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Hello Drama GIVEAWAY Winner Announced!

Hello Drama GIVEAWAY Winner Announced!

Amity has chosen a winner for the Giveaway and she did it in the most thoughtful and adorable way possible!!!!

To find the winner, she wrote out all the quotes on a sheet of paper and attached a number to them, then she hung them all on “The Drama Tree” (I love that! It is so pretty). Then she wrote the numbers on a separate sheet of paper, shuffled them around in a Hello Drama Box, and chose a winner from picking from the group and found that number on The Drama Tree. What an adorable Idea!

Can you see your quote in the picture below? If so, then you are a winner! But no problem if you don’t see it, we will spell it out for you with all the information you need below! So keep scrolling to see the quote and for information on how to contact Amity with Hello Drama Box.

Hello Drama GIVEAWAY Winner Announced!
Hello Drama GIVEAWAY Winner Announced!

The winners are KRYSTAL with lucky #10 whose quote is:

“Life is all about fighting through your struggles. People might seem like they’re living a worry free life, but they’re all just trying their best to keep living.” -Kang Mi Rae’s mother, Na Eun Sim

And VICTORIA YU with lucky #7 whose quote is:

“The ones left behind must go on living. It’s okay to cry once in awhile, but you should laugh a lot too. You need to be strong too. It’s the right thing to do since you’ve received love.”
-Ji Eun Tak from Goblin

Y’all, these quotes are so lovely, they are hitting me right in the feels.


If this is you then please contact Amity by either dm’ing Meeniful/Hello Drama on their Meeniful Instagram or directly send them an email at support@meeniful.info. Please put Drama Milk Giveaway Winner in the subject line!

And thank you to everyone who entered! Drama Box has expressed an interest in doing more giveaways in the future! So stay tuned for possible future announcements. Have a wonderful day everyone 🥰😘

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