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Her Private Life: Episode 1-2 review and 3 recap

Korean Drama Her Private Life, courtesy tvN

This show is adorable and I love it so much so far! Park Min-young is aces as a professional fan girl who has to keep her private life secret because she is a well respected, though low paid, curator at a museum. The first two episodes where zippy and introduced us to “Her Private Life” in a very believable way to me. We have a summary of episode 1-2 below and we also live-ish recapped episode three, which is under the summary.

Warning: Be wary of typos!


Okay, y’all, here is a quick summary of what happened in the first two episodes. First, we get an introduction to our leads Ryan Gold and Sung Deok-mi. Ryan is a very talented artist (think the second coming of Picasso) but lost the ability to paint after seeing another persons painting. So now he is the art director for MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York City) which is one of the biggest and most influential modern art galleries in the World.

He goes to an art auction in another country to purchase a painting by Lee Sol. Our heroine, Sung Deok-mi, is a curator for a small art gallery in Seoul. She also goes to this art auction to purchase art for her gallery. She is also there to purchase art for her Cha Shi-an fan club that she is the founder and president of “Chian is My Way.” However, the art she wants to pruchase is the Lee Sol painting.

In true rom-com style, Ryan Gold and Deok-mi get into a bidding war over this painting and just happen to be sitting next to each other. Deok-mi has around $27,000 that the fan club donated in order for her to buy this painting. But the price goes all the way to 29k, so she has to spend 2k of her own money. She thinks about it and still continues on, y’all! That is a fan. But Ryan Gold bids $30k and Deok-mi thinks too long about whether she can afford 3k so, Ryan wins the auction.

She tries to beg him for the painting later, but he is all like, um, no. She tried to use her authority as a curator to convince him, but he quizzes her on art and crushes her with his knowledge. Ouch.

So she loses. Fast forward to Ryan Gold flying to Seoul because he decided to take a job at the tiny art gallery Deok-mi works for. He is riding on the same plane as Deok-mi’s Idol, Shi-an, so Deok-mi is ready at the airport in her all black attire with her $$$ expensive long range camera in order to get paparazzi fan shots of Shi-an entering the airport.

In the process, she bumps into Ryan Gold who was trying to avoid the onslaught of fan girls chasing after Shi-an. In doing so, she loses her turquoise fan girl diary. But she is fully covered head to toe in her black stalker like fan girl outfit, so Ryan does not recognize her from the auction. He keeps the blue diary, possibly to try and give to this strange fan girl, later.

In the first two episodes, we also find out that Deok-mi’s boss hates fan girls. She can not stand anything to do with them. On top of that, her boss, Eom So-hye, is a chaebol daughter and always gets her way. She runs the gallery from her chaebol family money, though she gets in trouble for laundering money through the gallery with her husband. So, Ryan Gold is in and she is out. But she is the one that hired him and plans on returning as well as controlling everything from the background. However Ryan Gold is all like, um, I left MOMA to come to this tuny little gallery, I am not about to be controlled by you. So he runs things the way he likes.

But the important thing is that Deok-mi has had to hide her fan girl life from her boss, So-hye because her boss seriously fires anyone who has even the tiniest off hand interest in Idols. So Deok-mi has to pretend that she hates everything to do with Idols when in fact she is the founder of a major Idol fan club that can generate thousands of dollars to buy things for their Idol. She is literally the #1 fan.

Luckily no one knows this.

However, she does not get along with Ryan Gold and ends up getting fired by Ryan after telling a painter that Ryan Gold no longer wanted him in an exhibit. Ryan was upset because he wanted to smooth things out with the painter by giving the painter his own exhibit later, but now he can’t really do that. So, she was fired.

Her rich friend, and also Shi-an fan, Lee Sun-joo, gets her a job at her coffee shop. Ryan Gold goes to this coffee shop often (her friend actually thinks he looks like Shi-an and told her to look out for the Shian look-a-like). So Deok-mi looks out for the look-a-like and finds out that he is Ryan, the guy that just fired her. Ryan always comes in and gets a latte with no coffee. Deoki thinks that is absolutely stupid, how can you come to a coffee shop and order a coffee with no coffee in it!

Well, one day Ryan comes back and gets his all milk latte, but Deokmi puts a tiny bit of coffee in it as her revenge. She is happy about this, but it actually sends Ryan to the hospital. However, she did not know that he was allergic until she had to fix an issue that came up with the gallery and went to Ryan’s office to address it. She found him passed out on the floor with a rash all over his hands.

So, she got him to the hospital and felt pretty bad that she almost killed him due to her petty revenge. He wakes up and hires her back, he is not actually a petty person and realized that he fired her too hastily, she is actually a very good and proven employee. On top of that, he tells her that she will need to go to Shi-an’s house with him tomorrow. He knows that she hates Idols (which is her cover to keep her job), so he tells her to try and suck it up for professionalism sake.

Deok-mi is about to explode from disbelief. She is about to not only meet her Idol, she is going to his home. OMG.

And that is where the first two episodes leave off!




We open in the past in a high school. A teacher is at the front talking about how Saturday is a day to study for high school seniors. So, go home and study. In the seats is Eunki, sleeping. The teacher tells them to wake him up and send him to him. Then the teacher leaves.

One of his friends wakes him up as the rest of the students leave to go home for the day. He tells him that the teacher wants to see him and then says something about an umbrella on his desk. It seems as if this umbrella means that someone likes him, so he has a secret admirer who bought it for him.

Outside, we see that it started raining. Deokmi is about to walk out but does not want to get her notebook with all her idols images wet. Eunki plays with her a bit about not wanting to get wet and holds her up by her backpack. She wants to take his umbrella. So he says that she has to ask nicely and cutely.

He ends up giving it to her. She walks off and tells him that he has to come home for dinner, don’t make mom prepare it twice. But, she runs into some scary looking bull girls and drops her umbrella.

Cut to Deokmi showing up at Judo class with rage and telling Eunki that he is crazy to lend an umbrella present to someone! Are you crazy! She holds him by his cuff. He says that it was his so he wanted to give it to her. But Deokmi says it is someone elses heart, all the presents you get are someone elses present to you because they like you and love you. They gave you their heart because they worry about you!

Eunki tells her that she givs her heart to those strangers. You and me are not strangers and I did not ask them to like me at all. Deokmi is outraged and starts to beat him up in the middle of the judo class. She even gets him in a headlock on the mats and tells him that he has no morals! The judo coach is all like, um…what should I do?


In the present, Deokmi wakes up in her bedroom after a pleasnt nights sleep. But she wakes up with a start because she remembers that she is meeting her idol, Cha Shi-an, today!

She starts to get ready, even taking a nice bath at a spa. All the while she talks to herself.

VO – I heard fangirls won’t win the lottery, but you never know. I was fired and cried yesterday, but now I am meeting Cha Shian. That is winning the lottery ticket! I want to live for a long long long time.

Then she starts video chats with Sunjoo in her fan girl all black clothing. Her friend is all like, um, are you wearing that? Deokmi is all like, Oh! It is a habit to wear these clothes! Help me pick out some clothing today!

They talk about how her work life and her fan life are crossing and we see Deokmi wear something extra sophisticated and yet cute as she heads out. her friend is so envious and says she really wants to meet Shian! She banters a bit with her coffee part timer about it and then throws a mini temper tantrum on the couch about missing Shian.

Meanwhile, Ryan waits for Deokmi on the street and sees her getting out of her car looking casually fabulous. he is stunned. Deokmi actually notices that Cindy, from her fangroup, actually bought the same jacket that Ryan is wearing, for Shian. She wonders if this is couple day.

Deokmi prepared flowers for Shian and wants to give it to him herself. Ryan brought wine. Deokmi notices that it is red wine, he actually likes white wine, Ryan is all like, huh? Do you know him well? She brushes the question off and says that she checked online before the meeting.

They head insidea nd up the elevator. With each floor climbed, Deokmi gets more and more nervous. Her nervousness oozes from her even thought she looks the picture of perfection. it seems like Ryan notices though.



They get out on the 20 something floor and head to Shian’s door. But Ryan keeps looking back at Deokmi because she is acting strange. But he wonders if this is because she hates him so much? He does not knock on the door and tells Deokmi that she should make her face a bit happier. Deokmi smiles overly happy as Ryan looks at her, bu then returns to being super nervous as they wait for the door to open after he rings the doorbell.

“I am your lady and you are my man” plays as the doors open. But it is not Shian, it is another man, possibly his manager.

they walk in with the manager to a very bright white and light grey house. His dog runs up to them so Deokmi greets it warmly and knows it’s name, lol. She is so happy to see his dog. then, moment of all moments, Shian comees out of the shower, soaking wet and drying his hair. He smiles casually at them and continues on to his bedroom.

Deokmi is so happy that she feels like she could die right now. Cut to a dead Deokmi or maybe a passed out Deokmi in a doctors room. Her heart dropped all the way to her foot. The doctors are all like, this is the heart dropping death that I only ever heard about. Deokmi smiles.

In the real world, Ryan and Shian talk about art in Shian’s art room. Deokmi is struck by how cute all his mannerisms are when Ryan tells Shian that he likes art so much. they keep talking about art and Shian keeps acting cute and bashful which drives Deokmi crazy.

Shian then says that one of the pictures is his first picture from his first fan. Deokmi is so stunned and walks to see the picture. It is the photo that Deokmi took and sent to him. 

SA – This is a photo from my first fan when I debut. @Shianismyway. I thinks she knows me more than myself.

Deokmi i so overcome with warm joy that she has to excuse herself to the bathroom. She tells herself in the mirror that she really had a good life. And then she tells the mirror that she envious it becuase the mirror can see her Shian everyday. She goes to the shower and says the same things and imagines taking a shower there. 

But she accidentally turns it on! Water gets all over her.

She leaves the bathroom anxiously and tells Deokmi that she pressed the shower on accident. He is annoyed but gives her his jacket.

She wears the jacket as they sit to talk to Shian who had stepped out to make them tea for a moment. Shian thinks that this exhibit is too much to participate in to have the collection name as Cha Shian’s collection (it is too big of an honor). He thinks he has to put something great there. Ryan is about to say something but Deokmi cuts him off quickly and tells Shian that a lot of people want to know his taste with thie exhibition. it will be a good way for them to approach him more closely.

Ryan adds that he does not need to worry about his eye for art. His favorite painting is something I also love. Deokmi tells Shian that Ryan also likes Lee Son’s painting. He even bought one. Shian asks if he knows Lee Sol? Ryan says no, he was asked to buy it. But he liked it and he knew that Shian had it too. Shian says that it is a coincidence then and Ryan says it is. it looks like they bonded?

They head out and Deokmi apologizes for earlier, she thinks she spoke up too much. Ryan is not perterbed and says that Shian was not that thrilled about the exhibit anyway. Sh says that she called a cab, did you bring your own cab? He says he took the elevator. Deokbi is all like, YOU LIVE HERE??? he says yes and looks as if it is no big deal. he says he lives 2401. 

DM – It is right upstairs from Shian? (*mind* I envy you, I want to live in the same apartment as Shian…)

They go to the first floor where she says her goodbyes and starts to give him his jacket back. he tells her that she can return it later. So she goes outside happily smiling with his jacket on and hops into her cab. But it looks like someone took a photo of her as she got into the cab.



Meanwhile, Ryan is at his home office desk looking at things about Shian on the internet. He really has no clue about him. He also opens the turquoise notebook which is filled with tings about Shian. His entire schedule, what he likes, and all that stuff. 

Cut to Deokmi talking about being in Shian’s home to her friend Sunjoo in her coffee shop. he husband is there with the baby as well. I saw him in his robe! And opening the door and saw him with his aura! His hair was wet! He was in his robe! he looked at me so sexily! you know, his shy smile! 

They keep fangirling about it.

then Deokmi heads home and, while on the bus, sees an article about Shian and his secret date! Does he have a dating scandal?! Who is that woman! She keeps strolling through the posts about it and wonders what this is all about.


No, no, no, no, my Shian does not have time to date! No no no no!


this fake news is not good. Those bad papparazzi and media!


Well, he was busy, you know. *tears* when he is tired, maybe he wanted to date someone. i understand everything.


Why did I do all those fan girl things only to see this? Lets just quit.


Well, he is young. He is at an age to date. Just let him date someone. he should date first so he can break up.

Her friend tells her to read it all to the end.

DM – What is this? His managers instagram photo? 

SJ – Look at it! It is a woman! Why does Shian’s home have a woman in it!

She zooms in on the window mirrored image and sees the woman in it. She tells her to look at that. Deokmi looks at it and says that is me! 

her friend starts to talk about the black and gold jacket that is her bosses clothing but is a limited edition so Shian is the only one with it in Korea. At least, that is what the fans think. So it is easy to be misunderstood because she took that photo wearing that jacket in his apartment.

In Shian’s apartment, his manager kind of jokes that he can’t post any photos because Shian’s fans are so scary. Why was she in that spot? Shian says that it is all because of that exhibition. I told you that I don’t want to do it. What are you going to do about this scandal?

His manager says that they will say that she is the curator for the exibition. But, you will have to do the exhibition now, right?

In her office, the office people know that the photo is of Deokmi. One lady says that she used to believe all those dating rumors, but now she knows that mistakes can happen. Another coworker says that there are more than 1000 comments among fans and anti fans.

Ryan is at his desk looking at all the comments too. But he does not understand contemporary Korean slang. he sees that someone says to be careful because she will find her and kill her. But it is something that Koreans say a lot to each other (“I will kill you”). However, Ryan takes it by it’s word and gets pretty spooked.

In the museum office, the employees talk about what Shian’s management company is going to say. Deokmi says that they told her not to worry about it because they are going to make a statement about it. then they ask about her lover and what they might think.

Ryan walks by at that time and hears the lover part, he thinks her lover is her best friend. 

The employees tell her to post something about any person that she can say is her lover. DO you have one? Then they will leave you alone. Ryan immediately thinks about Deokmi and her friend “lover” and calls CURATOR SUNG it is work hours! Everyone goes back to their desk. But they mutter that he does not understand things.

Ryan leaves, but nurses his hand that he hit hard on the door when he burst into the office. 

Then he leaves and sees all the reporters camping outside the building. But they find out that she i snot the girlfriend from a post rom the management company that explains that she was wearing Shian’s jacket because her clothes got wet by accident. Ryan also reads this on the internet as he stands on the street.

Then he calls Shian again. Cut to him meeting with Shian and telling him that the explanation was wrong. he was not wearing Shian’s jacket. The manaager and Shian say that this jacket is rare so no one will believe that we have two in the house at the same time.

SA – Director, people dont’ believe the truth, they just want to see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Sometimes it is best to have a believable lie than an unbelievable truth, especially in this situation.

Manager – The scandal is solved and you have the exhibition, that is good for everyone right?

Ryan thinks about this.



Then we see Deokmi talking to the director by phone who I guess explained it all to her, but we don’t hear what he said. She just says that she understands and will do her work. So, she gets to work on the computer as she tries to not think about being in a scandal with Shian. She starts to read all the comments on her website who are all talking about this girl. So she puts a new picture and everyone forgets about all the scandal.

Deokmi tells them that she is releasing photos because his first scandal is resolved! Yay! All the fans are so happy.

Elsewhere, we see Cindy driving a camero and seeing Deokmi walking out from Shian’s apartment wearing that black and gold jacket. She is the one that took the picture! 

Cindy – How dare you give my present to someone else.

She is upset for a moment, but then she smiles.

Cut to high school girls and then women all around Korea talking about the photo that Cindy posted online of Deokmi walking out of the apartment. She is identified in no time online and internet stalked. 

Deokmi sees this as well and wonders if Cindy is some kind of investigative reporter? Why is she staking out Shian’s house? Her friend-brother sends her several texts joking to her about being Shian’s secret girlfriend. 

But then Sun-joo, the best friend, tells him to stop in a three-way spilt screen of him, the best friend, and Deokmi. They are all in different locations but they talk to each other like they are in the same location.

the best friend basically says that oppa should not date, Idols and fans are like merchant and consumer. They are selling love feelings to fan girls, but if he gets caught dating someone then that is not following the business common law.

they kick the brother-friend out of their conversation and then start to talk about what they should do. They know everything about her. they found her SNS and everything. What if people know your real identity! Deokmi says that can’t happen, I will be dead if everyone knows about my true identity!

In the office, Kyung-ah tells someone over the phone that it will not happen. They curse at her so she tells them that they can go to the police! But that person hangs up. it looks like they have gotten a lot of calls. And their homepage has exploded with comments as well.

Deokmi tells them that she is sorry that this is all happening because of her. She goes to Ryan’s office who is yelling at the management team about it. But the management teams wants to wait until the media starts to talk about something else. they already found out that their first story was a lie.

Ryan thinks that he should have told them to make the original article the truth right away. Deokmi says that it is not his fault, it is the fans. Some super fans are like paparazzi. One of the fans posted her photo which is why the matter got so big. then she tells him that she will be out for work related business.



She heads out of the museum, but when she gets outside she sees a lot of strange looking mannerisms and gestures from several women outside. Some have masks on. Then we see what this is all about because they all start shooting BB guns at her! OMG. They also start to egg her! She tries to run back into the building but can’t make it, thankfully, her brother-friend is there to protect her from it all and blocks as many eggs as he can from hitting her.

The cops show up relatively soon-ish and run all the criminal fangirls away. Ryan also sees this going on, but he was too late and far away to help. Deokmi goes inside the bathroom and tries to clean herself up. Outside the bathroom, Eunki (her brother-friend) and Ryan introduce themselves to each other. But they dont’ look like they like each other.

Deokmi comes out and says that she would like to keep working and keep herself busy, though she will stop by the police station. Ryan asked if he should come with her and she says that it is okay. So she heads out with Eunki.

He tells her that it seems like Ryan is a difficult boss for her. She asks how he treats his own coach? he says that his coach is scary. She says that her boss fires people nd mimics him saying, “you are fired” in English. But then her arm hurts. he tells her to go to the pharmacy, but she says that she wants to go to the police station. They will want to keep this scandal quiet, but I will make it bigger.

Cut to Eom So-hye finding out that Deokmi has a scandal with an idol. She is perplexed and says that she is even in the hospital to save their gallery, but what happened again? The man says that it is all about an Idol oppa.

Meanwhile, Deokmi goes to the police station with as many bandages as she can ethically have on her and says that she is there for the Shian violence case. The girls are in the polcie station now and says that this eunnie went home in the jacket that we bought for Shian as a present. the officer says that is just clothes. Another girl says that is not just clothing, we like him and want to see him wearing nice clothing, that is why we gave it to him. But she wore these clothes with all our heart.

Deokmi feels the pain of the fangirls and tells the officer that she will drop all charges. The officer is all like, by you look like a mummy, you are all bandaged. She also tells them not to cry or she will not forgive them.

They ask her, eunnie, if she is really dating Shian? Deokmi says that she is not, actually, that jacket did not belong to him. The fan girls are disbelieving. They mention that Cindy said it is the only one in Korea.

Deokmi says that is why the management mistook it too. But she gives them her word that she has nothing to do with Shian. So all the girls stand up happily and bow many times in thank you to her.

Outside, Eunki fixes her cuts and scrapes while she sits in his judo van. She says that she understands them so even though she is kind of hurt, she has to forgive them. He tells her to give him that same kind of understanding. She also tells him that what happened is secret from mom.

back at the museum, the employees talk to Ryan about Deokmi going to the polcie station alone. He says that she went with her oppa. One of the colleagues says that she does not have a brother, she is an only daughter.

Cut to Eunki at home. He walks into the kitchen and sees his real mother talking to his friend-mother and playfully calls her editor.

Meanwhile, Ryan looks up Eunki online and sees that he won Judo silver at the Bejing olympics.

At home, the real mother and adoptive-friend-mother banter back and forth about how much Young-sook feeds Eunki and how peole will think that Youngsook is the real mother and the real mother is the foster mother. Eunki says that his real mother is like the father beacuse she just provides a lot of money. they keep bantering about this and how Eunki was basically raised for 20 years by his adoptive mom and then the government raised him. His mom is all like, hey, we raised you together, me and Young-sook. But all this is playful.

His mother stuffs his fave with food and then provides more money to Young-sook. Young-sook says it is okay, but Se-yeon really wants her to take it, otherwise her son will bother her so much. His speaking ability is way stronger than his muscles. They then joke about meeting in the birthing center and how Young-sook saved a single mothers life. Young-sook says she survives because of her too, she is the only one giving her money consistently. If her husband did that then she would give him a piggy back ride all the time.

They both look at her husband who is polishing his rocks in the living room. Old fashioned music from the Joseon or Gyeoro dynasty (or something similar) starts to play starts to play as we watch him do that.



At teh museum, Sohye meets with Ryan and says to fire Deokmi because she hates Idols and does not like that Deokmi had a scandal with an Idol. Ryan says that it was all a mistake, he will not fire her over that. But Sohye really wants her fired even if it is a mistake because the rumor can ruin their museum.

But Ryan basically says no and asks how she can make him fire his employee. The reason he took this job was to have his own authority over this gallery. She tries to tell him about her family (chaebols). He mentions her husbands money laundering. Is that the family issue you are talking about? You are the reason our art gallery is on the news, yet you care about that little gossip? That is nonsense.

She tells him that there is more than one way to make her quit, she at least wanted to make a gesture of asking him to fire her, but I will take care of it on my own. She gets up to leave, but Ryan says that he has a question. Where is the painting by Evan Hoff (or something similar sounding)? Why does he not see it? Your trial is still going on right? the prosecutor might ask.

It looks like he spooked her enough to not try and fire Deokmi. She leaves and Ryan thinks that she is more naive than he expected.

But then we see that Sohye spots Deokmi as she is walking out and Deokmi is walking in. This woman kicks off her shoes and basically runs up to Deokmi and slaps her. Deokmi takes it in shock. Ryan sees this from his window.

Sohye says that she trusted her, why did you do this? Deokmi tries to explain the Idol thing. But Sohye says that she will not talk about it! But she will keep her eyes on her – so be careful. She drives off.

Deokmi goes back inside. Ryan walks up to meet her and tells her that he told her to go home. Deokmi tries to hit the slap mark, but it is so clearly on her face. He tells her that she can go ahead and go to work.

At home, Eunki walks his mother out, She asks about Deokmi and then argues with him about opening a gym. She wants him to be a coach, not a gym owner. But he says that Judo is so much fun, he is an olympian so he should contribute to society. His mother says that he did not tell her this because of eunnie, but I heard a rumor that a curator in an art gallery is dating an idol, it looked like Deokmi.

Eunki says that is a rumor. But the mom says that even though it is a rumor, it is not good to have those things. Then she sees the BB mark on his neck. He says it is a mosquito bite. They happily and warmly hug each other and then the mother heads out.



Later on at the museum, Ryan starts to walk out and sees Deokmi sitting alone. The night officer comes up to him and says his title loudly. Ryan tries to shush him, but then sees that Deokmi heard them.

Cut to them both sitting and looking at paintings. she says that she wanted to go home, but she wanted some comfort and likes looking at paintings. On a day like today, she is so tired physically and mentally and no one acknowledged her, do these paintings deserve all this? he asks her if she thinks so? She says no, art is amazing, but it is not as amazing as a living person.

DM – Even if i am not great, i am greater than those pictures. i am alive and keep on living. But then she catches herself and says that she does not mean his works! His work is better than her, of course! But he says that he agrees. His work is great, but not compared to him.

he then says that she knows his background, right? I was adopted and could not speak well so i was always mocked. I was that kid that was used to being looked down at. But the paintings that I painted always got compliments. But I never thought I was greater than my own paintings just because i am alive. then he thanks her and says that he told Director Eom about Evan huffs painting. that is why you got slapped.

Deokbi rubs her cheek and thinks that must be why. But she tells him to forget about it, she will forget about it too. Then she hops up to leave.

they walk out together. she tells him that he is good at apologizing, in a good way. Apologizing and acknowledging what is wrong is hard as a boss. he says he does not have “jung” but he does not want to be a coward. He doe snot want to be like those people that abandoned him.

She smiles and then tells him that she will go home, see you tomorrow. She walks off.

he gets into his car, but he sees a suspicious person in another car. he still drives off though.

Deokmi sits at the nearest bus stop thinking.

VO – Even though I am pitiful, I am greater than those paintings on the wall because I live and keep living.

Ryan Gold thinks about the comment. “I will findn you. I will kill you.” and then turns the car around, possibly.

Deokmi starts walking off, but then a car revs its engine and starts driving to her. Ryan drives his car in front of that car. Everyone screeches their brakes. he checks to see if she is okay and then goes to the car window, peers inside, and yells, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND!

Deokmi looks at him, super shocked.

Fade Out


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  1. Nar
    December 8, 2021 / 12:44 pm

    Hi, in ep 3, what is the name of the song playing when Ryan and Deukmi were at the door of ShiAn’s condo? This part is very funny that Ryan thought that Deukmi might not like to see Shi An but in fact she did very expect that Shi An would be the person open that door. She started to dream, seeing bright aura when the door slowly open and this sweet song began to play. All her dream suddenly smashed as that person was someone else, not Shi An.

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