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Hello Drama Milk West!

We are branching out our reviews over here to Western shows! I am happy to announce the start of Drama Milk West which is a fancy way to say that we will be reviewing shows outside of Korean dramas on here. Why you might ask?

Well, I am starting to lose some of my English, believe it or not, by watching so many Korean shows. I mean, I can still speak English with the best of them, I just don’t know some new words that are popping up and want to make my vocabulary as robust as it once was. I USED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. (I talk about that a little more here).

So to kindle my vocabulary and establish a bit more contemporary American vernacular into my daily routine I started watching a lot more English based western shows.

I am not shoehorning myself to only American shows and movies though, all western shows are up for grabs so long as they are English based (though I might swing into none English based reviews as well, if they have great captions!).

The tag for this new venture is “Drama Milk West” and will be started right away! Fleabag, Dolemite, and The Joker are the three stories that really launched this idea into my mind because they are wonderfully done and big recommends if you have not watched them yet.

Though I also want to get into The Mandalorian which is just straight fun right now as well as WandaVision which is set to air on Disney in 2020. I will mostly keep these reviews contained to the weekend and the Korean dramas to basically every day as usual.

First up is Fleabag! Look for it soon.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 29, 2019 / 2:35 pm

    I loved Fleabag! More people should watch that amazing show to show how not to be heavy handed and still pull so much emotion.

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