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He is Psychometric: Episode 8 Live Recap

Korean Drama He is Psychometric, courtesy tvN

I am so into this mystery, y’all. I really want to know more about Sung-mo’s past. It feels like everyone else’s past is pretty much revealed already, but Sung-mo is the real mystery. I also wonder if this woman they are trying to find is Sung-mo’s mother? All the women look similar and I think they all look like Sung-mo’s mother. So was she taking the identity of these women and the mystery man was murdering them all? Or is she the actual murderer? I’m intrigued.

Recap starts at 9:30 am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: He is Psychometric

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We open in the past once again. The post that Tae-ha is hanging is about cleaning up the lane for fires. Jung-rok (Lee Ahn’s father) helps him. It is a happy atmosphere. But then they see Sung-mo sitting alone.

Guard – Ah, he is sitting there again.

Jungrok – Who is he?

Guard – Maybe I am mattering too much, but can I ask you a favor? He moved to 701 a month ago. He came very late at night and I did not see his mother at all. He just sits over there all day.

Jungrok and Lee Ahn go up to him to talk. Jungrok says hi, I am not a suspicious guy, I live  int he apartment complex. Lee Ahn happily holds up his fathers badge.

SM – What about it?

JR – if you need any help, call me

He gives him his business card and walks off. Then we see Jaein run up to her father and give him a shug. Sungmo watches them and still stays on the bench. He puts his leg up and we see that it is all bloody around the ankle. The blood has soaked into his sock. He puts his leg back down and looks at the business card.


In the present, Sungmo talks to superintendent Byungho about the organizations that are related to people with power. If you do not support us with police then I will suspect you. he thinks the murder case with the sutcase is related to that organization and the nursing home case. So Sungmo wants to tell the superintendent that he needs to cut ties when he can.

BH is upset and asks if he is going to end his career with this case? Sungmo says that he has seen that this situation can strangle your own life. The devastating music kicks in. Sungmo tells him that tomorrow they will have the media talk about how bad the police are, so we need to catch at least one, right?

Byungho says that the witness saw the  insurance guy kill the other two, is that trust worthy information? Sungmo says he guarantees that information. Byungho wants to tell him that he is not related to that organization, but he doesn’t finish saying it and just tells him, whatever, just go.

Cut to the cops arresting a lot of people. Jisoo wants to know how he convinced her father to do this? It is surprising that he sent so many people. Sungmo says that it is ironic to convince him to catch criminals. Jisoo says her father is safer the older he gets, he used to be more passionate. Sungmo says, appa…appa…~. But he is in his own mind.

JS – Sorry, I mixed up personal life and work. I heard your father died early, what kind of person was he?



Elsewhere, Jaein tells Lee Ahn that his homework today is her. She points her finger, ET style and says that this is the most sensitive part of the body? Lee Ahn is hesitant and tells her that that isn’t it. I told you, the most sensitive part of the body is…here.

he leans in and touches his lips to hers. She is shocked and pushes him away. 

Ahn – I don’t have a middle (progress)

JI – But! This is!

Ahn – Well, I was trying to stop but you said go. From the begining I was only looking at you. Do you know how long I waited for you and followed you around with any excuse to develop my ability. You know that.

JI – I know! I am using you.

Ahn – Are you just using me? No feelings?

Ji – It shouldn’t be…so, what did you see?

Ahn – Everything! From the begining when we met until now. Panoramic view!

JI – No, no, no, no, what did you see! I don’t think about you at all!

Ahn – How many denials can you make in one sentence?

Ji – Was I thinking about you a lot?….Did you see everything?….Oh nooooooo!

She runs away to the side and covers her face.

Ahn – You really think about me?

JI – What? You didn’t see anything!?

Ahn – You pushed me away so quickly what do you expect.

She kicks him in the shin so he falls and then tells her that he had fishing questions as bait to get the answer he wanted. I learned it from those books you gave me. You should praise me about it because I used the skills I learned!

She yells at him for saying it wrong (spelling error) and chases after him. He runs off.

On site, Jisoo says that they almost got everyone, so lets go. Sungmo says that “almost got everyone” is not the word that perfect woman Jisoo uses. Jisoo asks if he is developing his joke skills or has all of a sudden gotten good at making fun of others? He says if she likes it then he was succesful, or if you don’t then it is the other way.

She says that she thinks he changed positively, but it makes her nervous. he really changed. She wanted to be the one to change him, but she thinks he changed after meeting Yoon Jaein. She says she will look around more and leaves.

Meanwhile, Ahn and Jaein are sitting far apart on a bench as he asks how he can’t see anything. Ahn says that he learned something. Next time, they should do it without any notice, spontaneously. I do it better when I am not reay.

Ji – What? Do you mean I have to do it?

Ahn – Yes…

JI – Crazy. You want ME to do it?

Ahn – I just want you to touch me, do you have to be crazy to do it?

She touches her lips.

Ahn – What are you thinking about? You sexy devil.

JI – I think I am really stupid, my thinking level is just like yours now.

She walks off and he runs after her smiling. They start to take the elevator down but then run into jisoo who is getting off the elevator. She is surprised to see them there so they apologize.

Jisoo asks how they know that the carrier case is related to this one? Jaein says that she was just lucky to figure it out. Ahn tells Jisoo that she should get angry and yell at us and hit us like she always does. Jisoo says that she wants to do it, but she won’t do it because she wants to be respectable in front of Yoon. What is so wrong with that?

Ahn tells her that she does not have to do it because Jaein became a polcie woman because of her. Jaein asks, me? Do you like women? Jaein says no so Jisoo is all like, damn…well, lets eat.

Back at the station, Sungmo tells his team to find out all the information they can about the victims. Sungmo then tells Seungyong to avoid Eun for awhile. Think about why she will be angry. Sungmo gos to his room and Seungyong yells after him, did she know that I was talking bad about her????



Elsewhere, Jisoo took Jaein and Ahn out to eat outside. Jisoo tells her to eat fast so Jaeinn eats super fast. Ahn tells her to eat slowly and then tells Jisoo that Jaein is eating way too fast, she isn’t eating breathing. Jisoo tells Ahn that she has someon that she has to kill back at the station, because she hates betrayers. Ahn asks, what? More than us? Then he laughs.

Jisoo asks about their progress with Psychometry. They both think about the kiss. Ahn sits up awkwardly and says that it is going well, the practice and the book. Then Jaein says that they did not have much progress because they do not know what he will do. Ahn leans in and tells Jaein that they he can get better when their relationship gets better~. She hits him.

Ahn – Hey, that is not the unnexpected touch I meant.

JS – Step on him harder like you learned in police school.

AHn – I did not know that you bowed to power, you are a bad girl.

He laughs and starts eating again. Jisoo starts to think about what she asked Sungmo with how Ahn and Jaein don’t know what kind of relationship they have. She sighs with the stress of it all.

In his office, Sungmo starts to look into some case files and then leaves to head to another building. The door he wants to go into is a restricted area. He is about to go inside when another man gives him a USB with information and asks him why he needs it all the time.

Meanwhile, the old high school teacher gives Sohyun a lot of food and tells her that she can come in, she doesn’t have to pick it up. But Sohyun says that her kid is sleeping. He says that he could have delivered it. But she says that he won’t make any profit if he delivers this small amount of chicken.

Daebong shows up right then which makes Sohyun tells him not to show up in front of her all the time. Do I have to tell you that you are like a stalker? Daebong apologizes. The high school teacher gives him his half chicken and tells him that he is rich so he should at least get a whole chicken. They banter back and forth like friends as the high school teacher complains to Daebong about gas prices and chicken. 

Daebong asks him to keep it a secret that he comes there a lot. She would be embarrassed if she knows that she made a mistake. The high school teacher says he comes here all the time though, he should tell her that he does and it has nothing to do with her. But Daebong really wants to keep it a secret from Sohyun.

Elsewhere, Ahn walks Jaein home and asks where they will go next. She says somewhere he hates. He says he hates places with a lot of people like theme parks and restaurants and movie theaters, ah! All dating places! She gives him a “shut up” look and then says goodbye. Ahn smiles. 

Ahn heads out and Sungmo gets out of his car, he was watching them. He looks at Jaein haeded inside. The mystery man is on a building behind him, watching him.



In the morning, Aunt puts up posts about her class on sign boards when Nam rides his bike up to talk to her. Though he annoys her by singing a little song. He tells her that he was pretty cool before. She says that she did not ask him  and starts to walk away. they playfully banter back and forth about her class. Then he says that he has been divorced for a long time. She asks him if he is talking bad about her! He sighs and grabs her bag to ride up to the station with it. She yells there is a robbery!

Inside the station, Jaein starts to put on lipstick, but it looks like she doens’t really do this often at all. She also wonders why she is doing it, though she thinks she does look pretty with it on. However, this does make her think about Ahn and his confession to her. She wonders how he can say things so straight. She can’t touch him more now that he said it.

In his place, Ahn looks in the mirror and thinks that he looks handsome. Then he feeds his little fluffy dog and tells them to watch the house. If a bad person comes I will pat you and see who came in. See you.

He starts to head out but gets a text from Jaein saying that there is no class today. Until I contact you, study hard. He calls her and tells her noooooo, you said we would do a field trip! She tells him that he has to study and then they can go on it. She hangs up and complains about how fast he reads.

Ahn leaves his room and sees Sungmo in the living room. Ahn says something about the medicine that Sungmo takes a lot. Sungmo says he has a headache and then changes the topic to Ahn being at the scene with Jaein. Ahn complains about Jisoo not keeping secrets.

Sungmo says that he wanted Yoon to keep him from doing unnexpected things, but she has joined you now. He sighs and smiles. Ahn smiles and tells Sungmo that he is too nice to Yoon and not to him. You smiled. Sungmo asks, did I? Then he starts to head out. Ahn tells Sungmo that he has to come home at a respectable time or people might think we broke up or that I have another boyfriend. He laughs.

Sungmo just says he does not know what he is talking about and leaves. We follow him as he walks away to the elevator. when the elevator doors open, Sungmo looks at a mirror image of himself, but does not get in. He goes back to the apartment door and looks at the CCTV. There is a hidden camera there so he walks up to it.

SM – I know you are watching us and what you did and your plans. Everything.

Man – yes, you should know. If it where you, from the beginning, this is the fight. One of us should die.

SM – If this is the only way to stop you, then I should do it.

The man pops his neck and loosens his collar as he looks at the video in a quiet rage.



In the police station, Jisoo interrogates the main guy from the Dragon Identity business. She tries to find out about the victims and how this company works. She asks why they didn’t just lend the identity, why did they kill people? The company man says that the murder has nothing to do with their organization. The insurance man did it. He is dead already so I don’t have to hide anything.

Jisoo says that she is more interested in her. Who is she? Where is she? The company man says that he does not know. After the insurance man died, she disappeared. Our company is as good as the police with information, but we did not find anything. No CCTV images.

Jisoo thinks back to looking at CCTV footage with Seungyong. He said that Kang is the one that copied everything. Jisoo looks at Sungmo.

The company man says that he can be the witness to say that the insurance man killed those women and did everything. DO you want that? Then we can wrap this up. Jisoo says that she is just starting it, not wrapping it up. he laughs and says that if he starts talking, then a lot of people in this building will be affected. I have to make connections like this in order to have a business like I had.

So it looks like the bad guy agreed to confess everything about the insurance man and the two women. Jisoo talks to Sungmo about this. But they do not know where the mystery woman is. The company saved all the money for themselves from the YSS construction company. Sungmo says that things become more complicated.

Cut to the JiSoo’s father meeting with someone in a fancy private restaurant room. ( he has something on his desk about YSS construction company in another scene). He tells the man he is sitting with that this situation is troublesome. But if it is involving the murder case, then we need to cut our ties. The man asks, are you cutting ties with us also? We have a long relationship. Appa says that it sounds like he is threatening him. The mystery man says that he is not threatening him. They will take care of the case so he does not have to worry about it. They moved all the bad information on their side because Byungho told them in advance, so it wont be trouble.

Byungo tells him to do a god job, this is not the irst time in YSS. The man says that they need to wrap it up well. He heard that his daughter is taking care of the case. Her name is Eun Jisoo? Appa gets upset at this. So the man says that his achilles tendon is the same, before and now. Appa takes a nervous sip of alcohol.



In a different scene, Jisoo says that it is nonsense that they can take their case so quickly! Sungmo says that it is out of their power. Jisoo fells so ashamed to be a gongwan. But Sungmo tells her that he thinks she should not be on this case. The luggage case is all wrapped up and we know who did it. She says that it is not wrapped up, and they know who did it.

She says that they don’t know, they have a lot of things to learn about this case. Sungmo says it is all his fault. But Jisoo starts to tell Sungmo that he knows something that she does not know. He says that the person who killed Kim Gabryong and the person who stabbed Ahn is in and out of the CCTV like a ghost. We have more than 1000 CCTV’s but we dont’ have his image, what do you think this means?

He opens his drawer and says that this guy put a CCTV in front of the acting prosecutor. I will check the ID, but it should be connected to a fake phone. Don’t forget, if you keep investigating this case, then you will be in danger. Jisoo asks why she will be in danger. SM tells her that if he does not get what he wants, then he will start to destroy what is important to me.

Cut to Ahn at home looking at Sungmo’s books on his shelf. He does not understand why he reads foreign books (the book is a Korean book with a lot of CHinese characters). He picks up a dictionary and says that it is the only thing he can read. So he sits on SUngmo’s bed and reads it. 

But while reading it, he sees that Sungmo has highlighted all the human emotions, Happy….love….lovely…captivating….different taste….strange….pain…pretty….angry….

he keeps flipping through it, but he gets a phone call and head out. it is Jisoo who tells him to do his training and read his brother! As soon as you can do that then I will hire you as a real psychometrist! She then hangs up and wonders….when did I become someone he treasures…when did he start? She smiles.

Jaein then calls Ahn and says that she decide where they will do the lesson. Send me your address, We can do it there.

Ahn is super shocked.

Mood change to Sohyun who stops to get gas at a gas station that is also owned by Daebong. She asks if he owns this one also? He is all like…um…yes…sorry. She takes her baby out and says that she has to change her diaper. Daebong lets her use his office to change her. Sohyun thanks him and tells him to turn his head because she may be little, but she is also a princess. he turns his head a she changes the diaper and does it really quickly.

Then she happily plays with her daughter a little and thanks Daebong again. He apologizes for yesterday with the chicken. She apologizes for the wallet. She was not angry at him, she was angry at herself. She thought about taking the money as soon as she saw it and thought about asking for the money. It embarrassed her. He says that everyone thinks like that, it is not embarrassing. But she says that once she gave birth to Eunso, she decided not to be a shameful mom. He smiles.



Back at his place, Ahn cleans up and vaccuums as he waits for Jaein to show up. He also practices how he will greet her. Hello, this is our place! Then there is a ring on the door, it is Jaein. He runs to it and opens it up happily and then puts two red slippers on the floor for her to walk in. He also introduces his dog to her (the dogs name might be White Tea). Jaein is a bit hesitant int he house, but she warms up as soon as she pets White Tea.

She then sits and sets all her food on the coffee table. Ahn wonders if he has to do that food stuff again? She says that all that basic stuff is done since he was able to see the drugs in the bottle when they were at the company. He agrees that he did save her. She asks where his brother is, Ahn says he never talks about any of that stuff with him. Then he asks if she has a way to psychometry hyung? 

He explains that a bad guy came to his place a few days ago, that guy, the one that stabbed me. I did not see his face, but it was him. Jaein wonders who that person is. Ahn says he doesn’t know but one thing he does know is that he and hyung’s grudge is a long one. Flashback to Sungmo telling Ahn that he was not going to come back to Korea, but now he knows that he has to find him and kill him.

Jaein asks if he said he would kill him?! Just like that?! Ahn says that he said that, but it sounds like he wants me to prevent it. Jaein thinks about Sungmo telling her that the end point is for Ahn to use his abilities on him.

Jaein asks if the two of them are dating. Ahn is all like, huh? Jaein says that it seems like the tow of them connect without saying anything. But why do you put me in the middle? Why not talk directly. Ahn asks if his hyung said anything and then says that he does not want to meet in a secretive confined place. he wants to focus on studying, not only Jaein. 

She looks around at their confined apartment and says that his break pedal is broken. She then looks around into Sungmo’s room and asks Ahn if he can read directly or indirectly? He says that directly is not impossible, I did it once. I saw the back of a woman.

Jaein is suprised, a woman? Jisoo? Ahn says not Jisoo, that stinks for her but Ahn does not have emotions to her. It is someone else. Jaein says it must be a feeling of love that he cannot hide. Ahn says that he was worried about him so he touched a lot of things in his room, but I could not get anything here.

Ahn asks her if she wants to go to his room? They go to his room with cute romantic music playing. He asks her if she is shy to come into his room and tells her that she can hold this teddy bear and sit. She asys it is not the first time she has gone to a mans room. He is all like whaaaaaat??? But he tries to play it off and says that he is a cool guy, he does not care about things like that. And he will know by touching her and ….~. But she just says that she went into Kang’s room just now.

He relaxes and smiles. They then start to look around and things in his room. One of the things is the dictionary that Ahn took from Sungmo’s room that has all the emotions highlighted. She wants to know if he psychometried it? He says no. She tells him that he has to touch each word individually and study that way. Ahn is surprised, each word?

Meanwhile, Sungmo is looking through a crime scene and sends something to someone. then Sooyeon (autopsy friend) starts to talk about the cause of death. One was stabbed on the right side. One was chained on the right leg. She is talking to Jisoo, so Jisoo tells her that it was the same with the other murderes, they were all stabbed in the right side stomach. And Ahn was stabbed there too. She wishes that they had the insurance guys body so Ahn could use his abilites on him, but they cremated it.

Sooyeon asks when she started to rely on Ahn more than her? How can you think about him first with the body. Jisoo says it is because Ahn did one thing last time.



Back in his apartment, Ahn starts to psychometry the dictionary words. But he thinks it is strange. The book looks super old. He flips to the front and sees a note from Sungmo’s mother. She is the one that gave it to him and wrote, To my lovely Sungmo – from Mom.

Sungmo is on the phone on his bridge. He got all the data emailed to him from the burnt cell phone. He thanks the man and then looks on his phone at pictures of Sungmo and Jisoo when they were young new graduates.

Cut to Sooyeon asking Jisoo what Kang said? he will destroy whatever Sungmo cares about? Jisoo says that when Sooyeon says it, it sounds strange. But Sooyeon is serious and says that the improtant thing is that the bad guy wants to destroy you. Jisoo says that she knows it. Sooyeon asks her how she can laugh about it. Jisoo says that the guy that never shows her any emotions, said that. Can I at least enjoy it for 2 hours? Sooyeon thinks not is not the time for soleda (pitter patter feeling).

Jisoo says that the improtant person who is in danger for Kang is Ahn.

Sungmo keeps looking through the phone. He is looking at photos of Jaein working at her convenience store.

VO – Now I know why Kang wants Yoon Jaein to train Ahn. The person Kang wants to protect, was that kid.

Sungmo puts the phone to his side and broods as he looks over the bridge

Cut to outside the police department that Jaein works at. Nam is looking at the CCTV and says that someone cut the line to it. Jaein walks up on him as he is looking at it. Nam says that some guy thinks he is brave by cutting our station. Jaein looks up at it and sees that the wire is cut.

She then goes inside and sees a lot of women looking at something along with her aunt. Someone is making something really cool with wire. Jaein says that with those kinds of skills, he can make handcuffs. He cuts a wire and it shoots to his face and cuts his cheek. Auntie says that they shuold bring the medicine kit. But the man says that he is okay. It looks like this is he bad guy!

At home, Ahn continues to psychometry the dictionary. He puts his hands on pain and closes his eyes. He concentrates and is sent into a memory.

Sungmo’s mom – Sungmo, pain happens when you cut yourself and bleed. I told you about that word.

Little SM – I am okay bleeding, it doesn’t hurt. 

Mom – So you shouldn’t hurt other people. Others feel pain, so don’t do that to others

lil SM – What about killing them? You said when someone is dead you don’t have any emotions of pain.

SM –  Never Ever do that! that is how you become like that person. It will also be painful for me.

lil SM – Even if you don’t bleed?

Mom – The pain in the heart hurts more than outside.

Ahn hops out of the memory and holds his chest. He looks filled with emotion. he quickly closes the dictionary and heads outside as he remembers the mother say that he will become like that person.

He takes off running.

In the police station, Jaein gives the bad guy a bandaid. He asks if she works there, she says yes, she is the police person in that building. She also asks when he came there? She knows most of the people in the town.

Ahn shows up right then and bursts through the door.

The man says that he will see her next time and heads out. Ahn walks by him and happily tells Jaein that he saw something from Sungmo’s dictionary. This catches the bad guys attention, just before he heads out. Jaein tells Ahn not to talk about it right here. 



They go to a playground where Ahn tells Jaein that Sungmo was studying a dictionary with his mother in a dark room. He was studying the word pain. Jaein wonders who studies pain in a dictionary? He says that that is why he is there, He is the one that actsa nd she is the one that things. She tells him that she needs some time to thing. But he says that she told him to tell her right away. She wants him to see more.

Cut to Sungmo outside the police station looking at the cut CCTV wire. He looks very worried. 

At the playground.

Ahn – It would be nice if Hyung just told me everything

JI – Maybe he can’t tell you, not that he is not telling you. There are sometimes when chicks cannot break the shell, even though it is time. It is time to get out, but they cannot break the shell alone. If the time passes, the chick dies. But, if you break it from outside, the chick dies also.

Ahn – Why are you talking about chicks?

JI – I am telling you, you are the one that can break the shell

Ahn – Thank you for over evaluating my skill. But I don’t think hyung thinks the same way.

JI – No, he wants you to do it also. Just like I picked you, he also trusts you and waits for you.

Ahn – What book did you learn those pretty sentences from?

Ji – Huh?

Ahn – Next time, pick up that book for me. Let me say something to make your heart pound. Hey, your hands are cold. If we cross our arms then it will be warmer.

JI – Cross our arms?

Ahn – What are you thinking about, like this *crosses his arms* not my arms.

JI – I didn’t say anything.

He sees that her shoelaces are untied so he goes to tie them. She moves away from him and then apologizes. 

He stands up and says that he likes snow (it is snowing) no matter how many times he touches it, he feels no past or no complicated thoughts, the best thing is, he does not have to get permission to touch it.

She holds his hand suddenly and interlocks their fingers. He is sent into a lot of her memories with him in high school.

VO – I remember everything about you from 2 years ago.

They stay into all these memories and he gets a little look at her feelings toward him during those times. She was always smiling when he wasn’t looking.

VO – I wanted to tell you, when you said you would help me. That helped me a little bit. Just develop your ability and when I am confident, I will find you.

In the present, Jaein holds Ahns hand and wonders if he was able to see anything. 

Ji – Did my sudden attack work?

Ahn – I found out everything about your heart

He leans in and kisses her, this time she accepts his kiss.

Then they look at each other and wonder what each one is thinking. He lowers his head and kneels to tie her shoelace. She still has yellow shoes.

VO – my daughter, your shoelaces are untied again. My daughter, you shouldn’t trip.

Ahn – Don’t run away again, don’t cry alone. All the past that you ran away from, I will look at it all.

They look at each other again.

Fade Out



The mystery continues! But they are giving us little tastes into it that make me so happy to watch. I love the building romance with Ahn and Jaein and I also really love Jisoo and her unstoppable love for Sungmo. She might die but she is super happy that this means that Sungmo cares about her. I mean, that is hilarious and it also feels true in the moment of her character. Her friend, Sooyeon, is all like, girl, wake up, that means someone is going to try and kill you. But Jisoo was all like, can I just live in my happiness for two hours, please? I love that scene. 


Episode 9 preview and translation

JS – From the beginning, Kang Sungmo thought the apartment case was wrong.

lil SM – If you come here with pity and curiosity, then stop.

DB – Sorry, I know I shouldnt’ touch you

SY – Yungsung apartment, and the nursing home, and insurance guy case, it should not be a coincidence where their cause of death is all the same.

VO – The scar is the mark where you overcame the pain, so don’t forget about it.

Ahn – We can make an autogal(?) music box

Ahn – What should we call it? We are day one from today right?

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    • V
      April 6, 2019 / 11:17 am

      YAS, this show is so cute and well thought out so far! That line about him wanting to tell her heart fluttering things that he can learn is books was so adorable and sincere. I love how he was like….I like you, you know that right? But then she let him psychometry her to let him know that she likes him too, without having to say it. Love that!

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