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Hello Drama Boxes from Meeniful!

Hello Korean Drama Boxes from Meeniful!
Hello Drama Boxes from Meeniful!

We are happy to present our first monthly sponsor for winter/spring. Please give a big warm welcome to Meeniful! You sharp eyed readers may have noticed their ad over in our sidebar (or as a sticky post). Well this is their debut party! We are so happy to have them warming up our site with their adorable presence.

And guess what? We have a lovely question and answer below for you to learn more about this fun Asian drama loving company! If you have not visited their site yet (what are you waiting for?) then please do. You can visit them at Meeniful and at Hello Drama Box! Now on to the question and answer!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company Meeniful.

Hi, we are three sisters who grew up in a traditional Asian household. When we were younger, we expected to live traditional lives. But once we watched our first Asian drama, everything changed. We fell in love with the stories and the beauty. We decided to learn about online businesses and became determined to start our own.

Everyone should feel like a star in their own romantic drama; so, we’ve focused on the most luxurious, pampering skincare and beauty products we can find from Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan.

2. Why did you start your company?

We created Meeniful as a way to share our love of Asian pop culture, especially Taiwanese and Korean dramas. We adore the quality and glamour of Asian beauty and skincare, and we want to share that passion with people all over the world.

3. How long have you been in business?

We have been in the online business for 7 years now. However, we were selling products on a third party platform. This is our second year working on an official website.

4. Which product are you most excited about?

Almost any product that I saw on an Asian TV drama from skincare, beauty, stuff plush, and just about any product placements. (V – Be sure to check out their Hello Drama Box where they curate their favorite items).

5. What is your favorite Kdrama?

What I have varies depending on the genre. But here is a list of the Kdramas that I will go back and rewatch.

  • Signal (My All Time Favorite)
  • Strangers From Hell
  • Strangers
  • Kingdom
  • Fight For My Way
  • Sky Castle
  • Crash Landing On You (Even Though It Has Not End Yet)
  • Chuno

6. Any last things you would like to say?

I want to expand this whole subscription box for us drama lovers. I am also working on an “Across The Ocean To See You” box. These boxes are a cultural box that I have plans to advertise with you guys in the future. (V – OMG, can’t wait!)

If you want to learn more about Meeniful and their Hello Drama box, then be sure to click over on the links and show them some love! Thank you for telling us a little bit about yourself, Meeniful, and happy drama watching!

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