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He is Psychometric: Episode 9 Live Recap

He is Psychometric episode 9 recap
Korean drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

So far, this show continues to be smart and extra adorable with how absolutely dumb yet sincerely trying the lead male character is. But I would say this show is more of an ensemble cast as each of the four main actors have a good amount of screen time. I think my favorite character of them all is Jisoo. She is so suitcase heart about Sungmo that it makes me want to hook them up if I could. I love her.

Sungmo is the most intriguing character for me as far as back story goes. I really want to know what his life was all about before the apartment fire that kick started all of this.

Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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A lot of little kids look over a railing on several flights of stairs. Cute music plays as one bay says, “the bad guy came! Everyone charge!” All the kids run down the stairs and bump into Sungmo. The little kid says he is a strange guy! And holds his little fake dart gun up to him. Sungmo is his normal calm self and tells them, if this is a real gun, then can I borrow it, otherwise, can you leave?

Boy – You are really strange, why are you ehre? All other hyungs are at school

SM – I am here because I don’t go to school

Boy – If you don’t go to school, why do you wear a school uniform

SM – Are you interrogating me?

He leaves. The boy asks, where are you going! He hops into the elevator whith him. Jaein is also in the elevator. This little boy might be Lee Ahn. The little boy tells the girl to catch him! 

SM – Are you on the same team?

JI – No, I am not

LA – Hey, you are detective Kim

JI – My last name is Yoon! So I am not detective Kim, I am detective Yoon.

LA – Okay…

JI – But you are suspicious (SM) by don’t you go to school

SM – I don’t go to school because I am not registered at any school. The reason I wear my school uniform is because my mother will worry about me if she knows that I don’t go to school. Okay?

The elevator doors open and little Sungmo gets out. He is still kind of limping and has a little blood on his leg. He walks into the street.

JI – He is really a suspicious oppa, it looks like he injured his leg also. He always wonders around in the cold. 

LA – Do you know him?

JI – no, do you know me?

LA – I know, you are detective Yoon. Lts play together

Ji – Okay, next time. I am busy now.

She starts putting the flyer about the fire lane up. Little Ahn tells her that they will play together next time okay?

In the present, Lee Ahn is about to tie Jaein’s shoes, but she avoids him as she sits on the swing. He takes it in stride and stands up and says that he loves snow. He does not feel anything when he touches it. No past, no complicated thoughts, the best part is that I don’t have to get permission to touch it.

She stands up and holds his hands suddenly. It is sudden enough for him not to have his guards up about seeing into her past.

JI – I wonder if my unexpected attack worked

Ahn – I know everything, your heart….

He kisses her and she accepts it. He is sent into all of her thoughts through the hardest times in her life as well as the happiest times while they are kissing.

Then he stops kissing her and looks at her, curiously. She isn’t looking at him, but then she raises her eyes to his and he stops to tie her shoelaces. She lets him tie it this time and remembers her father tying her shoes as a kid.

Ahn – Don’t run away anymore, and don’t cry alone.

She is a bit teary now.

Ahn – The past you were running away from, I will look into everything.

Ji – Did you see everything? Everything about me?

Ahn – A little bit, I only saw a little bit, but I felt your heart. I was always wondering why i have this ability to look into the past. It is better to look into the future. I can stop all the dangerous things and also avoid all the unfortunate events and get rich with lottery tickets. But now I know why I have to see the past. Bad memories, you can give them all to me. I can’t go back to the past and make you start over – but at least, from now on, I will only give you happy memories.

They walk off together, not holding hands, but talking.  The camera follows them all the way back to her door where he tells her goodbye. We watch from a distance. Someone else is also watching from a distance, it’s Sungmo.



Elsewhere, Jisoo and Sooyeon drink together in a quiet cafe. She mentions that he said 2 hours, but it always changes. Sooyeon tells her to not drink so much and at least eat side dishes. Then Jisoo tells her that she was actually pretty sick when she was little. She had a heart murmur and she still has it. Sooyeon says she did not know because she was super healthy since she knew her. 

Jisoo explains that she went to Ahn orphanage when she was better (cured?). His father was my fathers hubae. We could not adopt Ahn, but my father went to the orphanage often. Over there, I saw Kang Sungmo.

Flashback to Little Jisoo seeing little Ahn and Little Sungmo sitting off to the side and not playing soccer with the others

JS – don’t you play soccer? I am here to play with you guys.

Ahn – No, I am not playing. I don’t want to touch other people.

JS – What about you?

SM – I don’t have fun playing soccer (I don’t feel fun).

JS – What is fun to you then?

SM – Nothing, nothing is fun to me.

JS – Hey, your hyung is strange (she hits his head)

Ahn – I told you I don’t like someone touching me!

JS – Okay….you are stranger than him.

Ahn – Noona, were you in the hospital for a long time, did you have surgery stuff?

JS – How do you know? Did my appa tell you?

Ahn – See, I saw it (he tells this to Sungmo)

SM – Lee Ahn…

Lee Ahn runs away. Jisoo calls after him. Sungmo stands and asks her if she can take care of him for his entire life? If it is just curiosity or pity, don’t come anymore and tells your father, why doesn’t he reinvestigate Young sun apartment fire case.

VO – From the begining, Sungmo thought that apartment fire case was wrongly investigated.

SY – maybe that is why he became a prosecutor? Did you become a police officer to reinvestigate that case? 

JS – No, I am the opposite, I wanted to prove that my father was not wrong. As soon as I became an officer, I looked at the file and I did not find anything wrong with it. Nothing. No bodies and no more evidence.

YS – that is just paper, how do you know the truth? You can fabricate paper any way you like.

Jisoo thinks about this.

JS – Do you really think so, Dr. Hoong?

YS – Youngsong apartment, hyungmin nursing hospital, Kim gabyong, do you think it is a coincidence that the causes of death are all the same?

JS – that is why I am scared, in case my father was wrong. If there is a secret that i don’t know about….

Elsewhere, Ahn walks the street and sees a Christmas tree. He remembers one of Jaein’s memories about putting the star on the top of the Christmas tree. He smiles.

Back at the cafe, Jisoo is completely wasted so Sooyeon puts her in a taxi to go home. Jisoo tells her all sorts of drunken love things as she is driven away waving at Sooyeon who is shaking her head.



Meanwhile, Sungmo is back at work looking at all the CCTV footage that they have collected. Then he sees a suspicious guy enter a room and fast forwards to see when he leaves that room. The guy leaves that room and is dressed completely differently but still has a hat on.

Sooyeon has also made her way back to work and is looking up infor on the apartment case. Her eyes fall on an image of Sungmo’s mother on the screen.

At the bookstore, Ahn looks up Alexitimia, when people cannot feel emotions or cannot express them. It says that they cannot feel anything, even if their pet dies. They cannot be happy, even with a gift. And all other emotions have nothing to do with him.

Ahn thinks back to Sungmo’s dictionary and remembers very little Sungmo telling his mother that he does not feel pain.

Cut to Sungmo interrogating the thug bad guy that was part of the dragon company. he is trying to fing out information about a phone whose number was in his phone files as if it was his old phone. The thug guys ays that he did use that number and he did recieve Kim Gabyong’s phone call. But he did not kill those women. Sungmo says he is not interested int he luggage case, he wants to know what Kungmo said to him before he died.

Another flashback to Kim Gabyong (insurance guy) getting out of his car to check his tire. The man walks up to him with a hammer. The insurance guy sees him and hurries back inside his car where he calls someone to find a woman quickly! Go to the blue nursing home right now and find a woman called Kim Songhee and take her to a safe place! No questions! Just do it!

The man with the hammer gets to the car window. The insurance mans eyes go wide.

In the present, the thug says that the insurance guy told him to move a woman to a safe place, that is all he told me to do. Sungmo asks where he asked him to move the woman to? =Flashback to the man running to move the woman, but she was already gone.

Sungmo asks, she disappeared? What was her last fake identity?

Man – Kim Songhee, it was Kim Songhee

Flashback to the insurance man looking into the room where Kim SOnghee was there. He then told the nurse to take care of her because he had to leave for a moment. the camera cuts to woman who was knitting, she had on a thin gold ring (the ring Ahn saw!). 



Then we immediately see the killer making a wire bird that he puts in a wire bird cage that it looks like he also made. The wired bird has a chain on its leg.

Later on that night, Sungmo gets out of his car and starts walking up the street, but he feels someone following him as he goes to his apartment. He waits and pulls that man to the wall, but it is Lee Ahn.

Lee Ahn immediately steps on his foot, hard, so Sungmo falls to the ground in pain as his foot really smarts from the step. Ahn asks, does it hurt? Doest it hurt??? Sungmo is all like, OF COURSE IT HURTS, owwww. Lee Ahn is so happy that he hugs him closely. Sungmo asks what he is so happy about? I told you it hurts!

They go upstairs where Sungmo is all like, why do people say we are a couple? Then he asks why Ahn stepped on his foot. Ahn seriously says it was just to check if he can express his feelings. Sungmo is confused so Ahn asks him why he studies all these emotions if he is not like that? Then he tells him that he saw him studying all these things with his mother. He wishes he could screencap it and show it to him. You miss her right?

Sungmo tells him, for the first time, I envy your ability. Ahn tearily smiles but he holds it all in. Then Sungmo tells him that his classes must be going well, he did not expect him to see things from his dictionary. Ahn tells him that he learns 10 things from one lesson. Sungmo tells him to follow her well, you will learn a lot from her, and take her home.

Ahn says that he only sees her in front of the police station. But he also says that boyfriends should protect their girlfriend. Then he becomes so bashful since he said hirlfriend. He cahnges the subject to see if Sungmo wants to take a shower with him….or sleep together tonight…..hyung? Sungmo is all like, go away and heads to take a shower by himself.

In the shower, he thinks about Ahn telling him that he saw him studying with his mother. Sungmo seems pretty happy about this. After the shower, Ahn bangs on Sungmo’s door so he has to tell him that he is not sleeping with him tonight. But Ahn just smiles and says he will put an icyhot patch on his foot for him. Big smile.

Sungmo sits to get the patch which is when Ahn comments on his super big scar on his ankly.

Ahn – You still have this?

SM – I think I will have to carry it forever. Because if you miss the time for treatment, then it becomes a scar.

Ahn – I heard scars are marks where you overcame pain. Why does it still look painful?

SM – It still hurts, because I still have that memory.

Ahn wraps the icyhot.

Ahn – Yoon Jaein told me, little chics can miss the time to break out of their shell, so she wants me to help her get out of it. You too hyung?

SM – Maybe.

Ahn – I don’t know who stabbed me or what happened to you, but you should not forget about what your mother said.

Flashback about his mother telling him never ever to kill anyone. that would hurt mom so much.

Ahn – I will find that person, promise me that you will have to wait for me.

SM – *smiles* Ah, you were that little guy that cried all the time because you saw strange things. You grew up a lot, I can almost trust you.

Elsewhere on the street, Nam talks to his ex-wife as he walks to the polcie station. he tells her that she said she would never contact me about money if he divorced her, I know I am your atm bank. But you are calling this late so you should at least ask me if I ate dinner. You bad woman.

Aunt is outside also putting up the trash and asks Nam if he is still at work? It is a leading question, but he just walks past and into the station. She whispers that he is a a poor guy. Inside, Nam tells himself that he really wants a home cooked meal. Then Aunt comes in with a home cooked meal and puts it on the table. She starts complaining about Jaein not telling her that she aws going on, I made this meal, it is nothing but I dont’ like left over food so lets eat together.

Nam – What is this? If you pity me then you don’t have to do it. I dont’ like it.

Aunt – If you show of your pity then just do it at home. Why do it here? It bothers me.

She then sits to eat and tells him to eat it while it is warm. He tells her “eat when it is warm” is a beautiful thing to say.



Then Daebong comes in and says that he did not se Ahn in the library, where is he? Nam tells him that this is not a dating place, didn’t you see that we are closed? He asks if Sohyun went home yet? They say that she is still there. But then they hear a mom yelling at Sohyun to see the CCTV.

Cut to Sohyun telling the mother that her daughter was playing on the desk and fell. 

The mom says, Do you think she is lying? She says you hit her.

Sohyun softly asks the girl if she said that because her mother would be angry? But the mother pushes Sohyun and she falls. it looks like she injurs her wrist when she does. Daebong and Aunt see it all. Aunt thinks they should call Jaein. But Nam says a veteran police man is here, why are you looking for Yoon? 

Nam puts the CCTV into the computer and shows what happened. The incident happened in a dark CCTV spot so the mother thinks that Sohyun hit her where there is no camera. She is super smart to do that. Then she starts belittling her about being a single mother. Daebong yells at the woman and says that this has nothing to do with this case. But the woman says she will sue them.

Nam starts explaining the video camera and says that everyone looked surprised as they looked at that side. It is my experience that something happened, that is why Sohyun ran over there. The mother says that he is guessing Daebong says that ajumma is also guessing! Nam is angry and says that he is not done talking.

He shows the mirror in the corner which shows that her daughter was jumping on the table and fell. Now, explain this. The mother looks embarrassed and yells at her kid about it then pulls her away. Sohyun looks worried for the little girl. Daebong runs after her to apologize and then tells her that she shouldn’t hit her daughter because he got hit a lot growing up and getting hit by your mother and father hurts the most.

Cut to Jisoo talking to reporters in an official statement. She is dressed in her finest police attire and tells them all about the luggage case and what they know so far. Jaein, Nam, and AUnti watch from their station. Ahn is there as well. Jisoo says that they caught everyone related to the human trafficking group and are investigating further.

Nam asks if this is the luggage that they found on the river? Jaein says yes, it is the one Ahn and she found. They share a moment of pride. Nam asks if they really caught them all? Jaein says that their is a prime witness of the murder, Nam asks who did it? they both say they don’t know, but smile at each other. Then Ahn runs out and says, I saw it! I saw it! Ah, I can’t tell anyone.

Jaein comes out and tells him to stop. He did all the work but Jisoo solved the case. Ahn says he is super happy, they all solved it together with Jisoo and Sungmo. But then she notices that he does nto put his hands in his pocket anymore. He says he has decided to change and open up little by little. Empty your schedule, lets go have fun without thinking about anything.

She looks at him questioningly.



At home, Sungmo looks through his things and his dictionary. He is sent into a memory about missing someone. His mother tells him that missing is when I go somewhere and I can’t see you and I really want to see you. Sungmo says he can’t feel that. His mother says he will, she will not let him turn into a monster like “him” . In the present, Sungmo starts to cry.

Elsewhere, Jisoo tells her sidekick, Seungyong that he avoided her all day and now he wants to see her? He apologizes for being a spy for her father, but he bothered him so much, he had to do it. She asks if he will stop being a spy then? She says she wants to cast him with his experience, he asks what experience? She tells him, his double agent experience. Look into prosecutor Kang, tell me everything about him. 

Seungyong tells her that it is not difficult, but why do it? She hits him a few times and chides him about something. So Seungyong says he saw Sungmo interrogating the human trafficking guy. Jisoo asks if it was alone? What did he say? Seungyong doesn’t know. So Jisoo asks where he is. (not sure which “he” she is talking about though).

Meanwhile, Jaein tris to work out the case, but start to think about the snow kiss with Ahn instead. She checks her watch ( the new Galaxy watch, lol) and thinks about wher Ahn is right now. She goes to his spot in the library, but he is not there. She keeps looking around and sees him studying at the window. She smiles and walks off.

JI – Am I really going to the violence department, together? *she smiles*

But then we see that Ahn is reading a book about the 100 ways to seduce a woman on a first date.

Later on, Jaein gets an injury falling in the shower or something similar. She crawls out of her room. Her aunt asks if she fell? Jaein says it is hard to take a shower with her eyes closed. Her aunt is all like, why did you take a shower with your eyes closed? Jaein says it is just in case someone sees me. Her aunt is all like, what? Why would someone see you and if someone sees you, why would you close your eyes? Jaein is all like, yeah…~.

Then we see Ahn awiting outside for her to go on their date together. he opens her door to the mustang and she kind of holds her back. He asks if something is wrong. then in the car he playfully says that she took a shower with her eyes closed? She tells him that the more his abilities develop, the more she has to hide herself. She also adds that she doesn’t trust him and wonders where they are going.

Cut to a very cute very pink boutique toy shop. She is looking at a music box and says that someone gave her one when she was little but she lost it. He tells her that she can make her own music box, want to try? So they both start to make their own music box side by side at this boutique shop.

They fingers almost touch so Jaein pulls her hand back and looks at Ahn, he isn’t really paying attention. So she reaches out and slowly and stealthly tries to touch his pinky. But he pulls his arm back and tells her not to copy his music box! He also tells her that she is only thinking about touching him now. She tells him that they can sit apart, she can’t focus. So she moves to another table right behind him. He jokes that her mind is in the gutter.

JI – I have a question, how does Daebong know about your abilities?

Ahn – Just, coincidence

JI – There is something since you want to hide it

Ahn – We had a bad incident

Ji – what incident?

Ahn – A touching incident. That was the time I was the infamous legend Lee Ahn in middle school.

Flashback to Lee Ahn walking up the street. Daebong gets pushed out of an alley by a bunch of thugs. He might have been beaten up. Daebong sees Lee Ahn and kisses him on the lips, then tells him that he is sorry, he knows that he should not touch him, just kill me now, I am ready to die.

But Lee Ahn just asks where those guys are now and says, those guys that told you to do this so you will be put in their gang.

Cut to Ahn beating up all the bullies. Then he tells Daebong, they are giving you a hard time because you do these things for them.

DB – By the way, how do you know they asked me to do it? How do you know?

he holds Ahns hand and Ahn psychometries Daebong. So Ahn sees all about Daebongs abusive father.

VO – I saw all his secrets, he touched me twice, but I could not hit him.

JI – I did not know that Daebong has that kind of history, because he always looks happy and jovial. 

Ahn – What you see is not everything, everyone has their own thing. If he is into one thing, then he is obsessed with it. He just followed me around all the time until he was into Sohyun. He touched me more because I did not hit him.

JI – So Sohyun rescued you, but how did Daebong know about your ability?

Another flashback to high school where we see Daebong getting out of his fathers car. His father tells him, if kids take your money again, I will not end it like this…okay stupid guy. Daebong gets out and happily runs to Ahn to talk to him. He holds his hand so Ahn sees everything that just happened.

Ahn grabs a bat from soemone passing by and goes to the car with a bat. He pulls it back.

JI – Did you hit Daebong’s father!

Ahn – No, just his car. So I was about to go to juvenile jail but…

Flashback to Jisoo paying Ahns bail. She was able to get it all worked out because his friend convinced his father not to press charges. Ahn is all like, I dont’ have any friends. But then we see Daebong waving all happily to Ahn from across the street like a real friend.

Ahn – It was so obvious how he solved that trouble. He was smiling so honestly to me after being beaten up, like a real friend. 

Ji – that is why you confessed your ability to him

Ahn – After that, he stuck with me so much. Can you imagine it? He figured it out.

JI – So there is  no secrets between you guys because he is your first kiss?

Ahn – No! That was just an accident.

JI – At least with your ability that you hated so much, you made a friend.

Ahn – I also havea  girlfriend with my ability.

Ji – Hey, you should give me a warning before saying those cheesy things.

Ahn – What should I say? We are day one from today, right?

JI – Jashik…

Ahn – What kind of relationship do you have with Sohyun? You ran away from me but you kept in contact with her. So does that mean she knows about your secret?

Ji – Sohyun, no, Sohyun’s father was the most important witness against my father. But it was not her fault.

Ahn – that is what happened?

JI – Today, I want to have fun wihtout thinking, as you said, so stop talking about those things.

Ahn – Okay.




Jisoo goes into the interogation room and thinks about the conversation she had with the thug guy. Flshback to that conversation with Sungmo where he said that the woman disspaeared and Sungmo looked momemtarily destroyed. But he composed himself quickly and asked what her last fake identity was. 

Seungyong comes in and pulls Jisoo from her memory as he says that he found Kim Sunghee in the database. The thug was right, she was in the nursing home but left that day. Why didn’t Kang tell us this after knowing this daebak information?

Jisoo says it is strange for her as well. he knew that woman switched her identity from the other two and now is Kim Songhee, but why did he keep it secret from me? Seungyong thinks he might want to solve it by himself, then it would be a big win for him. Jisoo asks how he can have that kind of conclusion?

Then Sooyeon calls and asks Jisoo if she can come right now. Yes, right now! Then we see her looking at the autopsy report with Sungmo’s mother. She sighs as she looks over it.

Cut to Sungmo talking to some man about one weeks worth of CCTV in this neighborhood. But it is a quiet part of the neghborhood so there are not that many cameras. He asks him why he needs it. Sungmo asks for the map of CCTV locations then turns to a super huge TV display with like 20 or more screens.

Later, he goes into the neighborhood with the CCTV map and checks all the locations. he walks along the map to them all and we see a pretty cool image of him walking the map like its a marauders map, or maybe like a gaming map. He checks all the cameras and all the extra cameras that are there as well that are not cop/city cameras. SO he looked at the car cameras and shop cameras as well.

he walks all of this until late at night and follows the footage to the police station where we saw the killer looking at Jaein in a flashback. We also see that he has a hanging mark or something similar on his neck.

In the present, Sungmo walks to the polcie station as he retraces the steps. He sort of smiles as he sees the christmas tree inside and remembers seeing it when he was little with jaein. She said the tree was pretty. He said that pretty is an adjective that is something happy to see or cute behavior. Jaein does something cute and asks if this is pretty too. He smiles.

Sungmo thinks about this as he looks at the tree and then turns to leave.



But by now, Jisoo has gotten to Sooyeon and asks her what she is talking about (or, are you sure). The situation is serious. Sooyeon tells her that she knows it is nonsense, but look at this. This woman and the other two women, look at the profile photo. Do you think she looks like Sungmo’s mother? After I talked to you, I looked at the autopsy report for the apartment. When I saw this picture, I felt like I was also hit by a hammer. 

Jisoo says that his mother died at the scene. We found her dead body with all the other HOA ajummas. Sooyeon says that they could not identify her due to the fire, but they also did not do a DNA test because they had her ID card.

VO – You said that woman that lived as the other two victims has now became Kim Sunghee, but it is so strange that he did not tell you about it.

Jisoo takes off in a hurry in her car as she zips to find Sungmo.

Meanwhile, Jaein and Ahn get home to the station where Jaein says that someone broke the CCTV again in front of the polcie station, it is the third time already. Ahn tells her not to worry about it, he is a human CCTV. She tells him it it nonsense to compare him and a CCTV. He smiles and asks if he is over evaluating himself again. She says it is the opposite, she under evaluated him this entire time since he also knows people pain deeply. 

He says she is making him so super excited from the first date. She says that she put her music box in his backseat. She hopes her will like it though she is not sure if he will. But she tried hard. He is surprised, for me? She says that she thought he made his for her? You didn’t show it to me. He says she is too smart for this tiny neighborhood and holds up his bag with the music box gift in it for her. She thanks him for it.

Inside, she sets the bag on the shelf and then turns on her desk lamp to look at it. it is an adorable little Christmas tree. She smiles and thinks that his skills are pretty good. Then she turns it on and listens to a Christmas Carol for silent night. It reminds her of her appa and actually the music box is exactly like one from her memory.

Outside, Ahn looks up and tells Jaein to sleep with go dmemories tonight. But when he turns around, he sees a mysterious man looking at him. He goes to follow him. But Jaein runs outside and gives him a big hug.

JI – that music box….*teary*

Ahn – Did you already see it? I wonder if it looks like the one that your father gave you.

JI – it is the same as the one that broke, thank you so much. *holding back tears*

He softly reaches up and brushes her tears away. He sees the Christmas treea nd then the day that her father is arrested. Little Jaein yells that her father did not do it, he did not kill anyone! He also sees her father tying her shoelace and saying that he will go check on everything quickly. He sees her appa waving from the window as well during the father. He clearly sees that her father is the guard at the apartment. It shocks him.

Ahn – Your father is….Yoon Taeha?

Fade Out



Oh, this show just gets better and better! I just want to gush about it. I completely did not expect Lee Ahn to have that reaction when he found out who Jaein’s father was. I guess I thought that he would just see that the father was not the killer right away or something along those lines. But now it looks like he actually has to prove that her father is not the killer, which means that he has to take Jaein’s word that she really thinks he is not the killer in order for him to look further into her memory of that night. Wow. 

We don’t really see Ahn getting emotional about anything, he is playful and keeps his emotions to his chest, but I have a feeling we might start to see even more as he starts to relive the events of that night at the apartment. Maybe he will even have to psychometry Jaein’s father in order to find out the real truth!


JI – Prosecutor Kang

SM – I told her in order to rescue her, but I hurt her the most with my own hands

DB – Are you guys fighting?

JI – I don’t deserve to help Ahn

JS – Kang Sungmo’s witness report is not included here

SM – He needs time, he will come back to you

Ahn – What is this?

Note – Please take care of Yoon Jaein

VO – Why did you do that?

VO – Did you miss umma?

VO – Please, prosecutor Kang Sungmo

SM – All will be revealed soon

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      • V
        April 13, 2019 / 9:53 am

        I don’t know for sure, but I do want that for Jisoo!

  2. Jammmm
    April 8, 2019 / 9:52 am

    V! Last few months of my Korean Drama obsession deflated due to not so exciting dramas but I’m back! (I’ve also got an obsession on Chinese dramas) I’m ready! This show is getting more intense, both leads are so cute together^^

    • V
      April 8, 2019 / 11:37 am

      Yay! So glad you are back, Jammmm! This is a good show to be back on! 🥰

  3. Onnie Said
    April 8, 2019 / 10:24 am

    Thanks in advance 😚

    • V
      April 8, 2019 / 11:37 am

      So happy to have you reading along, Onnie Said! ☺️

      • Anonymous
        April 8, 2019 / 8:35 pm

        Are you the recapper?
        If yes, thank you recap this drama.

        • V
          April 9, 2019 / 11:15 am

          We are a duo over here ☺️.

  4. Kaitlyn S
    July 15, 2019 / 4:04 pm

    I don’t know if anyone will see this, but does the little boutique where they made music boxes actually exist? And if so, where is it?

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