his jacket pocket.



Elsewhere, Ryan drops Eunki off at home, but he won’t let go of her hand and asks if he can come up with her too. She tells him that he is saying that scary thing too easily and happily tells him goodbye. She heads up, he looks in a box and opens a necklace. Then he grabs a gift bag in the back and follows her upstairs.

Upstairs, he calls her name and gives her a hug. then he tells her not to move as he puts the necklace on her. She happily asks what this is. He says he prepared it for his confession, but she dumped him. Did I tell you that it hurt my heart? She says that she did not dump him, you know what happened.

he looks at the necklace on her and says it looks pretty. Then he kisses her softly all over her face until settling on her lips.

He heads back downstairs and waves at her from her terrace when he gets into his car and leaves. She watched him drive away happily. 

But then Ryan sees Eunki walking up the street in his suit. He stops his car and looks at him in his rearview as he thinks.

Inside her place, Deokmi writes a note that says 2019, May 9th is her first date with lion. She is all in her sweats now and goes to her rolodex to put it on. She also has a cute photo of Ryan on in her bookshelf.

But then Eunki knocks on her door so she runs out with money and tells him to take it, she forgot about it. She is all  like, are you angry? Why do you look like that? SMile Smile! She plays with his head. But he tries to get serious and says, when they were born, if my mother didn’t try to abandon me at the hospita….

Deokmi asks if he knew about that this whole time? Eunki says that his mother got drunk when he made the national team and told him. Deokmi thought his mother only did that to her. Deokmi says if she really wanted to run away then she should not have trusted a stranger that much. She was just scared. It can happen, she was a lot younger than us now.

Eunki – My mother told me todo well. You mom and father, all our family.

DM – Yes, we are family

EK – Deokmi, I..really want to be you real faaaaa


Sunjoo is behind them sipping a juice box, but it could be alcohol. She cooly tells Deokmi that she is going back to being single again.

Cut to the three friends drinking in Deokmi’s place.

DM – Sunjoo, it will air anyway so it is better for your husband to make it – I didn’t say anything just drink!

Sunjoo had gotten angry and just says that Deokmi should never marry anyone! Never date anyone! Just live alone!

Eunki tells her that she is not helping.

Deokmi gets a call from the PD. Sunjoo tells her not to pick up the phone! I will kill yoU! Eunki grabs the phone and hangs up then throws it and says that hyung is a bad guy, okay! Then he starts to tell Sunjoo to drink, drink and die! I am also not happy! He starts to drink with her and sighs.



At home, Ryan thinks back to Eunki wakling up the street toward Deokmi’s place. He tries to get this thought away, but it bothers him. he calls her, but the phone is off. So now he is a bit alarmed. Morning comes, Ryan did not sleep all night. He looks at his phone which says 7am, so he thinks this is the perfect time to see his girlfriend! He quickly head out.

Elsewhere, Cindy heads out to be a fan girl. Her mother is hiding in front of the car and tells her driver that he is fired. Then she signals for Cindy to get out.

In Deokmi’s place, Eunki wakes up on the couch, hung over. Deokmi is in her all black fan girl uniform to go do some fangirling. Eunki tells her that they should go together.

They head out of the house together. Eunki asks if she really wants to fan girl after seeing Sunjoo? Deokmi says that she does, she should work harder as a fan girl so Sunjoo will forgive her husband. Eunki thinks that could make sense.

Ryan gets to Deokmi’s house and sees Eunki and Deokmi walking out together. He is still wearing his outfit from last night. Ryan grows immediatly upset as he looks at them. Eunki stops as well and looks at Ryan. She hides behind Eunki quickly becuase she is wearing her fan girl things and does not want him to see.

Ryan tells Eunki that he wants to talk to Deokmi. It is a stand off witht he two men. Eunki says that she did not wash her face so she does not want to see him. Ryan says again, I want to talk to Deokmi, okay?

Eunki says she doesn’t want to see you.

The two men face off pretty close to each other. Deokmi is still crouching her head behind Eunki’s back.

Ryan – Deokmii is my girlfriend. So this is our thing. Don’t step between us.

EK – it is my business, I like her.

This is news to Deokmi.

EK – Deokmi doesn’t want to show herself to you. If you really care about Deokmi then you should leave today.

Ryan turns away and looks like he is about to explode fashionably. He turns back around.

Ryan – Come out Deokmi….it is okay – ShinAhGil.

Deokmi peaks around Eunki at Ryan, shocked.

Fade Out



Okay, this episode was all fluff and that ending was a bit awkward. But it was nice to have some lovey dovey scenes today. We have to run off again to catch up on things! Have a great weekend everyone!


No time to do it today!

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  1. Rose
    May 9, 2019 / 9:02 am

    I thought the same thing, he was already outside the woodshop when he read that msg to Latte. Oh my heart!!! 😍😍😍

    • V
      May 9, 2019 / 12:37 pm

      After watching the episode, I feel like I missed something. Did they not show him reading that message? So it is more like he just showed up and they both confessed honestly? hen he read it later at his place?

      • Rose
        May 9, 2019 / 1:16 pm

        I dont think they showed anything that he read the msg in the chatroom. I think he was already decided to confess to her after what Shin said in the meeting. Unless he read it in the car on his way to the woodshop and they just didnt show it. ☺

  2. Rogue
    May 9, 2019 / 11:32 am

    Waiting for your updates 🙂 just wanted to say how thankful I am for doing these recaps 🙂 Fighting!!

    • V
      May 9, 2019 / 12:32 pm

      You’re welcome, Rogue! That makes us smile brightly over here 🥰. We got the entire thing up, enjoy!

      • Rogue
        May 9, 2019 / 12:47 pm

        Yay! Thank you again! Looking forward to your next recap! Aja! Fighting!!

  3. Rose
    May 9, 2019 / 12:46 pm

    Atlast! He told her that he know her secret and its ok…..now i need to wait 1 week again…..this sucks!!!

    Thanks V for the recap even though i know you’re busy! We very much appreciate it! ☺

  4. Flo
    May 9, 2019 / 9:58 pm

    Thank you for you recap. I always wait every week. Before for touch your heart now her private life. Thank you so much.

  5. Fangurl
    May 10, 2019 / 4:03 am

    I love recaps .

    Even if I watch it.

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      May 10, 2019 / 4:13 am

      Thank you for the recaps

  6. Anonymous
    May 10, 2019 / 1:03 pm

    this is really great recap. thank you much

  7. JJ
    May 10, 2019 / 7:52 pm

    What is the song when they got on the bus? I think its at 36:27

    • Anonymous
      May 10, 2019 / 10:53 pm

      I fell in lovw with that song too!

  8. LTMI
    May 10, 2019 / 10:50 pm

    DM hummed a song from 1975 titled “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton. She was wearing her red suit & it is the scene where she was typing on her pc. If fans Google the lyrics, think they will know what’s going on in DM’s mind😅

  9. ms. midnight snack
    May 10, 2019 / 10:56 pm

    I love that song while they were in a tour bus! Wonder what the song title is. 🤔

  10. Anonymous
    May 11, 2019 / 7:10 pm

    Sung Deok Mi just standing behind Eun gi was such a terrible scene, the fact that Ryan Gold was her boyfriend and he still calmly asked her to come out even though he saw her leave her home with another man, she still had the audacity to just hide behind, was really ridiculous to me. He seems to good to be true as a character but I like that, she on the other hand, flaws.

    • Anonymous
      May 12, 2019 / 10:33 pm

      I think the same too! How can she be hiding behind another man when her own boyfriend is there? Ridiculous!

  11. Oldtalez
    August 10, 2019 / 11:15 pm

    Help this has been doing my head in for time

    I’ve just finished HPL and I am at my wits end here

    In episode 10, @59:51 – Ryan wants to meet Deok -mi but sees her walking out with Eun -gi. That is where the soundtrack starts.

    • V
      August 14, 2019 / 2:17 pm

      Ack! I hope someone can help you find it! Does anyone know???

    • April 9, 2020 / 2:08 pm

      In episode 10, @59:51 – Ryan wants to meet Deok -mi but sees her walking out with Eun -gi. That is where the soundtrack starts. How to get the bgm?

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